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REVIEWS OF Lynn Auto Drive In Theatre IN Ohio

Debra Himes

It's a great family place and wonderful owners. Fun times always.

tiea taralla

You get 2 movie for one price. Food and popcorn is very good as well. This is a great place to go with your family or on a date

Lysandra Harford

Always a fun inexpensive date. Great movie choices

Mariah Hoffman

Best place to go to see a movie

Gary Sprang

Fun evening, didn't cost too much


This is one of those theaters you go for the experience and stay for the movie


The movie screen was not trade ahead of you it was sideways and you are up by bugs

Brian Lamp

Favorite place to take my family

Sharon Ritchey

BRING A RADIO! The cost and nostalgia were wonderful but the speakers no longer produce any sound. We were using our car radio for sound but didn't want the battery to die like several cars around us did. Many people there brought a battery operated radio and tuned it into 103.9, the needed frequency in order to hear the movie. We did not know to bring a radio and did not see it listed on the website as a suggestion. If you want to actually hear the movie, please bring a battery operated radio.

Valerie King

Enjoyed the evening with the grandchildren

michael reed

I love this place,I'm from here so I've grown up going to the drive in.. but there are a couple of things they should do something about. One is monster trucks that park in front of you & the other is open hatch's on vans & suv's.. I'm sure they have heard this gripe before?? Isn't there something we could work out on parking???

Brit Gonzalez

Have been going here for almost 20 years. Have never had a bad time.

Roger Roup

Very good movies


This review is for everything I experienced at screen 1. I do not know what happened or is to be experienced at screen 2, there could have been a disco party going on over there for all I know. This place is pretty fun, a blast from the past you might say. Nice big grassy area in front of the screen (this is screen 1, remember?) for the kids to play on or throw a ball around before the movie starts. Lot's of grass overall (not mostly a gravel parking lot like some drive-ins) which gives it a nice feel. There are speakers by the parking spaces in case your car stereo is broken. Although I did not partake, the concession stand was hoppin' the whole time and individuals seemed to be enjoying their snacks. The only reason I give this 4 stars is for the restrooms, they're not like nasty or dirty, just pretty old and not kept up very good. Absolutely great fun overall. Plan to get there before 8PM if you want a decent selection of parking spots.

Pat Evans

All great but the mosquitoes, which is not their fault. Love the Lynn!!

Harrison Heaters

All the charm and fun you could ask for. A true classic!

Kevin Ball

Always a good time..staff very helpful in needed..

Connie Burley

This was our first time here, went with the family. The movie playing was Lion King and Toy Story 4. It gets filled up pretty fast. I don't think the spots are wide enough, at least not for our truck. Barely had room to get out on both sides, without hitting the car by you or the speaker. But so many of the people there drove trucks. They had the same issue. The one thing I think it's great about going here is that they let you bring in your own food. There's one closer to me, but if you bring in food they charge like 8.00 more per person, on top of your ticket. So I think it's great that you can bring your food, snacks etc, with you. After all it's a great place to take your kids. There's grassy areas too that you can lay a blanket on, chairs, whatever. We had a great time. It's very clean, orderly and the people that work there are friendly. Be sure to bring your cash cause that's the only form of payment they take.

Jeremy Miller

Great time at a great price!

Gail Keller

Great place to take the kids for a movie or two. Doesn't cost an arm and a leg

Jayden Hill

You can see the screen so well

Davie McLuckie

I drive from pittsburgh pa 4 to 7 times a year just to go to drive in friendly ppl always will to help amazing ppl been come to this drive in foe 20 plus years

Gage Currier

Good place to go.

Kimberly Weaver

Excellent food and service!

Bob Sammartino

A great experience ! Outdoor drive in movie theater with 2 screens surrounded by woods in a country setting. The concession stand is a 1950's throwback with good popcorn and snacks. Sound can be received thru your car fm radio speakers which adds to the enjoyment. Many families set up chairs outside their cars.

