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REVIEWS OF Regal Boone Cinema IN North Carolina

Carroll Corbin

Staff is slow and casual with long lines and the bathroom looks like 1965. There is no where else to go within 30 minute drive and administration knows the monopoly. F.Y.I. don't get the popcorn. So block it all out it will have to do.

Brian Dortch

It was a bit expensive but overall it was a good place to go watch a movie

jeff mitchell

I like the seats and the feel of the place. The workers are nice.

Mary Davis

Great movie theater

kristin lilly

Love it. Pricey, but still a great theater.

Tracy Green

Overall a good theatre. The prices for snacks seemed quite high to me but when you are looking for a fun night at the movies, they have a great selection.

Rafael Braga

Really good!

Tom Tatum

Enjoyed our visit for the movie "I can only imagine " The staff was very friendly.

Andrew Dowdy

Nice movie theater near Appalachian state, the seats are comfortable and is run well.

Meredith P

Great service. Nice and clean

Mountain Lake

The prices are so high entry, food. Why not just wait till the movies come out on video? That is what we are doing from now on. We are seniors and can no longer afford to come to this theater. There are very few senior discounts. Doesn't say much for the corporate or whoever makes the prices up. Most of the films seem to be geared toward younger people anyway.

Donnie Lee

It's an old theater but it's well maintained. The people that work there are super friendly no matter how bad the general public treats them. For real though, these kids don't get paid enough to deal with the level of disrespect that's thrown in their face. Be nice to them, they have to sweep up after your kids get candy and trash everywhere. :)

Nick Boatman

This movie theatre is honestly one of the worst I've been to. Firstly, the pricing is not representative of the theater quality. 11 bucks for extremely tight seating. The incline of the seating is not high enough, so good luck seeing over the people in front of you if you're short. For this price in other cities, you are guaranteed recliner seating, which is not the case here. Also, the parking lot is a joke and the spaces are so tight you might as well be trying to park inside the theater! The only reason this place has business is because they are the only theater in Boone.

Noah Plato

This theater has a pretty good selection of movies and good seats, but for the relatively small size of town its prices are too high to go there often (tickets, candy, and otherwise)

Brad Batchelor

My little girl and i love going to Regal Cinema. Great staff! Brad Batchelor D.C.

Sidra Miller

Staff are friendly and helpful, facility is well maintained. We often will drive 30 miles to Wilkesboro to save money, however, as Boone Regal is VERY overpriced.

Brad Truelove

Great place to attend a picture show. Good seating. Friendly and courteous staff.

jerry roberts

It's much much cheaper to simply order a movie off direct TV or your cable provider , for what it costs for a bucket of pop corn two drinks and two movie tickets the cost is 50 bucks. Folks for 50 bucks you can order 10 movies.

Musaed Alotaibi

Went there once, it was a good experience. The staff were nice . It only needs recliners for a better seating while watching the movie.

Alexandra Grove

Went to see Incredibles 2, the place was kept up nice and the snack people were so nice. Overall a great experience.

Ja'Quan Hancock

Only thing that could be better is e-ticketing.

Cynthia Ragan

prices are high. sound went out during the movie.

Natalie Jones

Home town movie theatre! Thanks to this place we get to see a lot of good movies! Love the reward system!

Breanna Shaver

Clean, not too busy, excellent choice in snacks.

Chad Bennett

great popcorn but they're seating could do with a upgrade and the parking is so tight you wish you we're driving a golf cart

Adam Lockard

Old tiny theater. Extremely small parking spots and I could hear the other movie next to us through the wall.

Mark Morgan

Prices are too much for an afternoon movie. But if you are the only theater here you can charge what you want. Same theater in other places I've travelled is about $8 a ticket not $12.

Susan Edmiston

Nice clean theater. Convenient to good restaurants for after. Candy was expensive.

