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REVIEWS OF Screens At the Continent IN Ohio

Heather Watson

There is a mixed bag of reviews for the Screens at the Continent and there is probably a good reason why. To be honest, I'm not sure how many stars I should give it. Anyway, for the last several years I have gone to the Screens a couple of times a month and always in the evening. The theater is vacant of patrons. There are many times when my companion and I are the only ones in the theater. Rarely is there more than 10 people watching any one of the half dozen movies featured. I do not know how the business survives. The popcorn is okay but as other reviews are stated, it is not piping hot. The pizza is generally a little better. It is cooked after being purchased rather than sitting under a heating light. The seats are comfortable. On the down side, the movies do not always start at the exact moment they are suppose to. Every once in a while over the years there has come a need to go to the concession counter and request a refocusing of the movie. All of this would bother me a lot more if the theater wasn't five minutes away, and a couple of lousy bucks admission. What's more, I have never had to request a fellow movie goer to quit talking during the movie, or to turn off a cellphone. There aren't any fellow movie goers.

Nacho Bowl

Expired chips and candy, mildly musty, mildly dusty. Restrooms are nasty. Decent movies, I guess the Indian movies they've got are new...I don't keep up with new Bollywood films anyway. Other than those you can see recent to older movies.

Sara Johnson

If you love movies and are up for adventures, this is the best place to go! Super cheap prices on the newest movies! i went to go see the 2017 movie "IT" and it was a blast. Its a hidden gem because no one thinks that the theater is still there! Fun experience for everyone! I would go back

Beardo HickritiqueTM

After watching The Last Knight and Planet of the Apes recently, the rating would have been 3. Yes, they do not always pop fresh popcorn throughout the business day. If you go early, then it is fresh, and the large has a free refill. Although the theater has aged, it also has not been used like Lennox or Easton or Carriage Place. The seats pleasantly tilt, similarly to Gateway. Having no crowds make early shows that much better. All good so far, right? Now, what is it that makes this a 1? Advertising your company and requesting the public to be patrons, which includes the public's expenditures voluntarily used to engage your open contract, indicates you would like for attendees to be patrons. Okay so far, right? Cancelling a showing without accompanying notice to the public is, at the very least, rude to the public. You advertised it. Now, having an employee open a locked door at 11:14 AM EST, reply that an 11:15 AM EST showing will not be shown and will be shown later at 1:30 PM EST or 1:35 PM EST with no apology or consideration is not acceptable. As it took me about twenty minutes to arrive, this suggests lack of interest communicating with the public regarding the company's intended contracting. Should that assumption be extrapolated, then the company essentially wants your money when they want regardless of what they tell you. Cheer(io)s as food for thought, B

Padmanaban Nagaraj

It was a disgrace to shut the screens without prior notice. There was as many as 10 families came out to watch some movies, and all of them went off with sheer disappointment. Even with negative reviews already, we tried our luck by driving 2 hours down from Cincinnati, but we learnt our lessons big time. Thank you for not welcoming us, else, adding to that gas expense we would have wasted another $20 to your filthy theatre.

Jana B

Very bad speakers and very poor maintained.. replayed the movie after half n hour saying that server got over heated ... but we suspect it because there was a family came inside just in time at replay..feeling frustrated

Martin Cunningham

Even for 5 dollars not worth ever seeing a movie there....

Maxxus Thull

Great prices, great seats. The only thing that could use some help would probably be their sound system.

abdul hak

This theatre is Gross and crappy. ! Dont dare to go..

Mahantesh Kallanagoudar

Good for regional movies

Cory Dulaney

. The lobby is a little rough but tickets are $5 and the seats are comfortable. They also show movies from India with several dialectic subtitles. Overall, a good inexpensive place to catch a movie.

Jan Ashbrook

Filfthy dirty

Tobias Decker

Dead movie theatre that just overall seems gross. A bunch of teens that need supervision run around the place and are loud and obnoxious during the movies. Move on and hit.up AMC.

Raghavendra Tallam

They play all South Indian regional Movies. The best place for Indian movie lovers.

Kalpana G

Not so great seating, but prefer for regional Indian movies

Lucretia Fumi Franklin

Went There To Get Information About Their Setup .

