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REVIEWS OF RCE Theaters Elizabeth City IN North Carolina

Patti Franklin

Nice, clean local theater.

Jax and onion

Popcorn made me feel sick

Tina Carlisle

The people who work there are so friendly and informative. We love the new upgrades yet prices are still lower than any other theater in the area. The kids love the hometown feel of this theater and it makes for great family memories.

James Wooton

Love the gateway special. If you are looking for a cheaper theater option, here's your place. Tickets are usually first come first serve. If you decide to come during a highly expected movie, plan on waiting outside for a longer period of time. Good place to watch current movies!

Bryan Hawkins

Such a wonderful experience! Haven’t been home to good ole Elizabeth City in years. Last time I was home my memories of this place were horrific. Now that it is under new ownership I have been tremendously impressed! The Staff is polite and look quite dashing in their red bow ties! Prices are also very fair! Clean Bathrooms! Floors in the theater swept very nicely and seats not full of old popcorn. Definitely a step up! Definitely will be back with the family!

penny shackelford

Great theatre..great prices and staff..

Shawn Ervi

Under new management and new owners doing awesome job renovating the theater...price are great and can't beat good popcorn

Carolyn Bassett

The new owners have invested so much in to improving the theater. The new seats are wide and comfy, and widely spaced, no super squished seating here, which I love. Lots of fun events.

Patrick O'Brien

Can't beat the prices. They continue to update and make it more comfortable

Wendy Oliveira

Great prices and friendly people. Just wish they offered more hot food.

Calvin Carson

Small town experience, with a cozy little theater. The price validates the sticky floor and loud seats. But tell me where you can go on a movie date for $10.

Ranjana Mitra

It's a throw back. Nothing fancy, but first run movies for unbelievably affordable with friendly service. They take no credit cards. Basic and cheap. Don't expect plush modern seats. For what you pay for tickets, popcorn and a drink for one would be the same as one admission at more modern facilities.

Des Netzley

Been there best to sit iin the FRONT ROW

vernon Rinus

Polite customer service. Seats are comfortable and it was a pleasant movie day out. Definitely coming back. Big turn around from the previous owners.

Monique Kirby

Quaint theatre. Cheap ticket prices and cute vibe.

Theresa Upton

Will definitely be back. Nice, clean.Comfy seats. Fantastic ticket price. All the recent work really shows.

Charles Coleman

While they have improved, it is still gross

Just Dance Joseph

The place was well furnished the food was good but overpriced but I understand the tickets were cheap

Cindy DeTore

We always enjoy seeing the latest releases in our little hometown theater! The new renovations are wonderful, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the prices can't be beat! Thanks, RCE for a fantastic family spot!

Carroll Copeland

5 stars for ticket prices, seats been redone and comfy too

Jane Elfring

Loved the new seating and renovations the owners have made.


Great movies great prices

Johnna Aust

Great ticket prices! Nice new seats! Concessions are reasonable!

Debbie Scott

A great place to take your family for a good movie night out,

Darlene Melcher

Movie tickets are 4.50 now. We went for the first time tonight. Very small place with two theaters. The seats are small, but comfy. Sticky floors? I thought that's how it was supposed to be at the movies ;) Cash only. But tickets are SO CHEAP. we got a decent size popcorn for $3.50. I'm thankful for an affordable option. I might actually be able to take my kids to a movie without taking out a loan! Looks like they are beginning some renovations as well.

Lynn Harrell

Medea Final movie was awesome

Teleda Lassiter

Nice refreshment s to high

Lesley Lanier

Love the new remodeled theater. Very clean. The staff are ways pleasant

Susan Outlaw

I and my grandchildren had a very good time watching Dumbo at your theater tonight. I Love the new theater seats very comfortable!! Thank you so much for keeping your prices affordable. Also your Staff was super nice and waited on the crowd wanting popcorn candies and drinks very quickly

Erica Manglona

It is being lovingly restored and renovated. The owners should be very proud of their accomplishments here. I previously avoided this theater, but, I am happy to patronize this establishment and support these positive changes to our city.

