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Where is The Carolina Cinemark Asheville?

REVIEWS OF The Carolina Cinemark Asheville IN North Carolina

Vere Good

There is about 20 theatres between where I live and this place and this is the only one I go to now. If you've never been I highly recommend.

Александар Стаматовић

Love this place! Old school movie theater with a modern feel.

Nancy Hester

Nice theater. Love the recliners!

Siegfred Dominado

Best cinema experience since moving to the area. Highly recommended place! Only movie theater in the last decade with fair concession prices. I respect that!

LeAnn Brown

Only moive place I will go

Kate Toler

The staff is nice and the comfy seats recline. I usually sit in the front so my son can lay/roll on the ground when he gets bored during the movie and not disturb others.

Lisa Simpson

Great movie theater and they offer cheap days

Noah Bellemare

A great place to watch avengers endgame with their relatively new comfy seats.

Dan Philps

Surprisingly good food as well as comfy as hell seats.

Sam Harmon

Good theater that seems to have a lot of technical issues. 2 out of the past 3 times the sound has cut halfway through the movie but at least they give rain check tickets when it happens

Margarita Wolfe

Reclining chairs are nice!

Herb Arnold

It was a great experience. Great pizza and beer.

Angela Taylor

Reclining chairs and friendly staff

Madyson Raymer

really good service! the theaters are nice and they have reclining chairs, and the ticket prices are so affordable!

John F Hamilton

What a Pleasure! been twice and everyone is so polite. We even got the Movie package just to attend movies at this theater.

J.T Blankenship

I haven't been to a theater in years mostly because our only local theater is small and only has 2 movies. I was very impressed with how clean and well put together this place is. Staff was very friendly and professional.

Annalisa Littleton

This is one of the nicer theaters in Asheville. They have reclining seats which are nice, I’m not fond of the fact that they are faux leather as that makes me hot. They don’t show a lot of commercials before the movie starts which is very nice. Tuesdays are discount night and that is the only evening when tickets are priced reasonably. I think they are about $7.50 when discounted. The biggest down side to this theater is it being on Hedersonville Road, which can be congested making getting there a struggle if you want to see a movie between 4pm and 6pm. Overall, this is a nice theater and it is comfortable.

Pepi Acebo

Uncomfortable recliners that hurt my back. I always have to bring a back pillow. Staff are wonderful but can't change the seats. Always clean. Good food though a little pricey. Asheville Pizza & Brewing has more reasonably priced food. AMC (formerly Carmike) has better lounge seating.

Michael McGee

Easy access and great snacks.

Victoria Woody

Wonderful theatre!!! Great comfy seating. Clean and friendly staff! Great food and snacks.

Desmond Bailey

Its always nice going to the movies at this theatre

Gummybeariii hi

Great deals on Tuesdays and really makes my week

minecraft98234 0192

Really enjoyed going to this movie theater. Like sitting at home in your favorite recliner. We had to sit in the front row but it wasn't uncomfortable like in other theaters I've been to thanks to the reclining seats. The snacks, drinks and tickets are rather expensive but it does deliver a great movie watching experience.

Bob Huntley

Cinemark is a great deal on Tuesday's....all shows are $5. If you are a Movie Club member the deals are even better!

tabatha roberts

Great service, comfy recliners, good for and great beer selection

Peter Loughran

Comfy seats, great sound, and 5$ tues

Cheri Osteen

1st recliners in town! Great way to enjoy a movie and Air conditioning in this heat!

Katie Sollenberger

We <3 the Carolina. I was concerned when they were purchased by Cinemark that the quality would decline, but nope! The theaters are clean, the food is delicious, and the Cinemark movie club is pretty awesome. In addition, the current GM, Chris, is a gem and really cares about customer satisfaction. If you have any concerns (even one that's more, "man, this is inconvenient" as opposed to a real "this was TERRIBLE" concern), let him know, because (at least in our case) he is going to try to make it right!

