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REVIEWS OF Regal North Hills IN North Carolina

crystal Williams

Private screeming for The Overcomer. It was GREAT. Staff was friendly, popcorn was fresh. Great experience!!

Fred Jones

Excellent. I love the seating. Could enjoy more varied menu.

Victor Calderon

It’s not as fancy as the most recent cinemas but it’s cheap, it’s never crowded and if you’re a student they have discounts every day. Tuesday is $2 off by the way or something like that. Even if it’s on opening weekend for any major movie you can get there a couple minutes early and get a good spot.

T Murray

Located in a busy shopping center which makes parking a little challenging, otherwise its a great place to bring the family for a movie. They have reclining seats which makes it a plus!

Larry Hinnant

Over priced...... have no water for sale ran out. Then order a pretzel and after paying for it they say they ran out of mustard...... not to mention service was horrible.

Erik Reyes

Good place but a little slow

Joanne Sanchez

Great place to see a movie. The Place was clean and spacious. The staff was friendly. Love the verity of snacks!

Paul Ferri

Place was incredibly clean, INCREDIBLE chairs/legroom. Only downside is typical movie theater pricing for refreshments/snacks

Spyke Stenulis

Great facility, friendly staff, super nice to people sent by the studio :-P Go and see Underwater when it comes out Jan 10, 2020!

Jacquelyn Camper

They have reclining big seats. Very comfortable!

Kayla Sworsy

Other than nowhere to sit inside the main lobby, everything else was great. Comfy reclining movie chairs!

lil cookise

OMG,they have the best everything. You should go check out

yahir M

It was nice I had my first kiss on my momma that was good

Vale Campbell

I love regal. Its clean, the sou d is great, seats are comfy and that popcorn refill....hmmmm

SoMD Kennel Club

Very disappointed, my daughter and I went to the theater while there was a farmers market going on out side. Silly me picked up a little something for breakfast the next day not thinking about getting into the theater. It was packaged and sealed in a bag and when we went I t the attendant asked it there was food inside, we were honest. He said we could not come in. I explained what happened but the manager did not care. No outside food allowed. I told him if I thought it was going to be a problem I would have simply put it in my purse and no one would have been the wiser. He did not care. So we left and went to AMC down the road. Paid less and ate their popcorn and side. Will avoid poor customer service at Regal like the plague!

AJ The Axiom

Nice area nice theater very comfortable seats and safe for families

Robert Hayes

No complaints at all

Denisa Parsons

Well came to see Hell from Three and they cut off the after scene special for the showing! What a joke! Never come to this theater AGAIN!!

Michael Charles

Great place for movies. Comfortable seating, great showing quality, but the concessions are a bit pricey. However, most movie theaters concessions are that way. Great experience though.

Brian Pope

Small with 4 rows of recliners but very nice.

Micah Lewis

Those reclining seats were everything I needed to enjoy the movie, made me feel comfortable.

Evan Woodard


Kent Jernigan

Awesome place to see a movie. The seats are very comfy and recline so don't fall asleep. Thats an expensive nap. This place is nice to use the self service kiosk on the left speeds up the process. Also they do a Senior Citizens discount that like $9.

Jonathan Collins

Teller was very helpful due to almost sold out seats but put my girl and I front and center. Awesome experience but concession stand was slow

Bill Ellis

Clean theater. Very comfortable seating (recliners). Sound was excellent. Clean restrooms.

Swagomama carmon

Great place to catch a movie with a friend!

Renita Jackson

Seats are super comfy...

Destin Hudson

Nice place to watch a movie with surrounding interests for befor and after

Christian Jones

Great atmosphere and great customer service!


Love going to the movies here it's always really nice experience. And there's a lot of nice places to eat surrounding the movie theater, including Five Guys, Chick-fil-A, Fox and Hound, and my personal favorite Pieology Pizza, it's like subway for Pizza Lovers, the pizzas are awesome and they fix them just the way you want at a great price, and you don't have to wait very long for them to cook the pizza.

