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201 S Estes Dr #100, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Located in: University Place

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REVIEWS OF Silverspot Cinema IN North Carolina

Tim Holmes Jr

I love these theaters. Great seating area, concessions members are friendly. The area is always clean I really appreciate that. The sound systems and pictures is so clear and wide. I like that it's not too crowded when I go. Thank you so much for your service.

Deb Chapman

I wish their prices on food and drinks weren't so high. I think if they lowered their prices more folks would make purchases and the wait staff might make some tips.

Evan Keiser

I have visited Silverspot quite a few times and refuse to see movies anywhere else now. The attached restaurant is great and with bartaco and stony river nearby as well (also both amazing) this spot cannot be beat for a nice dinner and a movie. Staff is great, just make sure you don't go out to smoke during a late movie or you might not get back in. Will likely be visiting again this weekend with my wife and daughter.

T. Mark Bentley

Cost is a bit much for food. Two beers and two flat breads came to over $40, and didn't taste that great. Seats are sort of comfortable, but I'm 6"1' and could not sit still for very long without having adjust. There just isn't enough back support.

Gerald Jarrett

The "ordering from your seat" is misleading. You can order food before the movie starts and they will bring it to you, but you do not continue to receive service from your seat. Other theaters are set up with buttons at your seat and a server will come to you for refills, ordering, etc. This theater is not like that, you have to return to the concession stand for refills, I feel mislead. The theater is nice, comfortable seats and very clean for the most part.

Francisco Peot

This place is huge and cool. Great food options. Clean theater with newer comfortable, Large, seats. It was kind of hard to find because the sign doesn’t say theater on the outside it just says Silverspot . It is located on the right corner of the mall. You have to through the main entrance and go right.

King of the Castle Christensen

Love this theater! Recently took the kids to see Captain Marvel, my daughter was so excited she was shaking. When we went to the concession stand it was only $2 to upgrade to the “collectors” cup! Total with two large drinks and large popcorn under $25! The employees behind the counter let my daughter pick out the character that went on top of the cup, they made what already was a special day, for my daughter, one that she still talks about weeks later! Thank you!

Kenna Gonzalez

We love coming here! You can pick your seats online when you buy your tickets, and the first row has love seats with ottomans. They serve beer and mixed drinks. The menu offers pub food in addition to the popcorn and candy, and they will deliver to your seat. If you have the silverspot app you don't even need to go to the counter, just order from your seat.

Sara Delgado

Quick service nice seats but when we ordered the tickets online the ticket order did not go through ☹️

Nolan Richardson

Best bathrooms in the business! I'd buy a ticket just to sit in a stall and listen to their music. The rest of the place is pretty neat too, 10/10

Daniel Weiner

Comfortable seats and the food is pretty good

Robert S.

Pretty horrible service from the staff. Felt rushed while ordering even though it was the server who had trouble interpreting the menu. They may have been new but no excuse. Train your staff to be competent and if they cant be knowledgeable about their service at least train them to be personable to paying customers. I'll keep my money in Raleigh and Durahm going forward.

Frank Haidar

Difficult to find, tucked in deep, but very nice place and well fitted. Once you are in it is nice. Theaters are well equipped and it is a cinematic

Rachel Farrow

The movie theatre itself is great but the service at the "restaurant" is non-existant so you have to sit at the bar .. and the tender we had was a little too talkative with us. Not the best place for a date it turns out... and too expensive to go for any other reason.

Oru The Infinite

This place is a great outing spot for friends. The bar is spotless and the selection is good, and I have never eaten so well while seeing a movie! Like all movie theaters though, this one is also on the pricey side, but look online for their specials, I'm certain they have a day for cheaper tickets. (Tuesdays I think?) The staff are all very helpful and kind; even the lovely woman waiting for us to leave so she could tidy up was a sweetheart! Fun time all around, just be sure to bring 50+ bucks if you really want to let loose and go all out with the food and drink.

C Price

I love Silverspot. So beautiful and elegant. More pricey than theatres close by, that's for sure. Some of the food isn't all that good but they have a bar and other goodies. Definitely the fanciest theatre in town. And the seats are nice and spacious. I would recommend this for a romantic date night for sure.

