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REVIEWS OF The Grand Winston-Salem IN North Carolina

David Johnson

Great for a good movie that you just have to see

Chris Turner

My wife came here and got mad at me I've been making her go to the Carmike (or AMC on Reynolda) for years without telling her about this place. She loved the reclining comfortable seats. I don't know how I feel about the reserved seats thing - seems a little too millennial for me.

Michael Gwyn

Great theatre! Very clean and very comfortable reclining seating.

Zach Goins

Great theater, never had any issues. Particularly love the IMAX theater here. Always clean and staff is friendly.

Greg Pegues

Enjoyed the movie, me and my daughter. The staff very friendly. I rate them 5 stars !

Kaamilya Cross

I love the reclining chairs!! Overall love the experience!!

Nathan Smith

The seat are amazing!! So was the sound system

Doug Angle

This theater is dope. The seats are all the new high tech leather recliners where you control them with the buttons. Tickets are sold with seat reservations, which seems tedious at first but I've come to prefer it over first-come-first-served, because you don't have to show up early to make sure that you can get enough seats together. I love seeing IMAX movies and this place gets all the blockbusters in IMAX which makes them even better. But even the regular theaters have huge screens. Concessions are fine, they do their job, but I don't usually get food. And picking up online ordered tickets is really easy and quick.

Angie Webster

Very comfortable. Love the way the seats are made. Don't have to worry about anyone blocking the view of the movie. Lot's of food choices. It's pricey. But worth it

Jaylen Jicalan

Experience with the movie was great but the managers are very unprofessional and food is unsanitary employees need better hygiene

Anita Sykes

Why is the concessions soooooo expensive? No wonder people want to bring in their own. Almost more than the movie. But the movie was EXCELLENT!!

Robyn Schultz


Jeselyn Rosario

This theatre has police cars that park outside. Multiple ones. I see why. The place is dirty. The movie seats are comfortable at least. I’ve just never been to a theatre like this.

Sharon Jackson

Best place to catch a movie in a comfy, reclining chair!

Alex Zades

After the remodel it's very nice. Food is cheaper than it used to be and the seating is very nice.

Taylor Stewart

I always enjoy seeing a good movie. I really enjoy the IMAX theater. The chairs are absolutely amazing. I love how comfy they are and also that they recline. I love that you now have alcohol choices as well. The popcorn is always fresh and the movie experience is grand. I really like going to this theater for my movie experiences. The prices aren't bad either.

todd k

Comfortable reclining seats. Good refreshments. Overall very nice

Darla McBride

A little pricey but, it's clean! I really like the assigned seating now. I also like that they check I.D. for R rated movies so there's not a bunch of kids sneaking in

KandI Megahan

It's a nice enough theater, comfy seats nice experience, but really over priced. It is the most I have ever paid for a movie ticket ($11.25), and popcorn about ten for the large refillable stize. Total for two tickets and 1 popcorn wast over $30. I would go again,becauste it was so nice, but only on my birthday or some really special premiere. That's just me right now.

Robin Ely

My favorite Cinema. Love the recliners. Not just reclining seats. Actual recliners! Always clean and employees are very nice.


love the reclining chairs. sound system hurt my daughters ears and mine. she wears hearing aids and it was causing her bicross to fail

Brenda Causey

Love this place they have the best seat so you recline and watch a movie.

Gregg Williams

Expensive, but great movie experience! Go to the IMAX

Tam Brady

Well we didn't go see a movie, hoping The Mustang was playing but it seemed like The Advengers had the place covered up! I mean sold out of all the theaters, they had it going in them in most. Now I hear the sell wine, which is a nice plus too relax and watch a movie! Which is why I gave it 3☆ for next time!

Lisa Filkins

We had a great time. We went to see How to Train Your Dragon the secret world. The seats are so comfortable and took a nap before the show began. The recliners make it feel like you're home almost. The theater was clean the bathrooms were clean and we had a great time.

Tami Stewart

I love this theater! Very comfortable. Only downside is, its easier to fall asleep

Ethan Smith

This was my first time going to the movies in some time, but I wasn't too surprised to pay $30 for a matinee with a large Coke and popcorn. The theater was nice quality with cool electronic recliners. The theater lost two stars because the workers were distracted and disinterested. It took 3 times longer than it should have to refill my drink and popcorn because the staff didn't seem interested in helping me get back to the movie.

