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REVIEWS OF The Grand 18 (Four Seasons Station) IN North Carolina

Carla Wilson

I was extremely disappointed last night by my experience while watching the new Avengers movie. The Movie Tavern is a staple with me and my husband as the prices are great and the location is wonderful for us. We have always had a great time, until last night. When the movie began in theater #3, it was immediately apparent that the speakers throughout the room where not functioning properly. I quickly asked an attendant if they were working to fix it, she offered to check. 20 minutes later I stopped her again to ask for an update, she offered to check. 20 minutes later I stopped a different attendant, he offered to check. 20 minutes later I stopped him again, at this point we were half way into the movie and it was apparent to me that they were not worried about the sound. He told me that he didn't think they were going to be able to fix it. So great, I am sitting here trying to watch a high impact movie when the sound is only coming out from behind the screen. There is no "surround sound" feel just monotone sound with no base. Huge disappointment! After the movie, I asked to speak with a manger to make sure they were aware that there was a problem with the theater, he acted surprised as they had checked and did not think there was one. He did say that they had someone coming in to check on another issue with a different theater and that he would have that person look into that issue as well. Very upsetting that they did not apologize to everyone about the issue and that they tried to make it seem like there was no problem when it was very apparent, if you were in the theater that the sound was lacking. I could have got a better quality experience watching it at home.

Philip Nesbitt

Fantastic staff, friendly environment, excellent selection of movies.

Takilla Brereton

It was awesome time!!

Megan Bowman

I've always loved this theatre. I just wish they'd update their chairs to recliners like most other theaters now. I think prices here are fair.

Budget Boss Chick

Love the service and the environment. We will be going back!

James LeDisco

Great theater. Comfy seats. Palladium is still better.

Ryan Storms

Movie quality was pretty good, but their food is not worth the marked up prices

Edward Hill

Nice evening.


Good service and good atmosphere!!!

Renee Tait

Very nice theater

Nathan Smith

Love the seats!!

Zane Doty

Theatre is great but dont order the restaurant food because it will not come until the movie is almost over and the order will be wrong.

Jessica Buller

Staff is friendly, personalble and meticulous with your comfort and food order. Maila was an amazing waitress and catered to our every request. We had a large party and never once felt like just a number. Prices were reasonable and the drinks were on point. The rum punch comes highly recommended. From the moment we got there with our first interaction at the window, till the time we left we felt like a part of the Movie Tavern family. We WILL be back and yes this place is way better than cinebistro!!!

Terri Hancock

Can I give the seats 5 stars, and the food 0? The food has never been great, but it was certainly better before they changed the menu AGAIN. It's barely palatable now, and you have to go through 4 or 5 beer selections to get one they actually have in stock (even if it's on the menu)--not to mention that the servers don't really know and have to keep going back to find out if it's in stock or not. Too bad, as that was part of the draw. Just don't know if it's worth it anymore.

Terry Williams and rah and mir

Customer service at the ticket booth is very unpleasant and rude to African American Teenagers. I will be sharing my experience with social media and my community. I will not be visiting this location again. I experienced this on 4/20/19 at 615pm.

Dale Ward

Great place to see a movie and clean restrooms and friendly staff

Stephanie Rector

Arrived at the box office waited 3 minutes for the lady to talk to me because she was on the phone. Then arrive in the theater and waited 15 plus just to place our drink order. Keep in mind we are he only 2 people in our theater.

Anthony Paden

.One of the best theaters in Greensboro

Liquid Weird

No gourmet food, and no button to press, as their advertising claims. What they have is mediocre bar food. Based on their ad copy, I expected an Alamo drafthouse clone. I got another run of the mill unimpressive movie theater. It's a decent enough theater, and will be better after their renovations, but it's not a 'Dinner and a movie' place as they suggest in their ad copy. The boring old sliders and quesadilla took like half an hour to get and we missed a chunk of our movie. They don't even bring it to your seat (which don't have tables, btw), you have to hang out at the pickup station. They need to either get with the program on their claims about food or they need to cut out the lies.

