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REVIEWS OF The Grand Four Seasons Station IN North Carolina

Shantelle Love

It's always clean and the staff is friendly. Me and my Sweetie h

Veronica Hernandez

Nice place! Good snack options, seats were comfy, and nice staff

toni sherman

Clean. Typical movie theatre

D Wilcox

A great local movie theater, best time to go in the mornings.

James LeDisco

Not better than the palladium but a good theater.

Ms. LesaRenay

Went to see the LION KING 3D 2019.This is a what....5 or $6 Million dollar theater and they give ($7) effort to maintain their name and investment. The floors in the vestibule were pretty dirty. The concession area to dress your food (stays) disorganized and products are not available. Highschool students are responsible for the overall management of the theatre. Inside THEATER 10, there was plenty of dust and trash left in piles on the end of rows. Someone had to leave their seat mid movie to get some1 to turn out the lights. Totally missed "Simbas presentation" first act of the movie bcuz of lights. Then some1 came and just turned them off like "oh my bad". Some manager slipped off into a room next to theater 10 like she was (over it). The HS students that work there have their shirts tucked in, they seem to be helpful pouring drinks. The nachos were to die for said the roaches. Overall poor experience. When this theatre first opened you almost had to purchase all tickets in adv. every one wanted to come here, now its like "well we can go to the one by the mall"

Richard Allen

Beyond excellent. Extremely pleasant customer service.

Tatis Climaco

I love how the employees go in so you can order something

Nathan Smith

Love the seats

Zane Doty

Other than some sticky floors I like this theatre.

Misty Hopper

Always an awesome experience here. Friendly staff and great food. Always excellent movie options.

Becky Graves

Very nice. Some of the store employees need to be trained in customer service but the mail it's self was very nice

Gemayel Miller

Best movie to look at when you got nothing to do

Jessica Phelps

Such friendly staff and the manager was as well. Bought tickets to the wrong theater (movie tavern was next door) and refunded us our tickets no questions asked. Great attitudes!!!

C Harris

Very nice. Love the seating and movie experience. Great food choices

James Wilson

Luv thus theater. Great experience


They need an upgrade desperately. Seats are uncomfortable.

Matthew Shina

Is there a reason why you can’t buy a ticket to a movie that already started (past previews)? Date nights gonna be Netflix and chill if the theatre is this inconvenient tf

Ricky Harris

Three stars out of five. Needs better seating.

monica williams

Upside was good spray theater down with Lysol or Fabuloso had order

Veronica Shaw

I enjoyed the place. Comfortable seating.

testlab jjw

Go the extra time to assist you

Tony Dillard

Nice place. Amazing amenities. They've got this super cool chair that vibrates and shakes during action scenes. But I'm not sure how to get one of those. But the snack bar was awesome.

theo swain

Clean. I didn't get shot. Great place.

Pat Pat

It's a movies its clean

Cortrin Robinson

Great place.


Definitely a enjoying vibe and state of the art theatre #popcorngood

Terrance Graves

Even if I'm not eating any of their food which is pretty good, I still go here just because the expirence is better than a regular theater.

Deshawn Smith

Just not up to par with the renovated Grande theatres in greensboro. Does not have the spacious reclining seat. The theatre is small.

Ackie Harris

Movie was Great but the food was over rated


Loved my seating choice. Service started out well but ended tragically. I ordered the nacho supreme with added chicken. I preferred the pulled pork but was told I could only add chicken. No mixing or matching. Green onions were to come with it. As I dug around in my plate, there were none. In addition, I wanted to order a long island ice tea and was informed that alcoholic drinks don't come in until midnight for the weekend crowd. So I ordered the drink that was recommended. Nasty! I pressed the button to notify my server (all before the movie started). 15 minutes into the movie my server nor anyone else still had not responded. By the time they did come, my food was cold, the green onions didn't matter and the drink was still nasty. I asked them to take it away and they did but came back in 2 minutes with my plate asking if I still wanted the green onions or didn't want the plate at all. (Where have you been with my plate all this time? It's stone cold for sure.) I did ask for a Pepsi which came promptly. My thing, don't give a menu out if you don't plan to serve EVERYTHING that is on it. It should not matter the day (this was a Friday early evening). Your menu says you have these items, then you should have those items or don't give out the menu until the "weekend crowd". MOVIE WAS GREAT! I use to enjoy coming to this theater.

