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4101 17th Ave. SW, Fargo, ND 58103 Located in: West Acres Regional Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF West Acres Cinema IN North Dakota

Garrett J

Good movie

Dustin Tuhy

Nice theater. It's great that they play retro movies for $5 and also have $5 Tuesday movies.

Gail Budke

Great time and great place

Sheryl Hauf

Awesome service, speedy customer service and very clean.

starwizardkey abdi

Great movie theater

Jim Brito

Great place. Every seat is pretty much a good seat.

Richard Dunlap

It's a good movie theater to go to. It has dream lounger chairs that make the movie viewing experience very comfortable. Good number of screens so they have a decent number of movies at any given time to choose from. Free refills on soda, popcorn, and slushies.

YARA The stampede

It was nice and I love my time there

Charlene Kaspari

Clean Comfy chairs Clean restrooms

srilakshmi gayatri

I am a very big fan of their popcorn...some days i used to fill my tummy with popcorn itself...when it comes to seating, spacious,peaceful and clean theatres...

Dustin Ehrlin

Great experience for the family. Nice and clean facility. Comfortable seats too.

Susan Maloney

Nice place but could have been a little cleaner.

Jody Lien

Went to a 10:45 movie with my Mom, was nice & inexpensive to get in going this early, we were the only 2 in our theater, ticket seller was very polite. Did not get any concessions. I was disappointed that we didn't have the big fluffy recliners in our movie, but obviously they can't be in every theater...

Dawn Strand

This visit the concession person was rude, past time associates were nice and helpful.

Robert Serini

Nice big theater with 14 screens. Staff is very friendly & helpful. There is only 1 screen with the deluxe ultra-lounge chairs, which are VERY comfortable! (Don't sit for a movie if you're tired, you will probably fall asleep.) But all the other screens have comfortable, rocking seats. Armrests are fixed, so it's difficult to cuddle with your partner, if that's what you enjoy doing.

Connie Spisak

There only a few people and we had great seats. Well be back

Joseph Russo

The chairs in the theater I was in where very uncomfortable and not great for dates

Krishna Kundu

I always love to go there to enjoy the newest movies

Brad Nelson

I am done with all theaters until people are made to lock up phones till the movie is over. The reason to go besides entertainment is to escape from your life for awhile.

Jeremy Lura

Good cinema. Service is decent, though they don't need to do much since I usually order my tickets online and get them from a kiosk. Century has the awesome seats, but West Acres sometimes has classic movies in a theater for $5 a seat. Of course Marcus has a Tuesday deal where all movies are $5, so the off days the classic movies makes you just seem a bit cheap. But realistically I have nothing negative to say.

liz lee

I like the separate sitting area where you can enjoy there food before you go in the theatre, to kick back to enjoy the movie of your choice on a big screen ❣️❣️

Shenna Brooks

It was a good place

Ugaz Corp

Great place, large seats with 3D Movies

Daniel Concha

Prices were a bit steep for seats so do that before the movie. Watched Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and it's awesome. Must see! Watched on 8-10-18 The Meg. Jaws has nothing on this monster movie.

Chelsea Thompson

Bulb burnt out during movie but got refunded plus an extra ticket, so all turned out ok.

Stephen Miller

Many movies to choose from, the theaters were clean, and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Becca MonsterCutehead

Good sound and picture. Clean theater. Great snack selections!


We were in #14, a simple older style theater. The seats were creaky and the "leather" was cracked.

Justin J

Love the lounger chairs

Tim Owen

One of our favorite theaters. Always a good time!

Brad Allison

Always have a good time here.

William Pitts Jr

Amazing place. Friendly people!

Micah Distel

If you don't accept a credit card, maybe have signs up instead of letting people wait in line 10 minutes then tell them

Lori Kenney

Always have great service and I love that they have discount movies on Tuesdays.I appreciate that they always play the first run Christian movies.

Douglas Moore

They need to get on the same page as Century with those seats man!

Chris Walz

Love the recliner seating and the concessions are top notch.

Brenda Crawford

Makes going to the movies affordable again.....

Jack The Jackrabbit

Good amount of movies which is nice...but no recliners which was a con.

Porsche Peterson

Pretty good could have been cleaner

Eugene Buckley

Good films

Maggie Standifer

Nice theater, but we usually try to attend the other Marcus theater in town as they have all reclining seats (for same price)! Better parking lot here tho. When visiting be sure to join the Marcus rewards program. Perks include snack deals, free refills, and no service fee when reserving tickets online - win win!

