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REVIEWS OF Regal Cinebarre Arboretum IN North Carolina

Latasha Wilson

Amazingly Good. Best waffle I've tasted.


Pretty good prices and look into their membership 18 per month and u can watch all the movies u want.. that is A DEAL

Lambros Balatsias

Good place to watch a movie and grab a meal instead of usual theater fare. It looked like renovations to the lobby were underway. The movie we saw did not have the newer luxury recliner seats like others nearby do, but if it did, they would probably get filthy with food and drinks, especially beer. Convenient location and later showtimes make it an attractive option for people who may want to go outside the Friday/Saturday crush. I have ordered food here before and it is pretty good.


Food is good, kids loved it

Victrois Segunchoux

Great staff! Very friendly and helpful. But!.. the concessions are on the high side. And I'm not talking about the alcoholic beverages. Those prices are understandable. Rather, the popcorn (9 dollars) and lack of refills on the soda make this place seem like a less worthy location to catch a flick when regal stonecrest isn't that far away. And has a more affordable concessions. But to be fair, the ticket prices at stonecrest are higher. So that is something to consider

Jane Wood Branam

We love going to the Cinebarre to eat and catch a movie. Last night we saw It Chapter 2. The senior tickets were only $7.60 each. We had red, white & blue burgers and for dessert we had Creme Brulee Cheesecake. It was so delicious I couldn't believe it. A must have dessert. You get a good view from anywhere and their staff is very nice. Clean restrooms. Up front they have a bar and pool tables. One craveat--they only allow babies or toddlers on Tuesdays. That is good for me since they won't be disturbing us during the movie. The movie was great also. I am posting photos of the menu as of 9/19 since I could not find a menu online. Also, they are running a promotion where for $18 a month you can watch unlimited movies.

Mily Vargues

Great adult movie place

Bill Griesmyer

Really enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody here. Great pizza.

Kristy Miller

If your sitter/nanny is under 21 you can't send them here with your children. I did not know it was a bar that showed movies. If they updated their page that shows on Google to reflect their policy I think that would have helped me decide on a more appropriate movie theatre. My little one wanted to see a chiild's movie and I wanted to get a photo of him in front of the poster, but because this place is geared towards adults, there were no child-friendly movie posters. The place was very clean, and the staff were very, very nice. The seats were comfortable, though they did not recline. Thankfully I was able to get some of my work done on my laptop in the movie theatre while the movie was going, I think the staff realized the stress i was under to get work done, so they accomadated me in that way, which I appreciate.

j jay

Nice and clean inside

Andy Fernandez

Theater was clean and newer looking. Seats were comfortable although could not be adjusted. They leaned back a little too much for me. Staff was often missing. No checked tickets (I used a ticket service) anyone literally could have sneaked in. Bathroom we're clean. I person was behind the counter. It took 15 minutes to get popcorn. I did not eat from the menu but the folks sitting next me seemed to have enjoy their food.

Javier Fonseca

Great experience with great food. They seemed a. Bit short staffed while I was there but that may have been due to the holiday season. The staff that was there were quick and helpful. Seats where OK and the theater was clean.

Tammy Qasem

This is a restaurant, bar, pool tables, all inside of a movie theater. What more could you want? The mixed drinks were delicious as well as the food! I don’t know how they find you in that dark crowded theater but somehow they always do.

Tracey Thompson

Loved it, movie and meal all at once!

Thomas Spires

The idea is sound but the poor service and excessive price isn't worth it. Not willing to try here again. Asked for no butter, but as you can see in the photos that wasn't an option. $27.06 for a glass of wine, a glass of soda, and popcorn, that's not including tip. There were no refills. My party pushed the service button and waited for half The movie for refills. I could have gotten them myself but that's not an option here. The seats are leather and don't get cleaned very well as the first ones my party sat in were so covered in what I can only assume was butter we had to move. If you have a choice don't go here. You won't see me here again.

Aundria Thorne

This was a very charming theater. Loved the bistro aspect.

Joshlyn Walton

We went to see Aquaman. The theater was clean, popcorn was fantastic (and bottomless), the staff is very friendly... especially Sarah (like from the Breakfast Club, her words, not mine). Also, her 21st birthday is in June, go and tell her happy birthday! I'd go back.

