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It was adequate. If the chairs were upgraded it would make a big difference!

the carnotaurus

Great place

Jacki Lemmerman

Prices are reasonable. Staff were friendly and service at the snack bar was quick. The restrooms were clean. The movie was great and had no problems. We will be back again to see another movie!

Ashley Stearns, CPA, CFE

Good movie theater. Park has never been a problem

GhostWolfSniper Pack Leader

Good place just to get away and watch a flick and the free refills are awesome

Jennifer Roop

It's not the prettiest but it's good to have a local theater!


Great place to catch a movie anytime, comfortable seating.

Nicole Martinez

Went to see avergers end game. Wasn't crowded wonderful people working there has become my favorite movie theater.

Alor iu8a Annonson

We had a decent experience. The facility was a little dirty but the staff was friendly and helpful.

Jimmy murphree

Love the family time we spend here.

Lefoi Falemalama

The water fountain didn't work and the screen had refraction of light on the screen which was a bit distracting. I tried to look past the projector issue but it did distract me a few times throughout the movie. The movie was 2.5 hours long and the seats didn't make me uncomfortable so that was a plus.

Sheila Holder


Juan Carlos Torres

Nice place

David Schippers

Pleasant staff. Expensive and undependable concession items and disruptive moviegoers that don't get kicked out make this a less-than-ideal experience. But this is Sanford, where else are you going to go?

Stephanie Baum Dickens

The screen was partially obstructed by the curtain which was distracting from the experience. The theater was dirty and smelled bad. The bathrooms were horrible. Most stalls had no toilet paper, and the ones that had paper were clogged up with waste and paper. Our family will make the trip to another theater next time. Very disappointing.

Albert Horvath

Went to see Captain Marvel and the screen was so dark that it was distracting. Before the movie started I brought it to the staffs attention. During the movie it wasn't even in stereo much less surround. After the movie the reason I got was the bulb is about to go and we don't have a new one. Also the speakers are being rewired. $50 for a show that would look and sound better in my living room. No coupons or compensation. Just a thank you for letting them know. My family won't be back any time soon. (The movie was pretty good though!)

Camryn Armstrong

Fantastic popcorn and snacks, friendly staff, and a fun arcade room. Great ticket prices.

Jeffry Kieffer

Was kinda dingy. Could use a refresh. Screen and sound was good.

Amy Butler

This movie place is a nice place to go to that is on a first date or birthday party or going to the movie place with your family.

Elienai Aguilar

Great place to go alone, with family or friends. Tickets and concessions are cheap compared to other cities. Staff is friendly and the place is clean.

Mary Knight Carter

It was pleasant, temp was good, sound was not to loud!. Bathrooms needed supplies, but very clean.

Dylan Gierke

Agree it is good to go there

Katie Main

Snacks are expensive but the theater is clean and comfortable

Dalia Sabau

Since they changed hand it's much better!!!

keith bilbrew

Stadium seating, surround good sound, this is great home town theater.

Andrew Jones

Very clean and well organized. I love how I can pick my seat.

Walter Lenz

Was nice, though this theater's carpeting is looking rather dirty and the interior becoming in need of updating. Still worth going there though.

Roderick Parker

Consistently good, fairly well kept and normally not overcrowded.

Jody Maness

I have been coming to this theater since it opened due to the fact that it is the closest theater to my house and is convenient for me. I am a frequent customer. I would say that I attend a movie a week on average. Over the years the prices have risen steadily while the experience has remained the same. For example, there used to be two matinee priced shows daily while now there is only one. I would also warn everyone who sees this ad on google, that there are no recliner seats in any of the theaters where I have been seated. I would agree with one of the previous reviewers that the evening shows are sometimes difficult to be a part of due to the constant talking and phone usage from some of the customers. I know that this can be difficult for staff to deal with, but I would expect this issue to be handled considering the cost of going to a show. The staff is typically courteous and helpful, especially during daytime hours when I usually attend. I would love to see a frequent customer program be implemented if at all possible.

