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REVIEWS OF Grand 22 Theatres IN North Dakota

Bartender Mel

Several movies I've seen here, love the experience

Jeff Wicks

Very nice place to watch movie and they have a good conversation stand


Good place to go to, but it's missing something, if I go to Fargo, there is a theater with reclining seats in all and I can pick my seats beforehand and see what available, as well as AMC in Bismarck has discount buckets with a lid for less than $5 currently at this moment, as well as unlimited refills, they also have a membership which you earn points to get free popcorn, pop, tickets, so I cannot wait till that happens at Grand.


Great place to see a movie

Tyler Wahl

I love the new recliner seating.


It neat

Scott Woodson

Friendly staff, great selection of movies each week, very well kept property.

Peter Schultz

Best movie theater in Bismarck. Not just new movies, but classics too. One of the best features is how clean and well maintained it is.

Daniel Rough

Great as always. Took the wife to pet semetary and it was fun. The staff is always good to us. The tall guy at the snack counter has great customer service. Always good to make customers laugh. This is my theater of choice.

DJ Polk

Great food, great shows, always a great time!

Scott Elstad

Great sound and sights. Awesome way to spend a wet afternoon with family. Packed, avengers endgame was good, not quite as good as the former movies but still good.

Amanda Gentle

We saw Avengers End Game here today. It was quiet and comfy. Fair pricing and we love the Egypt theme!!!

Denna Lucas

Very clean staff seems very nice too

Aaron Dyk

The theatre is well kept but the prices for tickets and snacks are a bit steep shouldnt cost two ppl 40$ plus to have snacks and see movie

Robert Gaffney

My favorite theater in the country and I've been all over the United States. This place is shockingly cool! Like being in King Tut's tomb.

Joyce Elliott

Best theater...EVER!

Kathleen Nix-Obert

Great theater with friendly staff. Becoming a Tuesday night family tradition.

Scott Fry

My favorite movie theater in Bismarck, ND. Beautiful, nice staff, great seats.

Shane Smith

The seats and all other upgrades are fantastic. Its clean and the line moves fast. It's big so not much of a wait anyway.

Rick Guenther

Been there twice now. Pleasant experience each time. Very clean and comfortable

Bonnie Sauve

Great movie. Doughton Abbey

Michael Bloom

Very comfortable and enjoyable.

David Vaughan

I did not hate the theater, it was very nice. It has bran new seats ,and ones in the back partially recline. Awesome sound .

Calvin Wilkinson

One of the most unique deco of any theater I've been in. More theaters need a theme, rather than bland interiors

Ryan Wickham

Good prices and an awesome building, feels like you're in an Egyptian tomb. Seats are very comfortable and they have good sound systems.

Zenbrak thedark

Very cool Egyptian themed theater. Would give it 5 stars except for 2 things. First, the only concessions area open out of 5 was the first one. Only one register open at a time. At 5-8pm on a Friday night. Second thing is petty but if I get the largest popcorn and drink possible I'd like a refill. Hence paying more.

Chelsea Ford

So beautiful with really great prices. Favorite movie theater. Love the decor and comfy seats.

Sannie Hoslter

Seats were comfortable the movie speakers were great sound effects.

joseph bohlen

Great movie place. There's no better popcorn anywhere. So good. They keep it clean, fully staffed, and are constantly updating. Plus, i love the preshow muzak i heard as a kid.

Rebecca Horne

It's a great place to go and watch movies and have popcorn and soda.


First timer, i love the building and its multiple theaters. It's very quaint, comfortable, clean and the volume was perfect. I dislike theaters that BLAST the volume up to 11

John Decoteau

Awesome place

Ann Carr

Old theater decorated in an Egyptian motif....seats are comfortable, service was friendly and quick. Prices were reasonable, but a little on the higher side. They do offer $5 tickets all day and evening on Tuesdays. One thing that was outstanding was the movie motion control seating. If reserved in advance online, they do cost mire. But noticed people taking the seats and I suspect did not reserve. All in all, a great place to watch a newly released movie.