Pam Fernandez

I was very disappoint. They only had 2 employees working. We went to go see Jurassic World. Bad experience... they had one line jumbled up for the tickets and popcorn, not only that but the line was were the door opened up. Plus they had it roped off because there was the kids matinee playing. To top it off one of the 2 employees had to leave to pick up the theater since that show was over!! They need to hire more people. I'm sure they could find people to work.

Lachner Donna

I love this place. Cheap on there prices to get in and they have great snacks and play just released movies!!!

Sharon Fields

I love going to see movies here when I'm visiting my family.

Treasura Clagon

Ok so let me be clear this was my first time visiting here since 2008 and i absolutely LOVED my experience! Regal theaters in Greenville NC can kiss my money GOODBYE!! this theater has been upgraded and for the price you CANNOT beat it. Not to mention the service everyone was soo nice great place to go and catch a midday movie

Dean Joyner

Free refills on drink, awesome

Mrs Big Mama Yas

Like the new seats


Walked up to the ticket window and host refused to serve us. It was 3:21, and wouldn't sell us tickets till 3:30. The show starts at 4. It's Thor on opening day, do the math. The only issue I have with this was their laxed, "I'm not on the clock, it ain't my problem," demeanor. Moreover, the gentleman was in his 40s. I'd expect this attitude from a teenager, not a grown adult. Then again, I've been wrong. Thor rocks tho, so I'll wait the whole 9 minutes. So the man child can finish his Pediasure and change his diaper. FOR ASGARD!

Virginia Formella

First time visiting RCE Theatres since my family moved to the area 6 months ago. Initially I was not planning to attend based off of the appearance of the exterior and often desolate parking lot. I'm glad I read other reviews and decided to check this place out! As other reviewers have mentioned, the ticket prices ($4.50) are extremely reasonable. Although the snacks are about the same price as a large theatre, the popcorn is excellent and they have Cheerwine! The building is clean and maintained, the seats are comfortable, and even without significant stadium seating I had no trouble seeing from the back. I look forward to utilizing this theater more in the future and am excited that I don't have to drive to Chesapeake anymore if I want to see a movie in theatres!

James Slade

Hope they can weather the storm when the new theater opens! It's nice to have a small historical spot to go.

Deborah Boone

The new area chairs and restrooms are wonderful.

michelle ward

Great theatre with awesome staff. Love this movie theatre!!!! The owners have done an excellent job remodeling!

CJ James

New seats clean inexpensively priced tickets over priced popcorn just like any other theater

Steven Myrick

Wonderful little theater, can't beat the price. Hope it stays around.

Deb West

Always a great family time at RCE. Travis and staff are friendly and efficient.

E. Darnell Smith

Fine experience with great prices. Truly a theatrical treat.

Chris Dail

New and improved

Daniel Humphrey

Great help full staff paid in advance online, no wait for the line. In our home town love to support local businesses

William Old

The new owners have done amazing renovations to the old Gateway. It's so nice and economical to go out to the movies now. New seating, new restrooms, reasonable concessions. Highly recommend

Acaisha Leigh


Heather Perkins

Recent change of ownership and remodel has proven such a good thing for a pretty run down establishment. Updated snack menu, still very affordable pricing. Popcorn is the best around here! Ticket prices, can't beat them! New seating is much more comfortable, but a little snug for my lady hips

Karla Willis

Way to cater to all ages!

Pam McPherson

Reasonable prices and good movies

Rebecca Soule

Super cheap tickets for this day and age ($4.50) and the new owners have seriously cleaned up the place with new bathrooms, seating, and concessions.

Benjamin Artman

Dollar movie on Tuesday. Pretty nice remodel.

Heidi Babbitt

Great atmosphere, great prices and I had a blast! Definitely loud enough

Just Lovely

The new owners have completely changed the reputation of the space in my eyes. The crew is very warm, the look and feel of the place is inviting and comfortable, and prices are also BOMB af

Raydel Armas

New seats very comfortable, clean room, kind of small but very low price, not the perfect Cristal clear projection quality of an imax, but good enough for $4.50 a ticket. Just fine for an small town.