Jason Glenn

Prices are steep for the quality of the theatre. It is an older theatre with seating, and picture quality to match. I would recommend driving a little further for a more advanced movie experience...

Charles Lee

Recently under new management. I've yet to get a clear answer on their Tuesday prices. Website and employees disagree. It's been months, I know transitions are difficult, I'm looking forward to them getting their act together. It's the only local theater, so unless I'm willing to drive a ways, I'm stuck.

Gray Hogan

It may be under new ownership but the theater is dilapidated, brand new movies are near unwatchable because of poor projection and they microwave any hot food. Avoid it if you can.

Sandra Jones

Nice theater....clean

Brady Yale

Clean and not crowded

J. Cleary

It's as good as it gets for an older cinema. Recent price reductions have made it worth visiting

Shani Riley

Loved the Lion King

Pat Abbondanzio

$5 ticket for adults. Worth the drive from Southern Pines area (by passing the local theatre.

Jen Everett

Help at ticket/concession stand was great...service with a smile and a good attitude! Restrooms were clean but the theater itself is quite disappointing. It is extremely old and it shows! Seats are broken, torn up, and are filthy. I am hoping that with new management this is something that will be addressed in due time. It is nice to have a theater in town, lets make it nice so that people will visit instead of going to other cities nearby to watch a movie.

Ja At

Decent place. The manager tries hard to keep the riff Raff down but there are too many parents that drop off their kids and expect the theater to baby sit

Techno-Virus 757

... Cozy and out of the way.

Michael Collard

I called theatre to verify a show was playing because of mixed listing on their site and was assured by staff it was and confirmed the time, only to drive an hour to the theatre and be greeted with a paper sign on the window listing the show I asked about as not playing. Cashier less than curtious with a shrug and "sorry".

Sirander Allen

Many theaters, lots of room, great ac, but a little expensive.

Nykky Collins

Under new/old management. Ticket prices are cheaper, matinee times are extended & staff is friendly!

Michael Amorosi

Well movies are most popular and pretty good stacks. I think the prices are a little high

octavio ace

Came down to get refills and there was no one at the dest. Had to wait a good 7mins

Laura Chezem

My son and i went to see The Last Jedi. There was a blue line on right side of screen that took my focus off the movie a couple times. Other than that it wasn't crowded at all.

Robert Thompson

Reasonable price. Friendly and clean

Kathy Shytle

Nice, comfortable theater. Some remodeling happening. Would love recliner chairs.


This place needs a good scrubbing!!

Diedre Cole

Great theater, great staff! Always friendly and courteous and knowledgeable about what is showing!

сука ыуат

food was decent, theatre is really nice

Adam Roberts


Douglas McCrimmon

Good movie theater

Kathy Thomason

Movie was loud and clear. Popcorn was good as well as the pretzel bites. Since chairs are still broken and it was cold. No heat at all.

Robin Matthews

We enjoyed it. It surprised me because we were the only one in that movie theater and got to watch the moving. I did not think we would get to see the movie. But we did. Just me and a friend were the only one in there. We appreciated it.

Gwen Williams

Getting really run down. Obnoxious kids everywhere talking, phones out, moving around.

Ricky Whittle

This has always been a nice quiet family place to enjoy a movie!

Jorel H

Good place to watch a movie

Erica Crouch

its over priced and very out dated. The whole place needs to be fixed up. I can go to holly springs to the AMC dine in movie cheaper and have way better seats! its never really clean in here and I remember when it was new and was so nice.

Jason Simmonds

Ever since the change in ownership, the drop in prices has been a fantastic give-back to the community. Service fast, the employees are friendly, and the selection of titles is vast. The snacks, aside from popcorn, are steep in price though as they are typically. You won't be disappointed.

Brenda Reed

Lines weren't too long. Tickets & concession prices were comparable. Theater was "picked up" as far as clean. Movie started on time.

