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REVIEWS OF Regal Brier Creek IN North Carolina

Mike Bullock

Always love to go here we usually get a good price clean and usually not really packed unless it's a movie that's just coming out and of course you got to wait sometimes. Buy your tickets online and you don't have to wait.

Christina Frantz

Nice cinema with comfortable seats!

Shantel Johnson

Love the chairs that recline. Clean theater. Love you get to pick your seats when ordering online. Great place to go see a movie.

Joseph Beal

Same as every other movie theater when it comes to overpriced concessions. The reclining seats here are amazing, although a bad idea for me because I have a hard time staying awake. I love the reserved seating part of it.

Kendra W

The theater is always clean, but the popcorn is not so great. The location in Brier Creek is convenient.

Cory VB

Stopped by after a Target trip to purchase tickets for myself and my son for Lion King Friday as I am old school. They had several people inside getting ready, but I guess they weren't open. The employees starred at me and one just shook his head. I did not see any hours posted outside and my phone would not get a signal. Wish an employee could have come to the door to at least tell me when they would open. Just went to Raleigh Grande instead.

Gina B.

Love the stadium reclining seats. It is clean inside the theater as well. You can purchase tickets online to reserve your seats in advance.

Mike the Great Bledsoe

$5 Tuesdays is the best say of the week to go

Jameel Fleming

Saw Maleficent at this Regal this weekend, and it was my first time going to this one. As my friend and I had just had lunch, we didn't buy any concessions. The seats do recline pretty far (although they are not heated). Small, rather tight bathrooms. The most remarkable aspect of the theater was that there was an odor. The words that come to mind are damp and musty, like maybe the carpets need to be shampooed or something. I thought maybe it was just the lobby but the smell was also in the theater itself.

Ingrid Sanchez

We had a small issue with the movie. Spider man was very fuzzy. But, after the movie, we raised our concern to the manager on duty. His name was Parker. He explained the situation clearly and handled it completely perfectly by giving us future passes. Very pleased with the service and attention.

Isaac Charles

3D glasses were more difficult than you would expect. The theatre itself was clean, modern, and comfortable. No complaints at all with the film presentation. The bathrooms, though... pretty sure there are bars down by the docks that have bathrooms in better repair. Hold it until you get home.

Abigail Haas

We got our tickets for the wrong day, and didnt find out until we drove an hour to get there. The manager came over and refunded us, got us tickets for the next viewing, but more importantly treated us with compassion and respect instead of bothersome. And the new recliners are great :)

Jacob Wonder

Staff is great. Theaters are pretty solid. The theater off Glenwood is my Goto however.

Eduardo Neri

Good place to relax, nice comfortable chairs

Joan Morgan

Very nice workers and the food is eclectic

Neka Craig

The auditorium was clean, seats were comfortable. Only thing is they should have the rows more visible

Chiffon Prince

Pretty good theater. Seats are comfortable, restrooms are clean. The only down side is that they never seem to have enough staff working the concession stand.

Charles Martin

Leather seats are nice however bathrooms were not clean and did not have any soap in the dispensers. I told an employee before my movie and when I came out of the movie, guess what? Nothing had been done about it.

Jerry Battle

My first time visit. Luxury theater, leather seats with electric recliner feature! Very Nice! Service in the lobby was kind of slow, even with a short line. If your time is short you may miss the beginning of your movie. They also serve beer and wine. Beer prices were as expected(for a theater) $4-$8, but the price of wine seemed a little steep for 5oz. ($9) It may have been really good wine, I don't know. Overall, a very good experience at a reasonable price (movie $12.50).

Morris LeBlanc

Movie theater is older but they had recline seats which my daughter and I loved when watching our movie.

Michael Bass

Movie was supposed to start at 2pm.. It's currently 2:31pm..weve been staring at a blank screen for 30mins nobody has come in to tell us anything... Great experience

L R. Kornegay

This place is awesome. Love the upgrades with the reclining seats! Concession is kind of high priced, but what movie establishment isn't?!

