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REVIEWS OF AMC Columbus 10 IN Ohio

Justin Collamore

Theaters are a little smaller than average but have very comfortable reclining seats. The place could use a little clean up, but that seems typical for theaters these days.

joel williams

Saw Aladdin which was really good! Theatre was clean and friendly staff.

Robert Bazzle

Pretty good upgrade since AMC bought it, but the people working there could use an upgrade. Very unpleasant, not terrible to where you'd wanna complain, but they are not happy to work there. Also, only ONE kiosk to pick up ordered tickets? They at least have the scanner for your app on that one kiosk, but no one there to give or take tickets. They need more kiosks or people that can scan your phone app ticket.

Dennis Douglas

This is a very nice theater. I am very picky about where I watch a movie bc alot of theaters are not so clean. This one was very clean, the climate was set comfortably. The items to eat were over priced but what cinemas aren't. Overall I was satisfied.

Denise Williams

Employees was rude.when i asked to talk to a manager. They wouldnt go get one.the two girls just stood there talking about me.i dont know if we will go back

Rosa Bradley

I love the seats here and during matinee hours it usually isn't to packed. For the most part they keep it pretty clean. The staff is friendly as well.

Jessica Harper

This is a very nice theater for the town of Hilliard. Love how they have updated the seats to recliner chairs which make sit so more comfortable. Service is usually very good. They need to have people cleaning up more on the floors there is always popcorn and ice everywhere. And I wish they would take out the bar and put an arcade area in. No reason for a bar to be at a movie theater?

Laura Allen

Good but popcorn should not cost more then the tickets!!!!

Nicole Carter

We had a good time.

Thomas Collins

Haven't been in years.prices are better but 5.95 for a small pop a little high. Very nice theater. Great sound quality


Good popcorn, fast lines for snacks. An best of all me an my lil sister were able to watch both Captain Marvel an then at a later showing Endgame. Had loads of fun an it all only costed about $30 fur us with snacks.

Scott Konowal

Pretty decent location. It doesn't have a lot of big screens, but still a good place to watch first run movies. I'm not a fan of their popcorn. It's chewey, and the hulls are a little too thick. Also no butter in the middle option.

Debra Goldammer

Very comfortable clean was able to enjoy a nice evening out with my kiddos.

Cory R

Very nice clean facility good prices

junior Torres

Enjoy the best with my family


Newly renovated. And a great location to see a movie

Travis Branstool

Comfortable seating, not too many people, and fast service

Maurez Lewis

Great lounge recliners. Very clean. Good food. Make sure to go before 5pm. The tickets are only 5 dollars before 5pm

Jose Rodriguez

If u pay for the movie you should be able to watch the movie. The IT movie my kids couldn't watch it cause there age. 14 and 17 . i went to drop them off and they told me they had to b 21 to watch the movie. Makes no sense.

Tony Patrick

AMC 10 in Hilliard is one of my favorite AMC's to go to their prices are cheaper then most others and the theater itself is just as nice.

Rebecca Aitchison

Clean and super comfy seats

Elaine Strauss

The screen was very big. I got a great view

Kate smith

Really nice environment different stores mixed in with movie theaters great sounds at the movies

Guy Harding

Fairly busy for a thursday evening. Excellent cinema hall. Clear crisp audio and visual. Comfortable chairs. Properly chilled fizzy drink. Wonderful atmosphere...

Clinton Wisinger

Comfortable chairs but popcorn is way too pricey.

valentin shapoval

Good Movies, Alright Staff, A lot of youth comes there at evening times and makes a mess, throws trash outside and inside sometimes its dirty, Needs better management, Comfortable seats, Tasy Food.

Steven Miller

Nice and clean with arcades for the children and the young at heart that is you in.

Beverly Thompson

Nice place to go always an enjoyable time

Adam Stansbery

Nice theater. Seats are a little skinnier than I would like though.

domonique Fout

Loved the dine-in experience food was very good just thought it was a lil pricey but will definitely be going back

Kino Kinturo

Aww, man, these new reclining chairs made EndGame so comfy!

