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REVIEWS OF Sunset Drive In Theatre IN North Carolina

Chad Bragg

Great fun with the kids staff is amazing. All the kids always gather in front of the screen to have a good time veggie the movie starts we never have problems! It's a great night for families!

LaSharra Ray

Drove over an hour to get there. Sat in line for 20 minutes just to get turned away and told they were full! Very disappointing especially with a car full of kids! They could at least offer a complimentary pass for another visit or something. This experience sucked.

P. L.

Parking could be better organized and bathrooms need serious updating. Had a good evening and the consessions were well valued. Best to be there at the gates right when they open for the best angle. Be considerate of other vehicles when parking.

Jon Osborne

Been there once and can't wait to get back! Memories are being made.....

Devin Hare

Really cool. My first one ever. That is a place I plan on going to again.

Samuel cherry

Great place to take family for 2 movies 12$ car or truck load..good food kids can play handicap parking nice


First time here and it was great. Our car battery died, and the owners were quick to help us. The battery was charged super quick. Great family experience and we will be back for sure.

Aaron Edwards

Fun drive in movies

Belle Childers

Food is too expensive. Take your own in if you can.

daniel lamb

No paper towels in men's room. Movie sound not loud enough

Stephanie Lewis

The speakers that used to sit inside of your car have been removed now you can listen over your radio which comes in crystal clear. The staff are wonderful and helpful. You are allowed to bring in outside food and drinks if you wanted. When I visited most people appeared as though they were on a nighttime picnic. The bathrooms probably could use a little more attention and air freshener. The only complaint I had was being robbed of a stinger video or end credit scene. When asked way they cut the credits off as they started, the staff stated they were unaware of a second video at the end of the movie. I informed them that specific set of movies always has something after the end credits that shows the actors names. They apologized for robbing us of that final scene of the movie.

Katelyn Sisk

Had a great time! Will definitely be back!!

James Young

Had an awesome time last night. Brought my wife to the Opening Night for IT and the second feature Annabelle: Creation. This was her first time at a drive-in. We had a great time and the food was decent. Took me back to my younger days. Loved the atmosphere and we will be back with the kids. Was well worth the hou and a half drive.

Dave Devlin

We always liked the drive in movies and was not disappointed with this one. Will definitely be back.

Cynthia Little

Love this place. So does my kids. You can buy there food. Or bring your own food. And for 12 dollars. It's totally great for family fun. Just wish they had few extra bathrooms. But this place is great. Ground stays clean and staff are always nice

Regina Thompson

Could not heard the movie but great customer service

Serenity Miranda

I would give this drive-in theater more than a 5 if I could on Starz. The prices the people the atmosphere 100% grade you can't beat $12 car loads to come in and watch two or three movies at a drive-in and Drive-ins are not even hardly out there anymore and the people that run this Drive-In are great

Eric Nelson

Great place to go and they have real food

Ondrea Heston

Love going

Kinel Ozoa

Great over all experience, the prices for entry and concessions are awesome. Service was great and the Sundrop slushie was delicious. It's also great watching a movie in an air controlled car with the audio coming in crystal clear from the radio. The only thing that soured the experience was the fact my wife and I came to watch Spider-Man Far From Home, enjoyed the movie until the credits rolled and the movie was thusly shut off, causing us to miss two end credit scenes. Not anything that's going to keep us from coming back, just a bit of a bummer.

Mikey Vang

Great experience! Staff are friendly and everyone has a good time!

Patrick Highland

Great place plays new movies great price

Mary Whaley

I won't be going back. You have to run your car off and on the keep battery charge and bathroom are a mess. And their worker roaming around your car and i don't like people walking around my car like they are up to something. Good luck to the one who go.

Kristin Homan

I adore this place. 12 dollars for a car load is an unbelievable deal. Plus their concession stand is also dirt cheap. Every time we come here we know we're going to have a great family night. They also allow you to bring outside food which is also very nice of them. The bathrooms are very small, but it's not bad. I also love their giveaways and free movie posters. Just get there early and grab a spot. I couldn't think of a better place to hangout with your family and watch a movie under the stars.