Abraxas Frye

Good theater with nice seats and above average sound. Here is the bad part...Tried to order coffee and I could not get any due to there being no lids in stock. Poor ordering on someone's part. It is Starbucks so the little cups can utilize the lids from just about any chain store. Audience was so noisy that the suspense of the movie was destroyed. Heavy cell phone use and loud patrons including one woman making very loud threats to another. I realize that to some extent the management has no control over the zoo but there were no ushers or employees in sight. t got so loud that I went out to ask for a walk through. No employees outside of the concession stand. If the concessions were so important and took precedence over the movie, it appears that cup lids should have been found important as well. Oh yes, there was a security guard out front...AT THE CONCESSION STAND. Hopefully the franchise will learn what we actually buy tickets for and staff accordingly. Waste of money on a good film in a no care theater. We are avoiding Regal locations until they learn more about the industry that they are in. Find some management at this location would be a tremendous start. additional info: 2 days after I posted my review the response below appeared and instructed me to follow the link at the bottom...It took me back to a basic review page at the theater. TOTALLY USELESS! Obviously posted to show their good faith but the link does not work. INCREDIBLE! I was basically as a customer asked by owners at Regal to train their staff for them. The management made this situation much worse. Message received loud and clear!

Nicole Morgan

Leather seats were comfy and I like the option of choosing your seats ahead of time as well as the Regal rewards program. At this particular location, the staff was nice but there were two issues I had with the facility - the movies are not listed next to the theater numbers so it is confusing and the bathrooms were in pretty poor shape. If they updated those two things, I’d give this place 5 stars.

Trina Lawrence

Nice theater and the chairs are very comfortable we were a little confused on the seating but good movie

Will Sutton

I went to see the Dark Phoenix. I must say I enjoyed the original X-Men movies a little more. I got used to seeing Halle Berry as storm even though I always thought Angela Bassett would have been perfect for that role!

Tashara Bonham

This is usually my favorite movie theater, but after last night I don't think I'll consider this location again. At least 3 groups of teenagers were loud and obnoxious the whole movie, our seats weren't clean, popcorn was stale and after a certain time we couldn't find anyone except the security guard on duty! I understand it was a late movie, but does the staff leave before the patrons?! Do better guys!

Kyle Brown

The screen was out of focus and it definitely affected the quality of the viewing

Rob Green

So far it has been a really nice theater. The sound system doesn't seem to be the highest quality

Brock Blanks

Went to a prescreening tonight to see Stuber (funny movie). Never been to this theater before, reclining seats that were comfortable and friendly staff. Would definitely return.


This is the closest theater to me and one that I frequent regularly. Their prices seem to be the cheapest in the area and their staff is usually friendly. Definitely worth coming here!

Kirk Childers

Cozy seats. But always looks or feels dirty. Needed to be updated


Bought tickets on Atom. Using my Apple wallet to get into the theatre was pretty simple. My first time at this theatre so I didn’t realize that I actually HAD to sit in the reserved seats. I ended up beside a woman who brought and oversized blanket with her and talked the ENTIRE movie. It was really annoying. However the theatre was clean and the seats were extremely comfortable!

Bryan Flores

Need Jalapenos for the Nachos como on.

Rita McFarland

Nice reclining chairs. Tickets good price.

Tara Olhoft

The recliners in this theater are comfy. The sound system is great. The popcorn is delicious. What else can you ask for?

Bob Sawyer

Love their seating

Maureen Grier

This is our favorite movie theatre. It’s smaller than most and that’s one of the reasons we enjoy it. Every seat in the house is great. We also like the plush seats that recline all the way back. It’s convenient to many other stores, as well. so you can get some shopping in too!

cringe master 84

Good seats and great staff

J Zapata

Great environment, nice staff, the facilities are always clean. Food and beer selection is average as most cinemas are but the location offers lots of other choices for eating/drinking within walking distance. Will definitely be there for Spider-Man Far From Home, can't wait!

James Brigman

REGAL Cinemas Brier Creek is a HUGE Cineplex with fantastic reclining chairs, incredible sound and high-tech projection equipment. Staff is friendly and professional. Some tips for when you go: - PARK EARLY and far away from the building. You can get out faster if you are far from the building. - GO EARLY to your movie if you plan to buy concessions, the lines are long, there are only four lines for all those seats. - PEE EARLY. The bathrooms are nice, clean and well lit, but SMALL for the capacity of the building.

