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2306 32nd Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58208

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Where is AMC CLASSIC Grand Forks 10?

REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Grand Forks 10 IN North Dakota

Alexandra Day

It was a bit outdated

Jim Schneider

Been to nicer theaters but on release day you can't argue when you can go pick out almost any seat you want and not waiting in line.

Rebecca Bond

Nice, clean, nice staff, love the soda machine

Lorna Thronsedt

The price of popcorn and pop is absolutely way too over priced.


geannie j

Staff is friendly and quick. Concessions could use an update from traditional fare to more modern fare, especially given the price [This is what brings it down from 5 to 3 stars]. Nice screens and seats, film tickets are reasonably priced.

Seth Kreil

Great service.

sheila wolf

Decent prices

Noah Jeffrey

It's fine. We go here when we get discounted tickets. But it's usually pretty dead.

Kevin/Renae Schuh

Magen Anderson

Not the new seats, yet the price can't be beat at $3.99+tax before 4pm and the concessions are not extremely over priced.

Robert Dondlinger

Offers more movies in 3D than any other in area.

Chris Loeffler

A consistently appealing movie experience. The sound is by far better than competitors, and I would recommend it based on that, alone.

Kay Powell

The screens are good, and it has less traffic than the overpriced, complicated counterpart in EGF. Support this business! The popcorn bucket is fantastic (refills around $2.50), and makes the snacking affordable. People are nice, and free refills on large sodas. Definitely my favorite in town!

Joseph Biggane

Affordable tickets. If you go often then the popcorn bucket is a great deal. Stadium seats are decent, no complaints. Good selection of snacks, slushies, and drinks.

Jacinda P

I personally would chose to go to Carmike theatre rather than River Cinema in EGF. The picture quality is better and also the sound. I think the popcorn tastes better as well. If you are a rewards member you quickly accumulate points if you go to lots of movies. We have received plenty of free concession items and even a free movie or two! The only downfall is the abundance of previews that start when the movie is supposed to. We usually now wait until the movie is supposed to start to arrive. Friendly staff as well.

Ben Jirout

Good theater it could be better if they changed the front of it! But it's still good!

Joshua Hays

25 minutes of previews. when it says movie starts at 9:45 you don't expect to be waiting till 10:10 for it to finally start...

Shantelle Carey

Great movie, but the seats were incredibly uncomfortable.

Danielle Koetter

Hope AMC picks up more... so convenient

Donald McGregor

Classic movie theater.

Joseph Tousignant

Their Tuesday deal isn't

Garrett Swain

Very nice place and never full

Georgia Udby


Taylor G

There isn't anything "fancy" about this theater, but it's clean and comfortable. We really like popcorn, so the annual refillable bucket is a,great option for us (we sometimes stop in and fill it when we aren't even going to a movie since it only costs $2.50/refill). The only drawback is that the commercials and previews run longer than at other theaters, lately about 25 minutes. If the movie you're going to see is a long one, that makes it even longer. Nonetheless, this is usually the theater we frequent.

ridge stortroen

Love this place

Merissa Lucas

Jacob Peterson

Excellent service this is the fifth movie I seen here, great every time

Noah Quidera

Donovan Eastman

Tuesday specials are just right, super friendly and accommodating staff

Trinda Charese Schroeder

Seating is a bit uncomfortable but it's a nice theater overall.

Chain Masters

The theaters are quite large and the seating is very comfortable. The staff seemed really friendly and where very courteous to me on my first visit. All and all I'll more than likely be coming back for my next movie going experience. It was a good time.

Jodi Schall

Unbelieve slow with showtimes comapared to fargo, nd theater even east grand forks go far then do on thier websites love to crater to only one movie which creed 2 pop machine is low half of time seats are uncomfortable etc.

Samanatha Zettler

Price were extremely high

Gary Edwards

Great Saturday matinees for your whole family.

erick painter

Dated theater. Plenty of parking. I enjoyed my visit. Will definitely come back.

Wanda Couchigian

Great movie. polite and helpful workers

Robert Hanson

nice theatre good prices

Justice Stull

Aaron Northup

Has been upgraded and is getting better

Keith Cameron

Sad to think AMC/ Carmike is owned by a Chinese company (Wanda Group). Alright movie theater. River Cinema 12 is a lot better !

Leslie Tibbetts

It's a nice clean place to visit and watch a movie

David Cameron

Better now with AMC running things. Ticket prices are good, food is expensive like all theatre food. Lack of stadium seating is a bummer.

