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REVIEWS OF Regal Greenville Grande IN North Carolina

TH robbins

Awesome theater. No nonsense approach to movie going! Beautiful entrance, professional, cleanly, great popcorn and snacks! Prompt service, everything is just done correctly ! Love this theater.

Noah Mcnamara

Great movies

Shane Miller

Comfortable and clean

Tia Hart

Staff always always look like they dont wanna be there & the manager just walked around the food staff dictating them instead of helping them & they really needed help

Ramon Mata Rangel

I drive a 1:30 minutes to see a move that on they web page said, it's playong. Got there and is not

jr hood

This is a very nice movie theater clean and smell good especially the bathrooms are very clean they need to invest in the new seatings will it recline for the price that they are charging if they want to keep up and keep the sales up there going to have to do something better and he needs to try to start serving hot dogs and pizza and some type of ice cream and a healthier choice of snacks such as a fruit cup or fresh berries

Debbii Letchworth

Totally Awesome theater!!!, but the sounds are pretty loud if you are super sensitive like i am!!!

Lorenzo Carroll

The bathroom a real clean and the movie theater seating of very comfortable.

Kendra Knight

Enjoy the Regal and enjoy going. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

David Fitzgerald

They don't have Goobers! Which may not be a big deal to anyone but me but if I'm gonna spend 50 bucks on 2 hours I should be able to get what I want. Other than that it was an enjoyable experience

jean matthews

This place is excellent, really enjoyed my movie family, I have acquired over the years.♥️

Joseph Mayo

Nice atmosphere

Faye Rose

The staff is very courteous and eager to do their job and seats are comfortable. This was our first time and it was a great experience. We will definitely be going back!

juniece Blackwell

I went to see aqua man. It was so nice and clean. Service was polite. The stack stand line was surprisingly short. Nothing but good comments for this place

Steve Crupi

Not busy so no problems this time. When crowded service is good but could be better with additional help. Need additional help at consessions.

Kimani Monk

My son n I enjoy regal

Henry Wortmann

First time going to a movie in a awhile tried the 3d move meg could. Not see a thing the screen was blurred out of focus don't know if it was me or the glasses but no more 3d for me

Charles Gregory

Avoid the concession stand unless you're super rich.

michelle burton

Great time!!

Daniel Castro

Not overly crowded. I enjoy it!

Aida MManning

Clean and good service!

James Brady

Everything was good except for paying 695 for a drink

the cuzzins of life

I give it a 2 the seating was poor an uncomfortable for the price , i usually go to Carmikes but they were closed tonight

Cody Caldwell

When we arrived, the person selling tickets was very disinterested, then when we walked in, there was no one standing to take the tickets, they had been standing off to the right and got upset that we just walked on by cause we saw no waiting. Otherwise it was fine.

K Byrd

Great theater. Staff is always friendly.

Charlotte Forjoe

Good place to movie at.

La'Shanda Hattley

The staff made it very pleasant for my first visit

Tamica Lassiter

Movie was good, can tell Regals services have been impacted due to AMC's upgrades. I don't go to this location as often as I use to and I live just a few minutes away. Once they make the necessary adjustments regarding seating their foot traffic will improve.

Shanda Parish

The place was clean and had new seating, but they sat a little to upright. I would lower the prices when comparing to the other theater in town.

Vernita Coles

Nice theater, comfortable seats, good concession stand

Jessica Wallace

Movie was great just really chilly while watching movie need to turn heat up

Lynette Weaver

Good place for a movie. Hot dogs are actually pretty good

Chelle J

In my opinion this is the BEST theater in Greenville!! They have recliner seats where you never have to worry about someone's big hair getting in the way of your view. You can reserve seats as well! They have a huge concession stand with a big variety of things to choose from. It's extremely pricey though. I don't have a movie theater in my town, so we drive over an hour just to come to thus one, and it's worth the drive...I highly recommend this movie theater!

Kathy Beck

Very clean and comfortable!

Harry Thomas Sr.

Never had an inconsiderate experience with talking, cellphones, or unruly children... That's a huge plus with me! Popcorn isn't fresh and hot as it should be, but I'll settle for the Adult like atmosphere with well behaved kids, over fresh popcorn any day!

Ayana's Journey

The butter was out at one end of the concession stand. The audio only was initially playing for the previews. I had to let an employee at the concession stand know. The visuals came on after a few minutes.