D.M. M

The seats are AMAZING. The service is pretty good too. The theater themselves are clean and the sound is good.

brandi p

Nice place lots of parking I love the fact that you have option to pick your seats now.

Sherria Vestal

Lots of current movies. Great selection of food. Comfortable seats

H Withers

Great movie clean bathrooms

J.D. Bunnell II

It was great! At first I thought it to be expensive but after being able to pick the seat I wanted and easily findind and getting to my seat and having a clean comfortable seat to enjoy the movie in I now consider it a bargin and want to experience it again soon!

Megan Moulton

Taking three kids to a noon showing of Toy Story 4. Decided to follow the rules and get lunch here instead of sneak food in. I encourage everyone to just bring their own food. Fryers are broken, no tenders or fries. Hot dogs aren't even cooked, the guy at the counter took 15 minutes taking the internal temperature of each individual hot dog before telling me they weren't cooked yet. Sent me over to another counter where I waited honestly 8 minutes for the lady to put four hot dogs into 4 buns. We are now late and I'm getting three children settled into their seats with food in the dark even though we arrived 30 minutes before the movie was scheduled to start. Also asked for a medium popcorn in a large bag so it wouldn't spill while being shared by three young children. Best they could offer me was to buy a medium popcorn and not give me the full portion. I will NEVER return to this theater. Editing to add that I just bit into my hot dog and the bun is so stale that it's hard as a rock on one side. This is horrible. Can I Uber eats some better food to be delivered to this theater please? What a disgrace. If I was the manager I'd be so embarrassed. And interestingly enough, I'm STILL waiting on a confirmation email from the tickets I purchased 6 hours ago even though we just got back from seeing the movie. Emailed customer service to inquire about my confirmation email and still haven't heard back. Surprise surprise.

Maurice Cameron

Endgame was the best movie u should go watch it and tell me if u like it I will see every marvel movie

John Vanover

This was the second film I have watched at this theatre where the screen was ‘washed out’ and so dim as to be almost unwatchable. Very unfortunate. I don’t know if the projection equipment is not working properly or if the excessive ambient lighting in the room is killing the picture quality, but something certainly is. $8 for popcorn and $11 for a ticket. Sadly, I will not be back. People deserve better.

Robert Holloway

I loved this place. I miss being in NC because it has nice clean movie theaters. I live in Milwaukee which is native american for city dump. If they had a movie theater like this in Milwaukee they'd just ruin it within minutes with cigarettes, smoke and the unwashed masses would stink it up. The seats are soft and screens are big. I'll be back.

Tom Moriarty

If you order hot food do not be in a hurry. Also, the hot food is exceedingly mediocre.

Lisa brown-gilbert

Seating is great, prices for snacks and drinks ridiculously high.


Great selection of snacks and drinks. comfortable seats, a nice little arcade area. A nice and clean establishment.

Joel Fletcher

The Grand is our local theater. We love it. It's close, and always clean. With the new ticketing system, getting in is a piece of cake. The reclining seats are extraordinary! Movie watching pleasure all around

Jessi Jernigan

We absolutely love this theater! The comfiest reclining seats, option for reserved seating, alcoholic beverages served, and the prices arent outrageous like some other places!! We wont go to any other theater now because were spoiled, so we make the 40 minute drive to this one every time!

Ian McIlwraith

The Grand is a wonderful theatre! I don’t often go out to watch movies, but I’ll definitely come back here. The location is great, staff was friendly, and the movie selection was solid. I definitely appreciated the reclining leather chairs and the spacious rows. That alone definitely makes the experience worthwhile.

Ken Veness

Great theater all around. Better than High Point Palladium and the Grand in Greensboro.

Beverly Bell

It a wonderful place to see a movie ..just gotta go to find out for yourself

Raymond Riddick

This is a great and most cinematic movie theatre I've ever visited and great


Great theaters and great popcorn. Very clean establishment, the floors are very clean contrary to other theaters I've been to.

Erica Cousins

The movie theater was extremely comfortable with large reclining seats. Every seat had great views of the screen. The sound level was perfect. Tickets were easy to purchase without much wait.

