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REVIEWS OF Hi-Road Drive In IN Ohio

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We had a great time. It had been a long time since we had went. Like years and years, lol. I give them five cause, wow. There are only 400 drive-in theaters and this one is in driving distance. We had taken food and had to purchase a food ticket which is totally understandable. The reality is that's how they stay open. The manager or person who helped us enter was apologetic about having to charge the fee. But I understand. I worked at a movie theater when I was young. I know that they really pay for those movies. So FACT... research it for yourself. Instead of complaining you should be informed. Or wait are you that person that the whole world owes you? If so, what I say won't matter. I, in no way, know anyone who works there or even owns the place. But I appreciate what they're trying to do. Keep alive apart of our history. BTW After seeing their clip about how many are left, wow. We went and bought food. Wow what a blessing, best tenderloin I've ever had! The service was amazing in the snack bar, the owners or whomever we talked with were so nice!

Traci Hotelling

Staff not nice charge extra if you want to watch one screen then want to switch to other screen for second movie (double charge), hard to watch screen 2 due to highway/road traffic

Steve Mckensey

Cheap, 2 movies for $8 each person..

Lord Draco

Well it is official. This driven in is closed for good, the long fence is gone and the ticket booth has been torn down. This place has been falling apart for years and should have been condemned a LONG time ago. The play ground is dangerous for children to play on, the bathrooms always stink, they just let it rot away.

Dwayne Shuey

Place was crowded can’t see the screen very well. And the movie was suppose to start at 9:30. Its now 9:50 and hasn’t started yet. Doubt I will come back. Better to go to the theater instead

bill Smith

Awesome place good food

Karl Stahl

Love this place ❤️

David Ramsey

This is a nice little Drive in with two screens. Each screen shows two movies for about $8 a person. Decent selection of food at the snack bar including made to order pizzas.

Bradley Grove

Great place to watch a show.

Kelly Nicholl

Always a great time with the family

Anna Williams

I always have had a good time there

Todd Kinikin

Very nice setting and no alcohol

Angie Garner

Was the 1st time I had ever been to a drive in movie and I loved it!

Mason Shaffer

I love Hi-Road it's a great place to bring the family. It's got two screens showing two movies each, great food options, and a playground for kids.

Laura Crabtree

Drive-ins are hard to come by and it's convenient this one is so close to me. I went with a group of people and we were treated like criminals for using the electricity for a short period. Yes, we should have asked. But we apologized over and over and offered to pay for using it to blow up an air mattress. It wasn't enough. The owner threatened to kick us out over the issue. With 12 of us there paying for tickets and concessions, we brought in probably $150 that night to them. Yet he was rude and said horrible things to our group. I've never been treated so poorly as a PAYING customer. When I go into a coffee shop and make a purchase, I get to use their facilities and utilities while there. I can plug in my computer or phone to charge and can use their bathroom. This is because when I make a purchase, I'm part of the reason they can pay for those utilities. It's logical and makes for a good business. To be told we were thieves for "stealing electricity" as a PAYING customer is ridiculous. To be told we were "being disrespectful" when we kept apologizing and offered to pay more for using the electricity makes no sense. The owner ruined our entire night by putting everyone on edge about potentially being kicked out. I will never be a paying customer there again. It's too bad because I enjoy drive-ins and this place does show good movies. I love supporting local businesses and desperately want them to succeed. However, there comes a point when management is so poor that perhaps the business going under is for the best.


it's too bad there isn't more drive-ins around

Lois Lowew

2 good movies ,The Nun and The Slender Man. It was such a beautiful night out and being able to sit in your lawn chairs eating popcorn and watching the movies. It was just so nice to be able to do that and they were good movies to if you like spooky movies. So make sure you have good batteries in your cars cuz that's how you can hear the sound for the movie is in your car stereo.❤

Jamie Law

Owner is extremely rude.he came up to our car shined a flashlight in our eyes and saw my husband eating popcorn and asked if we had a food permit.he said we were asked at the gate which we were not and didn't know anything about since it was our first visit.he said we needed to march to the payment booth and pay $10 for one.decent theater but being treated like that over something we knew nothing about i will definitely not be back.i'll go to and recommend field of dreams in tiffin instead

Matt pappert

Few drive ins left great place

Amanda Scott

Never a bad time

Beth Zink

Have not been to a drive in movie theater in a long time and was not disappointed. Enjoyed both movies & sitting outside to watch them was a plus!!

David S.

Fun place to visit. FM transmitter needs more power but otherwise good theater.