Heidi Beech

15 mins after movie is supposed to start, theater is just being cleaned, lights are still on. Had to ask for volume to be turned up bc there was no sound and now its unbearable. Curtains are preventing us from seeing the entire screen. Women's bathroom is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. Staff is rude. Will not ever return to this place again. Huge disappointment for such a huge amount of money.

Kat C.

Best movie theater in town, if you ask me. A lot of people prefer the Carmike now because of the seating, however this remains my favorite. Regal is closer to my house, they serve MUCH better/fresher food, there are stores and restaurants around it, and there's a police office out front so it feels safer. I love this theater's nachos and corn dogs. Also, you can eat at the East Coast Wings Restaurant directly beside it, which serves awesome South Western/American food for really good prices.

Lisa Dickens

Very comfortable.. clean and air conditioned very well

Peter Lavin

Awesome experiences with Regal Greenville Grande. Thought my month was ruined after losing my money clip after seeing Finding Dory. I did not know it was missing along with all my money until I went to pay for a meal about three hours later. Checked everywhere and realized the last place I used it was to purchase tickets. I called the theater and asked if anyone had found a unique money clip that had a lot of personal value to me. I advised them that it did have money with it but I was more interested in finding the clip. I was put on hold and was connected to the on duty manager. She advised that they did find a money clip and that I could check with her to describe it. I went back to the theater and met with the manager. I described the money clip from the United States Embassy, Kabul Afghanistan. They had recovered the clip when they cleaned the theater between showings. I would like to thank the integrity of the employees and management of Regal Greenville Grandeur theater and sincerely thank them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all so much. Pete Lavin.

Michelle Alligood

I love this theater because every movie has stadium seating and they have a huge selection of food.

Diego Barrios

Great place to watch movies

Chi Mbonu

Regal Greenville the Movie Theater Cinema 14.

Matthew Sheldon

Nice place.

Teracina Hunter

I really hope that this was because they appeared to be short handed on a Friday night! Was disappointed that they only had one person working the outdoor booth to purchase tickets. On a Friday night! I will say that she didn't appear to let it bother her and she was so pleasant the entire time. Standing in line for popcorn they only had two registers opened. So that took a while but i will still add that also the workers were very pleasant. We purchased popcorn but i was dissapointed to have ALL our popcorn COLD! I didn't bother to ask for fresh popcorn.....the movie was about to start. Besides, a man before me took his popcorn back because it was cold but the new bucket given to him from the back he said didn't make much difference. Going to the female bathroom, only ONE stall was fitting to use. And that was the very first one when you walked in. After paying $38 for tickets and $45 on food.....YOU EXPECT BETTER! I really hope they hire more help.

crystal crawford

My daughter Had a discount ticket but they couldnt get there register to take it so the manager came and gave equal discount...amazing staff ...will definatly be going more often

Whitney Saunders

The seats might be as comfortable as the theater on Firetower Rd., but I like the first come first serve. I do not like getting your seating on line. The times we go there is hardly any wait time. Staff are very helpful.

Barbara Akehurst

Saw Mama Mia here. Nice chairs and atmosphere!

Boris NC

Its ok

Craig Mandro

Way over price and not one smile behind the counter paying an arm and a leg for refreshments.

Shikira Mozelle

Y'all are full of it. I couldnt even get in and i am the parent to my child. I will never come here again. People want to know why Greenville the way it is. Simple minded fools. I'm beyond pissed.

Moo O'Neal

Absolutely terrible experience. I was running a few minutes late for the movie so I quickly walked up to the booth outside to get my ticket. The cashier was talking to her friends and although she and I made eye-contact, she did not serve me until she and her friends finished their conversation. Once seated I was confused to see that the movie wasn't playing even though it was ten minutes past starting time. I sat there for a few minutes, waiting, before a Windows error message was displayed on the screen. I found the manager and explained what happened and he apologized and said it would be fixed shortly. I went back and the previews started playing, but the lights did not go down. Movie started, lights were still up. I didn't leave to tell someone to avoid missing the movie. 30 minutes into the movie the audio cuts out and soon after the Windows error message appeared again. I waited for about three minutes for the movie to resume playing, and that was when the lights finally went out and the movie played normally, but I had missed the part of the movie that cut out.

