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REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN Easton Town Center 30 IN Ohio

Joseph Mcclellan

I love the dine in option as the food is good. Dinner and movie in one is always a great option. Parking on the ramp is easy and convenient. You of course have the option to shop before or after your movie.

Donna Thomas

Prices for food and drinks are entirely to high 25 dollars for a movie,popcorn and bottled water for just one person is ridiculous.

marcy trew

This is a great location to enjoy a good movie. The servers are fantastic in making sure that you have whatever you need while you're relaxing

Jace Wolford

Always a nice place to watch a movie! The lazyboy chairs are amazing!

Jenny Randall

The movie experience was fine but the concession was filthy. We went for an 11:45 am show and it was like it hadn't been cleaned from Saturday night. The floor was super sticky as was the counters. A lot of people shuffle through here so it needs to be maintained better.

Jeremy Payne

Nice theater but they only had one kiosk working to get tickets and only one employee working at ticket window. Also the concession line was also very slow. The theater is comfortable and clean.

James Philbrick

Worst theater I’ve ever been to. The time first we went the floors were so sticky my shoes almost came off. We waited as the ticket people talked to their friends in front of us for a solid minute as if we didn’t exist. Then we got to the theater and our recliners didn’t work. We complained and were only told “thanks for bringing this to our attention.” The second time we went to see a 7:15 showing. We sat in the theater for 35 minutes watching the same trailers over and over. I’m complained, got no compensation, and was told it would be fixed. I went back to the theater and sat and watch more trailers for 15 minutes until the movie finally started. What a waste of time and awful customer service. Do NOT go here.

Ricky Moorehead

Nice hig comfy seats, can order food right to your seat. Took a star for the glass that was partially in my view.

Nija Richards

Greetings The theater is spacious and pretty I guess But it’s always filthy Will definitely stop coming if the don’t teach their staff to clean properly

Justin Miller Sr

Theater 1 is pretty bad. It has trays in the way, half walls between each row and my theater was not a dine in theater. Dont know if the rest are like that. Beware at least theater 1 back row. Chin on chest, seat reclined and you miss the bottom 2 feet of the screen. It was dead so we moved up to empty seats 1 row down the stadium. Kinda....tacky...dirty..hard to describe.

Ron Vah

Amazing! Finally a place to watch movies that's better than home. Will definitely be back again and again.

Michelle Jaruwannakorn

Nice theater! They also have reclined, comfortable seats.

Marcia Anderson

It was so much fun having dinner and a movie together. The food was pretty good, and the wine selection was surprising for a movie theater. But the food and wine aren't cheap, so know going in that you will be spending as much as if you went out to dinner in a medium-priced restaurant.


The biggest AMC around. Sadly also quite old. The Dolby and IMAX theaters haven't been updated in forever. Otherwise pretty good place.

SarDee Bee

I love the lounger seats with the arm rests that can be raised so we can snuggle during the movie. I also thought the theater was pretty clean. All in all a great time.

Gregg Bly

Very dissatisfied! After paying 41 to see a movie. I ordered $50 worth of food expecting to eat dinner while we watched. Waited 2.5hrs movie over NO FOOD! After 20 mins looking around I finally find an employee , to go find me a manager. Manager finally comes out and apologizes and to offer me 2 $12.99 meal coupons, but has no way to give me a refund. MY MEALS COST MORE THAT! Very frustrated!

angela davenport

Great movie but food was just ok

Lacie Chevalier

Such a cool movie theater! It's different than what I'm used to. Will be coming back here!

Boggsimus Games

Always a delight to come here. Clean.

Paul Krupa

Clean, comfortable seats, and the A-List monthly rate is amazing! $20/month and you can see 3 movies per week. Heck, 2 minutes per month at adult prices pays for the monthly cost. Only problem we always have is the cashiers do not check the fast-pass A-list line and instead call the next person in the standard line. Oh well...not a big deal, but we do pay for that extra service.

Elise Lerner

The seats were very comfy. Trays folded in to create a table

Celina Theophilus

This is my favorite theater! The food isn’t like 5 star quality or anything but it’s good, and the experience is the best and the chairs make the whole thing worth it!