Benjamin Trepanier

I loved it I went to see detective Pikachu

Paul Zettler

Bitty Solberg

First time back since they changed names and it felt the same. Wish they would have remodeled some more on the inside. Although I love the fact you put your own butter on now, I wish they had the flavored salts as well! They have a badass coke machine where you pick your own flavors and whatnot along with am icee machine you can refill on your own!

Jack Loftus

Was shocked to be able to see Star wars less than 2 weeks after it was released. I was even more shocked that only my wife and I were the only people in the theatre during the entire movie. The bathrooms were so horrible I cannot even talk about them without fear of grossing people out. I am a truck driver used to using bathrooms in truck stops and these bathrooms were badly neglected. I am sure they had not seen a cleaning of any kind in months most likely. Only 2 guys trying to do literally everything from sell tickets, run the concession and everything else in between. These AMC Theatres seem to be run on a shoe string and have been forgotten by whoever owns them. I have gone to at least 4 of these theatres within the last year and cannot recommend any of them. All the same issues, run down , disgusting, lack of supplies and support and poor morale among a skeleton staff. I would gladly pay twice the price if they had the quality of the Canadian Cineplex theatres operated across Canada.

Marianne Toews

Always enjoy a movie when we come down from Winnipeg. Usually during the week. Not too busy so it’s a nice enjoyable time, no line ups , friendly staff, clean and comfortable.

Patti Karstedt

Seen The Nun, good movie. Clean theater. Friendly staff. Comfy seats.

Justin Folkedahl

Justin Kennedy

Amc is gr8

Len Kostrzewski

Nice theater.

Jamie Thomas

The seats are uncomfortable and the screen is small. But I've never received bad service here. And the tickets are cheap!

Mike Skadsem

The seats are tiny

Kole Driscoll

It was great, although the seats are a bit uncomfortable at times, the sound and picture of the movies are great. The employes are always willing to help, and although the trailers are about 20 min. long, they are usually pretty good trailers. the only reason i could see why people would go to River Cinema would be becuase they have better seats (although worse sound and quality) or they might have a show that Carmike doesn't. All in all its an excellent place

Bert F.

Easy to find

Anthony Stautz

Liked it

sylvester popis

it was ok i been to better one that were the same price as this

Guy Donovan

Ordinarily it's a decent enough theater, but tonight it gets one lame star for making us wait more than 45 minutes for a showing that we wound up leaving because it never started. We got 3 free passes, but it was still a wasted night, given our drive time just to get there.

Scott Pream

Best popcorn in Grand Forks

Ryan Bilden

I love the popcorn, and it is always a friendly environment to visit.

Ayla Krenek

The recent update brings more options but it stills like a small theater, which if you're looking to avoid a crowd is the place to go.

Shane Girodat

Old school and way more expensive than it should be. Time for a remodel.

Tyana Lebby

Autumn Horton

Bob Joe

Great prices awesome seats and Hobbs and Shaw was amazing

Emalee Heppner

Where's Truth or Dare?

Stacey Clow

Great time!!

Jeff Torroll

This is the place to see a movie in Fargo.

Shahmeer Kanwar

It's the best theater in the area. The tickets are really cheap, and they offer a good variety of films. You really can't go wrong here

Wendy Ackerman


Logan Proksch

Scott Walberg

Best movie theater in town. Better than river cinema as far as picture and sound quality, but most people don't look past initial appearances, which is why River Cinema is more popular.


Put your show times back on the overhead board or at least outside somewhere. No, I will not download your "app for showtimes".

Kyle Houske

The Old Carmike Theater has seen much better days I would surmise and that certainly pertains to the current owners, (AMC). I'm rather disgusted in the underwhelming lackluster approach the highly rated movie theatre management company AMC has dedicated towards the basic fundamental needs in regards to patronage comfort and retention. After closer to a year of the operational transition, movie goers can expect little to no evident ownership restructuring. For instance, the exterior marquee still brandishes the Carmike cinemas name instead of course AMC. Movie showtimes aren't displayed on the exterior marquees either making it inconvenient to plan a date or spontaneous movie viewing. They redirect you to use their website for gathering movie showtimes which is unacceptable. No improvements have been made to the overall appearance as you'll notice the paint is faded, Neon lighting is not operational intermittently. This is all very surprising to me as I've grown up on AMC movie theaters and they all seemed to take great pride in service, presentation, and experience. I hope to see change in this over the summer period for sure.