Sherry Clark

It's a great movie theater.the staff is really nice

Sarah Brendle

Always a pleasant experience. I will say I hate the new seating. As a big gal, they're way too narrow and I only just fit, but they're even a squeeze for my dad who's not that large.

Dallas Hutton

Those reclining chairs are the best!! A little hard to get to see the hot show coming out on opening weekend but I love this place!!!

David LeBeau

Nice theater. My chair didn't work but luckily it wasn't busy and I just moved to the next one which reclined just fine.


Even enough I get a college student discount, my movie didn't "qualify" ,felt bad. Other than that the movie screen had an error screen for a while but did come back up in time for the movie. Seats are really comfortable!

Brandon Adams

The theater is always clean and I love the seating. So comfortable while enjoying a movie.

JD Nocente

Love the seating, no one can kick the back of your seat or put their feet on the head rest like other theaters in the area. As well as having an excellent staff and beer to boot.

Herbert Wright

Great place to go and watch movies

Tonya Cole

So nice. Lots of room. Clean bathrooms.

Airsofters Anonymous

Amazing experience, definitely buy tickets online, also you should go ahead and buy your snacks ahead of time for quick and easy experience to hurry up and get to your seats.

Phil Whaley

Very impressive from the last time I visited this place...seats are extremely comfy with lots of room prices too high

Lisa Gray

I love the reclining seats they are so comfy. I'm also glad they switched to assigned seats so you know ahead of buying your ticket if there are not any good seats left. They have a large selection of snacks and sell beer and wine.


Comfy recliner seats are a big plus but there is almost always someone on their phone or talking in the theater. It's nice to choose your seats, but there's often someone in my reserved seats and I have to ask them to move. No big fusses about it yet, but still an unnecessary hassle.

Michael M Boyce

Always a great movie going atmosphere. Love the IMAX experience!

Glenn Hurley

Reclining, reserved seats are nice. Prices way too high.

Ethan Baca

By far the best theatre to visit in Winston Salem. Depending on where you live, it's a drive but I prefer it over AMC Hanes.

Angela Williams

Great theater with very comfortable recliners. Great food selections. Very clean

Courtney McCollum

Great experience til the movie cut off with only about 5 minutes left. Emergency lights were actived due to a popcorn machine burning. Other than that great experience.

Stacy Deen

Clean, comfortable and entertaining from every direction in the lobby, game room, concessions and it of course, the actual theaters themselves. It may cost $55 minimum to get popcorn, drinks and 2 tickets now days, but we enjoy our time there, Everytime. Best theater in town.

Eric Ford

For a few extra dollars, this is well worth it. Reclining seats, excellent views. The sound in the theater could be regulated more, they are a bit on the loud side, especially when the theater isn't at capacity. Even the food is "reasonably" priced compared to other theaters.

carissmas s

I love this theater. The chairs recline and you have plenty of room to walk to your seat. Also you can do reserved seating.

Ellen Bond

really nice employees and it was very clean. comfortable seats in the theater

Sandra Bean

Best popcorn in the triad. Also really clean seats and bathrooms.


I just want to give a huge thank you to the manager Patrick. I had an issue with a refund. I spoke to 2 managers Stephanie and a Lisa and they both put in emails to get it resolved but they didnt resolve the issue nor did they have empathy or a sense of urgency to get it taken care of. I spoke to Patrick once and I could tell he was younger than the other two but he had empathy from the beginning of the call and even returned a call to me to let me know it was resolved and it was as of today. Thanks again Patrick for your stellar service and commitment to your customers.

Robert Sanchez

Sent 3 days in the Clemmons/Winston Salem area. Went to this movie theater twice and every time we went the customer service was outstanding, the food, drinks etc were fresh and very tasteful. The theater was very nicely clean and a pretty huge theater at that. The game room was a cool extra attraction definitely worth money to have a little fun in there. The only negative I will speak of this place is the pricing. Wow!!! Back home in Utah I can go to 3 movies with the price I paid for entry, snacks, food and drinks here. Ridiculously crazy high prices. But outside of that, this whole theater and the staff were very top notch.

Ruben Zeferino

Always a pleasure to go watch a movie at The Grand.

Joel Clark

Best theater around. 2 dollars more at this theater than my local one but I get to sit in a recliner instead of a terrible hardback folddown chair. Great movie audio and set to the correct volume, and the projector was not out of focus. Waiting time was not bad, but that's dependent on when and what's being shown.