Timm Bitties

I love this theater, I'm really glad that Boone has one. I used to work for Regal in Raleigh, and I can tell you that this location is pretty well managed from what I've seen. I've never been a fan of the price of their concessions but, they make the experience quick and easy. My only complaint is that the place feels a little run down (probably just from age) and the theater screen sizes are little disappointing coming from some of the theaters in Raleigh. I've seen some really good movies here and if you're okay with spending almost $20 to see a movie by yourself, it's awesome.

Xavi de leon

Decent theatre but needs wifi in ticketing area for movie pass users and using the regal cinemas app.

Christa Keller

Very good. Good comfortable seats. Clean. Good visability in theatre no matter where you sit.


A bit expensive. Also, they run out of food on their menu quickly.

Play It Loud

Nice folks, concessions are pricey

Rob Conley

Nice place. New comfortable chairs in theatre.

Michael Ovitz

I don't want people to think I'm a debbie downer but I ask questions on what I expect and report on those findings. Today I asked...was the popcorn your serving me for 8.99 a bucket from today? The manager quickly replied no it is from yesterday. So quick I thought he was joking. I asked are you joking? He said no. I was so blown away...I called the 1800 number ofcoarse nobody cared. But I'm keeping my word and telling others . This theater is worried about losing cents over popcorn, I cant even imagine what other corners they are cutting. Also I thought movies are 16:9 not 4:3. I get it mountain town do not expect the best but why even open your doors if your movie theater doesn't have fresh pop corn.

Michael Thomas

Not only was the food expensive, but tickets were as well, over 12 dollars. Screens were dim, seating isn't enough on an incline to keep the person in front of you from obstructing your view. Cleanliness was less than par. Staff was friendly.

Forrest S

It is the only movie theater in Boone.

Jonathan Ward

I've lived in Boone my whole life and as long as I can remember they have been here hapilly serving the community. The low reviews are not justified. While no place is perfect they do a great job at what they are supposed to!

Kimberly Johnson

Had a wonderful time with my son watching mission impossible. It is a little pricey

Hannah Reese

As someone who grew up in Boone, this theater gives me a massively nostalgic feeling. However, if you're from out of town, you're not going to get the experience you might imagine. The seats are shorter and the floors less sloped than in many of the newest theaters I've been to in Raleigh or other towns, and this can make for a disappointing experience if someone a little tall sits in front of you. If I remember correctly and they haven't fixed it, one of the rooms is worse than the others. You can tell that the Regal has had a monopoly since the long-ago closing of the Chalet, because the decor really hasn't updated and the appearance become a little shabbier over the years. However, be comforted that it isn't because this theater is sketch - it's not. This is a popular shopping center in town, and the historic silo shows its humble beginnings.

Ginger Loggins

It's a good place to catch a new release. Comfy seats. Basic movie theatre amenities. My only complaint is how cramped the parking lot can be on a busy night. Easier to park below the theatre lot where you park for the rest of the shopping center--as long as there isn't flooding.

GoldHue Universe

I've always enjoyed coming here. Wish I could more often.

William Burcham

Great selection, comfortable theater.

Brent Lawrence

Nice place but everything is super expensive for what you get... I only go on special occasions

Stephanie Segrave

Theatre is clean and comfy. However you have to stand in line for your tickets AND another line for concessions! Very time consuming. Also, u have to pay for popcorn flavorings whereas other theatres they are complimentary.

Sean Dunlap

I took my daughter to see A Wrinkle in Time 3D. After purchasing tickets and concessions we were $50 in and sitting through previews when the screen went black. After 10 minutes the staff entered and told us the projector had malfunctioned and there would be no movie today. We were given vouchers for our tickets- but walked away with a ginormous bucket of popcorn and drinks... It would have been nice to have been compensated for those concessions as well. I don't feel like the price of the tickets being covered justified the inconvenience. I am hesitant to return any time soon.

Jacob Hengler

Nice staff. Old theater so you can hear the next one over during loud scenes

Victoria Frakes

The staff was really friendly the concessions were priced very well and the theaters we're not hard to find and the restrooms were very clean

Kyle Gorczynski

Classic style theatre, no still kept clean and up to date however.

