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12601 East 86th St N, Owasso, OK 74055

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Shana B

Moth flying around in the theatre. Ordered popcorn drink combo. Went back for refill and they were almost out of popcorn and didn't want to make anymore because they were ABOUT to close concessions before 830! Had to get the manager and she did agree to make another batch but it was gonna take 5 minutes and the movie was about to start. Place seemed a little dirty. Need to spruce it up

Randy True

Decent price for matinee. Seats are decently comfortable, but the whole place could use an update.

Cindy Priest

Very disappointed in the lack of the theater's cleanliness among multiple other issues.

Jerimy Butler

Great prices and good environment for movies!

dorna cash

Very dirty smells bad. Popcorn doesn't taste fresh overpriced. Needs remodeled

Jenny 123

Location very dirty. Bathrooms always dirty. The seats in theater seem very old and torn. Trash always underneath seats. We live down the streets but rather drive to Tulsa for a cleaner place.


Theater was dirty, so were the bathrooms. the theater smelled like burnt popcorn and the seats are very uncomfortable

Penny Guillory

This is a great place to take your whole family. Or just go by your self. Really great prices and really great service.

Amy Fugere

Movie we saw was great, the moths seemed to enjoy it as well! Nice place, but needs to be spruced up a little.


Wow, what an experience. Comfortable seating, Great food, fantastic customer service. They also have a great arcade and a decent selection of movies to choose from. I recommend going in and checking them out for yourself. You will have a lot of fun in my opinion.


Low ticket prices and never crowded. It is dated though but I guess that's why tickets are reasonable.


Much in need of a remodel! Friendly staff, great ticket prices, but this place is so run-down, dirty, and smelly, I'm reconciled to paying a little more to offset the price of badly needed improvements.


Descent old school theater with reasonable prices.

Bizzare Human Breed

A good place to catch a movie. Check out endgame while it's still in theaters.

megan lynn prather

This place is so great to take the family. The tickets are super cheap. $4.45 last time we went. Popcorn and candy is average price. $20 for a large popcorn and 2 large drinks. They are part of the AMC so your StubHub works here as well. The seats are not reserved so get there early and they do not recline. There are some arcade games to play in the lobby as well. Well worth the cheap tickets.

Debbie McKenzie

We saw Cold Play. It was a good movie.

Diana Dobbs

We thought they would have recliners in their theaters but they don't and the movie was very loud.

Joshua Thompson

It was hot, the a/c was non existent. For the amount it cost for popcorn and soda it should definitely be on.

Trevor Williams

The theater was very nice. The Outer part of the building had the sense of a somewhat old fashion theater while the inside was more modern. The seating was very nice as well as the price for tickets. The only thing that I would recommend this particular AMC work on would be the customer service. The employees didn't say much or feel very welcoming. I would recommend visiting this place for a night out with or without another individual.

Zach Carroll

It was absolutely terrible! Kids running in and out of the theater while their dad or whoever brought them sat infront of us and watched these kids be loud and disrespectful. Wont be back!

Brenda Emery

Price is good and a great place to take the grandkids

blood_ frost_205

When me and my uncle went to watch the end game these two kids were talking loudly...but I did enjoy the movie

Daniel Harkness

Had good time very friendly people and place

Thomas Schulze

I liked the fact you did not have to order the seat but could buy online and sit where convenient.

Ashley McClure

Seats are run down, theater was messy. Staff was friendly, and the prices were good. No reclining seats. So so theater.

Sean Thomas

Ok theater with a friendly staff. Not a lot of bells and whistles to this place. We go almost weekly.... (Completely random) Maybe it's just me but the trend I notice here more than any theater I go to is a lot of people put there feet on the seats. Just an observation.

Mike Dooley

Good clean place to enjoy a movie. Popcorn buckets are a great value you can refill for $5 . Plus free refills while your there. Friendly staff.


Won't give me my property back.

Daniel Decker

It's an older theater but not dirty, so you get what you're paying for. You'll have to get there early to get good seats but if you're all right with that then this place is fine.

Glenda Allbritton

Great movie. Overcomers

Lloyd Reece

Very nice atmosphere we enjoy it every time we go in the management is awesome.


Great movie theater. The movie was nice good sound and not many people talking. The only thing about it is the seating isn't that great other than that perfect.