Shawn Bowman

Very nice clean and the staff are friendly and polite

Manuel Colon

I love this movie theater. The staff is wonderful I have been here for my birthday and now my wedding anniversary.

Cassidy Freinstein

Cool interior theme, nice to hangout in. The bars inside the theatre are a bit high for a short person like me. Seems like the staff doesnt care as much as they use to about walking in front of you while passing to take someone's order.

jasminne mcdonald

The seating area was too small and the screen was not big enough. It looked like a cheap movie theater.

Patricia Eckford

One reason why I like cinnabar is because you can actually eat dinner while you are watching a movie

tina savinon

I felt there could've been more selection of food and some seats were torn, broken or outdated. The staff members were very polite& attentive So my overall experience wasn't too awful although the place could use a little TLC

Todd Druley

This is a family movie place. They have a large bar and full menu which can be ordered while watching the movie. Now if you like waitress walking in front of you during the movie it better be a good movie. Do not see a movie here alone because the prices are outrageous.

Caden Hargett

Absolutely terrible service while your in theatre, asked 3 servers for a menu and they never showed back up for the duration of a 3 hour movie, near the end i ordered a burger because i didint even know what to get and it didint show up, worst of the worse, biggest B.S. ive ever seen

Falecia Morrow

Sunday evening movie and dinner. The service was fast and our food arrived quickly. Ideal location for adult movie night. Will definitely return.


Pleasant atmosphere. Good wait staff and comfortable seating.

Bryan Maddex

Movies and staff are great, theater seating is good, love being able to have a bear or wine while going to the movies. Food however is not good. Zero vegan options, can't substitute things, can't even order a side salad. Had to order an $11 salad and request them to take off the cheese, bacon, and eggs but the plain bowl of lettuce still costs $11. It is frustrating that there are no options without all that extra for a bit less. A veggie or blackbean burger or veggie burger here or there would be nice.

Sharon Small

Enjoyed the late night tasty snacks!

Mickey Mousse

Fun but a bit overrated.

Laila Petruzziello

Bathroom was clean. The service was courteous

Stephen Schram

One of my favorite theaters, but they keep making bad decisions to like it less each time. They first cut the most popular pizza from the menu, now they cut the serving glasses for the drinks to use some very flimsy paper cups. Why? The things that make me want to come keep getting changed to things I can get at any other theater. Dumb move. guys. Stay with what make you unique.

Pat Antonucci

Comfortable seating and able to order food from your seat

Justin McDonald

Very clean and well kept facilities. I love the drinky drink options at the bar which are reasonably priced. The big stainless steel bowl of popcorn is delicious as every popcorn has a touch of butter. Somewhat pricey but worth the money for such a big fancy bowl with free refills. Although this cinema doesn't have recliners, I feel this makes for a better experience since there are tons of seats and you don't have to stress or fight for a seat, or pay the rediculous fees to reserve a seat like at other places. Overall, I enjoy coming to this place.

Keisha Townsend

Movie is reasonable. The food in a little pricey but it taste good.

Richard Allen

It's great for watching movies. Service can be a bit slow sometimes though

Tristen Neuenschwander

Service is through the roof and the food is insane. There are pool table and TV and bar where you can just chill if you aren't coming to wat a movie.

Cris Rodriguez

Took wifey for a date night. It was ok. Food was decent, not great. Drinks were decent. Really pricey overall. Staff was friendly, albeit the service was slow. It is nice to drink a beer while watching a movie, but don't know if it's worth the price. Maybe sneaking in your own flask would make it more enjoyable for the price? Might try it again, but it won't be for a while. I recently moved here from Seattle and one of my favorite spots was a small, independent theater that served alcohol and food and the whole experience was much more affordable. I wonder what their secret was?

Donna Poyner

If you have to eat while watching a movie, then you may like this theater better than I did. The seats are regular movie theater seats - I prefer the luxury loungers in other theaters.