Jamie Hull

Always a pleasure visiting here. Clean facility, awesome snack shack and friendly staff

flex me

Good drive thru good price and I get to bring my own food too cant beat that

Frankie BOLEN

Great people good place to take children and spend family time. Concessions is a great price

Bethany Laughter

Really fun always great movies just long lines but that's understandable

D Jones

Nice family place.

jenni meow

Great family friendly drive in!

Beth R.

First time my family came and we absolutely loved it. Can't wait to come back next month.

Amber Reynolds

This place is for the big family.$12. only. The best pricing and you can bring your own food and cooler of drinks. I've even called delivery Papa John's out there. Walked up to the front gate and picked it up. There are no radios but people get creative. I bring my husband Ridgid battery operated radio with an extra battery. It's fun to see all the different was people get comfortable to watch the movie. People have blow up beds on the tailgates. They throw footballs and kick soccer balls before the movie starts. Oh and it's $12 For 6 people to watch 2 movies. Win/Win


Very nostalgic and I love it! Great for a family night as well

Tracey Martin

So glad they still got this drive-in still going cause brungs back memories as a child and all younger generation can have the memories as they grow older of a drive-in theater cause not many left and that is sad nothing like a car load and go pit blanket down or back of a tailgate watching movies under stars and hearing all sounds of nature ....geat times!!! Keep it open thanks you guys!

Jake_snipes 22

Verry cheap and can your own food in

Cynthia Stanley

I had a great time. Nice to go to a drive in now a days. Bathrooms are small so get in line early.... Snacks and drinks sold there are great as well. Go check it out.. Have a great time.

Devonna Price

I love that we have some old school things still around in this fast modern world.

Deborah Radford

Wonderful place to go always.

Fred Brewer

Good drive-in good food and fair prices. The only down side is the restrooms they are to put a point on it the mens room is terrible. No stall around the towlet. I can't comment on the ladies room. The best option would be to put in port a potties.

Neal Bowers

Great family friendly , they have excellent food choices for a country style drive in theater

Richard Giles

Get there early, this place is so loved that it fills up fast...

Scott Hare

My family and I had a great time. What a deal... Hope they continue the family tradition...

Tarot By Kimberly LionessHeart

I always have a great time here!

LaVonda Evans

Loved the Alladin movie. Great outing with the grands. Will be going back

Yolanda Carver

Good place


Such a fun family atmosphere. Concessions are affordable.

Darlana Mayhle

Awesome place the ppl and staff were really nice and helpful! They also had some great door prizes!

Kim Stapleton

My kids love coming here!!!!

Clareese Billings

It was great I have never been to a drive in movie before it was wonderful

Tonya Gertsch

We drove an hour and a half to watch the new avenger movie and the sound quality on the radio was nothing but static...Nobody directing traffic going into the place..that was a mess and 1 entrance with 1 person takin money..Never will we go back..Alot of people were complaining about the radio station...Maybe they should invest in some speakers instead..

Shamekia Sabb

I haven't been to a drive in movie since I was a child. I love it!

Matthew Bacca

Great place. Love the drive in. Save money take the whole family and I managed to win a hoodie

Stephanie Ballenger

Everything was great except the sound. It was hard to understand the movie because of so much static on the station

BubbaBubba 22

The movies are great. Double features would be nice, if you don't mind holding it in for 2 movies back to back. If you do have to use their bathroom, I hope your not shy, cause you will have an audience. No privacy

Brian Cook

Great place for Family Fun and to watch a Movie

Chris Cater

Pretty cool!

Kim Shelley

It is $12.00 a carload. The snacks are cheaper than in a regular movie theater. It is just a fun time for all ages.

Robert Stroud Jr

Cheap for the whole family

stephanie kirby

I wish we would have gotten a battery radio before we went but over all it was fun. Balloon animals before the show and popcorn was great. Bathrooms are tiny.

Samantha Messer

Very pleased with this place, glad to have it around and I hope it stays for a long long time. You can't beat the price! They play pretty good movies, family friendly and adult audiences can enjoy what they offer. My only request would be that they designate a place for smoking cars.

Camille Henry

Its was awesome and safe to be at with family and friends. The peopl2 are very polite and you can bring your own food and they have a bathroom

Samantha Jade

Small town drive in. Great price and perfect for date night or family trip.

karen putman

Much better then hounds drive in

Jessica T

Super fun! The only complaint I have is that people are allowed to smoke. The fumes were awful for our non-smoking family. Maybe set up a non smoking/smoking option?

