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292 Thetford St, Asheville, NC 28803 Located in: Biltmore Park Town Square

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REVIEWS OF Regal Biltmore Grande & RPX IN North Carolina

Kimberly hand

The theater now has recliners. Last time I was here, they didn't. So this was my first experience with recliners in a theater. I always believed I was too big for these seats, but here, they were just right. The buttons for it kinda sucked …

Natalie Thomas

A favorite movie theater! The seats are comfortable & the lay out is such that no ones head gets in your way of viewing the screen. Parking can be a challenge at times though. Be prepared to walk a good ways. Lots of food choices to enjoy while watching a movie.

Nancy Jones

Love this Theater. In a great area, clean:love the rocking chairs

melissa worley

First time there. I went with my boy friend.. Love the sits where they fold out.. Great place.

Laura Furgerson

The place was clean. The service was Great. Comfortable seats.

Nicole Higgins

We drive over an HR to watch movies here. Super clean, comfortable temps and the recliners are roomy and comfortable! Our favorite theatre!

Carson Marks

Nice staff. Great sound and video quality. Some of the rooms have recliners!

Debby Burchfield

Great theatre...comfortable seating...excellent sound...and good service!

Margarita Wolfe

Reclining seats are so nice.


Clean and comfortable reclining seats. Sound experience is amazing (non RPX)!!

Justin Thomas

Somewhat good idea to reserve seats but besides that great service and employees I recommend rpx

Kevin Smith

They had a problem sync-ing the 3D today

Consuelo Chastain

Awesome recliners and friendly courteous staff

ernie shepherd

Beautiful theater. You can't go wrong!

Jo Curtis

Seating is so comfortable, no crowding whatsoever.

jetermoma Jeter

Top notch movie experience!

Ric Shotwell

A nice clean theater with comfy seats. Plenty of food and beverage choices to include beer and wine.

Victoria Saldaña

Loved the reclining chairs!! Service was awesome. Clean theater.

Martello Fulmine

Awsome movie theatre super clean and very good picture quality I highly recommend the rpx experience it features reclinable seats and movie effects in seats although there snack and food bar is beyond expensive so be prepared to empty your wallet for your drinks and popcorn they do also serve beer as plus to beer fans

Andrea Russell

This is my favorite one to go to, oh I love the seats and get to relax back in your chair while reclining, luv it, the best and it's clean too!

B. Luther

Love the reclining seats and the variety of movies always showing!

joey bedrosian

I originally gave a 5 star review because I like how all the seats in this theater are the comfy reclininers and their is video games for the kids. However, after several more visits, I have to change theaters... The last 3 visits we stood in food line for OVER 30 min causing to miss part of the movie. Thier prices are also double what The Carolina charges for special events like meet ups and such. Lastly, our last visit the gal in the ticket booth gave us (me and two kids) tickets to the wrong show time. After the 33 min snack line and we got to the theater and seat on our ticket, the movie ended in 15 min... I found someone that worked there and asked for a refund or rain check (the movie we planned on was also more than half over at this point) and was basically told no and it was insinuated that I was lying.... Bottom line is this place is a mess and managed poorly. Too many underage kids working food that can't serve booze and causes everything to get really backed up, even if you are not ordering booze. If you do go, sneak your own snacks in so you don't miss part of your movie.. After several years, I'm done with this place.

Brittney Evens

Super comfy recliners. Yummy popcorn. Movie tickets are decent. Snacks are super high. But that's a movie theater for ya. I'll definitely go back tho. Its super clean too!

Gwenevere Bridge

Love this place. My go to for big blockbusters!

Kim Bailey

Love recliner seats very comfortable my only complaint is the bathroom was disgusting.

Diana Prince

Best place to see movies! And great location!

Landon Jones

Good service, fast staff, my only complaint is how expensive everything is. But the problem is not specific to this singular location

Jessi Rayne

THE LION KING!!! Still the best movie ever. I will always laugh, sing, and cry my way through it. The theatre, though... nice place... just dont get drinks, snacks, or beer unless you want to give up your whole paycheck.