Todd Temaat

Parking area in front of theater is terrible. Very narrow rows and small spaces. I recommend parking in the mall parking lot instead. Lobby area and restrooms are outdated and very poorly laid out. They needs a serious remodel. The seats were fairly comfortable and the theater we were in seemed OK. The sound wasn't very "surround" to me, though. It seemed like it was coming from the screen only.


Decent movie theater, too expansive for the town is located at

Kathryn Riley

I really enjoyed our time here. The theater was clean and roomy.

Audrey Bell

Small, no frills theater but it’s clean and the staff are friendly.

Trisha Gensic

Needs updating in the worst way. Ticketing area is weird. Bathrooms are in need of cleaning and repairs to ceramic tiles, etc. Floors need shampooing or replaced. Staff needs attitude adjustment.

Guy W Wallace

First visit. Nice place. Comfy seating.


It's a rarely necessary evil. The prices are stupid and they haven't really made enough upgrades to justify it. The bathrooms are too old and not the cleanest. I've seen worse, but I've seen plenty better.

Tyler Dart

There's hardly any movies to select from. You have to go online or inside to see the show times and the 3D glasses here gave me a headache.

Daniel Platt

our only pick in Boone for new movies..would like to see upgrades to facility.

Morgan Stewart

Often extremely dirty, not many interesting releases show up here, very high prices, but recently installed new seats.

Steven Thomas

Tried it again today and it still sucks. Just wanted a bottled water but at almost $6 a bottle I’ll smuggle one thanks. $20 for a movie and water...unbelievable

Thomas Hollis

My wife and I visited the theater today for the first time in about ten years. Contrary to the negative reviews, we found admission to a very popular release competitive in price with other theaters (yes, movies are expensive nowadays). The concessions were expensive, but again this is a common practice at theaters of late. The seating was comfortable and the theater was clean as a pin until we left, because we dropped a lot of our popcorn. The restrooms were a bit cramped, but spotless.Of course, we attended the first showing of the day. And as mentioned, the staff was welcoming and very friendly. All in all, it was a great experience. I look forward to returning soon.

Nicole Panayiotakis

Love this place. Seating is new and veey comfortable.

Fernando Esquivel

Just enjoyed Bumblebee was dope

Greg Reed

I like the chairs because they Rock and recline and the popcorn was fresh. Prices are of course way too high but that's to be considered standard now

Joel Hawkins

The only theatre in town, but clean, comfortable and a great place to go.

Matisse Bruer

Standard small town theatre. Nothing to write home about. Pretty clean.

Bob Starner

Good busy theatre

Patty & Angel Santaren

Had fun cause we where with family But staff was not friendly at all.

Phillip Hampton

Good theater

shirley icenhour

Only theater in Boone, wish they would have shown, Paul, The Apostles of Christ


Older place but nice

Jean Gonzalez


Wesley Dorsey

Old, run down, and the customer service is so-so. I would go to another theater to see an especially anticipated release. It's serviceable for random, spontaneous, movie outings.

Michael Kiser

Looked like a nice theater. However we drove 40 minutes from Beech Mountain to go see Break Through. Only to find out that even though the 710 showing was on the website the manager had chose to cancel it. What put me off even more was the only sign of remorse to us was sorry you should have called first. so I guess my advice is if you're going to this movie theater and have to drive any amount of distance is you better call first. I won't be going back

Dan Brown

Limited movie selection but friendly staff. A movie can spend it's entire theatre period in almost every other Regal and never come close to this one.

Gina Yount

Cold Pursuit with Liam Neeson was definitely different. Still a lot of "getting revenge " going on but also some great dark humor. Old gangster stuff. The theater I'm sorry to say was not clean and I can make better popcorn at home. Sorry


This place really needs to upgrade. Same price as any other Regal Cinema, but not nearly as fancy or good.

Jeremy Robinson

Management and staff are amazing. Clean environment. Wonderful atmosphere. Highly recommend seeing a movie here.