Tamara Jimenez

Amazing reclining seats. Comfortable and cozy . Clean environment


Nice Theater good staff

Jordan S

Absolutely love the environment, Eqyptian theme. 5 dollar movie nights on Tuesday's... Can't beat it.


We were in a smaller theater due to going to a movie that has been out for awhile. I will say though it was still well maintained and comfortable. The chairs even reclined some. It wasn't run down or dingy at all. I'd definitely go there again, no seconds thoughts about it.

Cassondra Lynn Krause

Great service, comfy seats and a wide movie selection. Guaranteed to have a great movie experience!

Danielle German

I love this theater mostly because of the theme. Good place.

Rachel McCullough

Lots of movie times and options, fun decor, fancy reclining seats in some of the theaters!

Luz delvalle

Love to go to the movies . this place is very nice and clean. Love how they have specials on they hot dog...popcorn and pop . lots of candy to chose from

Dylan Schmit

Has gotten too expensive

Allison B

Love the different movies that are on. Best movie theatre in town.

Seth Ballaine

Good place to watch movies, not bad price for seats but food/drinks are up there as you would expect

Alexis Newton

Definitely my favorite theater to go to!

Collin Peterson

I went on a date with a girl I really like here. It was the second showing of the lion king the theater room was empty except for us so it was really nice.

Benjamin Ramsberger

Almost a tourist attraction in and of itself. Be sure to arrive early to check out the posters and other miscellaneous memorabilia around the theater. If you become a regular, be aware that every theater room has a unique setting!

Stacie Cornett

Best movie theater in Bismarck. They have just the typical movie concessions (not a dinner/movie place), but the large multi-plex has a nice variety of theaters with different types of seating. My favorite is the theater with the rocking chair seats.

Debbie Morrow

Wonderful theater. Well organized

Matt J

Enjoyable. Tons of selection, big screens, comfortable seating.

d e m e t r i a h o l l i d a y

First time coming here and I loved the experience here at the theaters. Walked inside and it has that Egypt theme inside. The movie screen is big and clear the sound it perfect the seats are decent, but I prefer luxury chairs. But other then that I really like the theater here something new.

Jonathan Malaterre

This is the best movie theater I’ve ever been to so many screens and the D box seats are even cooler. The prices are fine.

Frances Whitfield

Awesomely decorated theater - neat and clean. Enjoy your trip to Egypt via a movie and a walk through these halls!

Garrett Sturgill

Me and my other 2 buddies went and seen a movie at this theater. Very comfortable seats, decent pricing on concessions, and friendly environment. I will return! Some theaters have reclining seats and some do not.

Amanda Gray

This place is amazingly beautiful and has such friendly service. It was a real pleasure too visit Grand theatre. Facility is clean

Blake Itrich

good variety on the other movies but tickets are rather spendy. no matinees during the week also a drawback

Stephanie Stacey

Best screens! Great crew.

Shannon Miller

Prices ughh..but nowhere in nd has a dollar theater like idaho

Jonah Larson

Sometimes you get put in a puny theater but the place is impressive

Daniel Ibach

Friendly atmosphere helpful staff

Michelle Brennise

Great to take advantage of the Tuesday special! Going to see a movie at the theater is always a special occasion.

reagan miller

Best place in town to hang with friends and have a good time

Jason DuPaul

I don't know that I've ever had a bad experience here. One of my favorite theaters that I've ever been to.

Diablo Tipton

Great movies and snacks. Just wish it was in the budget more often.

Pete Ducheneaux

Top shelf facility. Good time.

mr f

Good. Clean. Polite!!!!!!! Very good


Flat out one of the best movie-going experiences I've ever had.

Ken Simosko

Doreen Lyons

Always great service, guidance, comfortable seating, great quality sound & screens here. The popcorn, fountain pop & candy are real treats too. Large menu with great selection.

