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Patrice Williams

Went there for a comedy show and it was hard to find parking which is understandable. My issue was they had guys in the parking deck collecting cash for parking instead of allowing people to pay for parking on the machine (Didn't have cash). Maybe I don't get out much but that was weird to me. On to the theatre, the food selection consisted of small bags of pretzels, candy bars, and nasty wine. Maybe they had popcorn somewhere... I mean literally no food. If you're going to serve wine at least have something other than corner store snacks. once you get your drink & candy bar or pretzels you have nowhere to sit your drink but on the floor or in your lap and hope you dont knock it over in the extremely cramped space. I actually did spill my drink in my lap trying to manage both drink & bag of pretzels I was attempting to consume. You have to get out of your seat and walk into the aisle to let people by who are going to the bathrooms or whatever they are going to do. The guy lead us to the wrong seats in the wrong row, then mid-show had us moved. I wouldn't go there again. They have to pull some pretty big talent for me to think this amount of uncomfortability is worth it.

Nicole Robertson

I've gone to several showings of cult classic films at this theater and they've always been fun. Also a nice venue for comedy shows. Highly recommended!

Andy Raynor

Absolutely fantastic locally owned and independent theater focused on less mainstream fare with a classic vibe, balconies, and boxes. They host numerous film festivals and show many art house films. They also host smaller musical concerts. Great adult beverage selection, convenient restaurants and parking.

Jen Hawkins

Great venue.

Mocha Queen

Loved the India Arie Worthy Concert! Towards the last 30 minutes of the show, it got extremely hot in the balcony which made it uncomfortable. The 5 stars are for India Arie but my experience at the Carolina Theater was a 3/5.

VVS Diamond

Went to see the 85 South Show. Staff was friendly and helpful. Since it's a historic place its not the most comfortable seating but still a nice intimate theater to enjoy a show

Tom Drabenstott

AC was freezing my arse off blowing on me the whole show. Also, not easy to get tickets without insane Ticket Master markups. Not many alternatives though.

T. Mark Bentley

One of my favourite places in town. Always has interesting shows and excellent atmosphere.

Erica K.

Saw a live show it was tons of fun. Good atmosphere and I love to look and feel of it. The concessions were fin and unique.

Beth Stella

Cute little theater! Parking was close by and really reasonably priced. Everything was well organized and it was a remarkably stress-free evening out. Bathrooms were clean and staff were polite and helpful. We aren't locals, but if we were we would come back in a heart beat.

Ifelunow TV

If you were considering a solution to restoring humanity start by going to see the movie The Best of Enemies. A smooth powerful cinematic display of true character, grit and hearts of brave people seeking a higher good for everyone. Taraji Henson portraying Ann Atwater and Sam Rockwell portraying CP Ellis. Were just believable and phenomenal in these rolls along with the best supporting cast. During the 70’s and a time of possible integration in the school system due to a fire. I really came away with a great sense of belief that the power of love, prayer and hard work leave us all better. Our humanity is really the Holy Grail caring for each other to open up an avenue for the next generation to have a promise of hope, wellbeing, love and community. With the coming Age of technology we definitely do not need to fight one another. Instead support brick & mortar companies. Cut your on line spending by 50% and keep local jobs. At the grocery store stand in the line with a human cashier. Who else is going to ask you how your family or dog is doing and mean it? Are we our own best enemy by being too lazy to go down the street and go to the mall? Well I ask you to go back & buy in your community again. Save some jobs. Overall I say Yes please go see this movie you will be grateful. Thank you everyone who made this film come to pass!

Daniel Englebretson

Excellent spot, great place to take the kids. Easy to get to, and a parking deck across the street.


Great variety of music performances & plays!

Richard Bruch

Beautifully renovated theater. We saw The Best of Enemies, a full house. Very comfortable seats. Nice parking garage across the street

Donette Iams

Loved it! Great venue! Great staff, very friendly! Can't wait to find a reason to go back!

Lee Anne Edwards

Loved it! Beautiful Theatre. Will be back.

Alexandra Grove

Clean and nice venue with spacious seating... shout out to the John Wilkes Booth section though

Tish Fab

Went to see The Best of Enemies and it was my first movie there although I've been to the Theater for concerts and other events. Hands down the absolute BEST theater popcorn in the Bull City. We went back for popcorn after dinner one night just because.

