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REVIEWS OF Regal Starlight - Charlotte IN North Carolina

Cheryl Simpson

I always love this theater. But for some reason I could clearly hear the movie that was playing next door which was not cool.

Andrea Pack

I am very disappointed. This is normally my go to theater. But, after last night, that has changed. My friends and I had plans to see the movie “Little”. It was advertised on Fandango for 10:10. When we get to the theater, we ask for tickets, we were told that the movie is no longer being played because they needed a theater for “Avengers”......WHAT? We could still see the movie is still being advertised on the display, but they weren’t selling tickets for it! They then tell us that they weren’t selling tickets on Saturday night for this movie either. I have NEVER seen or heard of anything like this before. Disappointed is really an understatement. While I understand how big the movie Avengers is, there obviously should have been better planning on behalf of this movie theater.

Exo Blue

Yup. Great customer service. Got me a beer. [At the price of a 6pack]


Good movie theater. The seats could be designed differently so it's easier if you are on a date to sit directly beside one another.


I give the 4 stars only because they don't have combos lol them snacks be high but clean place and nice seats. Friendly staff so that's a plus.

Marcia Green

good seats and popcorn

Brennan Hill

Our seats were taken by people that had tix from the day before, and they were out of half the alcohol offerings

Kissa Hale

Welcoming and clean theatre. Usually a good lineup too. I definitely recommend adding concessions when purchasing tickets online. It is so much more convenient!


Not only can you order your tickets online, but you can also order your snacks online, too! I wish every theater did this. Seats are comfortable, which is really needed when watching a movie as long as Avengers: Endgame.

Jess Wilson

If I'm going to be stuck watching a movie for around 3 hours... this is about the only place I want to do it. I have a tendency to fall asleep during movies I don't particularly care to see. This place makes that easier than any other movie theater I've ever been to. I only wish that I liked to drink... or to watch movies, for that matter. Let me put it this way - this is - quite literally - the only positive review I will ever write for a movie theater.

Camilla Årensson

Bathrooms are disgusting and the food service people seem very impatient and stressed out.


Clean theatre with easy access in/out of lot and theatre. Picture and Sound are pretty good every time I have been to see a movie. Popcorn and soda are standard prices.

Jametta Randolph

I usually enjoy my time at this theatre, however, this past time was a extremely uncomfortable b/c the seat I purchased did not recline. As you can imagine sitting at a 90° angle w/o a foot rest can make it hard to enjoy any movie, especially since you paid for the whole movie theater experience. I emailed customer service requesting a refund and they sent back a generic email apologizing but completely ignored the facts I asked to be refunded. The customer service number listed is just a random number listed that spews out advertisements. I've emailed again in hopes this will be resolved but at this point they've gotten my money so I'm pretty sure they don't give a damn.

Deidre Tate

Nice theater but they need better concessions

Skipper Pond

Enjoyed selecting the seats that lay back. I felt as if the seat tilted down slightly so if wasn't as comfortable as I'd like. Otherwise 5stars. Sound good. Easy parking. I'd recommend.

Theo Risher

Good theater. Great selection of movies, snacks drinks etc. The sets in the theater tho. Are actually uncomfortable. Beside that my experience her was Good. Staff was nice , friendly.

Coco Lowery

I come here every time a new movie comes out.. currently waiting on pikachu and brightburns release

Michelle Ortiz

Nice theater. We brought sweaters but didnt need them. Nice to find a theater that doesn't freeze you out

Janquenetta Parker-Brown

Great place and comfortable seating, but omgness it was extremely cold, and I had on a jacket, long pants and had a blanket, the other guest that sat around us were complaining as well. My husband was so uncomfortable that he wanted to leave, but I insisted we stay because the movie was awesome. They atmosphere was nice, not loud talking or anything, just extremely cold, like a freezer. The last time we visited this theatre it wasn't that cold. My husband doesn't want to visit again because of how cold it was. The place was clean and they had great customer service even though I purchased my tickets online.

Tracy Williams

Lion King was good, popcorn good, older theater but clean.

Amanda McMakin

I've been going to this movie theater since I was a little girl. I've never had a negative experience. I will say that when you walk in, it can be very confusing at first. You used to buy the tickets outside, then you would go in and they would have roped off where/who to give your tickets to. Now that you can order them online it's not clear where you're supposed to go. When you go inside you notice the concession counter and there is a podium in the middle of the floor, but no one was standing there, nothing was roped off, there was no sign directing you to the ticket counter. I noticed the tiny ticket counter that was to the left, but since we had ordered our tickets online I didn't know if we needed to go to that counter. I'm not saying this is a bad system, just a confusing one. Maybe just add a sign that makes it clear that online ticket orders should still be checked in at the ticket counter. I usually prefer AMC theaters if I'm being honest. Their reclining seats tend to be more comfortable.

