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3931 9th Ave SW, Fargo, ND 58103

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REVIEWS OF Century Cinema IN North Dakota


The better alternative to west acres 14. We've been going here more for New movies. Sure it only has 10 screens but, it still works out great.

Chasity Leach

Wonderful people and wonderful place. Love how clean and and comfortable the place is. Great family/date place.

Rachael F Anderson

Nice and comfortable. Will have try it again

Glenn Zior

I had a perfect experience. Chairs are recliners and are very comfy. Everything looked clean. No problems with the movie. Price is about normal for a theature with recliners.

Jamie's Magnabilities

The only problem was that they put a parking spot right in front of the wheelchair ramp. My husband had to lift me up of the curb.

Seth Kreil

Really enjoy the movie-watching experience here.

Andrew Kreft

Nice comfortable lounge seats

Bernie Lies

Cushy seating in every theater, got to see Breakthrough for $5.00 on 4/29 as Holy Cross Catholic Church sold tickets at all the area Catholic Churches in Fargo for a cheaper rate. They filled one theater, plus opened another which filled 50%+ occupancy for the special price. Breakthrough based on true story, very compelling, a must see, good performances by all in the movie, highly recommended & decent reviews.

Robert Logan

Best theater in town! Great deals and recliner chairs!!


i like this theater because of the dreamloungers. great for broken people like me who can't sit in a regular theater seat for an hour and a half. great snack options but quite pricey.

Andrew Knapp

I love Marcus theaters. It's hard to watch movies when I leave town and have to cram myself into tiny seats.

Vicky Boyer

Never have an issue when I go to a movie here.

Dhdg Veg c

My mom told me they have bedbugs and I didn’t believe her. I went to see toy story 4 in ultra screen and. There were bedbugs. I will love this place again if they get it cleaned

Anthony Kieffer

My favorite place to watch movies. Love them dream loungers!

Kaleb Hanson

Seats were kinda dirty. But other then that It was okay

Zachary D'Ambrosio

All the seating is dream lounger, and the tickets are fairly priced, definitely the best large theater in the area.

Lavale Smith

Love the seating. Staff is always professional and friendly.


Loved this movie and the theater is great very good sound and picture employees are very nice seats are cleaned best movie theater ever great job Marcus theater's keep up the great work -Ryder Mittleider


I really loved coming here!! Such friendly staff members who actually seemed to love their job, it really made our experience a pleasant one and lifted our spirits. Not to mention the super comfy reclining seats in the theaters were awesome! On top of that, they seem to do a really good job at keeping the place clean. Will definitely be coming back for future showings.

Kirsten Ann

Local theater that is clean and comfortable. The staff is friendly and helpful. Get cheap tickets on Tuesdays!

Miss Jaye

Love the seats, and the fact you can take your blankets

Joseph Russo

Great seats and the picture was crisp but it was a packed theater and didnt get the seats I wanted

Carson Foltz

I love movies and I love Marcus theaters. Greg Marcus always has a hilarious welcome whenever you see a new movie. I like him too. Not a lot of people know this but you can get White Castle sliders at the movie theater! What? I'm not lying, I love White Castle! Keep up the great job Marcus Theaters!

Josiah Killion

Mighty fine. Going to the movies is expensive nowadays, but at least the chairs are comfy.

Janjay Peters

Good service and the sitting is good

Kathy Johnson

It is a very nice place. Clean and well kept but 2 people shouldn't have to spend over 40 bucks for a night at the movies and snacks!

David Suda

I like the seating. They are the only choice for first run movies so not much choice.

Katie Haskins

Love the dream loungers!

Kyle Knutson

Awesome theatre and great Tuesday deals!

Brittany Greene

I love the dream loungers here and the fact that you can reserve seats! I have two small children and it's nice to not have to leave crazy early to get good seats. I'm super grateful that as Marcus rewards members we don't have to pay processing fees online!

Daniel Concha

Got in for the last showing of the night, IT Chapter 2. Great flick!

Hilari Osley

The dream lounger's are awesome!!! That's definitely the way to watch a movie!!

Justin Kringler

I saw it chapter 2 and it was baller

Jen or Leonard Beck

Such Comfortable Seats, Friendly Staff, and Great Specials!! Love Love Love This Place!!!

Greg Holder

Recliners were comfortable. As always...theatres could be cleaner

Heather Hebert

Excellent. The recliner seats are super nice.

