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REVIEWS OF Fargo Theatre IN North Dakota

Beverly Greenwald

A fun place to go to hear the organ and watch a movie.

Gayle Finn

Loved the show but the seats are horrible! You can still preserve the theater by replacing the seats. Paying this much for a ticket we deserve much more leg room and butt space!

Raheem Williams

No gun policy and lame Indy films. You can live without this place.

Lee Falk

Great place.... to many ushers imo

Susi Klocke

Fantastic show tonight, The Fabulous Armadillos Eagles tribute - WOW, it was awesome!

Brittany Oliver

Gorgeous architecture! Good acoustics. Fun for events and concerts.

Jack Suda

Beatles Tribute-Past excellent! Sang along, till we were hoarse. They nailed costumes, actions, and English humor/accent. Danced in the isles, etc. Fargo Theatre badly needs an air mover-about 85° inside.

Christian Ankrum

Cool older theater. Was updated a while back and improved a lot.

Kelsey Hoff

Saw The Princess Bride on Valentines Day. It was such a fun way to spend the evening. This theater is old but has so much charm. From the ticket caller to the cession line, it was a very hands on operation! The seats were comfortable and the audio was great.

Joseph Haj

Went to dueling pianos here. Great venue for it.

Jennifer R

Nice seats. Interesting, alternative movie choices. I think it is less expensive than the main stream theatres. Parking can be tough. The street was very busy when we left later in the evening, but it felt safe.

Shelley Hannig

Saw a concert here. Acoustics were great, the art deco decor was amazing.

Gage Degerness

Always a great show going on here. Staff is friendly and the in house beer selection didn't break my bank like some other places do.

Kirsten Ann

This a great venue for a small town! Theater was clean, well lit, and inviting! Staff was helpful and well informed! Great for a live show!!

ignacio sanchez

Great place to take date for movie our show

Bryce Hamblin

Great place to go. The history in the theater is insane. It has a1920s theme in it. Saw a comedy show which was awesome. I was really tired and new I was going to be a tough crowd but that still didn't hinder me from laughing as much as I did. Will definitely have to go again.

Rae Rodacker

Well...where do I begin?!?!? Let's just say I'm Wet and have a rubber glove in my pocket...hahahaha

Randall Davidson

What a great vibe!! Saw a movie. Played in a concert. The shops nearby are awesome. A fave.

Monte Walz

Beautiful theater! We always enjoy our time here!

Duane Murphy

Like walking back in time. A great venue to take in a movie or a speaking engagement. Was in town to listen to Eric Hatch speak and this was the perfect place to hold this event. A true little gem of history.

Nick Hanson

Nice venue but cramped seating

Rachel Olson

Needs more bathrooms... excellent space very historic.... very cozy

Kaelan Akvik

Great old fashioned theater. Have been here for special performances and concerts, as well as company functions. They have side theaters that you can rent out for your own events (very reasonable prices, actually). Great atmosphere and iconic signage as well.

Daniella Ramirez

Went to Rocky Horror Picture Show and it was fantastic! Great environment, enthusiastic staff, and a fun costume contest! Definitely going next year!

jerry heltemes

Nice theatre, clean, comfortable seating and great acoustics in beautiful downtown Fargo.

Nelson Wright

Nice place. Not anything like a new theater but has charm

Erika Ruud

Great theatre.

Trish Short Lewis

I doesn't get any better than this. The Art Deco designed classic movie palace, complete with a Mighty Wurlitzer organ that rises out of the orchestra pit to place classic american standards, musicals, and movie themes. I love watching films and live performance programs from the balcony that seats almost as many as the main floor. I saw the restored 70mm film of "Lawrence of Arabia" here, and with the modern sound system, it was breathtaking...

Allyn Hunteman

Great venue to watch ANY movie at

Doomer 400

Great piece of Fargos history. While it may not be as luxorious as some of the other theatres it feels a lot more old fashioned and for any people interested in Fargos history it is a must see.

Maggie Standifer

Great historic theater...REALLY needs more bathrooms! Seats are very close together and narrow. Love the old deco styling tho!