E Diane Laub

Went to see Woman Walks Ahead. Excellent movie. The Grand is always clean and welcoming. Staff at treats counter are fast. They have parking in a lot across the street, so don't have to park in way back lot.


Great place! Big spacious and clean

Void AxeL

Amazing, very comfortable. Love the decor

B More

I was in 21theatre I think it was one of the smaller theaters maybe due to the small turn out? Of 20 possibly. Other wise good

Cody Malloy

This theater gets better every time I go (which isn't often). The seats are great! The chairs all recline now and you can walk down the aisle relatively easily. The price is high on ticket and food purchases, but it's worth it for the family occasionally. Hands down the best Bismarck theater.

Jessica Baumgartner

Just really awesome

Isaac Schroeder

Best movie theater ever! The Grand is so cool with an Egyptian theme and 22 good sized theaters. This sound is amazing with beautiful bass. I highly recommend the Grand for your next movie night.

Amanda Bachman

Solid theater with all the current movie options. It has a her unique atmosphere with old movie poster and cool statues throughout. The theaters are slowly being updated but some could still use new chairs.

Villain Katsuki Bakugo

Want to feel like you are outside of the U.S.A go there

Adrian Kraft

Just the best movie place around. Always a great experience

Lana Moser

Comfortable seating, clean atmosphere! Food & drink prices are a bit high, especially when taking a family

Larissa Larson

Very clean and great service provided by all employees

Sandy Mower

It was the most amazing theater I ha e ever been to. The self tour of the theater was worth more than the ticket to the show. I wish I lived here so I could come all the time to the show. Would love to meet the owner and hear of the whole story behind the theater. Thank you so mu h It was a highlight of our trip here.

dare ricke

Amazing place to watch movies. Probably the Best theater in the area and has amazing theaters. Some with reclining chairs even!

LaToastaNostra Therealtoast

Always a good time, especially Tuesday when it's throwback price night, or Thursday with discount concessions. Don't sit home and be bored, check out that new movie everyone is talking about.

Mike Rutledge

Clean facility... comfortable seating.... great theater experience

Alison Kuhn

Comfortable seats, large movie selection! Good popcorn and Diet Dr.Pepper!!

Jamison Hill

DBox is great! Awesome theater. My favorite.

Denny Gayton

Possibly one of the best movie theaters in town!

Kassi Schiller

Always clean and customers are very well behaved. I love the theme as I walk all the way through the theatre.

Poppa Steel

I love coming here with the family

Torger Soma

Nice theater. Chairs slightly recline. Surround sound was great. Wish they darkened the theater more during the main feature.

lee wahl

Awsome experience employees are very courteous

Deb Heen

Enjoyed the movies here, nice to take family on $5 day.


The staff was so helpful and the movie was lit. Good job guys

Michael Timmer

I lived in the area for 3 years and this was the theater I went to weekly almost. This place is amazing with its Egyptian style theme along with the classic movie poster in the hall.The staff was always friendly, theater are extremely big and I was never disappointed when I came saw movie. They also almost always have some kinda cool collector cup or pop corn bucket or tin.

Bill Dean

Best theater in town. From large "imax" style screens to smaller screens and regular chairs, moving chairs, and reclining chairs they have it all. If you're there a busy night, grab your snacks at one of the 3 other food stands.

Bridget DeFord

Love the motif. Art deco mixed with Egyptian. Most comfortable seats I've ever sat in at a theater... large recliners. Tons of legroom for those with long legs. And I wasn't cold! I always freeze when I go to thur movie so it was nice to not have to wear my coat and still have a cold nose and cold hands. Definitely 5 stars.

Veronica Riepl

I love to go to this theater is nice and clean

Mike Wagner

Great place to take the family! If youre looking for discounts... $5 movies every Tuesday and popcorn/drink specials on Thursday!

