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REVIEWS OF Gateway Film Center IN Ohio

Ross Wylie

Awesome boutique theater that plays vintage and indie lots of craft beers to choose from. Best theater in Ohio.

Berkay Kaplan

Pretty nice place and the prices were reasonable. The chairs were fairly clean, and the staff was helpful. Would recommend this place!

Tammy Sturgell

Had such a great time..

Shelly McMahon

Love this place! They show old school and new films.


The best movie theater close to Ohio State University. They even offer student deals that allow students to watch movies for cheap.

Jessica Rodriguez

This theater is fantastic. They have all of the movies that you may not find anywhere else, and things that otherwise you may never see in Columbus at all! Some theaters have limited seating with super comfortable chairs, the larger theaters are well laid-out and also comfortable! They also have a great selection of beer and cocktails, and good food.

Trevor Brown

Sorry to give only 1 star, but cell phone use during movies is a real problem here. Every showing I've attended, I've needed to ask someone to put away their phone during the middle of the movie. People thst do this are too either too self absorbed or just plain inconsiderate. GFC absolutely needs to take a hard line to address this issue as it discourages people like me from supporting GFC. I continue to dream a Alamo Drafthouse will open in Columbus.

Tori Galloway

Can't beat the monthly membership for unlimited movies. I appreciate all of the small indie movies that come here that wouldn't be on my radar at all otherwise. Food is good quality/price for a theater. Very friendly staff.

James Bonds

Relly enjoyed going to gateway. Definitely plan on going back again someday soon.

Citrus 9001

Well, its a really popular place so its a bit crowded but that adds to the appeal- well taken care of and clean- they show anime there and im a total weeb so i love it.

Rocco Greco

Clean. Friendly staff. Films are outstanding. Admission, Bar and food all reasonable. Ample parking.

Jason Casillas

An independent theater and art house which brings indie films, art shows, and the like right alongside box office blockbusters. Plus snacks and craft beer on draft. Great location and validation for parking garage. An excellent establishment bringing culture and entertainment to Columbus.

Gavin King

Do not let this awesome little place fly under your radar while in Columbus. Beautiful theater. I've been known to drive 3 hours from home just to hit one of their amazing screenings on 35mm/70mm film. More theaters need to support this and I couldn't be happier that the Gateway is an advocate for it.

Travis Tuttle

Very clean, reasonably priced, do wish you could lean back a bit more in your chairs.

Debra Gallagher

Great place to watch recent releases as well as classics/cult films!

Pod 6

My favorite Theater. Classic films. New films. Even grind house and horror classics. A non profit theater. Show some support and invest in film.

Cole Rodman

My absolute favorite movie theater in Columbus. They show an excellent mix of art house and mainstream movies. There are also lots of rescreenings of older movies of all sorts of genres if that is something that you are interested in. They also offer great discounts for students and a great selection of beer that you can bring with you into the showing.

Shawnda Edwards

Took my g baby to see toy story 4 she loved it and Actually sat through 1 hour and forty mins of it, shes only 4!!

Tebby Thomas

Good multiplex. Probably have 5-6 screens. Comfortable seating, good screens, and they play some of the smaller releases too

Gregory McBride

Awesome place to see independence and mainstream movies

Emily Castle

Screening and talk back of a wonderfully quirky film. We're lucky to have such a gem in Columbus.

Tyler Happeny

A fantastic movie theater with a nice bar that has a great selection of drinks. Friendly staff and is very clean compared to other movie theatres.

Ralph Martins

Super location, and the seating is great. I do wish they'd clean up between films, though; there was popcorn wedged between many of the seat cushions.

David Baker

Not the most comfortable theater seating in the city, but I love Gateway for their commitment to bringing indie films to Columbus. Those smaller movies that the likes of Cinemark and AMC wouldn't dream of showing can always be found here, and that's way more valuable than reclining seats.... although an upgrade in that area would make this a 6 star experience.

Chrissy Marsey

It was a great experience. We had affordable snack and drink with our movie in comfortable seating.

Saul Bleaeck

Nonprofit stellar theater! Great amenities: comfy theater seating, state-of-the-art sound, a monthly art gallery, the toredo room lounge, draft beers, popcorn etc... Also featuring retro films and independent stuff. Convenient parking and central location alongside Ohio State's south campus area.


On tuesdays the tickets cost just 5 dollars and the popcorn is free (unfortunately I don't like salty popcorn :P). The employees are nice, the movie rooms are confortable. I have just good feelings about this cinema.