Jeremy Gourneau

Seats are not made for bigger people, but has a nice old time feel

Mark Schneider

You haven't done downtown Fargo--or Fargo for that matter--until you've experienced this art-deco masterpiece.

Lindsey Hallsten

Really cool and historic!

Stephen Baird

The Fargo Theater is great. Beautiful historic interior, huge screen, cheap popcorn, and interesting movies and acts you won't see anywhere else in town.

Frosty Life

The Fargo Theater is a fantastic venue for a variety of entertainment. The accustics for the live concert tonight were amazing. This place is an historical icon.

Trey Ark

Movies that aren't mainstream vanilla. Support Local.

Kathy Bohlman

Venue is intimate. 4 stars because they need more restrooms...

LadyKing Cole

Classic place, great programs

Ron Fick

Great place to see a concert!!

Ramona Danielson

Love supporting this theatre. They bring in great movies and events, and have a great atmosphere. Concessions are reasonable, compared to other theaters. Catch the Mighty Wurlitzer if it is playing!

Julia L

A staple in Fargo! Great events and usually affordable!

Keshia Kay Anderson

I love our little classic theatre! I've been there many times for movies that they don't show in our regular theatres and for 2 concerts that were more intimate than your average show. I've also seen a few jazz concerts at this location. Overall, the food is much cheaper, the tickets are affordable, it's right in the heart of downtown, and it's got a great atmosphere. Definitely a little gem in Fargo. I recommend going there sometime!

Tracy Striker

Love the architecture. Great popcorn too.

Julie Brummund

I love this place. It feels so homey and nostalgic with all the old art deco style. Around the holidays they get the pipe organ going and show a film of how it works behind the scenes. They play the movies you don't get to see at the mainstream theaters AND you're downtown with all the cool one-of-a-kind shops. I hear they use real butter on the popcorn..... ;-)

Simon Gichau

It was my first time. I loved the decor n lighting system. Music was fabulous.

Tim W

Dancing with the Doctors was very fun!!!


Cozy and nice place

dustin sjuts

Sweet retro theater.

Cory Bischoff

Just saw pink Floyd tribute. Really good stuff!

danny priebe

Great show by the fm ballet.

josiah olson

A nice, old style theatre. Limited showtimes, so look at the schedule ahead of time.

Michael Dahmen

Love Art Deco Look / Intimate Venue

Ryan Olson

Always a good time. They sell beer. Good movies that are not typically shown at the other fargo theatre's

Sandi Chapman

Was a great night, what entertainment ! E sc Eager to go back

Chris Roeszler

Fantastic experience! The theater has an older feel to it which I LOVE. The staff is really nice, the confessions are on par with every other theater. The movies and events there are fantastic. Tonight's 7 p.m. event (3/22/2019) was with Richard Endlund, a special effects genius. It was an interview style with clips shown from movies he's worked on such as Star Wars (ep IV, V, VI), Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, Alien 3... such great stories were shared! I've been there for various anime showings before as well, it's fantastic to have this smaller theater which caters to more obscure events and showings. They also host birthday parties and private showings. I need to find out details for that, because it sounds like you can rent a theater for a couple hours to watch WHATEVER YOU WANT! The best part (in my opinion) is the organist! He's brought up from the pit and plays a few songs as you gather and find your seats; SO COOL. My recommendation, take a break from today's big theaters and pick a smaller niche event to attend here instead.

Jeremy Andra

I loved this historical theater. It was a step back in time in a good way. The attention to detail on the inside and outside of this building make for a very special experience. If you found this review helpful, please like it. Thanks

Colleen Brown

Love the movie. Overcomer

Benjamin Jacobs

Friendly staff, clean and comfortable seats, and a good show.

Steven Gurulé

Saw the movie "The Shape of Water", which has a lot of old theatre references. Good stuff.

Darin Johnson

Love going to Events at the Fargo

Caity Cavanaugh

This historical place has some amazing shows, wonderful workers, and some awesome details! Love going here every time!!!

Toni Grabinger

Went to The Blenders concert. Always a delight! Theatre is beautiful. Nice nostalgic atmosphere.


This theater is awesome. Tons of character, great events going on, and they often have movies the other theaters don't as well as the ones they do. Good kids events, too.