Stephan Kutzer

bring lot's of hand sanitizer. Cleanliness is not their strength. Badly run, badly managed and badly maintained !

Nick Hoxsey

Very comfortable theater. The recliners are very clean. Will definitely be back.

Davida Blackman

I would NOT recommend this theater to anyone over 18... it’s for the younger kids and parents with kids. Also the theaters are super small and you hear what everyone is saying even if they are rows away. The concession stand is handle by kids and they are not very sanitary. Also they are always running out of butter no cheese. It’s not worth it!!

Noe Lopez

Worst movie theater. Don't come waste your money. This is not a regal theresther whatsoever. The sound system and chairs are the worst. The sound didn't work until someone fixed it. We missed so much of the sound on the previous.

David J. Jr.

Not very handicap friendly, but decent matinee prices

Trae Hinton

Had a great time, nice theater and the seat selection was perfect. Found the staff to be very helpful and nice so that's always a plus. Looking for a great experience and a movie (hopefully) this is the place to go.

Vincent Frieson

All topping Options not on display

Jennifer Coker

Great theatre! Clean, nice people, good location!

Abdiel Santiago

Nothing says relaxing as watching a brand new film in reclining seats. Get pampered with your meal/popcorn getting sent to your seat while you enjoy yourself. My only complaint, there's a slight musky odor up front that should be taken care of. Other than that it's great!

Lee H

I posted a 5 star rating several months ago, however the last 3 times there were issues with the movie we chose. Green Book wasn't playing properly and we had to see a different film. On our next trip we had to find someone to fix the sound at the start of the movie. On our most recent visit to finally see Green Book the movie was out of focus. Not sure what the problem is but obviously need some quality control.

Trevor Johnson

Came here to watch a movie with my parents to celebrate father's day a little early. Got tickets online easily and just walked in and scanned the ticket. We had great time. Also has a lot of good restaurants nearby after we got out.

safia gagaz

Great environment, nice staff, the facilities are always clean. Food and popcorn are great. Good summer kids movies Tuesday and Wednesday for a 1$ . I didn’t know it was so much fun and popular. Will definitely be there next week and every week until the end of the summer.

Cynthia Haliburton

Always a wonderful way to spend date night and now they are raising the bar literally by serving both alcohol and wine.

Johnny Rocket

very decent theater, someone lit a cigarette in it and it was taken care of immediately, cold popcorn but with enough butter it was half decent. great picture, especially 3D. i come here often and i never regret it.

Adam Modlin

Nice theater, recently renovated

Jocelyn Gray

One of my favorite movie theaters. The seats recline which is my favorite feature. We love going to the matinee shows as there are not a lot of people there. Also, do yourself a favor and join their Regal Club. You can win free tickets and snacks after a few visits.

Pam Cross

The place is great but sometimes you may not know the kind of movie you've you're going see with others until it's too late!

Pamela Gaddy

Awesome rewards and customer service

ShaCarol Stewart

I went yesterday and had ordered something from the concessions they didn’t have prepared. One of the staff called who I believe was the manager. I believe his name was Jeremiah. He was awesome!! He and his team prepared my order and even brought it to me to my seat in the theater. Really great guy! Thank you, Jeremiah for you outstanding customer service!

Chad Rychlewski

My rating is based on the fact that I went at 10am on “Boxing Day.” First off, I enjoyed the almost full reclining seats and the small theater I was in. It seemed a bit dated with no signs outside of the theaters to confirm I was at the correct theater. The butter machine was not on which was unfortunate. This theater did exactly what it needed to, started the movie on time. No real complaints from me!

James R

Awesome seating. Leather recliners, pick your seat so you know exactly where you're sitting and if there are people sitting next to you. The movie names were not above the doors so we had to check our tickets to see what theater we should be in so that was a little frustrating. The bathrooms need an update, one urinal was completely blocked off from usage. Of course the concession prices are outrageous but that's not specific to this theater.

DaQuan Howell

Great as always. Love that place, but lets be honest been to one regal you been to them all.