Madison Whit

Awesome! Always have a great time. I wish snacks/food/drinks weren't so expensive though.

Marie Robertson

Really nice setting with elbow room. Good sound. Well worth the money.

Gregg Designed

Great! 3D theater has electric reclining chairs! Clean and updated theater!

Michael Hairston

I really enjoyed the new seating also the big screen and surround sound, great a 5 star.

Angela Roney

Very comfortable and very expensive! Chairs recline and are roomy. Love that! But-You will break the bank if you want to do the popcorn and soda thing, like most movie theaters these days! Have a nice dinner out before you go, you could save some money and have better quality of calorie count! I know- it's not the same is it?

Hello You

Awesome screens, not crowded and the seats are comfy as heck. Loved it! Prices on snacks are my only issues but that's across the board everywhere you go.

Crazy Jane

Excellent movie theater, could get some more employees so that there isn't only 2 people working food area when they have over 5, and you have to stand in that line for over 10 minutes already. I was going to see End Game, at 1045 but it was full, so my friends and I got tickets for the 11 o'clock time, we stood in line for food till 1105. We were inside at 1047. It was really nice overall just the lines to get snacks and stuff was absurd.

Greg Ginn

Great theater. Great comfy seats.

D'Tondja Foster

I go to the movies atleast twice a month. If their is something I want to see. I love this theater. The reclining seats have made it even better. They have special events for adults and kids. Always helpful .

Amy Moore

It was extremely clean the movie was either half off for both of us adults or either less than half off? Not sure why but it may had been to do with, it being the last movie of the night.? I was SOO GRATEFUL that they had a movie showing that late at night, for us late, last minute night owl's people. It was very nice & clean;-) We loved the recliners that they had for us to relax in! That itself is a definite, it was like we we were in our own home watching i. So cool:-)

Jamie Burton

This is my theatre of choice for my movie going experience! I already have my tickets for Endgame ready to go! It's very clean and the seats are super comfortable! I highly recommend this place for your next movie!

Raynell mercado perez

I would rate this higher if the employees were more enthusiastic and general cleanliness were a little better. Got to love the reclining seats and the fact you can reserve seats.

Michelle Hicks

Staff is always pleasant and friendly. The theaters are clean, bathrooms are clean. The seating is comfortable and I do like that i can pick my seating before hand. Of course prices of candy and food are high but that's all movie theaters.

Sophie Gai

Love the roomy feel of the seats. Love the college ticket discounts. I love going to movies on my own here sometimes. :D Very clean and the staff are super nice!!!

Victoria Williams

I enjoy watching movies here. The seats recline and they are plush. It’s almost like enjoying a movie in the comfort of your own home.

Edna Mckenzie

Really nice cinema. Not freezing like some cinemas. Clean. The kids snack box is a real nice idea as snacks at the movies is just impossible and the main reasons we don't go except for the children.

Stacy Clarkson

Very good,a little pricey.

Dana Mitchell

Entry fee and refreshments are extremely too high priced. They do have recliners in the theatre which are pretty comfortable, but they have only a 1 stall restroom. The lines are always long for tickets, refreshments, and the restrooms. It was just not a good experience either of the few times that I have been

shaylin belain

Chairs comfortable! Prices a little high but a very nice date night.

Jesse Garcia

Good popcorn and drink plus they will give free refill if you buy the big one

Ann Davis

Love the recliners and wine during the movie. Just like being at home.

Betty Marshall

The Grand gave me a grand time today watching Downton Abbey. Comfortable seating, pleasent staff helped make a good time for all.

Ruth Wright

Love the recliners! Great way to watch a movie. The lady that scanned our tickets was very nice and helpful.

Kelly Crotts

Very nice theater very comfortable chairs everything seemed to be very clean very up to date and good movies staff was very nice but kind of expensive me and my boyfriend went and it cost us over $40 for tickets and popcorn

Eric Lawson

Love this place, especially now with the seating arrangements where there's no worrys about not having a good position in the theater. Been coming here since it was built and seen many renovations throughout the years. Friendly staff and 18 spacious rooms to watch all the latest movies. Flashback cinema is also something worthy of looking into if you are a movie buff. Can't recommend this place enough.