Floren Ramos

Me and my family go every week and it’s the first time that I saw the theater trashy without any air-conditioning , Bad service, it smelled really bad it was just bad all-around.The bathrooms were dirty and the trash was full. This is my family favorite place we go every week and I hate to see it this week I hope it can really go back to the way used to be so my family and can enjoy the next movie

Dominic Anderson

The theater itself was ok. You can tell it had been renovated. There is a musty smell to it. Prices responsible.


Clean and comfy. Just wish people wouldn't bring babies to movies.... Tons of crying

Tre Cumbow

The theater is nice, but they need to follow policies better for rated R films... We went to see Joker last night and the amount of VERY young children being loud and obnoxious was alarming. The parents should be ashamed, but more than that, kids that young should've never been aloud in that movie in the first place... Ive worked for AMC in the past so I know that young children shouldve never been permitted into such a graphic and adult film...

Daniel Dick

This movie theater is definitely one PD the best I've been to

Marty Crawford

Customer service here is a little weak. Half the time they can scan my a-list ticket as I walk in, other times I have to stop at guest services first and get a ticket printed. Not really sure why they're so inconsistent. Experience watching movies has always been good.

Laura Paas

Clean and comfortable. A little chilly but it was cold outside as well. The popcorn was a little lackluster but 2 out of 3 in this day and age is the best we can shoot for I guess.

Betty Glam

Best ticket prices on the west side. Comfy recliner seats. Go before noon for even better prices. We were stuck in the front row, which is far too close to view the movie. Next time, I’ll try to remember to buy tickets on their app, where if you purchase 4+ tickets at a time, they waive the online processing/convenience fee.

Michelle Bryan

Nice reclining seats but restrooms definitely needs some cleaning.

Marcie Bloom

Went to see Gemini Man starring Will Smith it was really good at least we liked it you might too

Stephen W Payne

Good quick service and clean. Great seats.

Jamie Jones

I love this movie theater. Their never so busy that you can't find a great seat. They have great seats, stadium style. Great popcorn that you can order anyway you want it. Next time you want to go to the movies go here. You won't regret it.

Paul Byrum

It's a decent enough little theatre. I prefer the AMC Easton or AMC Lennox over this venue but it'll do.

Ed Mash

I like AMC theaters. Each is just a little different

Jarrod Miller

Great prices, parking and location, but the theater keeps it temperature set way too low. I had to use my winter coat as a blanket and I still was freezing and my nose wouldnt stop running. This happens far too often at this theater especially from Nov through March.

Cindy T

Soooo different from how it used to be! The seats are amazing with plenty of room...if they would be brave and lower the cost of concessions, I could give another star. Oh, and make sure to give proper size drink cups for what you ordered...and also make sure there are lids out to fit said wrong sized cup...then BAM! Another star

Coach B

The reclining chairs dont go all the way out due to the chairs being to close.

nunya bizness

It was my first time there. The seats were extremely comfy. I don't mind that it's smallish. The screen is standard size and that's what matters. I didn't buy any concessions but I'm sure they are very overpriced because that's the nature of the Beast. I will definitely be going back. PS. You can get booze! \m/

Jarreau Adams

Snacks cost a lot. Good movie though

Misty Suttle

The upgraded seats are nice. The restrooms are always gross and disgusting. And the food is always overpriced.


Great little theater.

Kneice family

Tickets are decent price and the theater seats are excellent very comfortable

black salt

Bigger than I thought it would be. Helpful staff , and restroom was simi-clean.

Brittany Price

Clean theater, great place for an evening movie with the family

Chad Davis

Loved the seating! Most comfortable seats I've set in. All multi functional reclining leather just like sitting at home in the lazy boy.

Sc Sc

Very nice theater. Excellent picture quality. Chairs are nice (same as Easton) but I prefer Dublin's style. Some of the exit signs are bright green instead of red. Hard to get immersed in the experience with the light shining.