Lawson Carpenter

Great reclining seats, very clean. Sneak your own candy in.

todd boycher

Theatre was great. Concession stand needs work. Long lines and slow servers means less sales. Restrooms could use some work as well.

Tammi Lennox

Buying tickets beforehand and getting to choose your seats is awesome. The theater was clean. That is all I can say. The lines for refreshments were ridiculous. We arrived 30 minutes before our movie. We did not get seated until 3 minutes before our scheduled time. We literally stood in line for 27 minutes. There were 10 people ahead of us. The theater serves 4 things- popcorn, drinks, candy, and nachos. It took at least 5 minutes per customer. And no one ordered more than a popcorn and a drink. It really felt like they were going slow on purpose. Finally, 7 minutes before my movie was supposed to start, a manager came out and told the workers to make several popcorn at once and to speed it up. No one listened to him. We were one customer away from the register. All we wanted was a drink, nothing else. We asked a girl who was standing behind the counter, doing nothing, if we could have a drink. She told us "the line is over there." We were just trying to help speed things along. We actually had to say "we would like a large coke." FOUR times before the boy at the register started to make it. We said it twice, then he asked what we wanted, then we had to repeat it 2 more times. He just looked at us like we were speaking another language. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE SERVICE

Elaine Johnson

Comfy chairs! Nice customer interactions.

Moses Mwangi

Greate sound and good facilities

Roxanne Bowles

Miles is great and lizzie and the Staff Are wonderful,always smile suggest Movie's! Have a. Remember get to The theater early this is a hot spot!! Love this location!

Robert Griffin

Friendly staff and recliner seating with cup holders for your over priced concessions.

Joann Schenck

Went there last night for a fathom event. My seat was broken it did not recline. Luckily the movie was not close to being sold out so i could move but still. THEN i saw a cockroach! A huge beast of a thing. So gross. I wouldnt go back ever.

pranav firake

Good place to watch movies. I have always been AMC fan but this place is at par with AMC. They have recliner seats. Regal also provides dining option with liquor while watching movie. Food is little more on expensive side but overall it is good. They have many number of screens and usually they display international cinemas too. This place is usually crowded if there is some famous movie is releasing. If you are big group, book your tickets online in advance through Fandango/Atom/ similar.

Jason Webb

If you pick the right time of day you could possibly have the entire theater to yourself.

Master Baiter

Good and comfortable seats. When purchasing tickets online, they charge you a convenience fee, which sucks. Convenience should be free for customers.

Mama Mia

Had a great experience. We were in theater 8. Bought our tickets worth the app and reserved recliners. We sat in the back row on the right side and the seats were fine (I would have liked to be a bit closer). Concession stand was all is should be.

Justin Merrill

Good theaters with great popcorn. Always has great picture and sound quality that blows me away. Only bad thing is kind of high prices compared to some other cinemas nearby. Still, a good place to go see movies. We saw End Game here recently and it was amazing.

Jonathan White

Discount Ticket Tuesdays are great. I also like that the movies times are on the half hour giving you wiggle room for when you want to go. Better popcorn than most other theaters. The staff could be a bit friendlier though. We'll be back again for sure.

Kelly Stansell

The movie and sound were good quality. Very comfortable recliner seats. Concessions stunk.

rynequa carthorne

Great seating, friendly staff, but there is always alot missing from concessions when I go.

charles cerami

Great electric recliners make you feel like your watching the movie in your home.

Jason Reeves

I love all the Regal theatres in Raleigh! They have comfortable seats, sound proof theatres, friendly professional staff, and a great concession stand!

Ursula Harscheid

Difficult to find without gps it's tucked away in a shopping mall. Make time for parking

Trey Thompson

Great theatre with awesome seats. Buy your tickets ahead of time as seats are assigned. Tickets are expensive but the chairs are worth it.

David Mason

Nice seats! Friendly atmosphere

Leah Robinson

I cant believe I haven't been to this theater before. You can reserve your seat, but I don't think there is a bad seat because you can recline to a comfy viewing angle, practically flat. If I'm going to spend $10-12pp for a theater experience, it better be like this.

Elliott Ratliff

The absolute worst movie theater. It is always under staffed and it takes 30 minutes to get anything from the concession. I wish they would sell it to a company that can manage it better because the location is good.