Robert Lovett

Great place, food selection was limited. As a constantly hungry guy that was disappointing

L. K. M.

Very nice and comfortable. Recliner reserved seating is awesome!

Mark Kamprath

Very comfortable seats and temperatures.

Randy Harrell

Really good theatre with plenty of food options close by.

bruce walton

The seats are very comfortable and they adjust. The popcorn was terrible though tasted stale and unsalted. They have a butter machine though so you can add if needed, but something its about that popcorn. No crunch stale no salt. Other than that very good viewing experience. Oh and you have to pick your seats before you go in. When your purchasing your tickets they will show you a picture of the seating and you have to pick where you want to sit.

Isa delva

Love coming to this theater, seats are nice, concession stand is fast and seats are reserved. So no matter what, you will always have a nice experience here.

Bridget Spangler

This was a great place to see a movie. The theatre was clean and comfortable. We were lucky and got parking on the street. So we were parked literally right around the corner! The staff was friendly. They serve a Cheetos popcorn that my husband really liked. So if you like cheese popcorn, you might want to give that a try. It comes in Flaming Hot or Original Cheetos flavors. Overall, we had a nice experience and will definitely be visiting again in the future!

Phyllis Bryant

This is a nice shopping area where you can go to nice restaurants, movie theater, and grocery stores ...

Trevor Johnson

Great theater. Nice reclining seats.

Drake Sandman

Great theater. Really good sound and very comfortable seats. I do kinda wish the seats were a little closer together though....

Rome Smith

Very comfortable seating located in a nice shopping center


great customer service and was given a discout forjoining the Regal Club on snacks

Ian James

This is a really great theatre! The staff is pleasant and the theaters are clean. Additionally, they have wide leather reclining seats that really enhance the movie viewing experience.

orry martin

Great theater, very clean new additions with comfortable seating was great.

Mark Vincent

Really comfy seats and was very clean. Sadly the only seats available today was for front row... really uncomfortable to watch from so close. Didn't expect the theater to be so small. Either way, good sound and had an enjoyable movie.

Richard Sanford

Saw the new Rambo with some guy friends.. I showed up right at movie time so I didnt use the concessions. The theater was lit properly prior to the movie start and then darkened once the movie began. This theater has recliner seats. It made me feel like I was at home except.that I had a very large TV with THX sound. A great experience!!!

Mikel lion

Akways cool

Jill Meza

Chairs were so comfy that I feel asleep. Very nice place!

Rebecca Autore

Great place to enjoy a movie. Loved the reclining seats! Beautiful picture quality and sound. Good popcorn too.

Markie Mark

The theatre offers reclining chairs, high fidelity sound and full concessions. The theatre is located just off of the Main Street Circle so that you can take a nice stroll or grab a bite to eat around the time of your movie. Arrive early in order to find parking as this is a,VERY popular area.


Great movie theater, wonderful staff and great deals and prices

Choua Yang

Nice leather seats that recline! There are short row dividers that block your view of the people in the row in front of you. It's a great way to stop distractions! I loved that idea. The lady who helped me with my ticket seemed to act like she was having a bad day though. So there's my one note.

Teri Hanna

Loved the recliner seating. The ticket office found us seats other than the front row while sold out in unused handicapped seating. Refreshments expensive- a bottle of water is $5 and small popcorn $7. Best to eat before the movie.

Geoffrey BrownDGF

Good screens... Nice and clean. Well cared for..

Jonathan Lewis

Great reclining seats and matinee prices - no hot dogs though and that's a bummer

Alex Van Norman

Nice theater easy to park in the garage, and lots to do near by

Belle Duvall

This place is really nice

Sydney Simmons

I usually go to the Regal in Cary, but they were sold out for the Avengers this weekend, so I ended up here. I’m highly disappointed with the food selection. This theatre doesn’t seem to offer hot food like Cary does. No hot dogs, no mozzarella sticks, no pizza, etc. I ended up not getting anything to snack on, since I hate popcorn and that’s all they have. Definitely won’t be returning if I have a choice.

