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REVIEWS OF Regal Palladium & IMAX IN North Carolina

James B

Brought my son, who's in a wheelchair, to see a movie. All the companion seats were sold, but all the wheelchair places were still open. The ticket agent told me I can park my son in the wheelchair spot and then sit in a seat several rows away. This isn't the first, or the second, or even the third time this has happened. But it's the last time I'm coming here. How do you sell companion seats without selling the adjoining wheelchair seat? Especially when other seats in other rows are still available?

Austin Soares

I love the movies but it is way to expensive

David Murphy

Very nice. Loved the decor. But the seats were to short for my wife and I . We had trouble seeing over the wall in front of out seats. We will unable to last the seats back. Seats f1&f2

keta Moore

My favorite place to be....

Ron Hoffmeister

CUSTOMER service kind of blew us off , like oh well, that's life.

Kenneth Capps

Absolutely no complaints from me.

Zach Barnhill

Solid movie theater. I haven't been in years and they updated to IMAX and also have installed recliner seating with trays. Other than that it's a movie theater that shows movies. It was good experience and I can't complain.

Linda Botts

Went to TS4 with the family, had to exchange and swap show time. General manager was professional, helpful, and kind. My family have an exceptional experience. Highly recommend.

Terry O'Connor

This is both me and my son's favorite Cinema. It is a place where you pay a little more but electric reclining seats, awesome sound (Imax if you want it really loud), and great picture. They also have some fun games you can play with your kids on the way out. They even have a small picture booth where you can get pictures. It's a great place to watch your favorite movies and make memories! That in itself is worth the extra for me. My son and me like the Real3D. Great picture and awesome sound. We both think the IMax 3D picture is awesome but all those special (extra) speakers make it a tad too much, in volume, for us. But it is are favorite Cinema!

Matthew Morris

New design with comfy chairs. Screens are bright and clear. The sound system is nice too.

Wendy Long

Good clean theater. They have reserved seating, reclining seats. And trays for your food.

Bonnie Fioretti

Very nice chairs that recline! However it was so cold inside I was frozen and I'm normally the hot one!

RaiseLoveTeach -

I always enjoy this theater and the comfortable seats.

Crystal Pell

My favorite movie theater! Reclining seat and awesome popcorn

Rashida Colon

I love any theater that has recliner seats! Lol One thing that I can say is they have always been very assertive and helpful. A few times when I have come here, the actual theater the movie is playing in, for some reason seems to always be real stuffy and this has actually happened on 3 different occasions! Each time myself or my husband will notify them and each time they have been very assertive and quickly help to resolve the issue by turning the air conditioner on. (Other movie goers also had complained about the stuffiness too) So to me that shows that they care about their customers. Also I had an issue where I had paid for a friend of mines ticket but they canceled and I had done it through the Regal app. They didn’t think twice about refunding my money for the ticket. So in my eyes they get an A+ in my book for every time they show they care without hesitancy! So please enjoy yourself and relax at this movie theater!

Otto Gaither

Always clean and have a great selection of movies

nilee walker

On Friday they open at 11:00am. I waited till 11:30 till they open. Need to have better time management to open on time.

Mel Nunn

1st time with the new seats at the Paladium.So comfortable.Enhanced the experience.Also ate at The Mad Greek restaurant afterward.Total movie,dinner,date experience achieved!

Kaylyn Hennington

Popcorn was very stale. And wouldn’t allow us to use reward points for a free small drink because there thing was down.

Jolinda Powell

Great theater. Prompt service when they can, and always ready to answer questions, and I love the fancy new seats. Only problem is they can get CRAZY busy when popular movies come out. Go to a less popular theater across town, half the seats are empty. Go to this one and there's 50 people deep standing in line. Definitely not their fauly that they're this popular, just saying they're not my first choice for brand new, just released this weekend, blockbuster movies.

Sherri Gallimore

Clean, excellent sound, great selection of movies!

Josh Parrish

I went here to see,"Detective Pikachu" with my son, and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The accommodations are quite comfortable. For example, the chairs they have are super comfortable and recline with electrical motors and they each have their own cup holder and a small rotating table that you can put your food on. This is definitely one of my absolutely positively favorite cinemas ever!

Ty Clark

Excellent movie experience. Lots of dining options in the area too. Great place for a date night.