Brian Jasper

Pricey like a lot of theaters, but small and nice to visit.

Kelli Kenyon

Great ticket prices newly is a great value

Ashley Boggs

My kids and I had a great time. You have to pick your seats and one of our sets was full of popcorn and trash. So I guess next time I'll bring some cleaning wips.

Lori Collinsworth

Enjoyable movie experience with comfortable seats. Only complaint was the temperature seemed a little too cool for some members of my party.

Niki Steyer

Movie theaters assigning seats that dont exist is reidiculous.

Daniel Bennett II

This place is the only theater I will go to any more. It seems like it's cleaner than most theaters and the nice, comfy chairs are freaking awesome. Of course, if you want concession stand stuff, it'll be expensive as in most theaters, but we didn't need that stuff and just enjoyed a good movie experience. We will for sure be back to this place, most likely in the next few weeks or so.

Christopher Orr

Super comfy recliners and amazing new upgraded sound system

Android Play

Seats are amazing. Just hate that you can now book online and I enjoy going to buy my tickets since I get a student discount. Cannot apply discount through app

Kelly Montgomery

Love the seats. Pretzel bites are good

Miranda Romig

Went to $5 Tuesday to see Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. The theater was full and there was no ac on the entire movie when it was 85° outside. Everyone in the theater was hot and sticking to the leather recliners. Completely unacceptable. I had a 4 star review of this theater until today. I guess that's how they make back their $3, completely disappointed.

The SteamedImpala97

Loved it both the movie and the hospitality

Robert Brake

Theaters are small but most have the recliners

George Madary

Great small location. Clean and convenient. Staff were nice.

Cornelius Leggette

Seats are great 12.00 bucks for small popcorn

Jhontae Hughes

This place isn't to bad, the Location is good, and the seats are comfortable. My only complaint is that it wasn't very clean, the chair I was sitting in was sticky on the arm rest. Besides that, the movie quality was good, and seats were comfortable.

Megan Lutz

This thearter is the cleanest and most comfortable seating i have ever been to my favorite location is the one in hillard super nice.

Deborah Jones

Horrible guest service at this location. I paid in cash for 2 tickets. In cash. My son wanted popcorn so I went to purchase some with a 50 dollar bill. The cashier let's me know she doesn't have enough to break it. So she calls Tom. Tom comes over and says it'll be in all 5s then he looks up at me and says here let me see that it feels funny...mind u my bill came from Chase bank... the cashier informs him the seal is there... he nastily says no it doesn't feel right we're not taking it. I took my money and asked for a refund if you cannot accommodate change for a 50 dollar at such a pricey location which I find terribly hard to believe there are far better ways to handling the situation. I felt uncomfortable and quite offended.

Rebecca Valera

The front desk guy needs to learn to speak up. He wouldn't print my tickets and mumbled so quietly I had no idea what he was saying. Then he kept mumbling as i walked away. This place always has rude people working

Zaun Bowers

Great to have a place locally to go enjoy a movie.

erika r

The renovations this theater have done paid off. Reclining seats; modern bathrooms; and even a lounge area. It is smaller than your average theater, but that's not so bad.

Julie Morgan

Love the recliners. Always clean too!


Arrived at the movie theater at 820 to see the new IT. The movie time was listed at 805 so naturally we arrived a little later to avoid the previews. If you see movies you know there’s always 30 mins of previews, especially for a brand new movie. When we got there they had the doors locked. I understand locking the doors AFTER the movie starts. But not before during the previews. Horrible.

Terrin Daniels

Amazing theater. Comfy reclining seats. Prices are as much as other theaters of the same quality. Would definitely recommend.

Kenna Battles

Love this theater everytime I go.

George Mosel

27 minutes of previews is too long. The movie was already 3hrs.

