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REVIEWS OF RED Cinemas - Restaurant Entertainment District - Stadium 15 IN North Carolina

Alisha Vernekar

I love this place coz It provides for Hindi cinema.

Jordan Burleson

One of the best movie viewing experiences I've ever had. First off, the artwork and graffiti outside is amazing! The whole place has an amazing aesthetic and fun employees. They have ♿ handicap accessible seating, parking, and restrooms. The movie prices are affordable, they show indie films, and the snacks and food are next level. They have

Jennifer Nieto

The pizza is awesome, and the place is awesome. They don't have reserved seating yet, but I hope they do soon.

Nicholas Zamboni

Really cool local place in Greensboro. Expensive as all movie places tend to be but great experience anyways.

Victoria Itwaru

I absolutely love this movie theater!!! Cheaper than normal and the seats r good

Mary Alice White

Red Cinemas seems like great place to see some of the harder to see movies in the area like art films or limited release movies. It was very clean inside with lots of food and snack options. The seats are incredibly comfortable and spacious. The armrests are wider so you don't have to worry about awkward sharing of a skinny arm rest. They also recline a little so they are very comfy. The movie quality and sound was also very nice.

Tim Ellis

Comfy seats, great atmosphere

Crystal BelleAmie

AMAZING murals if you appreciate art. quirky lil place with small intimate theatres. serves alcohol.

Amanda Sanson

If you like movies, having an entire pizza, and a beer at 12:30 pm on a Sunday with barely anyone else around you in the theater, then this is your place. Honestly, I dont know why people dont do it more often, or go here for that. Because it is just wonderful.

Misty Hopper

Great staff and service

Daniel Englebretson

Awesome venue , great vibe. I love the art on the outside.

John Driggers

Great theatre. Love the mood of the place. Red and neon and warmth, like a happy Galactic Empire! Plush, fully reclining seats and nice little swing away tray tables. Screens are bright and the sound is awesome! Haven't tried the food yet.

Erson Religioso III, DPT, FAAOMPT

Great outside decor. Friendly staff. Sound is a bit low but clean theater. Good fresh and warm popcorn. Expected prices for concession (meaning expensive) but that's the movies.

Kim Heil

Red has improved since taking over the theater—offering great amenities, upgraded seating, etc. One thing I noted on my last visit was the general condition of the ladies restroom: The floor was only semi-clean, and the wall where the hand-dryer is doesn’t appear to ever get washed-down, nor the molding below it. Icky. Just a little reminder to management to keep things tidy in there—check coat hooks in stalls for loosening, as well as the bolts on toilet seats for us ladies. That’s the first and last place most of us see when visiting the theater—impressions matter!

Jeanne Whiteley

Just because artwork is good. Needs reclining seats... Expensive concession

Tony R

Me personally I love going to the movies and the movie itself was great but we got in there no seats left and the isle contained broken seats we had to switch to a different showing for a upcharge all and all it was fairly disappointing .

Bri Bri

This place was pretty cool, they had beer on tap and plenty of places to sit and hang out. Seems like a fun place for the weekend. The stadium was weird and different, I liked the set up but I felt like it was a little tight of a squeeze. I could hear the people behind me breathing and talking right in my ear haha. The bathrooms were pretty small too, my elbows touched the wall while sitting down. The workers were nice but didnt really seem to pay too much mind. They were busy talking to each other. But it was a nice place and I enjoyed the movie

Leshonya Chewning

The cinema was very nice and pleasant. The service was also good.

Lisa Russell

International based movies make me happy!! Journey of Fakir was fun!

Rusty Cookson

My son and I went to Red Cinema while my wife and I were visiting him in Greensboro. The seats were very comfortable with reclining backs and foot rests. The theater itself was clean and well maintained. We had popcorn and beer which added to the experience.

Colin Jones

Reclining seats were dope. Watched Avengers End Game and didn't have any issues with the film messing up. No sounds issues. Went back and saw another movie here.

Carlos Vega Melendez

Good. watched lion king and was pleasantly surprised how comfy the chair were.