Maureen Martin

Beautiful venue! Excellent lighting and sound in Fletcher Hall, friendly and helpful ushers, and delightful refreshments! (Best popcorn in the triangle)

Lynda Bass

It was very good. Comfortable chairs very nice

Talie Madans

Excellent customer service, comfortable seating and most importantly the GREATEST popcorn ever! Vegan option available or real butter with organic popcorn. A classic Durham spot to enjoy movies, concerts and more. You will not be disappointed in this gem!

Geoffrey Berry

Love this hometown historic theater. Check out the themes Retro nights for old favorites. Also, the Nevermire horror fest and LGBT film fest are great yearly contributions to Durham’s movie scene. Concerts, comedy, dance... it’s a fantastic venue.

Sam Hull

Classic film palace from my youth. Now: innovative, community conscious, great first runs and iconic films. Specialty series with double features.

Gerald Richardson

Watched India Arie and enjoyed the venue. Carolina Theatre is a staple of Durham.

Will Sutton

Very nice place for a concert after work on a Monday. I must say that I was not familiar at all with the Jon Doe band (opening act) and I'm sure most other people weren't either. The seats were pretty close to the stage in the Orchestra. Note that the even numbered seats are on the right side as you face the stage and odd seats are on the left. It was a bit confusing as we initially thought our seats 8 &10 weren't together. It was after 9 (on a Monday night by the way) that the main performer took the stage...Lelah James. although it was kind of late, the show was awesome and Lelah came with energy, excitement and movement. Near the end she asked lots of people to come on stage and dance. Some people were turned away because they couldn't get to the stage quick enough. Very nice show!

Randal Miller

Nice venue..... great shows.... Easy parking....

John Steigerwald

Beautifully renovated theater. Saw the best of enemies movie. Wonderful evening.

Wilma Vollers

Great accoutics, quaintness


Beautiful old-style theater with very comfortable padded seats. Popcorn and drinks were available for purchase. Clean and modern restrooms.


this place is really marvelous. updated and cozy without losing any of its vintage, authentic vibe. also, the seating chart and acoustics are well done - we had seats that were fairly far away and you could see fine and hear great.

Gary Johnson

Popcorn and soda at a rock concert odd maybe but I down with it ! Movie theater in here also ! Beer and wine for the drinkers out there !


Great place for a concert. Parking across the street.

Ronnie Rozenkranz- Boxford

Awesome theater with multiple events. I go here every chance I get. From the retro film series, to the independent film festival Nevermore, to comedians and musicians playing in the amazing fletcher hall. Worth checking out, absolutely.

Frances Bushman

This place is adorable. Good offerings, too.

Frieda Sanders

I live the architecture here. Very charming theatre

Sheryl Merritt

This was my second time at The Carolina Theatre this year. Great venue for concerts and you can't buy a medium drink and popcorn for $7 anywhere else.

Travis Jackson

Nevermore Film Festival!! Always a great weekend. Staff is always hospitable and awesome!! Theater is always clean and inviting.

Matthew Wood

Wonderful local theatre with movies and traveling artists. Great to drink a beer at!

Nate Cash

I love this venue. Old meets new.

Nobie Thrasher

Traveled here to see Arron Lewis. Great venue and next to the hotel!

karen williams

So nostalgic and beautiful in the heart of downtown Durham, NC, love going there

Tiffany Bargeman

I attended and India Arie concert here and thoroughly enjoyed it. Parking was free and easily accessible right across the street from the theater, and traffic was well controlled. We were in and out without any headaches. And the show was awesome. India Arie is a queen! We had to find food outside of the theater, so the only thing I would suggest is having at the very least hot dogs and pizza available in the theater concessions (popcorn and candy, etc. wasn't quite enough). We ended up going next door to the Marriott hotel's restaurant, and that food was very very good! We felt a bit rushed since we didn't plan to step away to eat. The information that came from the theater prior to the concert did mention restaurants choices in the area around theater, but we didn't plan ahead. All worked out though, and we had a great night.

