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REVIEWS OF AMC Lennox Town Center 24 IN Ohio

Alle Schwartz

Well, let me just say that while they must have been totally understaffed for the new Avenger's movie, the staff that was there was doing well to keep calm and do what they could. The new Dolby theater was awesome. The lobby was completely destroyed. Nothing was working right, there was popcorn and trash all over everything. I can't imagine how long it took to clean up that disaster. I never went into the ladies, as I had overheard about the sheer horror and didn't want to be scarred for life. It was pretty awful. So much garbage on the concession counter, I had a thought to call in the department of health. Again, the staff that was there was pleasant enough, but completely overwhelmed. Hoping to see a nice clean theater on my next visit.

Haniya Sharif

Charged far too much for quality of movie theater. No reclining chairs, old seats and carpets and just not comparable to other AMCs. This is my least favorite

Todd Gates

Very nice AMC theatre. Modern, with all the amenities including a pub. The film i saw was in a very large theatre without reclining seats. But it was all great. Maybe other rooms have them, don't know. But very nice place.

Amya South

Me and my family were going to watch secret life of pets 2, not only did this movie cost $71 for 6 people and didn't get a discount for the little one but the movie shut down three times in a row with no sound and only got a refund pass and also the food cost $57 and we only got popcorn and candy, this place was also really dirty and we were in the dolby which was the nicest room in there, the only good thing about this was good customer service, in my also opinion they need to get some work done -thank you

David Thomas

This theater houses many options. I just watched Avengers- End Game in 3D but they also had it showing in regular form, or you could see it in 3D IMAX, or REALD 3D & MORE. Love this AMC theater!! If you haven't been here go check it out, its clean & a great place to watch your favorite movie.

Venkataramanan Seshadri

It's ok. Three stars compared to the amc dublin. Clean theater but missing the reclining theater seating of Dublin.

Shawnta Hopkins

I had not been here in years and it does not look like much has changed. The theater my movie was in had very old foul smelling seats and could definitely use some updating! Disappointed in their treatment of Premier Stubs members as well. The least they could do is honor the express line for members as the signs says.


Drink machines out of coke, NO ICE, trash everywhere, cramped rigid seating... and that's what's waiting for you after you walk 1/2 mile from the next shopping center because there's NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH PARKING for the number of theaters they are booking. 1 star is ridiculously generous. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!

Barbara Frederick

The movie was very clean. Watching the movie Aladdin the picture need more clarity and sharpness it was a little cloudy.

Kaitlyn Griffith

Very nice theatre. The seats didn't recliner all the way back like I expected, but it was still a great way to watch a three hour movie. We loved being able to pick our seats when we pre-ordered tickets.

Elizabeth Stillion

Huge theater and it is very nice in side as well.

Lillian Denbo

Awesome theater to go on a second date with someone and watch a really good movie

Mondo Logan

Great place to see movies,never really had a bad experience here..

Micah Mcglone

Gone here ever since I was a kid, may not be the best theater in the world but certainly a great one. The location is great, easy to get to and easy parking. Inside is simple, either buy tickets from one of the machines or from someone at the booths. Easy to find seating inside, as well as finding your way around to the movie you are seeing. Overall a nice place, again nothing amazing but easily gets its job done without hassle.

Dr. Zapata

The cinema is great and conveniently located close to where I live. Prices on the matinee are fair and although the concession is expensive it balances out. The movie theater in general is clean and well maintained. I wish they had some Valentina hot sauce for the popcorn.

Heather Hoffman

Movie was good but seats were old and no head rest. It didn't show that online. If it had I would have definitely picked seats farther back than row d.

Amy Kendall

The theater we saw today's movie in was small. We got there 20 minutes early and the theater was at least 1/3 - 1/2 full. People who came in close to show time had few seats to choose from. One couple left because they didn't want to sit in the front row. Today there was a technical difficulty causing a delay in the start of the movie. About 15 minutes after the scheduled movie time, a theater representative came in to tell us they were working on the problem and he would let us know the the situation as it progressed. 5 minutes later we had a picture without sound and another minute later we had both! I think we were all happy that the technicians got the problem resolved! The theater representative came back to make sure everything was working properly. The rest of the movie went without any problems! I know some theaters have reclining seats; I don't know if this location has any - the theater we were in did not, but the seats wete still comfortable.

