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REVIEWS OF Republic Movie Theatre IN Ohio

Joshua Kinney

Decent theater with good quality picture and sound. I was unable to stay and enjoy the film due to fussy children but overall good value.

Tom Strong

Could benefit from some Lysol.

Kaci Leigh Roar

Decent theatre for being small and local...price is worth it being it's only $5.

Jeremiah Ramey

Great experience for only 5 dollars.

Tarey Darling

Was really looking forward to seeing IT today. The theater ruined the experience for us completely! This was a SCARY movie and the overhead light was on the entire time! We went up and said something and we're told " I'll go upstairs and try to dim it but it doesn't turn off". What movie theater leaves the lights on?? This was a mostly dark movie and with the light on you couldn't make out alot of it very well. Plus their were kids under 18 in there laughing and carrying on the entire time. The theater was absolutely filthy! Those arm rests haven't been cleaned in I don't know how long and I almost fell twice because there was a STREAM of popcorn butter on the floor. I don't care how cheap the tickets are if the rest of the experience is a bad one.

Vl January

Great for the whole family

Heather Boyd

affordable movies

Megan Smith

Great prices to see a movie in a theater, not the most comfortable seating but you can't expect too much with $5 ticket prices all day every day.

JL Fryman

Been here twice in the recent season and was very pleased.

Jeffrey Rawlins

The theater is not ran down.It has been at the mall since the 60s;but it still looks good.It is well maintained.There for awhile,Marion had no theater at all.Some people are just never satisfied.

Jasmyn Baney

Best theatre I have ever been in! Great prices, delicious food, and clean and comfortable seating! $5.00 per person

James Dewitt

Great place to watch a movie for $5.00

David Moreno

Saw the last Jedi there. It was a great experience and comfortable

Ashley N

Always enjoy coming here. The price is great love the refills. If you want to see a movie and not brake the bank it I great.

Cindy Garrett

I heard they have bed bug problem

Dan Wilson

Price is good $5.00

Momma Sim

I love the affordability, the kids love the movies, some theaters have been redone, with a total of 7 at this location.

yukio okummura

Need to get rid of the rude blonde skinny guy who thinks he is god

M McBride

Great local theater cheap concessions and always have first-run movies and $5 for all showings all day everyday you can't beat it!!

Michael Mowery

Great movie showed tonight

Julia Jones

Nice multiple screen theater. Most of the theaters are small enough to feel cozy. Usually clean. Good popcorn and snacks. $5 tickets all day long!!

Amanda Patel

Good place to go for cheap movies but just an abandoned abandoned place

Tracy Jones {T. J.}

Awesome Employees and Snacks for the great show! Which will only cost $5 to see.

Samantha White

Cheap tickets. But i was having my lady days and they refused to let me bring my purse of pads in. So that sucked. But meh... Pockets work for one or 2.

David Smith

Seats are very uncomfortable

Quentin Holsinger

This place is just great one of the best theaters I have been too period. The reason I think that is because I don't deserve anything good in life because I'm a loser and so if you're a loser nobody like me too you will like this gross, cheap, ugly movie theater that's only good perk is it's $5 a ticket. The posters outside the theater still say Mad Max Fury Road if that says anything. This is the type of place you expect to see a clogged toilet and don't want to fix it, might even want to make it worse.

Antonio Kamp

An incredible and enjoyable experience

Shani Underwood

Great price for an afternoon out with my son! $10 for movie for not, $10 for noth popcorn and soda for 2!

Marcia Johnson

Great price, good popcorn, comfortable seating, glad you are on Marion

Shannon Campo

The prices are great and the popcorn is tasty. The theaters need updating though. Lots of broken chairs

shane dailey

Needs updated but great price's

Dan Herriott

Good movie watching experience!

Hobie Lake

Great movies good price to get in


Awesome theater 5 stars. Would go again.