Devils Envy

Watched a movie in F row of the dine in theater. Seats where comfortable but worn in. Shorter people may have a hard time seeing over the plastic wall infront of them if in F row and up. Seats did have a reclining feature. Decent food options altho a little pricey.

Renaee Collier

I had never eaten in a movie theater before, except for the snacks they sell at insane prices. This place has reclining seats and buttons that you push for a waiter to come to you. The food was out pretty quick and was not that bad considering it was made in a movie theater. The drinks were pretty good as well. I cannot get over the seats though!

Ace 2.0

Amazing theater! Up to date reclining chairs oh screen big room and more! Only down side is location in Springfield where few people live. But other than that is is amazing!

Gentoo atdadisco

Refused to sell us a Dine-in ticket for the movie "It" because she said it wasn't available so then we asked what the latest showing was for just the movie and she told me "8:00pm" come to find out that was half true because online that was latest for "IMAX", which is not what I asked for. Should have done more research cause she had no issues upselling me after not getting orginally what I wanted to begin with (which Dine-in would've still been pricey so what gives!? I would have been okay with that. But instead had to rush to get food to make a movie that wasn't the latest showing so my experience was subpar.)

Chad Davis

Nice clean theater with comfortable seating. Steer clear of the dine in option. Tickets are slightly more expensive than regular tickets, and while the food was good, the service was horrible.

Erick Mendoza

Horrible service, waited over 20 minutes for a drink that I never got and still ended up getting charge. Be careful?

Dedra Whitfield

Went to the mall and got pretzels and candy . We refused entry because we cannot have those items. We were with a bunch of children and were denied access after we told we would gladly be patrons of the consession area. I think this is outrageous and petty. If we were all adults that's fine but there were children involved. This needs to be addressed if you are located in a mall how can you be selective in what people can bring into the establishment.

Poké-Dad & Daughters

This was are 1st ever visit to the Easton Mall and we enjoyed it until we decided to take are girls to see Secret Life of Pets. Don't misunderstand, the theater was Amazing just the Seats were Terrible. My Wife & I barely fit in the seats. The Little Table made it worse.


While the movie I saw was objectively terrible, the comfort of the theater still made the experience worthwhile. I can only guess how delightful seeing a good movie here will be.

Joel Clottey

That place was Awesome and I'm defence coming back

Known Entity

Went to see a movie here. Did not take advantage of the dine-in feature because there are so many delicious food opportunities close by. But, I did have a mint. Yep. Such comfy seating and the screen is so huge, you can hardly see the entire thing unless you bring goo goo goggles. Wait, did I say goo goo goggles? What is that from, Dr. Suess?

Michael Flanagan

Went with my kids Friday night to see extended version of Avengers Endgame. We bought 3 Icees to the tune of $20! These are for sale at Speedway for like $1each. Then the surround sound in the theater didn't work. Completely ruined qhat I had hoped would've been a great night with my kids.

Kristan Sellars

Had problems getting phone to bring up tickets. Staff was helpful and patient. Food was better than expected, got the flatbread.

andrew clark

Seats are great, food and alcoholic drinks are actually pretty good. Only knock here is that they are under staffed. Weekend, weekdays? Slow service. 4* bc the staff are doing the best they can for how old they are, and the effort is appreciated. Just know if you want snacks and you're not getting them delivered to your seat, give yourself at least 10-15 extra minutes.

Whitney Bruno

Pretty messy. Slow service at bar. But did turn down the video sound when all the kids were too scared. That's good. About 5 gluten free options if one asks. About $10 a glass of wine, beer or mixed drink. $5 for soda pop.


Richard at guest services helped us out more than we expected and we were very pleased. Seats are very comfortable, actually fell asleep once lol. Food and drinks are very good, just gets a little expensive when you have the servers deliver it to you in the theatre. Overall we love it.

Doge Syndrome

My favorite place to see movies. Amazing seats, good food if you order it, but it is pricey. The 3D is amazing and the Prime theater is even more incredible. I love going here when I can and everyone that comes with me always has a wonderful time. I always recommend AMC theatres.

