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REVIEWS OF Sun Valley 14 IN North Carolina

Sandra Dickson

Screen seemed on small side. Seats were comfortable enough. Too bad it was ruined by the parents of the tired child who kept screaming she wanted to go home until she finally fell asleep. If these are the patrons I'll not be returning.

Nessa Shadow

Amazing theater

Brandon Gordon

Very clean and neat and always have the latest movies

Sam Elkazaz

Was clean and quiet. The sound quality was awesome too

Karen Gunn

This place is huge! 14 movies in one place! Very clean! Nice seats! Nice restrooms! Big screen, great sound! Excellent snacks!!!

We Mo

Our favorite movie theater! We love the comfy seats. The location is great too. You can use your movie stubs to get discounts at several of the eating establishments right next door. There is some constriction right now in the parking lot so it can get a bit busy finding a parking spot, but we just add a bit of extra time to get there. They also have flashback movies. Two days a week they have older classic movies which are awesome to see on the big screen.

Trey z

Movie was okay. Even though the original brolly was crazy for no good reason, it was a great movie. This one they tried to humanized brolly

Aidan Dence

By far the best atmosphere for the hottest new movies

Mackenzie Kokot

Seats were comfortable, food and drinks were expensive-but that's every theater you go to. Movie was hilarious.

Khye Haywood

It's amazing!

Tom Doering

Good selection and food and very good service


Appreciate senior discount s Comfortable seating.

Shelton Quarles

Awesome experience! Went to go and see the avengers for the second time today. Loved the Tuesday five dollar tickets.

Guinevere Chadwick

I've seen cleaner theaters but staff is nice. I wish knowing the throwback movies in advance was easier

KTG Plays

Sun Valley 14 is a very modern theatre its quite pricey but affordable it plays the newest movies to release the menu has many options from small to large popcorn even mozzarella sticks! The sanitation is admirable and the seating is astounding will and have came again.

Neal & Susan Zimmerman

Very nice atmosphere for movie goers.

Emily Cardoza

The area is perfect, lots of restaurants and dessert places to go to before or after seeing a movie. The movie theater looks really pretty both in and outside the building. My only problem would be that not every seat in the theaters are ideal. If you are to get a seat in the lower level viewing the screen will be uncomfortable. This is minor though because many theaters have the same problem so it can be expected.

Edwin Perez

It has clean facilities. Staff was polite and service was quick.

Donna Ch

Always so clean. Never a ridiculous wait. We love our Sun Valley theatre.

Johnny V.

Nice place but the competition is bringing some extra comfortable chairs ...

Lorie Winchester

Very clean friendly service

Justin Crowell

Great movie theater. Everytime I have been here it has been super clean. The seats are extremely comfortable and semi recline. Stadium seating is available in every screen. They have a decent concession selection with the usual popcorn and candy as well as hotdogs and some other items. Best thing about this theater is the ticket prices. They are by far the most reasonable around.

Melissa Kiker

Love going here. Seats are comfortable!


Way to expensive and only free refills if u buy the most expensive stuff. Uncomfortable chairs. Only good thing is the quality of the movie

First Infinity

Sun Valley 14 has been a favorite theater for me and my friends for a long time now, we love to go there for any movie. They have very comfortable seats, and offer lots of showtimes. I have never had an issue with people talking, or with artifacts on the screen.They also have a special which is $6 Tuesday movies. If you're looking for a good place to go see a movie, I would recommend Sun Valley 14.

Lisa Hasbrouck

We always love coming here. The place is clean and very comfortable.

Robbin James

Excellent movie - Overcomer!

Bob Mrkus

A new theater and a pleasant expierance

william horne

Comfy steats and decent ticket prices

Karen Kelley

Love going here with friends! Nice and clean.

Susan Sherbo

I love the theater but need more help in the concession stand. Slow service!

Jarvis Peguese

I enjoyed my total experience here. My white castles were delicious, just not enough. A serving should be three, instead of two. I thoroughly enjoyed my movie, The Equalizer II, and appreciated the refill on my large sprite afterwards. Overall really engaging staff as well. Five star experience.

Sterling Ward

I really enjoyed myself as I drove through the area and saw all the possibilities. I decided to go in to eat at Moe's and the food as well as the environment were wonderful!