Joanne Body

One of the dirtiest theaters I have ever been in. The carpet was nasty, so nasty that you saw the visable difference between the carpet in the corners vs main area. Restrooms were a complete wreck, looks like mold growing in crevices of the tile under hand dryers, no tissue in most of the stalls, and smelled like a porta potty. Snack counter was cluttered and dirty, behind the servers it looked worse, decided not to order anything. The theatre we were in smelled like a dirty nasty trash can. Seats were dirty, couldnt sit comfortably, to worried about what critters may have been on the seats. Kept feeling like something was crawling on my legs. Left 20 mins into the movie, couldn't take more. Will not be going back there ever again.

M. C.

Went to see OVERCOMER!! A little different from what I'm used to, however the atmosphere was good!! People were polite, no children running around unsupervised!Apparently having renovations done. I had previously called prior to our women's group attending, and the young lady recognized our group. Thanks for having us!!

Frederic Delaveau

Very friendly team in place. The 10 screens have an excellent quality. Sony 4k No hotdog during the week. Wednesday promotion

Ruth Davis

The staff was nice but they should red carpet it. It looks dirty They didn't have large cups.

Cheryl C

The seats are comfortable, staff was friendly but the theater was FREEZING, made it very hard to enjoy the movie!

Josh Poe

It's okay for a Frank theatre.......upgrades needed like regal. Reclining reserved seats with alcohol options would make this a great place

hall c5

It is local to me, seats comfortable, popcorn was fresh, cool and relaxing, great show

Britney Heredia

Very disappointed that us young teens are suppose to enjoy a movie with friends but can’t without a parent . Many parents aren’t able to go out with their kids most of the time .

Takiyah Lovett

Tuesdays are $5 days. All day. All movies!

Texas On my Mind

Always a great experience. Had my son's birthday there this summer and they were very helpful and the kids had a blast. Great way to avoid the heat. Thanks again to a great birthday!

Jim Hoofgaard

This is the only theater for us. We almost never go Fayetteville for anything now. Good Theater at normal high prices. They've always gotten every movie in that ends up on my must-watch list too. Staff is friendly and the parking lot feels safe. We've made a habit of going to Tuesday cheap skate night whenever work allows.

Stephanie Reed

Great movie theater!! Great movie ticket prices!


Only one in town so really no choice to go elsewhere. It's clean. Staff is young and not friendly. No greeting or smiling faces when you speak to any of the workers. They make you feel like your bugging them. Place is not packed anytime I go. Food is way over priced but I buy it anyways for my time out of the house. Over all it's okay.


Do not understand why you have to purchase your ticket at the service desk. Especially if you are not getting food. The waiting in line took way too long. Other than that everything was good. Staff was frendly.

ebonye mclean

clean and fun place to enjoy movies I've had birthday parties there and it was all worth it

Corey Childress

Excellent! Unlike it's southern pines counterpart, this movie theater is well taken care of, always clean, and I've never had bad service.

Anne Flannery

it's a good place to see movies if you don't like crowds.


Great theatre! Easy to get to short lines made for good experience!

Ryan Alston

Pretty gud movies

Wisdom Applied

It's a nice small town theater. Its not the Imax nor is it a top if the line but it's comfortable and they offer military discount. Just doesn't have the perks of bigger theaters but it does have clean restrooms and a game room off to the side.

Henry Troches

I love this movie theater..!☺ I don't see nothing Rown with this, People.? Always going to talk .about The Theater's we should Give thanks God The we Got ☝ one .In Town please Don't complain I guess You just stay in your home's and wash your on Movie

melique vample

Great staff, great picture quality.

Yvonne Miller

Went to watch the new "Lion King". Concession service was quick & reasonable prices.

2ndGeneration GermanAMERICAN

Glad the theater has lowered their prices.

shirley jordan

Price of popcorn and drinks are to high and at times the place smell like butt!!!

Christina Hall

For a Sunday it was nice and quiet. The movie was awesome "I can only imagine". As for the facility I was disappointed. The cleanliness of the whole building needed some much needed work. We see movies here quiet frequently, and I'd love to see it nice and clean next time.

