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1247 Grandview Ave, Grandview Heights, OH 43212

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REVIEWS OF Grandview Theater and Drafthouse IN Ohio

Robert Thomas

By far the best bar in all of Columbus. Great drinks and wonderful bartenders.

Chelsea Newman

We went once for the beer tasting and movie event and had a really great time!! I like that they do the m&m's in the popcorn. Got 3 stars however because the movies have all been directed towards children. I feel like we can only go when there is a beer tasting, which is only once a month.

Alan Thompson

Reese’s Pieces and Popcorn! We love it here! Great place to watch a show. The theatre is clean and cozy a perfect alternative to those larger cinemas. The staff is friendly and there are a lot of drink options, beers on tap and great food from Granddad’s. Don’t knock the M&M’s and popcorn and Reese’s Pieces until you try it!

christina swafford

We love the retro feeling of the bar. The food is great and the service is even better. Lots and lots of great beer choices and the drinks are great as well.

Tod Bowen

I love these throwback movie theaters that embrace their community and the idea of being a fun place to hang out - and then offer a very good beer selection and a cool old school family friendly vibe that really make it an enjoyable place to watch a movie or to just go hang out with friends.

Vic Noël

Always a good time, good beer and good food to be had here.

Aspen Ridge

Grandview Movie theatre and Studio 35 in Clintonville are the only movie theaters I will go to. Extremely clean and comfortable seats, nice updated atmosphere and great staff.

Kim D

Love this place!! Its a great place to go to for movies and events.

Megan Virginie Stephenson

A really cute and intimate theater. Everyone is nice and the experience is fun.

Jamie Diamond

Great theater with tables for for and drink along with a huge beer selection.

Chad Harris

Incredible theater! It's been on my list to check out and I'm disappointed that I didn't go sooner! Great place, great vibe. Loved it!

Luciano South

Great place

Matt Morrisson

Great beer selection! The movie theater was nice too. We will definitely be going back soon!

Morgen Lewis

Really great art house theater that has amazing beer selection the best movie theater popcorn and every seat in the house is spacious and comfortable. Bring your next date here!

Wayne Ellyson

Really nice place to have a beer. Local music most Saturday afternoons. Wonderful open space in nice days with the floor to ceiling windows open. Great staff. I have watched one movie here and the theater is nice and comfortable as well.

Andrej Ababovic

Great beer selection! People that work there are also awesome.

Elliott Fisher

Support local! ..What more can youbask for? Well kept, always super clean, everyone super friendly, and an ammmmazing beer selection! Go and enjoy!


Its a small theatre but they are very hospitable. Kat is so patient and a real people person. Ive never had a bad experience here.

Robert Mesler

Great drinks, fun movie!

Kalisha Cartharn

Amazing atmosphere ♡

Karyn Wilson

Great theatre with great beer selection!

Gnarly Neal

Nice place. Good food. Beer prices seemed high, however they had an amazing selection. The popcorn bar is really cool. Nice bathrooms. the staff is friendly. Overall this place is really cool. I love to see small niche businesses like this doing it absolutely the right way. Parking sucks, that's not the theaters fault, just be prepared to search for a space.

Brandon Schroeder

Great tap list. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Sarah Snyder

Locally run theater. Lots of tables and comfortable seats. Good beer selection

Tom Marlow

Great people and great venue for a brew and view!

Samuel Harvey

Nice place to have a drink with your mom for mom and son time and catch the latest Marvel movie.

Mariah Carpenter

Root beer on tap! Order pizza to eat while you watch your movie! Great staff.

Stacie Nagirnyak

Awesome selection of beers on draft and you can get Grandad's pizza delivered here.

Luis E Lasanta

The best place to view a jockey game.

Tom Sappington

Fantastic little theatre that is a pub! Grab a beer or cocktail at the bar. Loved it!

Nate Brodoway

Always a good time at the Grandview Theatre. Super friendly staff, amazing beer selection, the ability to order pizza to the theatre is killer! get the popcorn with m&Ms in it, trust me.

Orion Thomas

Great place to relax, watch a movie, and taste a few local brews (or root beer on tap).

Matt Papai

First time here. Great prices and service. I will be coming here for every movie I can.

Jeff O'Neal

Great beer list, a fun environment, decent food from Grandad's and quality staff made this a great night.

Lou Tag

Loved it, great atmosphere, good movie (lol). Would definitely go back.

Mohab Abas

Very nice chill spot to watch a movie or to simply grab a drink! Staff is always friendly.

Grzegorz Lecki

Nice feel and experience but the picture quality is atrocious. I have not seen picture so bad since early 80s. Screen is so dark you can hardly see any details. The screen is also out of focus so you sit there wondering if you suddenly need glasses. Perhaps it is just very old projector, not set correctly, lamps adjusted too low, I dont know.

Ron Kibbe

Always a great time. Mary Poppins, a beverage and popcorn with M & MS what's not to like.

Lauren Snyder

Coolest theater ever! Ticket prices and concessions are actually affordable. Will definitely be back.