avi 31

Samantha Brekke

I love this theater

Thomas Warnet Jr

The place looks like it's from the 80's due to the neon lights on the inside and the bare concessions. You walk in and greater by an empty ticket booth with a giant sign stating to get tickets inside. They seem to be poorly staffed for a theater. They offer the coke machine for self serve but every selection seemed to be low on syrup and the popcorn tasted like 1 day old popcorn. After finding the theater by the poorly designates theater we walked into a black emoty theater where I had to use my flashlight to see. Once my euea adjusted to the poorly lite theater we daw that the back row of seats had hair on them as if a dog has laid on every seat. The floors where nasty and we will have to clean the bottom of our shoes after we leave. The worse part was that the picture on screen didn't fit the entire canvis that is on the wall and it smells like your great grandmas dusty basement. Not to mention the music videos that they cram down your throat before the movie. I may have high standards coming from The Grand Theater from Bismarck but I just can't get over the smell. I will not be returning since I can buy popcorn and drinks cheaper at Wal-Mart and pay the $20 to rent a brand new movie on Google or other devices.

Daniel Saula

Rolly Gagné

Great theater at affordable prices

Doug Prince

Too many commercials before movie

Zulu Foxtrot

Steven Tank

Seats not comfortable not right sign old company sign out front

Wesley Ramberg


Ambrose Nez

It was a pleasant place to watch a movie

Aaron Raimist

A pretty average movie theater. Went here a few times and it was fine but the audio was messed up the last time I went so I won't be going back since there is a better option.

Marlys Green

Richard Johnson

The screens and audio at this theater are good. The pictures I posted with this review are a pretty common site. One of the supervisors with the curly hair was cleaning with ear buds in and an unzipped jacket with a non-uniform white t-shirt on which was pretty unprofessional. I tried to ask him a question before I realized he had ear buds in and he never acknowledged me because of them.

Thomas Jay Benjamin

Decent theater experience.

Mark E

Went to see the movie A Quiet Place. Which was a great movie, and really had nothing to do with the theater itself. The most interesting thing that is out there was over 40 minutes of previews and commercials before the movie started, so many that I thought we were in the wrong theater. So the show was supposed to start at 3 but actually started closer to 3:35. They should advertise the start time of the movie as the start time of the movie, not the start time of the advertisements.

William Wolfe

Excellent theatre! Popcorn very pricey!!

Terry O'Dell

Good small cinema. Reasonable prices in a good location.

Phyllis Trelfa

This is my favorite place to go to a movie. The staff is very good and while the theater is older, my hope is it will survive the competition. Better prices, better popcorn, beverage selection!!

Richard Sailor

cool place

Jonah Silverstone

Most comfortable theater in Grand forks

Frederick Garrett


Jene Campbell

Saw Avengers End Game. Very comfortable theater.

Chrissie Anderson

Awesome prices and very clean

Jeremiah Adams

Can't beat the ticket prices. Sound quality and picture quality is beyond what you expect for the low prices. I see everyone complaining about the price of the concessions and I'm not sure why. Most theaters nowadays charge you over $13 for the ticket, $8 for popcorn and $5 for a large drink. Add that up then take moment and realize how much better a deal you are getting here at Carmike. Also a little known fact, theaters make most of their money on concessions, very little is made in comparison off of the ticket. Most of the money from tickets goes to hollywood.

Aaron Donald

Awesome theater, new drink machine and concessions.

Carter Bentley

Good place to watch movies

Foxy Roxy IVB

My BF Rion finally took me There.. Was a Nice place

Jake Fortman

Perfect place

g funk

Beats egf

Daryl Larson

Very nice

Jared Stevenson

Always has been a great place!

Sara Mills

This an okay theater. The seats are comfortable enough, but don't have any recline or other comfort features. The sound and visual quality is okay. The rest of the theater is very dated, and the bathroom are in disrepair. The prices are a bit steep for the quality of concessions and service. There only seemed to be two people trying to work the whole theater. You can see the movie you want, but you don't get a lot of bang for your buck. My biggest gripe is that not only did our movie start late - they played 20 minutes of kids movie previews for AMC before they even started the previews that were supposed to go with our film. First, a late start, fine, whatever. But then 20 minutes of previews for kids shows that are "Coming Soon to AMC" playing before a movie that is not even a kids movie? And then you start the real movie previews? This isn't a premium theater, but they don't even have the basics of good either. If you just want to see a movie, and dont care about a good 'theater-going experience', this does the job. But, if you want more bang for your buck, and nice seats and much nicer bathrooms, drive the 5 extra minutes across town to the other theater.

