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1681 3rd Ave W, Dickinson, ND 58601 Located in: Dickinson State University

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REVIEWS OF Odyssey Cine 3 Theater IN North Dakota

Bree Soper

Trent Kleinjan

Sheyanne Delp

It's not bad for a small town could use updates but it's still okay. For the people complaining it's a small town what do you expect 5 stars come people quit taking stuff for granted and get over it

Jason Winter

It's Dickinson N.D. the only movie theater we have. I appreciate it as is. No its not some huge city quality theater, but its what we have. It's great for where it is at. Spendy, yes. Worth the outing time to time, absolutely.

sue lee

Toya- Who

I hope they upgrade the movie theater soon, I always feel uncomfortable being in this dirty place. You would think since this place has money it wouldn't be a problem to provide a clean and comfortable place to enjoy bringing your family to. I'm not impressed.

Dawn L

Victoria Craig

I love it. For as small as dickinson is it makes sense that there is a small theater. The employees are very nice. And one of them is really really cute.



Ethan Haynes

Good movies, amazing service. But needs a variety of candy, and a bit cleaner.

xxTHUNDERxx 1709

Has good movies but messy place

Ki-Jhana Chavez

Kyle Schmidty

Even though this is the only theater in Dickinson, it can’t just get a pass for that. The screens are not that good of quality, the food is expensive, and the seats are terrible. The films they show are really safe because we only have 3 theaters and have to pick movies (even if they look bad) that are going to do well at the domestic box office. That sucks because a lot of smaller films or oscar films that look really good like The Disaster Artist don’t look like there going to be there (even though they showed Baby Driver for one week). Hopefully with JCpennys closing and people putting out rumors that that can be the theaters extension I hope that this does happen with all the bad reviews, but for now this theater is just Ok

Charlie Bischoff

Get a new theater

Big Frank

Dylan Plaggemeyer

Theodore Dykstra

Where do I begin? They let people into the movie 30 minutes after it started! EVERY minute there was a beeping sound. The volume was so low that when everyone started laughing, you can't hear the movie at all! To top it off, the lights came on 20 minutes before the last scene! Got a rash from the seat I was sitting in, the place smelled awful, the floors were dirty and disgusting. For as much as they make off of the over priced food and drinks, you would think they could afford better employees that can actually maintain and run a somewhat decent movie theater. Will never come back again. Absolutely horrible!

Angela Johnson

Jace_ Cofer

nicole white

Came her on Sat night to see hotel Transylvania 3. Staff and mgmt are great!

Logan Greenwood

has good food and sound is good but showing times and days movies come out are sometimes messed up

Heidi Rose

Gary Graves

Overall, a basic movie theater. Underlying however, is the fact that their seating is outdated and in poor condition, not to mention very stained. That added with the fact that unannounced ticket prices were more than advertised and the attendant doing the popcorn "poured" the butter straight in the center of the tub made it an experience I'd rather not do again. Bismarck will be the go to place for now on.

Molly Warnke

Awesome always liked chappie!!!!!!

Michelle Slominski

Needs major upgrade

Kayla Messall

This place is so dirty! And it smells awful! Thy need to replace chairs and actually clean. I would rather drive 100 mikes for a clean environment than see a movie here again.

Rory Yoder

Jesse frenzel

2 stats because of the mall


It's a place to watch movies. Don't expect anything spectacular though.

Nels Johnson

I have repeatedly complained of a beeping thermistat un one if the theaters to no response. They dont care. One of the speakers rattled and again ,no response. What does it take to make them care ?

carl austin

Place is badass. Good flicks, awesome seats, friendly staff. Quite affordable as well. Cheers!

Olya Kleinjan

stephen lawson

Danielle Courchesne

Liviu Cadar

Connie M Traver

Great place to take the kids.

Lazaek -

Decent popcorn without butter. Roof near food is covered with it and stained pretty bad.

Kelly Olson

Cozy small theatre with great popcorn and not your big theatres prices!

Cj Kostelecky

David Urrea

Quaint & Staff very friendly & helpful

Jonathan Musk

Theater is old. The seats are meh. That's not so much of an issue. Half the movies I want to see don't show up here. Ever. So I have to drive almost two hours from where I live to go to Bismarck if I want to see a particular flick.

Erik Castro

Just drive to Bismarck instead It's worth the drive

Miranda J Duval

Friendly staff. Wish they had a different variety of candy. I was very frustrated when I had to change my baby's diaper in their bathroom because there was no changing table and the bathroom counter was dirty.

Aiden Dvorak

It discussing

Mike Payne

Horrible seats, horrible picture quality, unclean, rude management, place just all around sucks.

jon jourdan

the movie cut out twice.screen just went black for.a couple.minutes.. didn't even set the movie.up where we left off so just missed chunks.of the movie. apology. but only movie theater in town so what else can you do

Abby Kessel

Jazmine Boeshans

Ive wanted to watch "the visit" but its not here.. but its in Bismarck. ok

Sheralle Anderson

Expensive for the low budget theater, only have 3 movies playing at a time, and once the movie froze at the end for a few minutes and so we missed it and they refused to rewind it or any kind of refund. Overpriced. Not clean and smells.

Jessica Burke

Brandon Raasch

samantha harris

I liked it it is so cozy in winter, it was pretty cheep, and it had ok movies, but it smelled weird and kind of gross it is also sticky. But I recommend going if you like low prices, good popcorn, candy, drinks, and alright movies.


First time ever to the theater and I really enjoyed it. I love the small size because the screen feels like it's the biggest part of the room; like it's just you and the movie. The seats were also very nice - better than some seats found in other theaters. Highly recommend.

Tyler Culver

Friendly staff and it's better than nothing! Lost a star because they play it too safe with their movie choices.

