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REVIEWS OF Cinemark River Valley Mall and XD IN Ohio

Hollie Saunders

Love the people who work there. They are very personable and helpful.

Chris H

Really nice theater, reclining seats are very comfortable, theater was also clean.

Clayton Giovanni M.

Some kiosks are ok. Seats and area is very clean. Friendly people. Wish they went full reserved seats.

Brent Hurst

Beautiful theatre. Awesome movies!

Jimmi Woltz

Its comfortable. Good theaters. You just have to accept that concession prices are outrageous. Eat before your movie and you'll be fine.

Matthew Smith

Great place to watch a movie.. Then you cant beat 5 dollar tuesdays for a movie.


Great movie theater! Always clean too!!!

Tabitha Frasure

Love going there on date night


Not enough parking, particularly handicapped.

Jonathan Van Linge

Theater is really nice. Pick your seat option is awesome. Concession prices are high though.

Nova Ray

The theater has a small eating area and sells mainly popcorn, sodas and candies. They have 3d movies and all viewing areas have high quality seating and sound.

Craig Neal

Not a bad theater. Unfortunate to have to pay $4 for a pair of online tickets if you do not belong to their $8 per month club.

Coolcamjie Youtuber

It was awesome!! Nice employees too


Our church has rented out theater twice! Staff is great and easy to work with

Anthony Melucci

Clean and nice atmosphere. Adequate and friendly staff. Comfortable seats with moveable armrests/cupholders. Definitely recommend.

Brandon Schmelzer

Tickets are not that costly ranging from 5-8 dollars depending on the time of day. But I do recommend on eating before you go because the food and snacks are outrageous prices... enjoy your movie

Steven lemaster

Great environment but the prices are high at the snack bar

john groff

Comfortable chairs great concessions service.

John Mowery

Watched Lego movie. Paid $20 for a family of 4. Not bad.

Andrew Benedict

I love this movie theater. The employees are all really nice and have been quick to help me.the couple of times that the outdoor ticket machines have failed. Even during opening weekends the theater isn't too busy so you don't have to deal with a lot of packed showings of a movie. I love that they have a theater where you can reserve your seats. I do wish that they had at least one theater with reclining seats but judging by the amount of people I see going to the theater they may not have the money for an upgrade like that. I lived in Columbus most of my line and used to rotate between three different theaters with my friends but now they all just come here because it is the only theater that is actually clean and taken care of. Plus it has the added bonus of not being packed full of people. I know it probably isn't fair to judge a theater by the people who go there but I'm going to do it anyway. I have seen dozens of movies at this theater since I've moved here and I haven't seen a single one with a talker or adult taking their shoes off, sadly I actually feel the need to make note of that. The concessions are pretty much the same as any other theater, I'm not sure how fresh any of the food is but it tastes as fresh as can be expected at a theater. This is officially the only theater I go to now.

David Sasso

I wish more people would understand that theaters really only make money off of consessions... fantastic place never had an issue here and i spent $20 to get the large popcorn and drink combo for a free one every time i go there this year. Stop being bad customers and enjoy that we have a really nice theater now

Jaice Cooperrider

Very clean and modern cinema, and the ticket for the first showing of every movie each day costs only $5

Lance Shaw

I wish the reserved seating was the reclining. I thought XD would mean reclined seating instead it's just statium seating. I'm a big guy.

Cindy MIlls

It's a nice theater. It doesn't have reclining seats, but I love supporting small venues

Travis Burnett

Me and the wife just left there we had a wonderful time. Also it's a place were you can just take time out for you and your significant others

Clinton Canter

Place dont have nothing but big name stores and a bunch of teens walking around. Almost looked dead and we were there on a Saturday. Dont think we left wth a single thing.

Mary Jacobsen

Really nice theater. I love the $5 Tuesdays.

Jerome Cherry

The people there served me well Under physical issues they were friendly and professional and went out their way to make me comfortable. As a senior citizen and retired Chef i give them3 stars. The movie wasgrest entertainment but the icing on the cake was them bringing my refreshments in due to my handicaps.

Taylor Payton

Staff was nice and it was clean and the seats were comfortable

Marti Dolata

Nice seats, clean theater, excellent experience.

