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REVIEWS OF Regal Beaver Creek IN North Carolina

Just Me

Updated review: I decided to update my review because over the last couple of years my experiences at the theater have been very positive. But, the popcorn is often kinda stale. Still, overall it is a pretty good theater. However... Note to staff: When you have 40 people waiting in line, just take their money, hand them the tickets, and let them move along. Don't try to push that damn card when people just want to get inside and watch a movie.

matthew Previtte

The movie theater was nice and clean and had a good temperature in it the staff took real good care of me when I was at the concessions

Sherry Johnson Johnson

Danielle who works there is so sweet and helpful. I hope to see her again next time I go.

Chris Peeler

Dont pay for popcorn and a soda with cash. You will never get your change back and wont find anyone to help you either. Most expensive snacks I ever had

Blake Jones

great theater

David Bliss

Good theater with nice staff. Wish it was closer to Holly Springs is my only complaint. A place like this opens in fuquay-varina it will close the other theater down.

Ann Jacob

I love the place workers here ambience and attitude My fav theater to go

Alex SciChannel

I went to see Jurassic World yesterday and it was the best movie experience I ever had. The surround sound is loud and clear, the place smells good, and who cares if prices are high, just get something from Five Below. Everything there was awesome!

Kara M.

Such a meh theater experience, I would give it about 2.5 stars. We decided to come here because we had a gift card and the AMC I like wasn't playing the movie I wanted to see. We arrived at the theater to see a long line outside. It was 39 degrees out, so that was annoying. They only had one employee selling tickets on a busy day, by the time we got our tickets the line was even longer. The theater seating is pretty basic. The chairs do recline slightly, but they are old school. I've become too spoiled from visiting the AMC theaters with plush reclining chairs I guess! I also love that AMC has $5.50 movies before noon, definitely more budget friendly. I'll be back one more time so I can use up my gift card, but I don't see myself frequenting this place.

Lex Thomas

I saw Solo 3D last night in theater 8 at the 7:30 pm showing. There were several very noticeable quality issues with the projection. I assumed that these were screen issues but maybe some could have been projector based. Specifically, there were several 'large' vertical bands throughout the projection (which looked like discoloration of the screen) as well as a large splotch/defect in the bottom left corner which looked similar to the appearance of a large rock taking a chunk out of a car windshield. With a tentpole movie like this, I would have expected better.

Tiffany Renee

Went to a 745 pm showing and when we got there , they told us that we couldn't get popcorn because it was closed but i could get trash popcorn that she had threw out!! Why do you even offer 745pm showings if you cant get stuff from the concession stand , very very disappointed , will not be back!!!!!

Mark Curtis

Old school theater decent prices. Othneil at snack bar was a breath fresh air young person with positive attitude while working a tough job.

Donna Rich

Movie was great, seating is clean and comfortable. Concessions cost is outrageous!!! Small drink size is now apparently a half gallon cup....WoW, no wonder Americans have become chubby bubs! How can it be helped.... The young man at ticket sales had the mic volume really too high and kept his mouth talking too close to the mic....announced every word of every conversation to the whole front of building, maybe the parking lot as well! It's typical of any other theatre, I guess....

Michele Lacatena

Painfully slow service at the counter. Staff up, please. Two registers is not enough 10 minutes before the movies begin.

Rick Skrovan

Love this theater!

Ashi Gupta

Go there often. Nice environment

sumit sharma

Great screens.

Myra Jones

The person sitting behind us sneezed with a mouthful of popcorn and spit and blew popcorn chunks into our bucket of popcorn, on top of our heads, and all over our jackets. We explained what happened to a girl working concessions and asked for our bucket to be replaced, to which she refused.

Total Performance lillington

Nice theater, great seating, we won a rubber duck, which was nice.

Joe Schofield

Like any other movie theater really. Stadium seating, cleaner than most, prices are the same when compared to others. Not sure what all the hate is in the posts below...all theaters have migrated to an advertisement barrage when showing previews, Beaver creek is no different. The appeal is that its a great theater at a great local. Downside: they need to get with the times and make it more convenient for digital ticket buyers. They advertise the ability to accept digital tickets and they do, however their idea is the ticket guy taking a picture of my phone with his phone. Add IMax and better digital support and this is a 5 star place.