Erin McGrady

I love this movie theater for a couple of reasons: they serve local beer on draft and in cans, they have really comfortable reclining seats, they offer 3D movies (we most recently saw Avengers End Game there as a #giftfromgoogle) and the theater itself doesn't have that awful popcorn smell. Plus, you can order your ticket online and skip the actual lines which is nice. It's a fun place to see a movie.

Enrique Pineda

I love RPX. It's my favorite theater experience. I really would appreciate it if the theater recliners would be wiped down. I did not enjoy resting my bare legs against the sticky leather.

Jane Doe

Easy ticketing, great seating. Good selection for snacks and drinks, but make sure to allow a lot of extra time for the lines. I don't go often because I can go to a zoo or aquarium for a similar cost. Not my favorite pastime, but I do favor this theater if we are going for an "experience."

Elizabeth Morgan

I'd give 0 stars if I could the so called manager Brittany made my autistic son cry. And did not even apologize or try to make it better and at guest services there was a dip spit bottle sitting on the counter

Courtney Newton

We love coming here when we can. Very laid back. Can relax and enjoy a movie.

Bob Huntley

The seats are comfortable, the sound is great ...especially in the RPX theater. The only issue is with the lines at the concession stand. There needs to be better scheduling during peak hours.

April Alters

Had a great date night seeing Joker

Tracy Alves

Nice place to watch a movie

Valerie Colegrove

Great Movie!! Very good staff!!

Aly Russell

Very nice but the treble and the sound effects and music were set way too high!! Had a headache for hours

Mario Cavicchi

Very nice movie theater. Very clean to me. Seats reclined and were comfortable. Rows were spacious. Sound system good. My first time there. I went with children, saw a animated movie. I want to go again with a movie of my choice to see what I feel then

Daniel Fairchild

It was ok. I prefer Carolina Cinemark

Cynthia Worley

Love IT!... BUT cheese popcorn bag TOO DAM% SMALL FOR $6


inconsistent and inaccurate listings for movie times. make sure the movie you want is playing before making the drive out or making any plans..and they may change without notice.

Guadalupe Lambert

Love the recent remodel and new seats!

Rev. Dr. Tommy Preslar

Great theatre. Loved the seating and movie selection. My family and I watched the movie Overcomer and it was fantastic. The best production movie ever. Thanks for showing Christian faith based movies.

Raelene Toomer

I loved it! I would take a blanket to snuggle in the relaxing chair.

The meme dominator

The seats are very comfortable you can fall asleep

Todd Duncan

Have always had great experiences in the past, but went today for a 1:20 showing of bohemian rhapsody. After the normal 15 or so minutes of previews the wrong movie began playing...Bumblebee After 5-10 minutes of no attendants in theatre I left and began search for a manager. Could only find girl at concession stand, asked for a manager and she pointed over to info desk and said "Tyler or Taylor is over there", she was speaking to him on headset but he acted surprised to see me, or like I was an inconvenience. He never apologized, came to theater to explain, or anything. Finally started watching correct movie,( after more previews) at 2:08 p.m Nearly an hour late. Think I'll go back to Epic.

George Nicholas

Great theater with amazing seating. Went and saw rob zombie new one last night and it was great except the movie kept messing up. It messed up 3 or 4 times. It was not a cheap movie at $15 a ticket either

Austin Ally

Always a good time here


Never go to this place of business. Someone was in my seat and they wouldnt give me a refund. 20 bucks flush. There is no other place within 50 miles that has rpx screens, they have a monopoly, but what a ripoff. Makes me not even want to go see movies anymore, better to just buy a big screen tv and stay at home.

Laura Shepherd

Comfortable seats, bathrooms are nice, their movies are always way too loud though

Mighty Thor

I only go here now. For any type of showing. From IMAX 3D to standard format (whatever that means now) the price and concessions. Clean, Friendly, Awesome.

greg branson

Two lines open at concession, causing major delays! Employees working hard, just poor management scheduling for a Sunday afternoon. Screens need to be cleaned streaks on the new Fast and Furious release.