Rural Royalty

This is of course one of the staples in Columbus, Ohio in my opinion. Independent film is something I'm very passionate about and I love what this place does for that community. Some elements are quite outdated, however, and that is sort of to be expected.

Clone Trooper

Absolutely fantastic theater! Always playing current and past movies. They play a lot of indie films too. Great prices and a great theater.

LJ lee

I love this theater. They play popular movies, and movies you can't find anywhere else. They also have a great beer and wine selection

Adam Rayne

Love the variety offered here. Art house films, indies, cult classics, mainstream. You name it and they probably have it. Also I love the art gallery and the themed drinks. ^_^

Adam Wetterhan

I am so glad this place exists in our city. Really interesting selection and fair prices

Michael Joseph Matthew Moscato

I went to see Avengers End Game, ordered a hot dog 20 minutes before the start time and was told to wait to the side with someone else who had already been waiting. After 20 minutes I started getting antsy and asked the person in front of me what they ordered and they said four pretzels, two cheese curds, and some other things but that made the wait make sense, sure. Except fifteen minutes later someone came out and gave the guy in front of me two pretzels thinking that was all, it was all he had though and when he found out I and other people behind me were also waiting for hot dogs he said they were going to be a while longer. I was already fifteen minutes late and had waited to the side for thirty-five minutes for just a hot dog. He offered to give me a buzzer for when the hot dog would be ready but I was not leaving in the middle of the movie to get a hot dog.

Matt Carter

Gateway is a great theater that brings all types of films from just about every genre. They also have a good craft beer selection and free parking in the adjacent garage. Just bring your ticket to the desk for validation.

Kelly Maysey

Employees seem friendly enough but not very forthcoming/helpful. Great to see an older film(1985) remastered on the big screen but wwwaaaaaaayyyyy over priced and didn't offer kids prices for thefilm we saw.


Great theater, great staff, clean rooms and bathrooms. Managment if you're reading please give them much props.


Great place to watch movie and eat and drink!

Ronald Searcy

Update to address the comments by the theater: I do see where it says party at 10:00am and movie at 10:30. We’ve been there many times and I can say there has never been one party. Nothing. As for starting at 10:45, there was weather but no patrons coming in late. Nothing but an audience full of upset parents with children waiting and waiting. 1 job. Update: The cartoons don’t start at 10:00am as advertised, they start at 10:30. It’s now 10:45 and we are still waiting. YOU HAVE 1 JOB!!! Original post: I like the fact this is non profit. Non profit doesn’t have to mean non service. 20 minutes for a milkshake and an extra 5 for a sundae? The kitchen needs work.

David Foster

Great place for a wide variety of movies.

Karl Boettcher

Best movie theater in town hands down. They care about cinema and the cinema experience

David Clifton

Family-friendly movies twice a day during the summer. Free admission with your library card for the "From Book To Film" series. Clean venue; reasonable concession prices.

Todd Starker

Best place in town to watch a movie.

Travis Boswell

My favorite theater in town. Always has good special events with rare and classic films.

Curtis Hinton Jr.

I always go there to see the latest movies and I always get a veterans discount because I'm a retired U.S. Army Sgt. First Class. I also enjoy the food before or after the movies at restaurants in the area...such a great experience!!!!

Eric Beale

Great place to go on a date! Awesome movie choices and never too busy! Love the atmosphere

Chelsea Nelsen

It's really cute, fun, and local. The seats are older but comfy so who cares! Great place

Tim Shannon

Wonderful place to see a movie..

Christian Goodrich

The gateway film center is a great asset to the community. While hosting a plethora of special events through the year it's a great place to view films and discuss the medium. Boasting eight theatres varying in size from a massive auditorium down to an intimate 21 seat room, there are screens for every kind of picture. Being independent it's a theatre that can bring in more varied films than a standard chain. Showtimes are very reasonable with great matinee prices. Whenever a new film is coming out, gateway is my go to for a quality cinematic experience.

Chelsea Ritchey

The gateway film center is awesome and shows a wide variety of films including cult classics, indies and foreign films. Their concession prices are reasonable and they have a good beer selection. They have a restaurant off the lobby too called the Torpedo Room.

Michael Wolfe

They always do the big premieres. Endgame was great, and they usually give you a commemorative badge when you go on opening night. Nice seats.

arvind natarajan

The tickets were cheap. It was just $5. The screens were too small and seats were not so comfortable. But the theater had good food (snacks rather).