Sylvia McCormick

I really enjoyed the movie and it was very peaceful. No liud talkers or phones ringing.

Matthew Whitcher

Small cozy Theatre.

Vincent Spilacci

I will ONLY go here for movies! It's very clean and the concessions people are so helpful and friendly!!! It's funny how they try to sell you more each time you pick something! But then maybe they tell you about the deal for the day! Lol! A little Pricey but I love the place.


Good atmosphere, better staff. Cleanliness could use more attention, especially the floors in #4.

Maribel Arroyo

Good place to have a good time

Mea McGhee

It's a nice clean theater with a discount on Tuesdays!

David Lawrence

Love this theater. Great service and generally not too crowded.

Yvette Mathews

Nice movie theater. Breakthrough is a must see movie.

Kris Thomas

Great place to see a flick.

Anthony McLaurin

$$$$/$$$$$ This high dollar theater.needs.some.renovations to bathroom fixtures. Friendly staff!

Michael Leavitt

I use the word quaint to describe this movie theater it was very nice very clean even though it wasn't up to date with some of the other theaters I really enjoyed it

Chris Eller


Lynda Lovick

Needs cleaning. Smells, dirty


Clean and a good place to watch a movie, but some of the people behind the counter came off as rude. Also they lacked clear indication and gave poor direction as to where the movie was, as they said it was the 1st door on the left but rather they meant it was in room 1. Clearly operated for the most part by teenagers.

Alexandria Monroe

Very rude. One of the girls did not even sell me a rated R ticket even after i showed my ID of age. She said it was because there was two younger girls behind me and needed to see there’s as well even though i wasn’t with them. I will never come back to this theatre i felt very disrespected.

dvdlo dvd

Clean very nice place

Barbara Grimmette

The movie was good but the theater itself was dirty and shabby the place it in need of a good cleaning! The carpet in the hall was sooooo dirty it needs to be replaced and the theater has not been cleaned in a very long time

Aqua Devada

Great place, great service. When they made an error, they were quick to fix it

Vickie Drew

Great movies and pop corn!

Karina S

We came here to watch Avengers bc it was sold out at our Regal theater. Its been a year... Its not that bad! They still hve uncomfortable seats but nobody talked... WOW.

Shanti Monae

Great to meet up with friends and the movie quality is A1

Jumah Hashim

I loved this theater

Stephanne Roach

The seats are comfy, staff is friendly and you don't have to drive to Fayetville to watch a movie. Pretty much a win-win in every category.

Linda Beck

Love that Madea movie. Nice, clean theater.

Jas pretty

Their theater need some renovation. I wish I could just rent the avengers and watch it in my 96 inches TV that have a great resolution sound etc. I felt like I just waste my money. Wont coming back agai. I will travel to find another theater or wait and watch to the comfort of my home.

Karl Schantz

Nice theater. Usually not crowded. Popcorn could be better. Food prices are outrageous.

joel cruz

Love the theater. Close convenient and great prices.

Wayne Felix

Friendly staff very clean great displays on some movies

Donna Melpolder

Love Tightwad Tuesdays, very affordable for families , current movies, good variety of showtimes.

Scott velasco

Good quiet theatre, never packed. Clean, quiet and has most new movies.

Tim Hatley

Great movie theater and friendly staff.

Scott Lankford

With stadium seating and surround sound audio, this theatre has everything that you would expect. There are plenty of concession choices and friendly staff make sure that you're satisfied. A game room with classic video games and a room that can be booked for birthdays or parties make the visit even more fun!

Julie Clark

The showtime was 10:05 am... We had to ask three times to have the screen turned on so we can actually watch the movie..

David Green

10x better after it was bought by a new company!

Mark Slade

Always a good time...

Robert McSorley Jr

A good place to take the family for a movie.

Jordan Smith

Clean quiet and cheap on tuesdays. Worth it

Lakeshia Jackson

Priced tooo high

Kathy Faison

Could use some updates but generally a good theater experience. Courteous staff, good temperature and sound control. Pricey consession...but what theater doesn't have that issue!!