Patricia Murphy

Did not eat there, food is very expensive

Jennifer L.

Large theater, seats comfortable but not luxurious.

Elena V.

Nice theater and very clean bathrooms. Staff was a bit rude though, otherwise it would get 5 stars.

Mariah Mewborn

I love this theater because of how long their matinee runs on the weekends. They could totally upgrade to some better more comfortable seats but for the price I'm very happy because I am a big moviegoer.

Ericka Neely

Awesome theatre with great staff!!

Reava Bennett

Went to see Black Panther. Extraordinary viewing experience. Packed to capacity. I always come here.

Mark W

Have not gone to movies in a while, now I remember why. The cost was re dic u las! Early movie 2 people 18$, large popcorn and large drink, $17, people coming in late, talking, cell phones being used. Really ruins going with family anymore. You wonder why attendance is down?

Lennie Jones

Seats are not the best, like other newly renovated theaters.

Kailey Benson

If you want to come to a theater where the staff is arguing and then another is throwing their money out like a strip club with a group of employees watching... this is a theater for you. This was our first time here and that is what we were welcomed with. Never have I seen such immaturity at a theater. Awful representation of a company.

D Briones

Best Movie Experience so far!

Marco Antonio Noriega

Very nice friendly environment. We watch a movie..


Theater and bathrooms were nice however employee service was lacking. After my movie ended I wanted popcorn so I went to the snack counter and stood there for almost 8 minutes waiting for one of the 5 employees to attend me. 4 of the employees were talking amongst each other a few feet away from me and one employee was sleeping.

charles rhodes

Nice and clean friendly people

Lacy Johnson

Saw toy story 4. Great movie

Mike Turner

Grand old style movie theater boasting first-run movies..... forget about the candy concession $4 for a small box of popcorn and $12 for the movie little much but nice atmosphere...... they also sell food and beer at a separate part of the theater which is also overpriced

Tommy Brown

A good theater to visit, has several smaller one's inside & the movie tavern is well worth the visit, not necessarily a 5-star fine dinning experience but still good for a snack & a drink.

Paris Finesse

Came here to see Little recently, though I've been here a few times in the last few years that I've lived in this area... My only complaint is that they never have enough concession lanes open. To arrive 10min early and still be late for the movie due to the long concession lines is a bit ridiculous.

Kathryn Riley

I love being able to order food from my seat. The food was served very fast. Drink refills without having to go to the concession stand. The only downfall is the seats don't recline. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

lizzy H

Great place lot's of good movies

Dylan Weaver

This theater is awesome. The seats are very comfortable and if you sit in the "box" seats you will be greeted with quality leather seats and also a full service restaurant all while you are watching you movie on the big screen. It is honestly quite the experience and it is affordable

Mary Lopez

My favorite place to watch movies when I go out.

Money Bags

Nice and clean theater.

Adrienne Bryant

The new theaters are great. The new reclining seats are nice. They also need a tray for your food to sit on like the tavern seats. They need to put the rows on the wall or the floor not just on the end seat. Other than that they did a good job.

John Mullan

The only thing we didn't like was you had to pick your seats before you bought tickets and then if you wanted to change you had to go tell them.... Plus it was just a little too loud... Other than that it was alright

logan neese

Only place ive seen like it. Just didn't get my order right at first

Marty Hicks

I’m giving this a four star only because of the lack of customer service. I visit this theater often and it has one of the best picture quality and sound in Greensboro. I took my wife on a date and was disappointed how “to the point” the service team were. Normally the people look you in the eye and speak to you, and thank you. As we walked to the # 2 theater we pasted at least 5 employees standing on the corner at the hallway talking and laughing like they were not on the clock. We were given bad directions to the location of the theater and the lights stayed on during the movie for maybe the first 10 minutes. I’m being picky only because I go here often and they normally do so much better. Enough said about the in normal, the movie seat were very comfortable and the quality was excellent. It was clean inside and out and very easy to purchase the tickets on line. The bathrooms were very well maintained and the parking lot was in good shape. This is still one of the best places to watch a movie in the triad for the price. My wife and I had a very good time and I appreciate the service we did receive. I plan on seeing another movie at the Four Seasons again in the next two weeks.