Beth Carmichael

This is a fabulous theater choice that fits a variety of scenarios: a family night at the movies, a drop-off pre-teen situation, or even a romantic date night. The theater is located in the very center of the North Hills outdoor mall, so no matter what your group dynamic, there are a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options to enjoy before or after your movie. The theater itself is upscale, clean, and well-maintained. The seats... oh my heaven, the power-reclining seats with foot rests will make you feel like you are at home in your favorite comfy chair. Of course, the massive screen and theater-quality sound system will convince you otherwise. Let's talk about concessions. I'm not normally one who goes for concessions, but during my most recent visit, I tried the spicy Cheetos popcorn on a lark. HO LEE COW! Top ten best popcorns ever. They use a Cheetos-flavored seasoning, as the name implies, but the addition of actual Cheetos peppered throughout the popcorn took this combination over the top. The spiciness is optional, but I recommend it. It's a very neutered, "Taco Bell" version of hot, and it's so good! If you are looking for an upscale movie theater, Regal Cinemas in North Hills is a guaranteed crowdpleaser.

Ray Smith

This movie theater is always HOT and not the good kind. I shouldn't have to sweat AND pay money to see a movie. Turn the A/C on!! It's every time and it's ridiculous!!

Jason Reeves

I love going all the Regals in Raleigh. The staff is friendly, really comfortable seats, good sound quality, and the concession stand has wide range of choices!

Tomas Strouhal

This cinema has been here ever since North Hills opened, and it used to be much busier. They remodeled every theater inside to have recliners, and now there are less seats. There is a half-wall in every row, and it obstructs your view of the bottom portion of the screen, especially if you recline your seat. They also don’t have multiple screens for major pictures, so make sure to buy your tickets in advance. Two thumbs up on the location in North Hills!

Brandon Gaither

it's a nice theatre with a equally nice staff. no problem spending my money here.

Jesse Hebert

This place has chairs that recline that was cool to me and the viewing experience was not bad enjoyed my self

Jarrad Wilkinson

I enjoyed seeing the re-release of Avengers Endgame but the recliners were way lower than the ones at Brier Creek Regal. It made it harder to get in and out of from my wheelchair.

Jason B. Graves

They had me at... Leather recliners. Extremely clean and comfortable.

Jaaron E

Comfortable and good atmosphere

Chi-chi Mbonu

Regal North Hills the Movie Theater Cinemax 14.

Peggy Stokes

It was nice. Enjoyed our visit

Tarshia Edwards

Nice movie theater

Nell Hinton

Wonderful evening seeing Downton Abbey.

John Smith R T

I wish they served alcohol!

Julie B

Dont go. They have no one working up front to take tickets and not enough people to handle concessions it will take you 30 minutes to get in. Go somewhere else where they appreciate customers

Shubham Bhawalkar

Good movie hall. Reclining seats for maximum comfort. Overall a great movie watching experience!

Mark Shoe

Lost my Groupon $20 voucher. Manager was unsympathetic. Groupon did refund purchase amount though. Regal at Crossroads had no problem with taking a Groupon (my wife's) and Raleigh Grand at Grove Barton is a better theater anyway!

Trish Fredritz

Loved the comfortable seating in the theaters.

Robert Ricks

Pre bought tickets and short lines @ concessions always make for a good experience.

Michele Taylor

We love the revamped Regal! It's great to have the comfort of the reclining seats in a spacious theater that's not too far from our home.

Cheri Baker

I went to the 3:45 show today with my daughter and some friends and had a great time. The seats are very comfortable. The movie "What Men Want" was good. I recommend this theater it is a family friendly environment.

Calvin Wilson

Nice clean theater. Fine screens. Does it's job

Amanda Nicotera

Very clean. Assigned seats. People can be hit or miss. Sometimes they are pleasant and sometimes they're just there to do a job.

Jonathan Murray

Captain Marvel a girl power movie make it Father daughter date.

travis parker

One of my favorite places to go when there is a new movie I haven't seen yet..