Nathan Kingsley

Loves everything about this theatre. We go there all the time and love the service. Our server tonight was Greg, an aspiring actor who had great hustle and motivation on the job! The food was great, the seating was spacious, and the audio visual quality was exactly as expected. Most of all, the environment when walkig in and out is AWESOME! All of the posters inside are from classic movies- the only ads are on the walls outside the building. When you walk in it feels like a place that is run by movie lovers, not simple minded businessmen. This is the only theatre we go to. More theatres need to be run like this one!

Mishakia Ford

Great place to see a movie. Unfortunately the theater is completely dark when you food arrives. A little light would be great to ensure I have the correct food and not a cockroach on my greasy bottom platter. Then they want me to pay a bill in the dark as well. Some mood lighting would work wonders.

Chloe Elisabeth

So apparently you have to be 18 to watch a pg movie or any movie at all at this place. The guy was also a little rude you when he said that it’s because there is a bar when ids have to be checked at a bar anyway so I don’t see why you can’t go in to just watch a movie. This place makes no sense and it’s stupid.

Kevin Bush

Comfortable seats, good food and not too crowded.

Stephen Feldstein

Great place 2 watch movies. Eat food brought to you like a restaurant. Good prices. Fun for All.

Brad Long

Highly suggest going to a nice steakhouse and then here, without ordering food. You will be even better off with another theater for sure. Food was served cold. Food is not good. Food is expensive. Service is marginal. Seats are tattered and torn. Movie sound is poor. Picture quality is substandard. And too many distractions to actually enjoy the movie.

Patric Taylor

Food not bad. Drink strength is like meh at best lol. Not the best tho. Plant based/vegan options are lacking but all in all everything is pretty good.

michael magerowski

Good theater, clean, good food, and decent prices. Just a touch dark when you are eating and watching the movie just wish they had a small light but you're there for the movie not really the dining experience

Angela Wright

It need to be remodeled. The seats are old style and the bar for your food blocks the screen. The drink I had was good but the chicken was way to salty and not crispy at all for hot wings. The popcorn was dry but was supposed to have butter on it, they must have put a teapoon of butter in a sack of popcorn. My son did enjoy his french fries though. I don't think I will go there any time soon.

Carolina Ponce

Amazing place. Great atmosphere. Nice, attentive, friendly staff. Nice to sit outside, or play pool or just chill until your movie starts. Even better that there is a shopping center right beside it with lots of places to go eat at. Recommend.

Eiman Shekari

Food, booze, and movies. Food can take a while on a busy day so order right away

Betsy Freeman

I love that they have table ordering for drinks and food! Unfortunately the seats need to be replaced..all ripping. So, boozy milkshakes...yup, I'll come back

Travel Sales Group

Best popcorn in town. Rarely super crowded, comfy seats and beer with your movie....what could be wrong with that??

Jon Emch

Good place for a dinner and a movie.

Yujiro Hanma

Very nostalgic feel to it. Food service was prompt and correct. Theaters seating is a lil stiff and dated. But outside of that it has a classic theater experience to it.

Kevin Kast

Good theater with food and bar

Andrew Masters

The food is awful and over priced. On top of that the seats are not very comfortable and do not recline or lean back at all. The alcohol selection is good and the people are friendly.

Apryl Williams

Movie theater is always clean and the staff is very friendly. The menu has a variety and the prices well... They’re somewhat what expensive! HOWEVER, the food is pretty good and the portions are a nice size.

Abir Tannir

We've always picked that place for kids movies, as they can watch and eat, we were surprised today that they discontinued the kids menu and they don't carry the basics in their menu like chicken tenders or sliders or basic burger. Really disappointed I wish we were told before we bought the tickets. Menu is not kids friendly. And what is the deal with Serving water in a coffee paper cup? Seriously guys??

Indraneel Phadke

Cheap tickets offset by slightly higher popcorn. But that is offset by the bottomless nature and table service! Thoroughly enjoyed our time, and will definitely go again!

Elda Ramirez

I loved the theater and I loved the movies available AND the fact that you can hang at theater to drink and eat BUT their service lacked. When we got to our seats we pressed the button to order our food and drinks for movie but it took almost 15 to 20 min for someone to actually come and take our order. AND then we only got our popcorn sans drinks. After 10 min (yes movie had already started) I had to press the button again to get someone to come to our seats and finally bring our drinks. Perhaps they were short staffed I really don't wanna think their service is always bad considering EVERYTHING else was perfect.