Mr jones

Awesome service

Jay Eisenberg

I have found the ticket prices to be reasonable. The theaters I have been in to be comfortable, albeit dated, seats. The floor wasn't sticky so that was a plus.

Fluent Movement

This is definitely one of my theaters of choice when in Greensboro, NC

Tara Smith

Clean and comfy seats. Not the really nice recliners but they were comfortable so...

William Savarese

Theater 16,at the grand smelled like it off,we used the restroom and as me and my date where chatting in the hallway,a fair haired clown that works there,gave a spoiler on the movie.

Dana Dalton

Had a wonderful time

Mombot 101

Since it's been so busy for the Black Panther movie, they should've had the concession stands near theatres open too. Multiple shows sold out so the concession stands in the front were continuously packed. So we chose not to get snacks. I'm sure others decided the same.

Don Betz

Enjoyed my movie and yes the bathroom was clean that's always a plus

Vanquas Scotton

Great experience


J.Mcdonald gave us outstanding customer service. Theater was clean,food was good etc.. and would receive 10 stars if was applicable.

k goode

So, the Grand Four Season has 2 parts: The Grand & The Movie Tavern. The Movie Tavern is the only part of The Grand Four Seasons that I have been to. The Movie Tavern has "back" reclining seats. You can order an array of made to order entrees like, hamburger, pizza, nachos, salad and many more. You order from ur seat, food is brought to u and you eat & watch movie... great time. Place is clean, well kept and I haven't experienced any rude employees. I Like this theater.

Brenda Boatwright

It's nice and relaxing better than the regular theater.

Cee Duncan

Family favorite place for movie viewing. Comfortable seating. Friendly staff

Correy Daniels

Excellent food excellent atmosphere

Marti Oneal

Really nice place. Enjoyed our movie. My only complaint is the prices for the drinks and snacks are outrageous. It's absolutely makes no sense to me to charge anyone 5.00 for a small drink. Crazy.

Brittney Dupre

A little disappointed about the movie tavern not having access most the time. We enjoyed everything about the movie tavern

Gwen Payne

Awesome seats very comfortable

Wife Of Ski

I was racially profiled .


I don't like assigned seats, I seem to always get loud, smelly, or coughing neighbors. I want the choice to move without getting permission

jameric kelly

Prices are high but service is good

Stone Fremen

We got there around 6 30pm and retired to our camper after drinking and watching a movie totalling $80. Security promptly drove to remote area of parking lot with plenty of open spaces this Tuesday night and we were evicted by 1030pm. Unfortunately we didn't ask before spending the money but learned the hard way not to rely on a large empty parking lot of a business we just spent a lot of money at. Ultimately these are bad neighbors who I must recommend avoiding for the sake of preventing a further decline in society.

Portia Gilmore

Fast and friendly service. Nice staff. Clean theaters and bathrooms. Awesome place. We had a great time and we enjoyed the movie.


This is my normal movie theater. The staff if friendly and the popcorn is fresh

luis Roman

Aladdin made me thing of the cartoons really good nice staffs the theater!

Stephanie H

It was so well cleaned and maintained!

Addam Graham

Small popcorn $ 7.21 Picture quality terrible

Michael Cates

Drove 40 miles 1 way to be disappointed.the one part that the seats moved and viberated they don't show movies in that room no more. Went to see Hobbs & Shaw.what a disappointment. Now they serve beers and wine there and they have 4 cops on patrol inside and outside because they been having problems. I want go back. Do away with the beer and wine so ur problem gosaway.