Allison Beecher

I hardly ever go out to movies these days because people are so disruptive and everyone has their phones out. But my experience at the Grandview Theater was absolutely wonderful! The back half of the theater has tables, so anyone who wants to eat can sit in the back, and the front half has normal chairs. Everyone was super respectful during the movie, and the venue is also a bar, so before/after the movie you can hang out and enjoy a few drinks. Please note that you can also bring your drinks into the movie with you too. It was such a fun experience and I can't wait to go see another movie!

Olev Viro

Great atmosphere wonderful combination of food drink and cinema. Theater seating is great!

Hans Buchner

This place is 100% pure gas. Great staff, excellent beer selection, comfortable seats and awesome tables. See a movie here!

Scott Basinger

Solid beer selection for a bar - let alone a movie theater! Came in a couple times recently for the Blue jackets playoff game screenings and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The staff was very friendly and it was a great place to watch the game with 100 of my closest friends. I would certainly recommend checking them out. Their food for the theater includes normal theater fair - but also includes delivery from Grandad's pizza.

Patricia Grier

The staff there makes you feel at home. And especially people with special needs. My guys want to go back again. And I'm going back to see HALLOWEEN.

John Sisinger

Walking to a movie and a beer...what's not to like?. Definitely a neighborhood feel. So much more enjoyable than the 20 screen megaplexes and all the parking hassles.

Philip Keefer

Cozy theater and creative bar (e.g. for Black Panther they created a mini menu of mixed drinks thematic to the characters). Most seats have a table so you can dine on a full pizza ordered through Grandad's while you watch a blockbuster premiere for a ticket price cheaper than the big theater chains.

Jamey Fauque

I love having a local theater in Grandview and the new ownership has elevated this to a local hangout. Great for a movie or just hanging out for a craft beer.

Kevin Heiberger

Cool 1 screen theatre with slick wood tables for the back 4 rows or so. Lots of different beer (I think 39 craft beers on tap?) Chill area that opens to the outside sidewalk on nice days as well.

D.M. Lamb

Nice place. Took them forever to realize I needed help though. #an overlooked paying customer... Atleast they tried to make up

Molly Sacamano

Great gathering place. Makes moviegoing the cool and enticing outing it once was.

Korey Carr

Awesome environment whether or not you’re planning to see a movie. Beer list is great- they had a lot of Jackie O’s available from a recent beer tasting they did for LEGO Movie 2. Definitely a place that makes Grandview stand out.

Marsh Williams

Fun local hangout. While I've not seen a movie there it's very close to our office, so on select afternoons, we wind up working from there and having a beer or two in the process. For a small local place, they have a good selections of craft taps, and also carry some of the best regionally produced ciders.

Peter Kamhout

Great beer selection and the movie facilities are excellent. The bar staff is very friendly and music selection is quite good also

Brad Lamantia

Solid mom and pop movie theater that puts candy in the popcorn!!!

Jeremiah Johnson

Love this place! Awesome tap list - huge, wide variety, and solid quality. Love catching movies here and especially love the beer tasting events! Do it if you get the chance. Overall, good experience for enjoying a movie.

Joel Stephens

We have rented the theater for private events multiple times and the staff has always been great. It's a great place for events. Just make sure you order food in advance since it takes a bit for delivery if you try right before the show.

Patricia Bishop-Smith

An old Drexel location. There is a bar in front where you purchase your tickets. Good beer selection. Did is ordered from a place offsite so speed and quality isn't a reflection of the theater. The theater was clean and has beautiful tables. Has two theaters so selection is limited. Parking is on the street, so during times when other shops are open, be prepared for a walk.

Joe Chiles

An amazing tap list and friendly staff. You won't get the IMAX experience here but the neighborhood feel of the place is enough to make up for it. One of my favorite places in Grandview.

Michael B

Always a great experience, both at the bar and in the theater. These guys are passionate about what they do!

Cody Houser

Just an incredibly comfortable place for multiple things. Good bar, great seating in the theater itself, good selection of treats, and an awesome aesthetic. I would definitely recommend this as one of the best theaters I've been to, and it's a solid bar as well.

Stephen Smith

The tickets and concessions are very well priced. The staff is also friendly. Probably my favorite theater in the Columbus area.

Brian Schultz

Great beer selection. Lots of seats with tables. Fun events 12/10 would recommend

Raheem F

Great place to drink and watch movies! Good first impression.

Rex Dickey

The location is great, the people are better and the drafts, the drafts are unreal

Pittsburgh Dave

Comfortable seats, friendly staff. Nice place to entertain your family

David Reing

Great place for a drink and a movie. The seats are comfortable and offer plenty of space and room for food/drinks

Katie Seese

Affordable and fun

Jinit Haria

Went for the Fantastics Beast viewing and cocktail. Great event, great event. Had a blast laughing to all the pre-movie activities and the cocktail we're delicious too. Plus all the giveaways and the raffle tickets were a nice add on too. :-) I will certainly be back for more of these cocktail/viewing gatherings

Eric Rine

Great place for the Jackets watch party! Great selection of drafts and good food from Grandpa's pizza!