Bobby Logan

Me and my family had a great time enjoyed it

Rachel Snipes

I was impressed with the wine glass chandeliers that hang on the ceiling. So much so that I wanted to take a picture of them. From what I could see the food looked good, and the ticket price was just right! Bathrooms were clean, and staff seemed nice. Might come back when I have some free time.

megan edmonds

Loved it first time we went! Went again was in theater 1 half of the seats were cautioned off. Had to go to the restroom and everyone had to move! There’s no walking space even when no one is in the chairs!!!! Might try again in a few months but we’ll go to the amc for now

Terri Fletcher

I love hanging out here with friends.

Kylie Kelaher

Always clean & great alcohol selection

Marc Wall

It was ok besides, the price of the food and drinks.. 1 can of peace tea, that only cost a dollar in the store was 4.25 there

Johanna Evans

Great place just a strangely long wait to get into the theater

Lieut Bubbles

Dirty! Decent food choices. Murals are nice

Grant Brown

Very comfortable seats but when someone leans back they take out your knees. Seat are way to close front to back

Catherine DuPont

I like this cinema. Nothing super fancy, but the amenities are fine and the movie choices are great. I get tired of the same ol' run-of-the-mill theaters of today. Miss the Janus and Terrace. Eh, perhaps I'm just too nostalgic.

Greg Scott

It was really nice. Movie started on time. Nice seats, polite patrons and staff.

Karen Heater

Felt like I was watching a movie in my living room. Recliners! WOW!

John Holt

Nice movie theater. Easy and uncomplicated.

Rich Stevens

First time at one of these brands of cinemas. By far the nicest Ive ever been to! Clean and very comfortable electric reclining seats! Went for luxury seating. Wish there were more movies out that xaught my interest so i could come back sooner before leaving town since im only here for work!

Ivey Butler

Great time with family. Just enjoyed the movie; Did not partake of concessions.

Jay Moore

Excellent value. Comfortable seating and a mid-size screen that is perfect for the size of the theater. After the room had gotten almost steamy, I spoke to one of the ushers and the room was very quickly cooled down. Very nostalgic for us baby-boomers.


Seats and tables could have been cleaner and wiped off. No milk duds, my favorite candy. I enjoyed it a lot better this time than when I first visited 5 years ago.

Venkat G

Good place to watch Telugu movies in Greensboro

Benjamin Windsor

Great popcorn, so much better than the old theater

Donna Harris

I LOVE their reclining seats the most! The awesome art work that wraps the outside of their building is awesome also!

Bruce G. Minor

It's great to have a local theater. Comfy recliners and great sound for Avengers Endgame! Only downside was sticky floors.

Dathan B Williams

My hotdog was over cooked. The bread and popcorn old. They ran out of condiments. Not good.

Becca Bickford

Really liked the outside, but the food was extremely expensive and they had an 80s movie in the theater. R u serious?


Polite staff, comfortable seating.

Tony Bilello

I always love to come here! Great seats, great food & beverages and the staff is wonderful to talk to! If you are in the area i highly recommend visiting!

James Thomas

Nice seats, clean and good food options !! Nice experience

Tracy Ales

The seats are the best

Karen Cagle

Love the art work all around the building and staff is always so friendly

Lee S

Nice new seats that rock but don't decline. Art theme is very cool. First come first serve seating like the good old days

Craig Taylor

New ownership has updated all aspects, from bathrooms to seating to concessions. Very friendly staff, nice seats in the theatres. Outdoor murals are amazing!

kennedy udechukwu

I love this place! It's so original in everyway. Definitely recommend

Kima Bell

Love the comfortable seating food not so great.

Larissa Cooper

Uumm idk why they had st least 10+ seats closed off especially with a sold our theater. This was our 1st time watching a movie here and I want impressed. Will choose another next time. Theater #15 btw.


Awesome!!!! Big plush seats, clean restrooms, great customer service! They exceeded my expectations! Loved it!!! My new theatre for movies!