Ed K

Enjoyed the movie.

Kim Locker

Still such a great place

Jake Levitt

They accept cards at the concession stand but not for admission? Does not say this on their website anywhere and the lady was extremely rude and unhelpful.

Vonda Ferguson

Good time

Deniese Swiger

I wasn't there for the drive-in movie. I was there on Sunday for the flea market. I don't know if the weather kept people from setting up or if it's always that way, but there were maybe 5 or 6 people set up. I wasn't very impressed.

Nathanial Weiand

This place is the best! Best Price, Best Value, Best Drive-in!

Rosebud S

I like watching movies on the big screen here.

Lee Vickers

They've really let this place go. Audio, Audio Audio! If you go here, don't expect to enjoy an open air environment because you are confined to your car radio for audio. You'll need to make sure your battery is strong as well, but that will only save your fuel. It doesn't keep you from choking on everyone else's exhaust because they have to run their vehicles, which only compounds the audio quality more. Prices are not comparable to the service provided. A group rate for larger family vehicles would be a strong recommendation for fair pricing. A different, central Ohio drive-in price, was based off car load capacity. For Armed Forces members, don't expect a discount. While an attempt to provide a clean appearance in the restroom was visible by virtue of fresh paint, I would recommend positive ventilation and other sanitation methods to reduce the urine odor in the arcade and concession area. General visual presentation wasn't displeasing. Employees were useful in their assigned placement.

Lacy Devore

❤️ my time here at the drive inn!!! Always have so much fun with my family!

Sarah Church

Have been visting this place for years. Great place to take the family, but Tonights visit wasnt the greatest. A few cars left their lights on, parked rear to the screen blinding us in the rows behind them. The staff was outside just looking at them from the concession stand for at least 5 mins. No one really willing to take the time to go say anything to them. Also shouldnt be allowing larger vehicles, vans, trucks, suvs to park in the first few rows or allowing to keep hatches fully open. Makes it hard to see in the rows behind them.

Melissa Bihari

Was disappointed with it this time the screen was to dark. It was really hard to see the movie.

Sherry Jacobsen

This is a great place to watch good movies but lynn's drive inn has a big problem with people turning there lights on while people are watching a movie u ask how I know this is a problem because we had to go up to a staff worker and ask them to tell these people to turn there lights off there was a worker that told my husband and I that this a big problem here well if this a problem then take care of it all I seen was the staff standing around doing nothing while people were turning there lights on and off I think if u are ask 3 times to turn your lights off if u don't listen then ask them to leave because this is a BIG PROBLEM here this why I only gave this place 3 stars....

Kevin Jeffers

This place it's awesome amazing prices and then they have a flea market on Sunday I think that's pretty cool too the movies are every weekend right now the gunman when summer starts it will be every night enjoy $7 and adult $3 a kid

Gary Thompson Jr

Very nice and the people was very nice to. Get for the family to get out.

Steven Jezewski

Love this place. Always a great deal and a ton of fun for the entire family. Definitely going back more this summer.

Jessica Burns

Loved it here and great prices

Gregory Ray

I find it a very intimate and good family activity and a real warm community activity for all. I for one always find something of interest and always leave with treasures. It's all in the hunt for that must have item

Trey Dunn

Was a great place to watch a movie with family❤loved it

Esta Hershberger

Very polite staff, clean, inexpensive and very family oriented.

Jennifer Yoder

Going here is one of my favorite things each year when the weather starts to warm up. The lot is great with a nice setup and ample space to park your vehicle. There is nice grass instead of just gravel like some other places. The screens are nice and clear. The only thing that I wish was different is that the speakers on the posts where you park don't work so you have to have the car radio on. We had to take out the light bulbs of the inside lights so that they wouldn't stay on when we had to have the radio on and the trunk door open. I always have a good time here and will keep coming. The concession stand is great and the food is priced very reasonably (not like every other theater with their $10 popcorn and $8 drinks). The bathrooms are old and small but always clean. Make sure you have cash because they don't accept cards. Prices are $7 for adults. I would definitely recommend going here!

