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100 4th St S, Devils Lake, ND 58301

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Heather Hall

Josslynne Zamora

Michael Lee

gustav rohde

Vincent Gratton

It was too damn cold they didn't have to have it that cold

Celeste Ludenberg

The people putting down the 5 star reviews sound like they were paid... Sketchy.


Eric Orvedal

Underwhelming. Comparatively, ticket prices are decent. Concessions, as with everywhere, are ridiculously priced, but is to be expected. The disappointment just keeps mounting as your experience continues. After leaving the poorly stocked concession counter with your ten cents worth of popcorn and soda for twenty dollars, you enter the actual cinema and discover the picture on the screens seems muddy and washed and you can hear crackling from the blown sound system. They also skip a lot of big movies with A list actors.

Holly Fisher

Concessions are way to expensive!! Need to go to the bank for a loan if your going to take your family to the movies!!!!

Tina Sherpa

Prices are OUTRAGEOUS!!! $60 for 2... Tickets and soda and popcorn... NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Dean Nelson

Summer special

Stephen Merrick

Good movie quality

Erica Brown

leah marie

Chris Wootton

Great staff. Really friendly. Great deals with rewards. Clean seating.

daveigh sailor

Little Kitch

Amanda sandberg GAB8612

Nice smaller hometown theatre.

Kelly Barron

Love iy

Dave Freidig

Growmeister Smith

Customer service was very good. However I felt extremely light in the wallet afterwards. My girlfriend and I and our 3 kids dropped$98 for passes and snacks. Not sure if an AMC theater is supposed to be any better than a regular theater but saw no difference from our small town theater in New Rockford. Maybe a bit louder but twice as expensive! Sorry.

letme begone

Weston Slaubaugh

Not too bad for a small town theater

Danyelle Nelson

Definitely planning on being a regular...

Jon Klier

Small but nice theater.

John Traynor

Josh White

Travis Smith

Need better seats

LS Greger

Great service, friendly staff, clean theaters! Definitely going again.

Joshua Bryson

Very Friendly Staff

Nicole Anderson

Always cold as heck in the movies



Good place

G Money

Don't waste your time they gave up on the exterior appearance. A person can't even call and talk to an employee. On weeknights they lock the doors 5 minutes after the movies starting time,, really come on its stimulusTuesday!!!! Lousy service, carmike was so much better.


Parallel Mystic

Frank Kastle

Best deal for Stimulus Tuesdays! 5 stars...


This is an amazing theater, but the food is pricey. Two big bags of popcorn and two large pops cause a little over 50 dollars and the theater is a little messy! Besides that, I love this Cinema Theatre! <3. Hope you guys like it to.


Nicer than many theaters I've been too, which is nice in such a small town. Only 3 screens though, usually only 2 showings.

Javier Castillo

Only theater in my area but is always clean and always treats me good

Dustin Chapman

Sunken Steamroller

terrible. how boring is it to sit through all that advertising and then finally get to the movie and have it be the completely WRONG movie. Not only did the staff have the most piss poor customer service skills but they were the rudest group of employees I have ever witnessed. you should all be ashamed of this terrible Establishment. fix it or tear it down. Trust me I'm not the only one in the community that agrees.. This town deserves a much better theater..seeing there is nothing to do in this town I'd rather watch the commercials at Walmart then waste a cent at Carmike Lake 3 Theater 25 4th St S, Devils Lake, ND.. *NOTE* YOU DIDN'T EVEN SPELL THEATER RIGHT IN YOUR LISTING !!

glenn phillips

The bathroom was a mess, along with the trash flowing over the container also in the lobby and on floor decided to skip the popcorn and eat somewhere after the movie, plenty of help so no excuses.

Paige Hillig


Bri Rister

Leah marie Thingvold

Venom Real3D liked it. Only thing is that she couldn't get my AMC account pulled up

Thomas Meixl

Frank Rodriguez

Jarrett Smith

Ok place

Noah Applegate

Outdated and small screen. Friendly staff and it is what is is for being in a small town. Definelty not going to be the Dolby experience but it's good for what it is.


Service is always splendid here! I see films in multiples from time to time and they never make me feel embarrassed or even comment on my enthusiasm for the movies I return to for repeat visits. Concessions pricey, always clean in the lobby and theater rooms. The bathrooms don't always get the attention required for as many people that come through but it is well enough to always find a clean stall. Viewing rooms lit nicely, exits clear, movie crisp and sound loud and indulging! I always have a wonderful experience here and the layout is very simple. Oh, and the staff is young, informed, charming and still professional and respectful. Recommended for a good time, especially for midnight showings!