Rocky Cameron

Thank you Boone North Carolina for having a senior theater it was so wonderful experience it wasn't that bad crowded it was one day through the week me and my wife and kids went to her watch the movie it was a little rainy day everybody that was so nice and so polite good place to see a movie family friendly

Charles Habanec

Courteous employees but this particular theater needs modern upgrades. I.e. 3 D and RPX compatible sound and theater compatibility.

Jim Maloney

I try to visit movie theaters anywhere I travel, but I am always glad to come home to the Regal 7 in Boone. This is my favorite theater! I drive 30 miles to come to this theater at least once a week, and I don't have a problem paying a little more for concessions because I know that theaters don't really make a lot of money off of movie tickets themselves. The new seats are comfy. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about movies, they keep the place very clean (they do a sweep of each theater in between every movie), and I've never regretted a penny I've spent there. If anyone has an issue with the prices, go on "Stimulus Tuesdays" where everything is discounted including concessions; and don't forget to sign up for a Regal Rewards Card, they are always giving me free concessions and movie passes... There is something magical about seeing a movie on the big screen, with their great sound system and clear, digital picture. I even like the movie trailers, and I give this theater 5 stars with no regrets.

Lindsay Barnes

Pretty much the only option here LOL

Aaron Garrison

I like this movie theater. I've been visiting this Regal Cinema location since I was a child (back when it was a Carmike, that is), and have always been pleased. I have only good things to say about it: friendly staff; a logical layout; a clean, handsomely decorated building; plenty of parking; many screens to choose from; digital projection and 3D showings. The last time I was there, one thing that I liked in particular was my seat, which I found oddly comfortable (it might've just been especially accommodating to my back). I've never had any problems with the theater. Though I don't see many movies, Regal of Boone is where I go to see them, and will continue to do so in the future. My sincere thanks goes out to all associated with this business. I am grateful for, and have benefited from, your service. Keep up the good work, ladies and gents!

Anne Avery Foster

Nice place to watch a movie

Davis Lawrence

This theater is one of the most overpriced I have been to. I am fine with an expensive theater if the quality is there but for this place to be consistently more expensive than nicer AMC theaters while also being a little old and run down is not a good combination. The tickets cost more, the concessions cost more, and there is absolutely nothing about this theater that merits it.

CreepyNerd M

It was awesome there was no wait and we got are tickets quickly we. Did go see a movie at one but I've been at night as well and it's still very quick everyone is also very friendly the movie was great btw it was called ready or not. Would recommend of you love gore horror and comedy

Miss G

It is the correct number. At least, it picks up the theater's answering service. The number she listed calls their theater, too, and gets you a live person. In any case, they're both useful.

Madison Provines

I don't think the Boone Cinema has been renovated since the 90's. Honestly, it's not worth it to sit in stiff seats for $11 tickets, not including additional purchases. My back was KILLING me after sitting through one movie. The staff always seem as if they have something better to be doing. Plus, they only show about 6 movies at a time. No wonder why college students elect to stream movies. Boone Cinema, get on the same level as High Country Lanes and UPDATE

JamieLisa Osborne

A little pricey but I've paid more. Friendly staff! Concession stand offers great snack choices, though it's gonna cost you.

Luna Davis

Comfy seats.

Addison Miller

Way too expensive. Middle of the road theater. Go to Wilkesboro if you can.

sebastien berube

Only game in town. This place is pretty nice, have good size and quality theater screens.

Tim Rahill

Theater building and inside accomodations are beat to hell. Chunks of the building had fallen off the left side facing the parking lot. Is this Fallujah or Boone? Tickets are $12 per adult and $10 per child. That's a ripoff for a family of 4 plus you have to buy snacks. Overrated, but they don't care because they are the only theater for 18 miles.

David Richardson

Nice clean theater. Good movies but they are a little pricey.

Leanna Miller

While the sound and picture quality were good, other areas made the experience less than expected. The seating was not nearly as comfortable as would be expected. They also had the AC sat on a uncomfortably cold temperature. Overall my advice is wait a week, save money on tickets, and go to a more affordable and more comfortable cinema.