Caity Mullen

Hands down my favorite movie theatre in Asheville. Even on the busiest days the staff is pleasant and efficient, and they always seem to have everything under control. The food is great too, try the brussel sprouts!

Daniel Fairchild

Love the seats and the have food too!

James Fowler

Great place to go for your movie veiwing needs. It's up scale and has very comfortable setting. Being able to get food for the family during the movie is a great help in keeping the kids happy. Clean and with a friendly staff to help you through your visit there is great. Prices are a little high but they have specials that can reduce the cost of the movie and food. Over all a really good movie theater.

Kevin Jones

Best theater all-around in Asheville. $5 tickets on Tuesdays, current movies, awesome reclining seats, decent food and beer menu, friendly staff.

Iris coats

I did enjoy the Cinemark as it has been a long time since I have been inside a theater. The seats were comfortable and the service was good.

Carlos Vega

This is hands down my favorite theater around being a single father who's also a college student I don't necessarily have a lot of money but you can do get a student discount when you come here which always comes in handy plus there is a children's discount I love the seats they're really nice and cushy you may take your child to see a movie you take them a blanket and it'd be perfectly comfy with some popcorn and a soda If we go see a movie this is pretty much our first choice each and every time I have gone to the other theaters recently such as epic and regal and this has to be my favorite still typically when I go there's this older gentleman or older lady who takes your tickets when you walk in and they are honestly very sweet people so all around good atmosphere at this movie theater

Katie E

I love coming to this theater! Plenty of parking, clean, great staff and really good food.

Jasmine McCoy

I love this movie theater. It's very comfortable. They have wine and food.

dean lewis

Nice theater. Seats are comfy!!

James Thompson

Very nice theater with recliners. Decent food that is more reasonable than most. They have draft beer and wine as well.

Brian Lee

The g/f lives relatively close to this one, so we go here a lot. Can't do much about the prices, but the food selections and seats are top notch.

Tpaige Jackson

Comfortable seating theater style where you reserve your seat. They have large comfortable couches in other areas. Food and beer is available in the lobby to enjoy during the movie if you like. You can wait upstairs and watch old black & white classics until your movie starts. A fun casual atmosphere.

Flo Jonic

Great reclining seats but it’s always freezing. Winter. Summer. Makes no difference. I always take a blanket and warm jacket with me. Restrooms sometimes lack towel and soap.

Richie Lucia

Comfortable seats great service

Misty Barrett


Donna Anders

Love the chairs ..the only thing I do not like is they dont take a break from movie to go to get refreshments or bathroom..

Jeff Herrington

Great p[lace to see a movie

Craig Kibbe

The venue was very nice and the theater itself was pretty comfortable. In many ways I liked it better than the newer mega theaters... A more hometown feel.

Bruce Cody

Best place to take a smaller child because of the seats. It's like watching a movie in your own home

Daphni Hafer

Our son took us to a movie and we loved it. The only thing was how cold it was and how loud the previews were. I couldn't even hear my own thoughts. Other than that it was an overall great experience.

Edgar Guerra

Awesome seats and great surround sound

Tommy Brown

Nice theater, has power recliner seats, beer on tap & bottle . Seems clean & modern .

Kellie Marr

Always a great time watching movies here! We are a rewards member and the 20% discount plus a ticket every month makes us love it even more!

Mike Littlejohn

Great place! Friendly staff and very convenient parking.

Helen LaMore

Nice theater. Comfortable seats. Clean. Friendly staff.

Elizabeth Green

The gentleman named Samuel that checks the tickets is one of the KINDEST people I’ve ever experienced. He is always smiling and so friendly. He offered us a snack last time we were at the movies and we were so appreciative. Great job!

Rachel B

The employees were so helpful and friendly. Definitely made my experience even more enjoyable. I love the food options. Comfy chairs, too!