Elisha Anderson

Great screens, spacious seats, and friendly people at the front.

Matthew Grabill

Good for a movie going experience. Usually pretty busy on weekends but there are some exciting and unique experiences available. For example, I went to see back to the Future 2 here on it's anniversary; and they are now playing John Hughs movies at select times for those of us who never got to see some on the big screen. With a location so close to the mall, it makes for a complete trip

Laura Richards

The dream loungers are fabulous. The concessions are ridiculously pricey.

Rose D

Very clean theater with really comfy seats! The staff was friendly. The price for tickets and concession food was average. Ample parking and located right next to a mall and various dining options.

Perry Peyerl

We were in theater 8 for the Movie, The Mule. We were given remaining seats in the front C8-9... We usually sit more to back of theater but no choice today January 1st at 4pm.... There was very cold air coming directly at us from the left side of our row... very uncomfortable, both of us left theater after it was done very chilled to the bone. We both had to leave our winter jackets on through entire movie.

Tom Hannig

Good theater

Lisa Anderson

The cinema is clean and amazing movie theater. I love this theater!

Julia L

Wish all the theaters had lounge seating... also, how come you can fill your plastic popcorn bowl at a discount but not the big plastic cups for a drink? Seems like a big waste of plastic.....

rowdy B

Great place to go and see the newest movies!!!

Kim Swol

Accepted my movie pass purchase. Cinnamon pretzel bites were okay, but not amazing. Seating was clean and comfortable.

Sandra Scott

Very nice to go to a monday night movie. Not too crowded and great parking.

Michael Stein

Comfortable place to watch a movie

Internet_Spy Watching

Great cinema, massive screens. Just need some haagen das ice scream and chocolate shell!

Mitchel Branden

Great fun, comfortable seats,polite workers

Jeff Anderson

Cleanest movie theater I've ever been in.

Denise Warenko

"The up side" was a good a good movie

Daniel Kraft

How many years do we have to pay inflated prices on popcorn and soda before they will put in dream loungers for all seats at this theater?


We came to town to visit a friend but he was at work so the wife and I stopped in. We we're pleased with how spacious it was and how many seats fit in there. We have been to lounger theatres before but never one this large. Plus they had mini donuts so that was awesome.

Kasi Adler

Super friendly, helpful ticket gal!

Ron Karney

Nice theatre. I was hoping to get more of a supper but did get a hotdog

Maddi Hopkins

Really great place. The seats are super comfortable and nice. They are real recliners made of what I believe is faux leather. They're really big. They are connected like loveseats so going alone may be uncomfortable when sharing a couch with a stranger. Overall thought, one of my favorite places to go see a movie.

Autumn Hall

Super clean theater. Seats are comfy, snacks were great. The only theater I have ever been to that had decaf coffee and it was made fresh!

Chris Roeszler

Great theater imo! Even the seats that aren't dream loungers are comfortable for me. They continue bringing in anime events which is awesome for me. I would love to see more of this and more people attend. The food and snacks are... there. They're good, and reasonably priced considering it's a theater. The ticket prices are good too, again considering it's a theater. Special events are a bit more of course, but I'm not sure how much they control that. They do offer cheap movie times and specials occasionally, so if you really want to go and aren't picky about when, or can accommodate when they offer those deals, go enjoy a movie!

Cebrina Ford

Movies are cheap but worth seeing


Great theatre but could use more food/beverage options....

Christi Simms

The theater felt dirty. My shoes stuck to the floor. The rail was sticky and it was hot inside the theater

Dan Bertsch

Once upon a time people went to movies for the news reels. I went because there was no real news and TV sucks

Curtis James Sullivan

If Greg Marcus ever stops making sweet commercials that live before the move and after the trailers, then I'll quit seeing movies... Forever!

Haddad Phodian

Decent pricing, super comfortable seating with great food and snack choices.

Angela Spidahl

So comfortable!

Thomas Clark

Comfortable seating good layout

Forrest Mikkelsen

It's a good theater. Avoid Tuesdays if possible as it's cheap tickets and cheap popcorn, but way to crowded and noisy.

Alicia Bjerke

Love the dream lounge seats. We gladly drive 100 miles to see movies in the dream loungers!

Vincent Casey

A great theater with all the newest movies at a relatively cheap price. Go here on Tuesdays for $5 tickets and on Thursdays for the same deal if you're a student. The food could also be cheaper/higher quality, but relative to other places it's mostly ok (especially the popcorn, very food stuff)

Karyn Davis

Clean friendly service helpful employees. Enjoyed ourselves


They have all of the movies you want and even the ones you don't


Nice theatre, pretty good selection for concessions. I wish they'd bring back the kids summer movies though.