Ryan Bro

Place is great, staff was very nice.

Merrick Eve

The perfect small venue to see any act. Killer Queen is next!

Curtis James Sullivan

Hit or miss with this place. The acoustics aren't great, so it's hard to recommend a live show... Bit it's the most popular venue in town. Admittedly, seeing comedy there (a situation in which finesse is slightly less important for audio) is a better experience than seeing a band in the summer when their AC is not working.

Cory Schumacher

Could be a beautiful theater but they need to fix the lighting holes in the ceiling

Angela Spidahl

Really unique places with doneee interesting shows

Samuel Beach

Great venue!

Otto Wishman

Great place for a show

Meghan Battest

Went to my very first concert a few weeks ago at the Theatre and LOVED it. The Fargo Theatre has so much history and the interior puts you back in time with its art deco theme. Stop upstairs and see the wooden statue of Marg (from the movie "Fargo"), and definitely go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show during October for an unforgettable movie-watching experience. If you get a chance to see the Mighty Wurlitzer organ play, don't miss it (especially if it's backing a silent movie). The concessions and tickets are reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is really fun.

Tom Johnson

My wife and I go to show here all the time. It is a great venue!

Meghan Estvold

Great old theater atmosphere, no seat is a bad seat.

Mike Randolph

Historic and charming. Great place to watch a film.

Deb Heen

Love the old building, seats could use renovations. The documentary was presented by folks holding a microphone and standing in front of the stage, speaking to the main level audience, which left out everyone in the balcony from good sight and hearing. Also, most of the speakers did not hold the microphone properly and were very difficult to hear. People, you really need to work on presentation!

S Norm

Had my kids birthday there and it was awesome!!!!

Shawn Hagen

Great old style theatre to watch a movie.

Dawn Howland

This is a beautiful theater to see a show. That being said the sound was not fantastic for a live show

Michael Straus

Cozy atmosphere. Great classic environment for a movie or show.

Peter Beerbower

Could do with bigger bathrooms for the number of people that the theater holds...

Carl Boyens

Atmosphere, environment, and hospitality was terrific!

Truyen Nguyen

They always got good films to watch. Saw "Here there...

Jeremy Buermann

Fantastic place to see a show. I've never been let down.

Kathy Cziok

Good, I didn't think the acoustic were very good for a live concert

Wesley Braunberger

The Darkest Hour. Great movie. We love the Fargo theatre

Michelle Neuberger

Attended a birthday party. Was very nice and clean

Travis Rosenbluth

A theater that you'd want to see every indie or drama movie in. Brings you back to a time before imax or 3D. Good popcorn

Jacob Bruns

Tiny chairs. It's a squeeze.

Jake Joraanstad

Greatest place in Fargo for a show or a movie

Brian Smart

This historic theatre is the face of downtown Fargo. Not only does it provide a center-point for downtown, but it also offers fantastic movies at an affordable price. Go here for a wide variety of movies, community events, and lovely people.

Megan E

Aways beautiful. Was very warm on a -30 day. Not easy to do in a theater!

Caleb Childers

Great theater, I've had several good movie and event experiences here.

Deanna M

Love going to shows here! We park and walk around. We have a few drinks at a couple bars.

Michele Frank

Old fashioned theatre.

Traci Sethre

Recently watched a movie in their second theater. The chairs are more comfortable and leg room seems more, well, roomy, but something is missing without an organist playing at the beginning. Still a great theater to support, and the film selection is A+

Amber Hewson

Seen Titus here!! Great place! Would go back!

Brenda Beebe Wieland

Watched Mary Queen of Scots. Comfortable seating

Danny Aubol

Nice classic venue

Daniel Pederson

Great popcorn!

Cindy Ternes

Great Venue and fabulous seats for Abba I'm a huge following fan of the original band.

Matt Grommesh

I love the atmosphere and shows they put on. I have lots of good memories in this place.

Colee Belzer

Small concession area, makes everything very congested. Otherwise neat atmosphere.

David LaFond

Great time. Rodney Carrington had a great show.