Julia Chitison

They are a little sticky and there is popcorn on the floor but that more because of the people. The crowd out weighs the staff like 1 to 10, and it's obvious they care and are always trying to keep up with cleaning after people. They are friendly and very accommodating however. The theaters and comfortable and the seats aren't narrow. I would like if the seats reclined though.

saudia houston

The movie theater is great but the taste of someones hair in our popcorn is a turn off. This is the 3rd time that we have found hair in our popcorn, such a turn off. I feel that the workers should have hairnets or if they have long hair its needs to be tied up. We no longer getting popcorn. YUCK!!!!

Todd French

Understaffed. None of the high tech stuff worked. One line to buy tickets and address customer service issues. Patrons lined out the door onto the sidewalk. Dirty bathrooms.

Marta Goodman

Service at the concessions stand has been improving, but hit a low point this week -- I ordered and paid for coffee, they found the urn was empty, and then they could not even find a coffee filter. They told me to LEAVE the theater, go to a coffee shop, get some coffee, and come back. AMC needs to hire and train some intelligent, polite staff.

W. Judd Strickley

In town for a Tyler The Creator concert for one of my children and girlfriend and caught a movie while they were entertained elsewhere. Great place to catch a movie!

Charlotte Click

I hope this theater is lined up for a refresh. The movie I wanted to see was only in this location today. I had hoped to see a refresh but instead it was a little sad and dingy and broken down.

Urijah Johnson

Absolutely disgusted with this place!!! Paid full price for 2 tickets and had to stand in a crowd of people on June 2nd and missed 20 minutes of the movie!!! The line was not moving at all.

Suzanne Newcomb

We were looking forward to a nice cool movie experience And the airconditioner was broken! I was told that they had been called. I don't know who they called but it was at least 80゚ in the theater the whole time plus not very clean. Sorry but this movie theater has gone downhill.

Dan Willer

Small, non reclining seats, at least in theater 15. Went to see Avengers End Game on opening night. It was extremely busy which is understandable. The kitchen area behind the refreshments counter was disgusting. There was food all over the floor, the people at the counter were tripping over it and cups and trash as they tried to help customers. The self serve beverage centers were a mess as well. Customers are going to be messy. The movies and the food prices are very high. Lennox should be able to put a couple employees on full time cleanup during rush hours to keep the place presentable, but they do not. It was disgusting.

David Foley

The best thing about AMC Lennox is that whenever I go in to screen a grim post-apocolyptic film, I get to feel like I'm living out the action. The seats have a nice sticky sheen of Popcorn residue, trash is piled around like the ruins of a fallen city. That would all be fine if the prices werent so high. But, they are. Save me, Greg Marcus. Build a theatre in columbus so I stop justifying trips to this dump on days I don't want to drive.

David Huddleston

This theater is a little outdated compared to other AMC theaters that I have been to and liked more. The front kiosks where you can pick up your tickets or order your tickets and pay for your tickets we're all broken. The popcorn was not fresh. The seating is very outdated. The smell in the theater is not fresh.

Kimberly Johnson

The staff was decent. Not super friendly, but not rude. A little peeved that only ONE flavor of the TWO sets of Icee machines worked. The theatre I was in had random popcorn on the floor, but I went to watch a movie and eat popcorn, so I accomplished that. I used to love the Lennox location, but there are better theatres to go to, even if I have to travel a bit.

Eddie Mash

This is my favorite Cinema. Food pricing is outrageous, like all theaters . The management is very helpful. The restrooms are clean.

Bayan Al-Hindi

This place is great if you ever have some free time and wanna catch a movie. The seats aren’t the best but the quality of the movie showing and the snacks are great. I come back here again and again.