Adrian Eckenrod

Changed from a 5 star review to a 1. Movie went out two thirds into it. Never had a single employee let us know what was going on. Had to look for employee who couldn't advise anything. We waited for 15 minutes and several screens were out and waiting for refunds. Things happen and that is understandable, but after 15 minutes and zero communication to the movie goers is not acceptable.

Kaushal Mehta

They Don’t play Bollywood movies

Zachary Leonard

Was a great place to watch A great movie but the concessions needs be priced lower.


This was my first time at this theater and it was an amazing movie experience. The 3D jumped off the screen at you, the audio booming and the screen was enormous. Reminded me of a 3D attraction in an Orlando theme park. I live an hour from this theater and you better believe I'll be back!

Jayson James

Palladium is the best theater in Greensboro, reclining seats and it's always clean! Smells good, we only go to this theater!

Rebecca Young

Very comfortable seating! The only downside to my trip there was the lady next to me kept using her phone someone called twice and she answerd like she was at home and carried the convo and was texting the whole time! Other than that its a great theater!

Jaclyn Casper

This place was the perfect I will come back soon 100

david desgrosiellier

Show up half hour early and get to movie 10 minutes late because they have three people at the counters for the hundred people waiting. People at the counters needed a manager for every simple transaction.

Stacia Clement

Reclining seats were amazing, my grandson loved "The lion king"

Stefan Hall

Really great 3D IMAX projection, and the Regal's regular 3D projection is good, too. All 14 screens are stadium seating with reserved seats, so definitely worth it to buy tickets ahead of time. I recommend joining the Regal Crown Club to get points for tickets and other stuff. The theater also does fan night events for big releases like Marvel films.

Seaba33 Swimming Hole

BEST Experience every! Each row has its own balcony, big fully reclined seats with trays, and plenty of room!

Cosmic Storm

The place looks amazing! However the prices and assigned seating is ridiculous. There are two other theaters in the area that show the same movies and snacks for half the price and you can pick you own seat.


The movie theater is like second home to us and it is always fun to be there. They are super friendly staff and Loved the Regal club...

Kathleen Klomp

The theater is fine, but as with any theater, the prices are obscene. I sit through a movie thirsty and wanting a snack, but I'm also on SS, so money isn't flowing freely. I do enjoy the comfortable seating. But I don't get why I have to pick a seat when only about 29 people max were there. Seems a bit silly that's all.

Cassie Hodgin

This theater is always CLEAN and comfortable. The staff if always very courteous and helpful, very accommodating. Best of all, they show films you don't get to see in other theaters, like concerts, ballets, etc. Plus, the reclining seats and stadium seating make every seat in the house a great seat. Definitely recommend!

China Lewis

Always a good place to spend time with your mini son loves coming here to watch movies

Shannon Smith

Minus the often long lines at the snack counter, this is our favorite theater. Love the comfortable, reclining seats and being able to select seats when purchasing tickets. Saving time when buying online is a huge plus that's worth the fee.

azeem gemini

Very disappointed with customer service. I purchased a e-ticket online through another website and it clearly says to print at home or reedem at kiosk. None of the staff knew how it works and couldnt help me out then finally they call supervisor named arwen. She told me she cant accept e-ticket it has to be printed i told her i have used it three times and last time who ever was working they print it for me. She said ok hold on let me check. Then she disappear for 40 mins i asked other workers to see if they can call her he tried but she still didnt come back and my movie show time passed. Im very disappointed with their service wont go back again.

Lisa McGee

Love the theater seating!

Howard Richardson, Jr.

Great theater. Majestic building and IMAX theater is the way to go for all Disney or action films.

Lady Rice

Theater is nice, but prices are unreasonable. Paid for nachos and was put in a small container so I purchased extra cheese then my husband got nachos and he received a larger tray with more cheese. My husband went to ask for a empty larger tray because my nachos and cheese wouldn't fit in the small one I was given and they gave him a difficult time, like we had asked for a whole new nacho and cheese. We had a gift card which is the only reason we went here even though I live 5 minutes away. I will never come here again because you can go the AMC or Brassfield and pay 1/3 of the price and receive better customer service.

Christina Cassidy

The chairs are very comfortable.

Amy Kratovil

The recliner seats are THE BEST! We love pre-picking our seats. The food is expensive but aren't all theaters? It's always clean too. Plus....the burger joint right outside the theater is really good.