Philip Larson

Just a regular theatre. No assigned seating. It is kept clean.

Brian Newman

Nice theater with good staff. Clean.

Anthony Convery

Experience was good, went to see the Upside. Honestly every time we use this theater we have a smooth experience. My only complaint is the poor young lady at the ticket booth was by herself and seemed to be dealing with an "in house" issue. She was speaking to someone on the office phone while everyone was waiting for her. It's terrible that she didn't have a coworker to assist her. Especially, when we walked in an seen two manager like people in the booth behind her. She was super polite and friendly. Again good management would provide good support. Especially for an entry-level job like that.

Ian Fincham

Regal is always an excellent choice for cinema and beaver creek is our closest so we are here fairly often. The staff is all very friendly and helpful. The food is okay but can be fairly expensive compared to other theaters. This theater is always super clean and during the early showtimes there are not too many patrons, today we were the only people in the theater. All and all this is always a great theater to visit and a good time.

andy thompson

Good movies. Clean. Good sound. Not that people pay attention, but unlike many other theaters, this one actually requests folks to be quiet during the movies.

Kevin Kirby

Clean and fairly modern. Courteous staff.

Andrew Fox

Solid movie theater, if it were 15 or 20 years ago. Other movie theaters offer better food and seating as well as faster service. Cleanliness is an issue. I've never known this location to have technical issues, which is good. In a smaller town, this would be a top notch venue. The surrounding competition is outpacing them in every way in the Triangle, though.

Srinidhi Kumbaji

Nice and new theater

Amy Noza

Staff was rude and talked as if they where annoyed with me. Manger is wayyy to young.

Frances Bushman

This is our go to theater, and we love going. The theaters are clean and the employees are nice.

Ayla Eaton

My husband and I went to see a movie on 28th of June 2018 and it was slow , not a lot of people but plenty of workers. We stood at the counter to get drinks and snacks for a good 10mins before one of 4 staff members even talked to us and my husband was about to say something to get some help. After the movie , I was waiting around for my husband while he used the restroom and the staff was throwing things and running around and screaming. I then stepped outside and was waiting when I looked over at the box office and saw the young man on his cell phone while a customer waited. I then asked for a manger after stepping back inside. Come to find out the manger was one of the staff members behind the counter messing around. When I explained to her that this is just unprofessional and just rude, she said that is not normal behavior and they are normally well behaved. She was rude and rolled her eyes at me and then was like what can I give you to make it better. I said nothing this is nuts, I am not complaining so you will give me something. I wanted to enjoy my night and part of it was ruined by your staff. She then said ok I will look into and for me to have a nice night. I have been going here for 4 years and I might find a new theater cause this.

Matt Smith

20 cash registers, 1 member of staff. Slow and expensive.

Daniel Matthews

I absolutely love Regal cinemas. They have a program where you can pay a monthly price and watch as many movies a month as you'd like. Download the Regal app and check it out!

vince tesoro

I'm over 55 and the staff refused to sell me a beer without an ID then tried to tell me its a state Law everyone gets carded . BS Guess what they lost a $20 beer and popcorn sale!!

Pat L

Nice 12 theater venue with comfortable seating. Expect long lines at concessions; prices range from mid to high $$.

Nathan Gregory

The theater was kept clean. However, with the increased number of theaters that now have reclining seats, it would be great to have this upgrade included here. Being able to recline in a theater is something you didn't realize you needed until you get to do it!

Lee Irvin

It's a good movie theater. Typical. Overpriced food and drink is an understatement but theater is kept in good condition and service is always cordial.

Luke Smith

Very great service and great movies just expensive snacks

Samantha Smith

Love this theater! The seats alone are amazing. Make sure to order tickets/seats in advance to get your group to sit with each other and hit up the dollar store 2 min walk away for treats!

Dany Bel-garcon

Nice and quiet environment

Amar Bhansali

Nice if already had dinner. Also it is nearer to our house.

Shawn Brady

Nice clean theater.