Bonnie Smith

Good space. Lots of choices. Very expensive! Tickets and food both overpriced

Joseph Cabalquinto

I haven't been to the movie theater in a very long time and it never ceases to amaze me how fab movies are to watch on a really big screen. This time I watched Spide-man into the Spider-Verse, and wow!... just wow! Seeing the amazing animated movie in full stereo with a screen the fills an entire wall just reminds me of the Joy's of going to the movies. A bucket of popcorn and drink, sit back and loose yourself. The theater is clean and the seats are comfortable...what more can you ask for.

Vincent Juodvalkis

Not prepared for the evening. No lids for the drinks. Only a third the normal candy seldom. It off icees. Out of most of the sodas. Of course they don't tell you that until after you buy the drinks. Used to be my favorite theater.

Tody Swetnam

Great theater design, and I like the Coca Cola freestyle machines so at least you get a good deal on drinks. Typically it's very cleanly in here, all around good spot for movies.

Jaleel Asante

This is one of my favorite theaters. I usually have a quick time getting in and out which is valuable to me. The service is always friendly at ticketing as well as concessions. And I do mean friendly as in personable. They treat you like somebody that knows and likes you. It the type of service that keeps me coming back. It's a nice looking theater too and obviously quite popular. This one is made to serve the masses and the vibe and clientele is quite likeable. If you like going to the movies at a popular place, where you'll be treated and probably meet other nice and friendly people moviegoers, then this is a really good spot to hang because it's in a really location. Enjoy!

Dawn Walker

Always clean. Seat comfortable! Not a teen take over!

Latoyia Mayle

For the area that this theatre is locating in, this theatre should be ashamed of itself. 1. The admission is priced higher than grove city AMC by $6-$8. 2. Concession stand area was DIRTY, soda machine area also(floors and counters) with popcorn all over, butter and salt. Place was not busy, ALOT of staff standing around so some of them could have been assigned to cleaning. One of the soda machines was overflowing with water laying in the tray from ice melting. Now entering the theatre area. It smelled like something old and musty. I couldn't make it to the movie time at the AMC in grove city which is closer for me, so I chose this theatre. As I write this while waiting for previews to end before moving starts I feel so dirty. If you are OCD I do not recommend coming here.

Matt Denton

Good movie sound and screen . Whole theater in desperate need of upgrade and thorough cleaning.

Kayla Alvarado

My husband & I really like this theature for the most part, but some of the seats really need changed... The seats in the regular theatures & IMax theatures are not updated. The Dolby Cinema Experience is by far the best option. Great location & plenty of parking spaces too.

Jomika Sherrell

Many things were not working when we came today. The ticket system was down creating a long line at 11:50am. Then the credit card system was down, could only use cash at concession stand. The bathroom had broken soap dispensers, hanging hooks and toilets. Then I saw a bug crawling on my son's seat. I thought it was a bed bug and almost walked out. But it started flying and bed bugs dont fly. Either way, I was disappointed in Lennox. Its not what it use to be. I gave 3 stars because I LOVED the movie we saw...that's it.

Damian Dixon

Very friendly and very clean. No troubles using the app to get my tickets either.

Harry Wozniak

My wife went to the restroom and when she came back she said it was the most disgustingly filthy restroom she has ever been in. The movie was supposed to start at 7:00, but for almost a half hour we were bombarded by ads for other movies, and the ads were so painfully loud we had to put our fingers in our ears. We tried to find a supervisor or manager which turned out to be impossible. On top of that, we couldn't just buy tickets, we had to choose the seats we wanted on a touch screen that we were not supposed to touch which was ridiculous, we always choose where we want to sit after we enter the theater. What a joke, who came up with this idea? The management must be just PFS (Plain F'n Stupid). In short, AMC sucks. We will NEVER go to see a move at the AMC Lennox 24 film center again. Patronize independent venues, like the Gateway Film Center, or the Drexel Theater, but skip any AMC theater.

George Pavlik

Good movie theater, the new Dolby theater has very loud speakers and the chair vibration with it. But the seats don't recline far enough for my liking, so 1 star lost. Easton's seats recline farther even if you can't adjust them separately. When possible I'll probably head to the Easton AMC.

Chelsea Ritchey

The theater is a little old and they still have the old seats that should probably be replaced. However I appreciate that this theater doesn't have the huge recliners that cost more and seat less people per showing. I'm almost always able to get a last minute ticket.