Betty Johnson

It has taken me a few months to calm down enough 2 even post a respectable response about my family's experience at this theater. If you ask me the policy about not allowing children under 3 to watch a cartoon is crazy, but what can you do about it? When the policy changed we were able to take my son, but not my daughter. We stopped going to the theater for over a year until my daughter was old enough to get in. So we finally return and while watching the movie there was another young child seated with his family near us. That child got bored quickly and was playing around in the isle. He got my daughter's attention and she started playing around a bit too. We had gotten her to calm down and she was in my lap talking and giggling when a manager with a nasty attitude shows up. The other child had literally just sat down before the manager walked in. She tells me that someone complained and we had to leave. She finished with a nasty "She is not supposed to be in here anyway because she is not three." I explain that she is three. She is small for her age. Instead of making a scene we go to the lobby and wait for my son and his father. When the movie was over my son and his father joined us in the lobby. I fully explained to my son's father what had happened. He went to a manager to inquire about the situation as to why our daughter was asked to leave when she was not the only one that had actually been causing the commotion. Yes she joined in, but she had gotten herslf together. She just happened to be sitting in my lap giggling when the manager walked in. Obviously whoever made the complaint did not give details on which child or all of the children that were involved in making noise. My children's father said okay we can accept that yes she was giggling when they walked in, but the other child who was actually causing the issues was able to stay. The hardest part to accept though was the fact that the manager was nasty and was saying that she wasn't supposed to be there because she wasn't three. This other manager profusely apologized but did not offer to give free tickets did not offer to refund our money. To make this fair we're not the only ones that should have been ejected from the theater. A better solution would have been to ask both families to leave but they didn't. Other patrons came out of the theater that we had been in and walked past us and simply made eye contact and shook their head as if to say that was wrong what they did to you all. My daughter already has difficulties with constantly hearing from people comment on how small she is for her age. She is healthy, just petite. I may never know how hearing this again and being told she was not supposed to be there will effect her, but I am sure she won't forget being asked to leave. Trust and believe this theater will never get another penny from any member of my immediate family, extended family, friends, or anybody that knows me. Do we now have to start taking your children's birth certificates into the movie theater?

Olivia J

Good food and nice wait staff.

Heidi Christina

Really nice comfortable place to watch a movie with full service


Quality of food is okay. Movie quality isn't anything special. Service is nice and flows well. Not a bad place to go to a movie alone, but for date night I might pick somewhere else (like the Philips place).

John Haviland

I really look like the oversized movie posters displayed around the lobby and corridors. The theater was clean and comfortable. Neverending popcorn was tasty.

Magic Coleman

Love this theatre! Can't bring kids under 4, but that's okay given the type of theater this is. Love the ability to order food and refreshments during the movie so you don't miss anything!

Katherine Priebe

I really enjoyed myself. We ordered the naked chicken wings with barbq sauce on the side. I really liked the ranch dressing for the celery sticks. Waffle was yummy too as well as the fries.......ofcourse we had the popcorn. It was nice. The service was perfect.

Manny Perez

I've ordered food here with out watching a movie, food is that good! I recommend the Byson burger, is well made and the wings come with fries and a salted waffle! They also have vegan options and a huge variety of beers, Ipas, wine, and spirits on tap! They have foos/ pool tables aswell as cool board games. Cool place to hang out or have a nice dinner and a movie date. They also offer matinee options and you can earn pts towards your Regal Membership

Amorous Lyric

Great place to enjoy all in one. Food drinks and movie..

Will Ethridge

Great food and drinks, a little on the pricey side, but quality food and service. Great for a night out with children

Brandy Brown

I drove 45 minutes here with my family and my 2 month old baby to see a kids movie. And they denied us saying that a child can not come into their theatre under the age of three because their is a bar. But kids 3 and over can come in. What sense does that make

Rafael Alcazar

The parking is ample and easy access. Friendly staff. There's a restaurant/bar which serves from a limited menu featuring burgers,fries, pizzas and some sandwiches. Popcorn, of course. The is also service of wine and beer, along with the usual soft drinks. These are served by a waitress at your seat. Seats are comfortable and there is a comfortable shelf to act as a table. Prices are average.