Russ Bowman

Paid $3 extra a ticket for xd sound. Didn't notice much of a difference. They charge the same as those places with the recliners. Think we will just go up to Pickerington next time. It was clean and they showed us a movie, though.

Michael Fitzgibbon

Clean theaters, friendly staff! Can be pricey but you get what you pay for.


Love the cleanliness and how nice the workers are. One of the best theatres to go to!

Shelley Rice

Upside is a much see movie, it's awesome and funny


Best movies! And my favorite place that makes popcorn! It's so good! I recommend going here if you want to see a good movie.

Amber O'Rourke

Loved it! Just wish there was heat! I was froze

Eric Smith

Great place to watch an XD movie and seats slightly recline the seats are good and if you get the rail in front of you I think those are the best seats in the House

Dustin Armstrong

Very clean, very nice, friendly staff. This has been my go-to place for quite some time. The seating is great, and comfortable.

david english

This place is always nice to go to and the chairs inside are super comfy

Ashly Reynolds

Nice theater not over crowded and easy to find even have affordable tickets for those days when you just wanna hang out and not spend too much.

Alex McDonald

Nice new theater with good prices!

Kay Sims

Nice theater. Great s seats. Clean and well maintained. Tons of parking easy access from 33

Matthew Britch

We love the Simply Popcorn


Tickets were decently priced comfortable seats friendly staff

Anthony Rogers

This is the best theater in the area. It's clean, normal movie prices, and comfortable seats. Since this place has been built, this has been my theater of choice. At least once a month if not more, depending on the month. I would rather watch a movie here than drive to picktown. If you live near by, this is worth it. The food is great. I highly recommend the Angus hotdogs, they are delicious. They have a butter dispenser if you want more butter on your popcorn. I would recommend joining their movie club if your an avid movie viewer. As the discount on concession is worth the price, let alone the free ticket a month. But if you don't go that often, then it probably won't be worth the price a month.

Irish Bateman

Great place. Plenty of theaters showing a good variety of films, comfy seats, nice selection of food and drink at the concession area, decent prices for tickets, courteous staff, I just really like this place. Every now and then they'll show older films like To Kill a Mockingbird and other classics. If you're a cinephile like myself then you'll appreciate this place.

Donna Yarbrough

It we clean and the movie was great

The Bumper Guy

Good theater, however the last movie I saw there(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), the sound was way too loud in the XD cinema, especially the opening with "Cindy" being blasted by speakers. Normally this XD theater usually has the sound perfect, but ever since the THX-certification, it has been WAY TOO LOUD.


The XD theater does not function properly and I think management knows it. There was always a clip that showed off the sound system before the movie but it hasn't played for the last 5+ movies we've seen there. We saw an older movie in a regular theater and thought the sound was actually better in there than the XD theater. If it wasnt for the reserved seating we'd be avoiding XD altogether. The place is normally clean and the staff is friendly so thats a plus. Compared to other theaters in central Ohio, though, this theater is pretty barebones on the luxury and offerings.

Melody Gordon

Had a great time! Really enjoyed the movie!

Laurie Kinser

Not bad but they could show a lot less previews! Went to a 1:15 show and the movie didn't start until 1:37

Jeremy Larson

Favorite place to see movies

Lorna Grinstead

Nice place

Anthony Fultz

Love this theater. Always clean and excellent service. Only reason it wasnt so fun this time is because of the douche bags that sat behind my wife and I and wouldn't shut up or kept hitting our seats.

Bradley Lutz

I have been to this theater a few times now and have no complaints. It has everything I expect in today's modern theaters. Good sized screen, good sound quality, comfortable seat with moveable armrests and assigned seating for certain shows. Parking is right next to the theater. Prices are also within the normal range for food and tickets and the quality of the food was normal as well. I would have no concerns coming to see any type of movie, from a blockbuster to a limited run, at this theater.

Kristin Jahn

I have seen a few movies here and I love it!!! The place is well kept and very tidy. I highly recommend this place

Mark Kraft

Much much better than our old local theater. Lots of food and drink choice. Comfortable seats. Good sound and picture on screens.

Matrim Whitaker

Food obviously expensive. Captain Marvel wonderful.

Semper Fi

Great prices, great food, great seats and give military discounts.

Alex Endsley

Better than most cinamarks out there today. Better seats make it more comfortable.