Christopher Lavene

Very elegant theatre. Comfortable stadium-style seating. Reasonably priced ticket specials.


Great employees and fast service

Bradley Grimm

Good theaters but the seats are dirty in some theaters and kids talk a lot and are on there phones but that is to be expected it’s right across from a high school

Hannah Ockerman

Great theatre with great ticket prices.

Anthony Vertuli

By far the worst movie theatre in NC . Employees are poorly trained and the management is worse. Save your money and take a drive somewhere else


Very Nice Theatre! Clean and well ventilated.

Valentine Tarango Jr.

Always a joy to go here work my fam.

lacey harris

online it said there was a showing for the movie we wanted to see at 10:10 am and it said the theater opened at 10am so we get here around 10:15 and we’re waiting at the ticket booth where it also says the movie is playing at 10:10 and the manager comes out and says sorry we don’t open until 10:45. all i’m going to say is since i work in customer service what you advertise is important to follow if you want your customers happy. very unorganized if you ask me, seems like they need to get their act together and figure out if they’re going to open at the time it says online or not.

Mary Pickford Shiley

The place was packed for Incredible 2. We got there at a perfect time to still get a great seat. 10 minutes later the theater was full. We took our 2 grandsons. The 3 yr old got tired but the rest of us enjoyed the movie just fine. Love the Sun Valley theaters.

Kenneth Ellison

Tuesday $5.00 and all t bgg e popcorn and soda refills

Jerry D

Confortable seating and excellent location near restaurants


I visited the theater today for a 12:15 p.m. matinee. It is my habit not to indulge in concessions. Today was an exception. I wasted $7.74 on a bag of popcorn which was tough, scorched, and cold with dozens of unpopped kernels. The cashier removed the stale bag from a cabinet as there was no fresh popcorn being popped. I will not make the same mistake twice.

Daniel Vysotsky

This is a great theater, friendly staff, and great vibe. A lot of different eateries around which makes it very easy to have dinner and a movie all at one location. And the prices on Tuesday are great.

Heather Jadus Colasurdo

We love watching movies here! They have a great kids tray for $5 too. It includes popcorn, skittles or gummies and a drink. The seats are comfy too!

gabriel schrei

I love this place for movies. Great staff. Always clean which is a big plus. I love the seats and how you don't have to reserve a seat. one of the main reasons I go.

Carmen Mcneil

Love this movie theatre. Reasonable price and kept very clean.

James Dannen

I drive from Monroe to watch movies here. I miss Consolidated Theaters though. I want to see the flying car policy again.

Jacob Scott

Good, easy layout. Not confusing. Theater seats are normal. Just like any other theatre. No assigned seats (pick your own). Wide angle movie screens.

Brandon Simpson

I always enjoy this theater, I never hit the concession stand though, it's just too pricey.

William Hodge

Great customer service and delicious ice cream and fudge, beautiful jewelry along with crafts.

Michael Connally

The movie theatre was fine but I was disappointed in their strict approach to bringing food into the theater. My granddaughter and I had lunch before taking in a matinee. She had not finished her food and was given a "to go" bag. We brought the bag in because we had not driven to the movie theater. We had bought popcorn, candy, and a drink at the theater's concession stand, so we expected they would not complain about the leftover bag. However, a theater employee told us the outside food was not allowed, so we had to throw the leftovers away.

Travis Currin

Great theater with great places to eat all around. Near good shopping too. Small town feel also and that is a plus!

Tony Coleman

Really nice place, came to watch the Spider-Man movie! Really nice staff! The theater itself was very clean and a bathrooms were clean as well! we'll be see your pretty cheap for being just released!


Only movie theater I go to in the Charlotte area.

Brandon Lee

Lines move fast, seats are nice, employees are friendly, the place is clean and we'll kept. Overall a great experience as always. Just wish prices were not so crazy high

Letty Contreras Valladares

Nice and clean. Great customer service

Ang Fowler

Great theater. Comfy seats. Lots of teens and some fighting on weekend nights. So I mostly go during the day

Runs With Vodka

This is a very warm welcome area. No lines usually and the Thursday $6 after 6pm are a steal. Though a minor complaint would be the audio in the smaller theaters... It's not very loud and sometimes you can't hear what they are saying in the movie if they talk quietly or whisper. I highly recommend the PDX for 2 more dollars. Big screen, big audio, better movie :)

byrdman h2o

Great seats and decent movie ticket prices

Rachel Andrews

Nice theatre. The staff are awesome, helpful and kind.