Shirley Ford

Mest movies n you can pay ahead n get your seat ahead of the event

Erick Solórzano Pérez

Great place, great screen but sound on IMAX is way too loud. I wonder if they are within healthy limits

David LeBeau

Very nice theater.


Love the reclining leather seats

Joey Rudzinski

Great movie theater Get a membership card Occasionally movies are really really loud

Rodney Boone

Best movie theater in North Carolina!

kendra sawyer

The seating was amazing considering it was 1pm on a Thursday.

Carli Dent

Modern, clean, and a well stocked counter. There are plenty of little games and machines in the lobby. The theaters themselves are kept clean. They're spacious and tidy with comfy recliner seats and tray tables for exceptional viewing. Friendly staff.

Steph Fuller

Love this theater. The reclining seats are awesome and I love that you reserve your seats so you make sure your group sits together

Roy Wilson

We choose this theater over any closer ones because of the crowd. I don't have to put up with all the yelling and people playing on their phones...seats are comfortable and the assigned seating lets me arrive just before the move starts.

Rosemary Keever

We were able to get in quickly. The seats are so nice with a tray and lean back. I think they need to notify people up front on their website that you have to pick your seats at purchase.

angela porow

Always love going here but wished they swept up the lobby a bit more


Movie ticket prices are great for the experience you get! Food and drink prices are kinda expensive.

Dwain Staley

Very nice theater, excellent selection of films. Fair prices, especially for early showings.


Needs some better seats, everything else was great.

Rainbow Sheep

It was amazing going there and I love to go back there again

Mary Lee

Ate at Coast to Coast. Terrible food. Absurd prices

keith rafalko

My go to theater! Always clean and staff always friendly. I watch all my iMax movies at this theater

John Gentry

Great theater ... nice leather powered recliners .... movable tray for each seat .... selectable assigned seating ... handicap accessible with premium seating


Comfortable recliners, airplane trays, and a clean theatre. Great screams and excellent sound.

Liz Paul

One of my favorite movie places. They do need to clean their seats however. There are bugs.

Hussam Abid

Great place for a movie date or taking your children. The place is neat and clean. The seating is good and comfortable but need a little bit of maintenance. Overall the staff is friendly.


Great movie theater

Jennifer Hall

Very roomy and friendly service

Sheila Baxter

Family setting and clean nice variety of movies to chose from

Claudia Diaz

Overpriced, bad popcorn, uncomfortable seating. Waste of money!

Domanique Webb

This is my favorite movie theater. It is clean and the workers are helpful and friendly. They could do a better job with the bathrooms.

Susan Fairchild

Uncomfortable seats. Good movie

hunter howell

Clean theaters. Love the new reclining seats. Great place to go see a movie!

Mark Kalstrup

Love the updates and new leather recliners

Andrew Williams

Great theater. Always a good experience

Andrew Raines

One of my favorite places to watch a movie. Super comfy seats and friendly service make this place easily 5 stars.

Stephen Lineberry

WOW - Great theater. We have always enjoyed since moving here, but the NEW upgrades are insanely awesome. So comfy with the big reclining chairs!

Portia Gilmore

I went to see Crawl. It was awesome. The movie theater is clean. The seats are nice and comfortable

Khamkieng Phimsouvankham

It was awsome movies theater, they have a nice sit also you can lay down it was incredible 5☆ (+_@)

Kaoyi Lin

An hour ago, I just found out my wallet left on my seat. I thought it must be gone and didn’t expect can find it back. Surprisingly, the employee keep it for me and wait for my return. That is really save my life since canceling credit cards and re-applying IDs must take so long! Just Love here!

Patrick S

Nice theater. Enjoy the new seating. Wish the seats reclined in IMAX. As with all theaters, the snacks are stupid expensive.

Mark Morrison

Movie theater is in a great location surrounded by restaurants. I just it to be funny how they price there tickets . Meaning in adult may cause $10.44 where does the 44 Cent come in at then they'll charge you taxes well what I should say the state of North Carolina charge you tax on it

Ryan Carroll

Really nice theaters! My go to theater now.

Shaun Linster

Excellent service, great seats

Andres Colon

Way better than all the other Regal Cinemas I've been too..... definitely my new Cinema!!!!