Brandon Johnson

Awesomeness price and food... Definitely recommend

Christine Poole

This is our favorite theater in the area. I have arthritis do really appreciate the comfortable seating. Love that you can eat dinner while watching a movie.

Andre Novak

Over and above the routine movie-going experience. You will love the seats, ordering food from your seat, pleasant competent staff. Go and see for yourself!

Eliot McGinnis

Don't let the expensive tickets fool you- this place is garbage. The past 3 times I've been there it has been uncomfortably hot (~80°) in the theatre. Avoid!

Sean Gay

Movie and food are good but man they really Jack up the movie prices

Gamingwithjay Johnson

I liked the movie that was playing it was super good

Maddox Miller

Amazing seats and surround sound

Natasha Myles

Who doesn't love a comfy chair and food brought to your seat?

KIA Graves

Great spot!! Loved the seats and the surround sound is amazing.

I Don't

Nice amenities. A little pricey.

C Me

Beautiful place.. beautiful decor. Big plush comfortable seats. It is a bit pricey but it's worth it for the beauty, cleanliness and friendliness of the employees ( shout out to all of the refreshment staff especially Tyler..they are all amazing). Definitely check them out if you are in the mood for an upscale movie experience or would like dinner and a drink with your movie.

E Castro

A good experience with some caveats. The seating and theater quality are great, the seats are individual reclining couch seats that are spacious and extremely comfy with enough room to put up your feet and hold all your food and drinks. That said, the price of food here is definitely not worth it, they hike the prices up 2-3 dollars higher than your average theater. It's even more expensive than amc... I personally dont find that the seating (which I'll admit was top of the line) enhances the film experience that much. Still if you're aiming for a comfortable experience after having eaten a meal elsewhere, this is a good spot to go to.

Regina Torres

I especially like coming here on Tuesdays...It's $8.00

Mary Helen Williams

The best place to see a movie. Comfortable seating, delicious food, & friendly staff. I'd give 5 stars but, everything is very expensive.

AJ Headen

Great comfort. Good surround sound and immersion.

Marisa K

Nice theater showing a wider selection than most.Concessions too pricey with bottled water at $ 4 ! Seats are comfy and they bring the food to you , which makes for a special experience. Bathrooms were not clean.

Sanga Poonia

For what you pay you expect the seats to be clean. There was coke (the drink) smeared all over the seats. Staff need to be trained to inspect all theatre rooms before letting customers in. No one wants to touch someone else's mess especially when you spend that kind of money.

Melissa Porter

Pricey. Seats were ok but didn't recline. Had the bacon cheeseburger combo (with mediocre fries and a medium drink) for just under $20. Also, if you get chilled easily be sure to bring a sweater-- it was cold in the theater. I won't go out of my way to to see a movie there if I have other options.

Felita Pierre

Clean/hot food/ great atmosphere

Frank Rudey

No place compares. It's like flying first class at the movies

B Grauer

Looking a little rough for a newer upscale movie theater. Great location and nice bar area. Big comfortable seats were a plus for the average movie goer. Online / web reservations were fine. If I had known the site better I could have reserved my tickets quickly. So . . . It may be just me venting here about previews and overall conditions. After 22 minutes of trailers and previews we got to the movie short. Wait, the movie short . . . As in not what I paid for. Sure it was a cute movie short but if I were 9 and hadn’t seen anything incredible in say 15 minutes I would be loosing my attention span fast. I lost track after 8 movie previews . . . On with the show please! This is an upscale movie theater. There were some dirty spots around and while I did see cleaning supplies after the movie at a trash can, one begins to think the cleaning job is a little too quick and may miss some details that the customer would see. For example trays and cup holders. Personally have seen $1 and $2 theaters who do a better job with house keeping with an aged facility.

Rob Woods

I love being able to sit in a huge leather chair and order beer and food to my seat. I can’t get over how nice it is.

Waqas Khan

Really nice theater.

Cynthia Campbell

Comfortable and roomy seating, you pick your seating when you pay so no worries about arriving early to get a good seat if you purchase online, terrific popcorn. One star taken away as it hasn't been as clean lately and the ladies room has been in slight disrepair.

