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1071 Gemini Pl, Columbus, OH 43240 Located in: The Market at Polaris

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REVIEWS OF Polaris 18 and XD IN Ohio

Rick Doyle

Terrible picture and sound

Ben Cottrell

Amazing. Me and my friends had an amazing time. The seats were super comfortable and reclined and snacks weren't overpriced. Would definitely go back.

Dustin Knecht

Comfy recliner seats and very clean inside. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Melissa Latto

Even though they are pricy, I love the potato wedges!

Cliff Edwards

Much too warm.

Sachin Amin

They recliners are missing that comfort factor compared to AMC and Marcus

Brue Hoyt

Good sound and picture. Nice seats. Discount tickets Tuesdays. Location is the limiting factor. Outside city limits, weave through mall parking lot, busy area with high traffic.


I always enjoy making the drive to this theater. Parking can get a bit difficult with the new construction, but you find a place even on the busy days. There are some fun places to eat nearby including poke. The theaters have always been clean and ready. The seats are comfy.

Moose Ward

Tuesday is $5 bargain night. They have reclining seats with a tray and cup holder. Best theater ever!

TTV Samxonyx

It's over crowded and line for snacks is mostly all the time long. But have a great movie picking

Jay Kk

I don’t really like the reserved seating because I didn’t get to sit with my sister or my family many times. It’s ridiculous. But overall the movie theater is wonderful.

Austin Dickson

Very comfortable seats and being able to choose your seats before the movie is nice.

jon dix

Lounger seats, clean facilities and great food selection

Bill Thacker

Popcorn, coke, great seats and a movie, yes please

M Sanders

Was able to get in and out quickly. The theater was clean the employees were accommodating. Enjoyed myself and the popcorn.

Duria Yusuf

Love the recliner seats. Cool souvenir men in black glasses

Amanda Woods

What a nice theater. If you haven't been here they put in those huge barca loungers in every theater, and they managed to make every seat in the house a good seat - you can even sit in the front row and it won't cause strain or a migraine. Amazing! You can pick your seat ahead of time, so go right in. I wish Lennox AMC would do this. Horrible place. Bleh.

Lori McCauley

Always clean. Comfy seats

Robert Levenson

Very nice and early matinees are affordable with deals for seniors on popcorn and drinks

Robin MommyofTwo

Great lounge chairs. Can see screen well from any seat. Choosing seats online before you get there makes it much nicer. You don't have to get there early & sit through all the previews - or fight crowds. serves liquor, beer, wine.

Sheri Copley

Have always had great experiences here. We went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet in XD. The theater had electric reclining seats and little tables for your snacks. Very roomy and comfortable. Black Friday traffic was crazy but the theater was not overcrowded. We will definitely return.

Ashley Quirino


C. C. diedrich

We like our senior discount $5 ticket prices anytime. Discount card gives 20% off foods and rolls over for another free ticket. Good deal. Check it out. Also lounge chairs to watch your movie. Friendly and clean.


The experience was amazing. I love coming here for movies all the time.

Tim Trempert

Seats are very comfortable. Join the movie club and it's only $5/ticket (matinee) with no booking fee and reserved seats.

Mary Albert

Great lounge chairs. Can see screen well from any seat. Choosing seats online before you get there makes it much nicer. You don't have to get there early & sit through all the previews - or fight crowds. Now serves liquor, beer, wine.

Adding 2Cents

Like the reserved seats, and the movie was good. But man oh man is it expensive.

Jarrod Stewart

Went to see the midnight showing of Glass and the theater was great. Wouldn't really go anywhere else. Top of the line.

Karl Kalavity

Good but small kids were running around

Julie Johnson

Comfortable seats. I like the arm rests are wide and you ha e room to use it with your neighbor.

Ashley Patton

It was great. Great chairs and not crowded spots. Very clean too. Loved it will definitely go back!

Barbara Cullins

Love the seats and the fresh buttery popcorn.

Deanne Oehlert

I'm handicap and in a wheelchair.... they have carpet everywhere and it makes it very difficult to get around without help. Otherwise everything was clean and people very respectful/helpful

Keylee Ballenger

Great movie theater and really cheap. $5 before 6pm movies which Is actually good. One thing they could make better is being like amc and having the drink selections out for the costumers.