Chamik Faulkner

The movie and experience would have been much better had the food service been better. The food did not come in a timely manner the dessert I ordered came 5 minutes before the movie was over, but the manager allowed us to have it on the house. Honestly it was the least he could have done. The food was good, however, the burger I ordered did not come as described in the menu the kitchen remade it over. The menu says they have shakes which they do not have.

Fred Redmon

Enjoyed the kid show at 10am today and got to see the Smurf movie. Theatre was clean and the staff very courteous and helpful.

Bruce wolford

Bad weather so not many people were there. Relatively friendly staff. Parking lot has security and were attentive. The self serve butter area was a mess. The theater area was fairly clean and no sticky floors or seats and a nice sound system that was really clear. Overall not a bad place to visit


Clean facility, courteous staff members whom are extremely conscious of providing excellent customer service. Prices are fair. Bistro available for an option to dine while viewing a movie in the most comfortable seating.

Marcus E. Huffman

The place is wonderful! Though the menu is a bit pricey, the food is delivered quick and hot! In short, I enjoyed myself, and I'll be back!

Adam Cox

Very swanky, and Starbucks in lobby is just what the doctor ordered

Rachel P

Nice seats , friendly staff

Remy Miller

Large, comfortable seats that reclined somewhat. Barhrooms adjacent to theatres is a plus, because the theatre is so big. Wait time for concessions was minimal

Corey McMahan

Would give 5 stars but the seats don't recline

Harold Hubbard

Great for ah first date

Candy Williams

The only thing that could have been better was if there was easily defined lines for the concession stand. As people was jumping ahead of others that were waiting patiently for their turn.

Bridget Fain

Very nice theater. Stadium seating and discount prices on sunday. Staff where great.

Veda Cook

An excellent entertainment experience!

Hamlet Arias

Good place to go, I like that they had comic book artists setup tables at the lobby for the Spiderman and Aquaman movie releases, great idea

Trevor Quinby

The staff is great, well mannered and very personable. Nice seats with movable armrests, good for snuggling with your significant other. The prices are comparable to competition. Great place to watch Avengers: Endgame in which Thanos kills Aqualad and Captain America finally marries his true love Groot.

Lee Harper

I really enjoy myself at this theater each time I visit, although there are times when the restroom could have been cleaner. I find myself wanting to return because of the way the staff treats you. They really make me feel welcome.

Tracy Helms

I saw The Best of Enemies at 3:10. The ticket line was empty and I was able to use my MoviePass to purchase my ticket. Fresh popcorn had just been popped so I bought a small bag for just over $5.00. I was given a complimentary cup of ice and was able to fill it with water from the fountain. There are reward points that I earned with each purchase that was applied by my phone number. I'm glad that I didn't lose my points simply because I didn't have my point card! The screening room had approximately 1/2 dozen patrons in it. There is no reserved seating so I chose one in the middle back. The seats were comfortable. They seemed a little wider than most, and the arm rests moved up and down, so I wasn't squeezed into a tight space. The sound was properly adjusted so the atmosphere was perfect. The steps were spaced just right for me, so going up and down was done with ease.

David Scott

Very clean and comfotable.


My wife and I thought it was awesome.

Ramon Beards

This place is,amazing anyone that goes here to watch a movie would be satisfied. The food is great and the staff is very friendly. Great place to go as a family or just chill with that special someone.

Jody Warrick

It was ok as movies go. The snacks were Super expensive. That was disappointing

tia tatum

Seats could be upgraded

Danny Tatum

Great popcorn

Rafael Nunez Jr.

Worst movie theater for families in Greensboro. Went with my family to watch a movie on a Thursday afternoon at 2 PM, knowing that when you have a baby it's best to go when the theater is almost empty in case the baby cries. We entered an empty room with about 5 other people. Our daughter was sleeping and woke up after almost an hour into the movie. She made a few sounds, not crying and some drunk kid went and complained to the manager. A very unprofessional manager by the name of Pedro Whing was rude and threatened to throw us out if our baby cried. I asked him if he saw the baby crying and told him that the baby had not cried at all. He continued making threats. After the movie ended I demanded to speak to the manager and explained to him how he had ruined the whole experience for us. We had just spend $60 in this place and thanks to his attitude we didn't enjoy ourselves at all. Pedro didn't show any concern and just gave us an empty apology. I even told him that I would be posting a review and he didn't care. Families beware, not a family friendly place.