Takahiro Soda

Reserved comfy couchlike seats and food brought to you

Brandon Morse

Highly recommended. The nicest movie theater I've ever been to. Pleasant staff, reserved seating, you can order food to your seat through their app or the snack counter. Very clean bathrooms and theaters. Leather armchairs with cup holders and swinging trays for food and beverages. First row of seats have footrests for lounging.

Ashley Remer

Our favorite spot for movies! My son loves the chicken Alfredo.

Ben Powell

Great theatre. Clean with good seats. Everything is a little pricey as far as the concessions are concerned. Overall a great movie experience.

Tracy Mou

This theater is very nice and the leather seats are wide and plenty of space. The main reason I give them 4 star instead of five is I wish they can save like one road seats for the Walk-Ins peoples. I know nowadays everybody book their tickets online. But still I like the old school.

debra mccray

Great theater and space. Loved the comfortable seats. Did have a problem with delivery of our order, only got part and had to physically go out to the concession stand to check on it. Made a formal complaint to management and they tried to correct and compensate. I'll go back.

Trevor Johnson

Great theater with great movies. Also like the ability to order food to go with the movies. The food is a little pricey, but totally worth it.

Thomas Rutledge

If the seats weren't soo comfortable it would be 1 star. When I got to my seat it was covered in food crumbs and spilled soda. I asked if they could come clean it up. The lady told me I could just switch seats. Then it took 32 minutes from the time I ordered (it was not a busy time of day, early afternoon) for our burgers to arrive at our seats and when they did they looked like they had just been tossed into the bag one was sideways and half open. And to top it off the fries that came with my $13.50 burger are ROOM TEMPERATURE. I'm not sure I will be coming back here when I can save about 20 bucks by going to the theater over on MLK JR Pkwy in Durham and just take my own food in with me.

Mike McIntosh

A fun place to see a movie. All that is missing here is to have the restaurants nearby stay open to have a place after the later showings to grab a quick bite to eat.

Syreeta Cameron

Love this theater great customer service. I can't wait to go back.

Ritu Dhamija

Seats and screen are a great plus point for this cinema. They give you a very happy experience.

Caroline Taelman

Beautiful and comfy theater but the AC makes it a little too cold for my taste. FYI the front row are little sofas with ottomans which is great with small kids.

Greg Burkett

Great variety of films. Flashback cinema is terrific.

Claudia Minoiu

Fresh popcorn and super comfortable seats. And the staff is always courteous and accommodating. Silverspot never disappoints.

Jin Bai

Good environment. It would be even better if the seat can be adjusted.

James Ward

I'm only giving it a 3-star rating because they messed up on my son's food and my wifes food. Other then that the people are friendly, service is great

Tyler H

730 showing of endgame. first thing that happened, was the ticket guy tells us to go to the wrong theater. So we saw the ending of avengers before we got to our movie. Then I had to go outside to request our meal be delivered twice before it finally showed up completely cold an hour and a half later.


Best movie theater I've ever been to. I mean, you can literally place an order for food once you get seated and they'll bring it to you. The seats are really comfortable and roomy. More than enough legroom in front. If haven't been here at least once, you're missing out.

Jumil Smith

The best movie going experience! We love the flat bread pizza, popcorn, and chicken tenders with french fries. All food and snacks are broke to your seat. Extra leg room, even when a person has to walk by. I love going with my sons, you will definitely enjoy it.

Mari Richardson

Nice theater! Comfy seats

Kaitlyn Turner

I love Silverspot. Comfiest theater chairs ever

Donna Delgado

Always great movies and good food!

Delphine Maetzel

very nice theater i recommend bring your own snacks bc it is very expensive

David McIntee

Very comfortable way to watch a movie. Certainly not a bargain experience, but you get what you payfor, right? Great concessions (just wish they had more people working the lines). I have walked away on several occasions.

Michael Growdy

This place is so hot feels like it’s 80 in there. I don’t love that the seats don’t recline it’s at a weird angle for my legs.

Mark Simmons

This is a great theater. Delicious menu, drinks, comfortable seats. We'll definitely try it again.