This was our first time at this theater. We went to see "The Farewell" (excellent movie) and it was a good experience. Ticket prices were reasonable and the reclining seats comfortable. I had to show my credit score to sign up for a loan to buy drinks and popcorn, but that seems to be the same everywhere. I can still knock off a star for expensive snacks though. Right?

Veronica Parks

Nice place. The seats could be a bit wider. Popcorn nice and buttery. Add your own butter.

joey hathorn

Comfy seats and good temperature, bring a light jacket and it's the best

karen little

Loved this theater but the popcorn was stale.

Andy Pruss

Clean and chairs that recline. Sunday with no one around? Nice to take the kids to a movie with reserved seats and it's not packed in.

Chris Hurst

One of the best priced theaters around that offer the reclining seats. The theaters are clean, the seats comfortable, the showings start on time, the staff is friendly. This theater definitely gives you the most bang for your buck!

Bruce Barker

Very nice little expensive but great seats and awsome popcorn

Rose Fields

Bathrooms are not clean. No toilet paper, hand dryer out of order and no paper towels. Thus theatre needs repair and care taking. The movie started 20 minutes late. We had to find the manager to tell them the movie was not showing.

Sundra Regis

Love this movie theater people are real polite here and is very clean I recommend this to anyone to go there

Kayla Zoe

My first time coming to this theater and it's amazing! We got into a confusing situation but Jason (I think that's his name) was really sweet. I will be coming back definitely.

Abhay Nahar

Good place to hang out for hours

Anne Robinson

Omg, very spacious, friendly and courteous staff.

Jennifer Reed

Never have enough staff on Saturday nights.

Tyler Foster

The best seats in town!

shaun bennett

Went there to see Avengers endgame and was kinda disappointed with some things, but I was so psyched to see the movie, I largely ignored it at the time. Theatre lobby was kind if a mess and seemed understaffed for such a large event on opening day of the end of an 11 year stretch of franchise movies. When purchasing the ticket online it wasn't labeled as to which theatre I needed to go to and none of the theatres were labeled to as which movies were showing so I was left to guess and ask as I did know the time the movie started. Theatre I was in was clean and the seats were awesome. The only knock when I have when I was sitting down really was that unless it was a part of the movie when the sound was REALLY high, I could EASILY hear what was going on in the adjacent movie theater. You ever lived in a cheap college apartment? Like that, but worse. It was rather distracting. Ya'll need some sound blockers between the theatres or something.

Matthew Wagner

Ticket policy is unforgiving. Values profit over customer service. There’s never a bad time to do the right thing.

John S. Fore

They've no longer have combos at the concession stand. When I've used up this gift card I'll not be back. Cinemark is a much nicer theater.

Justin Creighton

Theater is in great condition. The concessions could use an update, but a nice place to watch a movie and relax.

Britany Leggett

I only go to regal theaters... this location is kind of run down, definitely could use some sprucing up. However, chairs were comfy and movie was good

Alisha Cordell

It used to be so easy to buy tickets online. Now, online ticket purchases force you to buy tickets in the front half of the theater only--what they call "Premier" seating and what I call too close to the screen! There is no phone number listed for your local theater. If you call the box office, you have to call the main office that has a ton of instructions and options then finally gives you the local number. No one answers the phone at the local theater, so you can't even find out when the box office opens for advance ticket purchases for the BACK half of the theater. If you go to the window to buy tickets, the lines are very long and you can't get the seats that you wanted.

Jackie Jackson

Loved it the Lion King was awesone,seats recline but better take blanket are sweater will get cold.But go and enjoy the movies offers 19 theaters for your watching enjoyment.

Anggie pazo

Love love this theater! Staff is nice, seats are comfortable and most importantly CLEAN. I drive pass 2 amc movie theaters for this haha

Kandra vlogs Johnson

They over sold our seats. Half way through the movie the light came on and stayed for 30min. At the end of the lights came on and the entire theater had to fumble out in the dark!

Braeden Sullivan

Good and friendly staff, comfortable seats, and great place to watch a movie.

Alexander E

Good place too go quick clean

Momma Mel

Renovations are nice but the seats don't recline your legs.