Daniel Newcomer

The service was great. The theatre & restrooms were very clean. The food was decent. Nachos were ok but don't come with sour cream. Well it does but it's extra? The menu you look at online doesn't reflect what they sell. The Game day Platter says "jumbo sliders", I would hate to see what the regular sliders look like. These jumbo sliders were not jumbo at all. If I had to do it all over again, I would've just ordered wings & a beer. Wings were very good & the service was great also!! Thanks to Isiah for great service!!


It took over 30 minutes to get food during the movie, and my friends were served 10 minutes before me when I ordered first. The staff are unprofessional at times since they are often laughing and joking loudly outside of the movie theater entrances in the hallway. It can be a hit or miss in terms of customer service here, never consistent. I will be attending other theaters from now on to save money and get better services. The Grand Theater next door and the Red Cinemas theater are better than the Movie Tavern.

C Harris

I really like the layout. Friendly staff. Very clean. Security had the cinema secure. Most def going back to view movies here

Leshonya Chewning

We had movie night. It was great.

John Porter

Movie was good although the people in back of me keep kicken my chair. Staff was very friendly and food i ordered came nice and hot.

Pamela Y

I have been a few different times and have been very pleased with my experience. I decided to take my son here for a special day, this past Sunday, for doing well in school. He was so excited to watch a movie and enjoy a meal together. We sat down about 15 minutes before the previews started and decided to go ahead and get drinks and order while we could still see the menu. My son pressed his button on his arm rest and about 10 min later the waitress showed up and asked me while rolling her eyes what we wanted. I stated we would each like a soda and asked if we could get menus on her way back. She LITERALLY huffed out loud at me and went to go down the stairs. I had to remind her we wanted to go ahead and get our drinks. We weren't trying to make her run all over the place. She turned around went down a step went back up the step and then rolled her eyes sighed loudly and said what kind of soda? (she wouldn't look at us.)Then she huffed and went back down the stairs. She then had the audacity to sling the menus to us without saying a word and tossing it 2 steps below where we sat. So when it was time to place the order, MY SON WAS TERRIFIED TO HIT THE BUTTON AND MAKE HER MAD!! He told me he "didn't want to summon the demon"....You have got to be kidding me!? I paid over $60 for tickets and food and was pleasant to every person we encountered. We understand that they are busy and me and my son are patient and understanding people. I work in customer service and was floored by the way this lady acted towards us for no reason. After a few minutes she took an order for a couple that was in front of us and I saw her roll her eyes and huff at them as well and they looked at each other trying to figure out if she actually did that. I was so disappointed. Me and my son had looked forward to our "date day" all week. I was so irritated how this day turned out that I hardly even got to enjoy the movie. We planned on eating a meal and dessert but we were lucky to even get food. I ordered nachos w chicken, they had no chicken on them. They were ICE cold and covered in wet lettuce. It's all I could taste. My son's food was also ice cold. There was no point in telling our waitress since she couldn't even handle taking an order. I am so disappointed in our experience. I will not be back to your facilities which is a shame because I loved, what I thought was, this little gem. We will find a new location to enjoy ourselves at. Even with all of the experience I still tipped her 20% but I didn't believe she earned a dime. By the time we left I was very irritated. I have told and sent many people to you all in the past and I will no longer have good things to say since my last experience.

Scott Johnson

Food is always cold and very not presentable at all prices are crazy for what they serve, the kitchen staff is always cursing and yelling, very disappointed with the service overall

Neil Mutarelli

Never disappointed, staff are always welcoming, theater and bathrooms are very clean

monica williams

The movie was real good the movie theater needs to spray with Lysol or fabuloso

Rochelle Jones

My first time viewing a movie on the tavern side. The staff was very friendly, seating comfortable. Although I did not have an opportunity to dine (already had dinner prior to deciding to go to the movies), I am looking forward to my next visit for sure.

chris wray

great change the Greensboro movie scene would go again

Tyler Allen

I found it ridiculous that the theater wasn't affiliated with the Grand 12 and doesn't accept Reel Rewards Cards. The food was also extremely overpriced for what you get and the seats weren't very comfortable.