Anissa Green-McCall


Stephanie Brodie

This was my first visit and I loved it Went to the matinee no crowd and no waiting. The woman's restroom beautiful.

rynequa carthorne

Great, friendly staff. Amazing seating. Love that you can order food and drinks from your seats. Great full service bar.

Brad Williams

Great, if pricey, theatre.

Dustin Klein

This is a nice theater with some modern features like seat-side food service and (non-reclining) leather seats. It's also the most expensive theater I've ever been to: $12 for a matinee, $15 for a standard ticket. Its definitely a better experience than some theaters, but there are better ones nearby that don't charge such a steep premium. I doubt I'll return, it's too expensive and they have not done enough to justify the pricing.

peter mcmillan

Great seats, food service, beer. A bit pricey

Byron Rose

Ordered food through their app for my movie supposed to be there before movie started i order 20 minutes before the movie and it took them almost half an hour to bring it likely forgot about it

Philip Elcan

Pricey, but it's a nice theater. Always clean. Good beer for a theater.

jeff greene

Charged $27 for two beers and glass of wine. Ordered beer for movie and never made it to my seat but was charged. Went to get refund and claims they processed the refund but has not happened after 48 hours. Awesome place but certainly delivering well below standards. A

Jeff Crowder

Tickets are a bit higher, but you select you own sets and plenty of room can order food from Theater...great place to have dates and movie.

Vigermina Berrios

I love this theater so comfortable. Very clean. Very nice employees. This is my place for movies.

Evan Clendening

It's a great place for a night out. Not quite if you're on a budget but if not it's a great theater to be able to guarantee your seat. Before or after the movie there is a reasturant in the theater and also a couple right next to it that are perfect for groups or date night. If you're going at night you can have anything from a burger or a mixed drink to enjoy your movie in y for ur cushioned seat.

Vera Hars

Beautiful cinema with a full service restaurant and bar inside the lobby, in addition to the huge consession counter. It has 21 century electronics. You can order food and drinks from your seat and it is delivered to you in your seat before the movie starts. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The bathrooms are nice and really clean.

Guillermo Sapiro

Imagine you go to a restaurant and the never clean the tables, seats, etc. This is what this place looks like. Filthy. Dirty. Seats full of popcorn. Cup holders dirty of food. Arm rests look like my sink after dinner. Etc. You might like having food when watching a movie, but you are having everybody’s food from the people that used the seat before you. Please clean the place! Thanks.

Yemi Komolafe

Watched "Mr Marvel" tonight. I had a wonderful time, I would not hesitate going back again.

Nicole Grant

I've been to this theater many times. The seats are comfortable and the food is good, albeit expensive. I used to think it was worth it but I don't think we'll be returning again. The past two consecutuve times we've been, our experience has been ruined by other patrons. Tonight at Avengers, a Wednesday evening, we were seated next to an extremely loud and obnoxious drunk couple (in their 40's maybe? Definitely not students). They came in completely wasted, talked loudly, farted loudly, sobbed loudly, laughed loudly at in appropriate times, and got up to use the restroom at least 5 times. The drunk man waved his arms around the entire 3 hours. He kept talking even when his SO was gone to the bathroom. At Captain Marvel a few weeks ago, the family down the row from us brought a 3 year old that, big surprise, acted like a 3 year old. Also, it was crazy hot in Theater 7 tonight. It must have been close to 80° and everyone was sweating. I could see sweat beads on people's faces! I know Silverspot can't control customers' behavior but blowing $60-$80 for a pair of tickets and food isn't worth it if you're overheating and surrounded by obnoxious drunks and babies.

Rachel Rae

Comfy with bomb food.

megan boyd

My son and I had a great time here! So nice and clean. The chairs are super comfortable.

Caleb Wilkie

The best theater I've ever been to. I've been a dedicated patron since I first went opening night for The Force Awakens. Even on a packed night, the service was excellent, and the convenience of selecting your seat ahead of time means no waiting in line. The chairs are plush, and the food is actually well worth your time. This is the only place for movie-lovers in the area.

Veronica Parks

It's a very nice theater but not as clean as it should be for all the money that you have to pay.

