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REVIEWS OF AMC Grove City 14 IN Ohio

Andrea C Stanley

Liked the inexpensive tickets! Went to the last showing on the opening night of a blockbuster film, and only about 10 other people in the theater. Needs some upgrades, though. Seats kind of feel like you're sliding out of them the entire movie, but willing to put up with that slight inconvenience for the price and not feeling crowded!


Reasonably priced tickets for such a large theater.

Russ Hansen

This is the nearest first run theater to my home and, thankfully, they don't disappoint. Every time I have been there the staff has been both helpful and pleasant. The concessions are excellent quality and the theater experience is one of the best, which includes an IMAX theater.

John Sterling

Nice clean place for my family to go watch a movie. It was only $6.49 on Tuesday

Tyler Jenkins

This is actually a really nice well maintained movie theatre however it has had a bedbug incident in the past so be wary and pay attention!


My favoriite cinema clean intriguing to the eye good customer service

Jassminee Lee

Horrible, when there Saturday to see a Lion King, and I felt like a stinging on my arm there were 4 huge bites down my arm ! Called to report to a manager and he had said they just had that place fumigate and there is no bugs and it takes 48-72 hours before bed big bites to show up so It came from some where else before you got here. (no it came from there) Nothing I can do he said. HORRIBLE LIES this place is filled with biting bugs and bed bugs and Do not recommending you to go there.

Rebecca Benjamin

This is a really nice theatre. The bathrooms could use just a little more attention. Theatre was clean and seats were comfy. I paid $14 for 2 tickets and $33 for 2 drinks, small popcorn, and 2 candies. Kinda outrageous, but hey, that’s a night out at the movies.

Brigid Vaughan

Kendall was awesome, she is the manager at Grove city. Such a clean location.. I love AMC!

Lyndsey Gesick

Cheapest, cleanest movie theater in Columbus! My family and I come here at least once or twice a month. Can't beat a movie for $4.49 a person!

tammy taylor

Loved the handicapped seats very convenient and comfortable

Scott Fisher

Nice movie theater. Good location in a strip mall

Gary Brown

Imax was excellent !!! The lobby and theatre were clean and inviting. The confessions were a bit chaotic, as only two employees seemed to have tills opened to serve the evening crowd going into the last movies of the night, but all in all a very good experience.

Priscilla s

Started going last year, (r.i.p. regal) it's a nice setup in grove city and the staff are awesome. I have had some issues with online ticketsand it's always taken care of.

Kenny Edwards

It was great had fun enjoy it.

Jennifer Sciacca

Cheap priced tickets comfy chairs

kenny feustel

Clean inside and out. Awesomely gracious employees whom stay busy and are always cheerful. Very comfortable accommodations to enjoy a movie....

Eric Feldbauer

I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty busy, however we got through lines pretty quick and the service was great.

Karen Lane

MA was a good movie. ALL bullies need to see this movie. KARMA is real and it is coming to a place near you.

Tony Patrick

My AMC rankings are Dublin number 1 Hilliard number 2 Easton number 3 Grove City number 4 and AMC 24 last


Awesome Theatre. Big. Spacious. Expanded menu. All reserved seating. In a great location if you want to eat or shop afterwards. Treat yourself and go check them out!

Lee Cline

The best place that wouldn't hurt your wallet on movies

Ally Brewington

Staff is nice and place is clean. Just wish the chairs were comfier.

Rhonda Eblin

Loved it! I watched in 2D. Avengers: Endgame was AWESOME!

nikkiy Glanemann

Great theater cheap price and really nice

emilie hamilton

Descent movie theater and descent prices. However, I’ve encountered multiple rude people in the theater during the movie. They don’t really have staff check intermittently during the movie for people being disruptive. I think they should start doing that.

Deborah Wolf

The theater it's self is very nice . Employees are helpful . The movie we saw today was not very good. But an evening out is an evening out .

Adam Hampton

Excellent experience with staff and excellent snacks. A very good place to take the family to enjoy a movie.

James Watters

Cheese on seat, dirty theatre, good movie, 6 dollars for a drink.

Rick Rosine

The theaters are showing some age and could use a deep cleaning.

Connie Lares

Love all great customer service

adlai stein

I take my Autistic son to the movies here all the time and they are very understanding and accommodating. We have not always had good experiences at other theatres.

Mary Daniels

Nice movie theater and the movie was good but it to much money on food and drinks.

giz zmo

Smacks cost a fortune. 6 bucks for a large popcorn and it's not that good. I take water on my purse. Drinks are extremely expansive. Ask for half the ice. You will get more soda that way and it's freezing in there.