Be prepared to spend major cash! Though that's pretty much standard at movie theaters. This theater is nice & it's clean. There are no bad seats. It's reserve seating so if you don't purchase in advance, you may have to break up your party at the box office to get into the showing you want, especially the more popular titles &/or times. The seats are large & they comfortably recline. There are tons of concession options.

Linda Chapman

Great place to go for movies! You get to pick your seats before hand and they recline!

Stephanie Stewart

I loved the seating and the movie was very good

Debra Matheson

Always enjoy this theater employee's are usually always very nice

Christine Roberts

It was nice. Counter person was nice getting my food. Glad they still have popcorn salt!

Dr. William Okello

Enormous parking space, employees very friendly and lots of pop corn! Above all, comfy seats are the BEST!!!!!! Loved it :)

Audrey Funderburk

Comfortable seats but too cold.

Bobbie Jo Richey

Always a great time! Love the chairs and food selection

Steven Mitchell

Pretty good theatre. Awesome reclining seats. Recommend going during the day rather than evening.

Eva Severino

Pricey but worth. Very clean place and the electric seats are wonderful

Diana Sime

All staff we've interacted with are super accommodating and friendly. Love this place, wish we were able to spend more time here.

Tenesha Woody

Took my bestie and our girls to see Aladdin. They had so much fun! Looking forward to going back soon.

Stephen Dennis

Good place. Has good snacks and nice, recliner seats

Don Snyder

Great movie theater! Very clean and affordable plus you choose your seats when you purchase your ticket so you know exactly what you're getting.

Fari Ray

Normally when you purchase a large icee, you have unlimited refills, instead here at the GRAND, you only get refills on Friday. Best I tell you, because they won't. Set of rude individuals like the manager that offer no help

Amanda B

Comfy recliners. CLEAN bathrooms.

It's Yeboii

I love this theater. It is always clean, the chairs are comfortable, and their movie screens and sound systems are amazing!

Tyler Acevedo

Cool spot, but i wish the seats reclined back just two more inches

Darryl Bennett

Movie was great, but like many others I eat before going. I'm not paying $6.50 for a bag of popcorn.

Paul Toney

Awesome time at the Grand. Annabelle comes home was a great movie. I'm anxious to see the next movie in the Conjuring universe. Reclining seats were great.

Angela Passmore

Very nice movie theater

Will Swaringen

Plenty of parking. Modern projection equipment. Comfortable power recliners. Concessions are pricey (think $30 for ticket, drink, and popcorn). Beer and wine is available and the new recliners are a huge plus. Would like to see this location offer full service dining inside the theaters.

mario andres

Went yesterday for the first time, and I'm sure it is the best cinema in town, by far. I do not regret going. The chairs are fifty times better than other cinemas, the IMAX movies look amazing, they're so high quality, and the sound is so good. The place is wheelchair accessible and very welcoming. It looks very clean and secure. The popcorn smells so good. the place is very big and has a huge parking lot. The theater is a great place.

Chasidy Taijeron

Aside from the prices being ridiculously high, it's a clean environment and good atmosphere.

Brian Schrier

The IMAX 3D was fantastic! Very clean. Reclining seats. Ample parking. Polite staff. Clean bathrooms and well stocked.

Melba Fulton

Naturally hood movies but really comfortable seats.


Thank you for being the only decent movie theater in this town! I would really love to see demand for movies create innovation so that we have higher quality theaters and are willing to pay for them. You guys are standing in the gap for us.

Paul Dover

Very dissatisfied. Matinee pricing was exorbitant. Popcorn was stale and flavorless, served by a concession attendant that was obviously annoyed that he had to do something. The movie (Godzilla) skipped like a bad flea market bootleg DVD. When I complained, the 'manager' shrugged and told me that it happens. Won't be back.

Damon Frazier

Always have the best movies

Harry White

They have incredibly comfortable seats and clean facilities. I-Max is amazing - Go to see any movie just to experience it.

Luca Pass

This place is not very clean. Also they do not do a lot of film festivals. The snack are just average movie theater food, nothing exciting, and overpriced. They do have nice reclining seats. The theater is always dirty. Thus is not a bad place, just a average movie theater.