Elizabeth Traner

Surprising clean. Went on Mother's Day and they were very busy but the theater and restrooms we're clean and we'll maintained. Definitely will be back.

Albert Fox

Movie was 25 minutes late starting, due to long commercials and trailers; sound was way too loud; box office outside not open and no sign saying where to purchase tickets inside.

Charlene Wicker

Clean and comfortable. Average price for the area.

Elena Harrison

Well u know u go and drink and then eat and yata yata ...what I like is that they actually had a keto / low carb option on the menu!!! I was no way .so if ur into this sort of protocol and wanna stay in while enjoying this experience , then it's the place to go . Bartender was really cool and loved the mojitos she made for me ( not keto tho lol)

e m-b

The seats are ok.

bill craven

Love this place great location lots of theaters

Joyful Alkema

Very nice person at the ticket window. Didn't lose her smile with that long long line.

Brad DeRosby

Good place to catch a current movie.

Jason Beck

Solid choice.

James Plummer

Friendly staff and clean facilities.

Mike Miller

My favorite theater.

Jessiah Sirbaugh

Pretty standard movie theater. I've never had an issue finding a decent seat, and no audio or video problems that I recall. Food is expensive but expected.

David Mestelle

Lots of concession choices and nice large theaters

cassandra uphaus

I like that its walking distance for us, but i prefer reclining seats and will drive across town for them.

David Nershi

Good movie theater with plentiful and close parking. Only bummer is their self-serve butter for popcorn. I set my popcorn down to add the butter. Then in the movie I set the popcorn bag on my lap only to discover grease marks all over my new pants. The grill I set the bag on was wet with butter. Next time I'll go with no butter.

Vaughn Thomas

Nothing special I guess. Went to see Venom. The movie was good, but the seats sucked. Too hard on my back


Nice theater, but ticket prices are way to expensive. If you want to go I would recommend buying regal tickets at Costco as it is the only way to make the price more reasonable.

Adam Wasmuth

This place sold me and my friends tickets to joker then kicked us out. We were minding our buisness then they just walked up and asked for our ID we didnt have 1 but we had the tickets and they didnt refund us.

Mirvan Wondracek

Nice preview

Victoria Johnson

DISASTROUS STAR WARS OPENING NIGHT! They played another movie in the same theater immediately prior to the new Star Wars movie release. The staff was completely unprepared for the hundreds of Star Wars fans depending on the cineplex. The "line" was complete choas. It's now under 30 minutes to show time and the theater has not been released for Star Wars fans to sit. I will be booking elsewhere for EPISODE 9.

Stephen Bickford

It's what you expect from a theater.

Tim Koblich

Pretty nice theater they serve beer the only downside for me was the seating definitely a typical theater chair .

Markie Mark

Nice theatre.... been there many times...comfortable with lots of space though I was surprised that on weekdays there no longer seems to be box office staff /:just signs directing you to buy tickets at the concession stand....

Wade Johnson

For a theater that has been around a while, they keep it in pretty good shape. I won't talk about ticket prices, for they are insane at any theater. Where they could help, financially, is at the snack bar. A family of four nearly needs to take out a second mortgage. $1 pack of Twizzlers (outside the theater) costs you $4.75 in the theater. Enough said.

Brandon Batten

Standard theater experience. I like the newer ones with reclining seats, which this one doesn't have.

Angie Walker

It was a nice cinema. We went on a Thursday at 6:30. The problem was it was our first trip to this cinema so no ticket taker at the door.. The employees were young teenagers that did not have a clue. It took 8 different people to take our order and make it. We stood and waited over 20 minutes for our food and we were the only people in the lobby. It's close to home but I think we may continue to go to Southpoint.

Courtney Rowe

My go-to movie theater! It is a bit of an older theater, but always have a great selection of movies, and offer a number of great rewards for repeat customers. Also, the popcorn is AMAZING!

Honest E

Seats are a little crammed, but at least they don't make you reserve seating. It's a fairly large theater with lots of good and snack offerings and the service is generally very good. The picture and sound was good as well. I didn't notice anything particularly unkempt about it.


Amazing theater! Very clean for the most part and great staff. I've never experienced any major problems here.