Rachel Reyes

Best movie theater in town. Cozy, clean, spacious. You’ll pay for it at the ticket counter, though! Ladies, it is price-yyyy! There are other spots more friendly on the wallet. Still, if you’re a rare moviegoer, this is a great (silver)spot to treat yourself!

Cherise McManus

Great cinema. Customer service is good. The hallways to the rooms are decorated beautifully with upcoming movies.You can order food from your seat during previews and they even have those popcorn buckets with the movie decorated on it. I got a captain marvel one for example and it's great quality. I can reuse it.

Shirolyn Ball

Variety of movies!! Great food, pricey but of great quality. The cinema is always presentable and clean. The staff are kind and always professional each time I go. There is never a drop in standard, same experience when i go. I drive an hour just to be able to experience a comfy comfortable movie environment. They also allow you to collect points on your movie purchase and host special movie events.

Gary Conrad

Assigned seating is great. Prices for drinks and food is rather expensive compared to other theaters.

Michael Fetting

1st time at this theater and enjoyed it very much. Comfortable seats and I loved the pretzel bites!

Michael Higgs

Comfortable seats, ticket scanning was simple. Good service.

Heather Wells

Love this place. Love selecting my seat. Love the convenience of food delivery. Hate that the pictures on the app don't match what you receive and management argues with you about it. Example: kids mozzarella sticks have fries in the pic but doesn't come with fries in real life. App needs updating or management should honor what they present on the app.

George Blaisdell

Took an hour and asking 4 different servers to finally get two already paid for beers

Nick Booras

Walked out of the theater after 30 minutes of previews. I couldn’t take it anymore and they refused a refund. If you’re going to a movie here, make sure to show up very late to avoid wasting your time.

Wayne Miller

Comfortable reserved seating, nice cinema

Kenneth Parker

Good Movie Selection, and good Service. A bit pricey.

Laura Roman

Very contemporary vibe. Bathrooms are clean and look much like the type of bathroom you may find in a club. They serve food and drinks (alcoholic drinks also) to your seat. The only drawback for me is that the seats in the theatre I was in weren't reclining seats. Otherwise, nice place.

Karar Zunaid

Super comfy seats, good sound system

James McIntyre

Good drink and food selection for a dine-in theatre. The seats are big and comfortable. There are no rules AT ALL on talking during a movie though like the Alamo Drafthouse which is a bummer given the price on everything.

Eddie Kocienda

Comfy. Quiet. Clean. Perfect sound quality.

Noy Wanderski

This theater is very clean. The seats are comfortable and roomy; it’s really nice to pick your seats in advance. My family and I go here regularly and will continue to go. Food service is continually an issue. Every time we order food via the app or are told by staff that are food will be brought to our seat ... the order never arrives or the order isn’t correctly delivered. We used to let this slide but this has become such a problem that we have made a point to tell management and ask for a refund when it happens. The experience at the theater is fine so long as you order and wait for your food at the bar or the concession counter. Do not rely on staff to deliver your order.

Unicorn RAH

First off I want to start of my saying the whole staff at this movie theatre is awesome from the mangers, guest services, the event coordinator Megan and all the staff went over and beyond for my family this weekend. I called in a few months ago to help my nephew plan and engagement (proposal) they was super thrilled to help me plan it and pull it together for him. This weekend they did just that. Megan went over the top for us by making it happen just the way we wanted and then some. They let us play video clip on there big screen during the previews for my nephew to pop the big question. I mean it was amazing how it flowed in like a preview. It was other people in the movies theatre but they were excited and cheering just as much as we were. If you want to plan any event at this theatre they will meet your expectations and more. I’m not from chapel nor do I leave anywhere close but they have have gained my business when I’m on town visiting. Never the less the best darn proposal ideal ever to have your memories played on a screen with the person you loved and to be with now and forever. 5 stars and more for me. Thanks again Silverspot

James Mapel

Great place for blockbuster movies. Has assigned stadium seating which is oversized and comfortable. Freshly cooked popcorn. Large screen and high quality sound system. Can order food and alcohol. A little pricey but worth it especially for blockbuster movies.

Joe Corron

Love this place. Ottoman's in the front row, you can pick your seats and order your food ahead of time, they'll bring it to your seat. Have a beer, eat good food, watch with your feet up if you want....