Daniel Fieldstone

What a cool business in a cool place. The whole theater bar concept is such a great idea! I am glad that the Regal Cinebarre Arboretum brought this to the area. Keep in mind that if you go here you will be in the Mathews Arboretum where there are plenty of places to go and things to see.

Jessica Slingerland

We purchased tickets for the movies ahead of time. Upon entering they stop us and tell us my two year old can't be in a PG movie (Incredibles 2 to be exact). It wasn't sold out or overbooked, it was practically empty (I wonder why). They said they don't admit any children under the age of 3 at all ever. This is a ridiculous policy. My two year old was very excited to watch a movie with her older sister and no where when purchasing the ticket did it specify there was an age restriction for a PG movie!!!! I will never go to this theater again. Plenty of theaters without this insane policy within close proximity and more comfortable accommodations to boot.

Ron Green

We go to Cinebarre regularly as a family. I have to say service was better before it was bought by Regal, but it is a great concept to have dinner and a movie at the same time. Doesn't seem to cost any more than if we did it separately and the kids love it. The key is to arrive 15-minutes early to get your order in, but even when we were a little late we always received our dinner during the movie and were paid and ready to go before it ended. The food is really good and well-priced but the drinks are a bit expensive. Still the only theater we go to any more.

Mark James

Love the food. The prices can be a little above average but I'm sure that's to offset the fewer seats available. Movie quality is good and seats are comfortable.

Alexander Monroe

Aladdin was a lot of was clean and crowd was in good spirits...Casey our server was awsome...he made great suggestions and took extra special care of the kids we brought. Everyone had a great time and the food was great and service was fast! Burgers, wings, pizza, and cheese sticks were delicious....loved the whole experience

Leland Tillman

Love this theatre alot! I never have any problems their. Food is the best, service is great and you can always find a good seat.

Christopher Anderson

Great beer selection and plenty to choose from off of the menu. Servers were attentive, polite and very helpful. Servers come right to your seats, take your order and bring the drinks right away. Definitely would recommend to go watch a movie here. Can get a bit pricey for the food but not absurd.

Kenneth Holt

Good food as always. Fun way to enjoy a movie

Arturo Montenora

Really nice place to watch a movie, and have something to eat.

Marcus King

Always tend to enjoy coming here. Great staff and a good date spot

Kenneth perdue

Best theatre for us yet. We love the bar and service! Its perfect! The movies are awesome and the seats are comfortable :)

Sebastian McShane

This is a theater that offers food and beverages. When we went the automatic call buttons to call the waitresses on our entire row or not working. We got to the movie 15 minutes early and with many others in the row struggle to get wait staff to come and take our order. By that time our orders were being taken the movie had already started end it was difficult to try to watch a movie while explaining to your waitress what you wanted on your salad and what beverage you wanted. When they finally began bringing out food they were getting almost all of the orders mixed up and bringing the wrong order to different people. My partner and I ordered a salad in a small 10 inch pizza. The salad and bacon in it onions that were very strong in the salad was extremely salty. The pizza was that bad. Just wish it would have been bigger. I had a beer in my partner had a mixed drink. Total bill for the evening came to almost $50! Generally I enjoy going to dinner theater type movie houses, but I am sure I will not be going back to this one.

Diana Hoffman

This place is horrible because you have to be 18 or older to get in. Therefore my 18 and 17 could not go to see a movie.

Catherine El-Khouri

Went to see Captain Marvel with a couple of friends. Every staff person I encountered was very friendly. They serve actual food here and the wait staff were attentive. Seats were comfortable and both the theater and bathrooms appeared clean.

Jeannine Tedder

Very comfortable and the workers are very nice

Lillian White

Great place to catch a movie and dinner at the same time and with a beer

Cecelia Bailey

Something to eat and drink while watching a movie. Great location.


Very neat little theater, served food, pizza, drinks, etc. Even a pool table lol, not bad. A bit overpriced but I can understand why to a certain extent. Will go back!

Mike Holder

Great place to watch a movie.