Ayana Johnson

Went there for the NC Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The theater spaces were clean and spacious. The concession people that I went to a couple of days located between cinemas one and two were really slow. I don't know if they're always assigned to that one or rotate, but I'd suggest going to one of the others for potentially faster service.

B Hamilton

I always attend the film Festival in April and this us a beautiful venue. One of a kind theater.

Katie D

This theater has so much character...and the best popcorn! I love their Retro Film series and the chance to see older movies on the big screen. Splatterflix is my favorite weekend!


Nice, small, cozy venue. Acoustics could be better but overall a wonderful venue!

Sharat Nagaraj

Great venue for artists and fans. Good customer service.

Melissa Dee

Amazing customer service, clean theater area with a variety of shows.

Mary Kay Eckert

The Carolina Theatre is a grand ole theatre and I highly recommend. We had the pleasure of seeing Jeannie Robertson and she was WONDERFUL! We had second balcony seats dead center. I love going to events here, everything seem more up close and personal.

Aislinn Smith-Cotton

Went there for the India.Arie concert. Temperature was good, sound was great and great view from our balcony seats. Would definitely return for another concert.

Nadeem Wajih

Good entertainment center in Durham downtown. Easy parking across the street from the theater.

S Upshaw

It's a grand old theatre with history. Includes elevators for those that need them.

Barbara Wrigley

Love this theater! Good prices, cold beer.


What a beautiful theater, not too big. Most seats are good seats. Free parking across the street after 7pm and weekends. Will definitely see a comedy show here again.

Rocket Man

I was there for a graduation and it was very clean and spacious. The microphones were loud enough so everyone could hear. The location is visible, well lit, and the parking lot was appropriate. The seats were soft and comfortable. We sat up high but were still able to see the ceremony without issue. The lobby area was clean too.

Jim Leary

A great restored theater, right downtown with plenty of parking nearby. Friendly and helpful staff. Food options within walking distance, made for a great evening out!

Adam McAllister

A great theater to see great things.

andrew wheatcraft

Beautifully restored. Great theater showing independent movies. Also hosts fine music performances. Like to visit this theater when I'm in Durham.

Gary Clayton

Nice restored theatre in downtown area. Performance hall and two movie theatres. Have enjoyed many great concerts here. If you are on the main floor level avoid the very back - being under the overhang of the balcony can affect sound quality.

Harry Porthouse

Saw the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker here. Very nice facility, comfortable seats, great ushers, and excellent acoustics. Parking is convenient, and there are many nice restaurants within a couple of blocks.

Gary Crispens

Carolina Theater is a 100 year old venue with excellent acoustics and a convenient $5 parking deck across the street. The seating is intimate and close to the stage with the exception of the upper balcony. The workers there are most hospitable and more that willing to assist. A beer, glass of wine and a medium popcorn was $14.50, so the concessions are reasonably priced. A great venue to see entertainment up close and personal at a reasonable price.

Tom amoreno

Great venue for the Duke Performances, Afro-Cuban all star Big Band. By the last half hour every one was dancing on their feet..

james paden

Always meticulously clean, personnel helpful and kind, and the new restoration in Theater One is really appreciated.


Beautiful historic theater with plenty of architectural interest and awesome acoustics. Great venue offering a variety of entertainment. Easy parking across the street. Friendly, welcoming staff. This Durham landmark must be experienced.

Laura Peterson

Welcoming staff! Great customer service in a beautiful venue!

David Marshall

Beautifully restored to its 1926 build date. Lots of History here, great live world-class performances and semi reasonable prices. Great staff and service.

J Pender

Great venue, parking is easy around there

Darnell Tayleor

Loved the friendly people that worked here. Watched my daughters dance recital here. And the performances were excellent.

Kate Marchetto

We've seen a couple shows here and it is always lovely. Perfect walking distance from downtown restaurants, easy parking, great spot!

Siddharth K

The building is old, so the AC never cools properly. Parking isn't sufficient at all! How do you not have enough parking knowing how many seats there are in the theatre? They really need to learn from DPAC about how to organize an event.

Paul Rutledge

I always enjoy my time here. It's an old theater with some fantastic events.

Russell Burnett

Love this place! Retro Film Series is a great value and a great way to spend an evening. Also, CT has nice selection of beer and wine.