Anthony Aldea

One of the last few remaining drive in theaters. Only drawback is they onnly accept cash, but that is understandable. Two movies for less the cost of one at an indoor theater is a real deal.


Best place around to go to the movies. You get to watch two movies for way less when you would pay for one movie at a regular theater. They also do their best to handle the mosquito population. The staff is always friendly in great. Plus they make their own popcorn they don't buy it pre-packaged and already popped.

Amanda Harper

Had a wonderful night under the stars tonight ⭐⭐

Amanda Hegidus

What a gem to find. The workers are so helpful and friendly. They even have a truck to jumpstart your car in case your battery dies. There's a concession stand. Price is per person in the car. You get to see two movies on the one screen you choose out of their two screens

destiny Reynolds

Best drive thru around Family friendly and affordable

Josh Muzatko

Really enjoyed our night at the movies. Back home in Washington we do not have these anymore so really brought me back to my younger years. Keep up the good work.

Cheyenne Yoder

Fun family atmosphere. Also super cheap

Karla Sturgeon

Love this theater! We enjoy the movies. We live a couple hours away but try to stay locally at least once a year to go to theater.

Mercedes McAllister

This place is very nostalgic for me. Most of the speakers no longer work or are missing. Our car battery died from listening on the radio. The staff had a charger and we were on our way. Great prices and good food in the concession stand.

Hannah Nelson

Such a nice place to see a movie in your car! The battery in my car died at the end of my movie, and the staff was super helpful in giving me a quick jump!

James Akers

The second oldest drive in in the world is awesome! For seven dollars you get to watch two movies! You are allowed to bring in your own food and drink for free! The concession stand has a excellent choice in snacks and food!

brittany koontz

Great family fun at a great price

Janie Grisjean

This once lovely drive in experience is being ruined by all the SUVs that want to back in and open their hatch thus blocking the view of people the car behind them. it use to be trucks in the back cars in the front but I was told it’s a first come first serve. Doesn’t matter the person who arrived at 8:30’has to pay the same price as the once who arrived at 6. Management wouldn’t ask for the hatches to go down and wouldn’t even ask them to pull forward so the hatches wasn’t sitting on top of the little parking hill. So if you come get here by noon if you want to see the movie. Or management please realize everyone has paid and wants to see the movie and do not allow for the hatches to be up or ask the SUVs to pull forward.

Scott Preston

I hate to review this place because I really want it to be my little secret. Unfortunately that wouldn't be fair to Lynn's. One of my favorite places to go to bring back that nostalgia of my childhood. Everybody nowadays wants that posh recliner 3D theater, but you substitute luxury for that family feeling. Admission prices are incredibly cheap, especially considering that you get to watch two feature films. The snack shop could use a bit of a makeover, but it's not a showstopper. Enjoy!

Drew Nowlan

This drive in is great! Bring bug spray.

Lawrence Fisher

Aways a great time

Danielle R

There are no longer accessible speakers so plan on either running your electricity in your car for 4 hours and dying of heat or running your electricity and sitting outside the vehicle while you die of exhaust fumes.

Mindee Barber

Great place. Definitely old but we'll maintained. We had a great time and will be back!

Casey Fimple

Always a wonderful time when we come here!

Austin Stewart

It was awesome like always the quality of the movie was poor to dark this time.

Loco Logo

Good price and a good time. $7 for an adult ticket and it was a double feature.

Racheal Shanklin

The absolute BEST place to go see a new movie. I've been coming here since I was a kid and now I bring my kids. You can bring your own snacks,drinks and the prices at the concession stand are as reasonable as the price to get in. Plus you can see 2 new movies for the price of 1. Family friendly and the staff is always nice and helpful

Alex Krabill

I went on a date here with my boyfriend last night, June 2nd, to see Aladdin. I had never been to a drive-in movie theater before, so I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. You drive up to the box office and buy your ticket(s). The people at the box office then tell you what station to tune your car radio to, then you find a spot to park. You may sit down on the ground or stay in the car as you watch your movie. It is a great time! I highly recommend this place if you want to watch a movie or two and relax.