Galactal General

Fun place to go, the good thing about this theater is that there are good options around and places to shop/walk to if you're bored. Tickets can be a bit pricey, but it's worth it as you get reclining seats that are clean.

Aretha Allen

Haven't been in a while but glad that I went! The theater seats were extremely comfortable. Normally theaters are cold but not this time. The temperature was set a comfortable setting.

Dori Robertson

Nice venue with helpful staff. Reserved seating is comfortable. Green Book is a must see movie, and this was one of the few theaters still showing it.

Brian Castelli

Clean. Comfortable seats. A decent theater, but nothing special. Parking is a challenge because the theater is in the middle of North Hills shopping. But that makes it easy to grab food or drinks before/after your flick!

Brandon Life

Regal cinemas is a great theater. Not as exquisite as Cinemark but nonetheless it's good. New seats. However the food menu needs to be updated. I believe they said they do not serve hot dogs or anything really considered I guess real food. Not that you come to the movies for that. It's just almost every theater has at least hot dogs, fries, or nuggets. At least give the customer the option of one. It is North Hills. Just a little under expectations is all. Other than that it is a great place to go.


It lives up to it's name. Very posh and clean, including the.restrooms. recliners are nice. The flat black barrier between rows blends ink with those beyond so every row looks like it's the first.

Nate James

Good place to catch a movie when you purchase your tickets you select the seats you want.

Bryce Wilson

Nice seats, friendly staff, but there is a very detracting "hum" in the sound system in Theater 8. It's been there for some time. Ruins the quiet scenes.

heather cheko

The lady at the front desk was racist and would not sell my friend a ticket because he was black. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and have never experienced such disgusting discrimination and racism. I will not be going to this movie theaters again & I am glad I didn’t spend my money there today.

Russell Tyler

Reclining electric theater chairs!

Justin Lawson

Big theater, parking is weird because of it's location in the shopping center, I recommend Lyft/Uber or parking farther away and walking. The inside of the theater is organized very well. My viewing experience was excellent.

jewel thompson

This is probably my favorite movie theatre

Morin Numa

Good movie experience but if your short it's hard to see with the recliner back

Christine Becker

The reclining chairs felt decadent. They made it really comfortable when watching the movie. And the theater was very clean and the temperature was very comfortable on such a hot day outside

Abel Garcia

Love this theater. Great staff and the seats are awesome.

Ashby Young

The theater was extremely dirty. Employees were standing around joking. I am not saying that they should not have fun at work, but there was drink cups, napkins, and popcorn all around their checkin stand. 5min of clean would of made such a difference.

Nadia Ince

Great movie theater, very comfortable, chairs open up and expand so you can relax while watching the movie.

Edy Hatcher

Great movie theater and super comfy chairs.

Terry Martin

I am extremely torn because North Hills is/was my favorite theater in Raleigh. I absolutely love the fact they have remodeled and added the reclining seats with pre-selection. It was a needed update to contend with market here..This said, I have issue with the brightness of "GREEN" exit signs in the theater rooms now, and new LED stare lights. The exit signs are facing the screens and do not deem down when the movie starts, so the picture is noticeably washed out on both the bottom corners of the screens during dark scenes in the movie. That's really irritating because it takes away from the picture. Why not use "RED" exit signs like other theaters. Red light dissipates better in the dark, but is signs are still easily viewable for emergency reasons. LED lights on the stares are great! but too bright when the house lights are turned down. End row seats (which I had) are blinded by them in dark scenes. Other than that..awesome theater! But I will go elsewhere if there is a movie I want to see with a lot of dark scenes.

John Wright

The theater was clean and so we're the bathrooms. My seat did not recline. I have a hearing issue and I have been there twice now and asked for auditory assistance. Both times it did not work so could not hear much of the dialogue in either movie. My brother and sister enjoyed the theater though. If you have a hearing issue do not come here. If you don't then this is a nice place

Moto RR

Very big screen, comfortable adjustable seats, and some very good popcorn

Dave Furia

A++++++ we loved the reclining seats and the rumble of the surround sound!!!!!! Worth the money and fun for the whole family!