E Karp

I enjoy being able to order food and not have to wait in line. Great customer service. It is my favorite theater. Great milkshakes

Kirsten Alford

Love it here! Table service at your seat.Their food menu is well above the quality of most theaters. Well above. Burgers are bison full sized thick burgers. Fries are perfection. Full drink menu and bar. Full variety of well made pizzas and all kinds of other items on there.. Order from your seat and they bring it all back fresh, hot, and without interruption of your movie. The reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 is because they havent converted to the recliner chairs yet that we've seen most other theaters have now Mixing recliner chairs with their food service would be the ultimate movie experience. 4DX motion activated seating would be the only other thing that's better if you ask me. No one offers that in NC yet though.

Reuven Yehuda

Fantastic place to watch a movie. Good service, good room in the seating area, and the food is delivered to you. Food is okay, it is standard pub fair, but one of the best places to watch a movie in Charlotte.

Melissa Bové

Got a nice strong drink here, and our waitress was attentive. The food filled us up and tasted great.

Kristina Villella

The chairs here are not as comfortable as other local theaters. I’ve ordered food and alcoholic beverages, and I always ask myself why did I even try. It’s just not good. The drinks taste terrible.

Christopher Gardner

Nice concept, and decent food. Sound system in theater 2 needs work. And as usual...for any theater, just because you spend all that money there is no guarantee some troglodyte won't sit behind you and talk on their phone, crinkle cellophane for five minutes straight or let their kids roam free You take your chances

Luke Drago

I love this theater. Each room has wait staff that will bring you whatever food you order during the movie. And they have real food that's reasonably priced. No $10 popcorn here. You can get a real salad, a burger, or anything else you'd expect from an American restaurant without leaving your seat. These guys do it right.

Coach Wilfong

Good food for theater food. It's a bit pricey and they don't have recliners. But the service staff is friendly and helpful.

Keyla Ward

I love this movie theater, they will bring popcorn, drinks, food to your seat. One of my favorites places in charlotte

Joseph Priestner

Comfortable theater and the food was better than expected. We watched Infinity Wars there and the sound track in the film was worn out or the sound system in Theater 3 needs some work. The dialog was very muffled at times.

Yura D

The movie theater is great. Drinks are good and food isn't too bad.

Russell Herring

This place was great we had a great time good food good drinks and the staff was so nice we will be going back .

Matt Duke

Great pricing. Very friendly staff. I was actually short a few bucks paying for my tickets, (left bank card at home) and the gentleman at the box office paid our his pocket to cover me!

Emily B

Great ticket prices on weekdays, good service in theater too.

Wesley James

The place is really dated, but it has very special place in my heart. Still take the kids to spot where mom and dad had their first date. Love this place and old the posters of classic movies. I hope this place never changes!!

Jonathan Grier

It was ok. Popcorn was cold, seats can be uncomfortable. Get there early to get a decent seat.

Anithea M

It was clean, food was pretty good. The wings were good. Movie was good.

Shantice Woods

Loved the old school feel. Great Thursday afternoon movie spot. The added touch of classic movie posters and 1950s diner vibe was really great. Enjoyed excellent service as well. And any movie theater that has a bar and burgers is ok with me!!

Josh B. James

I really like Cinebarre, great for dinner and a movie. It is a bit older so during the movie I'd accidentally keep kicking a lose ring on the table leg and it would make a loud noise. But honestly, a cool place.

Tony Leotta

food was great and reasonably priced. seating was good. screen size was good. AC was good. free ice water. clean bathrooms.

Kimiko Mo'relo

Went to see Goosebumps, although the movie theater was empty we enjoy our time. Aside from the 25 to 30 minute wait after we push the buttons to be serviced we're in then I had to get up from my movie to ask someone where the hostess was. The manager wasn't exactly too friendly but I took that. Upside from that the hostess came right in and received our menu options, also food was fresh and done in a timely manner.

Barbi Gearhart

We took the kids to Cinebarre for our son's birthday and so they could watch Avengers End Game. The staff were amazing. The place was packed but they treated us as though we were the only ones in the theater. I was also shocked at how good the food was. The kids got the standard pizza, chicken tenders, french fries and even milkshakes. My husband and I were able to get grilled chicken spinach salads and they were great. Overall our experience was first-rate.