Deborah Davis

Took my grandkids to see Lion King. Loved the movie, This theater needs a remodel please

Allen White

In a time when entertainment has gotten so expensive, this theatre is a real gem. My wife and I can go there, buy two admissions (senior tickets) and a large popcorn for less than $14. The theatres are clean, the picture is clear, the sound is good. What else can you expect? Friendly employees???? The young man who takes the tickets (Michael, I think) is a joy. Seeing him there simply makes it a pleasure. Just go there. It is the best!

mario sours

Movie was great, but overall you need to call a pest control guy and get rid of either bed bugs or some type of fleas because after watching my movie I was ITCHY all over the place other than that overall nice movie

Justin Hamrick

Good price overall compared to many other theaters. The theater is a bit dated, but can't complain when the tickets are cheap.

Bogahdah Ball

Good pricing on tickets. Theater was clean and seats in good condition. Good quality of movie. Usher taking tickets always has a lot of personality which is nice to see.

reese s.

Older theater but movie experience was still good. The staff was nice and helpful.

Kathy Hayford

They have really good movies. But I wish they were a little cheaper prices. I can't go as much as I would like to.

Mitch Gray

Typical chain movie multiplex. They separate you from your money at the concession stand. Could use some housekeeping.

Annie Green

I live in Owasso and would prefer to spend my money in my own town, however, the theaters seats & carpets are filthy. The seats are absolutely disgusting. We went a while back and I said I wouldn't go again, however my kids wanted to see Smallfoot so we went. Hadn't changed. I know that theater makes enough money to get it together and spruce the place up. Please for the love of all things, revamp. I gave 3 stars because I love the staff and the reasonable prices.

DeWayne McKay

Great other than the disrespectful teens running their mouths and making a big mess.

Pat Holland

Only issue was only one counter clerk before the start of a big time kids movie!

Cozzette Hankins

Nice view but the bathrooms are in need of a good cleaning!

Jim Elkins

While the tickets are cheap, that pretty much describes the experience. The staff is generally nice but after that, you get what you pay for. The screens are small. The seats are outdated. The place is far from clean. Just today I walked in to one theater that I doubt was vacuumed anytime this week and the trash from movie goers at the prior showing was left in the seat and cup holders. I will typically make the 20-30 minute drive to Tulsa to go to a nicer theater that is clean and comfortable. And please start checking the restrooms, they need the attention. At the very least, get on board with the AMC app so when purchasing tickets you can select your seats. We are long past the days of showing up and waiting in line for 30 minutes so you can get a seat inside the theater.

Julia Woods

Movie theater was dirty. Had trash left from previous showings. Not very friendly and concessions rushed us to order so they could go hang out with the other associate or at least appeared that way. Not many other people there as it was an earlier in evening showing.

Kari kiger

My family enjoys it

Joseph Lanza

Went to see Spider-Man far from home on Saturday. They cut the first 15 minutes of the movie and when I said something about that all I got was a young lady saying sorry and that was it. Was not allowed to speak to a manager it's like kids are learning this theater.

Jeremiah Williams

Here's the deal this place for a family is simply the best. Cheaper tickets and inexpensive food. The theaters are not the best. There clean and good for family movies. You don't get the stupendous sound, or super high def viewing that some theaters offer, but the price you pay for the experience makes it all worth it.

Travis Hogan

Place is in major need of a remodel. People are great.

Tara Linder

I think it was alright but I also think that it's audience has outgrown the facilities especially on premier nights. It's good for the movie's review and it's popularity but it could change because it fills up so fast. Other than that it is a great clean environment and the prices are relatively reasonable


A great deal at only $4 for a matinee. The screen/image quality as well as the sound system didn't disappoint. The rest of the theater felt dated and worn and the auditorium had a strange oder. All things considered, it's a good place to catch a quick movie.


So this place has nothing on the cinemark, but its a regular old movie theatre, what do you expect? The ticket taker was nice and fast and pointed us in the right direction and the food services would have been nice had I decided to splurge and buy a drink. Overall the experience was nice, I would say the Godzilla movie was a bit too loud in some spots, but it was rather enjoyable despite the rather stereotypical dude-bros behind us. One of my only complaints -despite the comfortability of the seats- is that you let annoying dude-bros in your theatre... But I know that isn't your fault. Much love for what you do.