Lucy Mignosa

Well they are very nice eating they are quick-service their food is very good you can order stuff while you're watching a movie and they've a free app so I think that's great in the movies they play there are awesome I just went and saw the new movie they played Aladdin it was very good

Nick Cash

Beautiful Cinema! The entrance is very clean, the movie selection process is easy and fast. The employees are super nice and welcoming, the food is fantastic, and the actual theaters are clean and super comfortable! The bathrooms are high-end and always clean and fully stocked. The prices are a bit higher than other places, but it is completely worth the extra money for the luxurious experience. Amazing place

Beth Slade

My family's favorite movie theater. My sister and I adore the pretzel bites. Everything's very comfortable in the theater itself and they always have a wide collection of movies playing.

Beverly a

I enjoyed myself didtn freeze to death thay had temperature just right in there

Kai Carter

We are here visiting out of town and I was surprised how nice it was. I loved as soon as you walk in you van purchase your tickets at the kiosk. You can download the app and pick whatever you want to eat and they will deliver it to your seat. It wonderful place to go the movies , seats comfortable. Really big inside. Also a lot of restaurants around it too.

Demond Hammock

High tech, and beautiful. Great movie watching experience with my 3 year old

Arkopal Choudhury

It's a great place to watch movies and also eat since the seats have trays to keep your food.

Justin Lallinger

Comfortable seats, great screens, and pretty good (if pricey) food. A great luxury theater experience.

Ylenia Jaramillo Rodriguez

Clean, great food options and comfortable seats!!

Publius Nexus

Classiest theater in Chapel Hill ! Great seats. They serve food right to your chair. Can't beat perfection .


The theatres are very clean, the seats are extremely comfortable, the staff is nice, but the food is a little expensive.

teyona breon

Ambience was awesome, but the drinks were highly overpriced.

Misty Paisant

I had a great time only 4 people in the theater and it was a great movie a must see...

Camille Lattner

Nice theatre and service. I wish the seats reclined.

Taylor Ludlam

Megan (manager) Jarrid and Thomas (staff) were truly amazing. They went above and beyond to help us when we made a mistake ordering tickets. Although it was entirely our fault in ordering the wrong theater, they were able to get us tickets to the right theater just in time for my boys to see a movie they had been dying to see. We are loyal Silverspot members and will continue to be so with this great support. Thank you!!

Miranda McCraw

Best movie theater I've ever been to! My husband and I love to go here because the seats are big and comfy, the food (and drinks - beer, wine, cocktails, etc!) are delicious, the staff is great, the place is always very clean, and there's typically a great selection of movies to see. Perfect for date night! Stadium seating makes it easy to see the screen wherever you sit. You buy your seat location in advance so you never have to worry about getting there early for a good seat. You can also order refreshments from inside the cinema and they'll deliver right to your seat.

Elena Elms

Fancy. Movies are a bit pricey, except on Tuesdays. Good variety of films shown. Expensive food. Seats are very comfortable, but too large for smaller people

Lynda Isabel

Wonderful theater! Large comfortable leather seats with food service. Love that you can buy reserved seats online.

Scott Watkins

Great but expensive movie theatre. Super nice seating, online ticket purchase let's you choose your seats, bar and restaurant located just inside the entry. Food and drinks can be delivered to your seat. Great doing and picture, volume is not ear shattering but loud. Full menu, you may purchase

Bryce Glasspoole

One of my favorite theaters in the area. Would be five stars if all of the chairs had foot rests or reclined, and did not share cup holders.

Adrian Rock

Great theater and I dont have to waste gas driving all the way to south point. Amazing customer service!!

KaSonndra Leigh

A very clean and well-designed theater. There are stadium style seats with plush chairs that dont recline. However, you get food and wine brought to your seat and can order on your phone, so the lack of recliners is a minor issue to say the very least. The only slight downside was the lack of adequate parking. Come early so you'll have time to find a spot.