Sara Fullenkamp

This is a great place to watch movies and host private speaking events ❤

Lane Palmer

This movie theater is one of the best movie theaters I've been to in my lifetime. I used to drive an hour one way just to see a movie here instead of the theater in my hometown. They show films you couldn't normally see at a bigger chain like AMC. The staff is great, and they sell beer. Enough said.

Jay_ Jo

Fantastic cinema with all kinds of movies. Parking is offered with a validation so no issues with that. Honestly a great time at the movies.


Really affordable & local productions are shown frequently. Super cool place

David Garner

My in theater movie experience was great. Midway through the movie, I wanted my one refill on my large popcorn. I forgot my bag upon leaving the theater & assumed the girl would just remember me who sold me my first bag. She did remember selling me a large popcorn, but asked her manager if it would be alright to get me a fresh bag. He said absolutely not, I have to have my refillable bag present. I couldn’t help but laugh as I once again asked the girl who sold me the large popcorn bag, if she had done just that. She again reiterated that she sold me a refillable popcorn bag but her manager would absolutely not allow it. I could understand not trusting the general public, but you need to start trusting your employees, manager guy. This will produce happier clientele in the future.

Richard Wagener

First time to catch a film there, even though I had a little bit to do with the original construction. Caught the Oscar nominated animation shorts there tonight. Nice intimate theatres.

Melissa Rodriguez

I love the coziness of this theater, their broad movie selection, and their concession options, as well as the fact that students can get discounts.

Jael Dennis

Great experience, cheap prices but the theater does not reflect that at all. It feels like walking into an art gallery or high end bar.

Kristin Hayes

Variety of films for people who like a variety of different genres of film

Lindsay Lee

Gateway is our mecca. It plays the best film selection, especially for those that like indies and documentaries. The food and beverage choices are spot on and very affordable compared to standard theatres. However, our favorite part are the regular programs for children, like the Hoot Series or the Summer film series. It's a great way to introduce children to the arts in an educational way for free or at a low cost.

Richard Hess

Gateway film center is a great place to catch a new or classic movie. They have a full bar and some tasty food options. They have a strong commitment to sharing beloved movies with the people of Columbus and host a lot of interesting events. After enough visits my wife and I just got a membership and now go on the regular.

Cindy Higginson

What an incredible gem the Gateway Film Center is. My husband and I were in Columbus for a few days and wanted to see a movie. The Gateway was showing Jaws and Fright Night along with some new releases. We opted for the two classics and saw …

Ricky S

This is a great place. Several restaurants to dine at. Indoor and outdoor seating. The atmosphere is great as it encourages people to come out and be social. And, in the times now actual social interaction is what people need more of. The cinema is pretty good as well. Snacks are cheaper than most theaters, and the seating is very comfortable, and roomy.

Spencer Quattlebaum

Great staff and location. Theaters are clean and they have a great variety of movies.

iulia poe

I love this place!

Steven Thomas

The only theatre I go to that has a great value and friendly staff

Jonathan Brecht

Get the membership! Such a good investment. Come here a lot for new movies and even more for old movies.

Irina Harper

Great selection of movies with a healthy mix of new movies and classics. Love the events too! And seasons of themed movies.

Sally Van Eycke

Neat. Free tampons in the ladies room but no paper towels. Glad to find out they have free parking on football game days for patrons. But it was nearly impossible to get a spot in the garage. So, I wish they reserved spots for patrons only.

Anthony Castle

Love this place for showing some limited release films. And the seating is so comfy.

Jill Tuttle

The best movie theater in town.

K. Sullivan

I love that they have popular and independent cinema together in the same place. Mostly regular theater seats, but I've heard they have a small set of premium recliners. Pretty reasonable on the food too.

Anna Casper

Loved it the seats are to-die-for screen nice and big not too loud I would go there again I would recommend that place to anybody

Cathy Hatten

Great theater! Fully recommend. Actually reasonably priced and a nice staff

amanda mason

Love the place! Tickets are always cheap the artwork on the walls give the theater a real personal touch. Dont forget to bring your ticket from the parking garage to save on p parking!!

Jonathan Walton

AMAZING local movie theater. Great discounts for students, comfortable seating (one of the theaters has big leather recliners!), and a wide selection of movies from the current hits to more obscure films. Apparently it's also one of the few theaters in Ohio that has the capability to show movies from film. Would definitely recommend!

yvonne reed

Nice and inexpensive. Need to upgrade the chairs. They were torn.