Katrina Burr

Kids love it

Zachary Friedman

My girlfriend and I locked ourselves out of the car (long story), and it was at 1am after a double feature showing. Severe storms hit later and the owner of Sunset let us wait for the police in her car. Service doesn’t get much better than that.

Brandon Graham

Love the staff and I feel that my family is safe there. Clean facility and it the only place I will take my family.

Russ Russ

Good price , friendly staff , enjoyment

heather houser

Sunset is AMAZING! I remember going as a child here and spending time with my family. Back then we brought a big foam mattress cover on the back of the truck, and pillows and blankets, and backed in and laid on the truck! Parents brought lawn chairs and a cooler! If us kids went to sleep on the back, we rode home just like that! Great memories from here. Now I bring my kids here and tell them about my good times from long ago!!! The ONLY problem is the restrooms haven't been updated since the 80's! I wish the'd update and maybe add a few more stalls! It is small, stuffy, and while I am sure it starts off clean, it ends up... well, nasty! So that being my ONLY COMPLAINT... and it is easily avoidable, I LOVE THIS PLACE! Amazing ppl and prices! (Be prepared to overlook, and possibly explain the funky skunk odor that may drift through on occasion!

Chelsie Bodwell

Was nice took our daughter for the first time


Shortage of bathrooms which are in desperate need of attention. The sink is falling off the wall and paint peeling. People do not follow the rules and park wherever they want. You cannot see due to big vehicles parking where they are not permitted. There were rifles being fired close by. Also, people had blankets out hogging spaces for vehicles to park. We actually had to ask them to please move them. Finally, there is a loud humming noise when you are trying to listen to the movie through your radio. I was really disappointed. This drive in would be great if they would enforce the rules and do some greatly needed improvements.

Heather Whitworth

I used to love going to this drive in. After last night, however, my opinion has changed. We arrived right before the movie started, which wasn't a issue as they weren't very full. We found a spot to park our truck, and then we were asked to move which we did. This caused us to be in another person way, again not a problem we moved up again. About 30 minutes into the movie a midsize car parked in front of us. This caused us, as well as the people next to us not to be able to see. My husband asked them move down which they did. About halfway through the movie the parking "manager" forced this car to move back in front us. We tried explaining to him that we could not see because of this car. His response "well the cars can't see behind them." There were no cars parked in the row behind where this car had moved. So, basically, it doesn't matter if you're in a truck and can't see. Even though we all paid the same amount to watch a movie. This parking "manager" was very condescending in his attitude. After telling him my issue over and over, my husband and I finally decided to leave. It was a waste of 30 dollars, that we worked hard to get. We just wanted to have a good time with our children, unfortunately Sunset drive in doesn't seem to care if children can't see the screen. Even though it was a double feature of children's movies. I guess I know I'll be going to Hounds from now on.

Ahh Yeahhh

Unless you plan on getting there 3 hours or more early i wouldnt go. We got there 3 hours early and still wasn't the first in line. Waited in line for 3 hours then when we parked we waited another 2 hours for the movie to start. Food and drinks were ok. Bathrooms were what is to be expected.. the parking is terrible. Especially people on top of their cars and people loud. Other than that great movies great prices.

Billy Hamby

Love this place. Just wish they would make people keep their lights off. Every time we've been there...At least 1 cars lights will be on & off on & off all through the movie.

Natasha Schultz

This place is always good! But, this time they were showing the nun and another movie and the audio was messed up and on top of that they "ran out of food" so I'd go back again because that only happened once.

jerad burton

Best deal around. The whole family can watch 2 movies for 12 dollars.

Kenneth Johnson

Easy access and friendly people make this a great family spot to watch a movie.

Sad Patato

Its cool idk I get munay for dis..

Mtn Man Jeremiah Johnson

We had a great time

Mandy Horetski

We love the old fashioned drive in experience! And honestly the bathrooms aren't bad.