Amber Barnett

Theatre kept very warm, food trays are small. Seats are very comfy. Restrooms needed cleaned, only one butter dispenser working, and soda fountains were running out of flavors around 630. All in all the actual viewing theatre is nice and the sound quality is wonderful.


A very nice, clean, and comfortable movie theater. I dont go to any other theater in central Ohio any more because of the quality here. There are many food options, a full bar, and this location has many theaters with reclining seats, and some even are spaced apart to allow everyone more space which is very nice. Theaters are always very clean inside and well kept.

Chelsea Nelsen

It's a really nice theater but man it is hottttt in the summer and winter. I never get angry about it but its uncommfortable. Also they have had a couple of issues the past 4x we went with young kids fighting in the theaters, movies not working, etc so I'm giving them a 4 out of 5


A great place to watch movies with your friends. After the movie, you can walk around and see all types of stores

Benny Hamblin

It is fine AMC theater but you can not get to it by boat be warned my fine Mariners


This is a great place with a lot of individual theaters in it. We came here for their February Oscar showcase and it was a great experience. What a great deal for the money! It was in a smaller theater with the reclining seats, we got to pick our seats and they made us feel like royalty by giving us lanyards to allow us quick access in and out of the theater during breaks between movies. Will definitely go here again.

James Collinsworth Jr

Was a really nice and clean place to have dinner and a movie. It was a lot of fun and the movie was great. I would suggest this place for a date or a nice get together with your friends.

Tay Bay

Everything was great but I do really wish my drinks came out before my food! Especially since my food was getting cold by the time I got my drink! Other than that, fantastic experience!

Gamer Mind Freak

Amazing theatere. Really relaxing and spacious seating. Movie was amazing 9/10. (Spider Man:FFH) Even gave out free action figures after the movie

Joel Dierker

New recliner stadium seating, really nice seats. Can also get food and (adult) drinks to go with the movies. Good sound system and the seats in the extreme theater rumble!

Heather Carman

Tried to buy tickets at the kiosk with a gift card but kiosk would not print them and subtracted money off the gift card. Went to window the girl could not help us had to go to guest services where they were helpful and let us in the movie without tickets. Get into the theater and the seats were dirty and had a smell to them would not come back unless it was the dine in seats not worth it to smell funk the entire movie.

Tonya Marmie

Went to watch Lion King I Max 3D. Theater was HOT. Air conditioner BROKEN! They were out of ice! Out of slushies. Horrible experience! Better get a discount. Heath Mall 100% better!

Vicki Rietschlin

Loved it! Went and saw Once upon a time in Hollywood, the movie was awesome, also ordered a sampler plate of nachos, pretzel bites and chicken wings. Very good!

Brent Odson

Awesome evening with my son. To be able to enjoy the drive-in with my family as I did and my parents did many years ago. Thank you for being here for over 70 years !!

Jeanne Leach

The movie experience was great and I love picking out our seats ahead of time and the comfort of the reclining chair. But the price of food and drinks is ridiculous. Two large popcorn and 3 drinks were $35. The lady in front of me complained that her small popcorn and 1 drink was $15. That is robbery and the popcorn was a little stale because they make it ahead of time and keep it under a heat lamp. You pick what you want and move to the checkout line.


Seats are comfortable and assigned which is ideal. That being said, buying food is a disaster. It's the most confusing situation. I feel bad for the workers who have to explain how it works to every single person who walks up. Why would you walk passed the pick up station to the register then back to the pick up station after? But you hand them the receipt? Then stand around awkwardly. It's bad. Avoid getting food.

Eric Rodriguez

Went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last month, it was expensive but that's expected. Recliners are nice. There was a lot of trash and popcorn underneath my seat that wasn't even mine. Which is unfortunate.