Tara El Bey

I've lived all over the country and this movie theater seats are the most comfortable that I have ever sat in. I love their RX viewing. We went saw one movie and enjoyed it so much and the theater that we went and ate and came back the same night and so another movie. There popcorn was delicious and we were able to drink our favorite beer which is Stella Artois. We will be back.

Crystal Rose

This is our favorite movie theater! Seating is reserved. The seats also recline and are super comfortable! Great surround sound and picture. Plus, you accumulate points with purchases that can be used towards future tickets, merchandise or snacks.

Derek Campbell

Nice cinema, food is not a value for the quality for price

Ashley Wilson

This movie theater is definitely my favorite in area and I will go out of my way to see movies here. It's always clean and the recliner seats are definitely a plus. I can always skip the ticket line with by pre-purchasing my ticket and concessions with the ATOM app so I can literally walk in and grab everything I need with little to no wait time.

Heather Mellard

It was great! The place was clean and well lighted. My family and I love coming here.

Judith Jones

Big and spacious. Several movies are offered to see. The seating was fantastic! I haven't been to a movie in years and the view of the screen and sound was great. The prices of the drink and food were too expensive!

Darrel Holloway

This place has spoiled me. Leather reclining seating!!

natasha kerchova

I would give them five stars except their system makes people choose seats when they are buying tickets and people take forever because they can't make up their minds and the line gets longer and longer and longer. There has to be a better way. Or, just go in and pick seats when you are in the theater like it used be.

Michael Ducker

Ita the best place to see a movie

tony lyda

Nice clean place. But I felt ripped off. I understand the front row is close. But when it's so close the comfy reclining seats had no shot of letting you see the screen without distorting the people's faces. It's too close! tried to speak with someone on the way out. And not a soul was in the fancy guest services area.

Charles Moody

Watched. Driver. Best movie I. have seen in 10 YEARS. IT WAS GREAT !


Love this theater!! It was always nice when they had stadium seating but now that they have the recliners, it is so awesome!! I know it's hard to keep a theater clean, there trash cans seem to be overflowing all the time but the staff are pretty friendly; its clean, considering how much traffic comes through this theater. It's the only theater I'll go to locally. Also, buying tickets online makes it super fast to get in and avoid the outside box office line.

Amy Schoeny

Great local comic store in the lobby was handling out free comics...Asheville Comics!

Bruce Allen Smith

This theatre is small so you'd better get tickets ahead of time, but ALL the seats (in our theatre) reclined-awesome.

Angelica Gardner

I love the seats and the food is awesome, if you go in the right day of the week at the right time. I do not suggest their busiest showings.

mattye moss

Love the venue. All seats in sll theatees are comfy, but if given the chance, definitely the rpx theater is the way to go.

Adam Williams

Good God. Don't sit up close.

Rebecca Hart

Very Clean! I dropped my phone under the seats and there was nothing there but the nonsticky floor! Lots of bathrooms, easy to get advance tickets &walk right in the door. Sound is great, u can feel the sub in your recliner seat, which I always come for. Awesome big screen 3D too!

Gilbert Armour

This is the only theatre that I will go to in Asheville. Good seating and relatively easy parking.

Zachary Gaza

Excellent location. Parking garage is right next door and great places for food, drinks, and desert with in throwing distance. The theater itself is great, having everything you'd expect plus a few extras. First the technology is up to date and I never even go to the ticket booth (I hate lines). All of the rooms have nice leather bound recliners and great audio. Now, I'm no critic so take this as you will but I see no discernable difference between a standard room and an RPX except that RPX is very load. Have fun!

A Caplette

Clean and maintained theater with reclining chairs. Popcorn was fresh and we enjoyed the whole experience.