Sar Joe

Fab seating, great food and beer on a tap

Jack Holstein

A fun cozy place to eat great food.

ADOHI Body Art

Comfortable seating, new upholstery but old school theater style (yet slightly recline). Some rows have tables which is very handy. Root beer on tap and we were the only ones in the entire theater. Looked great, sounded great, staff was incredibly nice and welcoming. Price was less than expected.

Bob Roehm

Simply Living is a community organization that celebrates and connects people to learning opportunities that promote community sustainability, environmental awareness, and our local economy through educational outreach and partnerships within our community. About 1 1/2 years ago [1-28-2018], Simply Living had hosted a screening of "Minimalism: A Film about the Important Things" at the Grandview Theater and Drafthouse. Because of the title of this film, I had been expecting that perhaps we would see one single frame of this film and then the film would stop and then the film theater lights would turn back on. Actually, the film had lasted for one hour and 18 minutes and had been very informative. The film theater itself, plus the lobby outside of that theater [where several nonprofit organizations had set up tables], had provided an ideal location for this event.

Andrew Rizkallah

Great local theater/bar. One screen, seats have tables on which to place drinks and food. Great draft beer selection although craft pours are more expensive than I'd prefer

Christy Wells

We always enjoy visiting this theater! Comfy seats, great popcorn and draft beer are various and plenty!

Matthew Noufer

Great intimate bar in Grandview that actually has chacter! Bring a date and have a great experience! Seriously!

Michelle Harden

Their free movie summer theater is absolutely fantastic for the kids I nanny. Not busy at all at least for the 10 am shows. Clean and the staff is great.

Keith Carlson

You can come here, have a beer, eat dinner, watch a movie on the big screen all at once... What's not to love about that! Some seats have a table in front of them so eating and drinking feels quite natural. Overall, I recommend going here and will be back as soon as I can.

Robert Porter

The butter beers were good. Place was fun and comfortable and clean. The guy behind the counter was hilarious.

Amina Girl

I went to see end game over there and the theater was so nice

PandE McKenna

My favorite local theater. Even though the screen might not be as big as the brand name theaters, where else can you go to see a movie with 40 beers on tap and swell bartenders to guide you through them. Grandad's Pizza with the movie is a huge plus.

Benjamin Claymier

I love this place, movies, beer, wonderful ambiance. The selection is so stellar I'd come here just to drink.

Jamie Hinch

My sister and I visited just before Christmas to see Crimes of Grindelwald. We loved the cozy, old-school atmosphere - and the movie themed cocktail menu! The theater itself was very clean and comfortable. Some of the seating midway up the rows has tables in front to allow guests to eat their food (Granddad's Pizza delivers here) and place their drinks. The staff were very pleasant and friendly, asking if it was our first time and explaining the layout to us when we responded that it was. Great, cute little place. We'll be back!

Nash Cale

We love this teather. We went for first time before the renovation a few years ago. Now wirh the drafthouse is much better!!!. They have different kind of events. The seats are super comfortable, diversity of beers, you have to try the wings are the best I've ever tried, and the popcorn with m&m's and butter must delicious. We go very often and we have recommended that place with other friends too. The people is really nice an exception one guy y hay la rude, I think his name is Andy. Regardless if you want to spend a good time, watch new movies, drink beer or just spend good time, this is the best option!


I only had a drink at the bar. Great selection of brews. Cozy.

Bruce Taylor

Great place nice people

Craig Laughlin

The new renovations look fantastic. We've also come in for the kids movies and the experience has been great.

matthew stanziano

Beautiful bar with great selection and numerous taps. The theatre is awesome!!!!

Theresa Clark

One of my favorite places to see a movie and drink some booze. Also, offers candy for your popcorn. Get it. Go to a beer tasting. See am old movie back on the big screen. Great place.

Breana Higgins

Such an amazing staff and a great place to hang. I had an event here and the staff was very friendly, helpful, and accommodating! Just such a great experience and a pretty cool theatre/hangout spot.

Karen Hines

Love this independent theater!

running beard

Terrific staff, great neighborhood spot. It's not corporate, it's not fancy, it's not a pick-up bar. It's friendly, it's welcoming, it's fun.

Paul D

They have an exemplary beer menu, good food, excellent staff, and a clean theater. It is easily my favorite cinema in Columbus.

J Gep

Cool revamp of this theater. Along with the usual theater food, there is an extended bar offering tasty beers and mixed drinks for your movie viewing. There are tons of quirky theme nights, special events, and beer tastings. This spot and Studio 35 breathe lots of innovation and fun into the theater experience and give reason to watch movies outside of your home entertainment system. Highly recommend!


This was my first time at this theater and I loved it all..its very quaint and all the employees are super friendly.

Loud Guy

Convenient and the staff are very nice.

jeremy roberts

Best place to offer beer, and movies. Granddad's pizza delivers right to you, and you can get MandM's in your popcorn. The movie beer tastings are a riot!

Ed Chang

Love Grandview Theatre and Studio 35.. Popcorn with M&Ms are a must. Ice Cream Sandwiches are amazing.


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