Tony Dillard

Great service. Needs to be better informative about special upgrades.

Brian Serviss

What a great experience, the staff were friendly and helpful Will definitely go again

Chuck Forsbrey

Food isn't great but good for a theater. Seats are very comfortable and you can pick where you sit online. They refill your drinks for you which I love. I hate leaving mid movie for refills. Service is pretty good considering you have a button at every seat that calls your server.

Juke Tha Gawd

Took my grandmother here for mothers day to watch the new Gabriel Union movie and she loved it. Even though we ate before we arrived there she was able to have desert and even a brew without missing the movie. Shes willing to go again whenever shes in town so im def. going back. The workers are pretty dope and generous.

Antwain Peay

Went to watch Aladdin. They serve

Stephanie Ford

I absolutely love this place! It's well priced, it's not outrageous. It's got the newest movies and the service is great!

Andy Jones

Food is surprisingly good for a movie theatre. Staff is very helpful!

Federico Carbajal

Better sets will be real good like palladium


I go there 10-15+ times a year. Good theater. Many showings, above average seats, large rooms. Concession prices are high even by movie theater standards however.

Ericka Neely

This is an awesome theatre with an awesome sound system. The staff is nice.

Timothy Johnson

I simply, absolutely love seeing my movies far my favorite spot! Alao great food and great drinks!!!

Andrea Smith

The food is so expensive...between tickets and that, we spent almost 100 dollars on the 3 of us, and one of us was a child.

Allison Freeman

Need to get up to date seats

Brienne Thornton

A waste of money to order food. But great service and the wine was good lol

Rodney Amick

Love this place. Staff was polite and curious. Seating was excellent. Overall a great time.

Tenell Blackwell

I enjoy going here. There is so much space and being able to eat dinner and watch a movie is such a convenience.

charles Schaefer

Movie tickets are the same price as the regular theater next door, food is good, but pricey.

Mike Turner

Very nice clean cinema.. although concessions are ridiculously priced

Brent Bowser

The menu is a little lighter but overall still great food and the staff is really friendly and helpful. We enjoy coming here.

jonathan aragon

Great movie theater.


The actual theater itself was nice but the service was definitely troublesome. I ordered my food & drink, I received my food in a very prompt manner. As far as my bottled water, I had to ask my server a 2nd time for my water.....& then ask a completely different server for my drink because it was taking so long. After 10-15mins of waiting I still didn't have a drink, I finally walked out & explained to a supervisor what was going on....needless to say by the time I actually had my drink all my food was done. : /

Lorraine Tate

Enjoyed my movie

Kathy Freeland

I was impressed by the prices of the tickets. The movie started at 4:30. We ordered 2 cokes about $5 each along with 2 meals and wings and a bucket of popcorn. We drank all the coke before 5:00 and I pushed the button on my chair about 15 times and the button on my husband's about 10 times. No one came until after 6:00. We got our refills about 10 minutes before the movie ended. Needless to say I was not happy.

lizzy H

The best movie theater I've been to

sis&bro sqaud sqaud22

Nice clean environment grate food good customer service nice place

crystal ortiz

The service is awesome. Reasonably priced. Found the place by accident 2 years ago but it was a great mistake. Food is always cold but the staff is always friendly. We have learned now to only order drinks.

Howard Nichols

Great place to go. Excellent popcorn.

Benjamin Woodard

Staff is nice and friendly. Theater quality is great. I would give five stars, except that I am still bitter about how the menu states, "No refills EXCEPT for soft drinks and coffee". They changed their policy on coffee refills, but not their menu. I suppose this is just me complaining. I feel better having done so. Otherwise, the entire experience was great.

Juan Rodriguez

Saw End game it was perfect...


Love the seats and the set up. Great atmosphere!