Benny Hamblin

Nice screens great sound, seats are slightly uncomfortable but if Andy or Kate are working and you slip them a 5 they will let you see a urinal Obama broke before he was famous.

Kevin Cedar

This was the best movie theater experience I have ever had. The seats made you feel at home, good service, and I look forward to coming back.

Michael Bowen

Very nice and clean. The seats are comfortable. Screen was big and audio was clear

Karla Sturgeon

People very friendly and helpful, clean and comfortable. Updated to recliners and small trays hooked to seats for food and drink.

stephen homer

Theater is okay. men's restrooms are pretty disgusting though, staff is rude, and screen 16 is completely spotted. They might forget to turn the lights off when movie starts, so be ready to go let them know they should do that. Also, don't expect refills minutes after the last movie starts. You're on your own then.

Wanda Jean Anderson

Movie was great, theater is nice. Definitely recommend.

The Dreamer

I absolutely love this theater. The employees are super nice and have always helped us with anything we need. It is a bit on the pricey side but it's definitely worth it considering how nice the theater is.

Tatiana Ramirez

I loved this Theater! Best time to go (if you can) is before 5PM the tickets are cheaper. I seen a movie in XD and payed $7 for the ticket because I went before 5 PM. The recliner seats in the theater were super comfy. I was able to kick my feet up and enjoy a new movie. The employees were great and the theater was clean. I will be back again!


Good prices on tickets. Lounge seeting.

Thomas Shaw

I enjoyed the movie

Michael Jackson

Very nice atmosphere. Employees were very pleasant and patient. Theatre was clean and odor free. Seats were incredibly comfortable. They were electric and reclined completely. Volume was just right. No problems at all. I liked this place very much.

anthony esker

Great popcorn nice chairs. The attendant at the food counter was courteous. Definitely going back

Katrena Kugler

Really comfortable movie watching! Would recommend!

Istvan Horvath

Got the ticket online, easy pick-up. Seats were incredibly comfortable, sound was great quality. Recommended.

Harry Cardillo

My only complaints about Cinemark are (1) the fact that they only have a first run theater in Columbus, and (2) the fact that I can't buy tickets online without a surcharge. I love the assigned super-comfortable seating, but the fact that the seating is assigned means I have to pre-buy for my family of six to make sure we can sit together, and in order to avoid the surcharge, I have to make a trip to the theater a few days in advance to get the tickets. Why oh why in today's digital world would you change me more to buy something online vs through a representative? Makes me want to sneak in candy. Not that I would ever do that.

Jason Beavers

Had been awhile since I have been to this theater. Thank goodness they got the comfy recliners...

Kellie Young

Can beat the $5 matinee tickets with reclining seats!


Good matinee prices, clean establishment, friendly staff. Sound and picture were good but not spectacular. I would definitely recommend sitting middle to back rows for this theater, as the lower quality was more apparent sitting in the third row this time around. Overall pleased with our visit however and will definitely be frequenting this theater more often.

Nataraj R

Nice theatre. Reclining seats are really good. Worth the money spent.

Ben Williamson

Great theater. Nice and clean with reserved and reclining seats. Parking lot is too small.

Devin Laviolette

Good location. Newer reclining chairs are awesome, but the middle does not go up so I couldn't snuggle with my lady as we watched. The concessions are what you would expect. The movie picture and sound quality were on point. Place is very clean. No sticky floors or popcorn everywhere. If it didn't cost my whole paycheck for some popcorn and pop, plus the tickets, I would attend more often

James Wilson

I personally like the AMCs the best from an overall experience, but I feel you get more for you dollar here and its location, right at Polaris, is really convenient. They have the reclining seats with swivel tables (but the tables prevent …

Abdoulaye Sene

The lady at the registry desk in the back was awesome. Sorry I didn't get your name. Thanks

reid baxter

Wow, has this place changed (for the better). Large reclining seats and tray tables. Food was reasonable and tasted great (popcorn).

David Cole

Love coming here for the matinee $5. Seats are very comfy and theater is almost always so clean. They also have a nice kids play area.