Garrett Petruzzi

Considerably HIGH PRICES for tickets and VERY overpriced concessions. Parking is a nightmare. You just simply .... Pay money to go to the movies... No perks - nothing special.

Katelyn S.

I have been to this theater multiple times and it is very nice. Comfortable seats and great variety of concessions along with beer and wine. A few days ago I had a meeting run long and I had already purchased tickets to a show online. Andre ahd Lauren helped remedy the situation quickly and professionally. They are excellent when it comes to customer service! Keep them around!

Pamela Ferrell

This cinema is beautiful plenty of places to relax before your movie, plenty space to sit at tables to eat your pizza that's made fresh, the chairs to watch your movie is so comfortable and the hospitality was exceptional I will be going here to watch all my movies it just that nice and clean


Nice place to see a movie and grab a beer. Seats were very comfortable.

Shawn H

Smaller theater for a cozier more not crowded movie experience . Friendly staff

Joshua Wayne

Been here a few times, the chairs are very comfortable and the services provided are excellent

rekha singh

We went there for watching simmba (an Indian movie) which was running in theater no.4 which was very small. The chairs were very uncomfortable, sitting on it was like punishing ourself. Although I have heard they have other theaters which are better than this.

Maria Purcell

Neat concept. Offers fresh pizza baked on the premises, espresso drinks, and alcohol at movie prices. It's an elevated movie experience with comfortable reclining seats. My coffee was not very good, sadly.

Trace Mckone

great medium sized theater. super friendly staff. clean. great seats and movie theater is clean. loved it. didn't eat this time but will next time.

jesse mcdaniel

Not that great of a cinema, I think the grand is better.

Keith Kirk

It was great and the food was pretty good I will go back again.

Phillip Alfonzo

Great place to see movies if you like the huge seats and eating in, but not as romantic as other theaters.

Sandra Velazquez

Loved this place! Great service! Nice chairs! Clean! Beers! First time there and really liked it.


Very nice they hosted another community event, the Jewish Flim Festival both.

Dashawn Whiteside

Nice upgrade to the theater. Comfortable reclining seats. Great location. Several restaurants to choose from in the surrounding area. Also close to downtown area. I recommend a visit.

Ken M

Concessions were relatively cheap. Lux seating was great.

Caroline Johnson

A very nice place to see a film and get a bite. Features first run movies in comfortable environment, good selection of snacks. I’ve enjoyed several films there recently and plan to go back.

Andrew Raines

The Rec Cinema is a super great place to see a movie! They often hold onto titles just a tad longer than mainstream theatres so they're a great option for seeing something you might have missed.

Kimberly Horn

This movie theater is one of the worst I have ever been to. The theater is tiny and they sell chips in bags so you can’t hear the movie with all the rude people. Management could care less about your personal experience. I do not recommend going if you actually want to hear the movie and enjoy your experience with frustration.

Angelia Blackstock

I didn't feel well, at the beginning of the movie, so my husband & I was getting ready to leave & the staff was really nice & led me to the ticket counter to receive a refund..We're definitely going back!

Annice Rader

Awesome place. Clean theater and wonderful staff. ❤


Great theatre! Love the recliner seats & the lobby with all the tables & seating. Makes it really feel like a hangout. The pizza is pretty good & its nice to be able to have a glass of wine if you're in the mood for it.

krishna kumar C

Regularly watching Tamil movies with bunch of friends here . Theatre is so good with nice seats and atmosphere. This is the only theatre in Greensboro playing Indian movies so we would love to repeat here whatever Tamil movies are being played. But my only request is to provide a After 10 P.M show on thursdays so that we can enjoy the movies with the bunch of friends where everyone finishes their work at 10 and I hope you guys will do it for an wonderful experience at red cinemas for us

Joseph Williams

Really enjoyed the experience. Very comfortable seating! Did not feel cramped at all. Loved the beverage selection as well.

Jason Castleberry

Great popcorn, and good people

God, Family, County JWS

First time here, very impressed. Good staff. Great seats. I was kind of confused because we thought they had a legit sit down restraunt inside. But the chicken fingers are absolutely fantastic.