Eric Stephens

Good, clean theater, watching experience was good, but the A/C is always set so low I'm sitting there with goosebumps the whole movie, and not because of the movie. It's so chilly it's distracting, so never go in short sleeves.

Mz.Thanh Le

Simple movie theater. We love that we can go in and catch a movie anytime.

Susan Harper

Poor service at snack bar. We were in line when a group of 7-8 teens jumped on front The employee at the next register.was serving a customer so we moved over to that line since it was shorter. The employee then proceeded to move over to help serve.the larger group. She asked if we were with the big group and we told her no. She proceeded to ignore us as more people got in line behind us. She then stated that the line we were in was not open.

Inge van Heerden

The staff was very rude to KIDS! Totally unacceptable. Regal at beaver creek won’t see me again.

Mark Marshall

Went to see the new broly movie at 1pm. The theater charged me full price for the ticket for some bs reason that wasn't advertised and I was rather miffed.

Robert Richmond

My family and I come here often. We haven't been disappointed yet, prices and atmosphere are consistent with your typical movie theatre. Staff are pleasant and helpful and willing to go the extra distance to help people. Some have helped carry my disabled father-in-laws items for him to his seat.

Jacin S.

Good selection of films playing. I like the theatres here because the seating is on a significant angle. I am not very tall so it didn't take much to impact my view in a theatre. The seating here provides a great view even though someone may be seated in front of me.

Jamie Stockman

Nice, clean, and convenient to Apex. It's great not to have to go to Crossroads or Southpoint to see a movie on the big screen. The only reason for the one star knock-off is cost. Three drinks (small ones) cost more than the three tickets at an afternoon show... yikes. If you haven't been to this location before or haven't been recently, you can now access the part of Beaver Commons that the theater is in via Kelly Road. It saves you the hassle of coming in off highway 55 and navigating past Lowes, Target, etc. to get to it.

Kim Gibson

Spiderman was so good

Vanessa Lee

Nice theatre!

Monica Leigh

Good movie theatre. They keep it clean and there are nice seats. Always overpriced food but hey- its a movie theatre. They have good slushies though!


Clean, nice.... Close to shopping

Nellie Scott

More expensive than other theatres for the first movie - even with discounts.

bradley younger

Good clean theater. Always the latest movies

Patricia St John

Nice theater. Sound went out during movie. Rewound movie and fixed sound. Also gave us tickets for another show.

this channel is no longer used

Good staff and delicious food. Always like watching movies with good food...

Jason Brosnick

Seats are desperately needing an upgrade. Movies are near price of Ovation Theaters which offer better seats and a full menu. There is a 5 Below next door for candy choices which is only highlight.

Mark Lyons

Not like other reputable Regal Cinemas. Higher Priced. No central information passed on to employees, so no one has the same answer. Low service refreshments: you have to add your own butter to the popcorn and can therefore only get it on top.

Sheila Barrett

Line is too long and not labeled. When a new line opened, i went up, after waiting my turn i was told this line was snacks only. To the back of the line for the 3rd time.. total of 30 minutes in line.. ridiculous! !! Hire more people

Spaghettio Daddio

I'm used to Brier Creek but Beaver Creek is nice too lol.

Mr Thomas

Very comfortable atmosphere the staff were very humble and polite

Loc Dao

Always empty when I go so best seats all the time

Erin Pack

Sarah is amazing at customer service. She not only took my call after hours but allowed my son to come in and find his wallet. Thank you Sarah for saving the day!

Weezie Garner

Downton Abbey was absolutely wonderful, movie theater was very clean.

Robert Mcfadden

Nothing like the old school movie theater!

H. Taft

Very nice cinema!! Go relax and enjoy!

Paul Barth

Convenient location, friendly personnel, very well kept, and reasonable pricing.

Lisa Stanley

Very clean and comfortable. Concessions expensive.

Kevin Travers

A great local theater showing all the major box office hits premieres. It's always clean and tidy as well as being well staffed. I've yet to have a bad experience here.


Great. I’ve seen a bunch of new movies here


Very clean theater. Iv been going here 10 years iv never had a bad experience, love this place its the best theater around. The Refreshments are always superb.