Lydia Dasilva

The staff is wonderful, the food is fresh, security is great.. seats are so comfortable

Tracy Willis

Movie theater is clean. Staff are great! IT II is Awesome!

Carter Family

Regular movie theater but $5 Tuesdays are the best!


Good movie theater. Employees are nice, place is clean and popcorn is delicious. It is in a very popular place so get your tickets early!

Johnny Carbin

Ticket prices are good, seats are not great, popcorn is always stale and way overpriced, candy and drinks are over priced. If males come in with bags, their bags get searched. Females bags are not searched...

Kathleen Fleig

Great place. Night crowd, good for teenagers and young adults. Day crowd, good for families with small children and people who don't enjoy teenagers. Great popcorn. Good pricing. Love the student discount and the $5 Tuesdays.

Anthony Moore

Excellent sound, comfortable, great experience.

Gretta Secrest

Great, but someone keyed a cross into my car. Not the theater's fault by any means. I guess sometime just wanted to try to force religion on my poor car.

Cabinet Connect Of Charlotte

Had a good time here. Good service and clean theaters. Thanks

James Galbreath

Located in a newer shopping center, great variety in consessions. Comfortable seats not the newer reclining type, sound was good. Events rooms available for rent. Restrooms were clean and well stocked.

R. Wayne McDaniel

I miss this theater... great seating

William Winter

Prices are very expensive-tickets and food. Theater was very clean.

Bethany Quinn

We love this movie theatre! It’s always clean and the staff is always friendly. The seating is nice and they provide booster seats for kids. I love their summer movie program where it’s $1 for kids and they also have $1 popcorn and drinks. This summer they’ve also started a flashback program where they show older classic movies which is such a fun idea; we look forward to seeing a few of these this summer too.

Alex Warwick

I like it food was good drinks were good and the movie was good we went there to see Toy story 4 staff was very very nice


Only reason why I gave 4/5 stars is because the seats (where you can put the cups)/is sometimes sticky. I've gotten my hair stuck in it before. Other than that, good service. If you don't know where to find your movie, you can ask the ticket giver and they will point to where you can find your destination. Popcorn is great, drinks are great. Only thing I recommended when going, is to always put a napkin where you put the cup in it, because it might be sticky.

Debbie Kaufhold

Very nice place to see a movie with pleasant staff.

Ron Ross

All in one fun place. Dinner, then a movie.

Michael Freeland

Outstanding movie with a awesome popcorn. Clean with a solid video experience! Ample parking!

Cameron Benfield

It's a nice theatre. Fairly clean and a good selection. The seats could be more comfortable for two people who want to sit close but otherwise it was good!


~ Great prices, clean, classy & they have great picture props for upcoming movies ~

cajun Gage

Comfortable seating. Snack bar. Clean. Throw back Wednesday.

Igor Putin

Good place for a movie. Not the best, but ok

Kathryn Ellison

It was really good today! We love eating here.

Maggie Valle

Beautiful theater, no lines. Each separate theater are a good size and the seats are comfortable. Enjoy the show!

Andrew Ramirez

I always have a good time here. The cinema staff are nice and the theater as a whole seems to always be clean which is great! This would include the lobby and theater screening Prices are great and if you're a college student they give you a slight discount too I think this is only after 6pm though. Sun Valley 14 is always my first pick as theaters go.


Great place and comfortable to watch you favorite movie

Jenny B

One of my top picks of theatres around here. Located in a still building shopping center, there's many food options around. Very nice theatre. Been a couple dozen times. The staff had always been great. The concessions are less expensive than others for sure. I like you can pour your own butter on your popcorn. Comfortable seats that rock; however they are not full recliners. Always clean here. Good family oriented or date atmosphere. Ice cream or coffee or bars around for after a movie. $6 movie night on Tuesdays are great for our big family.

Justin Gross

Very nice theater. Comfortable and roomy new seats and good prices on concessions. We did a matinee for 5.75 a person per ticket as well.