Mrs. Waldrop

Great place to see a movie! The price is per-car, so my family of 4 can see a movie for just $10-12 dollars. With just $20 I can see a movie (or 2, or 3) with my family, in the privacy of my car, and go to the concession stand for various movie going foods ( popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, etc...) And the food is pretty good. Or bring your own! (We brought pizza, subs, and sandwiches). And they often play opening weekend movies. Sadly, they are only seasonal, or we would go every weekend! Also, they only take cash.

Rachel Radford

Love this place great family outing. Cash only

Veronica Francisco

Great place for family relaxation and the prices are UNBEATABLE!! $8 a car is phenomenal!!


Loved it can't wait to go bk

Conny Vargas

My mom showed my brother and his wife and kids how to get there and they came with us and there first time ever at a drive in. They all had a blast

Kimberly Lane

I love this place

Garrett Cash

Sunset drive in is always a great experience. We've watched 5 movies there this year. The staff is super nice and the activities they do for the kids are great(costume contests, coloring contests,etc)

Heather Harrison

Only draw back was they don't have speakers so you must use your own radio. Okay if you sit inside the car but outside of the car it is difficult to hear because of all the vehicles running

Susie Kittel

Love the new movies, family fun, so excited they are open!!

Captain Tortuga

Can't remember the last time I had so much fun for so little money! Friday nights are date nights with my kids, and it's sometimes hard to find new, interesting, and fun things to do together. I stumbled upon Sunset Drive In's website, saw that they were playing Infinity Wars and Black Panther as a double feature, and admission was just $12 for both of my children and I to see both films! That's not EACH! That's TOTAL! That breaks down to $2 per person, per movie for blockbuster movies that are still in there first theater run! The snack bar doesn't have anything remotely healthy, but it sure does taste good, and it's actually not outrageously priced. At least not by theatre concession standards. The three of us had a great meal of 3 chilli cheeseburgers, 2 corndogs, 2 nachos, 1 chilli cheese fries, a couple of drinks and cotton candy for desert all for about $40! And then there's just something magical about watching a movie outside under a beautiful night sky! This was my first time ever experiencing a drive in theatre. It's something I've wanted to do (been fascinated with the idea and the romance of them) for years. It did not disappoint at all. It was all that I had hoped that it would be. One minor drawback is that they do not have any actual sound projected on site. You have to tune your own fm radio to their station to get sound. My car stereo is on the fritz so we had to make do with a small portable CD player/ radio. It worked, but definitely not quality sound. I will make sure I have a good Bluetooth set up before I go back. I talked to one of the owners and it seems that the film rotation is not on any set schedule, but should see new movies in about every 4 weeks or so. That works just fine for me. You can bet that Sunset Drive In Theatre will become a monthly staple for me and my kids. Hell I may even make an extra trip or two for adult dates. It was just that much fun.

Thomas Rochester

You can't beat the price just get there early enough so you can get a good parking spot

Kelli Cook

Love this place! We drive an hour to visit and it's worth it! Great price for the whole family to enjoy a movie. They sell food or you can bring your own snacks. Come ready to relax and enjoy TWO movies (new releases). Usually a kid friendly one first, then a second movie after. It starts when it gets dark. It gets full, getting there early is the best bet.

Braxton Young

This is an awsome and fun place food was great an all out trip with the family

Alicia Walton

Great price to see two movies with the family. Brings back memories of being a kid and going to the drive in with my family. Plus they let you bring in your own food and they are really friendly. All over an amazing experience and will recommend to anyone looking for affordable family fun.

Nicole Postell

Great price for family to see 2 movies. However parking attendant kept bothering us about where we parked First time visiting

Chris Brigman

Had a blast living caring family amphistmer

Haley 20001

The concessions was pretty good priced they do let you bring your own food in but the bathrooms are very poor

Jimmy Icard

The radio station was not on so was unable to watch the movie

Shon Haskins

Always a great family event

Katrina Davies

Hatchback cars gotta be with trucks, Van's, and SUVs so if you don't get there early enough won't be able to see the movie from car. A sedan hatchback is still a sedan so should be able to sit with all sedans also if you do want to separate the two then there should be a section designated to hatchback cars.