Rich L

IMAX is the best. The digital theatres are much smaller in size which is fine, but sound quality is not great like IMAX. Food costs are outrageous, even as an annual member the prices for a couple popcorns and few drinks will total me just under 50 dollars. I'd recommend eating before you see a movie. Ticket prices are fair to good. Hope this helps! (Eat before you go!)

Monique Spellman

Went to see Captain Marvel in IMAX and it was amazing! The seats are comfortable and the theater was clean. Definitely recommend!

Craig Weber

Another great movie experience very clean can't beat it

Nick Saint

Great movie selection. But very pricy and who in the hell thought of assigned seats is a idiot .. Its a movie theater not a concert...

Daniel Martin

Younger girls talked the whole dam time. Horrible. And on their phones. The light kept going off. Worst experience ever at a theater. I have a plan to help that nation wide. Have a manager get back with me this idiea is simply and will help others so this don't happen again.

Renee Denise Jones

I love the food and free refills, and you can pick your seats and they have very good customer service

Ravanna Moe

We saw Toy Story 4. We had a great time. We have a stubs membership, so the five of us can afford to go to the movies every Tuesday.

Maddie & Jess

Love it and the movie we want to see. Although prices are kind of high.

Zachary Tomlinson

Love this movie theater. Highly recommend this place. Nice people to talk to for tickets an your drinks an popcorn an candy etc.

Tim Coleman

This is a our normal go-to theater. It's AMC so it's generally in good shape, but not as luxuriously equipped as some of the privately owned theaters, but also not as pricey. I like the fact that you can now select your seat(s) ahead of time, which many theaters are doing. They are still the traditional seats and not the recliners that done-in theaters have but when a 2pm weekend showing is still $4.50 I can't complain. Concession prices are just as bad as any other theater, but if going to a movie you expect that. Access and parking around the theater are easy as long as you can get the Stringtown rd through the forever construction on 71. Tons of parking out front.

New Place In God

It was my first time here and it was NOT pleasant nor impressive!!!! It was VERY noisy and kinda chaotic just about everywhere you looked! People was standing around in the halls loud talking while waiting for their movie to start or for the crew to finish cleaning to be seated. Only to get inside and find popcorn still on the floor and under seats. Owner should definitely consider creating a space for patrons to wait, mingle or eat since apparently there's a short wait for "cleaning"!

Cassandra Davis

Great family place to see a movie, my family and myself had a lovely time.

Samantha Hartley

Service is pleasant and attentive.

Daniel Rivera

Pretty good environment. The food I ordered was good has a nice atmosphere the only down side was the auditorium itself was pretty dated and the seating felt cramped and uncomfortable.

Drew Palmiter

Movie was supposed to start at 130. Started 25 minutes late while I was forced to watch trailers for upcoming movies. No wonder people go to movies less.

Galaxypod Gaming

The movie prices are good. But I asked for a water cup for my 8 y/o son, who doesnt drink pop and they told me no. Even after spending 45$ on snacks. That is very disappointing and bad service.


Its a great movie theater but i personally like marcus pickerington Cinema better because of the seats and less expensive. But still great alternative

Greg Logan

Went last night and saw IT Chapter 2. The reason I’m giving 1 star is I don’t like the new policy that AMC theaters have started here in the Columbus area of assigning you your seats. When I go to the movie theater I want to be able to walk in and pick my seat based on how full the theater is or or if there is a group of younger noisier teenagers/ kids and one I’ll I don’t wanna be told that I have to set next them.


Not bad prices if you catch an early movie. Theatres not too cold and chairs are pretty comfortable. Concession prices are pretty high, but that's any movie theatre

Jessica Smith

Great service, clean theaters, good movies!

Flash WeBareBears

Was fun, but no reclining seats, and lights should be more dim during film IMO.

Brian Jarrell

The theater is my preferred theater. The service is always top. notch. Tickets prices are great. The facilities are kept in good order and always clean. The staff are friendly and helpful. There is an abundance of parking. There's is also plenty of shopping g and food options near the theater.

James Walker

Saw the kitchen. Had a great time

Isabela O'Neill

I watched happy death day 2 u there and it's honestly the best experience when you watch a movie in theaters

Monica Worrell

Definitely best prices for quality theater in Columbus area

Mark Lowe

Went and saw Dumbo. It definitely exceeded my expectations. It was nice having seats assigned that we could choose. I always have a tendency to want to go early and worried about sitting on the end of the row. This eliminates that issue. I did not visit the concession this time. Restrooms are nice and clean and kept up.

Larry Hinkle

Friendly staff! Great location.

Dana Skaggs

Nice neighborhood theater


Very clean, reasonably priced movie theater! The seats in the theater were comfortable and snacks were fresh and delicious! Staff was very attentive and waited after everyone left the theater to be begin cleaning, which I appreciated. I don't usually visit the Grove City area, but this theater and the area it's located in general was very nice! Can't wait to go back!