Tim Owen

One of our favorite theaters. Always a good time!

Timothy Farrell

#reclinerseats #imax #datenight Surprisingly comfortable and clean. Good seats even down front.


The comfy recliner chairs are in every theater and it looks really nice and upscale. Best theater in town!

Robert Whitman II

Very nice place. We were able to pick our seats when we got tickets. I was super impressed with the power reclining seats.


Can't go wrong with the lounger seats! It's the only way I movie now.

Brenda Crawford

Love $5 Tuesday movies....makes it affordable to go to the movies again!

jordan johnson

The seats were amazing this will always be the spot we watch movies

ernie mack

Fun movie. Great seating.

Chuck Wallace

The seats are so comfortable and the views are great. Pay online and just a quick scan to get in.

Yishion Mors

I love the recliner seats. Kids love it. Cozy and clean.

David Graham

Good movies nice atmosphere

Katy Spears

Love going here for $5 Tuesdays!

Tony Drake

It was fantastic! The perfect Cinema experience.

Will Wimmer

Amazing service and beyond friendly as always.

Kayla Dowdy

The service was good, the chairs were VERY comfy, and the movie was awesome! My only complaint is that the movie was a little late in starting, but that was ok. :)

Ken Kathy Fredette

Excellent movie ("Maleficent - Mistress of Evil"), comfortable seats, saw on Ultra Screen... all-around enjoyable experience!!

Laura Richards

It's always fun to go to the movies here. The facilities are outstanding. Well organized and friendly staff. The popcorn tastes fabulously. I don't love the prices but they're in line with other movie theaters.

Stacie Cornett

Nice, spacious, reclining seats. Smaller theatres so not too crowded. I like how you pick your seats when you buy the tickets. Having the candy and pop as self-service helps to speed up concessions, too.

Erin Barth

The only reason i give three stars is that their snacks are so ridiculously over priced. My kids love going here but its so expensive we do not go.often.

Jay Buckheimer

The loumge chair recliners were almkst too comfortable. Loved the movie going experience here.

Milo Erenberger

I love Duloc, very clean.

Angel Kuntz

I loved the comfy seats!! I was disappointed that they didn't have the yellow popcorn salt. Popcorn is one of the reasons I go to the theater.

Wade Jensen

Love the Dream Loungers, concessions are super expensive.

cat gamer

This is "The good theater." Sure, there's one three blocks away by the mall but it's more expensive and you don't get fully reclining seats. If you're looking to treat someone from outside of the U.S. to true "Americana", go to this theater, get the largest tub of popcorn and drink combo, recline, and show 'em the American dream. Then apologize for Fargo not being New York City or Los Angeles.

Julia L

A tad dirty as there were empty cups left in some seats from the previous viewers, but it's comfy and we love the owner's little thank you commercials. Have always enjoyed that they allow us to bring blankets!

Keith Swearingen

Nice comfy seats, there is plenty of parking, and they usually have deals on certain days and times.

Rod Trudeau

Very good movie theater. Nice staff, recliners to watch the movie and popcorn and a pop for $5.00 or and the movie was $8.50

Tim W

Love this movie theater!! Dream loungers in every theater which is awesome!!!

Jemima Samuels

Very good.

Nicholas Nelson

Any place that has the recliner seats gets 5 stars from me. Being able to pick out and purchase seats days before the screening is my other favorite upgrade to Marcus Theaters. Big screens, big popcorn, big movie theater prices but that's okay.The popcorn bucket is worth the investment even if you only go to 1 movie per month.

Cheryl Dewald

Movie was good. Theatre was freezing cold!

paul hearne

Seats are soo comfy

Kyle Nordick

Will only go to the DLX screen and sit in the Dream Lounger chairs! Love the fact they are reserved seats.

Jerrod Schultes

Great Tuesday deals!

Brian Mernitz

Awesome seating! What's not to like. Go watch a movie


Very GOOD movie experience all around and great rewards program to boot!!


Love this movie theater! Comfortable nice staff!

Cynthia Gray

Very comfortable reclining seats. I hadn't been there for a while and was surprised that the seats aren't just theater seats that you can lean back in... They are full-fledged recliners, we electric controls. They're very comfortable. The theater has wheelchair /ADA seating and accessible entry into the building and into each theater.