Margaret MacLeod Blackwell

This is the only theater showing current movies in Boone. I am glad they finally upgraded their seats. However, I am disappointed that the charge so much. A matinee costs $11! In Asheville I can see a matinee for $5-8, depending on the theater. They take advantage of being the only game in town. There is nothing super special about this theater either to justify charging that much. But at least if you want to see the new super hero movie you don't have to drive far!

susan goldstein

Great place and employees are so nice!!

Scott Gustafson

The employees are very friendly, the theater is well maintained and the picture and sound was very good.

Jeff Lyons

Great time seeing "Joker". Clean as always. Good service.

J. Austin

All you folks who complain about the facility, seating, absurd munchie pricing, etc. are use to the "good life" of the big city! Broken and worn out seating plus "sounds through the walls" are part of living up here in the hills. Had you gone to the old down town theater or the smaller on near the hospital you would have been well prepared for this building l! If you want to spend a rainy afternoon in a theater and actually enjoy it I suggest that you run down to Hickory or even over to Tennessee. The folks that run the theater here are only in it to make money by satisfying what they think is the mindset of the average freshman college student or someone in the middle school system or even younger. On the rare occasion that the owners decide to run a decent movie the theater is filled by only a tenth or less. The more mature folks don't even look at the listings and the results show that. It is too bad, but the situation seems to have become conclusive. If you see a movie being advertised that just might fulfill something in your heart or mind, be prepared to make a day of it and go for a long highway stroll. The good news is that you will have some quiet time to discuss what you experienced with your sweetie.


Not bad for a small theater, you will have perfect posture by the end of a movie the seats are strait up and down no the slightest recline at all.

Silver Frank

Typical movie theater. Doesn't usually get the best movies in, and concessions are over priced.


Stopped by the Regal Cinemas Boone 7 while visiting in the area on a rainy April day. Navigating to the theater complex isn't as simple as it should be if you're not familiar with the area layout. Prices are higher than what they should be, but on par with most other places showing the latest films. Regal Cinemas 7 in Boone, NC would've received a higher rating if it weren't for their "policies" posted at the entrance to the building. Support 2A, as well as business that do the same, and take your dollars elsewhere!

Jennifer Brown

Godzilla is awesome

Beth Vargas

Came here while on vacation in Boone. Nice theater. Only issue was no refills on small sodas! At home we get them for free!

Greg Baker

We decided to see a movie while on vacation and this was the only theater we could find in the Boone area. The theater is an older style but the auditorium we were in was clean. The ladies that sold us our tickets were nice and we enjoyed the movie. If things were updated, I would have given a 5 star rating.

Shellye Ledbetter

Older. Could use some remodeling. But comfy seats. Clean inside. Good sound and picture quality.

Bman N

Took my son, had an amazing experience. 4 stars because of cost. Everything else is clean and friendly staff.

Angela Oliver

Love the movies....hate their chairs...very uncomfortable....

Dennis Phillips

They updated the chairs and carpet since the last time I was there. I stopped going a few years back because the place need a refresh and I am glad they spent the money on the improvements.

The Kirks

Screen was very good, audio was great. The theater however was very very cold.

J. Pierce

Clean and comfortable. No reclining seats, bit a nice theater

James Skinner

A+ kids had a blast

Karl Burnett

Great films...good people.

Michelle Mcclure

Nice somewhat smaller cinema than most places. But clean, friendly staff. We enjoy going to this place. It's actually nice that it's not as big as other regal cinemas.

Connie Gioscio

Although the theater seating has been updated with clean cushy chairs that rock, the lobby waiting area is in need of an update.

Wylder Fondaw

Overpriced matinees and the seats aren't comfortable. But otherwise a nice little theater.

Nick Chapko

Great theater, great service, super high price. Large and medium popcorn are the exact same price. Little bit of a rip off but it's all good. Awesome movies

Stephanie Sloan

At least Boone has a theatre, but it's not 100%. At the movies tonight and it's obvious they haven't checked the bathrooms on schedule since paper towels are empty, paper is all over the floor and commode water is all over the floor! Hope no one slips and falls! Also we are sitting on torn seats in the lobby waiting for our kiddos and no employee is visible on the lobby floor, concessions is unmanned because all the employees are in the office!