Scott Hunsicker

Food to high

Bill Terriaco

Nothing special, preview adds went on and on. Popcorn was stale owner argued was fresh, may be fresh popped nasty popcorn. Bring your own.

Rhonda Holbrook

Nice drive in!

Sid Snow

Been coming here 18 years & always enjoy the movies under the stars. 1st movie we watched here my son was 2 & he loved it, Jurassic Park. The crew has become like family to my family. I now live an hour away & still make the trip minimum once a month. Thank you high road family.

David Smith

Kinda anal about outside food, charge $5 to bring your own food, plus they got a guy wandering around to make sure you don't cheat

Timothy Fox

Awesome place to take the family to watch movies under the stars. Good food, good prices, great experience.


Great Food, reasonable prices. Friendly Staff

Danielle Clark

Kegan Hubbard

Me and my family love going to this drive in. The people who work there are so friendly and the food is great! I can't wait to go next weekend. We live in Marion but it's definitely worth the drive.

diamond X

This is a great place to relax and watch a good movie also the people are so nice and we love the food see you all soon

Morgan Brey

Great movies, awesome atmosphere, n great concessions. The price for a carload to see the movie was cheap too. 9verall great expierence.

David Miranda

Always a great experience!

Brittany Roy

Literally the best date night with the hubby with or without our daughter. Such a deal and great place to visit. Would choose drive in over theater


I really enjoy going here with my family. The prices are fair the food is fairly priced and the video quality isn't horrible. Why you can clearly see the lines on the screen the overall appearance is nice and very clear along with the audio. However they do not maintain the lot itself so is extremely rough and uneven the parking is ridiculous to the point where nobody really knows where to park. However as one of the few remaining drive in movie theaters I have to say this is a quality theater ran by good people

Josh morris

Wasnt a very nice place,bathrooms stunk like mildew/sewage and THEY CHARGE EXTRA MONEY IF YOU BRING ANY FOOD/SNACKS OR DRINKS IN,

jesse ratleff

Super trooper who walks around with his little gay flashlight need to just chill and get a life.

Tawney Burnside

I love going here to watch all the latest movies that come out in the privacy of our own vehicle. The food is great the staff is wonderful and polite.

Steve Slobodzian

Good times. END GAME ruled!

Chris Tulloss

Cool place but they dont have real drive in style screens. The screens are like highway billboards

Quentin Strader

Great place to go. Prices are getting a little high but I understand why. Can bring your own food for a small fee. Has two screens and I haven't seen a day when they don't show four movies (two a piece per screen) a night. If you drive a VAN or SUV and you want to use the hatch to sit and watch. You will be asked to lower and tie down you're hatch door so you don't block the screen for the people behind you. Also they show the movie everyone wants too see first. Note: Bring jumper cables or a jumper pack if you forget to bring a portable stereo. You will need it. They also show movies in the rain so no washing out.

Conte Construction & Design

Take the kids ! Experience the 50s ! Still cheap too !

Joel Henline

Plumbing in restrooms needs replaced. Fountain drinks taste terrible due to well water. They should switch to bottles. 30 minutes of commercials before the previews even start.

Paul W

This message is to people like Laura Crabtree and others like her .. My family has been going to this drive in for over 15 years and I am glad the owner does not put up with people like you. NOBODY goes to McDonald's or Walmart or any other store and does that kind of stuff. You were blocking the restrooms, causing potential trip hazards, if your plugged into the outlet then you have other potential problems like getting an electrical shock or blowing a breaker. Just because you and your group spent a few $$$ you seem to think you have the right to do what every you want? GROW UP .. I am happy the owner gave you a talking to .. this "ME ME ME" mentality you kids have has got to stop. Our family has been and will continue to go to the drive in because it is one of the BEST and we are lucky to have it.

Drew Scheiderer

Nice place to catch a double feature

William Ruby

Great experience that every one should have at least once, nothing like a double feature under the stars on a nice summer night.

Cody Dicus

Really nice people great movies open 7 days a week for most of the year. One of the last standing drive in theatres and they are worth every penny.

tyler Hartman

Great time for the family and good food

Cynthia Eakin

Can not wait to go again this year! Always a great family time!!!