Phil Caldwell

Nice location. Shops nearby. Love the reclining, reserved seating.

CJ Parris

Loved the elegant leather seats that reclined electrically

Irene Watson

When we got there we were told the only seats available were 2nd row. We really wanted to see movie so we took the seats. Then bought a bottle of water for $4.50 a bottle, talk about ridiculous!! Halfway through movie I looked behind us only to see a lot of empty seats that would have been better seats to sit in.

carol swanner

Excellent movie experience! Love the recliners!

Melissa Carland

I have never had an issue with having my tickets on my phone. This visit management told me I had to have my tickets printed out and this took so long we missed the movie. Everytime I have done this it has never been a problem but this time. What if people don't have a way to print out tickets. They just can't go to the movies I guess.

Bonnie Spell

I went to see Madea's Family Funeral, I enjoyed the recliner seats and the stadium seating. The movie was great. I love being able to order tickets on line.

Christine Lucas

Always friendly and wonderful. The chairs recline so I feel like I'm at home. The only thing that would make it better is of they had tvs you can watch your movie on when you.needed to pee from the massive drinks.

Nancy Dunn

My favorite theater in Asheville!


Beautiful theater with limited staff to provide adquate service without waiting 25 minutes for popcorn. We would like to see the movie Bolden, with Wynton Marsalis.

Sarah Todd

Can't beat the reclining seats and plenty of space between seats.

Sheila Champion Drye

I love going to the movies here...People are extremely nice & helpful. Popcorn & ICEE are the BEST

Patrick Clifton

Nice facility!! Parking is tough, I'd plan for the deck when going on busy nights. Pricing on snacks is high but you know what you're doing. I do it, too. Visit many times over

Chris Brackett

Well staffed. Stadium style reclining seats are decadent and perfect. Reserved seating is the civilized way to purchase movie tickets. This is our favorite theatre at the moment.

Alissa Owle

Loved the seats, recliners with drink holders to keep your drink cold. Pre-bought tickets to sleepless in Seattle and went right in, no waiting. It is neat they bring back old movies. Great selection of snacks, priced high on snacks like most surprise. Overall great place in a neat area!

Hurricane Dorian

Quite pricey on concessions, but very large in theater size.

Nikiyah Trejo

This theater is nice. It's very open and seating is spacious. I've been to both the normal theater and the RPX theater. RPX theater is nice for a movie you are really into. The RPX cost more but it is worth it for the vibrating seats and louder sound system. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to go see any movie and bring friends.

Autumn Merrill

I’m a pretty avid movie goer and generally avoid this theatre. I dislike the way the first few rows are miserable to sit in, they always seem understaffed, the popcorn is usually old. Today however, my fiancé and I came with a friend and the popcorn fiend I am, had to have me some. We stood in one of only two lines for close to 20 minutes before we ordered. If we had come 5 minutes later, we would’ve had to leave the line without concessions so we wouldn’t have missed our movie. We saw that exactly happen to many customers. They left the line because it was taking so long. The employees worked diligently and was doing all they could, but also acted like lines halfway through the enormous lobby were a regular thing. More staff is really necessary on a weekend. They had the popcorn machine on one end of the counter on & popping and that was it. Workers on the other end had to dash 20 feet to fill up popcorn and come back everytime. It would’ve been quicker and more efficient if someone had made the choice to have both going during a weekend rush. Also, the employee pulling tickets & working door really needs a chair at that position. They don’t move around much because they need to stay in that area. It only makes sense for them to be comfortable.

Susan Altermatt

The lounge chairs are unbelievably comfortable

Tisha Barron

The movie we saw Green Book, was great. The seats in our theater were spacious and comfortable, and they reclined. Best theater seat I've ever been in. We also got the military discount. All in all a very enjoyable evening.

Chiki Bang Bang

This is the first time I've been back to this place in over a year and I'd have to say this place has done some major improvements. The seats were amazingly comfortable and clean.