Sarah Kidwell

Nice movie theater to go and spend some time at. Always a fun time with the family.

Kaci Harrison

I love this place. Very comfortable and big. Usually not packed a whole whole lot. The only problem I ever have is it's hit-and-miss with the sound in some movies. It's either way too low or way too loud. The last movie we went to see "Blockers" the sound was so low it was annoying. Food prices are through the roof even with their discount program they have it's still very high so sneaking in snacks is going to be your best bet. Restrooms are nice and clean.

Kathryn Leach

Clean and comfortable. Staff is nice.

spy focus

Great but overpriced theatre

Michael Burns

Excellent theatre! So comfy some of my party slept! Popcorn was great and fresh. Prices for popcorn were ok, pop is ridiculous. Just take your own soda, but the popcorn is worth it!

Emily Franklin

It's really nice in there and it was clean. The food is kind of high in price, but worth it.

Leofwine Klinger

Friendly service. Theatre was clean. Bathrooms were clean. Popcorn was fresh and buttery. Seats are very comfy. Plenty of leg room! My favorite theater in this area.

Kristan Altier

Love this theater! The staff is always friendly. The theater is always clean. Really enjoy going to the movies here!

Horror Morgue

Always a nice place to catch a flick. Clean and friendly.

James Barton

Nice theather. Movie selection is sometimes lacking. Good quality movies often disappear fast while specific movies play for what seems like forever. Live very close and only go a handful of times a year due to lack of interest in what's playing.

Beth Helber

Prices are so high on food, theater itself very nice

Tara Toyloy

Great place to go to relax and enjoy a movie with the hubby . Nice and clean

Shelley Phillips

Great place to watch a movie

Jeremy Kinman

Location is clean and the seats are comfortable. The volume does seem to be uncomfortably loud though.

Bonnie Wright

Great movie theater but felt like the air conditioning was on. Had coat on but still cold.

Joe J

Great theater. Comfy seats. Great sounds.

Jake Wolfe

This is easily the #2 best theatre in the whole central Ohio area! The only arguably-better theatre I know is Pickerington Marcus, and that's not by much. They've each got $5 Tuesdays, but Cinemark River Valley is less crowded, and as a result, maybe even cleaner. It's always a good, fun, comfortable experience here, after the remodel, and coming here will never feel like settling for less (like the last time I went to AMC Lennox).

Ronda Ramsey

Always love $5 Tuesday or early bird. Very comfortable seats, concession not reasonable at all.

Shirley Workman

It was very nice people were nice and it was clean and so was the restroom I will give them a 5


I used to love this place had great employees, comfy seats but here lately it’s gone down hill popcorn isn’t fresh half the time have a bunch of kids working there that don’t know anything about good customer service!! And on top of that halfway through my movie I go to pay for way overpriced nachos and mr.dean one of the ignorant people working there said I was checking out one of his employees which I clearly wasn’t maybe looked that dorection 2 or 3 times but they could check camera to see if they wanted who knows must have been his crush seeing how for 10 minutes they stood behind the counter... but the main reason will never go back there is because the guy told me I had to leave after I paid for my ticket and the movie was half over, and I explained man I’m not checking that girl out or making remarks it’s a free country so he made me leave over that silliness so I recommend Marcus cinema in pick town or anywhere but cinemark movie theatre leaving this bad review and letting every person know what happened to me and how I was treated.....

Bo Deirfield

It's clean and the service is usually fast and friendly

Mark W

Very clean with a courteous staff. Nice theater and stadium leather seating. I found the seats to be uncomfortable. Maybe I’m just picky.

ank kil

The facility and chairs are very nice. Staff seems to be nice

Kassi's squishy video Rutter

A very nice and affordable theater. Friendly staff!

Cari Callaway

Seems like very old seats for a newer movie theater. Food and candy prices were higher than any other movie theater I've ever been to

Sonya A

I love the seating, very comfortable! I love the XD theater as well, the screen is huge! The movie price isn't too bad but the concessions are a bit too expensive. But you get that it with any movie theater. I still go once a week at least!


Movie started almost 40 min late , seriously not good

Auggy Mills

The boy and I went to a noon movie, while he's on spring break. Theater was clean and well maintained. Concessions were on point hot popcorn & cold drinks.


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