Katie Rogers

All three kiosks out of order. Pleasant experience other than that.


Great theater. See all the big movies here. Definitely worth the paid membership rewards program as it pays for itself after about 3 visits. Prices on Tuesday with the program a spectacular.

Gary Allread

I WILL NOT be going back to this theatre until they eliminate the stupid seat reservation system. We got tickets for a movie about 30 minutes before showtime. It filled to only about 10% capacity, and we were assigned seats almost at the back of the theatre. Ridiculous. There were several of us sitting with about 20 completely empty rows in front of us, and this was in the of the biggest theatres in the place. The movie sound was good at least.

Trent Anthon

Popcorn was TERRIBLE, bagged popcorn tastes like styrofoam. Workers very polite. Now you have to pick your seats prior to sitting, AMC is going to have lots of problems with this. There was only around 20 movie goers watching our movie (US) which by the way SUCKED, but don't believe me, waste your money and time and check it out. The movie theatre how ever, is very nice.

JaVana Randal-Kacar

Way to beat the heat and be entertained in a comfortable,clean environment. I went to a matinee so it was All Good

Satish Kumar

No major complaints about theatre or picture quality. But the theatre seats were not that great for an IMAX. Even the normal ones had the same seats. Due to short intervals between movies, the cleanliness inside the theatre also is a concern. You could see many seats with snack covers and pocorns spread all over.

Mark Lowe

Very nice clean movie theater. Popcorn and drinks are expensive. Movies are as well expensive.

Robert Sytek

Lots of things that didn't work. The first ticket kiosk we tried didn't work. The second kiosk completed the ticket purchase, but had an error printing my tickets. Apparently the desk cannot reprint tickets either. The door pull on the entrance was coming loose. One bathroom was down for maintenance... I'd forgotten why I watch 90% of my movies at home via streaming services now.

james withrow

Good place to catch a movie with the family

Kyra Adkins

It's a awesome venue / building and the theater itself is very nice, but the prices are beyond expensive. My boyfriend bought a little bag of Reese's pieces , one regular drink, and one large drink and it was almost $20. That's absolutely ridiculous lol. The tickets are pricey enough for the movies, but the food / drink is not good quality for the price.

Shannon Foster

Despite system issues with ticket printing great people and very clean

Lisa Morley

This theater is convenient and near a few good eating establishments to grab a bite before a movie. If not for that I wouldn't go here. The place has been in a poor state for several years and continues to decline while all the other AMCs locally have remodeled. Entire foyer entrance looks like an abandoned area. Half the automated ticket machines are broken. They usually only have one or 2 people working at the tiny desk inside selling tickets (yes I have a friend who still can't use the app) so you are stuck waiting most any day. Also stuck in the same line to get your online ticket scanned. Bathrooms are disgusting with broken doors and non working fixtures. Drink/popcorn butter vending area looks like it is never cleaned no matter what time of day/eve I am there. Overall this theater is just behind the times. I guess with the captive audience of the college campus so close they don't see the value in upgrading. Too bad.


Best movie theatre. Go here all the time for like every movie. Lower your prices tho no hat

Melissa Medellin

This place has great movie's to watch @ and relax ?

Anthony McDonald

We were there for a special screening of Captain Marvel. Very organized going in. Food was tasty. Everyone was pleasant and professional...... New hires were being trained, but that did not take away from the service provided to us. After the movie, there was some congestion getting in and out of the special screening area. Leaving for home the parking lot was not a problem or a mad dash for the exits. Over all a pleasant special event birthday experience.

Angela Eason

Had a good time with my grandson. I gave it 3 stars due to not being the cleanest of places. Otherwise had a good experience. We ordered some food, order was correct, hot and tasted good. I like the location. Very accessible, close to highway, restaurants and shopping.

Erik Russell Arts

They put out 3 ticket kiosks, but only one is ever marked as not being out of order, and it only works half the time. This place has been in a steady decline for awhile.

