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REVIEWS OF Paragon Sandhills IN North Carolina

Megs Silva

An older theater so doesn't have the high quality stuff all the newer ones do, but they did renovate and add in the new reclining g seats, which is nice.

Madeline Young

So much better. Loved the seats.

Wanda Watts

Updated venue. Looks good. Husband loves the reclining seats.

Jim Elliott

Finally getting some much needed updates.

Troy Wharton

I liked it, especially the seats. Very comfortable seating.

Kimberly Landeen

New seats are great!

J. Davis

Great movie theater, nice remodel; however, the reserved seating isn't a good idea. It kinda sucks when you have a reserved seat, go into the theater and people are in your seats... then it sucks even more when you sit in another seat and its reserved for someone else... just want to have a good time, not argue with strangers whining over assigned seats..

Diamond motors

Wow!!! amazing chairs and atmosphere would give them 6 stars

Rebecca L. Espinosa

Theater is called Sandhills 10 but there are never 10 different films playing at same time. Today only 5 movies listed, only one of which I’d see (and already have seen). I’m tired of driving to Raleigh for good movies. I’ve even driven to Charlotte to see a movie because that was the only place in the state that particular movie was playing. I’d love a place that shows foreign films, too. The lack of quality movie theaters is my main complaint of this area.

Timothy Cubero

Great theatre. Could use some more decoration in the lobby area but great overall

david boquist

I was skeptical at first from the earlier reviews but I have to say Sandhills is a great theater to visit. the bathrooms are clean. love the reclining seats! staff was friendly and helpful. I'll visit more often.

Jesus Ellorda

Under the new management every thing is nice.

Brandy Goldman

Nice place clean restrooms nice employees

Tamara Love

Recliners are very nice and comfortable but that's about all. Screen looks terrible, sound not great and the rest of the theater still looks dingy and smells not to mention the bathrooms! Still has a long way to go to and not sure what else was remodeled other than the seating.

Rebecca Johnson

Love the mew seating. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the movie Waiting on more snacks

Emory Lewis

Make sure to bring your food with you .. Thay let Certain people Bring outside food into the movie theater So bring yours with you you might be one of them.. We just got through Watching to Detective pikachu on May 10, 2019And they Allowed 2 people to bring outside food into the movie theater... Spoke with manager josh and he did nothing about it he acted like he had better things to do then talked with the gm i think his name was Steve They They didn't even go and ask the people if that was the case which I was standing there when they came and that was not the case the lady and the gentleman just said they want there food... This is really unfair That certain people have to pay these high drink prices and food prices when they allow others to just walk in with a 20 oz drink and a cup from a Restaurant and food... What about everybody sitting around them and has to Smell their food while they're trying to enjoy the movie and they're hungry.. so never buy food or drink from them again... So bring g your food with you .. I think I just got a food allergy

Tenille Shriver

Bathrooms are now remodeled! Can't beat this for our local theater. Chairs are super comfortable and recline. Reserved 7 seats for Aladdin, the whole family was happy!

Christy Lawson

Clean, employees are very friendly. Still a work in progress but we love the reclining chairs! Disappointed on the bathrooms being cut in number of stalls. Now you have to wait in line. We miss having popcorn buckets too. Still all in all- totally improved!

Brian Tripp

Remodel is looking good. Concession prices still to high.

Wade Benton

Nice place for family

Katie Cunningham

Sunday night(4/14/19), was UNDERWHELMING

Alison Johnson

We watched Halloween last night( 10/20/18). The bathrooms were disgusting toilet paper just laying on the floor, no soap or paper towels. Before the movie began and group of kids started to fight. Cussing and screaming in the theatre. After that movie the same thing. Kids screaming and being belligerent to an adult. We will never visit this theatre again. I’ve watched it go downhill for 5 years now! We will take our business to Hope Mills. The food prices and drinks are ridiculous too!

Randall Washington

Dirty, smelly, lots of technical issues with projection equipment, poor sound, uninspired over-priced food, worn out seats. Otherwise fine establishment.

Deborah Holden

...getting better! Sweet staff.


Theater has been updated to have reclining seats, which were nice. Bought tickets online, instructions said to print tickets at box office if you cannot print before arrival. There were three kiosks right when you walk in, one not working and long lines at other two. Everyone was confused on what to do. We went to check and were told we could enter without printing. Had to wait in line at bathroom. I think updates are still taking place, so hoping in time the kinks will be worked out.

James McNamara

So before the quality was very poor, but the theater recently had renovations, including electric recliners, which greatly improved the quality of the experience and made the high prices more worthwhile that they were before.

B Hall

Fantastic, clean, renovated movie theater. Relaxing recliners. We always bring a blanket, recline and enjoy the show. Yummy popcorn too! Fun arcade.