Surya yellamraju

Good place to watch indian movies

Justin Hammaker

Hey I work at this theater and its not that bad! Its a dollar theater and I think people complain too much! The owners are honest, hardworking people, who put up with a lot of crap, that they don't deserve! Its $1.50 for a ticket, also if some people weren't immature and could throw their trash away after the movie or not do damage to it.... it would probly be much nicer! I've seen people go in the bathroom and get water everywhere and waste toilet paper by throwing it all over the bathroom, I mean who does this stuff? Its un-called for! The owners may not be from the same country but, they are more respectful and honest, and have more common sense then some people who are from this country! So some respect please.

Jared Sellars

Place is in bad shape dont use the restroom. They dont have floor light so they have to leave the side lights on during the movie which sucks a lot. It was better then the movie was a dollar then it was worth the crappy theatre, but $5 not worthy it.

Sooria Alagappan

It's good if you like indian movies but that's about it. Foods kinda nasty, the whole vibe is that it's kinda run down and the tickets are super expensive but if you like your up to date Indian movies by all means come because it is very good for Indian movies. Also the cash register only had 20's so the guy couldn't make change for anyone if you want to pay with cash

Gokulnadh Naduvilakandy

Only the screen was good, big, But No proper lighting, bad seats, foul smell, and costly 12$, hated the place.

Rajesh Bhushal

Not the best but it is good for occasional movies.

Mike Bennett

I took kids to a movie scheduled at 12 pm, the workers didn't show up until 12 and started the movie while we were waiting in line to get drinks and popcorn. The drinks were flat as though they had been sitting for hours. My Daughter took the grand kids to the restroom and they were filthy. Trash on the floor and toilets not clean ( remember they just opened, so they were left this way from previous night ) I would strongly urge anyone planning on enjoying a movie to go elsewhere.

Erin Rush

I understand it's a dollar theater andl old but if the staff was friendly maybe people would come more often & not mind paying a little more.... If you're unhappy with your job find a new one... Don't be rude for no reason... I brought my two little ones & couldn't evan get them to point me in the right direction.... A shame!

Balu kool

It's the only place in Columbus to watch Indian Movies. Poor maintenance.

amar venkata

Not worth..bad seating and would not recommend if you want a good movie experience.

Dasu G

Really old and dingy setup.

shravan kvs

Place to see Indian movies. Especially south indian movies. The theatre is of OK to watch.

Kara Howells

Just gross.

Marcia matthews

HELL NO we went to this place with our children to see Moana and the place is completely shut down I don't think they even show American movies anymore smh HUGE WASTE OF TIME

Sai Bharadwaja

Had to inform the guy to play the movie, and the movie was paused , I had to go again and let the guy know to resume it . They hardly have anything to eat

Avinash B

Bed Bugs...!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t do ..I have this recent bed bug bites experience in #3 and I saw review for #5 as well ...if not action is taken ..I will refer to Ohio health inspection department .. !Be safe ..

Shreeniketan Chinchalikar

Is not a polar to see a movie terrible place

Muthukumaran Devadass

OMG.. front and center advertisements sucks.. boring.. waste of time.. Worst sound system. Worst screen. But we don't have choice as most of the Indian movies are released here. ..

Pat Sinsel

Me and my friend. Went it was very dark when we walk in we had to ask them to turn on the lights the movies was like a cheap dvd no color u get what u paid for never again

Kathirvel M

Theatre is ok for indians. Used to watch my Tamil movies here. More friendly staff and adjustable.

Kapil Seethala

Low maintenance theater! Cost is high always, no proper food options! Needs lots of improvements!Absolutely disgusting place. The seats are torn, the food is old and the people who run the place are very rude. Not worth my money or time. I'd rather spend more money and be comfortable with hot popcorn and fresh food any time.

Justin Sweet

I live directly behind this place, or I'd never have gone here. The movie experience itself was fine. We ate dinner beforehand so no complaints about the food. Bought soda and watched the movie. We were the only two people in the room. The issue comes to when the movie ended. 2 hours of sitting in a chair drinking soda? Bathroom time. Don't. Not here. No toilet paper in any of the stalls, both men's and women's. No paper towels. There was junk all over the floor in both restrooms. Only reason that you get a 3 star review is that I happen to like empty Cinemas.

Mikka Abrams

It says that they have movies playing at 11 a.m. however there's nowhere to park unless you go to the rundown apartments behind the movie theater and take a risk of your car being broken into the building was locked no staff insight and wasted my gas going there since the movie wasn't being shown and the building wasn't even opened. Next time I'll pay the price to know that the theater is actually open up and running and the movie will be shown on time. If I could have given it a negative it would have been a negative 10 on on my review

James Soukup

Just o.k.