Donald wray

Love watching movies been coming hear for years an years sence I was a baby use to work there also was fun at times but had a rough patch but wont stop watching movies hear

Randy Davis

Cheap family entertainment, which is always good.

Michelle Owings

They did not turn out the lights all the way which made it very hard to see the darker scenes in Aladdin.


While they will not have all the new movies that come out in the theater it is a GREAT place to bring your family

Linda Tubbs

All the new movies, $5 admission. You can't find a better deal.

Kelly Lopez

Cheap, clean, friendly people, great popcorn. Easy to get to. Not too busy

Makayla Louise

Gonna start off with this: I'm not against any of the employees, they're all fantastic and do a great job!! However... Will not allow you to bring your own drink / food item in here when you have valid medical reasons -- even if it's just a banana and water. Now normally this rule is easy to follow and understandable, but when somebody with a medical issue tries to explain *why* they need to carry food and drink with them at all times, you'd think an exception could be made.

Angelique Kimberling

Good price. Not enough movies to choose from, but plenty of sometimes to choose from.


Ticket prices r great at 5$ but popcorn, candy, an drinks make it seem like fine dinning. My advice is to eat before the movie.

Michael Fried

It is close by and only $5 a flick.

Cindy Honaker

Absolutely LOVE going here it's become a go to for something to do with my kids. $5 each makes it very affordable. Love it!!

Don Shope

Nice place go for movie

Ken Morris

Great prices except candy and clean

Brenda Voisard

Great everyday prices, pleasant staff.... kinda make up for old theater and seating that could all use an update. However with prices that great I am willing to ignore that

Dakota Wright

Today i went to see a movie and after me and my sister went down the hall to use the bathroom because the movies bathroom was filled with people. well we didnt know they was shutting down at the time and the person who closes the doors after hrs got really rude and was cussing at me and my sister as we was walking out. I feel they need to improve more on who they hire.

Ben Merriman

Good and cheap movie

Ashley A. Price

Woman at the counter was very rude when I asked for fresh popcorn cause it tasted stale.

Karen Strickland

Awesome prices n employees

Zara Bithia

I should not have to stand and wait ten minutes for them to finish cleaning the theatre. By the time they were done, the pre views were already starting. I also shouldn't have to wait in line at the concession stand to buy my tickets.

William Crabtree

The price is great! ($5 all day). Concessions are typical theater fare with decent prices. However, it is a budget cinema in a budget town. The floors are slippery during the first show of the day. (Daughter said she was ice skating). Seats are OK but could use an upgrade soon. The sound system in most of the theaters is lacking. I go here for price and convenience.

Joshua Kirtley

$5.00 a ticket is a great price. The only complaint I have is that they leave a bright light on during the whole movie right in the middle in front of the screen. It's probably not a big deal during a bright kids movie, but any movie that's remotely dark it's nearly impossible to see what's going on on the screen.

Bridget Honaker

Just $5 adult or kids anytime

Michele McCarthy

Love the 5.00 for the movie and 5.00 for small popcorn and drink. Seats ate comfy they keep the theaters clean.

Cindi Hans

Good value cinema.

michael foreman

Good seats nice screens very attentive staff

Stella Helms

Its family time even though we aren't talking.

Dan Schott

Good movies at GREAT PRICES!!!

Sheila Donders

Always friendly staff and a clean facility. The selection of movies is great tooa

Stephanie Anderson

Very affordable at $5 a ticket. It's not the fanciest theater, but the movies play just fine and the popcorn is good.

Kyle Anschuetz

The theatre had a light on the entire time. Complained and it was on automatically and couldn’t be fixed. They didn’t have even free small cups for water. The theater was very cold even though I had my sweater and winter coat on. This was a letdown

Amber Kissling

Took my kids here to see Mary Poppins! The tickets are only $5 any showing for both adults or kids! Clean theater and lots of choices to see! We had the theater all to ourselves on a Sunday afternoon!

Myranda Weaver

Great movie and theater. Stale popcorn.