Charles Huttoe

Bad service, no food after 10, when movies still not starting till 12. Horrible.

april stump

Can't beat the reclining seats and awesome leg room! I'll gladly pay a few $ more to not be squished and uncomfortable. They also sell better food than typical theatre snacks like beer, pretzels, hot dogs ect.

Leslie Arriola

I prefer to come here over Epic theater any day! It's location is more convenient and the seats are so comfortable and recline! This theater is also bigger!

jojo laurent

Would be 5 stars if the wall between aisles wasn't so tall (inconvenient for short people who want to fully recline) and if the popcorn seasoning was complimentary.

Jarvis Talent

Well lit and clean environment. Nice staff that are knowledgeable about the movies showing. Oh, and very comfortable seats.

Leslie Perrico

Theater itself was nice. Very comfortable seats and lots of leg room in the one we were at. Service was ridiculously slow at the concession stand, to the point where we nearly missed the beginning of our movie. You would think that they would have had more registers open on a Saturday night, but no.

Dylan Bruner

Great theater very clean and great seating

Ronald Coffey

I never knew this place was here. We enjoyed the movie, the theater was very clean and affordable

Robin Patascher

LOVE this theatre and it's comfy reclining seats! The snack bar is incredible and the theatre is not only very nice but very clean.

WafflePie `

I have been here to see multiple movies here and there are reclining seats making it a comfortable place to sit and watch a movie

Mountain Man Josh

Great place.exspensive prices though. I enjoyed the reclining chairs are amazing

Leslie Blaylock

So we usually have to come here because they get the first run movies in Asheville. The theatres are usually ok but the concessions are a nightmare. Usually only 2 lines even on a busy night. Last 3 movies we attended we were in a line for 20 -30 minutes. Tried to find a manager to complain to and he emerged for a brief minute, looked at the lines and disappeared again. I think Regal would be very disappointed in how this venue is operated.

Britt Taylor

Top notch Cinema in an incredible shopping, dining area.

Roxanna Pace

Love the atmosphere & the staff was friendly. The seats are comfortable to sit in. I would recommend the theater.

Sandy Mariaskin

Very comfortable reclining seats. Plenty of food choices and pre-purchase tickets available including specific seat reservations. Clean restrooms and friendly staff.

George Fraley

Love the huge screen, the sound system is supreme and the comfy recliners are the best. I try to see all my movies there. Almost as important as the theater itself, there are fine places to eat right there before or after the show.

Jamie Martell

Best movie theater I've ever been to!

Anita Robinson

Excellent atmosphere. Recliners were really comfortable & roomy. Very nice theatre. I'd highly tecommend it

Andrea Lumpkins

Love the option to choose seats when you order online. The seats are amazing and always loved this theater since it was built.

Jen Hudson

I love this place and will never go anywhere else. It's clean and very comfortable. There is a wide variety of refreshments to complete your experience.

Joanie Baker

I hadn't been to a movie theater for about 4 years. The reclining seats were so comfy. The sound was too loud & it cost over $63 for 2 adults & 1 child for tickets & snacks. Wow the cost is ridiculous

Susan J Hayden

Downton Abbey, loved it!


Regal is usually the best theater but our experience today was awful. The ticket seller refused to sell us handicapped seating because according to him being in our 70’s and using canes ( also having our handicap plate and placard registrations with us) didn’t matter. He insisted we had to have a wheelchair to get those seats! I couldn’t make it up the steps to the seat he assigned so We sat in the first handicap seats and would have left if needed. Absolutely NO handicap seats were taken for the entire movie!! Also I had a free popcorn on my Regal card. I asked to upgrade to a medium size and my points were taken but the guy tried to charge me $7.95. I questioned him and he said he couldn’t change it in the machine and to next time just take what was free. Some customers service training is needed for this theater!!

Craig Noble

Love the seating. Availability of reserved seating is taking some getting used to. Refreshments are expensive but are everywhere.