Tre Rounds

this theater used to actually show american it does seats and floors are always dirty.popcorn is machine was broke last time so just warm soda.this place completly sucks.

Amanda H

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few bucks to go to a clean, well run theater.

KatJohn Agdinaoay

It's ok. People complain too much. And love to pile on. I've been here several times and no, you don't get champagne and caviar but what are you expecting, really? I actually enjoy the fact that it's not full of people talking and playing with their phones. Had some good popcorn there, even. Ya'll go somewhere else if you're so mortified and leave this family run business alone. Everyone has always been nice in my experience.

Chris Dunlap

Doesn't appear to be a very safe area.

Jaydee Dickerson

I enjoy the employees an then $ 2 admission where else can u find a $2 movie


This is the most worst theater that I have ever been to watch a movie. Seating is worst, worst sanitation, people at food section don't use gloves nor they wash their hands. I think it's been ages since they cleaned the theater. Worst sound system, very low standards. DO NOT EAT ANY FOOD here. You could get sick. They don't even care to clean or maintain well because they think that people don't have any other choices to watch Indian movies except this theater. Tried to give zero stars but google doesn't allow me to do it.

Swapna Ayitha


Kota Yeshwanth

Only if there was a way to give this place a zero star. The screens are small; the sound quality is bad and the restrooms are worse. Avoid this place at all costs

arun m

the seating and theater resembles the environment of indian theaters in small villages. The price they set for the ticket is far high for all the Indian movies played here.

Allen Driskill

Sigh. This place is awful. Service? When I went, there was only one adult there who was busy taking care of several small children in addition to tickets, food, projection, etc She was very polite, but running a theatre is not a one-woman job. My movie was 30min late to start. Appeal? The food always seems to leftovers: stale, flat, overcooked yet cold, unappetizing. Everything not in a wrapper looks.... dangerous to eat. They leave all the lights turned off that they can, so it's dark in the lobby and worse in the hallways. Facilities? The carpets look like they haven't been cleaned for years. There's trash everywhere. The bathrooms are a wreck. The sound in the theatres is terrible, and the lighting is only half-working. OK, so, theatres like the Drexel are rundown and shabby; I think of it as ambiance. But this place is unpleasant. Maybe the problem is that I remember when this facility was clean, bright, and well-run.

Bhargav V A

This place is quite far from downtown and the surroundings don't help much either. The place in itself isn't maintained well.

Rajesh Konakalla

Not comparable with cinemark and Marcus. I certainly didn't like the seating as it is flat line an it would really be odd for short people and few screens needs upgrade as they are not clear also.

Manmith Reddy

Similar to an Indian theatre in villages , the front seats will come in your way to the screen

ESB Rest

Bought a Groupon, checked the theater website for show times, drove 30 miles one way to see the movie. We were met by a sign on the door stating they changed their hours. Hey!! thanks for updating your website! Judging from the reviews, I don't want to go in the place anyway. Groupon needs to pull this deal. It is just going to ruin the usually grand groupon experience.

Joshua Shults

Garbage!just garbage.

neeraja nath

The rest rooms are not well maintained

DeepFried FoogleFan

I LOVED THIS PLACE. Its a mom and pop type movue theater. A bit run down but it adds to its charm. The manager was super friendly. The popcorn machine was busted so he had to make microwave popcorn but oh well...stuff hapoena. He more than made up for it by his fantastic customer service. This theater also had the most comfortable seats that ive ever sat in in any theater in my entire 38 years of life. Lota of leg room too.

James Butler

Nice but small. Budget movie theatre. Probably second run films..

kay lorrainne

Absolutely disgusting place. The seats are torn, the food is old and the people who run the place are very rude. Not worth my money or time. I'd rather spend more money and be comfortable with hot popcorn and fresh food any time.

meghana reddy

Worst place

christopher roberts

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I thought I experienced the worst, but I stand corrected. I wouldn't give it any stars except a negative 10. The theater was run by only 1 person. The bathroom was functional but in need of cosmetic repairs. The theater room was trash everywhere, the floor was sticky. The room smelled musty and moled, it was so dark upon entering I almost walked over the seats and couldn't see the pathway. I wouldn't let my sons get anything from their snack area fearing of food poisoning. The area around the theater was like an abandoned city, walking the pathway around the theater made me feel uncomfortable that I wouldn't allowed myself to walk around especially in the dark. No businesses that I could see in the lower levels, the apartments in the upper level look also looked runned down.