Dan Bertsch

Could offer beer if not in Fargo, so will never get five stars as long as it is there

Lauren Standifer

This is exactly what you would expect from a movie theater. Good service, good movies, still a little dirty, but that's what is going to happen when people carry popcorn around everywhere. Overall, very good.

McKenna Dinkel

The best of all the movie theaters in Fargo. The manager Joy always makes the experience even better.

Jeff Crow

Clean and comfortable theaters concession stand was good taking a star away because the sound is not very good there.

Samuel Beach

Comfortable and great sound. Perfect movie experience

Vincent Casey

Overall a good theater. Would recommend purchasing tickets to newer movies ahead of time online however as it fills up pretty quick. Only thing that'd make it better would be cheaper snacks and sodas.

Sredna Kunowski

This is the best movie theater! Clean, great tasting food & icees, seats are reclineable plush leather, and the sound/display are top notch. It just doesn't get any better. I should also note that on Tuesdays there are mad deals, like $5 per ticket and discounted food/drinks. Makes taking the whole family out very affordable! Love this theater, they really care about the movie goers experience here.

Jason Thornton

It was ok. Didn't see any accessible bathrooms.

Glory Moore

Love $5.00 Tuesdays!

Joshua Lunday

This Theatre's seating is all recliners! I love coming to this one for that fact. I enjoy sitting back with my wife at my side. We have been coming to this location for well over a year and a half! We are rewards members and always enjoy a free $5 reward quickly because of our purchases. We mostly use it to get popcorn and a soda on Tuesday's when the have member deals going. Great combination for us! We have three movies to watch this month and we already paid for them all! I have to mention the ultra screening part of the theatre. It's the best part they offer if you can get the movie you want to see in a showing in there that is. They are pretty good at making sure the big hits are showed in there and a few other every once in a while. Well that's about all I have to say for now. Until the next review.


Nice comfortable seats & they have special deals on Tuesdays.

Tracy J.

It is super close to my house. I love the reclining chairs. My only negatives is the screen you choose your seat on at the register doesn't tell you where the screen is. So when I wanted a seat in the far back, I had actually chosen the closest seat. It would be nice if it was clearly stated where your seat actually is. The other thing is cleanliness. There was a bunch of popcorn left on the only table in the lobby and popcorn was also on the floor. The drink station was sticky and messy too.

Perla Razo

This is a nice cinema! Has the nice chairs in all its theater rooms! Also has good affordable deals! (Tuesdays 5 dollars and Thursdays are 6 dollars).......................................

Dale Griffin

Great, comfy lounge chairs, prepurchasing tickets/ selecting seating is super!

Spencer Green

After being away from the area for a few months, I came to realize how much I missed Marcus Theatres. There's something charming about Greg Marcus popping up to say hi before each movie that you don't get from bigger chains like AMC. Plus you can't beat the $5 movie Tuesdays.


Very nice theatre, good selection in the concessions. Kids summer movies would be nice to bring back.

mark bieker

Nice theater seating

chris brooks

cheap tickets but still great quality of the film

Mason Penske

Very clean and comfy theatre. Overall good experience.

Lesley Vargas

TERRIBLE SERVICE!! I am 22 and was carded for a rated R movie. I mistaken forgot my wallet at home and the woman at the ticket counter ‘needed’ to see some identification to make sure I was old enough to watch a rated R movie. There is NO way I look 16! I have NEVER gotten carded at a movie theater. This woman did NOT card the individuals in front of me who were going to watch the SAME movie. Not only was this completely unnecessary but it was also extremely embarrassing. We will NOT be going back to this ridiculous establishment.

Christian Thomas

Nice theater but were forced to pay for a theater upgrade of a matinee show. Didn’t make sense.


Every theater in this cinema got those sweet reclining seats while only the biggest ones I the West Acres one did. So a film here is guaranteed to have a nicer spot to sit most of the time. Staff are swell, the only sore spot is theres just one bathroom and it gets nailed bad in big crowds, so use it at home before showing up.

sandra wallette

I love this theater. Them chairs are so comfortable. I never went to a movie there where I never enjoyed my self . I give them a 5 star. Employees are the greatest. Sandra king

Michael Daugherty

Costs getting a liitle out of control. I mean family of 5 with popcorn 1 drink and maybe a snack close to 100 bucks...You can start calling me Netflix and Bills.