Tracie Deal

Love that you can have dinner and drinks at your seats.

Megan Anne

The food was horrifficly overpriced and it tasted like cardboard. They had things on the menu that they didn't even offer. You could barely find your seats and people had their phones out the entire movie so they could see the menu or their food. Also the waitstaff where often walking in front of my view.

SecretLife OfAPisces

First time I went it was decent besides the fact that the menu said they serve smoothies and shakes then when we asked the waiter THEY SAID THEY DIDNT HAVE ANY ! Second time I ordered nachos they barely had any cheese on them ALL CHIP ! Then we also ordered chicken tenders and fries and the fries were ALL THE WAY UNCOOKED we even let the server feel them smh THEN 20 minutes before the movie ended the screen went BLACK so all of the movie viewers walked out to wait on the manager IVAN for refunds and IVAN took 30 minutes. Worst experience ever

Lelia Joyner

Great place to visit and watch a movie

Don Betz

Bathrooms clean as always, the staff was super nice.

Melyssa Martin

Always a great experience thus far

Deloris Flores

Love this Theater cuz its always clean


J McDonald outstanding customer service.Facility was clean, food excellent etc

k goode

Great place to watch movie, kick up ur feet and have dinner served to you. Perfect family movie & dinner or date or just u alone...

Darrell Hill

One of the best theaters in the triad

Tellus Blade

Good place. But stop letting infants into movies. It just spoils the experience

Karen Harris

I often go here normally very clean good service but not tonight I wish I had went to palladium....the theater was not cleaned all the old food and liquor from the previous guest was still there waiter was all over the place mischarging cards..very unorganized and I was disappointed....however my food was good and the movie was good when I talk to manager very pleasant and understanding and happy to help improve my experience....the movie tavern is one of my favorite date nights but maybe a little bit more training for new employees is required for business purposes...

Marti Oneal

First time we've ever been here and really enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised by the various food and drink menu. The only thing that I didn't like was the ridiculous prices for the food and drinks. As for the seating area it was spacious. The movie wasn't so loud that it hurt your ears. Overall was a pleasant date night

Ty Saunders

Awesome place but I was looking forward to dinner and a movie. I don't know what happened.

Sonia Knowles

Very relaxing for a movie theater. Great service and good food, although no healthy options.

Gerri Donnell

I love The Personalized Service and atmosphere


Over priced but very nice staff.

Michael Darden

I went to see the Equalizer. That movie was great. The experience was wonderful.

Ken M

Great food and service. Sorry there wasn't anybody else here.

Iruto Kling

Good food and nice chairs. Worth watching a movie in.

Gloria Moore

Received a birthday free movie pass. Went to the Tavern to use the pass and was told I could not use the pass for the movie I went to see. Very disappointed . I could not use the pass to see a newly released movie.

Portia Gilmore

Movie, popcorn, and drink for $4.00 on Tuesday and Wednesday @ 10:00. No long lines, kid friendly movies, clean bathrooms and theater.

Ryan Gilmore

Great experience! Love the convenience.

Xavier Jones

The water tasted terrible, and the veggie burger I got was the worst I'd ever tasted. The theatre was dirty, and the floors were sticky. The only good thing about this place was the service. The servers were nice and very well kept. In really only giving this place 2 stars out of pity since they were so nice.

Kira Howard

Everytime I come the theater is very nice and clean. The staff is always nice when I've been. Their prices are terribly high which is the only reason for 4 and not 5 stars.

Tyresa Tabb Berkley

Enjoyed the movies with my family spent a good penny but it was worth it!!!

Bruce wolford

Bad weather so not many people were there. Relatively friendly staff. Parking lot has security and were attentive. The self serve butter area was a mess.

Glen Denny

Terrible service. Server wouldnt take oir order. When he did, it took 30 min to get our food -only after I buzzed him and asked. At the end of the movie, no one got their bill. The server and manager were trying to catch people in the lobby.

Tj Parker

One of the best viewing experiences I've ever had.