Joshua Bentley

Dated theater. No reserved seating. Everything looks and smells somewhat worn and old. If you want big comfy seats and an upscale, modern feel, this is not the place. If you want to enjoy a movie at a place that looks like it hasn't been updated since the 80s, here's your spot.

Markus Ceruso

Acceptable movie viewing experience, but the lobby was kinda dirty and the popcorn overpriced (Just like every other theater). Staff was nice and helpful. Would recommend viewing here.

Seanelle Smith

Let me tell you Rachel is the best. While I sat here and watched a few other employees making messes and just doing the bare minimum Rachel steps up. She does it without any hesitation and I love seeing employees actually doing what they are paid to do! She made my experience great tonight. Thank you Rachel for everything you do!

Joe Bedale

Looks a little dated, but stadium seating and nice staff! We love this place!

Chelsea Wright

This place needs updated so badly! A big, nice theatre would do well in Owasso and I’m not sure why we haven’t gotten one yet.

Kyah MM

This place has bugs flying and crawling. The theater is extremely cold. There was a cockroach in the bathroom. The bench outside of the theater doors inside has stains. I'm not coming back due this.

Donella Meldrum

We love coming here to spend family time together! The prices are not expensive and the seats are comfortable! We have been here many times and have not had a bad experience, so we will keep returning!

Michael Lang

Movie was good, bathrooms could use some improvements... Detonation of a thermal nuclear device comes to mind as an improvement....

Tracy L. Sparkman Hahn

Great place for family entertainment.

Rose Rhodes

I wish there was a lower rating. The health department needs to come in and shut them down. It is absolutely filthy. We will not step foot in there again.

Alicia Hicks

So gross. If I could rate it lower I would. Everytime we've been it smells like vomit. Seats are ripped, torn, sticky and filthy. I have called corporate office they have local manager call and offer free tickets. Which we decline. Please fix this theater.

Juan Ingram

A little outdated but very good movie experience overall

Brandon Thompson

Good place for a movie

Brian proctor

We leave be going to this theater. The staff is friendly, the place is clean and my kids loving watching movies here.

Kelsey DeCastro

I was in a movie today, and I had reported to security about people being obnoxious and loud. Security said they would handle it and send someone in, and no on ever showed up and the people continued being loud and obnoxious. Second I had called the day before to talk about tickets to refund that I had an issue with, and they were rude to me over the phone until the manager was able to talk to me, but the worker before was not handling my issues well over the phone and interrupted me multiple times.

aaron mcgaughey

Musty smelling, and I'm fairly certain the seats have never been cleaned, everything's a sticky feeling, I am not picking on this movie theater it's just about all of them and so far in the Tulsa metro this has been our experience.

Danielle Tanis

Our go-to theatre! Comfortable and clean, we always have a good experience.

Justin Cameron

Definitely a classic movie theater. Smaller seats and not as comfortable but clean for the most part with great sound system and amazing picture quality.

Jennifer Sams

Quaint theater but dont be fooled because the popcorn is great, the arcade is fun for kids, and the tickets are super cheap! My favorite theater!

Big Mike

It's ok, the closest place to the smaller towns. Popcorn prices through the roof but that's like every theater. Decent quality I've certainly seen worse theaters.

Baldo Rodriguez

Horrible experience, they ran a fire drill in the middle of the movie and my children were so freaked out we had to leave after only watching 15 min of the movie. This place is horrible, half the chairs are broken and who freaks everyone out during a movie with no apology or explanation. We had to exit the whole building for a while me and the other patrons thought there was some kind of shooter or something! Will never return and will tell everyone I know to avoid this movie theater and AMC in general. Should have just drove to cinergy!

Scott Eppler

A little dated with just barely comfortable stadium seats and mediocre sound & screens. All that said, the prices are decent for a quick night at the movies.

Wes Hines

They need to clean better. Chair I sat in didnt holes but felt like the cushion was mush. Employees were friendly and good price

Jeffery Thao

Not the greatest facility, but probably the cheapest place where you can legally catch the release of brand new movies

Chris Wolford

Everything good what can be said about a theater

Caleb T

Shows good movies but some of the seats are a little ripped. It's not a huge deal though. The prices (like all theaters) are high. They have an arcade as well.