Lea Martinez

Its ok

Meagan Ingram

Great place for families and friends. Cheap concessions. Friendly staff. We drive from Kings Mountain to go here despite having a local drive in. This place is cheaper and has friendlier staff. Plenty of nice spots to watch the movie from. Bathrooms are small but clean. I heard they will be upgrading the restrooms soon. That will be wonderful.

jill garman

I wish there were more drive ins in VA like Sunset.

Tia Desmond

Everytime me and my family go there we have a great night. Where else can u take ur whole family out for 12$. I go as much as we can.

Dawn Lance

Greatest place to watch a movie..

crystal moses

Nice atmosphere for the family.

Veronica Coleman

This was a great place for a great price! My family had a great time and we'll definitely return!

Leesha Summers

Love this place! Pricing is unbeatable, I wish they would overhaul the restrooms though. (I suggest going before you come to see the movies as there are only two ladies toilets and they're pretty old) There's 2 sections for vehicles so if you don't drive a car, you have to park in the back and people aren't very considerate when it comes to blocking the screen with open hatches and extra tall vehicles.

Family Forever

I love going to the drive-in with the family

Shane Mcswain

live next door but can't see screen


Good place

Natalie elliott

Had a great time the staff is always friendly I love to take the kids here

Edward Timblin

A nice little drive in that brings back memories. It needs some updating to the facilities, such as their concession stand, restrooms and car parking area. But overall, a good place to visit and enjoy a movie.

Candy Brown

It's a drive in, the only down side is you can park anywhere, an sometimes SUVs an Trucks block your view bc, well some folks are just a holes.

Boyd Bragg

Awesome place, friendly environment, The best drive inn around

Tiffany Horne

Good for kids bring chair blanket

William Barnes

Great time,only issue I had was one of the vehicles had blue lights that blinked every time someone talked on there outside radio.

Sandra waldrup-hardin

Love the drive-in, you have more freedom to do as you please in your car

Crazy fun with Hannah

Great price. Only complaint is for that many people they need bigger bathrooms. The porta johns outside stunk so bad we were gagging standing in line to get in the womens restroom! It was bad!

John Parnel

Lion king and toy story 4

Nicole Owens

Love this place during the summer! The kids have a blast as well. The only negative thing is I wish they had more than 2 stalls in their batbroom because the line is crazy long most of the time lol

Tina Parker

If you don’t get there early you don’t get a space and they turn you away which sucks if you drive over two hours just to see a movie

Tasha Bowlin

It's a great place to go with family for a good time at a reasonable price.

Amanda Smith

These people stand up for their rules. Thank you for that. They help u if u need it period. Only thing is, they need to improve bathrooms and food. And expand on their food menu as well. Other than that I'm happy with it! Can i request that you ask your public if they would support you staying open all year round. I have seen other drive ins do this other places and they are expanding because of it. Just a thought :)


Nice little drive inn.

Jamie Hougas

I love that you can literally come in with a truck load for one price! Plus they provide you with a garbage bag for all your garbage. It's especially awesome for little kids and our add/adhd friends, because they can get up and move around whenever they need to. Plus you get to watch 2 movies for less than half of what you would pay for 1. Oh, and you can bring WHATEVER cooked food you want. Just no bbq grills or pets!

Debbie Forbes

You need better signs telling you where it is located. We drove an hour and half then drove all over the place according to gps. Ugh!

Mike Mathis

Love this place.

Betty Ruppe

First run movies at $12 per car. Bring chairs and a radio if you want to sit outside. It's nice that they have large vehicles park on higher tiers,so they don't block the view from cars.

Mary Finley

Awesome experience I would love to go there again and I think you should too

Ashley earle

Great place I go alot every summer. This is one of my favorite places!!!!! Good prices and good food!

Garrett Logan

We tried to go see a horror double-feature, and they let WAY too many cars in. Trucks were in the middle, so most people couldn't even see in the back. For God's sake my dad is disabled and couldn't hardly stand up to watch the movie. They need to put a limit on cars, and had I not been too pissed off to talk to someone who worked here, I would've demanded my money back. VERY angry. But hey, at least we got a complimentary $12 trash bag. I will not be back, and I will advise others to do the same. If I could rate 0 stars, I definitely would.