Kris 85

Too hot, you shouldn't have people in a theater where A/C wasn't working

Melvin Brown

The remodeling is amazing the comfortable seat will put you to sleep

Steve Williams

Great since the remodel bought out tickets online and walked right in

Margaret W

A great experience. Had all the top movies.

Sean Jones

They have remodeled & updated everything. When we choosing the seat it showed only 2 seats together that was left. We went in early & then people started coming in seemed like every body was in the same area. As the movie was about to start people was still coming in but the lower section was not filling up but our row was full. I guess they try to fill up the top sections first. With plenty of room just didn't like people sitting next to each. That's just me.

Lauren King

We haven't been since the new owners came in. So glad we did! Love the new seats, popcorn was fresh and even better - we had the whole theater to ourselves! Score for late showings!

Lucas Crumpton

I really like all the improvements and they are on the right track. But a bad experience trumps all the good. I bought tickets ahead of time from the counter, not online or from kiosk; when we showed up for our show, they had a snafu with sells and double sold the movie. The people who bought tickets that day got to stay, and I was offered horrible seats for a movie that started 25 minutes earlier or come back later. I understand it was beyond their control and the manager was doing his best, but he needs to talk to the assistant managers because they werent helping him or the customers.

Tim Garner

Great place...the recliners are cool

Joe Callihan

Nice place now. I suppose I could markoff because the remodel isn't finished but that'd be ridiculous. Much improved and you can see where it's headed. The new reclining seats are a big improvement, bathrooms look great.

Brittany Moore

A lot more updated and clean then it used to be. Comfy chairs to sit in and more room

Melinda Hailey-Robinson

Nice screening rooms, newly renovated with re lining seats,but bathrooms need to be renovated as well.

Aaron Powlen

Small theaters with awesome seats. A little pricey, but very reasonable for what you get.

Joy Deckman

Very comfortable and clean theater. Good quality screen and sound. Highly recommend.


Even though it’s still under construction... the people there are very professional and we’re very helpful !

Dean & Linda Fogleman

Renovated theater very nice, with reserved recliner seats, even as renovations continue in lobby, corridors, etc.

Glass Halffull

It was like any other movie theater. Cold theater, overpriced tickets and food.

Roger Brittingham

I've been going to this theatre since it was Sandhills Cinema. These folks at Paragon are doing major updates. We had rain check tickets from Frank Theatres from 8 - 10 years ago, and they redeemed them for us. Very nice experience.

Ricardo Rosel

I would completely give this theatre a 5 star rating. The seats in the theatre are SUPER comfortable and ROOMY, watching a movie in those seats are top notch. Being able to recline back and lift your feet up AND have super fresh popcorn with a slushy is GREAT!!! The restrooms are THEEE WORSE!! Completely disgusting. Even after I washed my hands I still felt the need to use hand sanitizer.

Jeremiah Vibbert

Pretty sure the butter for the popcorn has coconut oil in it. Get some good butter.

Majestic Myoozik

Always a pleasure to go there!

Eric A

Theater lets people scream and shout in the auditorium nor does it care if people are having conversations, using phones, and filming the screen. Does not offer refunds either.

Chris Kennedy

About once a month, always on a Tuesday, a small group, and I gather at the theater and try to pick a bad movie to see. We're looking for something to make light of, talk about, be surprised by. We are looking for a future guilty pleasure. That movie that a few years from now you'd pass by when scrolling through the Netflix list unless you've seen it before. When asked why you want to watch that, you're reply is, "I know it was panned by the critics, and it has a stupid title, but..." That's why, and when I go to this theater, here's my take on the theater. When it was Frank's you got not only cheap tickets, you could also buy a large bag of popcorn for $2.50. With the change to the new ownership popcorn is $6.00 for the same bag. I don't know if extra butter is free, because I didn't buy a six dollar bag of popcorn. On the positive side the seats, at least in theater 10, have been updated to wide recliners. Nice. A little more detail. The theater is clean, comfortable, with nice staff. The screen was in focus. The Tuesday ticket price is $6.00. The deal is called Tightwad Tuesday, or Thrifty Tuesday, or some alliterate name so it's easy to remember. The deal is all day Tuesday. It is not Thirsty Tuesday because that would sound better for Thursday, and drink prices are expensive. I don't know how much because when I looked at the pricing board my mind couldn't comprehend how that level of price gouging could be legal, so I can't recall the price, just the horror, and disappointment. You have to choose your seat, I would like to say you get to choose your seat, but as a first experience the former phrasing is more accurate. I didn't like it. It was an unfamiliar new thing. We were a small group of three, so the three of us had to pick three unclaimed seats together among the already chosen seats as indicated by different colors of the seats. Under pressure, and with poorly trained, but super awesome pleasant instruction, "These seats are taken, so choose from this color," we made a poor choice, and moved when the lights went down. Just be prepared, or better prepare by being ready to describe what your seating preferences are in a logical order. Tell this to the very nice theater associate, and they will solve the puzzle instantly. For example, "I need three seats together, mid row, middle to front odd the theater." Also, make a mental note of how many rows from the entrance of the theater you're seats are when looking at the chart. Theaters are not brightly illuminated when the lights are up, and if the lights have gone down before you enter, it could be difficult, as well add annoying to you fellow theater goers. I'll prefer assigned seating, after I'm familiar with the procedure. Back to popcorn and drink prices. Everyone says theaters make money on food, and beverage sales. There is more to their pricing than just the cost of the goods sold. Someone has to clean the sticky sugar water off of the floor. And the cleaning expense far exceeds the cost of the Coke, or Pepsi, but is a direct result of the sugar laced product. Popcorn gets on the floor too, and water is spilled. But, ask anyone who has cleaned a theater, and they'll tell you what the time consuming product to clean up is. So, if theaters charge more for the problem drinks, and make water, or even carbonated water two bucks encouraging patrons to help stop, or at least reduce, the sticky mess. Then the theater could also charge two or three dollars for a large bag of popcorn that's not going to stick to the floor, decreasing cleaning time, increasing profit margin. I'm no business expert, but I don't want theaters to die off. I can't help but think that theaters are pricing themselves out of business. Profit margin is important, but net profit is king. Rather than sell $1,000 of popcorn with margin of 99%, I'd prefer to sell $1,500 of popcorn at a 75% margin. $990 profit, or $1,125 profit? Look for me on a random Tuesday, I could be the watching a bad movie with my buds.