Lindsey Manley

Good service and nice theater. Seats could be more comfortable but for the price the value is good!

country Cox

We had a real good time

Rhonda Riddle

Good prices great afternoon fun

Willow’s Ghostly Thoughts

Love our movie theater. Great prices and products! Great seating and theater rooms! Love the quality!


It's a great place to watch movies for cheap in Owasso. Its facilities are alright but you can definitely tell that the theater is dated and could do with some makeover. I definitely recommend this place nonetheless though.

Vanessa StJohn

Great low cost alternative to the big theater

Timothy Shaw

Love go here movie tickets are cheap

Travis D. Skarky

The MAC theatre in Owasso was pretty good. The seats were comfortable and the service at the counter was good. Now it's sure not know Warren Imax but for the price is still good.

Cecil biddle

Great movie best all year

Chris Garretson

Nasty is the first Word that comes to mind. I think they try to compensate with lower ticket prices. I would rather drive to Tulsa or broken arrow than go back in there. First thing you notice is the smell of squalor! If you have to tell your child to not touch the seat, there's a problem!

Kylee W

Old, dirty theater with spongy and uncomfortable seats. Not to mention the movie theater standard, outrageously priced drinks and snacks.

Scott Davis

It's good for a small town theater. Theater 6 has really bad speakers that crackle constantly. But the others do well, and the staff are always friendly to me.

Renee Craig

Needs updated but staff is great and popcorn and everything is good

Nancy Allen

Want to see a lst run movie at a reasonable price then this is your place. Theater is small and seats do not recline but okay. Seen several movies here and never had a problem.

Robert Payne

The seats are a bit uncomfortable to sit in for long showings, such as the Avengers. Overall nice place though

Noah Jones

This is the dirtiest movie theater I have ever been to in my life the bathrooms are completely caked with toilet paper there was trash all over the place the place needs a major overhaul The Employees were nice but the place needs an upgrade

Kristina Conley

Always go to this theater. It is clean and well priced for all times.

R Bacon

Took kids to see You Story 4, good time

Brian Brown

Nice clean. And very enjoyable atmosphere

Tina Davis

Loved the employees but the theater we were in stunk

Carolyn Thrash

This theatre needs an overhaul. I have lived in Owasso since it was opened. Our family and friends have gone here for many movies throughout the years. AMC stated they were going to upgrade when they purchased. It has not happened. The theatre is dirty, run down, seats need replaced, the whole place needs a face lift and upgrading. We have stopped going here and go elsewhere as it is just too gross. I always appreciated having a movie theatre in Owasso but now don' t bother with them. Just head to Tulsa or somewhere else where owners take pride in their business and want to serve the community other than just sell tickets. Many other friends have commented the same so as time passes I feel that AMC will lose much business to surrounding communities. Sort of a shame.

Rosie Yang

Drink and foods need to reduce prices. It's too expensive.

Marcus Sunday

This is, as the name says, a classic theater. It does not have reclining seats or any of the various updates that have become the norm for theaters. What it does have is a clean environment, full consessions, friendly staff, and a cheaper price tag. It's a local theater and a good place to enjoy a movie with friends.

Desiree Hallock

Its usally a good clean place to go but this time was very dirty. Was told people was in the movie room cleaning but it was trashed still. Candy wrappers everywhere even on in and under seats. The trash so full people was building a tower of foods or just put their trash around the already over flowing trash. Was not impressed with the places this time

Mariah Reames

It wasn't the best. Soda machines weren't working correctly. The theater didn't seem to have been cleaned before our movie.

john sampson

I had a wonderful time at this theater. Though the place is in need of a remodel the staff was very friendly and fast paced. My son had left to use the bathroom in the middle of the lion king movie but after 30 minutes he did not return. I went out to look for him and could not find him anywhere I began to panic a bit so I notified the security guard there and he asked me to describe my son and asked for his name . He then looked around and notified his managers " there was a large crowd in the lobby at the time and I was afraid the worst thing possible had happened. the security guard assured me they would check everywhere and he immediately did so. He found my son in the arcade after I checked everywhere and could not find him including the arcade. Very nice gentlemen and very very observant was on his feet the entire time I was there keeping an eye on the place .

Reagan Banning

Best place to watch a movie and food is good


Its a nice little movie theater. Seats are pretty comfortable. Fairly clean, but woman's bathroom could use more attention. Food & beverages are outrageously over priced.


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