Omar Acts Up

This theater has a nice atmosphere and is kept clean. The food and drink options are plentiful and tasty. The staff is friendly and helpful. The seats in auditorium 3 are very comfortable and roomy even for a big guy like me. #wouldrecommend

Sara Henderson

Ordered a coffee, their espresso machine was broken but they didn’t tell me. After checking back twice, 30 minutes later they bought a coffee at another store but the cup was filthy. I declined and they struggled to figure out a refund, making me miss the start of my movie. 3 out 4 bathroom sinks were out of order.

Rich Hewett

Wow! They set a new high bar for movie theaters. You can order a meal at your seat. The seats are super comfortable. Everything seemed clean. We're looking forward to going back when we haven't just eaten.

Audrey M

Updated interior and nice bar at the entrance. The higher ticker price would have been justified if the seats reclined. They are bigger and made of leather material with lots of leg room in the front, but the seat does not recline. Not the best value, but it may be good for people going on movie dates as the updated interior/exterior features are fairly fancy.

Joyce Thoms

Nice comfortable chairs....clean.

Keith Bowen

Ummm love, love, and one more, or maybe more love this place! Been coming here faithfuly since we moved to the area a year ago.... And today, we used 2 gift cards and paid for one ticket. The total was 38 and some change, we were running late, I gave them 40$s and told them to keep it.... While watching our movie, the delivered me 30s and 75 cents, plus another free movie! Because we all forgot I was only paying for 1 ticket! Super honest staff.. Love them

Shara Pisowicz

Love being about to kick back with a good friend and a bottle of wine to watch a movie in a clean theater.

Daniella Separk

Watched a 11pm movie for date night with my husband. Spent about $70 for 2 tickets, 2 alcoholic drinks, mozzarella sticks and a margarita flat bread. Mozzarella sticks tasted like something I could of bought at Wal-Mart. Marinara was cold and flat bread was burnt. When we received our drinks we got 2 different types of mojitos. My husband's tasted great, besides all of the ice in the drink let's just say you are pretty much paying $14 for a glass of ice and mine tasted like blackberry water. There was no mint to be tasted. Definitely did not taste like a mojito. When our food arrived at 10:59 I told the guy who brought it to us that I did not like my drink and would like to have what my husband had instead he told me that the bar had already been closed down for the night but I could just get a refund when I leave. I would recommend staying open at least 15 min past your show time. You can't advertise on your previews "last time to get stuff" if you don't follow through and not just that you shouldn't be closing your whole bar down or concessions before the show even starts. This was a huge disappointment. When I left I couldn't even get a refund because all of the registers had been closed down. I was told i had to come back to get a refund or i could take a movie pass. Took the movie pass. Definitely will not be buying drinks or food from Triolgy again.

Carolina C

Pricier than other theaters but beautiful, clean theater with comfy seats and good food. My son really likes the sliders.

Amy Lehman Etingue

We always have a good experience here, staff has been extremely accommodating where possible. I've found booking seats ahead very helpful, especially new/recent releases.

Dan Selleck

Great seating. Clean bathrooms and facility. Popcorn "butter" way too salty.

brandi giordano

So let me start out with this review is gonna be very in depth and very genuine. I came set to silver spot for the 1st time last night. The decore its self wowed me out of any genre that I have ever been in to any other theater the comforter ability of the seats that were met by the decor was absolutely stunning. The service that I received was honestly 5050 But let me say once I brought this attention to management in a very respectful manner I received exceptional service. I was not rude whenever I walked up to management saying an issue that I had at well some points in the evening and I already felt bad for contacting someone though late in the evening seeing as they were ready to go home. The movie was Over at about 12:40 at night. I walked up to the manager Kyle Just to explain a few of the things that I thought could have been better in the experience. Went to see end game and it was great! When I had told staff what was wrong with my visit they fully compensated my entire night and were nothing but kind to me! I will be returning!!! Also I want to thank Meghan and Jonathan so much for really sitting down and making sure I was happy with my visit! This place is highly recommended by me!

Damia Purefoy

Lovely theater. Just wish the seats reclined. Always clean

John Dinyari

Clean theatre and restrooms. Courteous staff. Arrive early to find parking. Download the app to purchase your tickets in advance- all seats are reserved. Discounts Tuesdays.