Angie Davis

Love this historic icon

Cristielyn Sanchez

Really enjoyed myself today watching Won't You Be My Neighbor. Great ticket and snack prices. The experience of an old beautiful theater =priceless.

Linda Norland

This theatre is a classic Fargo staple. Hosts everything from concerts to movies to comedy. Perfect for date nights or taking visiting relatives. The movies tend to be the sort you can't see at a regular theatre, like foreign, local, or artistic films. Take a look at the wood chipper from the "Fargo" film while you're there!


Very charming historical theater, original Art Deco style .

Darla Rufer

Memorable private party for my son's birthday. The staff was very accommodating. We brought our snacks, his favorite movie and some friends. Perfect! Thank you.

Jake Uselman

Very cool venue for performing arts and artists


Amazing place with the mighty wulitzer

lyndsey knutson

Loved watching Spooky Ballet /FM Ballet tonight there!

Ronald Deraas

Always a great place to watch a movie.

Jill Pinkney Pastrana

Historic venue, could use some upgrades, but great location

James Walsh

Always fun in the main theatre and the second screen is a nice, cozy experience

Nick H

Miss this place.! Iconic spot and always playing the best off beat movies. Can't go wrong here!!

Marcia Myers

Lovely art deco theatre to see a great movie.

Barry Nelson

Great movies in a exquisite setting! Staff are so friendly and helpful. Popcorn can't be beat.

French Trace

Not very comfortable seating and limited screenings, but the best place in town for movies (if you're looking to avoid standard box office garbage). Definitely worth checking out for the classic films they put on occasionally.

Darlene Griffin

great family movies

Catherine M

Audio is way too loud. I left the theater 20 minutes into the movie.

Marty Riske

Great movies in an art decoration setting. A wonderful experience!

Cameron Battagler

Had a birthday party here and it was awesome! You can rent the secondary theater and have all your friends come

Lydia Hasbrouck

A wonderful treasure in downtown Fargo!

Josef Samuelson

Fun time

A John Glazier

The movies and live acts they bring to Fargo are excellent.

Mark and Kelly Schiffner

I love this place! We've gone to many movies, bands and comedians. Every seat is a good seat. One of my top 5 venues!

Daniel M

What a great experience! Beautiful old theater.

Miranda Burfeind

Great staff! My first time going there they took the time to show me the ropes, also informed me of the different events going on. They even took some time to better acquaint me with the town by telling me about some must sees in the fm area. 10/10 great staff! Beautiful facility as well.

Titus Oneill

The Fargo Theatre is much more than a place to see a movie; it is a treasure. The Fargo is a vibrant and living piece of our countries national persona during the golden age of film and is rare among those even. I am not sure of the exact number of restored or maintained Wurlitzer Organ theatres there are in our country at this time; I do know that I have been to 6 of them and the number is not much more then 15 or 20 nationwide. These performance halls are built around their magical Wurlitzer Organs. If you see an event or theater that has both a functional organ and the artist to play it, go and get some snacks, and enjoy something special. It is an exceptional delight to hear being played as your pre-film entertainment. This instrument is a part of the theater and it's sonorous tones fill room with sonic physicality; the arrangements can be felt resonating throughout the environment. Treat yourself by contacting The Fargo and finding a film showing that includes this performance, it will be a memory to cherish. I had the honor of seeing "The Princess Bride" for Valentine's day here. I had not seen the film on the screen since it had first released. This was a double honor since my guest had never seen the film in her life. Now we both had the opportunity to see it as it was created to be seen. In a theatre, with popcorn and friends, in one big room. Thank you Fargo Theatre; for being alive and well. You are the keepers of a treasured piece of Americana. Thanks again to your wonderful staff of fellow film lovers, they are a fine crew. Get yourself some tickets and experience the environment in which our country and the world, fell in love with film. The Diamond of Fargo

Jonathan Immel

Great local place for theatre, movies, and other events!

Bud Corbin

Lori Line one of best ever. Singer was phenomenal.

Shelby Joy Jensen

Historic landmark of downtown Fargo. I love the preservation of Art Deco and the musical genres they bring to the stage.