Brandon Wagar


Mathew Rupp

Price is cheap on Tuesdays but the chairs are uncomfortable

Tamra Sorsch

Live this place

Doug C

great place to take your FAMILY ♡ friend staff. pricy on drinks and snacks but that's every theater u go to so that's expected... thanks for the fun experiance. well be back for sure...w our refillable popcorn bucket♡

Ashley Smith

The woman supervisor is the worst. She refused to give us a refund because it was too far into the movie, but we couldn't enjoy it because idiots kept talking throughout the movie. We tried to ignore it, but they were too loud! She didn't want to give us the refund nor come in there and tell them to shut up so we could at least somewhat enjoy what we paid for, but she did neither. I didn't want to deal with her rotten attitude. So we left. Terrible service! I come here once in a blue moon, and I never seem to enjoy it. I figure why not save gas and just watch movies here, but I'm rethinking my options. The seats are wet/moist, the theater rooms smell bad like moldy and it's very humid in there. They can't afford to fix the air conditioning? Another thing I can't stand... You have 5 cars at a time parked and or waiting in the NO PARKING fire lane and management doesn't come outside and tell them to move or call the cops on them. Then again, most of the workers there are teenagers. I've seen an elderly lady (using a walker) with her daughter having to park a long way instead of being dropped off at the front, because of the cars blocking the way and talking about how inconsiderate people are. Don't get me started on the a-holes that park in handicap parking when they don't have the legal tags. I wish more police officers would patrol this area. They would hand out tickets like hotcakes.Maybe that'll teach them a hard lesson. These people that park in the fire lane are more than capable of walking a couple feet, but park illegally. I recommend Regal Cinemas in Cary and you get rewards for watching movies. Here you give them your money and get awful service and the people in the theater are just as bad. I don't know about you... But I'd rather give my money at a business that gives me exceptional service.

Jerry Daniels

This location has not been updated since it opened but the new owner is in the process of fixing the place back up. 300% better than last yr. Once done will be 5 stars.

David Cyphert

Would be 5* but taking too long to remodel.

Susan White

Loved it. Clean bathrooms!

Aaron Watson

Only down fall is the selection of games in the game room

Oscar Molina

Ok new review. I gave another 2 stars due to improvements with new ownership. So far they have shown all new movies that have come out as well. I can't give it 5 stars until they fix the sound in some of the theaters. My surround sound in my house beats theirs. Also this wait for 2 weeks for tightwad tuesday is a drag but it is a dollar cheaper so that's cool. Seats are also trash. Get better seats.

Shanavia A

I enjoyed myself. Went to see Deadpool 2. Great movie. Did not have to wait forever in line neither.

Bruce Fisher

Customer service great, theater very clean and comfortable

Joy Lake

Only movie theater in Sanford Has a few video games Easily accessable restroom Relatively nice clean theatre, As usual the snack bar has overpriced consessions. Like the popcorn seasoning assortment for you to add to your popcorn ( I think every flavor (like that is available at Food Lion) Everyone else seemed to be comfortable, I was glad I was able to get my comfy jacket from the cat even though it's summer. I love the auto mated ticket dispenser in the lobby but not used all the time. The seats are comfortable with the drink holders.

Elaine Everts

The movie was great! The theater needs a deep cleaning! The rugs are nasty!!!

Tammy Poirier

New owners. Lower prices than most high priced Movie Theaters. Could use a few updates but overall workers are nice and movies are good.


Sound, picture, ticket price and seats great! Food, I won't be paying those prices. Still a nice place to see a movie.

Richard Gwyn

Too expensive. Can go to Omni in Fayetteville for two dollars a person. Concession stand way too high. Omni only $2 each drink and popcorn with 50 cent refill. Seats just as good.