Marlene Meads

Floors clean. Smelled much better! Still getting used to not paying at the window ;-). The new seats for me are a bit uncomfortable. Sorry guys but my lower back wasn't happy. I'll bring a pillow next time. As always the price is still GREAT.

Christine Hall

Nice people and nice seats

Lindsey Hypes

It's not the cleanest, not the fanciest, but it's got character and great movies.

Taylor Copeland

First time stepping foot in this theater after living in the area my whole life. Went for a date night with my wife after not being on one for at least 6 months+. Tried using a gift card from very dice app and it wouldn't ring up properly. Manager was fast and prompt in assisting us and making sure everything was taken care of. I'm so impressed and happy with how the night went and have got to say this has been an amazing experience. I have no problems suggesting this theater as a great place to see a movie. Thank you to everyone who worked there and made our date night the best night it could be!!!

John Huie

Much improved with new owners. Seating is much more comfortable and bathrooms are newly remodeled. Prices are still much lower than other theaters. We'll be back!

Carnell Ricks

Was nice people were courteous

Olde Angreman

If you are tired of taking out a loan to see a movie. Come here prices are great! Update 5-21-2018 They have remodeled the right one. New seats! New flooring. Priced@$4.50 can't beat that.

Diane Gardner Campbell

Nice place to go for a movie. Great prices and good snacks.

Tina Hunter

Great popcorn

kayla stotesbury

Me and my boyfriend always live coming here. They have very cheap tickets and the staff is always friendly.

Doreen ANtonio

Nice theater

Sherry Berry

Love the new seats!! Popcorn was really good also!! Thanks for keeping the price down to where I can afford to take my family to enjoy a movie!

Keith Boyce

This is such a nice place. They have really improved the theater. My family loves going. The prices are great for a larger group of people. I hope they are around for a long time.

Ken C

The prices are very low, they get some great movies but the place is showing its age.

James Green

First trip here. Nice place, well maintained. Staff was friendly and helpful. Prices were friendly too. Will gladly return.

Jackie Farkas

Very nice. Chairs very comfortable. Really liked the leg room being as I am tall and long legged.

Danuta's Page

This movie this was the bomb

Bridgett Moore

It's one wind Strom from being blown away. It's disgusting that your feet stick to the floor when you walk. I honestly don't know how it passes health inspection. The prices are the only thing that keep this place open. Nothing is being put back into it to keep it updated and that's sad. As for the employees they need customer service training, if they ever leave that job they have a rude awakening. VA is a small drive for way better experience.

Catherine Rose

We haven't been to this theater in awhile since the last time we were there the sound was so low you could barely hear it-terrible. Now that they renovated the theater maybe the sound is better, although I did read one complaint about the low sound. I don't care about the inexpensive prices if the movie can't be enjoyed like it should be at a movie theater. Maybe we will give it another try soon.

Faydra Ferrell

Great prices and they've remodeled it since it went under new ownership, much nicer seats and sound


All movies 4 bucks... Very cheap especially if you have a large family. Needs a little updating but overall great experience.

Timothy Smith

The new owners are wonderful.

Mandi A Carrigan

Best seats, snacks, and admission price!! My family goes often!

Kevin Goins

Very surprised by the improvements that have been made to the theatre. I would recommend this as a family friendly and very reasonable...a good value.

weave nation

It's always ridiculously hot in here. Better off driving an hour to Virginia and paying double the price and not have to sweat as it gets hotter throughout the movie cause of all the people in the theater. Just goto VA and enjoy yourself it tough here

beekeeper bear Sablon

I've been going to that theater since I was a kid and Elizabeth City and I didn't know they redid the whole thing and it's nice and clean and nobody was screaming during the showing and Anthony the manager was a really nice guy. I was really pleased with the appearance and the professionalism of the staff and the manager very nice humble people, I will be back!

Yakira Yakira

The theater is very good and they got new owners and it got remodeled a little bit. It did buffer that one time but they fixed that by now so Id say it is nice and plus the ticket price is very good.

Tanya Rhodes

The movie was fantastic!!! But it was the getting in and purchasing your ticket and food items. There was no rhyme or reason to the line formation. It was a lot of people and with that came along the chaos and confusion. Nobody knew where the line and alot of them didnt know that lines were for both tickets and popcorn...etc. But Aquaman was the BOMB!!!