Sandy Garrison

The best place to relax and see a movie! Very clean and the people are nice and accommodating. I have a son with Autism and they always help me out with him and never give us a hard time!

Sean Ward

Nice comfortable recliners for all seats. If you're average height like me though, you can't recline all the way back because the half wall in front of each seat blocks the view of the lowest part of the screen. Overall they're a movie theater. Clean and well kept; fairly new and recently renovated. But still a movie theater. Ticket prices are high like everywhere. Some discounts available and some deals if you use their app.

Sandra Parkes

Went to see Overcomer at Palladium Cinema in High Point. It was awesome! Great inspirational movie about overcoming the disappointments in this world and finding true joy. This movie is a God send.

Hayden Holder

Amazing popcorn, but at a high price. Love the reclinable seats.


Overpriced. They need to tweak and fine tune the audio in all their auditoriums.

Robin Wise

They wouldn't let my 2 month old watch The Joker movie... We watched it at home, he slept through it


Good place to go if you wanna spend a quick 70 dollars

Melissa Todd

Stale Popcorn, prices for food ridiculous... but the movie Overcomer made me forget for a little while. I wish I could get back my $15 and change for a medium popcorn and large drink

Hunter G.

Came here Saturday to see John Wick 3 (FANTASTIC movie might I add), and the experience is just about like it always is - the accommodations are very nice, and the reclining chairs are the main reason I come here. The theatres are generally pretty clean, and it is a nice experience, i cant lie. But the front end employees selling tickets are very hateful/careless. The manager stands there doing absolutely nothing, even when an issue arises they did the bare minimum. It was super frustrating dealing with them, but after you get past them, everything else is okay. The seats are really what gives this theater an advantage over others. If it wasnt for the chairs/cleanliness, nothing about this place would stand out from any other theater.

Tracy Helms

I saw the movie Unplanned at this theater. It was refreshing to purchase my ticket at the ticket booth rather than having to stand in line with concession customers just to make the ticket purchase. I also enjoyed the luxury seating while I watched the movie. That alone is enough to draw me back to this theater. The one thing that I had hoped for was some kind of kid sized popcorn/drink combination that gave me a taste of movie theater snacks that wouldn't make me feel like I had lost my arm while making the purchase. Hope was all I had because in reality a popcorn and drink combination with the single movie ticket would have set me back more than $20.

Strive For Happiness

I don't go anywhere else when I want to watch a movie. The place is always clean and the reclining seats are amazing. There are also many places to eat around the theater you finish your movie!

Austin Harper

Pretty awesome movie theater very friendly staff some of the arcade games don’t work very well tho

Lynn Kahn

I hate it they raised there priced too high for snacks

Arianna102 Anime

Great service. Comfortable seats. Enjoyable experience.

Treasure Moore

We love the seating, the price was a little steep but worth it. 2 people matinee was $18.00

Tabi Witch

A nice clean theatre, the new leather reclining seats are great! Food is good as far as theatre food goes. The best and safest theatre around. More safe than the four seasons mall theatre and the other one in High Point is just ok. I only wish the movies weren’t so pricey still or I would go more often!

scotty pearman

Wanna see a movie in high point this is the place to do it. It's got a really nice atmosphere that's near restaurants and they play all the new movies. It's a little pricey for snacks and drinks. Besides that this place is great.

Anthony Crump

Great place to catch a movie that's exciting and keep you on your toes

John Richmond

Love this theater. Great big comfortable recliner assigned seating. It's great not having to get there an hour or more early to get decent seats. Just wish the concessions weren't so expensive, but that's the reality of movie theater business.

Kathie Smith

Nice theaters. Loved the reclining seats and snack trays Will go again soon.

Laura Badgett Carter

Fresh popcorn & you butter it yourself. The recliner seats are almost too comfortable. Making u mot want to leave or ever go to another theater. Also assigned seating so that you pick from whats available

David VonderBurg

Always have enjoyed catching movies at the Regal. Friendly staff and we movie-goers seem a mixed and likeable bunch as well. Reclining chairs were a new feature to me and sadly, the dividing walls between rows are too high that they block viewing the bottom of the screen if chair is in a reclined position. I set the seat near full upright position, for a 180 cm tall man before I could see the complete screen. Odd that that wasn't considered, and the walls built slightly lower.