Jessica Craig

Comfy seats-weird smell? It was fun and their seating is great, fries are amazing if youre looking for a snack! But there was a strange smell in the theatre we were in, we were the first ones in as well.

Becca Hudson

I pretty much refuse to go to any other theater. The seats are really comfy and assigned seating makes it easy to just go and sit, instead of the anxiety of having to go twenty minutes early so that your snacks are literally gone before the movie even starts. The tickets are really cheap on Tuesdays too. It makes for a good cheap date or just a fun outing with my mom

Tina Thayer

Seats are comfortable but seated way below the screen.. I felt like I straining to look up the entire movie even though I was on one of the last rows

Jah Queen

So comfy, easy check in, clean bathrooms, you can top your own butter :) Good food choices, even some healthy ones! They bring the food to the theater doors for you with a pager. And we have the Movie Club membership so we get tickets for 8$ and 20% off concessions. Best, the seats are wide and recline and so far spaced that no one is hitting and shaking the seats, it's my favorite place to watch movies and I live on two sides of the state.

dustin robinson

My go to theater, has really nice seats and deliver your food to you while your watching your movie.

Nola Shade

Great place to watch one of the biggest movies of the year, Avengers: End Game, sit through almost 3 hours, only to have it freeze and skip not once, not twice, but four times in the last 10 minutes! Oh and let's not forget the screen going blank but we still had sound! Or the lights cutting on and off a few times! Never again. Stay away!

Sharon Smart

I love the reclining seats with the table to set my drink and food on.

Stewart Nemiro

Comfortable, reclining leather seats. Friendly staff. Recommend.

Edward Gordon

Enjoyed the Movie, comfortable seats

L Reece

Love it. New remodel is nice.

sheminiqua Johnson

As always clean, neat, and just the right temp! Amazing staff, friendly and respectful! I joined the movie club and was totally lost and the staff made the experience very easy. Overall very happy and satisfied!!

Tiffany Foster

I like how it was good to sit down not get your food because the employee will bring your food to you as long you tell them where you at

Donnie Waid

I love this place on Tuesday night, plus I'm part of their Movie Club it's a great deal

Adam Walker

This is the best movie theater in Asheville. Just go and you'll understand. Diane Hargrove at the ticket counter was awesome. She's the best!

joy smith

The clerks at the counter are very unprofessional and argumentative. I had a situation today when the clerk continued to argue with me over HIS simple mathematical error. Bad service.

Matthew White

Smaller theaters but good prices, not over crowded, and the seats are super comfortable and recline.

Demon Stone

Bethanie is an amazing person who was so kinda and patient. And the movie was amazing with the recliner chairs

Lori C

I have to say...seeing all the negative reviews, I was very pleasantly surprised... Extremely courteous staff... Seating was awesome...hello recliner!! (Although, I do agree that the pitch of the floor does lend to seats in front of a short person ever-so-slightly blocking the extreme bottom of the screen...however...the person in front of me tonight also reclined which gave me a 100% unobstructed view...yaay!!!) There was some sort of glitch that caused the movie to stop for a grand total of about 5 minutes where fathom events came on to advise that the show should start soon (???)...but upon leaving after the movie ended, everyone was given a free movie voucher for the inconvenience... nice!!! If I had any real complaint at all it would be the price of concessions...but they are all that with it or don't buy... Will DEFINITELY visit again and highly recommend based on this trip..

Alice Hardin

The ticket process is so lenghty, I missed all the previews and the first part of the movie!

Mat With One T

Comfortable seats that are leather recliners and trays that come out for your food. Plenty of space and great service

Erik page

They always play a great selection of anime and at least once every month they play a Miyazaki film

Laila Lytle

Wonderful chairs and service there was great!

Savannah Macias

This is the best movie theater around. I love the renovations and new layout. The upstairs lounge is a nice addition. The food selection is good, beer on tap is great, seats in the theatres are comfy. The location is overall clean, bathrooms too. One of my favorite spots in Asheville to go to.