Jonathon Ferry

Gateway is a great theater, especially for students. The entrance is unique, and the whole place is recently updated. Tickets are very cheap for students, and the movie selection is good, especially for off times. New seats make the watching experience very comfortable. The screens are average theater projectors, and the audio is nothing special, but there is no better spot to watch movies on campus.


Seats could be better... I'm spoiled and used to recliners. Overall, it's a nice theatre.

Janetta Davis

They just a very important Ohio grown film series. Awesome.

David Li

I love how cheap the tickets are when student can get 3 dollar tickets from union ticket office at the beginning of each week. Gateway shows the most diverse international art and even anime films. I spent crazy amount of enjoyable time here. Wish they had more than salty popcorn. I even had class here.

Peter Moon

A great independent theater that shows first run blockbusters. Bar onsite has a good local selection as well.

siftus tillman

Gateway is one of my favorite places in the world, especially in Columbus. So classy the programming of modern crowd pleasers, underground unseen films, and a backbone of legendary classics (often on film, actual film. Yes with the frames and the strips on a reel. 35mm. Sometimes 70mm even.) Recently reinstated my Gateway membership and its sick. $30 unlimited movies and popcorn. Been to five films in a week to binge. In the past I've left a perfect film just to turn around and see it again. Parking is only $2 in the garage but dont forget to get it validated yo.

Adam Thomas

I drive all the way from Louisville to see the movie, "Climax". Upon arrival, I was told it was no longer sorting and there was nothing they could do but other rainchecks or gift cards, which do me no good. I received no advance notice, no email, no warning that the showing was cancelled and I've wasted an entire day now thinking I was going up get to see a movie I'd made special plans to come out of my way to see. This is beyond ridiculous and if you plan on coming to this theatre, you'd better think twice when purchasing tickets here. Update: the manager on duty bent over backwards to help me out. Anna is a doll and deserves some recognition.

Roomie R

I had a nice time here until this weekend. When I couldn't see a movie cause I had a backpack, I understood the reason I even gave them OK to look in it but they didn't feel comfortable. So this will be the last time I go there

Madds quinn

Not very expensive

Daniel Chester

It's and theater with multiple screens friendly people and they run oldies and first runs and sometimes freebies based on certain themes

Apparittia Matthews

They offer parking validation!! Anyway a really cool theatre great atmosphere and great showings and a great location near food and bars!

Terrance Collins Jr

I genuinely love The Gateway Film Center! The people, the history, and the food are amazing! I especially love the special events and exclusive events they offer.

Luke Knapke

This place is great. They put up unique films as well as mainstream. Great student discount. You can get two 5$ tickets from the union is you are an OSU student which is awesome. Also have a student discount down to $7.50 if you don't have as ticket from the union. They don't have massive theatres but the theatres are cozy with decent chairs.

Gerald Walker

Saved in the City. Red carpet event was excellent!

jordan wagner

Love me some films

Kent Halloran

Great time. Good variety of shows, from popular movies to art house and foreign features.


We love this place. We go for indie films and hoot.

Turtle Power

Wow. This place is amazing.

Narmer Fernando Galeano Vanegas

Cheap tickets, good service

julie mcclaskey

Better than expected

Larrs 22

For the price, it is actually very nice. A huge plus is that, if you park in the garage beside the theater, you can pay for parking at the counter when you get a movie ticket for MUCH cheaper than if you paid at the garage exit normally. I only spent $8.00 total for parking and my ticket together.

Ason Intrigue

Um, are these new seats a joke!? I've never experienced such uncomfortable in a movie theater ever!

Jaylen Stokes

This place holds a special spot in my heart for all the random premiers and special events they have had over the years. Pay attention to their schedule there is always something nice going on here.

Mathew Marrash

Gateway is a treasure that more Ohioans need to visit! They bring in a healthy mix of popular new titles, independent cinema, international, and special events like IMAX projected from 70mm FILM. Pricing is fair and the entire space is kept nice and clean. Worth each and every visit, bring your friends and family here.

JOCH 666

Great place to watch movies

Kristin Howard

Chairs were fairly comfortable. They even had $2.00 parking. The restrooms were for the most part clean however several were without any toilet paper. Staff were friendly. Would definitely recommend and will definitely return!

Pamela Cass

Like the location and the movies. DON'T like the lack of knowledge about special events nor the useless website. Calling, computer search their website, all staffed by unaware people. Trying to plan ahead, especially when there's an announced series? Don't bother. "Accidentally" hung up on? Once, maybe. 2x? Too much, and they still don't know what's going on. And weekends are the worse.