Troy Norwood

This is probably my favorite theatre to go to. The ticket prices are similar to others around and the food prices are not bad either. Knock out dinner and a movie at one time and have a delicious cocktail also! I would go here for every movie release if it was closer to me but I have a different one that is easier for me to get to.

Pierre Fenrick

Wonderful experience

J anything channel

Popcorn too expensive!! No reclining seats. Nice theater.

Momma K's Christian Cafe

Great place for adults to go for dinner, drinks and a movie. It does have a bar in the lobby, so if you are entertaining minors, you may want to chose a different location to watch “their” movie. The staff is super nice, service is prompt, the prices and menu offerings are what you would expect. The theaters and bathrooms are clean and the seating is comfortable. Its a perfect break from routine either alone or with that special someone. Nice neighborhood movie theater, not too big or too small.

Richard Champalbert

Seats were comfortable. The picture quality was good. Unfortunately, the speaker system wasn't working well at all. Halfway through the movie, we started hearing some intermittent interference, and there were long stretches where the high range sounds were just gone. If I'm going to pay movie theatre prices for a movie, I expect the sound and picture to be at least as good as my TV - definitely not worse.


Love this place, I love to go there and to be able to eat and drink while watching a movie. Sigture burgers are delicious

Scott Terada

The food is good. Service is good. It is a nice option when you go see a movie.

Martha Sikora

Food quality has more shoe string French cut way back...great service but just not the same quality food

Jimmie Frazier

Well worth the drive and price. Great food and plenty of space to be comfortable.

Sasha Loffreda

Volume on movies is SO with that being said...the fact that everyone is hear chewing over the movie. This cinema was a one and done for me.

Rooz Rafie

"Meh" is precisely what comes to mind about this theater, the food is ok, the drink aren't anything to brag home about. Even though they had a renovation not so long ago, the place looks and feels very dated and there is a very distinctive aroma about it. Would go to another theater if I can help it.

Emanuel Valenzuela

I don't like it any more the menu sucks now and it's more expensive

Maurice Wilson

I was sitting at the bar and four other patrons on either side of me were served before I was asked if I needed anything??? my guess is they think that I'm Hispanic and don't like to speak to Hispanics. I have no other explanation for why I was treated this way??? I will never return to this establishment and I will post more negative reviews on other websites.

Henry Navarrrete

I have enter with Fuji water and they dont say nothing mad chill people good is great nothing like crazy good but good enough to enjoy.....

amber mobley

Great experience! Open bar as soon as you walk-in to order drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) if you choose. Or you can order your food and drinks with the push of a button inside the theater room. Not a fan of theater food but to my surprise it was decent!Staff is friendly and courteous. Only downfall for them would be the cleanliness. The bathrooms, theater seats, floors wasn’t too presentable the last few visits.

Roger Stowe

Great seatside service and comfortable seats.

Tiyanah H

Great place very clean food is excellent

song hyon

Chairs pretty comfortable. Online purchase ticket doesn't reserve certain seats. So you need to come in early pick and hold spot. Too dark inside to eat food really don't know how many times I dropped my wings on floor. Cool system of pushing button and and order food and being served all while chillin in your seat. They have early show discount.


The food here can be quite pricey and the service isn't always great. However it is a great place to play pool and watch a great movie for fairly cheap price! I would recommend this place if your looking for an economical night out.

Crystal Croteau

Decor was cool, food was a little underwhelming. Did not show the end credits scene on the Spiderman Far From Home movie and was not offered an explanation. Seats inside the theater are a little torn up, pinches your legs if you are wearing shorts.

Jin Baker

Love being able to order from my chair. Napkins are perfectly placed so you never run out by being under the tables. Great customer service and the food is good

S S.