Vickie Howell

They don't sell or carried different season salt for the pop corn and their idea of nacho's is a bag of chips and single pack of cheese.


Nice mall with plenty of food options.

Jaison Evans

My experience was great went to the movies and had a good time the staff treated me respectively 10/10 would recommend

john ruddick

Nice place, comfortable seating, it is a bit dated on the inside. But very clean and friendly staff. The food is expensive but what movie theater isn't. You know that going into it. $17 for a small popcorn and 24oz beer

lamisha everett


April Simmons

This is the best movie theater I’ve been to. The chairs are so comfortable and the people are always very nice. The price of movie tickets are also really good. I highly recommend seeing your next movie here!

Anthony Ramos

This place rocks. Price is ok. Movies have always had good visual and audio quality. I don't normally get concessions there (because the price is horrible like anywhere else) so I can't really comment on the selection available. The seats are amazing, just be sure to pick your seats ahead of time. It's my favorite place in the area to watch a movie.


One of my family's favorite we love the seating. All the different types of choices of snacks. Over the theaters and bathrooms are super clean never had a problem

Michael Santelia

It’s a movie theater. You get some snack food and watch a movie. It’s got nice reclining seats and stadium seating. I’ve never noticed broken things and overly dirty areas. Also, I don’t know who waits in line to buy tickets anymore. They have this thing called the internet, and Fandango. You can buy tickets online. You should really check it out.

John Mangum

It's very roomy and plenty of registers

Martin Murphy

The seats are electric recliners and comfortable. The lobby and movie rooms seem clean and no smells. The only down side was the long wait for a ticket and the screen seemed too dim. Don't think the movie was as bright as it should've been.

Tarheel Blue

Awesome theater complex! Not a bad seat anywhere, super comfy too!


For those of you complaining about long lines go on a Wednesday night and you’ll be pleased , i just finished watching maleficent and it was a great experience both young gentlemen upfront were very nice and everything was clean and accommodating not very crowded just like i want it and the reclining seat was very awesome i will deff come visit more often if i pass by the area Highly recommend !

Alexis Smiley

Great seats. They have recliners and they are so comfortable

Kathy ___

The line was all the way out in the parking lot with only one person working the left ticket booth. We stood in line for a while but the line was moving way too slow, so we left and went to another theater 5 minutes away. We were able to get right in at the other theater. This wasn't the first time there have been long waits at this theater. I'm not going there anymore.

Raco medal

Just an amazing Theatre to watch movies, all the chairs are reclining and you can rest your feet up, it is also incredibly spacious, pop corn refill is perfect, Bathrooms are clean and well maintained, the tickets are reasonable and you can either go on line to reserve your seat or just purchase your ticket at the theatre entrance, highly recommended. And would go there to watch movies over and over again.

Dip P

I really like going to this theater, mainly because they have the comfy reclining seats. The box office line can be really long in peak hours but it usually moves pretty fast. I also found out during a recent visit that they serve alcohol so it's good for people who like that as an option. The theater itself is generally clean as well. I also love that it is close to all the different restaurants. Makes it easy for a nice dinner and movie night.

Joshua Ratliff

Comfy chairs if you get the recliners. Clean. Quality movie experience.

Mckenzie Garcia

The theaters themselves are very spacious, with reclining chairs and cup holders. However, the wait at the concessions stand made me miss the first few minutes of the film, and when I reached the front of the line the ICEE machine was broken, so I did not get the item I waited for

Robin McQueen

My favorite movie place outside of home. Clean, comfortable reclining seats & good customer service.

Kevin Kirkendoll

Great movie theater.

Michael Digilio

Love the recliners. Concession stand is a rip off.

Brenda Hang

I really like regal at Brier Creek. It's always clean and the employees are all very nice. The only thing I would improve on is that in the restroom there should be more than one hand dryer. Almost everytime I wash my hands I have to wait for 1 or 2 people to dry theirs before I can.

Laura Raper

Nathan helped us at the front. He has the best personality and customer service that I have experienced in a long time! In love this theater and he really adds a lot to the success!

