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REVIEWS OF Danbarry Cinemas IN Ohio

Dale Williams

Always a good experience. Clean facilities and nice staff.

Charity Beekman

The bathroom always has clogged toilets and sinks. There is a high turnover of staff. You can count on the ice machine to be out of service more than it is working and the popcorn is not warm for day time showings. I have been there for an early matinee and been served the previous nights leftover popcorn but was I given a discounts for my discount popcorn, NO!!! There was a time when our movie was skipping and at one point it just stopped and someone from the theater had to get assistance because the is no theater monitors. The manager wouldn't start it over or back it up to the point of the incident because they were on a time schedule. We lost about 20 minutes of the movie. Then he got irritated because we asked for our money back. He ended up giving us rainchecks for another movie and put so many restrictions on it that it was impossible to use. Danbury of Chillicothe is a horrible establishment that takes advantage of its customers.

Emma Heise

Everythime i go there which i plan to go many more! This is because the are nice and think about people,as well as the movies and flexablilty they can have! Thx Danbarry! ❤

Tyler Bolen

Not a fan. Would rather go to Grove City or even Wilmington

Mark Fouch

How can a movie be on website at 3:45 and when arrive told new time is 5:00!?! HOW WOULD ANYBODY KNOW THIS....

Ali Pillar

The seats are uncomfortable, everything needs updated, there are several theaters with blown speakers so I completely missed out on entire chunks of my movie, and you can always hear the movie in the showing next to you during yours. The last ten times I’ve been there I swore it would be the last time I go there but I get roped back in because it’s the only close theater.

lee Hoy

Fine old movie theater!

Blake Edwards

Every time I go I am just disappointed. Horribly outdated. The sound and music is always awful and sometimes completely non existent. I will never go here again.

Mike Smith

Best movie theater in Chillicothe Ohio!

Cortney Palmer

Sorry of a small place, but nice staff and very clean.

Sierra Rodriguez

We enjoy going here, aside from there being a long period of time where they couldnt accept debit cards due to their machine being down. The staff are friendly, the popcorn is fresh, and the prices are typical of any theater. The last time we visited, we had the entire theater to ourselves around 2 in the afternoon on a weekday. They apparently fixed the card machines, so we were happy about that! Overall great visit.

matt chaney

Dansberry is a good movie theatre and has great seating and the movies are always good quality with great sound. Popcorn and snacks are good just a little expensive but that's at every movie

Tim Parrish

Not crowded and has everything you want to enjoy a night out at the movies

Michael Whiting

Very slow service associates work like they dont care

Kenny Holbrook

The staff was great and friendly... but the prices were higher than most chain theaters.

Allen King

Great atmosphere. Food a bit pricey but if you live in the area I guess your used to it.

Ian Chen

Small, older theater, but theaters and seats are still comfortable!

Kay Ransdell

Great Movies Always.

Andrew W

Saw endgame, service was as fast as they could go. Amazing service

lavonne adams

See The Long Shot for good laughs @

Natalie Harper

My daughter enjoys going to movies here with myself and my mother my mother mostly. They should consider a sensory-friendly day for people who are sound-sensitive because they play their movies way too loud.

JoEllen C

Really dated. Popcorn is dry even when buttered but it's cheap. Its ok

Shane Trevino

Great for a cheap evening out. Everything from the movies to the snacks are far more reasonable than the new release theatres.

Marcie Bishop

Nice. I love watching Captain Marvel today.

Grace Scott

Great place to go with family

Adam Knisley

This us a good theater. Always nice to go early to enjoy a movie

Whiskey Saurr

Great theater. Only complaint is the food prices being so high. But, what theater doesn't price gouge?

Jamie Sturgell

Missed the whole end of the movie due to a commotion behind us, people with their phone flashlights on, arguing, and nothing was done about it.

Pat Holt

Went for the 950 show, i realize it was last show of the night but would have been nice if popcorn was a little warm, ecen tge extra butter was cold.

Deanna Bannana

I love the kids movies free in the morning on certian days.

Elizabeth Onderko

WOW that's all I can say! I'm so upset with my experience. the theater room was dirty and breaking down. There was seats without arm rests Which is extremely careless on your end. Thirdly you guys just let who ever do whatever in there dont you. There kids sitting in front of us smoking marijuana. We let staff know and nothing was done about it. If that was my staff yall would need to start looking for new jobs. I hope someone in management sees this and does something about it. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had really wanted to see this movie I would have walked out next time I’ll be taking My business elsewhere.

Jordan Fornash

Nice movie theater if you have to go in town. Seating is old fashioned, and it is quite frankly overpriced in comparison to movie theaters a short drive away. They have a nice assortment of snacks, but those as well are overpriced. Picture quality is good, movie selection is also good.

William Tripp

Very clean and relaxing.

Dee Meddock

Danberry- needs to clean there movie theater! The staff is friendly the screen is pretty good.

Ashley Cirotto

My wife and I have been there twice with in the past couple months. First time the debit card Reader was down so we left, and the second time Valentine's day we paid full price, 19 bucks to watch glass in the cold.

Brad Cottrill

Theater was small and you can hear the movie beside it going on.

Stephanie Davis

Went to go see a movie Saturday night Oct. mom bought popcorn that was from the night before and when I went to buy popcorn there wasn't any there fryer was broken. Went to order a hot dog and the buns were still frozen also went to order pretzels and they had to put them in the microwave, overall service was bad that night. Took forever to get my items

big mistakey

Popcorn off the floor tasted kinda old, but the popcorn that I bought was great.