Emily Gordon

Super cool loungers my kids were so busy playing with the chairs they missed the movie

PsykoticGodd MFP

I've never been to this theater before but I'd heard good things so we gave it a try for the Pokemon movie. Loved the seats and the options for snacks *cough cough, open more lines when you see it's all the way to the back. 2 is a bit stretching it with the third having to run from the ticket counter and back. Overall though I definitely will be back

Scott McCulloch

Might as well do something while I stand in line for popcorn... paid for tickets and the popcorn machine is broken. It’s dirty here and four kids are standing around the popcorn machine starring...

joshua vaughan

Awesome place to watch a movie

Anne Paul

On weekends they need to hire more people to serve snacks. There were only 2 lines open when we arrived. They did add a third, but the lines were still long. If they have trouble hiring, they need to pay more. In addition, the theaters are freezing. Families are often seen carrying in blankets.

The Rooster

Great place good service amazing seating

Ken Stewart

Who doesn't like reclining seats, great sound, and someone sitting next to you sucking on popcorn! Seriously, it's good to get out and watch a movie on the big(ger) screen from time to time. I'd recommend the top row and may think about taking my shoes off next time (yeah, I'm that guy).

Murph Lee

Sound was good but we arrived just as the feature began and the front row seats are so close to the screen that it might be fair just to take that row out, in hindsight. But....we heard every word !

Gloria Nock

Normally love the Regal-Biltmore Grande. Recliners are super comfy! Yesterday their problem solving/customer service was lacking. Some patrons were sitting in my assigned seats. I nicely asked them to check their tickets and they realized they were in the wrong theatre room. Should have been end of story. Many minutes into the movie a Regal employee brought the two ladies back into the “wrong” theatre room and asked to see our tickets, interrupting the movie experience for many around me and kept discussing their tickets for a several minutes. Had the Regal employee checked their tickets outside the theatre before coming in and interrupting our movie, they could have avoided disturbing many during the film. We asked for a manager after the movie. They did admit they handled the situation poorly. I hope they do not interrupt movies for other patrons without reason. It was avoidable.

Layla Marie

I love the way the theater chair are placed out and how there are levels of can see th movie the best from anywhere in the room.

Sharon Bollinger

Grab your snacks, recline with your feet up and enjoy a movie. Seating is spacious and cozy. Many snack options available. Great movie experience.

Anne Rich

Nice theatres, like you can buy your tickets online and there is reserved seating. Our theater was very cold. But enjoyed the reclining seats!

ELizabeth Adams

Went to see The Lion King. Goods movie. Confortable, BUT dressed for cold air. Wasn't disappointed or hot. Sound system really good. Bought popcorn(of course) with a drink. Also, ordered cinnamon, but they were out so we ordered cheesecake with blueberries and whipped cream. Really good and expensive. Spent about $25.00 in total per person.

Joel Bautista

Great place it verry clean great staff the seats where really good to sit in

Callie Annas

Very nice, clean,comfy seats. very pricey and sound was a little too loud.

Christine Paynter

The most comfortable and clean movie theater. This is the only place we go to when we want to see a movie!

Glynn Johnson

Theatres are clean and comfortable. The refreshments are typically very backed up and takes a long time to receive the last 3 times i have visited.

Jennifer Peeples

I love this theater. However I am, along with many individuals and groups in this community, extremely disappointed that you are not participating in the Regal $1 movies this summer. This has been a staple of the community for several years and a cost efficient way to entertain folks during the summer. I hope you reconsider and think about the people who have been disappointed.

Jeffrey Shuler

Nice place to see a movie. Sweet, cushy stadium seating. Good selection of food and it's in a nice multiuse complex with plenty of retaurants.

Dylan Edwards

Great snacks and very high quality reclining seats and projectors

Jason Putnam

Online booking fees add to an already expensive night out, box office is regularly under staffed so you either pay extra to not interact with the one human working or wait in a long slow line. The concession prices are sky high so I always skip that. Theaters are decent, lounging chairs are a nice touch but having all reserved seating really slows down the box office process.