Tino Medina

The theater is kind of off the main road so it can be a little difficult to find but your GPS will take you right to. It's an older theater but it's still nice. The bathrooms are very clean and actually remind me of a roller skating rink's bathroom. I did notice the handicap stall was out of order but everything else works. The tickets are $9 which isn't too bad. The staff were younger people but very friendly. The tickers above the theater doors do not work so the ticket person will tell you the color of the door to go to. When you get there, there is a printed out sign taped besides the door telling you which movie is playing. Very outdated and not professional in appearance but not horrible. The theater I went into did have broken seats. The frames are actually busted and would rock in a way they're not supposed to. The theater was very clean. The temperature was decent so I do not have too many complaints. I've been there before and I will go back again. I love the fact that they have early movies. I can see a movie before noon and sometimes I'm the only one in the theater. The popcorn tastes pretty good too by the way

Nica Kioshi

Good service and good deals on movies.

Adrian Flores

Great, not overcrowded theaters. Amazing sound system, seating is average however, overall it was a great place and we will definitely return!!

Amy Baker

So... prices are great. The theater is kinda gross though. The seats are disgusting!

Shelbi Hilliard

Literally the worst place to go watch a movie. Start time said 7:15, still sitting here 30 minutes later waiting for the previews to even start. Monstrosity.

Michelle Dennis

Whew! New ownership did NOT do this establishment any good. I remember when cinemas were elaborately decorated... not half gutted and gummy-floored

Jon Brockhoff

We have been going to the 5 dollar Tuesday's for a year. Staff and service is great. Facilities is old and seats are broken. One show room also has broken lights. Needs to have a complete reno.

Jay Norris

This theatre usually runs kiddie movies, teen type movies, and very select audience movies. I usually have to go to Cary to see even academy award type movies. Not sure why I cannot see first run popular, adult audience movies when they are first released.

Elizabeth Long

This was our worst experience we have ever had here. The whole place was not clean or looked to even be attempted. There was no soap in the bathrooms, trash everywhere as well as the grass outside looked unattended to. There was trash and food literally everywhere in the actual stadium of the movie and the seat beside me was broken and fabric was torn all to pieces. For this to be the only theater in town, you would think they would step their game up to make locals come here instead of going out of town. We will not be back for sure unless this place does a total clean up inside and out.

Velrek kerleV

On 2 occasions the credit card machines were down making it cash only. Other than that annoyance it's a typical movie theatre. It has a few games to play and 2 claw machines. If they ever remodel they should put in a bigger arcade area with ticket redemption for candy and prizes. (Special quality theater merchandise to advertise themselves would be cool-like a "Frank Theatre" logo on quality merchandise- theatre only movie memorabilia etc.)

Sandra Mills

I can see that changes are happening, but was disappointed in the dirty bathroom with no toilet paper anywhere. The staff was pleasant and helpful and seemed to enjoy the job. Keep up the good work

David Aria

It's a great place to see a movie. The theater, lobby and bathrooms are clean. If there's a con, it's like everyone else pricey.

ABBA'S Blessing house investment company, LLC

On Valentine's Day, I took my wife here. On the inside, the place is full of fun. We ate @ the restaurant ( which I give a 2 star) only because they messed up my wife's order twice. So in the meantime, we shared my meal. By the time we were done with mine, her meal came. The game room was great, the DJ was playing great music. Now our movie, because it was so packed, we had to sit on the front row. Which at 1st we though, our necks were going to be hurting. But no, actually there was enough space between every seat, that we were laying down pretty. Which we were comfortable. Will i go back there again? Of course. + it has the same name as me Frank. So when my wife asked me where we were going, I reply to my theater. XD

Robert Bray

Great new prices all around....

amanda thomas

I cant really say it was the best, the movie was the only good part about it, the seats are all torn up missing parts on the arm rest and the cup holders are missing on most of the seats, as well as the horrible smell of mildew as soon as you step in there its really powerful and the floors and parts of the wall have a good bit of water damage, the counter was out of most of the snack and no large drinks and to me it looked under staffed and poorly kept but the young boy be hide the counter was so pleasant and offered free refills due to the drink issue. The movie and the fellow who took our order is the only reason they are getting two stars.


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