Evelyn McConkey

Noise from other screens bled in to our show. We are paying the same as movies in Columbus (Easton) where real estate costs more as well as real estate taxes. We should have the same comfortable reclining seats, better sound systems, and no carry over from adjacent screens.

Tina Evans

Good prices nice screens

Seth Oberst

Been to two movies here, first experience was pretty standard, second was awful. Both theaters on either side of us could be heard loud and clear the entire time. Will probably make the trip up to Columbus for another movie while I am in Ohio

lea and skyla's cooking show

A lot of movies and great seating

Regina Emerine

Great movie

Nick Pruitt

Can't beat the Groupon deal! Nice local theater

Steven Akers

For being a Small Town Movie Theater they did a great job, great service, drinks, candy well priced, and had good popcorn. Theaters were very clean and staff was friendly. Very helpful getting my friends there tickets when they were meeting me there

Rus Tackett

Nice people good walkin theater

Keri Crowe

good quality picture of movies too high prices on food snack

Catherine Thornburg

Could really use an update. Popcorn always seems stale and lacks flavor.

Tracy Pontious

Food and drinks are ridiculously expensive bring your own but hide it

Anthony Kaltenbach

The cinema needs repairs and needs to be cleaned. The audio was horrible. Only the speakers behind the screen worked. That left voices loud and any music and sound fx simply non-existent. It was a shame because I was watching Bohemian Rhapsody.

Derek Salyers

The problem with this theater is the sound quality . No heart felt sound that you normally would have at other theaters. Only high pitch sound with no bass or surround. UPGRADE YOUR SPEAKERS and your seating. And screen room #7 has a white dot in center top of screen during movie.

Don Carroll

Plenty of parking it's ok for spending a evening

Keith Smith

Not bad. Nothing special, but average. Nice staff, good deals on Groupon make it worth it

Tammy Vance

A little pricey but a very nice place

Melody Robinson

Great seats, elevated floor for better vision.

Lori Peer

I have been there several times, it's always clean, fun and the employees are amazing.

Franchesca Weaver

This place is dirty, sticky, and just plain nasty. A reminder of why I don't usually come here. I'm sitting here now with what seems to be No AC, sweating. Making everything feel gross! Danberry is just a disgusting theater.

ernest reiner

Beautiful theater, awesome seating, just need to update the ticketing system a little

Emily Stone

The movie was great! But the employees weren't very friendly. It had a fun little arcade inside too.

J Wheeler

Good experience today. They had a full staff at the snack bar which was needed when you have the heavy weights and their kids ordering a picnic which takes ten minutes. Place was clean, and friendly staff. Awesome day.

James Bocock

It's a small but decent theater. Sounds bleed over from one theater to another though unfortunately.

Jeremy Knotts

Great customer service at the counter. We went to an early afternoon Secret Life of Pets 2 matinee and were the only ones in the theater for that movie.

Roxy Widdig

" Yesterday" great movie

gabrielle helmick

Its great because its the only theater in town or anywhere within 30 minutes.

Ron Smith

Very nice theater. But for this movie we were the only two there to watch it. Theatre, will go back. Movie. Oh well. 5 stars for the theatre, 0 for the movie.

Brad c

Over priced food, uncomfortable seats, outdated, and more. I hope your ready for some dissatisfaction. I would rather drive to Columbus.

Malisa Houser

Show times do not match what is advertised on line. Was here for a 3:45 showing, only to be told there was none.

Toby cuddy

We could barely hear the movie because the .oviedo next door was so loud!

Debbie Robinson

First time being there and it was a nice place.. Like the way the seating was, not to many seats but enough..It was pretty clean too.

Robert Baemel

Very pricey for a small screen, do yourself a favor and go to amc in grove city. Much nicer theater for half the price

silverwolf 1520

Good but bathrooms are messed up sounds good but to good the other movies muffle on your movie.

Zack Fox

There is not much options when it comes to theaters around here but it's a pretty decent movie theater for there being limited options but if you want the best quality I would say it's worth it to drive to somewhere in Columbus but if your just wanting to see something with the family I would recommend this place

Christopher Knapp

Half the speakers didn't work in the theater. We stated to staff they said they would take care of it but never fixed it. After the movie we reported it again and management/ staff said its not their department and rolled their eyes. Paid full price.. Will and never return!!

Trevor Bailey

I came into the movie expecting to see The Grinch, but they told me all they had left were tickets for the Possession of Hannah Grace. I didn't know what that meant as I have lived in a Buddhist household my entire life. I went and saw the movie and discovered that some basic white girl got possessed by some demon, but she didn't really act any differently than the two blonde snobs in the front: basic and plain. 1/5.

Brian Phillips

Screens are on the small side, but the employees are nice.

Aaron Bair

It’s amazing the staff is nice the prices are low the sound is great it’s always clean

Cary Nungester

Rude staff. Paid for 2 large drinks and 2 large popcorns got small

Crystal Leach

Went there tonight with my nephew to see a movie, the woman at the counter asked for ID’s which was fine, then refused to let us in with him because he was 15 although we’ve been to this theatre multiple times with him. She started being rude so we walked outside, decided to see another movie since that was the purpose of going since we live out of town. Went in to get our seats and the man who checked our tickets was also rude after I asked him when they changed the policy on minors not being allowed to go in with adults. His response was “I don’t make the rules.” Got popcorn and a drink, popcorn tasted soggy and stale, coke was watered down. Overall poor experience. One star is way to courteous for tonight.


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