Nataraj R

Theatre is really old. They should renovate before charging the price similar to Cinemark or AMC theatres.

Amber Saunders

My Fiance and I went here last night, and we had a great experience. We had purchased a Groupon and never used it so we went to use the value of it (9.00). We got our tickets, plus a large popcorn and medium soda and we ended up paying an extra 2.50. The pop was super fizzy, just how I like it and the popcorn was OK, not the best but not bad either. It was dark in the theater, but we were the only ones there so I used my iPhone flashlight and it worked just fine. The movie was great, the chairs were comfortable and we had a good cheap date night. The quality of the movie of course was not HD, but seriously for a dollar theater you couldn't beat it. Also, the staff were all very friendly. We will be back again for sure!

Nate Hodges

Showed up at this place at 9 p.m. . It is listed on Google as closing at 10 and shares the building with a Tim Hortons. Sign says open 24 hours. It is not. They were closing as we drove up and didn't even have the common courtesy when we sat at the drive-thru order area to just let us know that they were closed. If I owned this shop I would fire everyone. Skip this place.

Bharat C

The teatre hall looks old.

Mike Hughes

In Columbus for a few days and wanted to catch the opening night for Valerian. I knew nothing about this theater except it was close to our hotel. Tickets were only five bucks. So I got my daughter popcorn and a drink when I normally don't. We were the only two in our movie. Seat was comfy. Picture was fine, as was the sound. The guy working the counter was genuinely friendly. If I ever move to Columbus we would frequent this place a lot. Is it top of the line? No. Don't care. Got to enjoy and evening with my daughter, for an affordable price. Well worth it.

Natarajan Balasubramanian

The crappiest theater ever.. PLEASE DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THIS PLACE... SAVE YOUR LIFE... There are tons of bugs.. WORST EVER SOUND SYSTEM.. (Made me think that the movie was bad..) WORST POSSIBLE SEATING.. List goes on & on.. Even the smallest theaters in India will be much better than this one!!

Drew Frank

Good food while you watch.

Roshan Thomas

Let me see if I can summarise my experience and express my disappointment in this short review. If you want a shorter version of the review, skip all the way to the last para. On Wednesday Oct 10th me and a couple of friends decided to watch '96', an Indian-Tamil language movie. The movie so far had received excellent reviews and was a block bluster in India. So the expectations were a tad bit high when we searched for theaters where the movie was playing and was delighted to see that they had a show at 6:45 in the evening. Excited to watch the movie we reached Screens at 6:30 and was quite surprised to see the empty parking lot. We walked towards the ticket counter and the empty ticket counters and the locked doors ensured that there could not be any more surprise. In another 15 minutes around 10 more cars arrived and all were surprised to see the empty theatre and ticket counter. We all tried to call the number listed on google, only to reach the voice mail box. It was quite sad that there was even a couple who came all the way from Cincinatti just to watch the movie. This theater sucks. It often cancels show without warning or updating it anywhere else. Wouldn't respond to calls either. You would know it only after you reach there and find the abandoned theater.

Danny Kentwood

ticket price and concession are very reasonable price, watched "IT" movie and thanks to the staff even though we showed up late for 30 mins, they started from beginning as per our request Yes i would visit this place again

Tarun Madadi

Requesting Google to give zero star option for this theater.Went to a movie they didn't even switch on the AC and the owner is an indian.They would have told us before buying the movie ticket.That owner opened the door for the air flow(Since AC is not working), LoL...

John W

People complain too much. Tickets are $2, the employees were friendly and the snacks weren't badly priced either. Bathrooms are fine too and the theaters seats aren't bad either. If you gave this place 1 star you're either spoiled or need to reevaluate your expectations when you're paying just $2.

Abhilash Reddy

Not a great theater. The surround sound is poor. But it's one of the very few theatres available for Indian films. Specifically Telugu and Tamil films.

Carmen Myles

Omg my very last time ever , nasty is the one word I could thank of from the time you come in from the time you leave and I wouldn't eat anything in this place what happen to thi place it use to be nice

Sudhakar Tummalapalli

They have 8 screens. I like this place!