Jim S

Stopped in while I was in the area with my son, nice seats, food selection and area. A bit far for me but I’d come back again if I’m on this side of town. A little higher priced but must be the area as most things are

Michael Grubbs

Love the dine in experience comfy seats, food is ok. Popcorn is just alright, the five dollar theater closer to me makes better popcorn...

jeff holt

Nice clean food service vary good vary comfortable seats ticket service vary good

Barb McAfee

Private event with large group 43 people had a wonderful time great food great service

Legend_ 65

This is an extremely nice theater which has very very nice chairs and movie to watch in those chairs AMC as a company is very good and brings money to a lot of area we should all go watch at least one movie at an AMC theater in conclusion you should go watch a movie at AMC dine in theater make sure it is a very good movie so you have a balencend movie experience

Sarah D

Kiosks to retrieve tickets out of order and the employee at the ticket stand upstairs didn't care when I informed him. Seats destroyed and peeling. Glass partitioning absolutely filthy at the first show in the morning so it definitely hadn't been cleaned at all. Immediately lost my appetite and didn't even order a drink because the theater was so disgustingly dirty.

Ashley Cochran

Went and saw the 6:45 pm Aladdin show. Waitress spilled pop on my leg, chair and table. Didn’t even acknowledge it. Messed up our order. Food was cold,my daughter ordered chicken fingers and they brought her Mac-and -cheese and then argued with her about how she ordered M-A-C. I ordered the classic burger, it was barley warm, and I seriously maybe got 15 fries. We ordered brisket fries as an appetizer and didn’t get them until we had ate our entrees. My husband ordered the Royal burger and wasn’t too pleased with it. He also got onion rings with it and got 8 onion rings. Also, a waitress came up to us and said how the woman down the isle ordered a Royal burger also and was already eating it....... OK! Well so did my husband go back and tell them to make him one?!! <<<< my response to her stupidity.I mean come on, for $10 plus I’d hope to get better service and at least warm food. They definitely need step up the service and serve warm food. At least the seats were comfortable. Just don’t go with a mindset on enjoying your food or service.

Selene Dietrich

Good Time at the movies with the husband watching "John Wick". Its clean and fairly fast check out.

Avery Dyer

This is an excellent theater. The seats are comfy and the screens are huge. The line at the concessions stand can move really slowly at times, and the volume in the theater can be a little too loud sometimes.

Brigitte Klotzek

Love it! It's a decently clean theater with a large selection of movies. A number of the theaters have a dining option. This AMC also has an IMAX and Dolby Sound Theater. Also a number of 3D movie viewing options. We were there for Mary Poppins and had a great time. Popcorn and food are priced as you would expect. We we're surprised by the $5 bottles of water. So we're some others in line So be aware.

Jill Jones

It was very nice. Seats are very comfortable and the the food and service were great. Will definitely go again.

Shannon Galpin

We waited for about 20 minutes for someone to come take our order, then the movie was already half way over by the time we got our food. But when we got our food, we never got our drinks, nor utensils and I didn't get my salad dressing. I had to personally leave the theater and talk to the people who were in the kitchen taking orders. Luckily the lady I was talking to and addressed my issues with was super nice, apologetic, and got me my drinks and everything else I needed within 5 minutes. She was the highlight of the night regarding service.

clarissa kelley

It was great, Gemini Man was Amazing if you haven't seen it, it's a must see. And I prefer dine in movie the food was so on point .

Kevin G

Worst movie theater experience I’ve ever had. Brought my 8 year old daughter to see The Lion King today. This movie theater is hot, hot, hot! All 6 Icee machines are out of order. No ice in any of the fountain pop machines. All of the bottled drinks are room temperature, which is approximately 80 degrees. Old theater with tiny uncomfortable seats that do not recline. Customer service said the hot temperatures today are the issue. I guess everyone should avoid AMC theaters in the summer time? I’ll be avoiding them year round from now on. Don’t waste your money on this place. Any other theater in town would be a better option.

Kevin Medina

Dolby Cinema it's great in sound and picture, but the chairs aren't as spacious as other Cinemas. IMax theater was disappointing in every aspect, specially on those uncomfortable stiff chairs. The staff have to be reminded of A-List Stubs benefits cause they don't tell you nor ask for your membership code to be scanned when buying snacks, no real VIP treatment. Most staff seem overworked. Bathrooms don't flush well and it needed attention.

Verna Mckelvin

They have the best customer service ever seen at a movie theater. They also have food delivery to your seat Awesome!