James Scott

A discount theater. Set your expectations there, and you'll have a good time. The facilities are decidedly small scale, seats are the minimum level of comfort, few options for concessions, and not always the cleanest facilities. But you'll see a movie on opening weekend for less than the cost of a fast food value meal, so you take what you can get

Kathy Laird

Clean, comfortable. Great price

Sara Chapman

The manager was very rude.

Bertie Mannering

The movie was great we loved fantastic beasts crimes of grindlewald.

Debra Roush

Love this place . Cheap daytime fun. Always had the best movies. Has been clean Everytime I have went.and the popcorn is awesome. The girls that work there always has a smile and really seem to care if ppl are happy with the theater. The restrooms are clean which is unusual for as many ppl.that go in and out of them. They have comfortable seating as well.

Andrea Ward

Went an watched the `New' Michael Myers Halloween movie

Mjay Morris

Good theater

Rhonda Chapman

Movie was great but they way you stand in lines inpeading traffic is crazy

Melody Pearles

Was ok but it needs to be in better part of town

Emily Leonard

Sound, seating, and picture quality were all amazing. However, the screen was tiny, the whole place felt like a run down church (The marquee was a piece of paper taped to the wall) and the theater I was in to see Civil War smelled like a farm. Like, just like a farm. Overwhelmingly so.

Aaron stoneburner

All movies $5 ..

Elisha Provenzale

$5 all the time can't beat that price. The seats aren't my favorite but our experience there has always been fantastic!


Love the $5 movie price.

Janette Cole

Pretty good

Maria Aurigema

Nice place, great popcorn. Big reason such a low score is they charged us full price for a four month old, no discount. Really ridiculous.

Angelica Barnhart

I give credit on the price tickets. Fair price BUT the movie started almost a half hour late! When I went to the bathroom and my fiance waited for me. The manager came out and acted like my fiance was doing something wrong


Always a great time when I go see was a movie we would always recommend going here

judy plotner

Love to go here my only problem with it is tgat food and drinks are way over priced! But movie is cheap and have nice staff! We go a least twice a month!

Steven Tyler

It's all we got

Randall Bates

Much improved over the past couple of years! All shows only $5 so it's a bargain to take the kids to see a weekend flick. Concession prices are moderate. It's an older theater so don't expect giant sound and stadium seating.

David Spillman

Price was good but my fiancé had her left arm ate alive by something,we are guessing by bed bugs. Took all necessary precautions before entering our home as to not bring what ever it was in with us. We will most deffently not be returning any time soon! The management acted as if it were no big deal and blew it off. That is not how you treat customers especially when they have a ton of bug bites from watching a movie at your theatre !

Regina Nunley

I love it because it's only $5 a person and it's great popcorn and comfy seats.

Evelyn Graber

$5 for a movie is reasonable. We take the Grandkids about every other week.

Regina Skidmore

What can I say, movie theater has not changed a bit since I was a kid but movies are 5.00! You can't loose!

Steven Marshall

5 dollars to go see the new Avengers Endgame. Amazing deal

Tad pole

My wife took 3 kids. A 6 year old and a 2 month old infant and they seriously charge for the infant this place is a f****** joke poly a heroin addict running this place so he could pocket some money for there next hit.

Tate Davis

First time visit.Friendly service fair prices.I will defiantly go back again.Fyi the movie theater is inside the mall.In the mall they have a few nice shops, as far as food goes check out the hot dog place in the mall,it is really good and is a new addition to the mall.


went and saw Bohemian Rhapsody and screen froze for 15 minutes then had to sit and wait for it to be fast forwarded. this is the second time Ive had a movie freeze on me there. 5.00 is cheap to see a movie, you get what you pay for.

Jason Clark

Happy Marion has this theater.. prices are great

Caleb Rettig

$5 Tickets all the time, nice enough theater and good concessions.

johnboy Down

Its only 5.00 on sat seeing forever my

Michelle Hodges

Website listed wrong start time. Drinks were very over priced and not worth the price.