Peter Earle

The best, just better than the rest!

Adam Sch

Comfortable seats! Limited seating because of the comfort but worth it if you can get a ticket. It was very clean as well. I enjoyed my stay there.


Very nice theater and the staff was wonderful.

Heather Reagan-Holihan

The location is nice with all of the little shops, restaurants, and convenient parking. The theater has updated, comfortable recliners, wide isles, and no stress reserved seating. The kids liked the snacks - popcorn & iceys. The line wasn't long. A good choice.

Bruce Dow

First time we have been here since they have replaced the standard seats with reclining assigned seating. It is a very nice and welcome upgrade and made watching a 2:15 movie much more comfortable. The biggest issue is the space between the door and ticket stand is so small and people were getting stacked up (some inside, some outside) as people pondered their seating options - which has really slowed down the ticket sales process, especially with only two people working.

Yolanda Banks

Why would they make customers pay for complimentary water wh er n the tickets are pricey as well as the concession stand. Not great customer service

Persephone Bloome

Great theater, newly renovated with reclining VIP seating, helpful staff, extra delicious popcorn. The shopping center it's in is always crowed. Allow plenty of time for parking and walking and not hitting pedestrians.

Ceez Town

Great place to watch boxing, but parking sucks!

Rj Osler

Awesome theater. Clean restrooms

Michelle Bunn

Very comfortable movie theatre!!

Joseph K

Standard movie theatre experience, nothing really special. All seats from what I can tell are now recliner style which is nice. Still pretty overprice, matinee prices are still $8 or more

Araceli Atayde

I was in the very first row..but it was ok because the recliners were fabulous

Chris Brennan

One of the cleaner Regal Cinema locations. While snacks are still overpriced as is standard in all theaters nowadays, the sizes are a bit larger than most of their competition and so it feels a little more worth it. Would definitely recommend getting your tickets online, especially with assigned seating. Nothing too special, nothing disappointing - overall good experience!

Karen Santamaria

I love the layout of this theater. Everyone gets a super comfy recliner and the stadium seating makes it so that you really can't even see anyone else in the theater, even when someone in the row ahead of you stands up. 4 starts because there are very limited food/drink options. When so many other theaters are moving toward full service and meals, I want options better than popcorn, soda, and candy for my movie.

Matt hood

Showed up 30 minutes early to get a good seat only to find out only the front row corner was all that was left. I was disappointed but thought it would be ok, boy was I wrong, the front row is way too close to the screen, the picture was horrible as you can see the pixels and the angle gives the picture a skew, when I left I had a headache. Why put seats in an area that is miserable to try to watch a movie? I get selling seats online but why not wait until people show up to assign the seats?

Anthony Eaton

Excellent customer service! Clean environment! Kingdom Men Rising by Dr. Tony Evans was filled with Inspiration, Hope, and Power! Holy Spirit used Dr. Evans mightily to produce a much-needed movie designed to IMPACT our culture, one man at a time. To God be the GLORY!!!

Malik Brewer

Just as clean and amazing as always

Justin Nolan

Quality cinema, good quasi subterranean vibe. Friendly staff and solid popcorn. A good example of the upper echelon of chain cinemas.

Lamborghini Gal

My husband and I went to this theater for the first time today, to see the new Halloween movie. We always went to another theater, but after going here, we won't be going anywhere else. This place was amazing, in every way - from the ticket counter, the huge lobby, the concession stand and the absolutely incredible, reclining seats! The movie theater was super clean. Even the bathrooms were clean, and that's saying something, for a movie theater bathroom! I loved how the trash can receptible inside the theater was recessed. Never seen that before. The popcorn was delicious. Just really wonderful experience, in every way. I hope movie goers, take the time to TAKE CARE OF their movie theater. Yes, the employees should keep it tidy, but it is also up to us, as paying customers, to try to keep it neat, when we leave - after all, people do come in behind us. We can't wait to go back! :-) Beth