They changed the food and I am sad. If you want to watch a movie and have drinks you are in for a treat. Unfortunately there has been a major change in the quality of the food. 2 years ago, I would purposefully not eat before going to Cinebarre because the food was great; from the salad to the pizza and burgers. Now, not even my 14 year old son will order the pizza again. I don't know what happened or who they are contracting with for the food service but I won't eat there again. A movie and wine or a shake is all that we will order. I hope they go back to how it used to be. : (

Marcial Maneiro

The entrance and lobby is great. The posters from old movies was great. The pool tables was a fun touch. Having the ability to order great tasting food is clutch. The theater itself is small but that is understandable with tables for eating. I do wish the seats were more comfortable and the food a little less expensive, but overall the experience was great. And their classic mojito is one of the best I've tested, on par with mojitos from Aruba. Highly recommend this theater.

Edgar Matos

I enjoy coming here with friends. I watched joker and our server Tyler was awesome. He was gracious enough to ask the people sitting next to us to not put their bare feet on the counter. I mean people come and put their food there and it’s Unsanitary so if there is some way that can be Enforced. Besides that it was great and Tyler was great.

Kevin Vang

This place i found the cheapest tickets around. But food is sooo expensive. Literally popcorn was the same price as a person. A burger 15$. Drink 5$ way smaller than anywhere else I've been literally the size of McDonald's small drink but wider. Milkshake the size of McDonald's small for real is 8$. Everything came out to 35$, excluding our ticket = 15$ for 1- adult and 1 child i don't mind that. Everything came out to 51$. Let me add no free refills, at all. Plus literally only 10 people including us was in there. Obvious give away to not come here but i thought lets give it a try. Never going again.

Thelma Onwukwe

Gr8 w/hubby

Evangeline Eure

I loved it! Good movie and good food!

Randy Hutchens

I LOVE Cinebarre! Me and my family had a great time playing pool and watching Star Wars for Father’s Day! Yummy chocolate chip cookies. Small screens. Refreshments are expensive. They bring your food to your seat in the theatre.

Matthew Bond

Really awesome theater that I enjoy going to Everytime they deliver food and drinks to u in the movie it's fantastic you will never miss a minute again

Keith Smith

I hate the waitress service. Theres not a good amount of options. Staff is fine, but I would rather get my own food and drink. Never going back.

Daniel Ray

We had not visited this theater for about a year because of the declining service and food quality, so last night was a spectacular turn-around. My wife ordered the fish and chips, I had a burger and both were great. The service was awesome and the theater was clean. We will be returning from now on. Great experience all around.

big bootycheeks

Just a great place to be with great scenery, compfy seats, great food, and great sevice! What else can you ask for

Lizmarie Gonzalez

Such a great place to chill out and watch movies in a cozy environment

Adam Wood

This theater rennovated about 5 years ago to include food and drink service. When you first walk in there is a social bar where you can purchase to let's from the bartender when the box office is closed. The theaters pretty nice but the seats could be a bit more comfortable. The sound system is decent. I was not motivated to make a food order; It just felt a little wierd. Overall, I'd say it's a good place to see a movie as long as you don't mind waitstaff serving you or others during that movie.

Chris Elder

Nice theater with full menu and full bar. Prices are a bit high for what you get but everything we have gotten, we have enjoyed.

Travis Likes

Fantastic service, good food. Overall excellent.

Clyde Mayberry

Great food! Nice place to watch a movie!


The food was great....I got the chicken tenders and fries...Omg it was freaking delicious

Willie Delport

Great movie experience with food and drink. A liquor license as well.

Dan Ward

My date and I have been there twice to eat, drink, and watch a movie. The cinema itself is great. 5 stars. The food is typical "bowling alley" food. Good, but NOT healthy. 4 stars. The mixed drinks are NOT good... we tried 4 different drinks, all meh to terrible. On one occasion we had to remind the waitress 3 times for a drink. Stick to bottled drinks. 1 star.

Hayden Reed

Great food and beverages. A little expensive but hey, it's a movie theater! Friendly staff as well.

Jason Dearborn

Can't make a mojito to save their lives. Took back the first attempt and they used vodka instead of rum. The food was a notch above really bad bar food. Service was so as molasses. How do you screw up garlic knots? Go there and you'll find out

William Rogers

A great place to watch a movie (as long as other patrons shut up). Food is good, especially the pizza. Good, imaginative cocktails and other drinks. Comfortable seats and good sound.

Jo Faulk

Very comfortable, good service.


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