Jennifer Ranly

They had the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in at a movie theater. Lots of room between the seats so you aren't bumping your neighbor. Lots of room between the aisles in front of you to get around. Very nice theater. It was worth the drive to get there.

Matthew Shoup

Seats are comfortable and the atmosphere is always great!

bob freund

Great experience. Loved the big seats and well staffed when we went

Ginoza Costuming

Great place to see a movie. Military discount makes it so it's 5.50 a person. Seats aren't super amazingly comfortable for a taller person even though they are all new. But I didn't have a problem with the seats really. Always clean. Candy and pop is all overpriced but that's just a movie theater thing. You get a lot of food for the price you pay when you get other food though.

Deb Wentz

Annoyed by the seat just moving on its own Popcorn was too salty

Adam Griggs

My kids love the movies and it's an easy to access Theater with plenty of parking and options

Lm Patterson

Love the Surround sound and the seats were so comfortable. Probably too comfortable. Take a nap before you go you may fall asleep even if the movie is great.

Landin Long

Popcorn costs more than tickets, but this is my go-to theater in the Columbus area.

J Wong

The Imax was great, the seat rows are ascending so each row gets the full view of the screen, never needs to worry being partially blocked by the row in front, seats are comfortable too.

Tim Salsgiver

Saw Avengers Endgame the have recliners was too comfortable kept wanting to fall asleep lol.Great snacks and helpful staff.

Billie Johnson

Great place to watch movies


Comfortable. Good prices

Angela Young

The ticket lobby has an awkward layout, the self-serve ticket machines are usually out of order. The concession area is very crowded with point of purchase displays. There are two registers for each 'line' to get snacks, but sometimes only one is staffed. It can be hard to tell whether you're getting into a line with one server or two. They usually have all the latest releases, and have average ticket prices, but I'm not particularly impressed with the quality of the theater seating.

Jubilee Hunt

Nice cinema. I'm not sure if it's every theater, but there are several with power reclining plush "leather" seats. One of my favorite theaters in the area. They allow preordering of movies and seat selection online either through their company (Cinemark Theaters) or Fandango.

Jenna Colpean

Great movie theatre, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet - my neck is super sore every time after leaving! Sure they have luxury loungers but your head sits too far forward causing it to be extremely uncomfortable for your neck. Other than this I love this movie theatre but this problem alone knocks it down a star.


We love going to The Rave and the theater is always clean and the popcorn is fresh!

Emily Tatman

Saw friends 25th anniversary episodes here. Love this theater

Miranda Loving-Lutz

My family looooves this theatre. Such a nice presence and good food!

Kenneth Hawkins

Great seats and Great Food/Service

Stacy Wells

Absolutely comfy chairs. Staff AWESOME. Popcorn yummy. An AWESOME movie Incredible 2. Wish we had a movie theater like this at home.

John Curtis

Great theater, fair prices, comfortable seats.

Carol Fisher

Went to see Small Foot. Great movie for my great-grandson to watch. It was his first time at the cinema. Practically the whole theater was ours to enjoy.

Shawn Howze

Great movie theater! I enjoy the comfortable recliner seats.

Sudhir Dhawale

The ambience is good but I felt the theatre was little small as compared to Marcus cinema. There was no enough parking outside and I had to walk a little long in the cold temperatures today. Chairs are good and the snacks are also good.

Foluso Alli

The new Rave is really nice. They've got comfy recliners. But the best part is that I can reserve seats now, so I never have to worry about walking in late.

Kimberly Ellwanger

Comfortable seats for movie watching enjoyment. We've gone to several 'events' including Ghibli Fest, Frankenstein, and Riff Trax in addition to first run movies.

Darko Perovsek

Went to see a matinee and was totally impressed and with the comfortable multi position seats, audio was super, and popcorn was perfect. Great experience.

Carol Sobish

Really like the reclining seats they put in. Staff is friendly and concession food fresh. Now if Hollywood would put out movies worth seeing.

Connie Young

Clean. Helpful employees. Always enjoying going there. Coming attractions were so loud I had to cover my ears. Why?


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