Joie Freeman

My son and I will definitely start coming here more often. It is a lot cheaper than most theaters. And my son has a blast playing with the other children that come with their parents.

Charlene Wallace

Great old fashioned drive in for a great price

Beth Thacker

Speakers don't work. They should spray for mosquitos.

Scott Smith

There is nothing like watching a movie in the oldest Drive-in theater in Ohio (1937). Don't think I'll ever tire of it.

Chara Peterson

Speakers out dated, concessions great though!

Tora Clapper

This is such na affordable and fun experience for date nights and families. Down falls are the crowded/cramped lines for concessions. The employees really try to be efficient, though! Another down fall is no air flow inside, so the bathrooms are hot and sometimes smelly.

katie Cowell

New movies and for $7 for two movies.. it can't be beat

Shelia Neal

Great fun an not a lot of drive inns left. Good for family , can get snacks to take or good food in stand. Not real happy with bathrooms when first movie stops there is a long line. Tune to radio so sound is good. Night time movies sometimes hard to make out picture. Very good deal an two movies so enjoy. Get there early for best spots

Gregory Allison

Like a step back in time.

Suzanne Coole

nice place will be back for another movie

Carla Brown

I've been here multiple times...this time was the worse... We couldn't hear the whole first movie which was Aladin I went to tell a guy with a flash light and his exact words was "what do you want me to do?? Some of them work and some don't that's why we have a radio station" I in return said we can't hear the radio while we are sitting outside of the car....So his answer was too run our battery dead or use a ton of gas running the car when we pay to come there to watch a movie.... Why is speakers not working even a problem?? I probably will never go back in sure I can find another drive in that head working speakers

Amanda Yohn

Set up at the flea market for the first time today, I am very disappointed to find out that there isn't enough parking for the customers coming to buy the stuff we all took time to set up! A complete waste of time and money!

Melissa Brooks

Movies under the stars, awsome

Terri Scott

One of my favorite places

Sebastian Morales

The atmosphere is really fun and it’s a great choice for when you want to try something new with the family

Teresa Urban Malcuit

I would have given a 5 because they are the only drive-in left, anywhere close to where I live. But I was upset that the volume for screen 1 really drowned out the volume for screen 2. We had to blast our volume in the car to hear. Great service in the snack shop, good creamed chicken sandwiches, and bathrooms are pretty clean. Will definitely be coming again and again!!!

Josie Gerber

I've been going here since I was a kid & I finally got to take my kids. The look on their faces when they realized how big the screen was, was priceless! Great time!

Dustin Paulson

You can't beat a good drive-in experience, and Lynn's delivers just that.

Derek Adams

Been going here for a long time. Love it. Kid had a blast

Amy Wade

I love lynn you can bring your own food an its way cheaper than the movies!

Corbin Lanker

Great selection of movies. Great atmosphere. Kind staff. Great old time experience. Love it.

Bobby Fanclub

Went recently and was turned away at the gate , they wanted CASH ONLY but all i had was credit cards and a debt card , attendant said they could take the card at the concession stand but not at the entrance....but there is an ATM down the road. We ended up eating our take out across the street then going to massillon to watch a movie.

Tyler Dutton

Great night out with the family


They have a great flea market on Sundays between the hours of 7am to 2pm. It's a great time for families and lots of vendors to see and buy from.

Ryan McNutt

Always a great time. Awesome movie selection, great staff, family friendly and awesome prices! Always look forward to summers at Lynn

Katia Suter

Always loved it there! Will always love it!