Cynthia Monk

Conssession helped by telling us about special, movie was good took great granddaughter to see Toy Story 4.

Amanda Amanda

I Absolutely looove the atmosphere!!♡♡♡

Tom Lightvoet

Great movie venue. Very polite and helpful staff. Our fist choice of movie theaters.

Mark Spence

Good movie theater. Normally very clean.

Todd Wood

Stadium seating in all of the theaters. Bathrooms are clean. Staff is pretty good but nothing spectacular. Just like every theater nowadays, the concessions are overpriced but if you get their rewards card you can bank up points for free stuff and sometimes free tickets. They also have lots of selections at the concessions like pretzels, nachos, hot dogs and slushies. The matinee prices are much lower and the theaters are always very clean. We have had birthday parties there and the staff made sure everyone had a great time but they are a bit pricey. There are tons of lunch and dinner options in the same shopping center so you can grab a bite before or after the movie. Throw a coin in the fountain out front and make a wish - the money is collected periodically and donated to charity (MS Society, I believe the last time we checked).

Tim Tadlock

Great place wish I had more time to go more

Dave Lowe

Clean, good variety of snacks, reasonably priced tickets, friendly staff. Will definitely return !

Kimberly Armendariz

Sun Valley is one of the nicest places to go watch a movie, the staff is friendly, the theatres are clean, and they offer a great variety at the snack bar. Also offer discounted movies on Tuesdays and have Vintage movies for the newer generations so they can see them on the big screen like they were intended example: TOP GUN, only way to see Maverick Buzz the tower.

Brian Hassett

Clean facility. Friendly courteous staff. Reasonably priced movie tickets.

Charles Blaney

My favorite movie theater

Travis Martino

Always clean and very comfortable.

coco halie

Love to come watch movies here, wish they had an arcade. Very convenient location with plenty of restaurants to go eat at before or after.

Scott Gustafson

This is the best movie theater in the area. It has a spacious lobby and hallways, the seats are comfortable (they aren't motorized but I don't care) and the restrooms are clean. The only downside is that the PDX movies are $13 a person.

Brenda O'Malley

I didn't hate my visit, but i would prefer reclining seats and the abiliy to reserve seats in advace. It needs a remodeling.

Edward Joyner

Great place. Clean and pleasant staff. Plenty of dinner options around the theater as well

Jybler 007

The one dollar movies are high quality! I really like this place!

Nicole Rorie

New poke and hibachi grill Japanese restaurant at the Sun Valley theater shopping complex. I had the spring mix bowl with raw spicy tuna, cucumber, oshiki, jalapeno, avacado, tempura flakes, and eel sauce. Delicious and healthy!

Sara H

I love going to this theatre. It’s never too busy, except Tuesdays when there is a senior discount day. It’s always clean and the seats are comfortable. It’s way nicer than surrounding theaters.

D. Diaz

Great atmosphere clean theater and bathroom. Concessions are same as most theater's. Staff is friendly!!!

Julie Green

Extremely clean. Exceptionally friendly staff.

Steven Wade

We love coming to this theater when we're in the mood for a first run movie. Concessions are a little pricey, but matinee prices go to 1pm I believe.

Surefia Padu

This movie theater is comfortable affordable and clean.


Always very clean, the staff is nice and they show the newest movies!

Shirlene Gray

The only place to go - great atmosphere.

Medha Bambroo

Best theater around, even though there isn’t much competition around in the area. Luckily, we live roughly 2 miles away. We recently went there to watch Thor with our 17 month old daughter and we had a good experience. The fact our daughter didn’t throw a fit also helped. At any given point, they have the latest movies and cater to different age groups and tastes. The service is attentive and fast. You can avoid the lines by purchasing tickets online and just picking them up when you get there. The process is simple. $5 Tuesdays are a hit and they have special movies for kids during school breaks. The seats are comfortable, the restrooms are clean and the snacks decently prices for a movie theater. The only thing they can improve is assist people to locate seats when the theater is almost full and the movie is about to start.

J: M.A.C.