Alan Pitts

Went to see The Lion King @ 5pm today with the family. The air conditioning wasn’t working. Keep in mind that it was over 90 degrees and humid today. None of the coke machines had ice. Fortunately, there was an attendant with an ice bucket. The grab and go popcorn was old and a barely full bucket. Had I known we would have gone to a different theater.

skin atra

What can I say. Super clean mall and theater with the latest movies and most expensive food around. Awesome

Dave J

It was a great way to see a movie but they had a few problems. We bought our tickets online with Fandango. It was the first showing and the phone scanner they were using didn't work. That wasted almost 10 minutes. The food court for the theater wasn't ready for business when we went in and had to go back out for snacks after finding our seats. The soda machines weren't working right. Some had ice and only one was dispensing drinks correctly. The digital projector had display errors on the left side of the screen. I think it was a focus issue. It had a rainbow effect on about 1/8 of the screen.

Martha Jones

Saw Gemini Man...A Must See! I LOVE THE SEATS; so comfortable.

Shariah Caldwell

They need to have directions on how to use their concessions. It's very confusing and the staff didn't help just looked at us while we were struggling to figure out where to go. It's a treat for us to go to the movies as a family, everyone had fun.

Jason Taylor

Love this location. Very clean with many different options of screens. If you love movies do yourself and favor and just join the AMC A-List and go to PRIME showings. Even though it annoys me that A-List members are forced to show ID cards to enter along with their phone ticket lol.

B2badd4yaw Amon

My first time about a week ago. And it was amazing extremely comfortable setting clean and staff was nice. It wasn't crowded it was dark and loud. The restrooms were well kept up. I will be returning here for my next movie venture!

Janet Palughi

It's okay. I find that the trays on every table do not move to allow you to get into the seat very easily. The concept is kind of cool to eat in the movies and have somebody bring you your food but it's nothing that I have to have.

Charsley Wheeler

We are able to enjoy a good movie. The theater was clean and the snack offer a good section.

Cheryl Moore

This theater is always clean. The food is usually good but prices are too high. Staff always nice!

Lance Howard

My favorite theater in Columbus. Having 30 theatres affords you a lot of variety, which this theater has. Several different ways to see a movie between IMAX, full service dine-in, and my favorite- PRIME theater seating with awesome seats that vibrate during the movie. I can't wait to see all the DC and Marvel movies in that PRIME theater! Also, if you are a movie nerd like me, GET THE AMC A-LIST PASS!

Mal V Moo

Going downhill. Today was the worst experience. I’ve always loved coming here but don’t think I’ll be back for awhile after this. Vomit covered carpets and bathrooms. And after telling the custodial staff about the issue he just walks away. I ask if he was going to radio it in and he says nothing. I had to go downstairs and tell guest services. And nobody picked up when you call the office. Then my movie sounded like it was being played over an analog radio. We then left. Unacceptable

Regan Choffin

On the one hand, it has great seats and pretty good snacks. On the other hand, it's in Easton and it's therefore a hassle to get to sometimes. The bonus is that they play a lot of movies that other theaters won't, and for a lot longer. If you want popcorn, get the deal with a large Coke Freestyle soda and The spicy cheddar popcorn mixed with the caramel corn. The only time I've ever finished a large popcorn in my life. Worth it.

Benjamin Dove

Movie was great and seating comfortable but the Dine In food was never delivered. The last time I came the food was way late. If you are going for the movie you will love it... If you are going for the food well good luck. If you go to a late night movie there is no staff to even be able to fix the problem so you may end up paying for something that never comes.

Alicia LG

Always have loved this place since I was a teenager! I have a lot of good memories at that theatre ! I love the dine in it's so nice and the chairs are comfortable. Every now and then you come across ignorant people that ruin the movie for everyone but no one can really control that. Otherwise really fun place!

Misti Curvin

Very nice cinema. I appreciated that it was clean

Dale Pike

I was surprised. Generally AMC facilities are clean and tidy. Not so much today...the concession area was filthy and the staff acted like they wanted to be anywhere but there. I am glad we got the matinee price otherwise totally not worth it.