Dylan Meyerhoeffer

Not my idea of a good theatre. Movies are sometimes finally shown after several weeks of already being in wide-release; to add insult to injury, there are only three different screens, each with poor and uncomfortable seating; Is this the best that Dickinson has to offer?

Lexie Adolf

I wish our theatre would upgrade the seats and building so badly. The workers are friendly but it is almost always sticky on the floor, and many seats were broken or uncomfortable. If you are on a date forget holding hands with the hard armrest after awhile your hand starts to fall asleep

Troy Edin

It's okay, typical theatre. They could upgrade it to support a larger populace and invite more block buster movies. That would be nice, bathrooms need to be cleaned better. We had some rude 20something idiots behind us complaining about people bringing kids to a theatre, (it was a family movie). Yet they were louder than my two sons. Off topic, funny though.

Kimberly Herring

It's Awesome, love it, love the new seats.


Super expensive..... only problem is its the only one!!! Only go if you really want to see a movie.

Justin Wall

How do you not play Pitch Perfect 3 on its opening day????? Negative 20 stars...

Kyle Capron

K in CA

The new theater located at DSU is great. The owner is sweet and staff have been adorably personable. We love the popcorn and it's been a really great location for us. I hope it stays there FOREVER. We much prefer it to the new one in the mall. The seating layout is super spacious and comfortable. I feel special without being overcharged. Thank you for not taking advantage of your customers by overcharging us at all. We appreciate that very much! <3

Evan Points At Him

Goldengoodies 152

Its the only theater we have and you need to be grateful. who cares if we don't have power recliners like denver, we have a theater.

vicki kerley

Jordon Walker

They never have the good movies coming out like night school and the muppets movie. The movie theater is a mockery of real movie theaters

copper j

Expensive...never get good movies..every seat is broken. Smells like barf

Wilson Mclaughlin

I have to say this about our, yes it could use some upgrades. Ive lived here pretty much my whole life and ive seen this city prosper and go through some down times.First things first yes its in Dickinson but the manager has no say when or why we cant remodel. As a corporate it's the corporation that makes the decision when they improve, then that gets into a whole lot of red tape and city bylaws. We should be very grateful that we have had a manger at this threater for as long as we have lets say over 20 years. She a great person with lots on her shoulders. Trying to keep employees while battling the ups and downs of the economic ups and downs. Some of you have said that the floors are dirty and sticky. Well have you tried to cater for lets say 400-500 people n 3 or 4 shifts. People that dont pick up after themselves or bring other foods and drinks and then leave them on the floors .then have a 10-15 minute turn around for the next show. Plus the prices are set by the corporation not dickinson. so maybe for some of you that down play the service maybe you appreciate that we have a to all the staff and that awesome manager thank you for your service at the threater and what you do provide gitls love your threater and the employees there. AUNTIE ETTA. THANK YOU to our adopted auntie Etta FOR ALL YOUR YEARS OF SERVICE. #ilovemoviesindickinson.

Liz Kreitzer

Brady Braun

Honestly it's hard to be generous here. The employees are nice and they played the movie. Other than that the atrium floors are sticky, the seats are horrendously old, broken, stained. Take your pick. One of the worst parts about the theater is that there are only 3 atriums. Meaning 3 movies. Which means if you want to catch the movie you better do that within about a week and a half because it will be gone. Not to mention they don't do online ticket order. It's not a main factor but it would be nice if I could get the tickets on fandango rather than finding the movie is sold out AFTER I get there. But hey it's all we have. This place needs to be demolished and replaced because an update wouldn't save it at this point. Added later: It's been a while since I last wrote this review. I've now found that they don't even post their showtimes on fandango. And now that their website was changed, the showtimes are not just simple text. So now Google nor Siri nor Alexa know where to find them. Instead you need to go to their crappy website every time.

logan marsh

David Brand

Ticket prices are pretty good... $7 for the matinee. Older style seats that don't recline. Snack prices are expensive. $10.50 for a popcorn and a drink. Movie and sound quality was OK as well. All in all a pretty average theater.

Zach Hill

Sub par theater, movie selection is terrible


Noah, the greeter is a great guy!

colter pierce

Good theater!


When I moved to Dickinson 7 years ago this theater was fine for how small Dickinson was at the time. However in that time frame Dickinson has boomed and the theater has well over tripled their prices without putting a single penny into improving the theater. This theater has filthy floors and seats, torn and plenty completely broken seats and only 3 screens (that need to be updated). If they were still charging their lower prices for both concessions and tickets then this would still be a decent theater. People say oh it is a small town what do you expect? Well I expect a theater that has made the profits they have in more than 7 years to have updated something that is what I expect. Furthermore their employees look absolutely miserable the entire time they are there and they don't even start their movies on time. We sat in The Conjuring 2 for 10 minutes past start time until a patron got up and went and talked to an employee and their excuse was that the concessions was busy so they started late. What kind of horrible business model are they running?

steve honeybadger

Small but nice theater, But on occasion they have opened up late.

pamis B

I don't know how they call that theater, dirty, small and expensive!

Kristin Anton

Love going out to the movies with my family.

andrew powell

It is an old theater

Brandon Dorner

Never any good movies and expensive

Lacey Marsh

It would be nice to know what improvements will be addressed and when. After all, this is the ONLY theater in town and instead of making people watch a movie in busted seats and on torn screens, we should be comfortable and excited to spend our money with you. Please remodel as soon as possible.

Hailey Blair

My husband I went and the movie tickets is a nice price but $4.25 for candy is ridiculous. The drinks we over priced. The floors were sticky and the whole place smelled like backed up sewage. The staff also will steal your things. The manager is very rude and The staff isn't much better. I would not recommended going there to anyone.

Nicole Pure


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