Brittney Mallonee

Great experience as always. Everyone is always welcoming and helpful

rex yau

I’m sitting at the trailer presentation for John Wick 3 at the “IMAX” fakeMAX screen and the audio is absolutely terrible. When the bass suppose to happen, it sounds like someone is just blowing the kazoo. The treble is all the way up, piercing through you ear drums. You can never feel the impact of any of the scenes. This is one of the worst audio experience in a theater. At least there’s no dead pixel on the projection.

2D Animator

It's a cool place I'm going there on Friday to watch Crawl they show a lot of good movies there it's well cleaned I have to give them that the food they give out is good my sisters are in love with these nacho's.


Good location, good movie rooms, unfortunately way under staffed! 35+ min wait at the concession stand....yeah. Management needs to do a better job Forecasting labor on peak times.

Kay Taylor

Friendly service and nice atmosphere

Steph B.

The theater itself in which we saw the movie was fine and clean for the most part but the bathroom was absolutely disgusting. Every stall was full of urine, feces, and toilet paper. The toilets would not flush and the sinks and counter were filthy. Upon telling the manager he said they are going to do that now. Sorry, but it should never have been needed to be brought to his attention. Clean restrooms should be a priority. Makes me wonder about the concessions now. BTW, went to the first showing of the day which leads me to believe they were not cleaned last night.

Cameron Taylor

This is my favorite movie theater in the triad area! Everything is always clean and the seats are very comfortable and power operated which is always a plus! Staff is very friendly and helpful!

Shelton Rascoe

The theater is too cold but the seats were very comfortable

Charles Patton Jr

I live in Greensboro and this is the only theater me and my wife will go to! It's amazing. Just had an experience today that led me to write this review.. had to call up the theater because my gift card was zeroed out from using it online but no tickets were dispensed. Talked to the manager and he was super helpful and polite and made sure that we got the seats that we were trying to get and gave us a booking number to provide when we arrived the next day. The theater is also well kept and clean and plenty of food is nearby. 100% would recommend

Devin Kendrick

Mannnn those chairs. Place was great. Giving it four stars bc the popcorn is pre-bagged and held on the shelf so it was stale. If I'm paying $8 for some popcorn make sure it's fresh!

Hound's Tooth Academy for Dogs

Place was clean and well kept. We accidentally purchased 3D tickets online instead of standard and the manager was super nice about refunding them!

Andrew Burns

Very comfortable seating.

Christine Stunja

Was an awesome place to see Bohemian Rhapsody in IMAX

Cara Bevan Art

The go-to theater in High Point! Always clean, quick entry, and despite high concessions it's still good. If you're early, you can play the arcade games or chill in the roomy theater seats. The upper seats are leather recliners with pull out food trays! Tickets can be purchased online & seats reserved for faster service, or you can get tickets in person. I always go here for my movie fix.

R Chandler

Clean and nice. Snack/drink lines could have been faster

Judy Baldwin

Expensive 5.00 for a bottle of water!!! The seats were very enjoyable

Bryant Luppu

It is a great movie theaters. That's all I got to say. But for real it's a good theaters

Jordan H

Nice theater, but expensive af. Pop corn and a drink(small and medium respectively) was more then a regular standard movie ticket. Reclining seats though......fancy fancy.

Spifferdo Earl

Great screens and sound. Very comfy seats.

Baillee Ontko

I didn't see much difference in IMAX vs a regular theater as far as viewing experience, so I won't waste my money on that again. The seats are nice, but definitely aren't true recliners... No foot/leg rest. They're more like loungers... Nice, but don't go in expecting recliners like are found at other theaters. Prices on food and drinks are pretty on point with other places, not unexpected. We came from Burlington strictly for the IMAX experience, but now we'll just stay local and get the same viewing experience instead of driving almost an hour out of the way for more money.

Another Day In The Life Of Merari

I’ve been coming here for about 2 years now and I enjoy it every time, staff is friendly but what makes this theater even better then many that I have gone is reclining seats that have a small tray table to hold your snacks and food. Now, many places now are having reclining seats but not many have the ability to have a trey table and honestly you don’t think you need it till you are seated down with 5 different snacks lol

Sean E

Went to see avengers endgame in IMAX. The sound quality was underwhelming. Regular showings for this movie has better sound quality than this.