Randal Wilson

Place was clean. Staff was glacial.

Ganna Shoofy

Beautiful and comfy, Besides, new movies are displays in Regal Cinemas Beaver Creek Apex.

Connie Taylor

Loved it and love the movie

Kennadi Hunter

My movie was great, I took my sister to see Jurassic World 2 the Friday it came out around 7pm. I told her to go pick some good seats as I went to get drinks. As I approached the counter two employees, a boy and girl were there, saw me walking towards and proceeded to go to the back. They then started talking then looked at me, then the boy came to take my order as the girl stared at me through an opening of some sort. I work in a service like this and I would never do such a thing to a customer ESPECIALLY if we’ve already made eye contact. The employees that worked the counter that day need a change of attitude, improvement on their customer service skills, and to grow up. It was childish and cringey to see them purposely avoid me as they awkwardly flirted. Other than that everything was fine.

Melany Decker

Great theater, had poor service from cashier, but manager corrected situation. Very clean, has food counter, clean toilets, enough parking, unassigned seats, which is great.

kendrick jones

The manager, heidi is an idiot and doesn't know what she is doing. Theatre would be in better hands with anyone else running the place.

Susan Makoczy

Movies....great way to lose yourself on a rainy dsy.

Sean Phillips

Nice enough, but really expensive for matena prices.

Bill Stager

Good 3D theatre.

Bruce Dow

Been going to this theater on and off since we moved to the area in 2006. Nice theater but coming up for a needed remodel.

Belen Gutierrez

It was nice but after trying reclining super sofas in other movie theaters this one seemed a little less comfortable

Ben B

Theater seemed very old. Had to wait about 20 mins (although there was only one customer at each of the open registers) to get my $15 bottle of water and popcorn. Won't go back to this theater again. Many better options in the area that are cleaner, better service, and nicer theaters.

Bryan Keith

Great place, clean friendly staff

Ken Mooney

was ok, not as good as briar creek 14 as it has the recliners

Jason Diamond

Excellent customer service very friendly. Theaters we nicely maintained.

Jessica Sigmon

Really dirty and there was nobody there to scan our tickets inside so we had to do it ourselves on the iPads where usually someone is standing as they do not have the ticket redeem kiosk machine where you’re supposed to do it yourself, out dated seats that have an odd odor.

Kate Turnbow

Super duper expensive. Chairs not very comfy either but you do have lots if legroom which was nice.

John Foley

Sub par experience. First, they were unable to process credit cards, cash only. That resulted in a line just to get tickets. It was raining lightly, got a little damp in the process. The show was crowded. The people behind us were kind enough to bring two very small children to the show (evening show). As a result we were constantly distracted by the crying child. At $12 a ticket, not worth the experience. Probably just going to stream movies at home in the future.

Arun Kallumkal

Amazing theater. It is very clean and great staff. The seats were comfortable. Ample parking available.

Kelvin Gourdine

Star Wars is always a good movie but the cost of the movie with too much. I would rather see the movie on demand or wait till it comes out on Redbox at a lower cost.

Elke Yvonne Lindemann

The dirtiest Theatre I’ve EVER been

Anthony Forzaglia

It's great that you see movies, but it's a little bit dirty. I mean it's the customers fault, but still.


The wait for snacks is unbelievable. Not enough employees

Tim Louie

Our go to movie theater

Barbara Cosgriff

Great place. Clean theatres, curtious staff, clean bathrooms.

Bill Beavers

Excellent and convenient

Allison Stack

we came here me my mom and brother. Me and my brother were carded at the door to get into IT chapter two which I understand. But then after we got our drinks and snacks we were very rudely asked to see our ID’s and tickets. My mom is 48 and I am 21 my brother is 19. The girl at the door was very rude and wasn’t even the one to look at our ID’s and tickets after she asked so rudely.

Chad Cobus

They need the recliner seats! Otherwise much cleaner than crossroads

Warren Hinson

Good discounts for seniors. Clean with comfortable seats. Refreshment staff a bit slow at movie start times.

Sherry Dawson-Roach

Stinky and dirty

Sonja L. McGhee

Equalizer 2..great movie!!