Rick Hackett

Great experience, comfortable seats. Middle seats are worn out but outside seats are still useable.

Rob Hagans

Very dated theater badly in need of renovations.

Dwight West

Love the recliner seats !! Warm atmosphere

Richard Coggins

Love this movie venue! Never crowded, always clean, great seating!!!

Shawn Franklin

Super clean theater and bathrooms. Very comfortable reclining seats (with trays). The popcorn wasn't the best, but that's my only complaint. Will become my regular movie theater.

Marc Cepeda

Service was good popcorn was a little stale tho and there was a cockroach flying around the theater lol he stayed in the screen for the most part

Tim Coleman

Feels like an old school theater but still get the recliners and great sound!

Beverly Peterson

Lot of energy! And love the comfortable seating there.

patrick thompson

Nice and clean theater. First theater I've been to that doesn't have popcorn and drink combos. Concession prices are high compared to other places I've been to.


A very laid back theater. Never feels overcrowded and the rewards program is a must.

Lyric Queen

It's very beautiful at the regal Cinema, the people were nice, everything was perfect.

Matt V

Note, if you decide to sit in the front row next to the handicap seating, the seats directly in front of you will block the bottom portion of the screen. This didn't seem to be a problem for the folks in our party who are in electric wheelchairs since they were tall enough, but it may also be a problem for conventional wheelchairs. It's your best bet to sit behind them instead of next to them if you want to enjoy the film.

Amanda Monge

It was hot and dirty

Tracy LeCompte

Love this place! We always order through the Fandango app, walk right in, get some popcorn and head into our movie. Great recliners, friendly staff and very clean theaters.

Ebony Rao

I love this theater! They have reclining chairs and we pick our seats when choosing tickets. Although it sometimes can be busy its usually great and I always find parking.

Keyanna Wiggins

The staff named “Christian” by far the rudest worker they have working there and extremely lazy. Please keep in mind you’re getting paid to do what you’re doing Christian, and if you don’t like what you’re doing, please go find another job. Thanks.

Dianne Walker

Great movie and comfortable seats.

Monique Watts

Nice white very large recliners!

Princeton Williams

Went to movies to see new avengers movie. Only issue I had was the ridiculous lines for concessions. Only 2 registers open. They really need more open for big movie openings.

Lorna Laboy

Love the reserved seating and the over sized seats. Comfortable with plenty of room. No matter how tall a person is, they won't be in your way, the way the theater is designed. We only go here now.

Chris Vejar

Went to watch Spiderman tonight. In the middle of the movie it went out for over 15-20 mins. We had to report it twice, and apparently the manager was to busy to talk to us. They made us watch 20 mins of the same part of the movie again. Very disappointed with the service tonight.

Erick Willson

I had some nachos and man they were delicious even though I'm not supposed to have it lol

Eric Feldmann

Good theater lots of food places in walking distance

Raymond White

First of all, the staff is very friendly. Tickets are very easy to get whether it's at the theater or online. The chairs at the theater are super comfortable! They are oversized chairs and recline with the press of a button. There's also a swinging tray in addition to the cup holders. They have a program to where you can pay $18 a month for unlimited movies. Two tickets generally cost $18. when my son is a little older, I will get the $18 per month subscription so that I can take him several times a month and save money. I would highly recommend this theater!

Leo Hobert

Comfy and easy to get there

Ron Galloway

Nice theater. Fresh popcorn.

Natalie Madison

The front cashier was helpful. The popcorn and soda were fresh and the popcorn was delicious! The bathrooms were cleaned also. The movie theatre were clean and the A.C. was cool. It was a wonderful treat I gave to myself.

S Lautzenhiser

Always love coming here

Marina Friedrich

I have to admit that I really like this theatre! It's clean...staff is friendly and you can reserve your seat online! What could be better?


I really like this theater and it normally is my favorite to go to but the removed the tray tables on the seats now and the last couple times I have been here the seats have seemed in need of repair. The bathrooms also have a lot of broken toilet paper roll holders and overall feels like it is really in need of maintenance and repairs. Hoping it improves in the near future

Rafael Rivera

I always make reservations to see my favorite films at this place, clean, staff is good and the chairs to die for. I feel at home. I would prefer a less pricey food menu.

daniel anderson

We saw Secret Life of Pets 2 in 3D. The reclining seats were amazing!!