Ashley Steed

I just love this movie theater its big and clean and the seats recline back great experience for me

Jason Ramirez

I've gone to this movie theater numerous times. Every single time the experience has been great. Is it expensive? Yes, but that's every movie theater, considering I've only gone to a movie every 3-6 months, it's a nice location, especially with the remodeling! I'm late to the remodeling, but it adds to the experience, and makes the prices worth it. Also went to see the new 'Wreck it Ralph' movie, yes I'm aware that's not the actual name, but would definitely recommend the movie, make sure you have time to spare, it's very long! Worth it, nonetheless.


Very big with reclinable front seats. Lots of movie selections. Sometimes it dors take forever to order, maybe they need an extra cashier or two or people dedicated to filling the customer's orders. One thing to note, there are always people standing by the door where you exit after the movie is done and are frequently slipping inside to watch movies without paying. Someone should be by that door to avoid that.

Michelle Hamann

Small theater room with reclining seats were enjoyable


Nice and very clean.

Michael Roe

Nice and clean, not over crowded, and conveniently right in North Hills where there’s tons of good food.

Esteban Corona

Prices are worth it and the audio/movie quality is amazingly beautiful.

Antonio Barnes

Very relaxing! Movie theater have recliners

joseph Todd

The day I went to this place was my friends birthday, but not one person said happy birthday to her, so I gave it one star. But the place was great.

Wanda Bridgers

Nice theater, central to many restaurants but the reserved seating... not a fan. Seating is too packed and someone sat next to me with awful hygiene . I couldn’t move because of the seating and I would have missed part of the movie. Other than that, it’s an OK theater.

Lauren Pollock

We went and saw Aladdin, actually I saw it twice. Both times the movie was very loud. I'm not sure if it was the movie itself or the theater. Either way, we enjoyed it!

Sharon Fleegle

Nice theater. Comfy recliners and snack bar is fresh.

Tyler Hill

Comfortable seating great sound

david shull

What a great theater has enough staff to keep up with the lines. Everything there was clean the screen was big and beautiful couldn't ask for more.

David Gardner

Nice comfortable seats, and I've had good experiences with the staff , but I only come here for matinees because it's so expensive.


I've been to this theater many times over the past few years, and over all that time it has remained my absolute favorite theater in the Raleigh area. Walking into the theater through one of the many, many, many front doors you're greeted by the ticket counter. Buying a ticket is always easy, and the employees are helpful if you have any questions about seating. The concession stand is always speedy, though a bit pricey, but that's true of all movie theaters. The entire place is always completely clean, and any messes are cleaned almost immediately. I've never had a showing that didn't have the reclining leather seats, which is a huge plus, being able to recline and be fully comfortable makes watching a movie all the more enjoyable. The screens never have any issues, I've been to a few theaters with what seemed like stains on the screen, which is incredibly annoying, so I'm glad to not have to deal with that here. I always have a good time at this place, it never disappoints, even through the several trips i made recently to rewatch Spider-Man into the Spiderverse every trip was exceptional.

Maurice Guidry

Clean atmosphere. Very up-to-date and the staff was friendly.

Megan Horne

Very nice theater. Love the reclining seats. I bought tickets most recently to go see the movie Us two weeks ago, went to the 12:30 show, was super impressed with the $8 and change tickets. Will say the only downside was how cold it was inside the theater, my date kept saying how cold he was and it was making his experience so uncomfortable he didn’t enjoy the movie.

Serene Redd

I recently moved back to Raleigh and noticed the upgrades. The spacious reclining seats are always nice. This has always been a pleasant theater to go to.. and glas to see things gave not changed. Just wish they had souvenir buckets for Dumbo

Brandy Jones

Best customer service! Friendly staff, love the recliner seats!

Eveline Muela

Friendly staff and very clean theaters. Great place!

Timothy Allen

Nice clean theater, friendly staff.


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