Harvey Heath

Took 15 men from TROSA, to see Night Ranger,and had a blast!!

Martha Routh Figuerado

We are so fortunate to have an amazing historic theater in our community. The Carolina brings incredible limited release films and fun film series like Retro. Many film festivals and performing acts also hit the Carolina every year. With local beer and snacks for purchase, affordable tickets, and a beautiful atmosphere, the Carolina Theatre can’t be beat!

Sharon K McClellan

Good food, generous portions, beautiful China plates, perfect sweet tea , great outdoor seating, prompt service

Mike John

Vintage 1930s theater with many amenities.

Maxie Hipps-Figgs

The renovation that took place several years ago has made this the go to place for special events.

Meghana Kuppa

Not enough parking and very bad ventilation.


Amazing! I went to see a movie and the building is beautiful. The lighting and clarity of the movie was the best I've ever seen. Very nice people working there as well. I'm definitely going to be a regular. Thank you for existing!

martha wright

The atmosphere was very relaxing, up close and personal! A little more space between the seats would be nice! The entertainment...Lizz Wright absolutely fabulous!


Such a great place!!

Alexandra Graham

Great little theater! Reasonable concession prices! Solid line-ups.

Cherry Blossom

Nice place. Needs to be updated. Seats are smaller than today's norm.

Waldo Brown

I have attended several concerts at this venue. Each time the music is way to loud to enjoy. Either the acoustics for the structure is poor or the sound board is not tuned properly for a quality listening experience. The bar staff also could use some training, showing little professionalism and on multiple occasions not providing correct change for drink purchases.

Hal Lusk

Beautiful vintage venue. VERY convenient that parking is right across the street because I usually dread finding spots in Durham downtown. Acoustics were great, lighting was great, staff was very kind and engaging. My only complaint was that I had a handrail in my field of view from my regular seat (Balcony 2, front row) but I moved up a row at intermission with no problem.

Decembre Pierce

Was in a stage play here the last weekend in January. Beautiful facility with plenty of dressing rooms and it has a movie theater upstairs. It is also connected to the Durham Marriott. I DEFINITELY recommend this building if you have a play to produce.

Nick Freeman

The seats are so comfy, and you can't beat five dollar Tuesday's! Wish I had the time to go to this theater every week! I like the fact that you can tip the staff with any purchase at the food/drink stand if you would like. They deserve it every time I go!

Aleli Alvear

Really pretty and nice. You have a good view to the stage from everywhere.

Alvaro Gutierrez

Excellent venue for a conference—the latter made all the more enjoyable by the local beverages & tasty snacks as well as the friendly staff.

Andrew Cleveland

Great venue with wonderful staff! Went to a concert and the house mix was spot on, not a bad seat in the whole Theatre. Looking forward to more shows there.

Spaghettio Daddio

A remarkably beautiful place inside and out

Darrell Bradshaw

Great place. Don’t miss it

Michael Huffman

Let older folks now about the stairs in the balconies. Staff very helpful.

James Wilson

Had a great time, it's a beautiful theater. Went for a concert, the sound was amazing and the staff was super friendly.

Nathaniel Fitch Jr

Good place to watch on stage performances. concession stand in full effect! #85SouthShow

Glen Leemann

Nice place to see a show. Convenient parking garage across the street and very friendly and helpful staff. Concessions on all floors. Handicap accessible and clean rest rooms. 5 stars guys well done!

Christopher Giannell

Steven wright was awesome. Looking forward to my next visit. Hope they update their seating, though I think it's a lovely theatre and a lot of fun.

Chris Rich

Great venue, saw Niles Fram tonight and it was Amazing...all concerts should sound so good.

On Da Move LLC

Ms Lena James and the lovely Christina Carter-Dalton

Heather Edwards

Great show with good seats to see my fave comedian Iliza Shlesinger, audio was great could hear everything. Would visit the Carolina theater again!

Monique Goode

I attended the 85 south boys comedy show. The employees there were very friendly and very attentive. The theater was very beautiful in a retro type of way. It was a sold-out show so every seat was taken. Even though it's an older building I'm a very tall woman and very curvy and honestly even though we were shoulder-to-shoulder I was comfortable. I really enjoyed my visit and the show was amazing.