Joe Nelson

It’s always been my go to movie theater since they upgraded all of their seats to the really nice electronic recliners. Nice staff over the years, good location. No complaints I can think of whatsoever

Sandra Aarestad

Very comfy seats and good popcorn!

Matt Hansen

Always friendly and awesome sound and the best seats out there to enjoy the whole experience! It's a way to forget about things for a minute or hours and relax!

Jasmina Calixte

Thank you for all the work you do. I can’t imagine cleaning up the theaters after each movie people can be very messy. This is why I clean up after myself!

Travis David

Excellent experience as always, despite being extremely busy and it being Christmas, the staff especially the manager was calm, cool, and kind. Nice way to end a fun Christmas day.

logan willis

Big recliners. I have no one near my personal space. Great sounding quality of speakers and killer pretzels. I’ll always cheat on my diet for their pretzels.

Rich Wesnoski

Nice location. Great seats. Stale popcorn for full price. Maybe you can afford. Few hundred pounds of popcorn for the price you charge me for one bucket so I can have fresh popcorn.

2nd Kalashnikov

Hella expensive, but its worth for the chairs and movie

Jean Johnson

Nice theatre. ALL 10 of the treatres have reclining soft loungers. Like comforts of home. Lots of space, not crammed in a hard ole' seat of the past.

Daryl Braham

Ultrascreen, Dolby Atmos, Hobbs and Shaw, AWESOME!

Mathew Gallagher

Love this theater. For a small town it stays up with tech and comfort. Theatres always feel a little personal because the dream loungers in every theatre provide extra room.

April Brandt

Never disappoints!! Love the lounge chairs.. great popcorn... clean and good family fun!

Cory Bertram

Everything is great here. Popcorn is good. Theater is clean. Seats are comfy.

Kyah Mueller

Me and my boyfriend love scary movies and like all the movies that come out r rated r so u have to have a parents permission. This movie we went to we had my boyfriends brother and my boyfriends brothers girlfriend (My friend). We usually order the tickets online so we will get the seats we want. When we get to the movie theater though, there is this worker there named Alex and he is so rude. He seems like he would be a very nice guy but he is mean. We showed him our reservation for the movie tickets we ordered online and he said “this movie is rated r so unless u have a parents permission we can’t let u in. “ we told him we don’t have any parent with us and he said u can’t go in unless u have a parents permission and my friend said “well we ordered these online last time and came here and he got in just fine so idk what the problem is now” and he sighed and said snotty “ was it a girl named Joyce, old lady, short?” We said idk and my boyfriend pointed to the guy behind him and said “ that was the guy that helped us last time and he said it was ok” apparently that guy was the manager of this place. He gave up and said rudely “whatever, enjoy ur movie” and slammed our tickets on the table. Idk what that guys problem was but he did not have to make such a big deal out of nothing. He could’ve simple just asked us nicely if we had a parent with us for permission and evrything would’ve been different. If anyone else has been through something similar to what I have been through with this worker then let me know. I would really like to know who the heck that guy is

Fernando Lambert

Comfy seating and good brisk tea slushies. Marcus is hot af.

Sigurd James

The theater itself is great. The other patrons constantly on their phones during movies, not so much. Maybe needs some more staff patrolling during movies.

Michaela Smith

Best reclining chairs!!! My husband and I drive 1.5hrs on $5 Tuesday Night, we use to go weekly but with the season it's been more monthly - cant wait for summer to return! ♡ Also, having the rewards card saves you HUGE dollars and we highly reccomend it, even if you dont go a lot.

Ellie Miron

Very great cinema! The seating is very comfortable, and it is a very fast checking in process. You are able to choose your seats which is very nice. The food is also very good with many lines to keep it a fast process. The screens are huge, and the sound quality is exceptional. The experience is amazing a priced well.


Movie was good, theater seems nice and clean and staff is friendly. BUT, we went to the 10:30 showing of escape room and we FROZE! It's like they turned off the heat half way through the movie. And looking around in the audience others were freezing and had pulled out blankets! Once the movie was over there was no one as far as staff goes around it seemed deserted otherwise I would have complained about being charged$15 per ticket and literally freezing and not being able to enjoy the movie.

Jessica Harris Daum

The reclining seats are amazing.

Jennifer Oster

Love this theater the recliner seats make it so comfortable to watch a movie.