Betty DePina

This is the BEST movie theater!! Always good movies and big reclining seats. Assigned seats so get your tickets ahead. Can get them there or at Cinemark online.

Kathryn Wilson

I guess it depends on the movie, but the seats bare comfy!

Nick Freeman

Got right in on discount Tuesday. Everyone that worked there was extremely nice and accommodating. Enjoyed the movie thoroughly (Booksmart) and ate a bunch of good popcorn. I had a awesome time :-)

Forrest McGuire

First time customer and absolutely loved it and they have THE BEST reclining seats every!

Timmy Duncan

Great food and leather recliners. The trays on the seats tend to swing forward because the chairs are on a slope so you have to hold it in place.

Ambrosia W

A good quality theatre with decent prices.

Josh Payne

This is a great theater where the chairs recline. It is very clean and has good movie snakes. There are a lot of theaters and movies to choose from. It is nicely located in a high trafficked area of South Asheville where there are many surrounding restaurants. There is ample parking and it is easy to access from the road. It is important to arrive early because you have to choose your exact seat and it might be hard to get seating with your group of friends.

Rainy Campbell

Can be cold (bc its a movie theater), but the cleanest theater in town with comfortable reclining chairs and beer. And $5 Tuesday is obviously great- but buy your tix in advance for a popular movie.

Marty Wall

The seats are always clean, staff very friendly, food better than most. Older 80's character with just the right amount of modern upgrades. Started going for the cheap nights (Tuesdays), now it's my theater of choice. Don't go if you are sleepy, the seats are really comfortable.

Brian King

Seats are not tiered very well but other than that it's a fantastic place.

Janette Engelbrecht

Love this place! Easy to reserve seating ahead of time. Chairs are super comfy and they recline. Good choices for snacks. You have a table at your seat for convenience.

Ashley Cook

It's always clean and the staff is always friendly

John Hedberg

Favorite theatre in Asheville. Food, beer, and extremely comfortable reclining seats. Tuesday tickets are discounted 40% or 50%.

Kyle Bingham

Great atmosphere, timeliness and picture quality. Great choice!

nancy herrera

Great friendly customer service. Great prices and variety of food to enjoy while watching a movie! Favorite place to relax and enjoy movies!


Luv it...seating, staff, food, drink. They r awesome!

Patrick Johnston

Loved the recliners and swinging table tops. Nice atmosphere in the theater front as well.

BaCoN Quimby

The seats was great. Movies was always great. Could be a little better if it had a back massage Haha. But still great overall

Ruth Anne Brown

Seats are very comfy. Easy viewing

C Tipton

Great place to watch new movies with your friends or family. Comfy seats, clean theaters and restrooms, and a good variety of food/drinks, but everything (including tickets) is overpriced in my book. Or maybe I'm just cheap

Chiki Bang Bang

Other than typical movie theater prices being high, the experience was nice

Thomas Aukett

I really liked when you could buy tickets at the door and see a movie. Now if you don't you arrive and find out all shows sold out. See change of plans, buy tickets for another show on different day.

Kyleigh Webb

Comfortable, modern, and awesome love the licensed products and enjoyed my experience

Francisco Owle

Amazing seats very clean and very exact. Best theater I've been to ever.

G Whit

Great theater good prices membership really saves you money my only problem which why I didn't give 5 stars when you start seating for a movie the a/c is off and you have to always ask for them to make it cooler or turn it on. Every time we come this is now 07052019 the theater is hot untill movie starts and today its hot during the movie they have air conditioning problems or somethin

Mike Halus

We watched the movie Lion King. There was adequate parking. The seats were very comfortable. The sound was good. We really enjoyed the experience.

David Knapp

Favorite local theater. Comfortable seats, fresh popcorn, friendly staff.

jal 28806

Best movie theater in town. Love the food and the recliners. Staff is very friendly and top notch.