Linda Keys

Last week for xmen my tray was missing.the chair would not recline please take care of that.we come every two weeks,this is unexceptable.normally I would give u 5 stars

Lorna Simmons-Cooks

Concession counter items cost way too much, $6 for a small soda??? Are you kidding me??? That's why I'd rather sneak my own food and drinks in. Also, the matinee prices have gone up as well used to be $4 now is $10.

Eric D. Williams

Fast nice service

Curtis Smith

Had a great time seats were great, it would be five stars but the music over beared the voice. For some reason I had a hard time hearing the voices from the actors but the music was loud and clear. We sat in the back row.

Jennifer Lazenby

Love the seats, small theater size. Always have the newest movies.


Vary spacious movie viewing room with reclining chairs. Concession area is in the middle of the theater with plenty of room for service. One can even have kid parties at this location.

James Norman

Nice cinema. Very comfortable reclining seats.

Andrew Olson

Have always enjoyed this movie theater and will continue to come back even though i am farther away in Charlotte now and there are much closer theaters.

Aaron Simril

A comfortable movie going experience that you can reserve your seats for ahead of time. Concessions are pricy but you're a captive audience so it's to be expected and is usually the same for any theatre.

Avery Kafka

Great theater, very nice concessions. Highly recommend attending this wonderful theater.

D Manning

I went there twice in the past, I had quick customer service and the rest room was clean.

Terri Orr

Love the recliner chairs and the space in this theater. They have chosen to make it comfortable for their customers, instead of packing in as many people as possible. Nice. Thank you, Regal Starlight!

Debbie Wilson

Avengers movie was great. However, in theater 7 we all froze even after complaining. They put the heat on halfway through and then it was so stuffy the rest of the movie I feel they were punishing us for complaining. The place had a bad odor when the heat was on. Very disappointing experience.

Lonnie Sawyer

The theater was clean and service was good. Now the food ..... I means its hard to mess popcorn and nachos up. I had one issue were the popcorn was old. Other then that it's what you can expect from a movie theater.

Sybil Richardson

Staff was great , clean , parking was good . Decent spot to grab a quick movie.

Juan Delduarte

Clean theater, Nice Staff, Good snacks. No complaints. I'll be back.

Ryan Barbour

But definitely could

Jaye Tyler

They changed their seats. It was so uncomfortable.

Tamia Hairston

Could use better food options

Jennifer Scroggs

Enjoy this place. It would benefit from a larger food selection. Subs, pizzà, various items delivered to your seat or bought at consesion... micro brews

Kanessa Wills

Clean but they closed the concession stands so we couldn't get popcorn or drinks (I didn't know they did that for 10:25 pm movies)

Angikar Karky

Screen is mediocre. The big negetive is doesn't have good selection of food.

Lokh prathab Balasubramaniam

Good entertainment Centre. Near by gas stations and cvs options.

Grace Allison

They have large reclining chairs.

Heidi Cordova

Our Favorite Theater. Recliners, and Friendly staff. And we love the new unlimited plan. Great place to enjoy movies :)

Tom Twitchel

Strong Potential Very courteous staff. A little slow on filling an order, but it was Father's Day. Brisket and burnt ends were very tasty. Sides were inconsistent on this visit, cornbread dry. They were out of butter at the condiment stand and did not restock while we were there. Will definitely give them another try.

Carl Oldham

Theater is alright, and they have many showings for a large selection of movies. But it kinda seems dated and the area it is in is somewhat rough. There is also a musky scent in parts of the place. The seats recline and are comfy. If you had to choose a theater, I would recommend AMC Concord a few miles away. It’s nicer, newer, and you can walk around concord mills before or after the movie.

Leslie Little

Love the chairs where you can lay back. Popcorn is always good!

Daniel Ross

Nice viewing area, amazing popcorn and great sound quality! The popcorn can sometimes be a bit expensive, but it doesn't compare to all of the over all benefits of going here to see a movie. Their is excellent convenience, as you can pre-order seats online, and view times that the movies show. I recommend going here!

J team

Great comfy seats, food prices are extreme but staff friendly and they play newest films

Lily Rodriguez

I liked the sits and the employees are nice. The bathrooms were dirty.

Eudania Burrell

I love this movie theatre. The seats recline and it's never packed.

Chase Browne

Nice theater, reclining seats now. I didn’t know before hand that you need to choose a seat when you buy the ticket, so get there early if it’s going to be a crowded movie

Tina Thomas

Got a chance to see "The Joker" in this clean, cozy, and spacious theatre. It was very good experience. Whenever I wanna get out of town again, I'll definitely come here to view movies.

Kovar Parker

I never wright reviews because im too lazy but the girl named “Victoria” that works as a cashier at this place is very polite and always put on a smile, and made me feel welcomed 10/10 service

Andrea Gordner

Reserve your seats ahead of time or pick em when you buy your tickets. Reclining double seats available.

