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REVIEWS OF Movies 10 - Fun Barn IN Ohio

Lindsey Cooper

The kids had a blast playing all the games before we watched a movie! Recommended!

Sharyn Barrows

Lots of fun for the entire family. Plus of u get bored w the games (tho I couldnt see how), u can always go watch a movie and their food is actually pretty decent.

Heather Thomas

If you're looking for affordable family fun, this is the place! Cheap tickets, food and aracde games. Friendly staff. A little grimy, not the best food, but still very worth it!! I love that you can take milkshakes and pizza into theater!

Jodi Mccullough

Love this place! It has a very nice arcade and the movie prices for new releases are unreal!! Not the most fancy or high end but it's quaint and staff is very friendly.

Devlin Nance

Always a great experience, fun for all ages. My friends and I can enjoy the games before a movie, or I can bring my three year old and still have an amazing time. Food is good priced the games are great, and the movie theatres are always we'll kept and on time.

Jill Richmond

Love that this family keeps the prices low enough for families to afford!

Cat Pack

Actually affordable unlike most theaters and amazing food

Bobbie Jeffries

This place is so much better than chucks cheese or magic mountain. Cheaper and the employees are so nice

Nicole Dexter

Love movies 10! My family and I go all the time!! Very affordable family fun

the fruit basket

Great food games and movies. The fun barn is a fun family place with lots to do. The owners are a nice older couple and love to help out the local sports and fairs. Over all it was a pleasure to be there.

P. Cox

Excellent prices, you can't hear the next theater's movie playing like most of these theaters around this entire south eastern ohio area's theaters-- we drive an extra 45 minutes just to go to this theater because it is the best around! Fact! Not only because of the excellent and fair prices on their movies but also 1$, 2$, and 3$ popcorn/ drink prices are the bomb! Employees are also very friendly and it's nice to see the actual owners on there working as well! If I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would!

Crystal Kennedy

Love bringing the kids here !!! ALWAYS a FANTASTIC time !!!

Lacie Chevalier

I've been coming here since they opened. The movie theaters are really nice and clean, as well as the fun barn. The arcade is really nice and fun for the whole family. The prices here can't be beat! I highly recommend coming here. Great place for date night for family night.


Cheap prices and fun for the kids. More than just movies!

Brandi Shortridge

We had my daughters birthday here and she loved it. Easy to get to and kids had a blast with all the games plenty of room for all the guest and friendly attendants willing to help in anyway they could one even offered to help me load up the truck after the party I would suggest it to anyone. Thanks staff and all at fun barn for making my girls tenth birthday memorable for her.

Rietta Curnell

While waiting for the movie to start you can play the arcade games. They have games for all ages including toddler games. It's a great way to have fun and entertainment and food all in one. Way cheaper and more fun then going to the mall theater.

Frogger 316

Fix your holy parking lot all money u make u can't afford to put some gravel in them holes and cracks. Other then that great place to see a movie.


Everythings cheap. Loved coming here when i was in college

Meredith Yerian

great family owned business, perfect atmosphere for families and groups

Cammie Elick

Best place around to watch movies with the family. Prices can't be beat! Friendly staff and clean theatres. They also have arcade games and a concession stand where you can buy whole pizzas or burgers and fries. Popcorn and sodas for just a dollar. Can't be beat for whole family fun!

Shayne Campbell

I've been goin here for YEARS, and I'm proud that they have made it bigger over the years. I've always love goin here. It ain't too fancy, but it just hits the right spot. Not too expensive to watch movies and get food and drinks. HIGHLY recommend this Movie Theater.

Mark May

Cheap movies and food. Clean theaters. Fun games to play.

Rebecca Graham

a wonderful place for family fun!! my granddaughter had a fabulous time!!

Kelly Carpenter

It was our family's first time here to see a movie. $4/person. They have concessions and are really reasonable. Popcorn prices are: Small-$1.00, Medium-$2.00, Large-$3.00. You can't beat that! We had a great experience and plan to return again.

Lance Korte

The games were fun and not rigged like most arcades! Only four stars though be cause sometimes are out of order. Otherwise awesome place :)

Billie Workman

A little more of a drive is worth it to visit this place. Today's top movies for $4 a person, very nice theaters with comfortable seating. Snacks and drinks at affordable prices to!! Wish Ripley had their own Movies 10 fun barn!

Lindsay Shumway

The kids and I always have a blast!!! So many things to choose from with games, food, and movies. Friendly people, clean inside and out, and they always have a smile on their faces. Thank you for all you do!!

Kelly Perry

Went to see hobbs and shaw fast and furious great movie.

Amy Vasquez

Always warm and inviting. We go often and always have a great time.

Eren The BrickWhale

THIS PLASE WAS SO CHEP got 4 friends well 16$ for all ya (tikits are 4$) and after your done BOOM ARCADE

Robin Dutton

Great place to take the family! Lots and lots of fun arcade games. Very good and cheap concessions. Nice and clean!