Angel Holifield

Love this theatre. We've been coming here since it was the olddd theatre and it's great. We do the monthly membership and it helps a lot, especially concessions!

jesse proctor

Super comfy seats. 5 dollar movies on Tuesday. Good beer. Real food and Junk food. You couldn't ask for more in a movie theater.

Alondra Cairns

Surprisingly good food for a theater. Restaurant competitive and very nice seats.

Bill Capell

Love $5 Tuesdays! Great service and very clean.

Lynnette Keating

Everything is amazing, the food is top quality and all for decent price, but the seats are the best. They are amazing lounge chairs that recline. Best theater experience ever.

Drew Oswell

My go-to movie theater in Asheville. Comfortable reclining seats, many concession options and friendly staff. They have their own parking lot, so you aren't fighting with the Biltmore Park traffic. I don't know why anyone would choose a different theater.

Tara Wright

Super comfy seats. Decent concessions, which they will deliver to your theater door eliminating the need to stand around and wait for your order, as well as the hassle of juggling your order while trying to show your tickets to the ticket taker. So much more convenient this way. And it doesn't hurt that the food is actually pretty good. I love their Carolina slaw dog!

Brad Everette

Love this place. Great movie listings, food, local beer, seating and atmosphere.

Silvia Sabaini

Like being in your own easy chair with an enormous screen and lots of company. Good Food and bar make for a whole entertainment experience. Try it. You'll like it!

Jean-Pierre Dalmas

Good food, service, and seats!

Sandra Williams

Wonderful theatre. Smaller the other big chains but with a good variety of movies. The employees were very friendly and eager to help. The theatre where we were was spacious with reclining seats and a large screen.

Aaron & Davida Maynor

Great 1st time experience! Loved the recliners!

Trey Funfsinn

My favorite movie theater in the Asheville area. Very comfy chairs and always has very nice staff.

Eva Reynolds

This is one of my most favorite theaters in Asheville. Staff is friendly, theater is clean and spacious.

Pat Hunt

Very comfortable seats and nice small theaters.

Bazooka Joe

I used to love this place. Unfortunately, this theater went to reserved seating instead of first come first serve. They had plenty of available seats, but my partner and I would have to sit apart from each other because people tended to reserve seats in the middle isles and leave open end seats. We thought about seeing another movie, but the same thing. We were handed a brochure to sign up for some monthly club and told we could get early access to reserve seating online. No thanks. All this does is just make me stop going to these types of venues. Seeing a movie should not be this complicated. I do not want to have to think about such things and and have to go online to reserve seats for a movie. No, the Rock concert analogy is lame. If this was live theater then yes, I expect reserved seating.

Colin Enberg

They served amazing food and the seats are so comfortable. I would recommend this movie theater to anyone. Especially on Tuesdays, with 5 dollar Tuesday.

Rebecca Ledford

Comfy chairs, good sound, clean.

Doctor Spaceman

Even though I'm disabled, I can easily use the chairs comfortably because it's basically like being on a lazy boy watching the biggest big screen ever! They almost always have the movies I like and I always choose this theater over others whenever I have the option. It doesn't hurt that they have legitimately good food there.

Lorilynn Mullett

Best place in town to see movie...parking is great!


Seats were comfy and movie quality was good.

Shannell Carter

Very nice theater. Clean, great concession variety, friendly staff. They also serve beer and wine so you can really kick back and relax in their super comfortable reclining lazy boys. This in the only theater we go to now.... Even joined the movie club!!

Jim Cunningham

Awesome seats, great menu, overall great theater

Davina Woods

Quaint, quiet theater. Seemingly remodeled to add reserved seating and nice, reclining seats in unique "inclined" theaters much different than your typical stadium seating.

Sara Bradley

Great theatre with comfy seats, a wide range of food & snacks & the best part is $5 Tuesdays. They also have a membership that gets you 1 free ticket a month & 20% off concessions.