Stephen Wirtz

The prices could be more reasonable, but it's well run and clean.

Keegan Chap

Its aight

Breanna Garay

We love going as a family! Clean and always have the latest shows...

Daylon Fox

My go to movie theater I try and catch most new releases

Tkeyah Jarski

I love the service. I went to see Annabelle it was so much fun!


Love this theater. The best in town in my opinion. Love the reclining seats! They are always nice and I like strolling through the hallways looking at all of the movie posters and different decor they have.

Roxanne Ficek

Checked online for movie list, then when I got to window asked for time and movie, guy in window was kinda rude said there is a sign, movie not being shown...yup a sign but kinda disappointing picked another movie since we were there, wish we didn’t pick that one, cold pursuit.... Then went to concession order donuts get charged only to be told there is none. Not your best day Grand

Cassandra I

Beautiful and large theatre. Large popcorn is more then you could ever eat in one sitting. Good variety of other snacks. Plays most new movies in a large theatre

Cole Pich

The best

Jackee VV

We ended up going to a sold out movie and when going in to get our seats, the only ones left we’re directly in front and we simply could not have made it through an action movie up that close. We were going to just leave, but asked if there were any options for refund and the manager, Ken, went above and beyond to get us a spot at a slightly later movie. He was kind and attentive and definitely cares about his customers. Other businesses in Bismarck could learn a lot from him! Thanks, Ken, for making our movie night great!

Robert Chaussee

This theatre makes all other movie theaters look pathetic. They take debit cards! D-Box is pretty awesome, best variety of concessions in town. I almost feel like I should dress up to see a show there, the ambiance demands class, in a cool and very good way.


The popcorn is very good. I love having the other snack bars in the back towards the other screens. Very comfortable seats and good matinee prices.

Chris Clinton

Easily the best theater in town no question. The big screen experience is at it's best here. They have IMAX they have dbox and they have 3d. 22 screens so you don't have to worry too much about getting a showing unless you're going to the avengers opening night lol. Staff are usually friendly too. Only negative is their ticket prices and concession prices are pretty high compared to other theaters in the state otherwise great theater

Michael Walery

Love this place. Egyptian theme decor makes the experience unique.

Austin Klein

It’s impossible to relax here and everything is way overpriced

RC Ranch

Great theater, very clean inside. Also super decorative with the Egyptian theme. It is also neat to see all the movie posters they have from past and present including all the star wars movie posters. P.S. don't put your feet up on the chairs or the theater staff might come and ask you to remove them which is understandable. I do recommend going.

Angel Beltran

Great place to take family

Bryan P.

Love this theater! They have so many screens that you are bound to find some show to fit your liking. The decor is great, and the snacks are good. Granted, they are priced like typical movie theaters, but they have such a nice theater that it is worth it. To me, it's more of an experience when going to a movie here, and I've been going to them for years.

don welsch

The best Theater in North Dakota let alone Bismarck.

Lance Opperude

Must see place....very cool place to see. All the old movie posters and the decor is so cool. The movie theater setting is very theatrical. It's a place a person must experience.

Andrew Cuevas

Honestly, this is a solid movie theater. I've only been here on the $5 Tuesday nights, but from what I've seen this place is happening. The only complaint I have is that parking is limited, which really only affect you if it's a busy time. The employees are friendly and the facilities are clean. Overall, I love this theater and I recommend visiting!

Ryder Schwagler

Great seats.

jon schauer

Great movie selection in town and regularly updated.

Kimberly Herring

This theater is eye catching and they pretty much have any movie you want to watch.

Nikhil Kalothia

Best quality theater in town. Comfy seats. Some have great reclining feature. Very expensive prices unless you go on Tuesday. Go to AMC instead for basically half price on weekends.

Clyde Eisenbeis

The volume is TOO LOUD. The loud volume is damaging kids' hearing (and adults too). Fortunately, I had ear protectors for our granddaughter.