Marcy T

It's a nice movie theater. I give only 4 stars because the prices are a bit high. They have gone up quite a bit since I was in high school back in the 90's because it's the only theater in town. They have no competition anymore so they can set their prices higher. Their prices for concessions are ridiculous though! That's why we usually eat somewhere else before going to see a movie or we might share a popcorn and a large drink.

Wayne Brown

We love going to the movies while we are vacationing here. The Boone Regal Cinema's don't disappoint!

Sam Wolfe

Everyone is nice , I just wish that they would change up the movies more. My bestfriend and I have missed 2 movies that we REALLY wanted to see because they had the same stuff on longer than 2 weeks. Over all pretty clean and good though!(:

Alex Skates

This place is awsome your prices are perfect thank you for the great experience Follow me on my IG: @alex_galan7029 Snapchat: alexgalan7029

Mike Cave

Nice theatre. The cinema's were clean and had plenty of room. The concession stand was fas and had a lot of choices. The sound system was good as was the picture. First movie theater I have been in a long time without hearing or seeing a cellphone in use. A nice change.

Benjamin Barber

Loved Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Helen Washburn

Never overcrowded. Nice staff.

Jimmy Parker

Very nice! Reclining seats, good sized theaters, easy parking. Hard to find the bathroom though.

who_dat_is_ T.T

It's not the future of movie theaters with recliners, 4D, and all that but we always enjoy our visits here. No military discount is a shame, only theater Ive been too lately that doesn't have one. I recommend hitting up earthfare bulk section for chocolate covered almonds rather than pay a fortune for their concessions.

Nina Fehr

I am always disappointed in the selection of movies available. Right now I would love to see Lion. The girl at the counter had never heard of it, 6 Oscar nominations, seriously. Best Picture. Who picks the movies here?

bradley bettis

For me it was expensive, it was $12 a ticket. I usually pay about $7.

Duane Gaylord

The staff are wonderful - best thing about this location. Like so many of the cinema theaters, they charge an unreasonable amount of money for popcorn, soda and candies. I would guess that one day, while in a movie theater,an airline executive went to buy popcorn and the light went off in his head when he was walking back to his seat grumbling to himself about how it is highway robbery to purchase popcorn, and he thought, "Hey, why can't the airlines do the same thing and nickel and dime everyone for all the services!?!"Thus we have the movie industry to blame for our all the charges we now have with our airline industry!!! lol. Anyway, this theater is especially expensive! It isn't a modern cinema either-some of the theatre rooms have very old seats in them. A few have been updated. But guess what, this isn't a big city and we don't have another choice, other then to go off the mountain. So there!

Rachel Gage

Fine theater, but the seats aren't "stacked" or tiered so you have to make sure you don't have anyone sitting in front of you. The doors of the theater open directly to the hallway and are not blocked by a wall so light streams in any time someone opens the door. The bathrooms are way across the building, not near the individual auditoriums so plan your drinks carefully.

Kaitlin Sides

I wish they would update this place or something. I hate the seats, they're pretty uncomfortable. When I went to see a movie last week I also kept getting distracted by the loud heater in the theater. I also noticed the movie quality was low compared to other theaters. I'd honestly just make the drive down to Wilksboro and see a movie at a better theater. I'm always annoyed when we see movies here.

Jessica Screws

One of the worst theaters I’ve ever been to. We went on a Tuesday 4:10 showing. There was only three separate groups of people there but the staff acted like we were inconveniencing them! So rude. To top it off the theater smelled horrible, like mildew! It’s in serious need of renovations!

Elaine Wyatt

Clean facility, friendly staff and great refreshment selection.. Movie choices are varied with movies for families or adult singles. Comfortable seats and great sound system. Only negative is lots of pre-movie advertisements.

Monika Dotson

Too hot in the theater

Nichola Nagy

Its local and does play the latest movies. However it is very tired looking.