Ted Mebane

They have thought of everything at this movie experience. Seats are comfortable recliners. You have a small table to sit you food and a cup holder. Surround sound was awesome!

A Savage

I love this movie theater and come here weekly. Comfortable seating, great popcorn, great selection. I used to love the pretzel bites and ordered them to the point that they knew my order before I placed it. A couple of months ago they changed them and now they are disgusting. Nothing good ever lasts

Edward Moreira Bahnson

I always enjoy the movie experience at Silverspot. This is my go-to theater.

Tiffany Boo

I love love love your theater only problem I have is i am a rewards member & my daughter birthday is coming up & she has a AMC gift card I'm just very disappointed that I can use this gift card at silver spot because I don't attend any other movie theater

Eva Hernandez

Today is my Mother's 75th birthday and as a treat, I took her to Silverspot for the first time. Many of my coworkers have already been to this theater and have good things to say about this place. I have to say our overall experience is pretty positive as well. The young man who took our order, Pel, was very personable and brought our order to our seats in just a few minutes. The food was good. Pricey but good. Definitely would come back.

Matt Aug

Really good nachos...go Thursdays for twofers deal!

One of da ones

Excellent movie theater, waiters take your order from your seats and bring your food to you as well. The app or website make it seamless to place orders and the food is cooked to order no food under heat lamps. The food has a gourmet feel to it, you can request your food cooked the way you want and add special notes all from the app or website. It's a little expensive but well worth it. They also have a dining area up front. The handicap seats are at the very top of the seating but a elevator is provided for wheel chair or anyone having trouble going up stairs. The seats are some of the most comfortable I've ever been in, they also have love seats for couples that recline. All in all I highly recommend anyone give this theater a try.

Steve Lucas

Very nice staff. Great picture and audio. Kinda cool they take your order via an app and deliver to your seat.


My favorite. Reserve your seat. Seat food service. New, big leather chairs

Savanna Schepis

I love this place! Order food and beer and have it delivered to your seat. The seats are incredibly comfortable and if you sit in the front, they are actually two-seat sofas with a leg rest in front. Pretty sweet! Screens look great and the sound system is excellent as well.

Andrew R

One of the nicest theaters I've ever been to. They show all the films classic, independents, new releases. State of the art cinema.

Erin Ervin Belt

What happened to the reclining seats...and cool air (I'm dripping in sweat)? At $12 for a matinee, it was quite a disappointing theater experience. However, Lion King was great.

Tiffany Shields

The seating is comfortable and scanning tickets is a very easy process once you enter. The lines, even when crowded, do not take too long to serve you. Seats are conveniently labeled and workers offer to have you order food from your seat and bring it to you. Highly recommend.

David Diemer

My son and I made our first visit to our local theater and we couldn't be happier. The theatre had reserved seating, a very large screen, and outstanding sound. The best part was the seating: large, comfortable seats with individual arm rests, drink holders, and a swivel-in food tray. I downloaded the app and learned we could have ordered food right from our seat and they would have delivered it to us! I'm looking forward to trying the app and "testing" the in-seat service when we visit again. As we walked in, we passed the snack bar and were very impressed with the wide-ranging menu. I didn't stay long enough to tell you all the menu options, but it was extensive. I purchased popcorn and my son got candy and a Coke. Unfortunately, the Coke tended to the flat side which detracted from his experience. Nonetheless, we are definitely going back!

Crisula Agiovlasitis

Comfy seats. Although consessions are terribly overpriced its nice to be able to order from your seat and have it delivered. When you have a group of kids waiting to see a movie waiting in line and then lugging everything to your seat can be a hassel. But again the prices are way too high 12.00 for a slushy that you can get for 1.00 at a gas station is just insane

Pierre Estrella

Nice atmosphere, service to your seats, comfortable seats, only thing I found not satisfying was the cost of food but that's every theater huh?!?!?!

Akilah Jones

I love this place for going to the movies with out the kids. Definitely a date night movie theater. Each seat is a plush seat and the ones on the front rows have ottomans. Tickets for adults in the evening is $14, however it's worth it because they will bring your meal to you at your seat and the seats are assigned, so that's PERFECT! You've already got your own seat you've chosen so no one should be occupying your seat


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