Antoinette G

I prefer the Dublin theater as the seats are more generous there and they recline better. The recliners here are nice if a touch narrow for a SuperFat person, such as myself, if you have it in the hips, InfiniFat folx may find the seats a little too snug but certainly much better than standard style seating. I like that the controls are on top of the armrest rather than at your hip. The consesssions are pretty standard and the price is highway robbery, lots of interesting variety. But you know, an all beef hotdog is still just a hotdog and pizza is always on flat bread guys, calling it flatbread doesn't elevate it to be steak. Your popcorn is just regular guys, you charge too much. I don't want a gallon of soda so stop charging me for a fridge pack, okay? Oh, and PSA: Their gourmet vanilla kettle corn may turn your poo an alarming shade of teal, just saying. You probably aren't going to use a kiosk to get your tickets. The theaters are small but reserved seating makes this a benefit. The staff is generally nice but their service is nothing to write home about. I went to see Black Panther there, they put the 3D version in a theater that didn't have 3D, then there were problems with the projector. The manager brought the house lights up, walked in with a cop (with a cop) (usually in these situation it's just the manager and a worker or 2) and handed out free movie passes. When the movie started it was already in progress my FOMO was unhappy. This fiasco would have earned them a 1 star rating had every other time I visited not been ok. The bathrooms are movie theater decent, the decor is dark, it's a nice old theater. They have a bar. Did I mention the consession prices are highway robbery? I go here a lot because it is very near my house and is convenient. If you are near here you should go.


Really great place relax while watching a good movie

Nathan Dove

The convenience fee for me ordering tickets online in a digital world is ridiculous.

R Bodkintribe

Great place to watch a movie if we want to stay close to home...Love the seats!! Wish there were more employees sometimes.

Brad Oyer

We really like this theatre. We used to go to movie tavern, but it closed, and its replacement left much to be desired. It would be nice if this theatre was easier to eat in, but alas, it's just a regular facility. We joined stubs premiere and have saved a ton of money, way more than the $15 to join. Also, the AMC app is very slick, and ordering reserved seats on the phone is the best thing ever! BTW, the fee to buy tickets through the app is waived when you pay for stubs, so I highly suggest it. Enjoy!


Joker is a good movie

John Gruber

Been going here for a long time back when it was a dollar theater. It is no longer dollar theater but it has been upgraded to the max. The lounge chairs that are electronic push-button multi-functioning recliner. Is almost too comfortable. Sounds great movie was great, price is about the same as everywhere else maybe a dollar more but to be comfortable was very worth it to me. Staff is always friendly plenty of off-street parking handicap accessible.


The food and drinks are very good. We didn't really have a lot of encounters with staff besides when we got our food. There wasn't anybody at the ticket booth thing inside to collect tickets and tell us which direction the theater was in though

William L

Nice clean place AMCs are always great. The popcorn was great the movie was great, and great employees

Mike B.

I loved the theater itself. Very comfortable seating. That popcorn??? It's literally the worst I've ever tasted.

Kenneth Schaeffer

I am so glad that this theater was up dated. Everything looks nice and the comfortable seats are great. My only criticism I have is there is not enough people behind the food counter. There were 2 people sitting for tickets and one only was needed. There was just 1 person at the food counter. I waited more than 15 minutes. While the 2 at the ticket counter were sitting and talking. I think I even see the manager or assistant walk right by the food counter and not help for a few minutes.

jennifer thompson

We went to go see the Avengers endgame!! I enjoyed a nice cocktail while my son enjoyed an ice and the movie was definitely a tear jerker at the end!! Great service from the employees I have no complaints!!!

Michael Haney

Much improved seats, good popcorn and those fancy flavored pop machines. Get the AMC app and I make getting tickets a breeze. Lots of parking, and reserved seating means no need to get there ahead of time.

Deth Dragon

Nice seating and very good service. I have not had a problem at the AMC.

Safwan Safeer

Good movie theater It’s clean and the staff are very nice!

Earljr Broome

Like the new look. I will most definitely go back.


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