Gordon Ijames

Clean theatre overpriced food good seating

Guiseppe Getto

Great, clean, well-managed theater. Have been going to this theater for about 6 years now and have never had an issue. If someone's being loud and you complain to management, they talk to the person. If there's an issue with a movie, they fix it right away! Wish every theater could be this well-managed.

Carlton Paul

Watched Creed 2 and enjoyed it very much.

Donna Parker

Have only been here once but had a very good experience. The theater was very clean, the staff was friendly, and the seats were very comfortable. If I didn't live so far away I would go there more often.

Chris Beaman

Took our daughter to see the new Grinch and she loved it. Very friendly staff and love the stadium seating!

Sam Walton

I have been to both theaters in Greenville and they both have TERRIBLE quality screens. You would be lucky to get 720p quality (more likely 480p) definition. Unacceptable to have such outdated film equipment/projectors in 2019.

Delsie Gray

It's the theater. What more to say.


I think I love it

William Meeks

Loved the movie "Overcomer" really great movie. Triumphant, redemption, moving, a faith moving film.

Debbie Tripp

Attended the 1:45 showing of Avengers: Endgame Typically go to the Grande across town but the movie time was more convenient. Was disappointed at the amount of screen time spent discussing and trying to get patrons to download the Noovie app. They could have shown us the Spiderman preview- which was supposed to have been shown after the Avenger credits-as promised... a number of patrons waited☹. Location is good/convenient. Staff was nice when checking in and ordering food.

Joseph Jeansonne

Pretty clean. Empty during most matinees.

Sean B

Fun and good seats

Theresa Oliver

Nice, me an my friend enjoy the movie the Intruder 10

Kathleen Sutter

Nice seating in here. Also even with other movies going on the sound is good.

thomas house

This place was awesome even at times when the movie was not playing they will send us to the other room and it was not playing either so they gave us a free ticket to come back anytime

Randy Harris

Staff needs to ask for reward cards so customers can get discounts. Staff need to be more alert

tony dail

Nice clean area.had a good time

Chase Flores

Great movies showing all the time and reasonable prices

jane giles

Just watched the Overcomer. If you are not a believer going in you will be coming out

Misty Thompson

Upgrade the seats and I'll be totally happy lol

Lavere Hobgood

Staff very friendly and accomodating. The Hate U Give was extraordinary. No assigned seats. Climate comfortable. Theater affordable

Kenneth Gibson ii

Seats could be better and smelled alittle like mildew

John Fisher

Nice clean movie house. All the usual movie house snack food. Friendly staff. But, they don't serve beer.

J Credell

Nice facility & getawsy while visiting East Coast from MS

James Keech

Good theater but very pricey, food was more than admission

Pam Sumeracki

We saw Hunter Killer...nail biting good!!!

NightNurse 4JAH

No one on standby. They appear 10 minutes later acting as if u did something wrong by being inside. No one was there and I see why. We left and went to the other theater.

Edward Bartruff

Great place for a movie!

Keisha Brown

A very nice place to go and watch a movie


Went to see "It" the other weekend. Had 0 problems with theater. Line for concessions was short, popcorn was decent. Was noticing some blurring on the edges in picture quality, but I'm a bit of a stickler, so probably won't bother most. All in all a good visit to the movies. Not the best not the worst. Lots of stores and restaurants nearby so it's a good location. Perfect place for a Saturday evening.

Miles Shannon

Nice theater, seats were comfortable and theater was clean. The place was not crowded, even for a new movie.

Lyndal Lassiter

It's ok I have been in better theaters.

Nichole Alley

Always a great experience. The new unlimited plan is amazing.

shaquanda white

Went to see Breaking In it was a good movie. The price of some of the items are yo expensive. The cinnamon bites comes in a small piece box but it only fills a corner of the box in a little black bowl. My boyfriend paid for our snacks he gave her 20 and the girl kept his dollar and didn't give his change back. So he looked at her she asked another employee can she assist her to give him his dollar and she told her it's a dollar don't worry about it. My boyfriend was very upset even though it was a dollar it wasn't for her to keep and he didn't want to cause a scene over the dollar so we got our things and watched the movie.

Valerie Roberson

Different variety of good movie. Friendly service. We watched John Wick . AWESOME!!!♥️

Amanda Bunn

Loved it

Jennebah Allette

Wonderful Movies Theater

Pat Dixon

Very clean and pleasant atmosphere.