Leah Faith

I've been here about 3 times and always had a great experience. Last night, unfortunately, was not the case. Came to the drive in last night with a group of friends( 12 total) and paid $8 a ticket plus purchased food from the concessions. Noticing there was an outlet there, I grabbed our air mattress and plugged it in. After I was done using the outlet and getting ready to head back to our vehicle, the owner comes out. He asks us if we are going to pay for the electricity that we used. We respectfully apologized and explained that we would make it right and pay him for what we used. The owner continued to call us disrespectful and thiefs for stealing from his business. There was nothing we could say or pay him to make him happy. We tried to talk and reason with him, but continued to argue and yell at an already apologetic crowd. We were threatened to be kicked out of the facility if he heard one snarky comment. The experience was not enjoyable in the least. The saddest thing about this situation is that we were the majority of his crowd for the evening and were treated with no respect over using about $0.10 of electricity. In retrospect, we should've asked to borrow his electricity. On the other hand, no owner should ever treat their paying customers the way we were treated. I firmly believe that he was threatened by a group of young adults and was prophiling us as punk kids. I love drive in movies but I refuse to contribute any financial profits to this poorly managed business.

joey friley

Good parking

Bob Lawrence

Fun place to take the family

Larry Nibert

Just love the place

Sarah Howard

This is a great place to go for a couple's night, family night, or just a night to do something together with friends. Been going since I was a kid and will continue to go as long as they are still showing movies. Love this place and I hope they are open for a long time to come.

April Huffman

Love going here with my kiddo and his friends!

Taylor Daniel

Very reasonable prices.

Ken M

Love this cozy drive in, They have 2 screens that both play 2 different movies! Yes you get to see 2 movies for the price of 1! Children and adults of ALL ages will love the trip to the Drive In.

Nachoking2003 0

Love watching movies with family here

Jordan McKinney

Extremely rude owner. Sad to see a place with so much history and potential be demeaned by such poor management.

Susan Kaye

Was once affordable, decent enough food/snacks. Was once good family night. Not anymore. Overpriced and dirty. Popcorn stale. Food over or undercooked. Not impressed.

jacob bear

This was the first drive in movie theater I'd ever been to and know I know its best drive in and almost the only one around. You get too see 2 movies for the price of one and is worth every penny. The movie combos are always great too. Please don't bring in beverages from the outside, that's how they make there money. Make sure to stop by. I'd give 6 stars if I could

Veronica Beekman

Very good,love it. It's my favorite place to go to watch movies!!

Sherry Manns

Great place to take the family!

Melissa Bashaw

Honestly I don't see myself going back I had to walk inside to the concession stand to find a employee so they could open the gates and the quality on the screens weren't the greatest

Lori Root

Picture quality is poor. Very high prices.

Danae Burnside

Patty Weber

Loved the big screen and loved 2 movies for the price of one.

Zack Helman

The incredibles showtime was at 9 30. The previews started at 9:50, and the movie just now started at 10:34. Don't advertise 9:30 if you don't plan on starting the movie until an hour later

Hank Chamberlain

Great place to bring your family

Jeff Morgan

Excellent place to go

Aaron Desmond

Had to sit through an hour of Ad's. Movie should have started at 9:30 it's now 10:20. Screen quality isn't the best, cant really read any of the words...but I didn't bring my glasses. They definitely are pushing that concession stand, have heard 5 comments about it. Management wants you to know that there use to be 4000+ drive-ins across America all but 400 have closed, I think they have closed because it's hot and the words don't line up with their mouths.

Clark Cayot

Great time! Concessions stand has plenty of good food and snacks for a good price! Great date night with the wife!

Dr. Science

Great old fashion drive in movie. No complaints

Tracy B

Oh the nostalgia of yesteryear! This place brings back memories for those of us who lived as kids in the 70s and 80s, but with the technology of today. No more hanging a squawking speaker on your window so the mosquitoes or cold/hot air comes into the car. You listen to the movie on your radio and can turn it up as loud as you would like. The admission price is super cheap and the food they serve is great! Highly recommend for a date night or a family night out!

Paula Frew

There are two screens and a large variety at the concession stand.

Jeff Mull

We came on a Saturday night as a storm was rolling in. About 30 mins into the first feature a lighting strike hit very close by and knocked out the power. Many people began to leave and we stayed to see if power would be back on. Policy states they do NOT give out rainchecks, but after a short period of time, management came around in the pouring rain to hand out rainchecks that are good for 4 months. An experience that could have went the other way turned out to be a fantastic time with the kids playing a game together in the back of the van. We will definitely come back!! Raincheck or not!!

Keley Jones

Went to see movie solo last night the show was so dark you could not see the movie ended up leaving 25 min in

Nevin Hilliard

It's always great to see the stars under the stars in the big screen

Kiran Vemuri

Amazing place to watch a movie

Amanda Kuhn

Dan Brown

One of my favorite drive ins! Try the pizza or hot dogs.

Robert Anderson

My first job was here as a projectionist. Way back in 1973 - 1974. Wow have the movies have changed!