Glen Osborne

Nice theater. Food delivered to your theater. You get a notification and pick it up in the rear at the entrance. Seats have tray tables and recline electrically.

Brandon Cagle

Love this theater! Reclining seats, friendly staff, good concessions.

April Jackson

This is a really nice movie theater, I love the seating they have. An electronic recliner so you can lean back with an attached food tray that has a cup holder. I've never seen seats like that in a theater but I haven't been to the movies in many years so it might be the standard now.

Wolf Child

The seats are amazing comfortable and sound is on point.

Kenneth Parker

Always nice and clean food is good

kent jones

Enjoyable experience. Will definitely be going back.

Daniel Walters

Comfortable seats. Friendly staff. Food prices are as outrageous as any theater so I can't knock them for that. Picture and sound are great. No complaints.

Josh Hollingshead

Nicest theater I've ever been in.

Gail Noland

Easy to walk into the theatre. Bathrooms always clean. Seats are perfect.. Concessions are so good and enhance the movie experience. Movies shown are current and the movie screens are very nice. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Enjoy seeing Sam! They show an excellent variety of films including Fandango offerings. The web site posts accurate showings and film times. The Administrative staff are visible and take care of any challenges. It is also very reassuring to have a law enforcement officer on the weekends. I would recommend this theatre to anyone! And Tuesdays are $5.00 movie days-all day! Of course be sure to check before you go. Enjoy the movies at the Carolina Cinemas on Hendersonville Road in Asheville! I sure do and you can earn points toward all kinds of stuff. Go see a movie and get away.

Kim Clay

Great cinima and good beer. Staff are the best.

Elayna Sowder

Love this theater! Discovered it this summer and will refuse to go to any theater other than Cinemark! Great prices and perks for members and staff are very friendly. Theaters are always clean and the seats are very comfy!

Sharon Godfrey

I live the Carolina cinema. We go weekly. They do have the new movies and it is small enough that parking is easy. I have joined the movie club which works very well for us. Not a huge fan of their popcorn "butter". But I typically order the food. We like the pizza and chips and queso. These are delivered to the theater. All of the theaters have the reclining seats and small tables. Fair warning. The table with the addition of food dishes tends to be pretty slippery.

kelly sharp

Best $5 movie spot in town

Armando Emmanuel

It's a real nice place, the seats are comfortable, the staff is nice, the popcorn is delicious. they have a nice are upfront so you can hangout there if your movie hasn't started. I like that some of the rooms are small, that makes it more enjoyable and gives a better screen to seat ratio.

Logan Angel

Great place to get some snacks or food, and enjoy a great movie... They have an app, where you can order your tickets and reserve your seats! Clean bathrooms, and friendly staff! Highly recommended place to watch all your movies!

Malcolm Hepburn

Very comfortable theater to carry your grandkids and enjoy a movie

Kalynn Baker

This is where we always go! The ambiance is on point, updated and clean. The theaters themselves are well maintained and cared for and we just love the spacious reclining seats! Staff is always very nice and seem to care about your experience.

David Woodard

Great Movie about the Memphis Belle, when projector had an audio issue manager brought free pazses

Ian Hands

Best movie house in the area

Judah Emory

This place is out of this world AMAZING!

Douglas Cegelis

I'm a fan. Nice reasonably priced theater with good food and first run movies

Harrison Henke

One of my two favorite places to see a movie. Comfortable and great opportunities to see rare showings in big screens!

Juanita Bullard

It was cool and clean just the way that I like it!

Johnny Stephenson

Fantastic location! The employees are very friendly and the theater is clean! Great food with fast service!

Kathryn Hazelton

Clean place, good theatres. The food is okay, but that's par for the course.

Bruce Hooks

Clean, friendly, customer service is on point, loved the lounge chairs in the theater and wonder food choices.

Ariel James

Great service. Wonderful atmosphere. The best snacks and eats including salads and beer.


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