Sharlease Collier

I love this venue. It's very cozy.

Jeremy Springman

Even the upper balcony provides a great experience. Awesome venue with reasonably priced concessions.

Troy Adams


Caleb Gorsuch

First time there, loved it. Just saw Bianca Del Rio there.

Christi Wilkerson

This place is amazing!

Bryan Payne

This theater was amazing and gorgeous! We loved attending the concert we came to see.

Lisa Ruth

Amazing theater! Downtown Durham

John S. Fore

Wow! What a gorgeous theater. I really enjoyed performing here with the Triangle Gay Men's Chorus.

Amanda Branscome

Old timey theatre! Loved seeing Nate Bargatze

Cynthia Davis

100 Men in black gospel chorus and the phenomenal Kelontae Gavin put on a good show

marion Horton

Cool Historical Venue, music sounded great

Jerry Phillips

Great place to see a band!

Heather Greene

Nice place. Great shows. One down side People with long legs might be a tight fit.

Ruth Lundy

Had a great time

James Wardrop

Quaint with an old world vibe. Indie movies and older feature films. Good ballroom with plenty of variety in the shows, including live podcast shows.

Garrett Button

A fantastic place for your daily dose of culture in Durham. You're always sure to see something you can't get anywhere else in town.

Anita Wuest

This theatre in Durham is beautiful, and so are the people who work here! Had a wonderful time. If another band we like is playing here, we will definitely come back. Very worth the drive from Charlotte.

Denise Powers

Loved the pre-screening show starring Taraji P. Henson & Sam Rockwell. It was an true surprise to see Taraji attend. It just shows how dedicated she is to her profession and artistry. Love every minute of it

Corbin Kling

Decent prices for concessions, went to see Banff film fest here and it was the perfect venue.

John Carnell

Great venue for a small concert. Great acoustics and super simple to get in and to you car.

Jacob Winters

Good place to see a movie or a show. People are friendly and love movies!

Thomas Parker

I was next door at the Convention Center theatre looked like a great place to check out at a later tine

Buddy Priest

This place is super neat. Very cool staff, and the movie selection during Halloween season is amazing and diverse. Serves beer in the concessions, it's super clean, and we just love it!

Cheryl Shiflett

Beautiful historic entertainment venue. The accoustics are wonderful so each performance can be totally enjoyed. All the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful. Will definitely return for future events. Also, large parking deck directly across the street.

John Roevekamp

This quirky local cinema art house is a restored Grand Dame where smaller music and comedy acts come through town. There are three smaller cinemas and the large hall where we have caught fabulous 5-start performances such as David Crosby and The PFX experience, as well as the exciting preview of the new Downton Abbey film for which many audience members dressed up in period outfits. They have new releases as well as their ever-reviving Retro film series. The Carolina is a gem that any city would be proud to possess.


Convenient location and nice atmosphere.

Ronald Carnes

I was fortunate to receive an invitation to a cinema showing of the movie "Tre, Maison, Dasan. A powerful narrative on the devastating effects incarceration has on the children of parents who are locked away in prisons. It was my first exposure to the Carolina Theatre. The facility did not fail to impress. The complex has two theatre's, a Ballroom, and is ideal for non-profit presentations. The venue is well lit, plenty of parking. Wheelchair accessible, in all aspects, and great bathrooms. There are elevators, concession stands, very, very comfortable seating. And beverages are allowed into the auditorium. After the presentation, there was a panel discussion, with Q & A. I am very glad that I attended this event, and grateful the venue was the Carolina Theatre.

Chelsea H

We saw Maria Bamford perform here last week and the show was great. A really cool, historic theater, but it could use a little love and restoration and something to get rid of the slightly musty smell. That said, our view was pretty good, even from the second balcony and we had a fun time.


Carolina Theatre is beautifully designed. The seats on the main floor are very comfortable, but the seats on the upper level not so much. The venue offers snacks and beverages. The restrooms are clean and spacious. The volunteers and staff are very friendly. I always enjoy my trips there.

doug mayo-wells

Classic old theater with beautiful decor. We were present for a live music show, and the sound was excellent. Seats were comfortable even for a tall person.