Joe Friday

Your staff needs to learn to start the TCM/fathom events on time and with the sound turned on! The last three movies we attended were not started on time, and twice I had to go to the lobby and find an employee to turn on the sound. There is no excuse for this level of incompetence. Tonight's film was 30 minutes late! It only started when people went out to the lobby and found an employee to tell them the movie wasn't on. Movie was "THE COLD BLUE" Last month the same thing happened with TRUE GRIT, and before that it was GONE WITH THE WIND. You need to have it running so we can watch the Ben Mankowitz introduction. Thats part of the TCM movie experience. Come on, man!!

Shaunterria Glover

I love this theater, bravo Greenville now that it’s cold and winter weather has kicked in, I would love love a cup of warm French Vanilla coffee instead of a coke... hint hint

Trey Wood

Great ticket prices and friendly staff

Loretta Clark

I'm a movie buff.

N Kemp

Had a great time at the movies and it was clean.

Bruce Groccia

Good movie theater , I enjoyed it

Jane Ann Ahlstedt

Good ,as cinemas go. Comfortable seats. Concessions are expensive.

Lana Holley

Lots of parking, clean comfortable theater, senior discount offered.

Watchit Wizard

Very comfortable

Susan Deans

We come to $1 movies every week for the last few years. We definitely spend $20 or not on food each week. Previous manager was great~~had it organized with daycare lines for concessions separately. New manager not so much! I nicely mentioned this and he said he would take this into consideration. As of today he has not. Other theater got a great manager !!

George Pugh

It was a great experience.....other than the rude people, that was attending the movie..( constant talking )

Pomorantz Yates

Good Everything!!!

tony montgomery

Been going to this place ever sense pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end came out. Its always clean the staff is always great.

Christine Griffin

This theater is nice. The bathrooms are clean. But, I wish the food and drink counter was not so expensive. I realize this is where they make their profit, but almost $6.00 for a drink is a bit much.


Good movie selection and quality environment. Always clean.

J Taylor

No real complaints other than that the drinks are about the same cost as the popcorn and the sound could be a bit louder.

CHRISTINA Montgomery

So I got disappointed yesterday because I couldn't watch Childs Play with my babies yesterday just because i had my twins who are under 7. They said they are not allow to watch a rated R movie because of they age 4. Since when can they decided for you as a parent of what can your babies watch at the movies never heard of that b.s.

Laurie Rayburn

The Popcorn was fresh & hot and the theater was a very comfortable temperature. The movie experience was great as usual.

Barbara Williams

Great theater. Clean and relaxing.

Tina Neal

The theater was nice, clean, and employees were friendly. The prices of the food was ridiculous!

joseph king

Nice, clean theater, comfortable seats.

Crystal Grant

This place is a 5 star. I was in a hurry on my first review and hit the wrong star by mistake. I have never had a problem with anything here and "if" I did it was corrected immediately. Great customer service. I am a crown club member and have been for many years. Keep up the good work!

Wayne morris

This location is a go to every time I want a great movie experience. It has not let me down yet. This is a great place and the customer service hasn't failed.

Aaron Barnum

The theatres are huge!! Great stadium like feel to the movie. Sound was great. Not too loud.

Ryan Hendrickson

Very much recommend to this theater. The new seats they installed are absolutely incredible. They are all leather and automatic and recline back. Great place to enjoy a movie with family.

Brandon Standley

The food here is huge (like literally, a small drink will get you through an entire movie), the theaters are comfy and clean and the staff is excellent.

Arthur Schupbach

It's a great theatre but way understaffed. Whenever I go there's only one person at the counter doing every single job. You almost feel bad ordering food because of how much they have to run around. At least have a dedicated ticket taker maybe?

Trey Hughes

Expensive...Thats about it

Lew Newmark

Personally I could do without these seats, and I'm sorry but a medium sized popcorn and Icee shouldn't shouldn't come to $15 plus some change...and the popcorn didn't taste fresh. Not going here again.

Half-Heart Gaming

Movies are always too expensive and the time I went to watch the most recent fantastic beast and where to find them movie we all nearly froze in there dont forget to take a jacket with you

Sharon Mim

Always easy. Needed 1 extra person in the concessions today though. Clean and friendly.

Sherrian Brown

Good movie..going back soon.

Bonnie Robbins

I had to wait in line at the concession stand entirely too long. And then the girl got my order wrong and gave me large drinks instead of small that I ended up paying for because I didn't want to wait longer in line for her to have it corrected. I was not pleased with the concession stand but everything else was fine.