We enjoyed the show and parking was painless

Odetayo Odedere

A very nice place to be. The screen was very big, and the sound system was awesome, making your movie experience a very wonderful experience. however it sucks they don't have military or student discount

Phil Caputo

Great theatre! Usually not too crowded and good snacks.

faithful apollo

Not enough security to feel comfortable going to a movie at night. Too many fights

Mitchell Lemmond

Great movie going experience.

Leivi Juarez

This place is awesome a see the good movies

John Bunch

Love the place. When I go see a movie it usually is there.

Ronald Smith

Don't go to theaters very often but this place was very comfortable clean I enjoyed it

David Creque

Great Movie Theater, always enjoy going there.

Linda Carroll

Love this movie theater... We go on Tuesday for the$5.00 movie

Paul Booher

Very pleasant theater, excellent service, great prices, pleasant people.

Crystal Lefoy

Awesome expensive theater that is clean and in a great location! We came here Christmas day 20 minutes prior to our movie starting and we able to get 5 seats together despite the theater being packed! The best part is $5 no matter the age for a ticket!

Katie Duncan

Prices are to steep for food and drinks! The location is good, but the seats are super uncomfortable and the theater is cramped, with chairs being way too close. I felt uncomfortable sliding out and over people to use the restroom so I remained seated. The only comfort I could find in my chair, which sits straight up and down, was to raise the armrest and share part of my partner's seat.

o.b. wan

Great movies comfortable seats. Fast service at the concessions, too.

Chris Eggerichs

The staff here at Sun Valley Theater are amazing! It is very entertaining here. They have a wide selection of snacks, and drinks. Getting a ticket is very quick and easy. Make sure to come here on your free time to catch a film!

Mary Eudy

Took all 6 of my grand had a ball

Andrea Crunkleton

Comfortable seating. Clean facility and clean restrooms as well.

Garrett Krause

Never crowded, easy parking, and comfortable chairs.

Jean Doiron

Very comfortable seatings!

Terry Caudle

Great theater.

Krystina Alvarado

Like the fact that they will switch your movie time, with no questions asked or explanation. We went to see an 8pm movie, when we got in the theater the only open seating was the very front. We went to the ticket office and they exchanged without question for the next available show. I was impressed.

John Shirey

Very clean and staff is so friendly!!

Rchl Glvz

Seats need to be updated to recline or ticket prices need to go down.

chris marks

I love this theater. Very clean and comfortable. I can never seem to catch the popcorn fresh though. And I wish they had some layer fetures.

wayne saxon

Very clean and comfortable...saw rocketman...excellent !!!

Miranda Myers

It's amazing, but the prices are a little pricey; I believe it is nine dollars.

Ryan Hoover

Good movies and service. What else can I say

Jin Baker

Best place to watch summer movies with your kids. Affordable,clean, friendly. Can't be beat.

Bella Appleyard

I wish you could reserve specific tickets when you buy them, or at least got numbered tickets so you’d know where to sit or if you could sit with your group. The place was clean and people were nice.

Kenneth Clark

Great place to see a movie. Prices are reasonable


Very nice theatre with good popcorn, friendly staff and ample seating

chloe jackson

Great place to hang out with friends and family!


Great place to catch a movie. The centuries greens are great for my two children with autism. The staff is always excellent and the service is great

Micah Hill

This is a great place to be for any occasion... even the zombie apocalypse. All of the staff are friendly, and they have great food and movies for a good price. The seats are old and a bit squeaky, but they are comfortable and some WD40 can fix the squeak. It is an outstanding place seeing how long it has been here. If this place doesn't entertain you, then I don't know what place will.

pratikshya shrestha

Awesome place to be with friends. Very clean.

Eric Oklar

Good movies, clean theater, good valve.

Tanya Jean

Always the best place to go to for the best movies

Kris Sweet

Love this place high end cinema comfortable seating nice clean place and doesnt smell like some of the cinemas do in and around the area also has many places to eat all in the same area.

William Coleman

The need to upgrade there seating. Cant compete with AMC or Regal with the old school format. Overall a nice atmosphere.

Shaneel Patel

Seats are somewhat comfortable and they aren't as pricey as stonecrest

eric voots

Nice theatre, friendly staff. Favorite part is they do throwback movies on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Ruthene Reddick

Took the kids from Ms Dee summer camp, enjoyed it


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