Josh Routh

We went to see the 2:15 showing of Alladin today and the movie itself was great. Only good part of the experience. The waitress took our order before the previews began and informed us we had 30 minutes to order everything we wanted for the whole movie. That would have put us not getting food after 10 minutes into the movie. Then she brought us our check 20 minutes into the movie. If we are paying the high prices that they are charging, I expect to be able to order food at least until half way through the movie. On top of that, our waitress was very rude and got our order wrong. This used to be our favorite theater…

Anita Denny

Great Tavern Theater! Definitely recommend!

Sylvester Caraway

Amazing staff and theater cleanest

Sonic Delic


Corin McClain

Wonderfull experience! The whole place was beautiful and very tidy, and there were polite staff working at the snack counter. Family friendly.

Tunina Farrow

Very nice seating & times offered for matinee

C Graves

My wife loves this place. Great for date night in the Triad.

Lauren Hall

Great atmosphere, food, and entertainment. Great seating and the seats reclined slightly.

JaVon Wardrett

This movie theater has potential but the rude Custer service reps at the order counter and the servers coming in during the movie and inconsiderately standing infrint of you without care ruins the experience. I understand they are delivering food but must you just stand there instead of dropping off the food/drink and moving out of the way of the viewing crowd. Atl least attempt to squat down to not be completely standing in front of people.

C Johnson

I went to see the film "Black Panther." I went around noon time. There was a small crowd which made it easy to find a seat. The film viewed well on the screen. I had no problems seeing the movie or hearing the audio.

Roger Gomez

Ok but people in front of us ordered food throughout the movie which consequently had the servers block our view. Happened six times and got annoying. Won't be coming back to this type of movie theater.

Robyn Wiggins

Comfortable seats and have all of the latest movies

Anthony Crump

This place is a excilent for family dinner and a movie night with there dine in area.

Allyson Kelley

Very nice place and wait staff was super friendly. Nice to be able to eat and chill while watching the movie! Not overpriced either.

Dalton Vince

It's ok. They should have assigned seats instead of general admission. I sat in one seat that was broken and had to move. The staff was nice and you can walk right in if you purchase tickets online.

Darah Davis

They have the most ridiculous, unrealistic, and unreasonable rules now. Might as well be over 30 to get in without any complications.

Kiana Baylor

Never can get an answer from the box office even after I called 10 times!!!!!!!!! Never coming here again.

Richard Cameron

Well, I will start this off by saying that (other than the few stabbings and shootings out here) I haven't really had an issue with this theatre. But for my birthday I had two tickets to the premiere of End Game and the theatre just up and cancelled the showing and didn't even contact me about it and refunded the tickets. And I had pretty great seats and a great time. So like, watch out. You may get stabbed or shot... or even worse, have to try to find tickets to the biggest premiere of 2019 in another location.

Tammy Smith

Nice clean and friendly staff

GJ The Gman

Great theater with lot of space! Seats are alright in screen 17. But can't complain as a moviepass user. Two box office are confusing though. Overall, Parking is very spacious. Nice first experience!

Pamela Banks

Theatre is warm, soda is flat. Staff is very nice

Rochelle Jones

The theater experience was very nice. However, actual seating needs some updating.

Jerrod Gordon

Pricey snacks... Theater was clean... Movie was good (Venom)

Fabian Ortiz

Well if you want to pay top price for packaged and microwaved food, this is your place! Horrible, horrible food! 12$+ for three chicken tenders and some fries!? And your dressing is in package... 8$+ pizza? I WILL never come to this place.

Susan Price

A small popcorn and medium drink was going to cost me $12.71. I told them to forget it but the girl had already swiped my card. Had to wait 5 minutes on a manager to cancel the transaction. He told me it would take up to 2 days to show back up in my acct. The prices are ridiculous and staff was very rude when I complained. Go to the Palladium in High Point. Much better accomodations, prices much more reasonable and staff always friendly. The only reason I came to this theater is its 5 minutes from my house. Next time I will drive 20 minutes to go to the Palladium.