Sandra Ereth

$5.00 Tuesday movies. can't beat it!

Jerry Campbell

Decent theaters although the D-Box seats are definitely not worth it. I made the mistake of trying it twice and was a waste of money. I might as well have donated my money to a good cause

Jacob Vigesaa

Huge selection of movies to see, and I love the variety of theatre sizes, as well as the Egyptian theme going on here.

Lynn Quilan Beltran

Theater was awesome, very clean, staff is very nice. Would have given 5 stars but I have a grandchild in diapers still and there was no changing table in the restrooms. I will definitely return.

Stephanie Lund

Cool theater and great service.

Alexandrea McKindle

Great Place, I love the Egyptian theme.

Barb Jardine

Had a great atmosphere. But being an older building it had some strange smells. The chairs were a bit rough on skin when wearing shorts but otherwise comfortable. The theatre we were in was small but it was a kids movie so it didnt bother us.

Jon Fehr

Been going to this theater since it was the grand 3. It has always been the best theater in Bismarck but with all the renovations over the years it has improved remarkably. This theater is so beloved that when avengers end game released the whole release day was sold out and people were going over to the other theater as a last resort and for very good reaon.

Jo Davis

Great experience. Comfy seats, reasonable ticket prices, and unbeatable special discount days.

Chad Davis

Great movie experience with comfortable reclining seats

Janna R

Going to movies at Grand 22 Theatres is such a unique and fun experience! We love looking at all of the movie memorabilia before our show times. Anytime we're in Bismarck, we try to fit in a movie here!

Ithurtsmyface Gaming

good staff and a cool theme

Shawn Stelter

Best theater in Bismarck.

alyssa kunkle

Amazing popcorn. Nice people. Really uncomfortable seats

J Lynn Paris

Seating isn't so bad, chairs are roomy and also most recline. Way too expensive for concession, even their combo prices.

luke gartner

Very clean and upkept. Great popcorn and courteous staff. Always an enjoyable experience!!

Mark Wanner

Great movie theatre! Great selection! A fun way to spend a couple hours. A great gift card to give to someone.

Dolph Kagaba

Good place I love it

Michael Johnson

Feel Like VIP at the Movies..

Curtis Wilson

Instant Family was Awesome, seats were comfortable, movie started on time, popcorn and drinks were delicious - Tuesday $5.00 movie tickets are the Best! Thanks.

fishNhunt 4life

I enjoy going here with my kids and the selection of food, drinks and candy is great. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 starts was the price of the tickets. Tickets prices are mostly high everywhere you go but it would be nice to have a place that keep them lower than most

Wes Rogers

I have enjoyed movie magic, at this theater, since I was a boy. Clear back when it only had 6 screens. Now, after years of upgrades and expansions and improvements. The Grand Theater is still that comfortable, magical place from my childhood while also offering the cutting edge in movie going experiences. And all wrapped up in visually pleasing, Egyptian inspired, art deco decore. This is the theater of choice for seeing films in the bismarck/mandan area. I highly recommend.

Robyn Wilson

The best movie theater in the state, friendly staff, & nice comfortable theaters.

Richard Smith

Great place to see a movie best theater in bismarck

Casen Malo

Best theater here but not as good as AMC

Casey Otoole

Great theater experience and will return again

Whitney Ruscheinsky

Love variety of movies and snacks

Patricia Cedeno-Hudson

Hands down the best theater I have ever been to.

Shelle Aberle

I love the new reclining seating!

Matthew Quesada

I really like this theater. Typical pricing on snacks and drinks (high). Clean and plenty of vitality.


Tickets are pricey (compared to other theatre in town) but the experience is great, theatres are nice updated. Snacks are tasty. Worth a visit.

Brett Baker

Nice little theaters, with lots of options

Bill Pudwill

Best theater in Bismarck lots of choices for a moviedbox seats are a must try once prices in at the snack stad are a bit high plus no freestyle soda machine


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