Diana Fortune

Go here every weekend my whole family loves it

Tim Mclagan

We love this theatre! From the seating to the concessions.

jason berrios

Clean, good quality sound and picture, love the seats, and they let you throw private parties

Jenna Cameron

It's always clean and the seats are super comfy; my choice movie theater.

RandyJohnson Johnson

I loved the West Acres ❤️ Cinema, the seats were extremely comfortable and the movie l really enjoyed.

Sarah Beresford

Tonight we went to West Acres Cinema in Fargo to watch the latest block buster release. I've been to this Cineplex many times before and always have a consistent experience there. The popcorn is always fresh and warm, the self-serve soft drink selection has a good variety to choose from, and the staff is courteous and friendly. A consistent drawback, however, is the extremely loud sound system installed in every theater. Tonight there were only five of us watching the movie, and it was deafening. Also, the room temperature is never consistent throughout the show, no matter what season it is.

Juli Stephenson

Very clean every time I go in there. Seating is plush and comfy. Good sound and views.

Jorge Davila

Great Movie Theater at a decent price!

Sandra Aarestad

Love this Marcus theater!! Lots of theaters, always clean, and the staff is friendly and good location!! They always have a good selection of new movies! Good prices for young and old!

Dh Debacle

Their RealD 3D technology is really great! And I love that there seats have cup holders. There are also theatres with reclining chairs! Great place for a movie with the family.

Lynn Krogen

the staff are so nice. they keep the theaters clean. have great deals.

World's Canopy

Great place to enjoy movies with latest technology projectors

Carilyn Park

We went to the 10:30 show and the person that helped me do the tickets by machine was so nice and very helpful , the theater was clean and with the A.C. going it was very comfortable

Traci Sethre

Monday morning matinee is when you can have the theater to yourself. New films are better priced, too. Sign up for movie rewards if you go frequently enough- after a few shows you can rack up some nice points.

Rich Wesnoski

Good show general theatres are still ok. The popcorn is old in the afternoon. For 15 indonexpect fresh popcorn

The Adventures of Dan&Stella

Pretty good movie theater experience but I rather go to the local theater even if they run movies behind schedule you get better service and it doesn't cost an arm and leg to get concessions. The lines are long here too but they do a pretty good job of shortening them up. I can't believe how incredibly expensive the concessions and tickets are, but I guess that is actually about average. I think the tickets cost about 15 bucks each and for concessions (soda, popcorn, two candy bars) was about 25 bucks for a total of $55 to see a movie that would be on DVD in a few months. The local theater I go to (Lisbon, ND) is about $25 or less for the same thing, and it feels better to support local. But if your in fargo and feel like a semi-expensive date, West Acres Cinema is the place to go.

Krobar 76

Great fun and awesome value for rewards members!!

Cindy Ternes

Friendly, helpful and fast service

Jean Johnson

They have the BEST POPCORN in town. Note to self...get your tickets ahead of time on Tuesday movies after 6:30pm. The theaters fill up fast.

sandra blum

They helped me pick the perfect seat. They had a movie I wanted to see that I couldn't find at 3 other theaters.

Alonna Borgrud

Went to see Downton Abbey and its wonderful. Got tics at a kiosk since bought ahead of time. Got the #1 Combo at the snackbar counter and its way to expensive.. Needs to bring the prices down some or maybe alot.

Craig Klein

Loved it very relaxing.. One of the best movie theatre


The employees are fraudulents. On the tickets counter they let me pay for my 11 years old daughter as an adult. And we bought some popcorn and water then I discovered that the guy at the counter let me pay for an extra bottle of water (4,5$).. what’s that!!! Even the prices are so expensive compared to the service, they also take extra money. Worst experience in a cinema ever...

Marcus Crandall

Everytime I go during the day empty seats so you can enjoy your movie

Chad Dubuque

Clean, nice seats. Premium experience.

The-thing 11

Staff was super friendly, theater was clean.

Tanya Watson

Cheap movies, great staff

Tim Bauer

Christmas Day has become a tradition. The theater portion I was in had not been cleaned for a time. Plastic containers on floor and holders. Numerous areas with copious amounts of popcorn on floor and on the seats. There appeared to be ample staff to clean between showings.