Gene Sottile

Good seats, along with a great movie........Downton Abbey!!! only downside......ramp would be better than stairs.....(reason for only 3 stars)

Alexander Manning

Clean and recliners. Heck yes. If course the popcorn drink and candy are ludicrously proceed but I think that's an industry standard. Only for stars though because they charged is seven bucks to get a cup we could fill with water. The wife is pregnant and needs water. Wish they were more understanding

Sarah Mitchell

Everyone sits in easy chairs in the theater! They have footrests that go up and down with a button. Saw Trolls with a group for their kids' movie mornings. Movies come with popcorn and drink. Great time.

Brittny is Venomous

Great customer service, yummy popcorn and very clean!

Mekhei Ali

First time and I love it. Seating is amazing.

C Edwards

Nice Theatre. Love the stadium seating. Very comfortable seating


Don’t ever buy tickets online just go to the box office in person. It’s been six days and there’s still money missing from where their website took it out but didn’t except my payment. Otherwise good but way too expensive when you figure you could own two movies for the price of two tickets and concessions.

Shirley Johnson

Good theater. Enjoyed

Thomas Cannady

The theater was a great atmosphere to watch movie. The seat was comfortable the snacks were good. I recommend this theater to everyone.

Maria Holbein

I hadn't been in awhile so the electric reclining seats were very nice, sound and picture quality very good and bathrooms clean. Plenty of parking for a Sunday matinee.

Arturo Reyes Hernandez

The cinema is pretty awesome. I have been there once and it is pretty nice. Besides this, they have reserved seating, which I find really convenient. The rewards program is pretty good too, I don't remember all benefits right now, but one of them is having large popcorn and drinks for the price of the medium size.

Dee Bee

Movie's are so high now, but this is the place to go for a change, Enjoy!!!

Alicia Johnson

Excelent theatre as far as screens and seats. But my lord the bathrooms... Do not attempt the bathrooms next to theatre 4.

Luis Salazar

The Employees are very Welcoming. No matter what time of the Day. The Concessions are great, much variety. Prices are high, but depending on your budget, and caring for luxury, I say it's worth it. The Showrooms are easy to find, and very spacious. The Audio is Top Notch, The seats are very comfortable and can easily fit a 6'3+ person (like myself). The seats can also be reclined to an approximate 20 degree angle. The exits are very accessible at any given point. And the Screens are Also well kept. Nothing to ask For.

ryan logsdon

Love the seats here they are so comfy and not right on top of eachother.... actually going back this morning to see avengers here! Cant wait

Darien Williams

This place is definitely Grand in size, it feels like it's around a third of if not maybe half the size of Hanes Mall. Good prices on their films, but concession prices were a bit high for my preference. Good popcorn though.

Gail Myers-Morris

This theater is awesome! It's an IMAX so that in itself is great. Best reclining padded seat I've ever sat in at a movie theater. I definitely recommend it.

Wray Watson

Always clean, always inviting, everytime I come here, the movie going experience is 2nd to none.

Starr Dazzle

Very comfortable seating. Movie was great I went to see Aladdin.

Amber Wagoner

So I paid about 70 dollars to watching the new Spider Man and these boys next to us was taking selfies and pictures of each other. They all had their flash on. Its was like watching lightning. Then one boy was recording the movie. I already asked them to stop. I even went and told a worker. It looked like 1 person came in and walked out. So you can imagine the rest of the movie just sucked.


We love it here. Great atmosphere. Very clean and modern.

Richel Rubin

i love this place to watch movies.

Debbie Steinberg

What a "grand" experience! My grandchildren & I had a wild afternoon at the movies in the lap of luxury! ($$$)

Craig Reel

Awesome experience. It cost a little more, but you can't beat the ambiance. Like being at home watching a movie from your easy chair.

Jon H

I just watched a movie here for the first time yesterday. The staff was friendly and the theater was nice and clean. The reclining chairs were comfy and plush. I wish I had found this theater before now. The matinee price was less than $7. It was a much better deal for a more comfy seat than the AMC over on Hanes Mall Blvd.

Bay Tate

The staff are all nice and the theater is usually very clean. They also show a good variety of movies and have a few big rooms. The only downside is that the screens ate darker than they are at other theatres. There were certain movies I had to see somewhere else because I couldn't make out everything.

Morgan Collins

The tickets are more expensive but it's worth it. I love having a reserved seat that I can lay back in.

Nicole Lionetti

Love everything but the prices, but that's any nice movie theater really


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