Marie Smith

A good place to see a movie.

nadine grudzinski

Nice theater.Clean and comfortable.

Venkata Sundaragiri

Very nice place. Friendly and quite

Keenan Allion

Super expensive but a very nice place.

Harlan Stafford

Not much change here over the years. Still a good basic first run movie experience. No advance reservations or reclinin seats. Nearby Tyler's Taproom is now closed. Robin's is close.

Daniel Mobley

Nice theater with no reserve seating

Taya O

I like going to this theater because it's so convenient, however for the second time now (in almost 4 years) I've had a questionable experience. I'm not sure if it's my movie choice or something else, but the first time was when I went to see a movie with a mostly black cast I was asked if my purse could be searched. Last night I went to see another "black film" and was asked for identification. I asked this young lady why I was being carded and she said it was "protocol", yet as I stood there with another couple that was behind me in line, she didn't ask anyone else for identification. What's the protocol? I was with my teenage daughter and we were both very perplexed by this. I could understand if the person selling me the ticket was the one to ask, but why after I've purchased it would I be asked for my identification?

Michael Loesekann

Uncooperative unwilling to understand a simple mistake....bought popcorn during my most recent visit to the theater. Noticed after my purchase they had Cheetos popcorn flavor. We ask for some of the seasoning to add to our regular popcorn and they actually were willing to help. After applying the season we realized out popcorn was ruined. Hoping they would understand we ask for a replacement bag sense it's only popcorn. They would not. They wouldn't even let us pay extra for the Cheetos popcorn upgrade. Will never return here not recommend this place to anyone.

Art Crouse

Sound bleeds through form adjacent theater is very annoying. Do not go for any 3D in this location they do not set it up right. Manager on duty when we were there could care less about a complaint. There are better choices in the local area.

Toure Dunnon

Clean theater and a friendly staff.

Arlene Diaz

Clean..GREAT customer service

Chris C

The concession area is constantly under-staffed and the managers seem to think it's more important to look at their phone than jump in and help customers (reduce concession line wait times).

Marc Smereck

The theater is clean and well kept, but they don't have enough ticket windows staffed. Often the lines are long and there is only one window open.


Good movies, simple and works with Fandango, online tickets are also available

omar gomez

Really pricey (as are most theaters) and the screen was dark. Picture your phone on night mode and the screen very dim; that's what the screen looked like.

Robert King

Nice theater, very clean, still feels reasonably new. Courteous and attentive staff.

Trisha Gress

Went there today for a 12:20 showing and the icee machines weren’t ready and there was no butter to put on your popcorn. Lots of teenagers working but not doing anything. You should have everything ready to go when the theater opens, not 2 hours later.

Michael M

Nice theatre. Seating needs to be upgraded to compete with AMC Holly Springs and Crossroads Regal. Self serve butter for the popcorn is a bit annoying. Employees did not have strong knowledge of the monthly rate package.

S.T. G.

Love this theater! Always a great place (also close to home; BONUS) to come to and enjoy a movie. This is one our favorites!

Antonio Anderson

Came to see Avengers Endgame. I had an awesome experience at Regal Cinemas, Beaver Creek. I recommend this theater to anyone in the Apex, Cary, Raleigh-Durham area who want to go to the movies.

Vic K

Clean environment, professional staff, and efficient service! It's a blessing this is my neighborhood theater. The best part of this visit was Tarzan!

Jake Abernethy

Here they always have clean theaters and tons of refreshments to choose from. However the popcorn there is to salty and the price is a little high.

alyson Le

I took my kids here to watch the Grinch with my husband. My husband lost his wallet and was returned 3 days later without his giftcards gift cards. Thank goodness that there was no cash in there. Other than that atmosphere was great and the staff was friendly.

Rodney Brown

Great theatre for watching the most epic movies!

Ali Roberts

Such a terrible experience. I would never recommend coming here. I pay $10 for a ticket to watch a movie only to be disrespected by employees. Management is obviously not very good here based upon my experience. They have no idea how to satisfy customers. No wonder they already don't have any customers. I hope this place goes downhill.


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