Patsy Odom

Much better than Frank's. The only thing is some of the seats on the new recliners aren't adjusted properly, and the cushions don't fit the frames. This results in leaning to one side or the other.

H Sadler

Theater is in remodeling mode, still very useable. Updated seats were comfortable.

Misty Roberts

I love the seats and the look now that they have done the remodel!! I also like how you choose your seats now so there is no worries about seating issues anymore! I just wish they would bring back the popcorn bucket each year but other than that I really like the place more now!

james williams

Leather reclining seats with plenty of room. Theater was clean and well kept.

Sarah Havener

Great seats and service, clean bathrooms, pricey concessions, I'd definitely recommend, we had a great time.

John Manzo Jr

Ordered a combo: 2 large drinks and a large popcorn for $17.50. They charged me $2 more. I asked why. Cashier says "We ran out of large cups, so we gave you two mediums with free refills." So they tried charging extra without saying anything until I asked why it was so much. Then she said they had to charge extra or their inventory would be messed up. I told her that did not make sense to charge more for less, especially doing it without asking or explaining beforehand.

Frank D

Newly renovated and a lot nicer experience than before. Better seating too makes this a very good movie theater. Our tickets were for specific seats, so not sure if open seating is still available.

Zachary Brown

Great movie theatre. Used to be a bit of a dump. New ownership makes it a great place. Still remodeling but awesome seating and space in the theatres

Felix Gerard Perez Sr

Great movie seeing experience. Love that they renovated the auditoriums. So comfortable. Still need work on coolness of auditoriums.

Wayne Mason

We had a great time. The staff was very pleasant. The theater was neat and clean. We were provided with good customer service.

Tammy Hummel

Clean, friendly and nice seating.

Annj Collins

It is improving greatly now that Paragon is taking over. The bathrooms are clean. The seating is clean the chairs are reclining and very comfortable.

Sandra Williams

Not familiar with ticket system and no one nearby to help. Theater was clean and recliners were nice.

Zach Russell

I've been going here for over a decade and since the new renovations it's been amazing. The new reclining seats are very comfortable and having assigned seats is a life saver. Only complaint is the food and drink prices are a little steep.

Peter Robson

It's a lot better after the renovation. Outside isn't so great and the movie started late but the seats were really good and the lobby looks a lot better.

Denise Shepley

The new seating was awesome! However the cleanliness and the food selections were horrible! And as normal prices for movies is a lot!

Rebecca Barker

I usually go to the theater 2 week after a movie has premiered. I am not a hustle and bustle person. I like it quiet. And I always do the matinee. No loud annoying teenagers. I must say the reclining seats are a definite improvement. And I believe the carpet was replaced as well in the theater rooms because it had that new carpet smell. The quality of the movie was excellent as well. The only complaint I have is the bathrooms still look and smell exactly same. All the staff you have in there when it's definitely not busy and you can't find someone to take care of the restrooms instead of standing around and talking. You got do to better.

Marta R. Salvatella

Has go through renovation (more is needed). If you are lucky and see your movie on one of the new rooms you’ll be enjoying it on a reclinable chair ( so nice!). As a bad thing when purchasing your popcorns take patience, too many people working there for such a slow rhythm

Spencer Heath

The new seating after being renovated is absolutely amazing, I've never been in a theater with more room between the rows and each individual seat.