Orion Red

This is THE place in Columbus to go if you want to listen to a Bollywood movie instead of the movie you are trying to watch. I went to see Ender's Game on Sunday, and it was in the next to last theater on the right. In the last theater on the right, they were playing a (probably funny) Indian movie. They either had the volume up WAY too high, or the door between the projection rooms was open. During the Ender's Game scenes that were not explosions, you could not hear the dialog. All you could hear was the movie next door coming from the projection window. Lots of arguing women and laughing men. I complained once to an usher, once to a guy at the snack bar and a third time to a woman at the snack bar. I asked for manager and was told he was busy. I got lots of excuses, like 'the walls are thin' or "it's not that bad." They were having some sort of buffet/party/celebration going on, which is fine, but they maybe should shut down the theater next door if they are going to be so loud.

krish reddy

Good place to watch movies..!

Bernice Brooks

Decent place just slow business

karthik nagireddy

Only screens near by Columbus to watch South Indian movies. Thanks.

Dustin Lee

Cheap but food and drinks are crazy expensive


I used to live at the French Quarter at the Continent 10 years ago and used to see movies here all the time by myself. Even back then, I was often the only person in the theater watching the movie. One star is for my nostalgia of the place. I went today again after not being there for ten years and I was the only person in the whole theater period. I had to say "hello....hello.....anyone here??" About three minutes later a guy walked up...looked kind of surprised to see me....sold me my ticket (price used to be $2.50 ten years ago, now its $5.00) and off I went. I found my way to my theater marked on my ticket. They don't post the movies by the theater doors anymore. You have to look at your ticket and look at the number on the carpet. The theater was near pitch black and I had to use my phone light to find my way around. It was supposed to start at 3:25. I wait until 3:33. No movie. Pitch black. I go back to the guy and ask what the deal was..he said "oh I just turned it on." I return to the darkness and wait other two minutes. The movie starts. The sound in the movie was weird. The dialogue was very quiet and hard to hear, but the music was loud. I don't have a hearing problem either. I couldn't tell how clean the theater was...too dark. The movie I saw was awful. It took a backseat to the experience of this twilight zone kind of theater anyway. I went ahead and stayed for the whole thing, even the credits at the end. As I was leaving in the darkness again, I stumbled over a stair I could not see and fell to my knees. Thankfully I'm not old and decrepit yet, or I could have been on that floor for days without anyone finding me. Against my better judgment I used the restroom before I left. It was actually clean and fresh smelling. One star for that. My last star is that the place is still open. The Continent is a ghost town now. Weeds grow between the cracks in the pavement, the fountain is no longer functional, nearly all of the businesses have gone away except for maybe two or three. The once trendy apartments with their New Orleans style balconies are weathered by age and neglect. Yet this vintage 1980s theater still limps least for a little while longer. I'll go back again too, for the nostalgia and the experience of having a theater all to myself. Hopefully I won't fall next time.

Natarajan M

Worst theatre ambience. Poor sound effects. Doesnt keep up the timings.

Clint Reed

Its an ok theater to see a movie, no frills type of place.

Anul Pandya

I don't like it much due uncomfortable seats. But good for regional movies (Tamil/Telgu) but rates too high..

Santhosh Manoharan

Reminds me of old movie theaters. Best for watching regional movies. Less crowded, not well maintained, way over priced for the level of experience it provides.

Nico King

Must call ahead of time to see movies in English

Mark Terry

It's the continent so enough said.

Brian Bouchard II

Verry nice people. Cheap movie. Needs improvments

Harsha Lakhinena

Friendly service. Maintenance could be better!

Dheeraj Reddy Bacham

One of the worst experience faced. This is the situation when we came here to watch a movie and no one's there. Do not come here even there is show time given in fantango.

Lisa Moore

Prices went up to $5 per movies. Still cheap

Shiva Reddy

Wild ANTS in the soda from the fountain.... Disgusting..! Stay away from this place and don't try any snacks here...

Yellapragada Venkata Siva Ram

Unless you are someone who enjoys the company of germs ...sitting down in seats that haven't been cleaned for years.... and walking inside on the floor that haven't been vacuumed in decades... this place must be avoided. No wonder they sell out 1$ tickets. There is litter every where and that can be as annoying as ketchup spilled all over the seats or Indian snacks tramped all over the floors. The owners must invest some money and get the movie hall/toilets cleaned and maintained atleast once a month. Just AVOID it unless u r on a shoestring budget to catch a movie.