E&G Squad

It was awesome great screening and at amazing prices

Valerie Smith

Nice soft lounge back seats. It reclined back like you were at home chilling.

Corbin Henderson


Amy Miller

Love this place it's expensive but I love it

Bryson Cooper

Had a cracking speaker above us, but the movie was enjoyable enough to pull attention away from it. We didn't order food, so we had to listen to and deal with other people doing such. Good experience (they were quick to accommodate our service dog), will only see a movie here if we plan on eating and/or drinking.

Joan Saldana

Love having a place to enjoy dinner and a show! Prices are reasonable, food and drinks are great, don't have to leave your seat to get them... heaven!


Great theater


Great place I love the chairs

Dana Sweeper

I wanted to hang out with my girls and watch a movie but upscale it a bit and I thought, "I know! Movie Tavern!" Mind you, I was there a few weeks ago with the hubby and the experience was just...okay, but I thought, "maybe they were having an off night because I had great experienced other times" Tonight, we saw Girl's Trip, which was hilarious, which was great, but it helped me forget how much I didn't enjoy the Movie Tavern experience. I don't mind paying extra when I upgrade, but I didn't feel the upgrade. A unreasonable amount of time went by before our order was taken, enough time where I kept changing my mind what I wanted. Food choices weren't inspiring. The server finally came to us after taking the order of people who sat after we did. He did do me one solid: I ordered a drink he said, "don't order that. That drink gets sent back a lot". I appreciate the warning, but I am like, can't they just fix whatever is wrong with it? Anywho, I didn't like that even though I finished the food (which was unremarkable) 20 minutes into the movie, the dirty dishes remained in place even after the movie ended. In hindsight, I could have pressed the button, I don't remember having to. One of my friends (who for her was her first experience there) kept saying, "this was okay, but I would rather go to the poor people theater!" She was being funny, but she wasn't wrong. I left there feeling like a chump who overspent. So I have to agree, I didn't get the experience I expected, twice, so I will be attending the movie theater of the common folk where I belong

Jessica Oates

Food is great. Seats are comfy and there's plenty of room to spread out! Staff is always friendly.

Trevor Quinby

The staff is great, well mannered and very personable. Nice seats with movable armrests, good for snuggling with your significant other. The prices are comparable to competition. Great place to watch Avengers: Endgame in which Thanos kills Aqualad and Captain America finally marries his true love Groot.

Tracy Helms

Comfortable place to enjoy a movie and a meal. Food was tasty but somewhat overpriced. The arm trays that the plates sit on are slick so my plate was moving while I was trying to eat from it. The darkness of the theater made it more of a challenge than I would usually want to deal with.

Phoenix Mangus

Ask for a ticket for the Tavern and get a ticket for the regular movie instead. They wouldn't change it, citing my problem when, in fact, the ticket person wasn't listening. Otherwise, nice, Clean theater.

Ramon Beards

I love this place since I have been going here there is no other place I'd rather go to watch a movie.

Jose Meza

Very comfortable seats and great sound system.

Bradley Lovings

Nice movie theater

Kilven Dupree Jr

Dont even have to leave the theater to get anything, food is brought straight to you

Jeffrey fish

It's fun to watch a movie and have a waiter. But I feel like everyone I go it get a little dirtier. I understand the use the place gets but charge a premium and give a premium experience. Not saying I won't go back just loosing Interest in it.

Erik Estrada

This place was awesome you can buy made to order, food and alcoholic drinks to enjoy with your movie.

Mary Wilson

Perfect atmosphere, comfortable, good service


Movie was excellent

Phylesha Edmond

I love the idea they have there as I love to eat and watch movies.I haven't had the food yet but will definitely give it a try next time. The waiters were very quick with my drink orders.

cassandra curtis

Love love love this place I will never go the a regular move theater again!!

Deborah Blackwell

Too loud. Over crowded. Food prices are ridiculous.