Brenna M

This is one of my favorite places to go! It's not too expensive, especially since you get to see two movies. It's a fun place to go see movies with family or friends. The concessions aren't that expensive either. All around it's a great place

Samantha Culver

Loved this place! Staff were friendly.

Diann Becker

Atmosphere is family friendly and it is just a nice place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. You can bring your own snacks or go to the concession stand for treats. Sit in your car or relax under the stars to watch the movie , the sound comes through the car's radio. Come and enjoy movie night . See you there.....

Melinda M James

We visit their flea market most Sundays. Lots of vendors ready to deal.


Great affordable evening out with the fam.

julia grinder chapman

Great place to be comfortable and watch a good movie with the family!

Mackenzie Dayton

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING my family goes all the time and we love it it's a good place for kids. It's honestly better than a regular movie theater you get the same new movies for cheaper.

Rick Harper

Not too little not too big

John Hundley

Great place for the family and love the Flea market on Sundays.

Bill Page

Great way to see a movie owners are the best love the place great way to make family memories

Barb Whalen

Great place for family


A great place to watch a movie outside. Go early so the kids can play. A full concession stand or take snacks with you. Free bug spray available. You just can't find places like this anymore it's truly a part if history you can relive.

Shannon Isles

Great place for family and friends

Robert Reed

This is the best drive-in I've ever been to...double features... good prices (even at the snack bar)... family-like staff...easy access...they still have some of the old style speakers or you can use the car radio (I used a phone with a Bluetooth speaker)... excellent

daniel myers

Great for family nights out for a cheap price! Concession is reasonable too. The speakers to hear the movie are original.. So old, some work and some don't, best to bring your own battery operated radio Bathrooms are super tiny too.

Ronny Balvin

Great place to sit with family and friends and ticket prices and concessions are cheap.

Angel Rae

Love it. ONLY thing missing is swings for kids up front, like the old drive ins. Great prices.

loh batttle

Family friendly, affordable & a great experience everytime!

Jessica Nicole

Love this place! Perfect date night or family night.

Taleigha Gray

I love it here! There ppl are do nice .. So tonight my boyfriend left me and my phone died so I couldnt call my mom but I went up to the snack bar and asked if they had a phone they didn't but one of the girls that ways work let me use her phone to call my mom! They offered me popcorn candy anything i wanted they was so nice! So shout out to the blonde and burnet hair girls that was working at the snack bar!

Regina Rolland

Great haven't been to a drive in since my children were young it was an experience to take grandchildren so much has changed It was better than movie theater

Brittany Kemp

There aren't enough words. I LOVE THE DRIVE INN! 2 MOVIES FOR 7 DOLLARS! YES! I brought boyfriend for his first visit we will be back this summer with the kids. The concession stand is cheap and had good selection. WE WILL BE BACK!

B e x i s

Absolutely awesome! I go whenever I can! So much cheaper than a regular movie theater and SO much more fun than one! Their concession stand is very cheap too! Large popcorns only $5 and it’s one of those huge buckets!

Debra Bush

Nice place good food. Friendly staff and helpful.

Nik Popa

Always a great time under the stars!

Stephanie Young

So nice to have the good ol day experience. Has two screens for double feature. Also the concession had good selction.

Brandon Twaddle

Hadn't been here in a while but took my kids and we had so much fun forgot how great the Lynn drive-in theater is. And don't forget it's super cheap as well.

James Clark

Very nice time and great atmosphere

Jason Stryker

Watch the movie Shazam and it was excellent

Evelyn Lynn

This is a great place to take your whole family or just the two of you for a daye night out!!! The staff is very polite and helpful. Concession stand has good snack food and you can bring in food from outside too. Plus u get 2 movie's for the price of one! I can't say enough about this place. Go try it out for yourself, you will see how why my husband and I love date night there.

Bailey Kinney

I have been going here since I was little and it has never disappointed !

Justin Walencik

I grew up with this places and it's still one of my very favorite summertime spots.

Patti R Harvin

Great Family togetherness and Fun!!!


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