J Re

Theater is nice - Dream loungers are comfortable even in the front row.

Shyerome Harris

Always a fantastic experience when I got there. I used to go to the one in west acres until I found out that these location has dream loungers. This is the only place I will go to for watching new releases. As stated prior, absolutely a fantastic facility and I highly recommend to anyone and everyone who is a movie buff!

Andrea Grigsby

Absolutely, fantastic!! Best seats at a theater I have ever sat in!!! Definitely will be back.

Courtney Olson

One of our favorite places for family “date night”. The dream loungers are so comfortable! The best part is being able to go to the movies for cheap every Tuesday. The movie rewards are a great perk too. It’s makes getting our tickets online and there is no surcharge to do when you’re a member.

Lexi Hansen

Was an amazing movie had alot of fun

Aaron Hendrickson

Saw Endgame, was a great theater. It has been upgraded since the last time I've been, and it definitely keeps up with other theaters I have been to recently. Big loungers that can kick back and you can practically sleep in them. Still no beer like Alamo Drafthouse, but if you aren't into drinking with your movies anyway, not a big deal.

Julie D

Love the comfy chairs.

Rickey Lunder

If you love watching movies in a comfortable chair and clean theater I highly recommend this place.

Kristen Schell

Very clean. Great deal on $5 Tuesdays! I love the comfy seats. Also a great deal if you get the card for free. You can get discounted snacks! The only theater I will go to in the area, I love it.

David Roberts

The seating is super comfy and the entire facility is clean and well maintained.

Leslie McCollum

Was the most comfortable place I've watched a movie in a long time. Took my little grandson...was awesome. Thank you!

Ben Sperle

Over the past 8ish years ive only ever had 1 problem here when i visited. On that visit the manager made things right and apologized time after time due to another guests actions.

James Bent

The dream loungers are the best. Wish the food prices would go down.

Caroline Lemere

Very friendly staff. Theaters are clean and love the reclining seats.

Johnathan Engstrom

Love that there are recliners in all the theaters

Tim Siedschlag

Overcomer was fantastic!

Adam McRunnel

Awesome movie theater, a little pricey but overall I think it's worth it.

Ryan Lee

Enjoy going to movies but its unbelievable how much it cost now to go to a movie these days. If it wasn't so expensive I guarantee I'd go more often.

Stewart Bunt

It's a theater, they have reclining seats which makes it fairly comfortable. Not a lot to say about a theatre. They have movies and comfortable seating. Nothing surprising here but you get exactly what you came for

Molly Mandelke

The chairs so comfy... love u can pick your own seats based on availability

Sean Huggans

Clean theatre with amazing seating. My daughter and I love to come here.

Laurie Anderson

Very comfortable recliners! The staff people were very pleasant and efficient. Great parking. Distractingly, you can hear sounds from movie in next theater. Concession prices insane. 15-20 minutes of commercials before movie began.

Simon Atadoga

It's nice

Valerie Mogard

It was very cold in the theater.

Ryan Brandon

Been here a few times. Space is always clean, even during the Endgame rush. All of the theaters offer the dreamlounger seats which are incredibly comfortable.

Jacob Possen

Chairs are most comfy. Place is clean. Bring your moola though.

Lisa Lebeck

Loved it! They even cleaned the garbage up before our show time this time (thank god)!

Wantee Waort

I'm not going to any other movie theater in Fargo but Marcus Cinema from now on I was so comfortable watching my movie.

Bear Oldcastle

Usually clean and well kept, parking can be an issue when it gets busy.

Peter Ege

Best movie chain in town.

Tiffany Zastoupil

Great place, friendly service

Clifford Adams

Omg no one was on there phone i really got to enjoy the movie. Sat next to a total stranger

Sheri Springer

My favorite theatre

David deNomme

Very nice theatre. Polite staff. The seats will make you want to take in a double feature. A night at the movies isn't cheap, I still felt I got my money's worth

Dustin Korynta

Always a great time

Matthew Trevino

This place is decent. dont have a bar inside tho and the food is movie food but the seating is comfier than normal

Aaron Moritz

Friendly staff, clean theater, easy to order tickets ahead of time

Megan Hanson

It was great! Comfy recliners, clean when we went in and the Thursday student night deals are awesome. $6movie and small popcorn!

Rod YellowBird

Loved it! We don't have these kinda seats in Minot ND


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