Nicholas Christopher Hood

Hands down the best movie theatre in Columbus. There isn’t even a close second. Just in terms of size and offerings and atmosphere. It’s a movie theatre but it’s a restaurant and it’s fun! Great seats and recliners etc. I use Fandango to reserve and pick my seats specifically.

Kyle Matson

Nice theater. Power recline seats. Sound was good.

Noor Elqatto

Good theater. Smells a little funky in the hall and parking sucks but overall a good dine in theater

Amber Scheidler

This is a huge AMC in the center of the inside center of Easton town center. There are huge parking garages (free) on either side of the inside section. Big light up PARK signs will guide you. The food is very expensive so we avoid it, but we love going to AMC prime movies here. You can book tickets ahead online and ensure you have good seats. All the chairs recline, some have tables depending on the theater.

Summer Brooks

This is the second time we have been to this theater in a month. We were there at slower times of the day. Both times the concession area was messy, dirty, and out of a lot of candy and supplies. The popcorn was cold and tasted awful. The staff couldn't care less about anything, and service was very slow. The theater we were in was also dirty. The seats had grease all over them and they trays had not been wiped down at all. We will not go back to this AMC. It is way too expensive to see a movie and get snacks to not enjoy the experience because the theater is a disgusting mess.

Deniece Hughes

Coming from a different city,I can say this was probably the best movie theater I've been too. I absolutely loved it! Staff was nice, seats were comfortable (if you're over 5'8 the seat maybe a bit short for you), sound was excellent!!

Sheila Loney

If I didnt have to choice one star I would not have. This was the worst experience ever. My husband and I went to see The Best Of Enemies. This was a Great movie ( a must see). However, the theater it was held in was so hot. I had to keep wiping sweat off my forehead. I got really congested due to it being so hot I could hardly breathe. Once the movie was over, once out of that theater my nose immediately cleared up. I hope someone in management reaches out to me as a result of this. I felt like the theater was my enemy due to it being so hot. It took me about an hour to cool off once we left the theater. Better yet, I'll reach out to them tomorrow! And not to mention, the women's restroom was "NASTY"!

Korbin Mauger

Love this location. Full service dine in is a must, The new stubs program is awesome though I don't visit to really get the full benefits. Some of the seats in theater 29 could use an upgrade but seriously no problems what so ever. AMC all the way

Tyler Bruner

Really comfortable seats! We love doing movie night here. Haven’t actually ordered any food or anything yet. The chairs recline to almost laying all the way down. Could be dangerous if you fall asleep lol

Tiffani Lynn

So pleased with the customer service at AMC Dine in of Easton! I was gifted 3 silver movie passes, then found out I couldn't use them. Richard at guest services helped me out and told me how to redeem my passes. He even helped us out so we didn't miss our movie that day. Thanks again!

Anthony Tartaglia

Definitely the largest, nicest, and cleanest movie theater I've been to!

teresa kelly

Movie good, fine in pricey, but easy

Hannah Hald

Workers at concessions were extremely rude. Didnt even acknowledge me when I stepped up to order. Continued to talk amongst themselves while I was trying to order. Ordered food that cost 16 bucks and it never came. Went to check after 50 minutes and no workers to be found. Never got a refund.

Johnny Storz

Had a great first time experience. Great service, genuine vibe from staff, fair portioned food. Will be going again soon!

Remona Muhammad

Don't be a teenager and move laugh with and friend to loud or you will be escorted out and have police waiting on you. Plus forget a refund! Thats why i go to stoneridge! Never a problem.

Reginald Carrington

I sometimes order two meals when I watch a movie and to me, everything is really good !

Tom Hofacre

I'm rating the Dolby Cinema theater. It was the best movie experience I've had - unmatched picture and seat-shaking sound. Went to see Avengers Endgame and it blew me away.

Mike Angeski

Great place torelax and enjoy a movie. The seats are very comfortable and the place is well kept.

Effie Weldy

Second couple seated in theater, last couple served. Forgot wife's beverage and took forever to get a server over to ask about it. Thirty minutes into the movie we were brought our bill. We had planned on dessert and another drink but I guess they didn't want any more of our money. Food was great but service was absolutely terrible. Will never go there again.


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