Benjamin Griffith

Good comfortable seats and good service

Angela Johnson

I have gotten spoiled with the other theaters that have the reclined seating. The section we sat at didn't have those chairs.

Joshua Lavoie

First time visit and went early in the day, first showing. It was clean and very quite. Food is very expensive, like $5 for a hot dog so don't come hungry. Other than had a great time.

Tom Williams

Average food ; too high priced for the average taste...

Thr33 Ize

Not far from where I live. Great place to go catch a movie. Floors are not sticky like some other places I've been. No complaints at all.

Shawn Bradshaw

Absolutely love this theater. It is the only theater I go to in the city. With over 15 are bound to catch any major box office motion picture that has been released at the time. Oh and if you like dinner and a movie..check out The Movie Tavern located within the theater. Excellent place.

Mark McGee

Comfortable seats, and plenty of room, expected to pay alot more for tickets but they're reasonable just higher priced concessions

Cameron Hayes

Njoyd my visit

Eric Prince

I love the movies just as much as anyone else. There really is not much special to say about a movie theater except for as long as the staff are well behaved and like to have fun. Then this is definitely an amazing place to be

Taylor Grey

Drinks and snacks are a bit pricey, but they are really good. Place is really well kept (clean). Only problem I had is for the price I spent there I had to listen to the people down my row talk through the entire movie and they were not whispering. Would have enjoyed it way better if they had been asked to lower they're voice, or had been removed from the movie.


Love it here!!

Knavius Gaming

Great movie selection, but one of the ladies was rude at the front.

Jason Evans

We tried the motion seating with 3D and it was pretty good. I would really like to see an action movie there. It almost puts you in the movie. We saw Lion King and some of the scenes were almost like it was happening to me. For sure try it.


Clean, good sound comparable price to other theatres great staff, helped me to the door as i'm disabled...commissary a little expensive though, i bought a12oz bottle of water and it cost me an unbelievable $4.50. I'm breathing disabled and need water always but had i known the cost i would have brought my own water.

B Diditagain

The theater was really clean and well kept. The staff were very helpful and eager to answer any questions. The seats are comfortable and more spacious than most theatres. The video and audio were better than usual. The snacks were overpriced like they are at most theaters. Overall a very good experience.

Jason Rivera

they asked me for id like come on its just a movie

Bobby Fillion

Huge place excellent accommodations friendly staff comfortable seating and theater arrangement I was thoroughly impressed and then I saw new unbelievably Comfort seating is coming to town so I'm excited

Cathy Robinson

Awesome theatre great service. Customer Service is great all staff is wonderful.

Aniya Simmons

Great movie theater. It's always clean everytime I walk into there and they always show the best and most recent movies. Oh and you absolutely have to try the dining theater. You get the best food for the best deal and you don't even have to wait long for your food.


Spent 25 bucks for chipotle sliders a drink and kit kat. Had to order at counter and they acted like they didnt want to be there. Asked about extra chipotle sauce ( previously i always got that the 1000x been here). This time i found an asian gentleman (manager on his badge cant remember name) standing outside the kitchen. I inquired about it and he seriously looked at me with a steaight face and said " it comes like it comes we dont do extea chipotle" No offer to charge more for it, i would gave paid even after spending 25. Total unhelpful attitude. I will never be returning to this theatre to dine again. Movie tavern was good, but the "helpful" attitude is gone. And the staff seriously does not care. Save your money and support a theatre with employees who have some semblance of customer service.

Samantha Drake

Good movie choices, good popcorn etc. But place is really expensive for tickets and refreshments I feel like. But my main reason for only 2 stars is the fact that they give GPD a ticket discount but not the Guildford County Sheriff's Dept. It should be law enforcement across the board not pick and choose or do none at all but keep it fair.

Troy Wharton

Family time is always a great time

Pamela Legrand

Would encourage you to go to this theater, had a great time; loved the movie.


Good movies and service


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