Rylee Luehring

The workers are very rude and disrespectful at night good movie horrible workers

Austin Zettler

The lobby was kept clean great quick customer service theater number 3 was in spectacular condition great quality 3d movie. Nothing bad about this experience

Justin Lommen

Laura Conde

The staff was superb, the movie was terrible.

Mike Martell

Brooke Leiphon

GoldenWisher 64

Nicole Mathiason

Would have given 5 stars but the popcorn is always stale.

Heidi Z. Vanegas

The lobby is nice with coke freestyle machines, but the theaters themselves are still old. It's a decent small town theater.

Tina King

Dirty but cheap

Sheila Wildman

Jon Lovseth

Paul Matheny

Locked the door at 6:50pm for the 6:30 show sad.

Summer Littlewind

Tim Barkus

Brandon Mathiason


Nathan Fritz

I just saw Star Wars the last Jedi and it was fantastic. The pop from the computer machine isn't as good as the regular pop machines. Whether u use the Burger King machines or this one, the Coke computer machines pop just doesn't taste right.

Kristi Hejlik


Paul Hjelden Jr.

Melissa Hoffman

Basic movie theater with 3 options. Typical overpriced snack food.

Jared Auch

Old and outdated. Friendly staff but needs an update.

King C.O.D

Robyn Berg

Gary Axtman

Very dirty

Nathan Legacie

I think it is sad that they cant post the up coming movies up on there marquee. also when i went to the movie only one movie was label to what was playing in which theater. My friend that i went with also said some of her popcorn was burnt tasting. I found the wrong movie time listed on their website.

James Thompson

eric sailor

Could be cheaper snacks. But they updated from the old one so that's nice

rhoda dunn

A good place

Pam Moser

Great, clean place!! Good Movie!!

allister johnson

Michael Bentley

Sound was great, extremely cold, screen was a bit dark. 2kids, 1adult popcorn and a couple snacks $61.00!......

Cherish Hope

Katarina Paulson

Erin Yri

Holly Beckedahl

Joshua weaver

Amy Cox

Austin Peltier

For a small town the theater is fine, however missed opportunities with certain movie titles. Good staff, but prices for food are what to expect from a movie theater, priceeey.

Michael Greene

Been going here since I was kid, hasn't disappointed me since

Sherry Shelby

Its about what I would expect for this little town. Slim pickings for entertainment and selection. Springy uncomfortable seating. With not much more to do here, this is as good as it gets here. Austin, they probably aren't employees, but locals that just haven't been anywhere else outside Devils Lake to see a movie. They'd be beside themselves if they knew there were movie theaters with reclining seats, drinks, and food service!

Justinjoe Sandberg

Shawn Bennett

Victoria Parrish

Paula Bertsch

Too cold and too loud. Floor is really sticky ish

Troy Estvold

Daniel Redd

Ariel Kraft

The theater is clean and the staff is usually pretty great. I am only giving this two stars because lately the movies that have come to this theater will be there for 2 weeks and they don't get anything new! I would come to the movie more often if they would put new movies in more often. When it was Carmike this wasn't a problem. And the choice of movies that come to this theater has been a little disappointing as well. I have traveled out of town just to see some of the huge movies that this theater has missed getting.

DuB Jay Da 3rd

Waffles World

If they don't play childs play, I'm giving 1 star

Alexis Huffman

Its really turned around since its changed companies

Tj Clapper

LaRosa Greger

Joshua Asleson

Seating is stained and very uncomfortable. REPLACE THE SEATS! Concessions are overpriced. Have to deal with it though since this is the only theater in town.

Latisha Longie

Darrick Ami

Kaia Greene

Timothy McKay

It's an awesome experience

Junelle Salmon

ONE lick Rick

This theater has been open a long time. I think the first movie I seen here was Rocky 4 perhaps even Spies Like Us. haha

Tony Schmid

Roger Jetty

Great movie

Jeffrey Horn

Maurice Alberts

When it had first shifted over from Carmike to AMC, you can tell that they were still transitioning and I didn't have a good experience then. However, they have only improved since and I have not been disinterred since. 4 stars only because the seating still needs to be worked on and that should not discourage you from taking in a movie here.

James Dauphinais

Cool Good picture


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