Andy P

Nice, clean theater.....upgrade seating

Dan Ringdahl

Good prices, less chaotic and better organized than other theatres in town.

Mr Jeffries

It has good setting and good customer service

RunAway Train

The worst. 45 mins of commercials and previews. Never again. No wonder we were the only ones in the theatre on a friday night.

Jeffrey Miller

Priced right

Chad Morrison

Watched 1 hour of commercials then when the movie trailers finally started the screen was black the whole time... First theatre experience in the States & I would take Canadian cineplex theatres ANY day!

Austin Neufeld

Good price. Seats are terribly uncomfortable

Charles Davis

Cheap movies

Seth Foster

Much like many things in Grand Forks it was very okay.

bill Ankgrove

Disappointing. Some of the screens.are.pretty decent looking, that is about it.

Walter Cotto


I love this place, the seats aren't as good as river cinema buy there's close parking the prices are good and it's never overly packed. Plus the popcorn bucket is great if you go to the movies alot

kathy holter

It was nice went to a afternoon matinee only cost us 3.99 a person. Making an affordable to take the grandkids.

Barbara Hammon

Very out dated.old...

Gutter Dandy

Excellent theater.

Jade Lilja

Movie was great, loved everything other then the seats!! :( please update those!

Jason Lee


Heidi Crawford

Ticket prices are nice

Elias Luna

Went around 12pm good place to go not alot of people..liked it


not crowded like east side, so much better

denise kramer

They have been making improvements at AMC. Very nice!! Ticket personal are friendly!

Judy Taylor

Disappointing sound...

Joshua Everett

The Carmike 10 is a good movie theater. They could use a remodel but I have always had a good experience when going there. River Cinema has the upgrades and is modern but I preferred the little shops that were in the spaces where River Cinema is. They are both excellent choices but if I go and want to feel like I am going to a movie I usually go to Carmike. If I am going to see a movie I don't care about either movie theater can accommodate. I just prefer the older style theater. It brings the movie experience to life in a way that cannot be made by throwing money at it. As long as they keep up with projector tech and sound I will be going to Carmike when I can.

Tara Landon

Movies are always great to watch!!!!! I live faster night with my husband!! I love date/family night with my kids!!! The movies never get old!! My family loves it. The only complaint I would have is the expensive candy!! It would be better if they allowed snacks brought from home.

Coy Page

They let me bring in my laptop, taco bell, and a baguette into 50 shades of gray. No questions asked 11/10

Molly Proctor

There's qualities about this theater I prefer over river cinema 15. I hope this theatre gets refurbished now that it's AMC and no longer Carmike. This one is very very dated and needs an overhaul.

Mark Chilson

Not really much to be honest.. but at least they are trying

Steph Brooks

Good sound and comfy seats

Randy Marum

donald patterson

Older theater and did not like the seats

Xpl 15

Best theater I been to

Tara Lulla

Big auditoriums

Jason G

Clean and has great popcorn bucket deal.

Jared Adsero

This has to be the worst movie theater on the damn Planet seriously

Laurie Feltman

I agree, the start time of the movie should be posted, not the start time of advertising (30 minutes prior to the movie). That is a long time to sit through advertising. The price is right, the seats are comfortable, but the wait for the movie to start is incredibly long.

Siara Mayo

Very clean

c w

I love this theatre. Price and quality make this a fabulous place to watch a movie.

Darin Craven

Had the place to myself (almost)

Scott Ogren

Nice facility just hard to figure out what theater you are suppose to be in no sign telling what movie was playing

J Seefried

Jenna Taylor

Love the deals you get with being a rewards member...the chairs are pretty comfortable but need to recline more.

Bonnie Haman

I don't like the idea that they don't have the times of the movies on the outside of the building

Aaron Jones

The theatre played DBS: Broly and the other didn't. That's the only reason I gave it 5 stars.

Jerry Severson

Farenheit 11-9 great documentary

Rhonda Klingler

Good screens great sound and inexpensive

Adam Helgeson

The theater was cold as hell. Bring a blanket!

Harley Wyldekat

Because of MN tax hikes, this one is now cheaper than the theater in EGF all day long.

Kirk James Leo Hennessy

Better seating than most movie theaters.

Dylan L.

Never busy which is great!

Scott Kuczkowski

I enjoy this theater a bit more than the River-Cinema simply because it is usually less crowded.

Dennis Uhrmacher

Uncomfortable seats.


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