Lisa Bigelow

First time at the Carolina Theater beautiful venue however disappointed that the pit chairs were foldup chairs for as much as it cost to sit in that area for the Leela James concert.

Adrienne Dominicali

Great place to see classic movies with the comfort of being in a historic building. It's stepping back in time and the staff are so friendly and helpful. Going here is an experience!

Princess Shelli

The Carolina theatre is absolutely beautiful! The seats are comfortable and roomy the atmosphere is lovely we saw Daughtry in concert and we had a blast!

Gary Carr

Always enjoy going to jazz concerts at this venue. Boney James was incredible as always. We had a mix up with our tickets and the staff was very professional in handling the situation.

Matt Phillips

Wonderfully restored theater, nice concessions, very nice venue!

eric wedemeyer

Nice cozy venue. Great beer selection there.

William Glover

Grand ole theater. Bring a swe as ther it gets cold.

Rebecca McCarty

Nice theater. Wish there was food or light snacks... only popcorn and candy.

Aaron Nail

The Carolina Theater is a great place for film festivals, visiting personalities, and retro movies. It's comfortable, the people are friendly, and the owners obviously have a love for film. It is one of the BEST parts of Durham. Classy AF! Check out Nevermore if you get the chance!

Greg Ferguson

Watched a series of short films from Sundance Film Festival here this past Sunday with my wonderful girlfriend. The theater was clean, beautiful, and the seats were comfortable. All of the staff were a delight. Can't wait to return for another unique showing!

Angie S

100 Men in Black concert was excellent. Looking forward to next year. Praise God!!

David Klun

Great theater for special occasions. Seats are very comfortable

Joe Aldis

Very cool nostalgic vibe

Jim Roberts

The Carolina Theatre continues to be a beacon of art, culture and hope. The Music Folks for Ocracoke show illustrates how strongly they believe in community, music and philanthropy. Support this wonderful venue!

Thomas Johnson

One of my favorite venues in Durham. Convenient parking across the street, and they sell beer and wine and concession area.

Patrick Lasseter

Carolina Theatre is an absolute gem. An intimate place to watch a live show and a comfortable experience for seeing a movie. We are here all the time. Take advantage of limited release films and documentaries as well as throw-back events to see your old favorites on the big screen. Local beer on tap and real butter on your popcorn is something not typically offered at other locations around here. Stick around after the film to enjoy Downtown Durham!

Kimberly Crockett

Always interesting entertainment.

Tim O'Sullivan

This is a beautiful theater for all kinds of events. The size is perfect and every seat had a great view of the stage. We saw a spoken word performance here by Henry Rollins and it was an amazing night. What's even better is there is a parking garage just across the road.

Michael Cooper

Andy Grammer was awesome, good venue in Durham!

CD Upchurch

Fun because it's old, and it often hosts live shows. Great popcorn, too. Beer and wine, for those who want that. Unfortunately, no cupholders or trays on the old-timey chairs, so be prepared to hold them or spill them.

Noel Haroon

Close by and clean. Grand old building. Don't mind going alone.

m m

Seating was good, kids couldn't stay captivated. Glad we came on special needs night. Thanks for the experience. At 8&10, they just aren't old enough to appreciate it.

Alita Williams

I've worked here and seen shows, both experiences were great!

David Mcquoid

Nice atmosphere. Only suggestion for improvement would be menu expansion at the snack bar

Aimee Aimee

Awesome place..retro vibe..clean and sharp place for concerts .

Brandon Reber

I give this place two stars because the venue itself was accommodating and wonderful and the show was amazing until a man falsely accused my friend of recording the show and kicked her out causing the rest of us to follow. He lied stating that he had told her three times that recording was not allowed when all she did was text her fiancé that she loves him and that she ok. This man had never been over to speak to her and it’s ridiculous that this man harassed her and there was literally nothing one could do. Great waste of 200 hundred dollars right there for a show we’ve watched on Netflix and know that we wouldn’t have any reason to record.

Rebecca Blackwell

The restored Carolina Theater is a treasure. The architecture is lovely and warm. The shows are excellent! (Seth Myers was on tonight.) The staff are professional, helpful and friendly.


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