Tristan D

It's such a beautiful theater and the people that work there are very kind. I love that they show a lot of none main stream movies so you have a chance to see hidden gems that a lot of theaters don't usually show. They also have a lot of great events and live performances. I highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to see a movie on the big screen.

Brent Stroot

Great theatre great place to see a show

Penny LeLeux

I love old, historical theaters and was excited to have stumbled upon a film festival. I got to watch a documentary about a local icon. Would love to come back one day and see the upstairs.

Jacob Thomas

A great historic theater in the heart of downtown Fargo.

Sandra Curtis Aamold

The Farewell, a good movie (!), fittingly seen at the Fargo Theater (memories of childhood movies there AND "A Hard Day's Night" ) :)

Carla Weber

The staff are courteous and efficient and the popcorn is excellent! Love the small #2 theater, as the seats are comfortable and the size has a nice atmosphere.

Beth Milbrandt

So fun to have this beautiful piece of history!

Aaran Joneson

Nice historic theatre. It is a nice choice for indie movies and concerts. Seats in the main theater are a little tight, since it's restored for original.

Lindsey Maddock

Love the Fargo Theatre! Such a neat venue!

Ingo Keller

Great place for a venue. Not a bad seat in the house.

Chris Tso

Great photo op.

John-Paul Klein

It's a Fargo icon. If that doesn't draw you in just know that the venue is perfect for what you are going there for. Be it a concert, play, ballet or movie the Fargo Theatre is a great location and just has that something special to it that makes your evening a notch or two above what it would be anywhere else.

Annette Lowder

Fantastic old theater. Matinee is $7 now, not $5. Saw The Wife, also good. Buttery popcorn!

Sarah Willgohs

The Fargo Theatre is not only a locals destination but a visitor attraction. It is beautiful and always unique. They play less known movies and support local productions. Beautiful place for pictures. The outside Fargo sign is an attention point of down town Fargo. Inside and out the Fargo theatre is nothing short of iconic.

Trista Kjono

Love this place it is an absolute staple of the area. They have an extremely wide variety of acts and events. I've seen comedians, musicians, and a screening of Frankenstein with a live orchestra. Never had a bad experience and regularly check their even schedule. A must visit for locals and visitors alike.

S Grim

Beautiful retro main theater! Space in aisles is small. Not the most comfortable seats. The second theater is alright, pretty small, okay seats, still snug aisles. Quick and friendly service! Pricey movie food (what's new). Great location downtown. Usually shows indy films and classics- which is great! Wonderful exterior decor! Limited parking unless it's at night or the weekends then it's not too bad.

Kelly Pooler

Great Venue, but absolutely zero leg room, very uncomfortable, especially if you are tall.

Carl Doughty

Classic Albums Live did Pink Floyd and they were great

Mandii Sturlaugson

Great authentic classic theater but please be warned it also very tight quarters. There are steps involved and if you are in the central of a row there is no room to walk around your neighbors to the left or right so to exit the row the whole row must stand up and get out. But other than that the ambiance is amazing

Bear Oldcastle

It's a great place to catch an Indie film, or something not at the larger theaters. There always seems to be some special event or concert going on at the place. The silent movie night is always a fun time. The summer film series typically shows classics if your trying to to see some older films on the big screen. There is also some film festivals through the year besides the big one. The organ alone is worth a listening to if a recital is going on. The atmosphere is very unique, mixture between modern and classic art Deco.

Cassie Brydl

Excellent time! Staff is very inviting and make sure that your movie experience is too notch! Never had a bad movie night out! Love the old school charm as well. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a special event or screening, DO IT!!!

Heather Kurvers

Really neat historical building. Unfortunately the movie we saw wasn't that good but the theater itself is a must see.

Lisa Richmond

Art House movies and good popcorn in a historic art deco theater with two screens. Live original organ music at some showings and a "Now Showing" schedule that changes relatively quickly so Fargo Moorhead doesn't have to wait forever for good films.

Carlos Quintero

Great historic landmark place with modern amenities in a vintage feel. The people are warm and welcoming, you can tell they care and want to be there.

Bob Christie

My first time here.. Icon on the Prairie. Ricky Scaggs and Kentucky Thunder were incredible..


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