Kristie Hobson

The lovely renovations done in recent years are in danger of being over shadowed by a large number of broken chairs and filthy restrooms. This is truly a shame.

Laura Crews

That time you went to the movie theatre on Halloween and second guessed that decision REAL quickly....Photos

Tejaswini Ravi

Convenient movie place with decent amenities, you will find almost every new movie here, including foreign language movies.

Joyce Williams

Theater was nice it was my 1st visit but the people working snack bar need to realize they are there to serve and should be more helpful customer service is important to me I work hard for my $ I want go there again

Amber Leigh

Always have a great time.

Nancy Vaughn

Wonderful place to see a movie. Although the theater we were in had seat that were closed, still a good experience

Leslie Pipan

Nice theater, reclining seats. Very clean and comfortable.


Great place to see Indie flicks. Although I do miss The Carousel.

Becky Nelsen Brinkley

Though they were "stadium" seats I wish the seats reclined. Very nice to have wine available for purchase.

Yvonne Lawhorne

Great place to sit and relax and watch a great movie.

Tracy Helms

I saw an Indian film today. It was just a little over an hour and a half long but there was a 10-15 minute intermission after an hour. That's just crazy! I'm told that Indian films can often be 3+ hrs long, so under those circumstances the intermission would give some guests a much needed break. It would have been nice to know ahead of time that the film would abruptly stop for an intermission or in these particular circumstances why have it at all? The movie was rated PG-13 but it contained the F*** word, and a part of the story line was about a 27 year old woman exploring lesbian relationships. The subject matter wasn't in the trailer and seems a bit mature for a PG-13 movie. The weekday matinee cost $7.45 and my combo of a child's popcorn, candy bar, and child's drink added an additional $8.50. Today's theater experience totaled just under $16.00! With that said, the ticket booth was closed so I had to purchase my ticket at concessions. Theatre seating was VERY comfortable. My screening didn't have reclining seats, but the regular seating was the most comfortable that I've experienced. This theatre isn't the cheapest in town, but I'll definitely return for future movies.

Melissa Carmona

My favorite movie theater in town. Great Pizza and comfy chairs.

Jennifer Hess

Friendly staff. Clean theater. However both times I went to the restroom, there was no toilet paper.

eric johnson

Nice clean theater in a good neighborhood. Love the luxury seating that reclines and has a food table that swivels to in front of you. Eric from Lombard, IL

Devin Ellis

The most comfortable theatre I've ever been in, very clean as well.

Uma Andrews

Love being able to recline and watch a movie with a beer! Just like being at home, but with a great new release.

Brandon Angelilli

The coolest looking theater from the outside. The murals are awesome. Unfortunately, the staff was inattentive, you have to buy your tickets at the concession stand (which no one likes to do), and our theater was not only pretty small, but a good chunk of the seats were "out of order." I was very excited about this theater, but disappointed overall.

Tranquil Inertia

In my top 10 favorite places in all of North Carolina. Who can compete with a theater that has premium black (faux I think) leather eco-friendly reclining seats, the best audio and projector equipment in the state, a passionate workforce who not only get paid more than any other cinema employee in Greensboro, but actually love their jobs. The murals on the outside are beautiful and inspiring. And the ticket prices also tend to be the cheapest in town. It's like you'd have to be a complete numbskull for going anywhere else. And I know for a FACT that you aren't. Wanna know how I know that? 1. You are smart enough to use this app. 2. You read this crazy Army veteran's lonely monologue in it's entirety, which displays both patience and intelligence. Knowledge is fun. Now go watch awesome Marvel films.

Steven Crowder

This is a fantastic theater! The seats recline and are more comfortable than my own couch. The beer selection is also great, with local brews on tap. Definitely worth watching a movie here!