Alexis Nkiriho

Don’t go here, the serving staff was friendly but the food is disgusting, fries tasted like they were made an hour ago, my burger was extremely over cooked and sloppy looking when I got it, bread was burnt so I ask my server to get me fresh food to my surprise she comes back with less fries which were burnt like they made them in an oven, and they only changed the burnt break on my burger and gave me the same now cold over cooked burger patty, never ever again. And by the way the food is extremely over priced at least for the garbage they give u, did I say a small burnt pizza with barely any cheese on the middle is $13? Well yeah...

Lorilee South

No food as advertised, definitely not the old Movie Tavern I'm used too. I won't be back!

Mark C

the only thing is that there seats dont recline on there own but they do lean back when you lay. the service is on point as well.

R Chandler

Website not letting me buy tickets. Tried multiple devices and browsers. Then tried multiple phone numbers over 10 times. Including the one labeled box office. Past experiences were great.

James Snipes

Comfortable seating anyway you said your view is nice wonderful place for a movie

Mike Milius

Little pricey but about what you'd expect from food in a theater. Decent quality no complaints except price

Richard Jerabek

Me and my kids had a wonderful experience at the movie's

Jordan H

Nice theatre. Food and service and chairs and all that extra.

Jerrod Gordon

Had a good time...

Christina Bradley

Fun experience. Friendly staff. Better food would be nice ;) but it was fun having someone bring drinks and food.

monjay degree

I went to see a movie. I can't remember the name of it. Anyway I had my 4 month grandson with me. It was Easter we were doing a lil family outing, She wouldn't let me in bc it was rated R. I just stared for like 5 seconds." I'm like he won't open his eyes I promise" .

Veronica Morris

i saw the movie halloween and it wasnt good at all. i enjoyed all the other ones this 1 wasnt to my liking. but it might b for some1 else.

Babycakes Davis

I enjoy going to the grand the people are nice, & the service is always A-1, what i really enjoyed was the new recliner chairs, made my movie going experience well worth it

Kathleen Moncla

We saw Aladdin here with our family. The movie screen was great for this vivid movie and the seats were very comfortable. The concessions were good too.

Andrew Reichl

Highest price theater around. And the movie tavern food not the greatest. You should eat before you go.

Patty & Ko’

They use to be clean even the food use to be good 1 time I saw a server eating someone's Fry's before she delivered the food as I walked to rest room, Palladium got them beat even their chairs are dirty and that's they use to wipe down I no longer go there disgusted Nasty!!!! They need new management ASAP

Christie Alston

The actual theater itself is nice but employees have no personality & need to get trained on giving better customer service...the cashier was rude, acted like she was miserable and didn't say thanks or anything. The popcorn combo's are way over priced than some of the other theater's around. The chairs aren't very comfortable and there was one beside us with a trash bag covering it so who knows what that was about but we'll go to Burlington Alamance Crossing next time...cheaper & seats are amazing.

Druceilla Edwards

Awesome food with a great movie on the big screen. Couldn't get any better than that.

Steve Neely

Never been/I prefer Netflix

Brandon Mickie

Great place to eat and watch movies... Oh and the drinks are good too!

Quinn Robins

The seats don't recline, and the food is overpriced. The food is comparable to cafeteria food - edible, but nothing to write home about.

Arnaze T

Very nice layout. Single toilet bathrooms suck!! I was surprised to see that there isn't an automated self-serve soft drink machine. Overall, it was a good visit!

Victor Caldwell

It was nice the seats could've been a little more comfortable. The audience were respectful no cell phone went off by accident that was good.

Wendy Wall

D-box seats for MIB=phenomenal experience!! Not to mention that awesome popcorn. OMG at the amount of popcorn I gorged on.

Toni B

This movie tavern is nothing like the others I've been to. The ones I've been to had a full bar and dining area in the lobby, which this one had no lobby, so you can enjoy a cocktail before going into the movie. The where no reclining seats, it looked like regular stadium movie seating and it was dirty. I generally go to movie taverns versus the alternative, but this one in Greensboro I will pass. The only thing that is special is you can order regular food, but even in that their menu is limited to others.