Seth Walters

I ordered two tickets via Fandango yet was still required to stand in line to get them printed. To me, that really removed the benefit and convenience of purchasing the tickets to a definitely unpacked showing of a movie. I'm not a real big fan of the antiquated system of standing in line for movie tickets, so I attempt to avoid it where possible. It still blows my mind how expensive it is to watch a 2D movie here in Boone. There definitely are better quality movie experiences for the same price elsewhere. I guess from a business owner's perspective, if you can price gouge you might as well right? At least the movie was good, the audience quiet and respectful, and my experience overall pleasurable.

Sophia Bateman

theater is nice I guess, but the prices are WAYY to high When I visited Boone, we went to two different theaters, one in Boone and one in Wilkeboro. The one in Wilkes was only $5 for a ticket compared to Boone which was $12 when we went.

Tena Callio

Prices too high (compared to other theaters of better quality/comfort) Volume TOO LOUD Temperature uncomfortable at times (hot in summer, cold in winter) Variety of movies available TOO LIMITED (some of the most desirable movies never come here, necessitating driving out of town) It is commonly felt by the public that our community is being taken advantage of by Regal, as they are "the only game (choice) in town"

Kourtney Wunsch

My husband and I went to see endgame tonight. Our first theater was packed and people kept talking very loudly im the theater, and some jerk kept kicking the back of my seat. We got up two minutes in and went to go get a refund. The man helping us was so nice and mad for us that they ruined our experience, and did everything he could to make it better. We moved to another showing 15 minutes later and everyone else was respectful and there for the movie. What Alister didn't know was we just returned from burying my grandmother that day and we needed a break. And he made our night enjoyable. So I truly appreciate the customer service we had, and we will definitely go back.

7Storm7 7

Pretty nice place...

David Godfrey

Very amazing place to relax and watch amazing movies!!

Jayson Holman

Comfy seats, 3D visuals, amazing sound. Concessions are a touch pricey, but you can't go wrong here.

Jeff Savage

Decent theater, but very limited seats in the lobby when waiting to go to the theaters. Expensive, both ticket price, and especially concessions. For the prices they charge they should have nicer seating, and much better food. Every time I go there I feel I've been ripped off. Much better theaters in Wilkesboro.

God's servant

Best movie theater in town because its the only movie theater in town

Josh Carrico

Extremely handicap inaccessible. No automatic doors, the doorways are extremely narrow, the bathroom stall and hallway are not large enough for a wheelchair to be able to access, and the handicap seating is often difficult to access with trash cans in front of them.

Taylor Laws

Overall it’s a decent theater. I could use some fresh popcorn.

James Hester

A really nice theater. I recommend you stop by on one of those movie night outings and enjoy. I did


Great customer service!

DJ Yates

Pleasant experience, staff is friendly and the theater itself was updated a few years ago, which is awesome :) some of the auditoriums smell kind of musty though.

Joe Frazier

Overall pretty good theatre, though the room we were in had a bit of a musty smell.

Evan Jones

Prices are cheaper than Charlotte and Raleigh, but still expensive. The staff is very welcoming and kind. The updated theatres are nice, but the older theatres feel exactly that, old. Considering that it's the only real theatre in Boone, it'll keep doing fine and probably wont lose too much business, but it could use renovating.

Dwight Franklin

always too loud. I have to take ear plugs. They must think we are deaf.

Sandra Possman

This theater has never been crouded when I've been there. The only negative is that they don't get all the good movies.

Adam adam

Screen looks pretty "lo-fi" compared to some others, and the prices are absolutely ridiculous, even for a movie theater. Movie for me and my wife, drinks, and popcorn was over $50 bucks. Just seemed a couple dollars over the norm on everything. I think tickets were 13 dollars a piece for a 4pm movie


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Sunset Drive In Theatre
Sunset Drive In Theatre
Movie Theater - North Carolina

Drive-in movie theater

Laurinburg Cinema
Laurinburg Cinema
Movie Theater - North Carolina

Movie theater