Amaria H

Really good movie theater. Old looking on the outside tho

John Luft

This is my family's favorite movie theater. They have large reclining chairs with electronic footrests. They serve beer and wine and even have a few varieties on tap. They keep it clean and the restrooms are spacious. I haven't used it, but they have a birthday party area as well.

Allie Beckman

From the looks of the outside you wouldn't think it's as comfy and nice as it is. We love this place!


The Lion King was amazing! Great picture. Perfect sound. Great food. The nachos and the popcorn were delicious. Sat in the very front second row from the screen. Sitting in that area caused some discomfort with the way the chair was positioned, but I was still able to enjoy every second of my favorite childhood movie!

Sherry Owenby

Nice theater. Not too large, or too small. It was clean and staff helpful. Stand alone building means there is less traffic and congestion than the theaters located in malls.


They were pretty packed but the lines moved pretty fast, the attendant were very helpfull

krissy m

Good company and movie

monique mcclam

Love the movie theatre and the seats. Place was clean and they do offer military discount at the ticket booth. Food is expensive lol but we expect that because it’s a movie theater. Would recommend this place to anyone.

Jenny B. Billings

I have been coming here for many years as I am a huge fan of movies in the theater. Ever since they changed to large recliners and less crowded theaters, this has been my go-to. My family and friends love going here. Plus, love the ability to purchase tickets and reserve seats in advance. Takes a lot of stress out of the experience. I also adore Mr. Adam at the front...we speak to him each week we see him.

Hank Hanson

This is a great theater to go to, it has reclining seats, reserved seating. You can order all sorts of snacks and even have a beer with your movie. Friendly staff, and just a great place to enjoy your movie.

Dave I

Seat recliners are old and many of them don't work!

israel moreno

You can’t sneak in food cus they check ur bags

Jermaine Dennis

Reclining seats are the best. They also have flaming cheetos and popcorn!

Paige Highberger

Every other theater I have ever been to has never had reserved seating. I did not expect it here either, so when I arrived there was limited choice for the movie. I would have appreciated it saying this somewhere beforehand, I was very angry and disappointed by this choice and I think it is a ridiculous way to manage people. I think seating should, as it has been, first come first serve.

Steven Campos

This place was terrible. Staff was rude and slow. Quality of people watching the movie was awful. Will never be coming back to this place again


Great seats and screens and wonderful service!

catt mcclendon

The seats are comfortable, but the theater was FREEZING! It didn't make any sense to be that cold in there, summer time or not. I wanted to leave about 5 minutes after sitting down. We were there for a kid's movie and my 5yr old couldn't sit still, he was so cold. Just torture!

Brittany Osborn

Comfy reclining chairs. Less expensive than AMC

Elaine Misiti

Great local theater.

David Talbot Jr.

Clean and comfortable Theater. Relaxing recliner style seats. Smells like burnt popcorn always.

Cody Renkiewicz

I love this theater. Right off 485, has recliner seats and includes a small movable tray for any concessions you may have bought as well as cup holders for your drink.

Kisha Robinson

I attended a 10:15pm show, so maybe because of the time there were limited staff members to assist customers. I almost missed the beginning of the movie due to a very long wait at the concession stand. In addition the ladies bathroom was in horrible condition and needed to be thoroughly sanitized.

Fer Mango

I saw avengers endgame and the service was good the movie had no disruptions

Jade Bethune

They had no AC running so it was quite warm in the theater. Made me regret even wearing a sweater to the movie.

Shauna D

Love the recliners, the prices for matinees and the concession prices Monday thru Thursday. The staff could be a little more friendly. Managers consistently act like they dont wanna be there.

Shantora Cohen

Always a treat going to my favorite movie theater. My popcorn is always fresh and if not they'll cook some fresh.

Bob Neilson

Love the reclining seats.

Ariel Massey

It's an awesome theater and it's the first i been to that sells alcohol so 2 thumbs up from me

Phyllis Ash

Great movies popcorn reasonable price!

Larry Bumgarner

Recommend good place to go. Cleanup run between showings is suggested.

Mack Moore

Don't judge a book by its cover! My wife and I prefer this theater to any in Charlotte even though it isn't the closest one to us. While it's not the most fancy looking one inside or out, the staff is always pleasant and the reserved seating with reclining chairs is crazy comfortable! 9 out of the 10 previous movies we've seen have all been here. Love it!

Jack Brosch

The staff is FANTASTIC, always remembering my wife and I. The theater is a little older, but does have the recliners and as that hotel chain say, "when the lights are out ..."