John B

I was very happy. The theater was clean. The popcorn was fresh. The staff was polite and curtious nice. The recliners were VERY comfortable! The audio sounded good as well. My only gripe is that the house lights were left a little on (no doubt for safety) and it made it difficult to see dark scenes on the screen.

Harold Deskins

The reclining chairs mean there isn't a bad seat in the house.

Faerie Kisses

We had an awful experience, I'm pretty particular about which movies I deem "theater worthy", so when I go, it's because I'm pretty positive the movie's going to kick a$$. We went to see Capt Marvel and it was so disappointing. The WHOLE movie was at the same volume, barely changed regardless of what was happening. You could hear whispers from people, that should never happen! Let's not forget to mention the snack-eating devil in the back that literally rattled a bag of something or other the WHOLE movie! NONE of the side speakers were working. I went out to let someone know and there was literally no one to be found (we went to a late time viewing) and I didn't want to hunt someone down and miss more of the movie I already was. I sent a complaint through the Regal site and I got back a "sorry that happened) BS response. NOT HAPPY spending $30 on the movie and $20 on their overpriced concession stand!!!

Octavio Soares

The movie theater has been renovated, with reclining seats. But they clearly are not doing a good job training their staff. An employee came to tell me to put my phone away, because it was against policy to have it out, while I was playing one of the Noovie Arcade games, made to be played with your phone, interacting with the movie screen. I asked for a manage, who came and apologized.

Elizabeth R

Comfortable seating. Clean. Friendly staff. Can reserve seats.


Very spacious and comfortable. Regal is usually a pleasant experience no matter what facility you visit. Always love their reclining seats!!! The popcorn is THE BEST!!!! It never requires additional seasoning. This was my first time visiting the Brier Creek location but it won't be my last.

Tolu Osinowo

Clean theater with reclining seats that are super comfortable. I definitely recommend

Vibhor Dutt

Good theatre. Not a lot of staff but manageable. It is a pleasant change for a Regal cinemas having reclining seats. Like the fact that I can add as much butter I want on my popcorn at a self serve counter!

Heidi Kerutis

Our favorite theatre thus far..very clean love the reclining seating and enough room through each aisle of seats.We had a correction to be made to our tickets via mobile and the gentleman scanning tickets paged the manager and got a call right away and changed our tickets to the correct date.Definately coming back to see all our movies here!

Royal Harris

Went to see the lion king... chairs were super comfy and not cluttered

Maria Cuebas

Went to see Rambo, Last Blood! Theater was nice and clean!

Allison Przytulski

Love Regal. The reclining chairs and separating walls are amazing along with the assigned seating. This particular cinema could've been cleaner especially around the concessions but overall it was a great experience. Can't wait to see Glass.

Ashley Isley

First off, I wish I could give 5 stars to Andrew (I think that was his name) at the concessions. He was quick with orders, very polite, had a high amount of energy, and seemed to have great communication skills with his employees. That being said, I actually had to talk with a different employee at the front that my seat wouldn’t recline. Had the employee who answered his radio call about the situation, would have gotten a manager or someone to go look at the seat or had assigned me to a different seat, I would have given this place 5 stars. But sadly no one came. But since I went on a Tues, I just stuck it out. Had it been on a regular day with no discounts and paying the highest amount for a ticket, it would have been a different review.

Carrie Miller

The general manager was amazing when we had a problem with our tickets. Great service. Comfy seats!

Brandie King

I love there reclining seats!!!

Shanedra Baker

They have reclining chairs

Patrick Carr

Good movie theater, nice comfortable seats and quality picture/sound. Concession lines are often long as they don't seem to have enough people working.

Gladies Williams

Great theatre. Movie was on time. I had a kid pack was just enough popcorn and drink. I enjoyed the movie. Clean, perfect room temperature. I would come again to this theatre. I've been here before. .

Tyler Leigh

Pretty good, but the projectors are almost always too dim.

Jonathan Williams

Really nice venue and they sale beer

Aimee Aimee

Nice seats..but everytime we see Ghibli movies and its suppose to be always does not work..we went out three times to remind movie staff that there's a problem

Joseph H. Vilas

Reclining seats, and systems for helping the hearing impaired. First time I actually undertood most of what was said in a movie for a long time.


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