Angel Hipster

It's really run down, but the movies are cheap.

Merry Prater

A decent theater for the $5 ticket price. Staff was friendly and helpful. Theater itself was kept up. Not a luxury theater but a good place to go if you don't want to pay $25 or more for 2 people to go to 1 movie.

Kelly Pinnell &Bradley Thacker

Very run down but workers very nice. They made popcorn fresh so it was a little bit of a wait but it was a fun experience for the kids.

Paul Krupa

After reading these reviews I was expecting the worst movie experience possible. The theater was clean, the seats were comfortable, the sound was good & the picture wasn't bad. I would recommend giving this place another try if you haven't already.


Wonderful friendly staff, Good Customer support.

Das Heiland

The WORST movie going experience of my LIFE. I've been to several dollar theaters in other cities and this is just appalling! We didn't have cash, so we had to use credit card which had a 10 dollar minimum. No big deal, we get some popcorn, milk duds, and a soda. The popcorn tasted like it was made a week ago no flavor and not even warm. The milk duds were actually a milk dud, they had all been around long enough to melt into one chocolate-caramel singularity. My Dr Pepper that came from a fountain dispenser was some how flat and tasted god awful. We head into the theater itself and there are NO lights on, I couldn't even see well enough to find a seat! So we head out and ask whats up. Several minutes later the lights pop on an the movie just starts rolling with no time to even get seated. We quickly find a seat, and as I go to place my drink in the arm rest cup holder I find a condiment cup of ketchup waiting for me! Then quickly notice how dirty the rest of the room is. It looked as if the place hadn't been cleaned in some time, not just between showings. The movie gets past the credits and into actual footage...and I realize it's HORRIBLY out of focus and not fully on the screen. The audio was muffled as well. It felt like watching a bootleg on a rather large screen. Not 5 mins into the movie I was so angry I had to walk out. Never again will I goto this embarrassment of a theater. Nor would I recommend anyone else looking for a pleasant time attend it either. You truly get what you pay for at this place.

Mary Cooper

it is a very nasty place and they denied a army vet with his Federal registered service dog. corporate couldn't get them to do nothing and they did not care they was breaking a federal law dog service can't be denied

Dawn Zach

My favorite theater in Columbus! Usually clean, not much of a wait, good staff.

Sumanth Krishna

The place is still better to watch regional movies. Attempted to brighten up exterior with fresh quote if paint. Still it's gloomy inside and interior.

Subin George

Feeling like watching B Class theater in in outskirts of any of the Indian cities. But loved the experience as watching viswaroopam II in theater with just 2 families.. return ticket to Chennai with 10$.

zubaida mahjabeen Sadulla

Needs better maintenance!! But no other choice to get to view South Indian movies.

Meredith Balogh

Heading back to the city for a visit and this is the place we are excited to go to! Cheap, friendly, fun experience every time. Most of the films are 2nd run so they are in lower quality, but for a dollar theater I'll never complain!

tasha loveumuch

Bed bugs in theater 5, If I could give a negative rating I would not deserving of 1 Star!!!!

raja ram

It is not even worth for a single Star. These guys charge 15-25$ for a telugu(Indian) movie and the experience we have is -> Arm rests missing -> Often I have seen movies playing in weird pink/green color for 15 minutes -> Display goes off and sound continues for 10-15 mins and then u r forced to go to another screen and start movie from beginning. -> Worst Sound Experience. The THEATERS in Indian villages are far better than this one. Dear Distributors i know you people prefer this theatre because the rents are less. If we are already paying 15$ we are ready to spend 2$ more to watch it in a better theatre. If profit is the only concern for you increase the price and release it in better theaters like AMC. Please avoid this stupid worthless theatre. It has ruined the movie experience. RIP SCREENS AT THE CONTINENT

Jessica Moreno

I was just here for my first and definitely my last time. I felt like I needed to shower after I left. I didn't even take off my coat because I didn't want to touch the seats. Our movie didn't start until 15 minutes after it was suppose to. They don't turn off the lights which sucks because the picture is already blurry. My shoes were stuck to the floor. I understand it's a dollar movie but the one on Bethel is extremely nicer, cleaner, and more up to date. I will never be back.


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