James Roberts

A wonderful independent movie theater near Ohio State University. They always have a fantastic selection of films, as well as a restaurant, and some great deals on popcorn ,snacks ,etcetera. My absolute first choice of places to see a movie in Columbus

Aaron Johnson

Best theatre in the 614. Also take the stairs. Yeah I'm looking at you.

pam miller howard

One of the most unique and interesting theaters in the Midwest.with an equally unique and interesting lineup of unusual films. Classics, modern, edgy, vintage, new--- all in one place. The friendly staff are all cinephiles and make getting refreshments fun.

Jeromy Laux

My fiancé’ and I decided to take a date night for the first time in a while and see a movie at Gateway. We arrived at 10:42pm and our movie was scheduled at 10:20pm. We usually go to movies around 15 minutes after to skip the previews. We …

Andrew Ryan Minnick

Very comfortable/affordable place to see a movie!


My favorite movie theater in Columbus. They offer a great selection of new movies as well as feature older movies throughout the year. Their Horror 101 always shows a great selection of movies that you can no longer see in other theaters. I also love the local beer selection available that I can enjoy during the movie. Love this place.

Austin Stone

We love that they will play movies that don't get shown often or older films that we haven't seen on the big screen before.

Frank Schirtzinger

Great place to experience a movie with a couple drinks. Comfy seats. Bar food is exceptional.

Jennie Hough

Awful experience! This place looked really nice from the outside and in the lobby. But the theater itself was very dirty and super packed. It felt like everyone was on top of each other. We actually got up and left before the movie started. Never going there again!

Victoria Carrico

I drove from Toledo just for this. They're awesome

Matthew Mitchell

While I generally avoid the Ohio State University campus area at all costs, GFC is gives me a reason to travel into that otherwise very avoidable region of the city. Easy access from most parts of town, I-71 right to their parking garage then a few quick steps to their front door. The neighboring bar, Ugly Tuna, has closed, meaning that the lobby no longer smells of stale booze and disillusioned college students. Huge improvement. Most importantly the variety of films screened here is second to none. They play seemingly everything from new releases to classics, shorts to foreign, anime to you name it, popular to obscure. In addition the staff has an excellent attitude and appear to enjoy themselves. The food is good and the bar is exceptional. Each theater is unique and there are even a few “secret” passageways. This place is stands out even amongst the handful of other high quality independent theaters in Columbus. If you live anywhere near the city’s core this place deserves your business no matter your preference in movies.

Christopher Onyett

This amazing theatre shows movies old and new. Some are only shown in L.A., NYC, and Gateway Columbus. They also show 3-d films. Often they will show classic films in various film formats which is impossible to find anywhere. This is the best and most diverse theatre I've ever heard of. Oh, and it's also NON-PROFIT!!

Josh Simpson

Was a nice theater, affordably priced, comfy chairs.

Sean Wolfe

Great locally owned non profit theater. Parking in the garage is cheap as long as you remember to bring your ticket and pay/validate at the box office. Bar food is a little over priced but all in all not too bad.

Kimberly Jordan Dabney

Snacks are way cheaper than other movie theaters. Free refills, too!

Rick Watson

The place to go for events and anime films, the 5 dollar ticket price and wonderful staff make it a pleasure to have in and for the community. I love this place.

Gracen Bailey

This is a really nice theatre with good food as well.

Naomi Hage

Great bar! Comfy seats! We attended a premier for an independent film and enjoyed the film as much as the venue.

Ty Bradley

Clean, good sound, and polite staff. What more can you ask for?

Megan Morelock

Great movie theatre with an excellent selection of films, good parking, and a nice concession stand. The seats are also incredible!! And affordable.

Tara Wilson

Gateway is just a phenomenal place. The staff are friendly, movies and food are fairly priced and the theater is nice

Bobby Jones

Where else are you going to find films that are no longer shown in theaters. This is your One-Stop shop for independent and out of theater viewings. Not to mention you can rent out a whole theater and have a private screening for a reasonable price. You can become a member for about 20 bucks a month as an individual and go see unlimited movies and get free popcorn and discounts at their bar. If other movie theaters were smart they would copy the business model that gateway has it seems to be working for them and I hope that they always succeed. Tuesdays are also $5 movie day for everything.

aquateen 28

great spot. cheap. easy to get to. friendly staff.


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