Candy Mitchell

First off the radio station to listen to the movie is 94.7 which is posted at the entrance. But if you're not paying attention you won't notice it. The website needs to be updated, It says 97.7. But all in all my boyfriend and I had a very enjoyable time. 12$ per car load Bring your own food and drinks. If it wasn't so dark i would have gotten out the car to purchase snacks just to be able to donate. I miss drive inn theaters. 2 thumbs up

Crystal Lucas

Had a good time with the kids at the drive in, even won a black panther cup!

Jessica Ethridge

Pros.. Great price and family atmosphere. They allow outside food which is great when you have kids. Cons.. Small bathrooms, the line was quite long. Concession lines were even longer. Overall, Great experience and we will definitely be back.

Tanner Logan

TERRIBLE PLACE. These guys pack in as many cars as they can, and do not care if the diesels are in the front or not. We left while IT was still playing and sure as heck wasn't staying for Annabelle. Worst movie experience i've ever had period. Don't waste your money at this place if your into watching movies. Not to mention the commercials were loud but could barely hear the movie playing. I will never come back here. If i could give these guys a 0 out of 5 stars i would.

Richard Thompson


Mike Marlowe

Everything was great. The people were wonderful and friendly. Took me back to simple times. Seeing families with their children sitting outside their cars enjoying family time together. Great experience.

Junior Poteat

Not many left

Shaunya Joyner

Great as far as drive in movies go

scott suttles

Great place for a family movie night

jonathan thomas

A blast from the past! Great family atmosphere with an open area up front for kids to play. Can't beat the price either. 2 movies at $12.00 a car load. Very friendly staff. They do prize raffles during intermission. Free mini movie posters. On Saturdays they have face painting for the kids before the movies start.

Chris Mitchell

Too many people with their van or hatchback open or on top of vehicles. Get tired of going there and not being able to see the movie half the time.

Candice Tessneer

Great place for the family. Okay prices. Cash only. Definitely love taking the nephews and niece!!

Joshua Geddings

Loved our visit here. It was nice being able to go to the movies without having to take out a loan to pay for it. I was shocked and pleased that they show newly released movies. Lion King was sold out here in Spartanburg, but Sunset was showing it on opening day. We also were able to see Toy Story 4 which was also still in theaters at the time. Concession stand was extremely busy, but fairly priced. We spent $32 and the three of us saw two newly released movies, had a tub of popcorn, hot dog, fries, and drink. You can't beat that. If only we could figure out a way to get the sun down faster :-)

Heather King

Love this drive in.. Great friendly staff. Can being own food and drinks in which is a plus. Been going there for 4 years now.

Chris Abel

Great place to go watch two new movies for a really great price. Nice too be able to enjoy the outdoor weather & enjoy bringing the family for family time & too watch the new movies. Very nice laid back place. The employees whom work @ the snack bar are very nice & friendly. The food has always been great everytime I've ordered it. Fries, hamburgers etc are freshly made & you don't have too wait forever. Popcorn is always fresh & I like that your allowed to add as much butter as you like on your popcorn instead of someone monitoring it. The only downside of this place is the restroom situation very small restrooms & normally have a decent size line that you have to patiently wait & Thats hard to do when your kid has too go to the bathroom really badly. But it's a clean & friendly place & very family friendly. If you get a chance to you need to check this drive in movie theater out because there's not Alot of drive ins left. Its a great experience

Ryan Golden

Fun family experience and a great date night. Will definitely return!

estela lopez

Nice please to go

duane bradley

Easy access, good view of screen, cheap $12 per car load

Denise Sherman

Great place. Great deal. Bathrooms need help though.

Sam Stone

My kids and I had a blast here! Very friendly staff and nice setup. Will definitely be making this a family outing on a regular basis!

Doug Chester

We love this place and everyone that works there. My wife and I take our twin granddaughters and they love it. We are so excited about opening weekend, it’s taking forever to get here. Sunset here we come

Ophelia Davis

Great family place.

Tammy Phillips

Great for family fun

Cande Emory

The movie was good but the popcorn and the nacho chips where both stale. Went to the concession stand only to see about 10 big bags of popcorn pre popped up and who knows how long they have been there or how long they will stay there. But my kids did enjoy the movie up until my 6 yr old got bit by some fire ants while sitting in the grass but we would definitely go back for another movie because it's a great deal at only 12 dollars.

Pam Lytle

Friendly staff and great service


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