Scott Collins

Management did not have a backbone. I had a handicapped child and the handicapped spaces inside were taken and no one would tighten up so we could sit together. One lady was kind enough to move so we could. Tisk tisk

Kris Whelan

Great to see movies cheap. Very friendly staff. Old, run down theater with new projecting equipment.


How dare they sell out of loin king tickets

Lars Johnson

Very small and dirty. Would have chosen a theater in Chesapeake VA verses RCE

Shelly Ammon

Loved it! New seats are very comfortable, tickets are still priced low, snacks are a little higher but the popcorn is bigger. I think the movie screen has been replaced also.

Ray Waller

Great atmosphere and affordable pricing

Sonjia Owenby

Always a great experience at a great price

Johnina Clark

Very clean and the people are so friendly.....4.50 any movie.......

Nysius Spencer

Best movie theater

Karen Longa

Clean, friendly, comfortable, and affordable. We'll be back soon.

games guitars and gore

Great prices,staff and seats..

Tabatha Spears

The only reason this theater doesn't get 5 stars is because the seats are somewhat uncomfortable, otherwise it's an outstanding establishment with good prices and a really friendly staff.

Jennifer Smith

They are doing great things with the place

Cori Davis

Love the prices and the theatres

Derrick Thomas

Needs more movies. If not more then better movies


Cheap movie theater with very nice seating allowing for great legroom.

juve gra

what can you ask for very small theaters? enjoy.

Timothy O'Fallon

The popcorn was great, the audio was great however the video was a little dark for my eyes. It seemed like there was mold on the walls or maybe they where water spots. However the entire place is underrennovations and I'm sure that will be fixed shortly.

Ian Campbell

A good place to see a movie if you know what you want to see.

Michael Dominesey

Getting better. Right side bulb is still way to dim. Dark spot in lower right corner of screen. As of Jan. 13 2019.

Howard Klett

Love the redo. Sound was great. New seating is comfortable.

brittany wann

bit pricey

Steevo Lee

Movie screen, sound and quality was great, seats are entirely too high! My kids couldn't see over the tops of them and they're 5' tall!!! Also the food and drinks are outrageously priced but i think that's normal for movie theaters.

Joe Inqui

Reasonable prices and 1st run movies. What could be better. Oh yeah, they completely remodeled the theater, that's what could be better.

Leequanda Chesson

This place has come a long way from being Gateway Cinema. The new owners are doing an amazing job!

Laura Denunzio

What a nice theater new owners have done a great job of updating this unique theater

Sexxy Tootie

Comfortable seats, picture quality much better

Carolyn Hagedorn

Clean and courteous.

Shante' Rome

Upgrading is very nice and I love the new seats. More room, spacious and much cleaner.

Devon Bell

I like this theater. Cheap, cash only, and recently renovated.


No more sticky floor! Clean very presentable! Negative= i was asked to get this....have my 5 yes five children in last row watching lego cartoon to have then lower laughter/volumn or we would have to leave... said they had several complaints including me and kids a total of 6 other people in the movie.........#nexttimeibringall8kids.

Reginia Byrd

Love the popcorn always fresh

Tina Cannon

Very nice rocking seats with lots of cushion. Wide isles, and the price of the tickets are great. Two adults tickets for less than 10 dollars!

Caleb Roberson

Great place to take your friends

Belinda Corbell

Much improvement has been done, still need to do the walls inside the theater itself. But the are improving it.

Salisa Williams

Volume wasn't loud enough. I could here movie on the other side.

Katherine does stuff

Amazing popcorn. Also pretty cheap which is awesome!

Saber Wing21

I grow up with this theater and I can say that it is a good place to watch a movie. Its cheap with good snacks and drinks. Comfy chairs and decent leg room. Clean bathrooms and nice people. Its also an old theater and I like old classic things so it depends if you want to go or not.

Aminitta K

Inexpensive. Just so dark in the theater. Had to cut my phone light on to find a seat. Need to invest in some lighting. Other than that it's pretty cool.