Brittny Murray

Came here about a year ago, had a wonderful experience....this occasion not so much. Popcorn is stale, and the movie was scheduled to start at 4:05 its 4:12 and there's a theater full of people looking at a blank screen...

Michael Blevins

This theatre is awesome. The process are alittle steep but the seats are super comfortable and there was no issue with the sounds it screen. Very clean. Great service from everyone

Cynthia Auzine

Nice theater. Prices are way too high on refreshments!!!

David Hatchell

Been going to this place since the day it opened. The service has always been great and the theatres have all remained clean. They always have the most recent movies as well. Plenty of restaurants around to go to before the movies. I have nothing negative to say about my go to theatre for the past 15+ years.

Richard Racca

Really comfortable seats. They have motorized recline all the way until you're essentially lying on your back. Also sound quality is excellent, coming from the seats in addition to the screen.

John Christie

This is my families “go to” theater but only one thing stops me from giving it a 5 star. Popcorn doesn’t taste fresh. Almost chewy. Manager said it’s because it’s fresh cooked and oil has had time to dry. I cook popcorn at home all the time, not the microwave kind and NEVER encounter this problem.

Kathy Collins

Seats where comfortable but when did it go to reserve a seat . Been a while since I went to the theater shop was seated at the 2 row omg my neck hurt for days

Paul Kirkman

Excellent seating. Love being able to choose my seat. The chairs are great.

Circusailor Family

Overall experience was ok. Seating was nice. The movie watching experience went well. However the bathroom situation not so much. Had a horrid smell and all of the soap dispensers were empty. Overall not a bad experience just needs better management of facilities.

Jeff Groce

One of the nicer movie theaters in the Greensboro high point area

Betty Farrington

Love this theater! Clean, friendly staff and the reclining seats!

Darryl Scales

Very nice movie theater, a bit pricey but you get stadium seating, recliner seats and great sound. One of our favorite places to go to see new movies. There is one thing I do have a complaint about though. If you sit in the back row the barrier in front of you is too high. My wife, who is 5'1", said she couldn't see the bottom of the screen, and I could just barely see it. It's a flawed design. My suggestion is, don't sit in the front or back, and then you'll be fine.

Joseph Nelson

Great movie theater and seats.

Rosemarie Spano

Awesome upgrades to this theater! Recliners with small swivel tables including cup holders for their largest cups, clean floors, friendly staff and awesome sound system. Screen size and picture quality was excellent! Staff was friendly and swift at concessions and everything was fresh.

Arienne Spickard

Staff aren't very professional and the concessions are lacking and not appetising. Facility also dirty, including lobby and theater.

Jason Evans

Went and saw the new Aladdin movie in 3d with my family. It was very good. Their new electric recliners make it feel like home. You can really get lost in a movie for a while. My wife must have gotten to comfortable, I had to keep waking her up. We have to start going to earlier showings.

Z. Jakl

Comfortable and friendly staff. Almost empty on mon. And tues. Afternoons

Jerry Ferris

Be careful. Fraud at work! I was overcharged by an employee and the mgr was involved. My strong advice: stay away

Norm (Nigel) J Blunt

Great theater, clean with recliner seats, what more can you ask for

B Diditagain

If you like to lie down to watch your movies this is the place to go. Certain theatres tend to get a lot of noticeable audio bleedover from others. Overall, a relaxing place to see a show.

Pat Miller

Clean comfortable good movies good service

Brittany Hodge

Love the seats that recline. They even have a little table that swings out for popcorn and drinks. The screens are big and clear.

Cecelia Nichols

Super comfy reclining seats excellent popcorn and just an all around pleasant place to relax and watch a movie Pricy but worth it

Jordana Eleveno

Best movie theater around the triad! They have thought if everything starting with comfort! They make it super easy to find where you are going, the smack selection is great and the shops around are great for a nice walk.

Micah Swick

We love Regal Stadium at Palladium. It is typically pretty clean for a movie theater, service is good and we really like the recliners. What I cannot understand is why iMax 3D, the most expensive tickets/theater, does not offer reclining seats...

Dave Y

Great, comfy recliner seats. Must reserve them though. Really adds to the experience as you sit through 20 minutes if commercials waiting for the movie.

Deanne Cooper

My theater of choice for movie night. Always nice and clean and great staff.


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