Sydney Smith

One of my favorite theatres for many years. On my last visit there was a power surge that effected all the theatres in the building. The systems were quickly restored and I was able to watch my movie without interruption. Taking advantage of AM cinema is a great way to save money and watch current movies on the big screen

Linda Hull

Extremely slow service. Food area a disaster, not stocked, floor and counters filthy. Plenty of Staff standing and leaning behind counter. Makes AMC look really bad. First and last time to that location. Experience NOT WORTH 48$


Always friendly staff and clean great experince.

Kevin Worley

False advertisement, got Dine in and when we arrived yeah it had upgraded chairs, but no dine in and when we asked about while ordering our food they told us Dine in means you get upgraded chairs and cup holders. That's not what Dine in means. We will never go to another AMC movie theater again.

Paul Knox

Great place to eat and watch movies.

Kevin Gipe

Great location, but needs deep cleaning and some updates. This place has been my go-to, but in real danger of losing my business unless they invest in the facility. The good: Central location, large theaters, never had an issue with service. The bad: The theatre is showing it's age and is rather dirty. Shabby, dirty entrance. Consistent maintenance issues in the restrooms. Urine smell in the hallways of several theaters. This place does too much business to have these issues... please clean up your act. Literally.

Jovan Aoki

The staff was a mix of fantastic and unenthusiastic. Like most modern theaters, the prices were high. Unfortunately we were caught in an event when the audio continued to play during the beginning of the movie while the screen was black, and we had to find a worker to fix the situation. But they fixed the projection quickly, and the movie was fantastic.

Marc Propes

This location doesn't have the amenities some AMC locations are known for, but it makes for a great movie going experience nonetheless. The theaters are clean and roomy. The staff is polite. I'll certainly be back when Cpt. Marvel comes out.

The Nerdos!

Really cool they let Cars and Coffee happen in their parking lot

Christopher Tucker

Just went to this theater and tried to watch "Toy Story 4". As we enter the building there is popcorn on the the lobby between the 2 sets of double doors. There's no food served there. There is no one at the ticket booth and you have to go inside to the Customer Service to buy your tickets. We thought that was odd to start, since it is Saturday night. Once we got our ticket we went to order food. Loading up our soda at the soda station and its absolutely filthy. Wet napkins all over the floor. Puddles of melted butter at the popcorn station. Popcorn all over the floor there too. We went to the IMAX theater early and stood outside for a moment as the marquee read, "Now Cleaning". 5 minutes before the movie starts the couple in front of us go inside and tell us there is no one cleaning. Halfway into the movie we feel bugs crawling on us. Once outside I see an ant on my pants leg. We begin checking each other for any more bugs. We pray it's not bed bugs!! Now that we are back in the hotel we start to read the reviews. Mistake going to this theater.

Collin Charles

They didnt have recliner seats wich wouldve been nice because i had knee surgery so i had to sit uncomfortably and what doesnt make sense is that its in the city where alot of people go to they should have enough money to get btter seats screens and lighting

Suzy Greene

Very nice theater, although the seats do not recline. A bit pricey but real nice

thomas johnson

It good place to see the new movies the prices are reasonable and the food selection is some of the best I've seen

Erica Brewer

I love this theater! So clean and the best staff around for sure! Highly recommend going for the best movie experience!

Aisha Malik

It's time they upgrade the seats. Cool staff though.

Stephen Brown

Glad there is a Barnes and Noble still there

Holly Henderson

This place could really use some reclining chairs.

Fateh Mikaeili

The self ticket machines don’t usually work. Recliners only for the Dolby and 3d version. Also, as an A-list member, I expect a separate line which I do not see whenever I go there.

Stephen Waddles

I've been going here for years and I'm surprised at how dirty it's become. I saw a movie here last night and everything outside of the theater it's self was dirty and messy. The counters were gross, the pop machine area clearly hadn't been cleaned in a long time and there was food splattered in various places. The bathrooms were OK but the trash was overflowing. The hallway going into our theater had overflowing trash cans as well and the guy who "cleaned" the theater right before the movie just walked past like it wasn't there. The same hallway also smelled like old urine so... Not sure what happened there. We had to wipe off all our seats once inside because someone had poured out all their popcorn into the seat its self and this wasn't cleaned up. This used to be my go-to theater but it's definitely slipping...