Amanda Bell

Love that movie tickets are only $4 can take my family without spending too much!

Zack Poling

$4 movies. Need I say more? Yes. The workers are nice and friendly. If you have any issues, they WILL make sure you're satisfied. If anyone else is being loud and obnoxious, they instantly take action to ensure everyone has the best experience possible.

susan hogsett

Decent prices on movies & food good choice for family entertainment

Malissa Divito

It was cleaner than I expected from reading reviews of people stating their was bugs and smells...none of the above I noticed. Huge variety of affordable games and a movies...very nice first impression.

roger dunetz

Been going there for years. Can't beat the value. Pleasant staff.

Chris Lane

The movie was awesome. But there popcorn, greedy with the.. butter..and there pizza is cold. And not freshly baked

Jason Staats

Love going there for the Sunday 12-1 happy hour!

Josie Garcia

Excellent place! Highly recommend. It's well worth the drive is you don't live around there because of the value. You can make you money stretch here. Wonderful for families with multiple kids.

Ida Neely

Clean, inexpensive and a very enjoyable first visit. I will go back!

Andrew A.

It's prices are cheap. I went on a Monday evening, so there was a small amount of people in there. But the prices were amazing. $4 tickets, $1 sm pop and $1 sm popcorn, yes. The movies were recent, with toy story 4 only being released almost 2 weeks ago and Spiderman far from home coming out today 7/2. They had those movies ready to show. The theaters themselves were a bit small and cozy, and they probably get very busy on the weekends, but I enjoyed it alot.

Arthur Fulton

The food... the prices...the employees are so friendly and welcoming... all around the best movie theater our area has ever had..! Edward’s Family.. wonderful people, thank you

Effie Doherty

Love their Pizza place to kick back with some popcorn and drinks and relax enjoy the movie and we go to unwind relax enjoy the movie and we go home to go to bed lol we go every Thursday or Saturday

Roberto Mandujano

Amazing prices on food and movies, and a fun arcade!

Mike Deeter

It was good, not a very big crowd though! Which for me is a good thing but it's confusing on which way you go when tour inside. Someone like me not going there but once in a couple years doesn't know where to go. Put up a dang sign

CJ Alexander

It was great experience definitely going back !!!!


The fun barn would’ve been great if there weren’t cockroaches crawling all over the counter at the concession stands. They were literally crawling in to the drink station and the employees acted like it was no big deal... I literally almost gagged seeing everyone eat the popcorn knowing that stuff is far from sanitary. Where’s management??? Bug control?? Either way, why was the stand still open when it’s clearly not safe or healthy... Really hoping they fix the bug problem but also hope I didn’t ingest chemicals from any bug killers.

Kelly Montgomery

Fun, cheap family fun. No where else can you see a new movie for $4

Santanna Tucker

Thanks for the date mark. Your the best wont ever forget our memories

Kyna Stephens

Great fun for the family and insanely affordable prices! The best place to go to the movies in the area, by far!

Shannon Reed

Really thought this was a wonderful place for kids and families. Really reasonable prices with so many things to do in one place. Wish we had something like this back home. Me and my husband really enjoyed ourselves on our visit.

Luna Moon

I absolutely love this place. Cheap, family friendly, great food and great people. Seats are really comfortable.


It's Cheap, that's why you go here. The foods is cheap, the ticket is cheap etc. The seats are old school theater seats, the sound system is ok. The whole place is musty smelling. The actual theater rooms smell like a truck stop bathroom. The workers behind the counter are typically courteous and nice.

Martin Taylor

Great Place To Have Fun.....And Most Of All....Very Reasonable Prices....Great Family Entertainment That Doesn't Gouge Your Pocketbook

Kristin Cooper

I have taken my children to the Fun Barn for many years. I haven't found anywhere that comes close to being as affordable as Movies 10. I have never had a negative experience and my children was very small when I started taking them. I have a newborn and I took her, of course I keep her covered and keep a close eye on her but so far it's been at least 10 years of good experiences for my family and I. The staff is always friendly and I think they do a good job keeping things clean.

Wendy Remele-Gray

A friend and I attended the new 3d Lion King today. Lovely movie. $6 for a 3d movie! $1 for soda popcorn....candy very reasonably priced! If I was not just here on vacation I would be back for sure.

Heath Devoll

Everything is super affordable from the tickets to the popcorn. The theaters are super clean and comfy. I love it here.

Michelle Collins

I love the Fun Barn. Great food with great prices, but the food lines could be faster. My friends and I stood in line for almost a half in hour. Everything is amazing, I just wish I could get my food faster, and if the pizza was less crunchy.

Tracy Kratzer

Best ticket prices ever!! Best prices ever at a movie concession stand too!! Seats were comfortable...however, place was so creepy when we were leaving...eerie...maybe it was the movie that creeped me out!!