Tony Burris

It's pretty decent. Old theater that needs some TLC. Even the newer projectors need bulbs the way it was looking through out the movie. People were nice. Hey free refills on most of the items you get. All in all not bad. It does kind of smell old. I mean like warship old.

Jeff Groce

This place has really gone downhill over the years...

Matthew McCotter

Customer service sucked. Movie was ok.

Eric Prince

If you are looking for a place to eat and a good movie to watch then this is the place. The food is amazing and you don't have to worry about any noisy eaters. The surround sound they have set up in the theater is very top notch.

Xerox Newkirk

Services was the worst theater hot no air condition I will not be back and I paid for assign seat but guess what m the seat was taking th his was the worst never again

Sandra Harrison

Didn't know the movie tavern stop at a special time bought out.

Juma Spruill

Nice clean comfortable

Daina Paulie

Could have been cleaner.... bathroom are messy and something was broken... staff seemed disorganized when bringing items to the guest. One tried to hand my nephew an adult drink... luckily he didnt take it... he's 11 yrs old....

Mark Moore

My go to theatre . . . Staff is courteous, the place is clean and they have a rewards program. The half that serves meals is nice too.

Chris Hargett

This place was decent for awhile. Not so much anymore. The servers are so so at best and the quality of the food, while not expected to be much, has somehow gotten even worse. Stale burnt popcorn, watered down drinks, and pizza that even my kid wouldn't eat. At least it was clean, hence the two stars. Looking for a new movies venue.

J Beats

When we went it was NOT clean. The only thing was done was someone just used a broom on the floor. For a place that up-charges for tickets and the food, which is a full meal at your seat, they need to work on making sure all seats and tables are sanitized and truly clean. When we went there, you can see sticky prints and cup impressions on the fold out table from the last 3 people and gunk of dirt in the cracks of it with years of food 'ick'. I guess they figured no one will see which is why they keep it dark but feel free to flash your light and see the unsanitary situation going on in there. We had to ask the girl to clean our table and even the stuff she brought was like water in a spray bottle as she had to scrub hard. Come on 'Movie Tavern',get real cleaning products because someone can and will get sick with the lack of cleaning that is NOT done in that theater where they serve full meals. The food was ok and service was good but i can only give 2 stars because the dirty theater situation just made me wonder how my food is cared for and if i touched anything that could make me sick later. Luckily i did not get sick but someone will with that situation in there.

Samantha Drake

My husband and I can go and share a drink, popcorn and the gamed day platter for close to $30! But the BEST thing it's it's law enforcement friendly! With my husband being in law enforcement it's nice when places show they care and give discounts!


great evening thank you love the place

Mallory Kazer

I came here like a year ago & it was the best food I had ever had & it was an amazing experience, came last night & it was AWFUL. The food did not taste the same, & it felt like I ate a Wendy's 4 for 4. They had drinks on the menu & then told me they didn't serve those. They then brought me the wrong food order. The chairs were NOT comfortable AT ALL. They didn't recline & were just ugh so uncomfortable. I drove all the way from charlotte to come here & I will not be doing it again.

Chuck Saunders

Movie was great, seats were comfortable even though we were in a theater without recliner seats. Food prices are outrageous. Nice theater though.

Rachel Robinson

The staff was very friendly. I tried to view the menu online but it wasn't available. I expected more/better food choices. I had a cheeseburger hubby had chicken sliders. Food was not bad, I was pleased with the temperature of the food. Our seat trays could have been cleaner. Overall good experience.

Troy Wharton

Awesome movie. Great place to take the family

Joani Burris

I felt safe. The team there were young and very polite.

Elesha Kirkland

I love this place! I don't come out often so when I do I expect to enjoy myself. It's clean, the staff is helpful and friendly and it reasonably priced. My girlfriends and I love celebrating our birthday's there. Nothing like a great movie, drinks and a meal all in one place!


The Grand 18 (Four Seasons Station) en North Carolina
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