Rachelle De Clue

Close, not too crowded, popcorn is good, needs updated and maintenced better

David Walton

Theatres need modern upgrades. Felt like I was sitting in a 90s nice theater, its 2019.

Luke Knapke

Good place to go see a movie. Close to campus. Pretty standard theatre. The chairs aren't the fanciest but they work. Also you can get a student discount down to 8.99. Overall decent theater.

Drew W

Saw endgame here in IMAX.The walkway between rows is somewhat narrow so you have to be really careful not to step on people's feet and to not get stepped on. Was comfortable and the video/audio was exceptional as expected in an IMAX theater.

Virgil Vaduva

The outside and inside of this theatre is extremely dirty; the same trash that was outside on the sidewalks a week ago is still there. The staff is actually fairly rude and the reserved seating they sell online does not translate into comfortable, reclining seats. In fact the chairs are very small, uncomfortable and crammed together. When trying to buy popcorn, the staff was acting like 30 minute old stale popcorn is acceptable and they would not make it fresh. I will certainly avoid this theatre at all costs in the future. It's not a place I want to support or visit again.

erika r

Assigned seating doesn't necessarily mean reclined seating. For some reason, AMC has left this theater in the dust, when it comes to upgrades. While it was nice to not have worried about where we would be sitting in the theater, it was misleading that the website offered reclining seats in the photos. The theater hadn't been cleaned between showings, and when I brought it up to the staff, they did nothing about it. And this isn't the first time I've had issues with this theater. In the past, there were issues with the picture not showing up, and various other issues. There was a spill stain on my seat. And if any theater needed an upgrade, it was this one. There's no leg room. I felt like I was on a 3 hour flight. Halfway through, it starts wearing on a person. If you're going to charge over 10 dollars for a ticket, at least provide good service and facilities for that price. (FYI, the facilities are also in need of an upgrade.) This theater used to be a cool hangout, now it's just nostalgic nonsense.

Kendra Andrews

Prices are way to high when you can literally drive about 3 more miles down the road and see the same movie for seriously half the price.

Paul Finke

Seats in Theater 3 do not recline! Very uncomfortable. Otherwise, nice place!

Joseph Jessee

This place needs a facelift. It seems like they device to put some money into their theatres but forgot that they have a lobby, snack bar, and restrooms as well. Half the coke machines were broken. The popcorn butter area was disgusting(11am when I went) and one of the butter machines was broken. In one of the men's rest rooms, half the stalls we're broken. There was a trash back over one of the urinals. The service was ok. Don't expect much. Management of this place has clearly went downhill overall.

Melani Witzel

This is still a nice movie theater. It's busy all the time so the popcorns always fresh. They don't have the new electric adjustable chairs but honestly I think their chairs are more comfortable and those crazy new ones now that the novelty has worn off. The bathrooms are clean and well-kept and the staff is nice and friendly

Stephen Parpart

Always a nice place to see a movie. I go during the day because it's much cheaper.

Alan Smith

Favorite movie theater. Love their big comfy seats that recline. Ticket prices are reasonable and you can reserve your seat ahead of time.

Adam Parsons

Still holds up as one of the best theaters in town.

Jamie Mcdonald

Amazing theater, i just wish they had better prices..

Nathan Dove

The convenience fee for me ordering tickets online in a digital world is ridiculous.

Lisa Stallard

The lobby is always messy and restrooms are very messy and often out of paper towels, TP, etc. I quit going here after three visits like this over a period of a year. The Grove City location is much cleaner, as is Easton. This is by far the worst location of all AMCs in Columbus area.

Alex Wu

Not the cleanest' but definitely very good place to come watch movies,the staff was very nice to us when we got stuck.

Adam Radloff

Theater is dated. Carpet needs replaced. Could not select the seats I wanted from the kiosk, had to wait in line and deal with an employee who just grunted when I explained about the kiosk problem. Expect 20 minutes of previews before the movie starts. On the bright side the movie was playing at the right time for us.

Mary Selvaraj

Very nice movie theater. I found it to b clean, and friendly staff. They have lots of things to choose from at the concession area and pices r equivalent to other movie theaters. Im not a drinker, but if u like drinks this theater even has a bar for ur alcoholic beverage needs.