Katie Mason

Everything was good but there prices are to high for the food


Even though the tickets were cheap, bad location. Spent a while trying to locate the theater. Theaters were disgusting and the people were horrible inside. Phones out ringtones etc.

Paul Clark

Good for the price, old theater in a half open mall, food was good, staff was nice, price great

Holly Johnson

Very affordable for our growing family. Very clean and the staff is always friendly and helpful. We are huge movie buffs and this place makes it affordable for us to go often.

Kevin Gaines

Friendly staff that are very knowledgeable about the features that provide, the snack they offer are very general and decently priced for a movie theatre, the price is very reasonable during all hours of operation. Great place to take the family for a night out.

Austin Cordle

Feels and looks like a movie theater. Been going here for three years I don't have any complaints. Love the price and love the popcorn and love the butter.

Stephanie Reale

Lots of theaters! Not very clean. Floors are usually very sticky!

Jason Knickerbocker

I love republic theater I go there every week

Richard Robinson

Nice theatre!

Kendra Nicole

Went to see The Meg couldnt see any detail in the movie cause the picture was so dark we asked 2 diffrent times for them to adjust the color or lighting and they said nothing could be done we along with another family left and we were refunded.

Wendy Shope

Had a very good visit.

Dom & Cody Feasel

Very good love the movie

Laura Fleming

Very clean

Omer Williams

Great prices comfortable seats recommend

James Cole

Was a good theayer... Clean... Friendly service

Tami Rinehart

We had the theater to ourself which was great, just wish the air worked.

Kara white

Staff did a good job of trying to control a theatre full off middle school students. It's sad when they have to threaten to call the sherif to get them to shut up! I hate to say it but I think they should make the theater 16 and up unless with parent/grandparent.

Daric Singingwind

Cheaper than any other theater around, with new releases and excellent concessions

bido jones

Great place

Jesse Smith

Great until it gets busy, then it's a bit slow to get anything.

Karen Murphy

Great prices, and comfortable seating

Sassy Secret

The prices are reasonable always have been. I’m not sure if they changed management or what.. growing up in Marion I never had a problem with the movie theater it was just like any other movie theater except some times they wouldn’t get new releases as quick as the larger cities did.. but.. never have I had a experience where the lights stayed on throughout the entire movie and the volume was low. I asked if they could the turn volume up and shut off the lights like any other theater. The staff said yes but..never done it! I even had other people ask in my group they lied and told them the same and never done it.. It’s a movie theater for crying out loud. The sound of my chewing popcorn or rattling through my bag of candy shouldn’t overshadow the sound of the the management was rude. There wasn’t too many ppl in the movie to began with and one of the ppl I came with checked her phone its not like their was anyone behind them their practically at the last row of the theater and the manager decided to come out of her office to tell her to get off her phone..because the light shined so bright she could see it from up in the podium... now my question to management is how do you figure that the light from someone’s cellphone can cause a disturbance to the movie viewers but the several lights that you and your staff neglected to shut off during the movie can’t ??????????? If It wasn’t for me inviting everyone out to go to the movies that day. I would of left midway into the movie to go to the next town just so I can actually see and hear my movie! No matter the cost plus Columbus has $5 movies all day every Tuesday. Definitely not wasting my time here again if this is how you guys are running the place now.

Pixie Bow

Not a bad makeover from the last theatre that was here

Matthew Franklin

Very nice. Good price.

Randy Hancock

Cheap prices no reason not to take your kids to see the latest movies. We've seen all the marvel movies and star wars plus others. Plenty of show times. I recommend it.

James E. Martin

It is always a Great Time , When I go to the movies . I go every week on my day off from work . The price of $ 5.00 , Does it for me. .

akira jade

this movie theatre sucked, and so did the service I am definately unhappy


It's a good, cheap place to catch a flick!

Destany Oney

Needs better seats

Sarah Retterer

Needs cleaned and updated.. not bad though.


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