Jacob schutz

It took 10 minutes for a burger..


Fun drive in to take family. However the screen was low and a shed blocked part of it.

Patience Woodruff

Amazing place to go and work! I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the Drive-In family for 3 years now! Highly encourage everyone to bring their family out and enjoy a movie under the stars!

Nancy Severance Smoron

Cute little drive in

Zach King

Absolutely love the experience . Great staff and clear picture

Amanda Wilson

Ryan W

Jasmine Soto

This place is the best

Shawn Swartz

Great place to watch movies and enjoy the night with your family the food is good as well the huge tenderloin is worth it just to go

judy plotner

I took my two young kids here to watch a movie and we parked back with the trucks and vans where we was supposed to park and a suv came and parked in front of us in the spot where cars are supposed to park and we ask the worker to have them move and he began screaming at me and my two kids because he was under staffed and didn't want to leave the office! He literally grabed my arm and called me a bi***h in front of my kids! We called the police and they gave us are money back and we left! So I will never go back there!!! I was literally scared that he was going to hit me!!! My son was so afraid he was crying and terrified when we left!!! I asked for the owners name and he said he was the owner!!! I am mortified that he would treat his customers this way!!! Needless to say I will be contacting my attorney!! I would advise anyone with kids to not go there! My son said he wont ever go to a drive-in again! It's pathetic and this bussiness is atrocious!! Never again!!!

Randall Bates

The drive in has a posted rule that hatch back, SUV, and mini van rear doors must be tied down to vehicle level; however, the rule is not enforced. So there are a dozen cars with the rear doors raised and blocking the screen. So you end up watching the movie but only seeing two thirds of the screen. Your only option is to chance causing a scene or starting a fight by asking someone to follow the rules. We won't be back.

Lois Lowe

It was great being able to be outside eating popcorn, sitting in my lounge chair watching a movie Under the Stars. The manager and his staff were very nice and they had a variety of things to eat. It was very clean and the restrooms were too:)

Samantha McClaskey

Went there for the first time and the movie we paid for they couldn't play it.

Nightmare the demon king

It was nice! We have a great time! Service was awesome! Thanks!

Will Jay

Always enjoy the drive in... support them, buy their food too!!

Tina Daugherty

Excellent olddtime derive-in with always 2 feature movies. Great food too!! Just bring your car or truck.

Kathy Biery

Owner is super helpful. The engineers who created my car decided my lights never needed to turn off. He attempted to help me remedy the problem. So kind and helpful!

Wade Sutton

2 movies for $8 per adult and $5 for kids 2 to 11.

Stephanie Rudasill

I love that we have this gem in our small town. We take the kids here all the time during the season. Please never close.

nate fillinger

Love it great place great history

Jeremy Reger

Great facility and family environment! They do use peanut oil for everything fried including the popcorn.

P. R. Banner

Great drive in. Always a double feature

Jerry Hunsicker

Good deal

Anthony Pichacz

The food was bad.. people kept flashing their lights. And people keep throwing trash window. Like how trashy can you be. Also the movie was blurry. It wasn't the worst, but it best for sure.

Eric Murray

Ever since I was young I loved going to a drive in. Our grandkids are getting a taste of what it was like when we were kids.

doug buswell

Nice time

Teresa Hughes

Its nice to be able to take our family on a night out in an outdoor adventure. These are almost all a thing of our past. Love it!

Brian McClure

Fun family atmosphere.

Todd Noeth

Great experience! Please buy concession to help keep this theater running! It is reasonably priced all around!

Jeremy Plotner

This is a pretty nice drive in. The pizza is good and so is most of the food. Just wish this place would stone or pave where the cars are parked. There is stone just not enough. But all in all it's a good place.

R. Swizzle

Glad they still exist! Memories!

Jason Houk

Brings back awesome childhood memories!

Tim Kline


Rob Cramer

Edward McGill

I've been there 4 times all transformer movie's i enjoyed the experience and staff were great planning on going again soon... Just remember to bring insect repellent if you're sitting outside of your vehicle

Ash Willinger

It is so wonderful to have a drive-in around! This is one of the places that I will miss most now that I have moved out the area.

Sandy Carmean

I love going out to the Hi-Road Drive In with my husband they are amazing and friendly people

Susan Pepple

Very fun outdoor movie!! Super food too!

Samantha Cornish

Wayne Geissinger

A tad outdated, but still a great drive-in!

AJ Prosser

So glad there's still drive ins around. Decent screens & movie choices. Pretty good concession stand.

Nick s

Great prices for food and to get in.

Jennifer Johnson


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