BomBasTic BagMaN

Best movie theater in WNC imo. Reclining seats stadium seating great sound and picture quality

Sherri Lafever

We had not been to Biltmore Grande in quite a while apparently since we didn't know they were having assigned seating now. We had to sit on the very front row which we weren't to sure about until we got inside and saw that these seats were recliners which made it much easier to see. Would have still liked to have sat a little further back, but maybe next time. The one major disappointing thing was that part of the parking garage was closed and on a rainy Saturday there weren't many places left to park. My husband has Parkinson's and it was difficult for him to find a parking place and then have to make the long walk to the theater. There weren't any signs saying the parking garage was closed in some areas, it would have been helpful to have known that when we first turned in as we could've just parked on the street near the theater.

Linda Sluder

Great handicapped facilities. Seat is wonderful. Good view. Popcorn is really good.

Tabitha Gann

We really enjoyed our trip to watch the new IT second chapter, it was a little messy every where and so packed but the movie was awesome.

Kilten B.

One of my favorite theaters to go to. I like the reclining seats, super clean floors, bathrooms were a bit dirty, but overall clean. I highly recommend this theater. Not only the theater, but there are many surrounding shops to go to.

Donna Gifun

I stopped in to catch a movie on a whim, and what a treat! The movie I saw was in a small theater, only 7 rows. It was clean and staff were friendly, but what blew me away we're the reclining chairs. Seriously, if it's a lame movie, you can take a nap and get your money's worth! Lol

Jaime Patterson

Loved the theater, great reclining chairs, very clean and staff was very friendly!

Jeanie Knox

Super comfy theater with recliners. Always clean, friendly staff, and the snack bar is always stocked. Even offers beer/wine.

MJ VanKaupp

Wonderful movie theater.

Janice Stearns

Was a great experience. I think they have an excellent setup. Bought tickets online,,went in,,everything was very clean(in the dark).Didn't but anything so don't know prices of drinks and things.I know I would definitely recommend this business

Bradley Head

The whole experience was pretty great. The line for concessions was pretty long but that wasnt the usual. The chairs recline and are made of soft leather.

NC Charlie

Even though the movies were pricey the surround sound and reclining seats made up for it in the movie theatre. I usually watch movies at home but wanted to see The Mule with Clint Eastwood. This was a remarkable experience! Loved it and will come back soon.

see chelle

Great place to go see a movie and have a nice walk after.

Casey Smith

Have you ever went to a movie theater and felt like you were at home? The cushy and clean seats and sound will make you willing to cry, laugh, and enjoy just as if you are at home. Sounds crazy right? A little buy despite its location Regal Biltmore has a small town feel for fairly reasonable prices. Being someone who watches a lot of movies and has went to some good and bad theaters Biltmore is top of the class. Plus you get refills! Typically one might say “oh no bill” to the evening time prices but even if your just visiting I would highly suggest going to this theater. Thanks for the great service and clean rooms.

Bruce Hooks

Great theater bad service at the concession station. The wait to order and the food selection is not fresh or good. Good beer on tap. But to long of a line to get it.

Raymond Baek

Friendly movie theater and they have decent customer service.

Carmen A

The only theater I go to! Love the recliners, reserve your seats, and cleanliness of this theater. Actually makes it worth the $!

Ariel James

Terrible customer service from management. Sweet ticket-window attendant seated us in seats meant for wheelchair-bound guests which means there were no seats there, only empty space for wheelchairs. Honest mistake, sure, but then management was uninterested in addressing the situation. They acted annoyed that we were bothering them (at the customer service desk), and their only suggestion to remedy the situation was that friend and I sit at opposite ends of the same row in last remaining seats...not why I came to the movie with my friend. I have had a good experience at this theater in the past, so this experience was really disappointing. I took my business to the Carolina Cinema on Hendersonville Road and found the staff much more helpful and welcoming.

Joseph Sanders

Great movie had reclining seats


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