Amorelis Lopez

I love this place, the movie ticket prices are really good and the chairs are pretty comfortable. Everyone is nice, and I just love the location. The paintings around the theatre is a great feature too

Travis King

I prepaid for my tickets for a party of 5 they don't have a scanner for the phone tickets like every other place I've been. My party was unable to sit together due to the lack of presecelected seats. Ruined the experience

Reena Isharani

Lovely movie theater and friendly staff. If you are in a crunch or would like to eat during the movie you can order pizza and they will bring it to you

Robert Morgan

First time going, movie was great. Being able to have a beer while watching was awesome, but the some signs we seen about purses being a certain size needed to be checked for the well fair of their employees and patrons, and their was No one checking anyone or anybody for our and their safety. Seeing the signs made us feel some better but having no employee actually checking was disappointing

Ashley Dasy

Such a cute little cinema, the vibe is great and the art on the outside is stunning.

dalen investment

Wonderful place all around. Great service and welcoming employees. Went to see Captain Marvel and really enjoyed my time there. The murals on the outside are breathetaking and definitely worth a picture or two... maybe even a selfie!

Andria Lassiter

Really nice very relaxing but had about 20 seats marked off for repair

Eyes of SuetyKhan

It was a great theatre and they try to interact with their customers as much as possible

Harold Lee

I really enjoyed it while I was visiting.

Milan Sovilj

The staff was friendly, the seating was nice and, sound quality and movie quality was good, of course this can be different based on the movie that is seen, the icees were good. The biggest thing is it's definitely very red, and I don't just mean the name, but rather the color scheme of the theater, which is fitting. The only reason one may not like this is if they are adverse to the color red being plastered everywhere.

Samantha Anthony

Great theatre serving some food and more importantly craft beer from Pig Pounder (across the street). Great prices for concessions, considering the normal insane prices at movie theatres. $5 for the draft beers! Ticket prices are great too. Matinee is $7, even on weekends! Make sure to check out the beautiful mural on the wall by the parking lot.

Israel Jones

Out of all the theaters in greensboro and the surrounding areas, this one has the most character. It's like going to your favorite local restaurant vs. Applebees. You'll always have a better experience.

Lisa Johnson

It's okay, some theaters have seats that are "out of order or broken" looks tacky.

darrell arehart

The people that works there are really nice,the theatre is ok,but I will go back because of the staff.

bruce mezger

.nice seatting good movie...

Justin Covington

Pure awesomeness, great seats, food and drink selection .

Heart Ramirez

Movie was good but seats were a little too close so the person in front of you would lean back and hit your knees. Nice reclining chairs though if no ones in front of you.

michael tew

Great environment, decent prices and showtimes, excellent craft beer selection.

Althea Brooks

Excellent, clean, roomy lounge chairs! Laid back streched out comfortably like I am at home in the livingtoom with family!

Destiny Black

Cute theater very comfty

Cryo Wulf

Fantastic theater with a nice balance of modern comforts with nostaligic feel. Excellent local beers on tap.

Pat Gibbons

Always enjoyable, appreciate the independent films

John Dough

Have a beer and watch a movie in a comfy chair. Would be nice to pick a seat beforehand but that's a very small gripe. Overall I like this theatre a lot

Rochelle Jones

Theatre was a bit cold. However, I kept my coat and scarf on, got into the movie and managed to still enjoy the movie. Staff is always so cordial too.

Joyce Hand

Celebrating my friends Birthday. Had a ball and toooo much popcorn. All good.

Jerrod Gordon

Saw Capt. Marvel in 3D... First time doing the 3D... Movie was much better than what has been said... Must see addition to the MCU

Jeremiah Williams

Clean and good customer service. Definitely will be back

Christina Nelson

I love this place. Never had I experienced comfy recliner seating. Environment was nice and clean.. bathrooms had a TV in it..that was diff2rent but interesting

Monique Battle

It is fairly reasonably priced and the stadium seating is a huge plus

Ryan Wyke

From outside to inside, even before the movie starts, visiting Red Cinemas is worthwhile. Go for a movie, fall in love because of the reclining chairs, and then walk around to check out the art.

Owen Eddington

Very good theater, very good food, very comfortable seats, this place has it all, and is by far my favorite theater that I go to, if you are skeptical of red cinemas, don't be because this theater is very good. Plus they have cheerwine.