Jacquelyn Overmyer

Typical movie theater. The arms of the chairs move up, that way you can lounge on them like a sofa. Or maybe cuddle up to your significant other. I did notice that the women's restrooms needed to be thoroughly cleaned! The walls were pretty gross, floors were dirty, stalls were a bit dingy. All in all was not a bad choice. Just beware the bathroom needs a bit of spring cleaning!

Aspen Rivers

They have digital, IMAX, and 3D at this location. They also keep it really clean, and staff is (usually) really kind. Downside is they almost always don't have enough people at the ticket booth.

PJ BuckeyeFan

Newly renovated! Comfy reclining seats. Clean. Parking is in a lot versus a garage. Our first time here because we always go to AMC theater in Easton Mall but I will be back to Lenox for sure!

Bruce Taylor

Pretty good place to go always a little dirty but overall he good place except for the high price popcorn and candy

Brianna R

I love this theatre! Comfy seats, nice staff, quick and simple ticket-buying experience. Your standard theatre, good experience.

Cathy Franklin

Movie theater needs a update. The wear and tear shows.

Scott Dunn

Good movie quality but facility is needing a refresh. Also had to wait in long line behind others buying tickets when mine were prepurchased and just needed a scan.

Vicki Perkins

I wish it was possible to give a negative number of stars. It cost almost $24 to see a movie today. The seats were extremely uncomfortable and dirty. This cost did not include snacks. We bought food and our pizza was burnt. We will not be returning.

Alek Hansen

I actually never really review anything. We went to see Avengers Endgame in the IMAX theater. The movie was great (9/10). But the rigid, uncomfortable seats, and how hot it was throughout the movie really ruined the experience. We literally left sweating. Which is unfortunate because it was my wife’s first IMAX experience. Heed warning for your next 3 hour jaunt to the movie theater.

Anthony Semones

Great seats. A bit pricey for alcohol. There was a lot of head on my beer

Marquie Glover

Kids love it!We mostly get the usual popcorn,soda and candy. I love mixing my soda.They have a bar also haven't tried anything to drink but it looks good.

Steve Iannelli

Nice theater, comfy seats with good screens and good sound. There are a few ticket machines out front and they're almost always broken or out of order. So you waste five minutes trying to get a ticket machine to work and eventually you just walk up to the desk and it only takes a few seconds to get your ticket.

Tiffany Washko

Came here for a special advance screening and it was a horrible experience. Made us wait outside in 95 degree heat for an hour. Then after being seated they experienced technical difficulties. After the movie was an hour late they stated they would try to get it on by 10pm...the movie was supposed to start at 7pm. So they expected people to invest 6.5 hours of their time for a movie???? Incredible! Old theater that needs updates badly. No recliners here.

Brittney McCunney

FILTH! Everywhere. The restrooms were horrendous. The floors throughout the entire building - covered in food, trash & popcorn. Walking into the theater.. the seats are old, very uncomfortable, covered in trash/food. We literally had to clean off our seats before we could sit down. Walking out of the front doors my husband noticed a pile of bugs, (like old flies and whatever else I don’t even know) on the floor where the wall & the floor meet. It had to have been days/wks , maybe longer since certain areas of that theater have been cleaned. So gross! Even the outside of the theater is bad.. half the lights don’t even light up! What a shame. This used to be such a prestigious theater. We won’t be going back.

Michael Jones

The concessions staff was slow & unpleasant. The facility was not well maintained; bathrooms and concession area not clean nor serviceable

Sue Oherron

Nice sound system and seats, clean bathrooms.

constance theokas

I've always enjoyed myself at the Lennox. But I must say the last time I was there I was shocked to be asked to pay seven dollars for popcorn. It was only just over $5 for the film!

Charlsia Henderson

The movie we went to see was Madea Last Funeral...the movie was absolutely hilarious however the movie theater was filthy!!!In between movies it was clear the theatre had been severely neglected. However I did advise the manager and she did her best to compensate my boyfriend and I.


AMC Lennox Town Center 24 en Ohio
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