Makayla L.

Staff was very nice, movie was great even in digital.

Michael Sneller

Best prices in town.

Moriah Krouse

Really clean and nice.

The Xbox Warrior

Prices are atrocious when it comes to anything there! Bought 30 dollars at concession asked for a cup of water and was told I'd be charged full price for it? ALREADY GOT 30 from me but charging for water is straight greed!! Assigned seats are dumb I paid let me sit where I want! Quality of the sound is low in the movie not loud at all and to top it off both times it was too hot in the theatre.. just a bad experience 2 times in a row! Won't be going back!

Админ Рут

Very nice staff, nice girls working behind concession stands and seats are clean. Overal a great place to watch movies with family or just with a friend.

Ralph Sowards

People are very friendly. In all we really like to go there

Tamara Taylor

Excellent place. Staff is nice.

Christina Day

Great food options. Good pricing for mid day. Lost my phone. They found it and had it up front for me.

Marquetta Rattler

We love it here... low priced movies great concession deals... you put on your own BUTTER

Eric Stanley

Great experience.... fast service.... great food and snacks.... clean theaters.... rather be there than Easton!!!

Sarah&Matt Dixon

Clean and good quality. Would live to see them upgrade their seats to the recliners like some of the other big theaters.

_ laser_guy_2008

Very clean, lines moved fast. Even the concession line were not terrible.

Justin Donley

Theater was clean and not terribly packed. Some people couldn't figure out the assigned seating but it's pretty simple and the lines werent bad to get through. They offer some snacks more than conventional theater fare but it's kind of just eh for being so expensive.

Bob Messer

All the theaters are reserved seating, which is nice. You don't feel rushed to get there early. However, it's more expensive to reserve from home. Free reservations are "coming soon". Also, it seems like a lot of customers aren't aware of this system yet, so you have to wait for them to get done arguing with the the poor employee over something completely out of their control before you can get your tickets. We went to a showing on a Friday night and it was awful. Multiple people had their phones out, and one was watching YouTube videos through the whole. Movie. Why did you even go? There were people people behind us talking nonstop, one of whom announced he was going out to smoke a joint. Then he left and came back reeking of weed, then spent the rest of the movie playing with his keys and talking loudly. I would not recommend coming here after 6 on a weekend.

Kate Ferguson

The staff was not correctly trained on how to check IDs I am in my mid twenties and I can understand checking the IDs but multiple times by employees not correctly trained was ridiculous. The staff was also unenthusiastic and rude. They also have no chip reader and none of there credit card swipes were working. So if you’re going give yourself extra time and bring cash If you buy your tickets online the machines used to pick up tickets are out of date as well and will randomly print extra tickets so check what the machine prints.

Kelli Laine Lewis - Forever 18

Nice place. Took our very large family there while visiting for Thanksgiving. love how tech savvy this place is! See you next time GO BUCKS!!!

David Pease

Fairly clean, but still don't have the big red chairs

David Taylor

Nice theater, comfortable seating. Best AMC prices in town

Charles Miller

Very nice theater. Seats are comfy. Plenty of parking. Floors are sticky.

Musharaf Khan

A little chilly in the theater...but sound and picture were go again

Joshua Cattrell

I saw a late night movie, admission was only $6.50. The theater was in very good shape and looked like it had a recent remodel. The theater that i went to did not have the reclining seats if that is your thing. The overall sound and picture were top notch. Restrooms were clean as well.

Daniel Custer

We live in Merion Village and often come here to see the latest releases. If you subscribe to AMC Stubs (free) you can get some pretty good deals on Tuesday nights. Please ‘Like’ if this review is helpful

teana christopher

Saw Overcomer. Enjoyed it and the tub of popcorn. Nice, clean theater

Glenn Renforth

Theaters are very nice and seating is comfortable. Well maintained and clean. Friendly staff and good selection of refreshments and snacks.

Red irishass

Very clean and friendly atmosphere

Randall Rhodes

assigned seats and good food! Nice place to watch a movie.

Margaret Shoemaker

Great movie experience.

Bill Dennison

Love watching movies there just the food and drinks cost to much

Jackson Reckner

I was satisfied with the cleanlyness of the building but there was a big group of kids and the screamed the whole time and the ushers did nothing about it untill after the movie

Marco DePugh

Nice clean theater. Ticket price was half of our local private theater

Jannita Jordan

Nice cinema..price was right....first time with IMAX! Fun time but wish they had the recliners!

Candace Stewart

Nice and clean. Staff was hard to find when movie ended on a Monday night after 8!! Had issues with some foreign object in my friends beverage. Received two movie passes for our inconvenience.

Heath Mastroianni

Awesome place to catch a flick! Especially in the IMAX theater!