Kim Flynn

I hadn't been to the theater in Elizabeth City since well before the change in ownership. WOW, what a wonderful change. Not only was the theater clean, it was in so much better condition than when I last visited. Add to that the staff was not only friendly but also helpful. Great Job RCE.

Crystal Bowe

Love the theater!

Abbey McCraw

New owners and as of yet....better service and upgraded facility. Haven't jacked the prices up of yet.

Keven Fitzgerald

Service was good and Creed 2 was awesome!!!

Jasmine Fashina

Small, Only shows two films but they're nice and friendly.


Loved it but I wish the door closed easier because the amount of people that leave and enter during the movie,but that's about it.

Gina Butler

Watched "Unplanned" it was a great movie the popcorn was delicious

Jamie Doxey

Friendly Staff , Loud Speakers , Just Don't Like The New Seats Because They Hurt My Back

Lamar T Battle

The theater is much cleaner than it has been in the past. Good service all the way around

Brian Dauses

Alot better than what it use to be. Cheap too

Paul Estella

Small theater.Seats are very comfortable and concessions are inexpensive. Easy parking

Terry Wilson

We are able to bring the entire family here to enjoy a newly released movie and fresh popcorn without breaking the bank.

Jessi Pelszynski

The kids and I loved the movie! Staff was nice as well.

Shawn Fenstermacher

Newly renovated!

Joe Regan

Great, prices, Great popcorn

A small cat

We went here recently to see a movie. We went on the weekday and it was not busy. Our ticket was only $4.50 each. We did not visit the bathrooms so I cannot review that part of the theater. The movie theater is clean. The picture quality was good. The seats were OK compared to other theaters. It is worth going to this theater just for the cost savings. There is plenty of parking in front of the theater, on the side, and elsewhere. Staff is friendly and helpful. They have the best popcorn we have ever had. They offer combo packages for drinks and popcorn, etc. They have candy, sodas, and water. This theater also shows kids movies during the summer on certain days in the mornings which I think is great and they only cost $1 to go. Something easy for parents to do with their children. We are going to start going here a lot more often so we can save money (going to VA for movies and then eating is expensive) and see more movies. Looking forward to many more movies here!


Great experience prices are fantastic and unexpected. Seats are very comfortable. Lots of legroom. Clean theater clean bathrooms. Friendly staff. We are just passing through Elizabeth City On Our sailboat thought we would catch a movie. I think we'll go see the other movie that is playing

Patrick Dail

Lovely small town theater! The new owners are making huge improvements!

David Harrell

Top of the line ,Most recent movies .good snacks .clean .

Shahjehan Khan

The theater has improved. The sound is awesome!

Chela Whitehurst

Clean,and friendly staff. Movie froze is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars.

Paris Simmons

Nice movie theater excellent prices

Theresa Taylor

Friendly staff. More affordable for families. The updates are much more appealing.

Joe Herbin

The movie, pricing and service was great. My wife and i ordered the couples special which was more than enough for us. I was impressed at the renovation. Thank you new ownership!!

Leonard Kisonis

A real change of what it was Great job to the new owner's I'll come again.

jessica stout

Overall great experience for the price. Only features 2 movies at a time but you can't beat 4.50 a ticket. Food was still pricey of course but that's anywhere

m zerf

Cheap tickets for the show, but concession prices are similar to larger theaters. Free refills on pop tho! Went to Small Foot on 10/8 and will be back again!

Thomas Carmines

This is my first visit since the change in ownership. I was pleased with how clean it was and the new seats are a big improvement. Great experience!

John Bannow

Theater is great since the remodel and upgrade with computer technology, ATM/ Credit Card Payment, on line purchasing and printed receipts.

Joe Meadows

Top rated movies and new releases shown as soon as they come out. Outstanding movie prices surround sound in theaters comfortably seating .Theaters kept very clean

Barret Kidd

Great Remodel! Thank you!

Bruce Hartman

First time. Not too bad for an older theater. The seats were very comfortable with plenty of leg room. You can't beat the price.

Roman Bunn

Rat stole my popcorn

Dymond Carter

the employees acted like they had bad attitudes but the movie was awesome


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