Leani Morris

Great place for movies.

matt stubstad

The bathrooms are very nice. My apologies to the staff.

Michael Pesole

Family had a great time.

Shera Casseus

It's very nice. The seats are comfortable and it's never crowded. You even get to choose your seats and you can see all the available seats in the theatre when choosing I love that but some people may hate that. Not much food options though and its wicked expensive. I would just say bring your own food. They have a rewards system also and when you first sign up you get free popcorn.

Tony McGilberry

Matinee for the win. Very comfy seats.

Adam Ista

The theater, restrooms, and lobby were all in a nice clean and working state when we visited. Can't really think of any specific issue other the food/snacks.

Steve Zielske

Thought they had recliners, but our theater didn't. Otherwise good.

Jerry Weber


Lorna Bohjanen

Avengers Endgame love going to West Acres Cinema! The employees r so patient, helpful, and very courteous! Movie I was there to take my grandkids. They wanted to see it and loved it!

Jonathan Erhardt

The place is up to par with most other theaters. I can find no fault in the place. Staff was pleasant and expidiant

Joseph Allen

This theater is very clean and the staff are great. They just need to have more people on shift especially when a showing is starting. Concessions line is usually long. The screens that have dream lounger seating are fantastic. You never want the old seating again.

Michelle Holm

We were in a theater with old seats, now near as comfortable as the Dreamlounges, but enjoyed the movie.

Tony Ladouceur

Awesome experience, comfy seats, lots of room, great sound. One of the cleanest theaters I have seen.

Amy Hanson

Love this theater. Easy to get in and out. Staff is always willing to help if there are questions.

Armando Tenorio

Good service and quality business options. Refundable if the power goes out

jose Ramirez

I love it the seats are comfortable and very good service I wouldn't go to another theater unless I move some where else lol

Chris McEwen

Century Theater is better, but pretty solid place.

Scott Crang

Most comfortable seats and the movie was mediocre

Thaddeus Hopkins

The lounger seats are nice, but otherwise it's just like any other theater.

Frank LaLonde

Nice lobby. Theaters now have reserved seating. Some theaters have reclining seats with foot rests and others are more traditional seating. While the recliners are nice and a little roomier, the more traditional seats are comfortable. Biggest peave is that the food prices are extremely high and some of the prices shown are for Marcus Rewards customers, not the price for non members. My large pop and large popcorn cost me $15.00 while the advertisement said $9.00. Person at the counter was kind about it and let me know before getting the food and charging me.

frank hutcherson

Always a great time!

Jacob Miller

Good environment, but customer service is eh

Brian Shane

Clean and comfortable!

Jody Lamb

Good times!

Abby Yates

I have seen multiple movies here, and the experience has always been incredible. The staff are always friendly, and they truly care about your experience as a theatregoer. The seats are also very comfortable, and they recline if you like. I certainly think that this is a good theatre to attend. Enjoy!

Elaine Mitzel

Experience with the following is the best An Price for me on Tuesday and Friday are good


Saw spiderman it was pretty good

Chad Alfson

Great service, great viewing and they give military/very discounts.

Megan Klein

Was denied entry to The Nun because I didn’t have my I.D. I understand this is policy, and normally wouldn’t complain. However, the employee in the box office was talking to me like I was some kid sneaking into the movie even though I am almost 20 years old.

Betsy Kiplinger

This is a fabulous movie theater. Comfy seating. Very well-maintained. This is a modern theater with lots of extras. Makes spending the extra money to watch a movie in a theater a delight. They also have various events such as an anime series that will get us back there

Aaron Fatland

Movie theaters just aren't the same anymore but this place still does it right. They have the biggest screen in Fargo and they do a pretty good job keeping it clean. Only downfall is they only have the dream loungers in the Ultra Screen, unlike Century where they have them in every theatre.

Yosef Mamo

Good cinema sitting only problem is the sound is to tinny and the screen isn't really up to par with AMC or anything

Martha Johnson

Nice place to see a movie

Dillon Sailer

The best theater to go to in town for convenient times and plenty of sitting room. Great staffing!

Obie Madison

Love the reclining chairs

Trystin Gabbert

Really good movies and food

Susan M Johnson

Need to have the nice recliners in the theater

Salvage Playz Minecraft and more

So amazing gunna go again

Gena Lange

The movie and popcorn Are great

Matthew Trevino

Staff is really cool

Monica Hyde

Great times always at this theater.

bob alm

Music was very loud Movie was great. Popcorn is really good. A star is born.


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