Benjamin Wheeler

Great place to spend an evening with the family. See first run movies for 4.00 or play in the arcade with the kids. Enjoy the snack bar and you can take your pizza into the movie with you.

Kyle Matson

Best place to for kids. Everything is priced very well. Lots to do. Videos games everywhere, theater is low priced, but picture and sound don't suffer. They even have 3d. Highly recommend

Edith K. Stclair

Great place to go see movies! Great prices !

Shaun Lindinger

Vinny did such an amazing job for me, I tried to be an awesome dad while mom was working overnight, and go to watch his first movie in a movie theater by myself. Sadly the night was ruined for my almost 3 year old. He was so excited to go see Pikachu on the big screen. We waited 20 minutes in line to get some popcorn, sour patch kids, and a Pepsi. Never whined, didn't bump into people, and was awesome in line. Then we proceeded to theater room 6, where we sat through the Dark Phoenix, and Secret life of pets 2 previews FOUR times, each time it froze at the end of the trailer. He still did amazing, calmly eating his snacks and mimicking the previews, as he had them burned into his brain. They told us to go back to the lobby and get our money back for the tickets. Not our time wasted, or the fact we were now going to be late for bedtime, no compensation, except the tickets. Hell, not even an apology. I'm so glad there was kids in that theater, or else I probably would have made a huge scene. It wasn't about me, it was about destroying my kids first time in a movie theater. It broke my kids heart and seeing it in person was not easy. There was another girl, I'm bad with ages, maybe 12. By herself in the theater, her friends were watching another movie. I had to lend her my phone to call her family, because she had no phone, and no money. So after Vinny and I played a few of their games that actually work in there, I gave her the rest of the play card so she had something to do while she waited for her friends. Her night was ruined as well. I'm so beyond frustrated, that this business, no matter how cheap their tickets are, couldn't take care of their customers. We'll try again soon, because I think he's ready, unfortunately, they weren't ready for us. I haven't stepped foot in that building for probably 18 years, and I'll never step foot in it again. I urge you, to never go to this place..!!

T Sheets

2nd visit to the Fun Barn. Great family atmosphere. Fun, food, and entertainment for the whole family.

Sean Ischay

Fun on a rainy day! Few machines down and seem to be on back burner to fix. Kids loved it!

Christopher Meeks

Love it. Prices are GREAT and have a lot of movies, games and more. Kids love it here.

Tara M

We have not been here in a while. I decided to take my girls last evening. We had a very hard time finding any seats to sit in because they were so filthy. There was dirty hanging from the ceiling into the view of the movie screen and then when we went to the restroom there were bugs in there. So if there are bugs in the bathroom I hate to see what is where the food court is. It’s a shame this place has gone downhill so badly. Tbh pay a little extra and take your family somewhere that doesn’t make you paranoid and risk becoming ill from the filth!

Todd Childers

We love the owners and how they support the community. It's awesome that they keep the prices so low to make it a great value for any budget.

Lea Elkins

Best place to see movies that are new and price is the cheapest around

Rhonda Moyer

I love the fun barn. We go there often. Watch movies and eat and play in the arcade. It's a fun, cheap place to go for entertainment.

Ashlie Kovaleski

$4 movies. Low prices on concession foods/drinks. $5 pizzas you can take into the theater with you! Games for all ages! Great place for the whole family

Molly Henderson

Prices aren't horrible. Movies were only 4$ a person but we got bit badly by something.... and my little girl left her dad's and her card on the table by accident and someone turned them in but the place gave them to them after only a half and hour... (we were in the movie) so we are now out $50. So not thrilled.. but with not many arcades around you dont have much of a choice..

Jannette in the Hocking Hills

Best place to see the movies in the region. Game room is clean, new, and games inexpensive. Movies are first-rate and half the price of anybody else. The theatre is clean and the staff is wonderful. You can't beat their popcorn, pop, and …

Alvin Brenneman

You're Service is awesome incredibly good. This place is outstanding friendly people. Good fresh food. Just a fun place too go to an relax with family an friends. An watch a movie. Thank you to all the Movie 10 Fun Barn employees. Keep up the awesome work.

Randy Strine

This is a barn of fun. We had a great time. Thanks Fun Barn!

Katie Santos

Every time we come to Ohio to visit my grandparents we stop by to play in the arcade and watch a movie. The service is excellent and they have such amazing prices you really can't beat it. My kids love coming here and look forward to it every year. So far this visit we've seen Aladdin, Toy Story 4, The Secret Life of Pets 2, and Spiderman. We've been in Ohio two weeks and hope to be here a few more days... Might stop in for one last movie before we head home.

Chantel Johns

So much fun! And i love that you can play games before the movie and take food from the outside concessions, like pizza and burgers, and eat thrm in the theater during the movie! We always have a great time here.

Chloe Musick

The Fun Barn is a great place for cheap movies and movie accoutrements. My primary complaint is that this movie theater doesn't offer certain movies, which I understand that they are catering to major audiences. The affordability is this theater's greatest asset.


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