T Brown

Love this theater. Great comfortable seats!

Rick Clark

Seats are great and comfortable but the lines at concessions is crazy....two long lines with 5 employees. Very inefficient.

Brenda Cox

Volunteered hear as part of River Run festival. Also take granddaughters here. Love the small one with recliner seats.

Jaime Brewer

Everything was great with the exception of one of the spot lights in the theater constantly coming on. The only other customers in the theater kept having to leave to tell someone to cut it off. They would cut it off and then it would come back on. It happened about 3 times through out the movie. Kind of made it hard to see one side of the screen. I'm not sure if this was an electrical issue or human error and that's why I'm still giving four stars. Every interaction I had with the employees was pleasant and efficient. I would definitely return but I hope they get that light issue fixed sooner than later.

Paul Corte'z

Good prices on Tix and food

Tyler cox

It was a good experience minus a grown man kicking my chair to make his friends laugh but good overall experience

Bryan Rayner

Food isn't exorbitantly priced. HUGE seats! Recliners built in (LUX movies only). Fantastic atmosphere, fun staff. 10/10.

Paul Kirkman

This is a great place to watch a movie. You can buy real food and adult beverages too. Well run.

Abbie Safran

Very upscale looking from its elaborate exterior on into the lobby, but the theatres are a bit worn and wonky. The theatre we were in, in fact had quite a few broken and roped off chairs. The person working in consessions that helped us was a little rude, but I chalk that up to a busy Saturday and that it was the end of shift. ( I know, I worked in this theater when it was still the Carousel as my first job) All In all, not a horrible experience, just maybe they should take some of the money they spent on their exterior and put some of it toward the actual theatres and their upkeep, and maybe even some for employee initiatives.... because that job isn't easy.

Arturo Reyes Hernandez

Pretty nice! Didn't like they charge you for the jalapenos and they won't reserve any spot for you, other than that is nice movie theater.

Juan Carlos Jaramillo

This place was amazing. We just googled movie theater in Greensboro and randomly choose this one. The graffities are amazing, the luxury seats are great and the sound was great too.

Ömer’in Maceraları

I think it is little pricey but overall good service...

Laurie Neese

Love this movie theatre, but it's way too cold in there. It's like being in a meat locker

Gregory Boucher

Went to see Toy Story 4 here... seating is not crowded, Concessions is clean and well-lit. Went to a matinee so the price is great! Very satisfied with our experience, go see your movie here!

Thomas Mclawhorn

Great service and the theaters are clean. Good picture and sound quality

Denise Copes

Went to see EndGame. It was awesome

Dara Reece

Ok not exactly sure what is going on with this theatre but our experience yesterday was terrible! Half the seats in the theater were “closed” leaving an already small place crazy cramped. The floors were completely nasty. Drinks and food all over them. Your shoes stuck to the floor. To top it off the fire detector beeped the whole movie!!!! When leaving we told the manager about the smoke detector and the seating and his response is we are remodeling. The friend I was with had been a month before to RED cinema and experienced the same issue different theater. Bottom line we will not go back to this theater anytime soon!


Tickets high with no discounts. Expensive concessions, wines, beers. Good timeliness/selection/variety of films, but dated theaters.

Bay Tate

I love this theater. While it may not have all of this bells and whistles of a major chain, it's a great theater. It's like having two theaters in one! You can see a great indie movie or a major blockbuster here! Nice staff. Great concessions!

Bri Babington

Comfortable chairs. Very clean. Quick service

Joani Burris

It's a nice place for my sweetheart to go and cuddle.

Rebecca Lewis

Got the luxury seating, the reclining seats were so comfortable!

Ervin Matier

Nice place to watch a movie

Dave Y

Comfortable seating and I like the various food options but more expensive than competitors.

Shaun Avery

Cool place to catch a flick and even order a beer! Murals around building are AMAZING. Very cool.

Samantha Tindall

Best theater in Greensboro! The luxury tickets are soo worth it!


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