Kristie Washington

The line at the concession stand was too long and there was not enough worker. The seats are too close, there is not enough space, and there was kids running up and down the theater. People playing on their phone while the movie was playing.

David Busby

Not as good as Hilliard... Bunch of stuck up snobby kids was sitting in our seats!

Nathan Dove

The convenience fee for me ordering tickets online in a digital world is ridiculous.

James Wilson

It's a nice place to hangout.

Lisa Stallard

One of the better smaller AMC theatres. Cannot go to Lennox anymore - too dirty. This location is very clean and not usually very crowded. Seating is comfortable, also. IMAX theatre is great - very nice seats and nice experience.

Margo Byers

Great movie theater, specially when there’s not a whole bunch of teenagers talking behind you.

Joanna Lopez

great offers and prices

Tammy Taylor

We saw Avengers End game. I loved it. Especially the handicapped seats.


Excellent IMAX experience, clean facility, and well maintained equipment. Perfect place to see a film

Holly Sampson

There was no line going in, but we had ordered tickets online anyway so it wouldn't have mattered. The prices for popcorn and soda have gotten ridiculously high ( 1 drink and a small popcorn was about $15) but the ticket prices are the best in the area. Plenty if seats for most showings and comfortable room too. If you need to wait for your theater to be ready there's a nice sitting area in the front.

zahoor elahi

Watch movie and enjoy,very nice place

Brianna R

My favorite movie theater due to location. The service is nice and the theatre is clean. This is an epic place for dates or friend outings if you're in High School and see a movie you'd wanna see with your friends or significant other. Never have had any complaints!

Niarobi C.

Tgis theatre is just okay. For the price of everything some more comfortable seats are much needed.

Cathy Franklin

Great price for a movie at 12:10 in the afternoon, $4.50!!!

Michelle Seipel

Theater is great. Movie not so much. "John Wick".

Shelby Artrip

I really enjoyed seeing Elton John's movie at this place Saturday night. Good ticket prices and a lady named Donna saw us struggling to carry all the food and drinks we got and offered to carry our stuff and help us to our seats. It was so very nice. The ticket prices here have to be the best in the area too and it was a nice clean place. We will be back!

Bob Camp

Best movie going experience in years. Excellent staff, very clean facility.

Lori Bishop

Kind staff in a clean theater. A more extensive menu makes it a good choice. You can eat a decent meal while you view your film.

Peggy J Grubb

Very clean and food fresh

Amber K.J.

Power went out within 10 minutes of movie starting, no refunds. Seats were hard and uncomfortable. Popcorn was stale.

James Reed

This movie theater was nice, but the seating could use an update. The particular seats we sat in seemed worn and uncomfortable to sit in as the cushions were warped into the shape of many past customers. Service was fine. Employees seem to enjoy their jobs as they all gathered at the concession stand.

Reverend Avis Bradley-Van Sickle

Good popcorn nice seats.

Shaun Marshall

Great price, SUPER cold in the theater but one of the newer nicer AMC's surrounded by several great restaurant choices!

Lord Eddard Stark

This theater sometimes gets a bad rap. I'm not sure how or why rumors are started but I've NEVER had a bad experience here. Fair prices and nice theaters. My only complaint is they have stopped late showings during the week and I prefer to avoid the weekend crowds but otherwise GREAT theater.

MoCuishle's muzac Cuishle

Love the efficiency! I like how you can reserve your seats right when you purchase your tickets. I wasnt stressed about getting into the ciniema immediately in order to get a good seat.

London Baskin

The theater was clean, staff was friendly, & the refreshments were priced better than I expected. This is one of the cheapest all around theaters in Central Columbus. From Matinee to evening prices you're getting your moneys worth.

Karen Graves

People were very nice. I love going to places where you are treated like a human being. Being respected these days very had to fine


Love the place. John Wick 3 is a must see. Friendly staff. Bring a sweater or hoodie because it gets cold as hell.

Evan P

Very friendly staff. Clean and well maintained facility. Wish is had a bar like the others.

Courtney Curtiss-Swallow

Best theater in Columbus!

Jennifer Jeffers

Ticket prices are great, theater is older and doesn't have the fancy seats, at least not for the cheap seats, but they still require you to select seats, but then after prepaying to select the seats you want, once you get to the theater if someone else is in your selected seats they simply state "there are plenty of other options, you can sit anywhere you like"...... I liked the seats I picked when I prepaid for my tickets, that was kinda the point of paying the fees associated with buying tickets ahead of time online. They use the concession prices to regenerate the money "lost" by having cheaper ticket prices, but all the AMC theatres do that. I miss the dollar movies ☹️

Gena Nocar

Wonderful, beautiful, amazing, clean, great atmosphere. Wonderful large screens, comfortable seats that recline. Plenty of leg room. Can't wait to go back


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