Diwakar Viswanathan

Big comfortable Seats. You can reserve seats in advance. Though the building looks little old , actually the cinema is a good one !

Brunhilda Tavares

This theater is pretty good. Concessions are pricey but you can expect that anywhere. The main thing is that it is pretty clean inside. No sticky floors or food in chairs etc... whenever we hav went. Good movie theater.

Dianne Joseph

Lovely updated rooms. Very comfortable reclining chairs. I love this cinema. It's a breath of fresh air, so much more dignified than the often-crowded nearby mall cinenas.

Will cornelius

The seating is comfortable it's my favorite movie theater

T. Simmons

Nice upgrades with recliner seats. Glad they changed the seating to assigned to prevent problems. However you do not feel safe there at night despite the police presence or maybe because you realize the danger around being the need for a police presence. Good prices. Concessions need upgrades.

Scott Benge

Great parking for a sold out concert at Pnc.

Jennifer Lucas

Recliner chairs with retractable tables, excellent sound, good snacks.

Wyatt Ledoux

This place has decent pricing, recliner chairs, and actual popcorn buckets instead of bags, which is nice if you've ever had the pleasure of having butter stains on your clothes after a movie. It definitely could use some renovations though, as it has an outdated feel and is a little more rundown than the Concord Mills movie theater.

Tyra Sun

A nice place to go. Comfortable chairs, wonderful films, great atmosphere.

Joseph C

Great theater. Friendly staff

colby charity

Came for a early show of the lion king. Waited in line for 10 minutes just to find out the system was down. The manager was nowhere to be found.

Heather Balbi

Wow. Best movie theater in charlotte. Seats are super comfy, recline and a really good seat no matter where you sit. Clean and fun waiting area. Will be returning.

Cheryl Pope


Natasha Harden

The place to be... love this movie theater

Yer Moua

It's the neighborhood theater. Never had an issue with parking. Very nice staff. Small arcadish area that I never see anyone use. It has reclining chairs. People spill more popcorn than necessary on the seats.

mica carnell

Super long lines no matter what time the movies start. Nice cinema

Nancy Lopez Olivera

Great place always clean chairs are big and comfy!

Carmen W.

I would agree the food service is slow (and crazy expensive but it's the movies) but everyone was very polite. Hannah issued our tickets and was super friendly and helped us pick our seats. I dont love the reclining seats because they remind me of a dental chair. They dont fully recline.

Jeanlouise Watson

Love this theater! Friendly staff, good prices and it's always clean and inviting!

Janette Underwood

Wonderful movie !! As only Will Smith can !

Blue Rose

Great stadium seating with a little fold away table very comfortable reclines further than the AMC reclining seats great beer and wine selection and also serve draft beer very clean Auditorium

L Wells

This place is awesome, the chairs are electric recliners, the price is middle priced in terms of AMC vs. the "Dollar" Movie, Free refills on popcorn. These days you know your going to get ripped off but at least they give you a little bang for your buck.

Denise Kendall

Theatre was clean and employees were very helpful. Enjoyed my experience

Holli Story

Fantastic place with a great staff. Very clean. Amazing seats. Over all my favorite place to see a movie.

Annie Crowell

Love it the best place to see a movie.


Really nice theatre with good popcorn and ample seating

Dominique Mcclelland

Only movie theatre that I go to.

Telisha Wright

I love this place. I've been going here since I was a child. Great customer service, clean environment. This is my go to spot.

Kyle R.

Very nice seats and great visibility and sound. Parking can be hectic but great experience all around. It's a movie theater so things can be pricey. Overall, great experience. Will be back.

Unique Lalique44

When you've enjoyed a delightful cinema, all you wanna do is smile!

Desiree Walters Live Your Journey

Terrible customer service. Your suppose to smile, say my name is xyz thank you for coming to regal cinemas how may i assist you? .....Nobody smiles, no body thanks you for your service. The young Caucasian guys was more robotic than ever, and when I asked him a question he completely ignored me but had the manager help me. So rude. But the movie was good.

Cins Jordan

The seats could use some care. If you're going to offer those comfortable reclining seats understand they need mantained.

Sheila Sanders

The seats were very uncomfortable they need to upgrade the seats in the theater

Tomas Pasquet

Love the theater seats and there's a small room for birthday parties that you can rent.

Eric Bowden

Excellent theater! Easy access just off 485. Comfortable reclining leather assigned seats. Great sound systems. Draft beers. Bottomless popcorn and drinks (free refills). It's our go-to theater.

Eleanor Burke

Didn't go ticket sold out.

Ruthene Reddick

I love the movie period


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