New Generation Academy

Great theater. One of my favorites. Well maintained.

Joi Stewart

Always great!

Ed Mongillo

It's what you expect from a movie theater. Hopefully they upgrade and get beer like the other one soon.

Keith Boulware

Facility was really beautiful but it is not being maintained well.

War Lord

Regal cinemas is clean and respectable. The seats are not uncomfortable but they are not the best either. That is reserved only for the AMC Fire Tower movie theatre but this one comes out to be my second favorite movie theatre which is why it got the 4 stars instead of 5.

R&C ForeverQ

Consession prices are too high

anthony rogers

Clean theater. Today I was a little irritated by the ticket person. I took my 14 year old son to see It but because he doesn't have his school i.d. yet, the lady charged him regular price. I am in the army reserves and I come to this theater every month for drill. I dont understand why I was given a hard time getting my 14 year old, 9th grade son a student discount. Then the lady tells me to take it up with corporate.

Andre Kent

It's a good place to watch a movie. With all the cinemas, there have to be something that you like. Good movie food and comfortable seating.

David Graham

Good staff, clean

Robyn Green

Great experience going there. The young man at the box office was very polite and nice. Thank offered us seniors citizens discount. Cleansenes in the movie. I enjoy the movie.

Cleo McNair

I was a little disappointed, I used to live in Virginia, just moved here, Matinee price in Virginia about $5.00, and seniors paid less than that, during matinee time. The movie we saw was great.

jordan sterling

Good theater. Stinks that i have to drive 40 minutes to get there though. Regal should fix the theater that is close to where i live

Andrew Geston

The theater caught on fire and we had to leave. But this theater is still the best in town. No fire is going to keep me from seeing movies there.

Chris Williams

Love it

Cecilia Berry

Popcorn isn't usually fresh but was awesome finally

Velvet Blizzard

Best theatre in Pitt County. Stadium seating means no peeking around heads. The sound is awesome.

Dallas Jones

Very clean.

Mike P

A friend and I drove from Rocky Mount to see They Shall Not Grow Old, it was a special event and was only playing for one day. When the movie was supposed to start at 1 PM, a message came up on the screen saying that there had been some kind of malfunction, the message looked like one that you'd get on a PC. A couple of people got up and went to find someone to let them know, eventually around 1:30, this guy comes in and tells us that basically, they were supposed to download the movie and they forgot. So, it's downloading now and will be ready in a half an hour. He offered us free tickets for another show, when I explained that this particular movie was a one day only proposition and we had driven from out of town to see it, he acted as if he didn't really give a sh*t. Eventually, about 2 PM, the movie starts, only it didn't start at the beginning, it started into the director's narration, so I have no idea how much of that we missed. The director tells us the audience to stick around after the movie to watch how it was made, when the main feature ended not a single person got up. The making of part begins and is fascinating, only because the whole thing started an hour late, it's now 4 PM and it's time for the next showing to begin. So, does the theater staff tell the folks that have shown up that it's going to be a few minutes? No. They turn on the house lights and turn off the sound, though the making of part is still showing on the screen. So, after driving an hour to see this, we had to wait another hour for it to start, the beginning and the end were both cut off and the staff were pretty sh*tty about it.

Harvey Farrow

The counter is a little slow, other than that a delightful theatre

Lee Bryant

Solid theater but the Sunday afternoon crew seems prone to turning the lights on a bit too early

Dee Jenkins

The staff were friendly. Screen and sound were very good. The movie room number 7 stunk not sure if urine or what. The smell caused asthma attack.

Johnny Lee

Great movie theater. Clean nice place to take your family


Summer movies for kids, tons of fun! Great staff to deal so nicely with so many people!!

Cindy P

SPOILER ALERT: We went to see a movie called Hereditary. We both read a synopsis of the movie and it stated we would be seeing a movie pertaining to mental illness. This movie runs slow, then the deeper you are in it, you see subtle signs of the occult and satanism. The film depicted it as spiritulism. This picture is Satan's subtle way of recruiting converts. I immediately asked and received a full refund from the manager, who agreed with me. The theatre was clean and we felt safe as there was a policeman on the premises.

David Peterson

The movie theater was unbelievably cold. I was very uncomfortable the whole movie because I was shivering


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