Ashlene Williams

Thankful that Paragon took over Frank Theatres. Employees seem happier! The seats are amazing and the prices on food even went down!

Gary Tucek

I don't often give out 5 stars. This place deserves them. It has been recently remodeled and they did a fantastic job. A movie theater with all reclining seats. Fantastic!

Stephan Jones

Different atmosphere. Was surprised about the reclining seats for a standard movie

Adrian Piergallini

Nice seating, friendly employees, not very nice bathrooms.

Christopher Torres

Needs blankets. As little chilly but comfortably. Really enjoy this place.

Garrett Wood

Have to wait through the extremely slow concession lines to get tickets so you miss the first of the movie. Sound did not work and you couldn’t hear the dialog depending on which speakers it was supposed to come through. Did I mention the wait to get in? Just added a star for having new seats installed.

Cindy Spevere-August

Since I haven't been to the movies in a while, the price for me was high. But that aside, the place is very nice and comfortable. My granddaughter and I really enjoy the recliners and it was nice to pay for the movie, pick my seat and buy popcorn and drink all at the same time.


Very nice. Love recliner seats! Friendly staff.

Jamila Morrison

It was a great movie theater but they need to open some windows. It was a little smelly.

Michael-Paul Mowrey

Service is sub-par... they seem to avoid showing any movies that are worth watching.

Jeremiah staley

They've improved GREATLY over the years.

Allen Wood

I feel like they should give discounted tickets for this place. Although it's better than last time I went this place still needs some work. Got a med bag of popcorn and wanted a small empty bag to split w my daughter and they to charge extra for it. Still have some theaters where the ac was out, when u tell someone they act like it's no big deal and treat you like you are the problem for wanting ac.

Joshua Pruitt

Best place to watch movies

Mark Chandler

Awesome new electric recliners, new carpet, now the perfect place to watch a movie


The theatre has bad reviews but my experience was great. Very Friendly employees and a clean theatre. Yeah the screens are a little smaller than I’m use to but still a good experience. I will return

Rich Ingleby

The new renovations are A-MA-ZING!!! Wide leather seats THAT RECLINE, wide rows, a rewards program, and YOU CAN RESERVE SEATS ONLINE!! Totally new experience!! Just hope they don’t change that old-school emergency exit video at the start...

Nick Ussery, SPT

Recently renovated and new management. Looks great and excited to see what’s in store.

Chris Womack

Was nice and clean and comfortable place to watch a movie, enjoy our experience very much

Lindsay Picerno

Since the remodel this theatre is so much better. Clean, awesome chairs and just an all around great experience. Snack prices are still pretty high tho.

Jeremy McKnight

Staff and movie selection is really family friendly. Staff is nice and keeps the place very clean. Theaters are nice and the movie collection is constantly changing. Management actually listens to you if you have a complaint (rare as it is to have one.)

Troy Amador

Great chairs. Some of the theaters have questionable screen quality.


Apparently they have updated the place very nicely. They now have larger isle space between rows and very nice reclining seats with foot rest. Just as good as sitting in your own living room in your favorite recliner. They allso have assigned seating. You can pick your seat when you get your ticket. They allso offer like allways military discount. Over all nicely done.

Alex Miller

The only upgrades are the chairs and bathrooms. The inside looks trashy and incomplete. The cup holders are super sticky and there is trash on the ground. It's like they thought that by giving us recliners we would forget about the unpleasantness of simply being in that disgusting area. Seriously needs work. If you are looking for a decent movie experience I highly suggest you look elsewhere. This is the only theater in town and the closest one is about a hour away. Take the extra time and make the trip. This theater is not worth your time or money.

Kendra Durham

the theater was very hot inside and the workers are slow. I waited in line for twenty mins behind three others customers just getting snacks

Jamacia McCrimmon

Seemed like a much friendlier atmosphere when it was Frank Theaters, but all in all, a food experience

Rona Lockhart

The remodel is really nice. Spacious and Comfortable sitting to recline back and relax. The only thing is that we happened to choose a night when a bunch of teenagers came and they were making a lot of noise and getting up and down throughout the movie. Very annoying! But over all we enjoyed the movie!

LaShonda Smith

Comfy seating and better sound than previous owners. Still pricey for not having any amenities such as drinks or food service


Just moved to NC and after living in Austin and even have worked at a large franchise theater, I enjoy every experience I have there. I go at least once a week. They’ve had to close down half the theaters for their remodel but the other five have already been finished, the seats now recline and are extremely comfortable. The sound is decent wherever you sit in the theater, and you only wait in one line to get both your tickets and food! Instead of waiting 10 minutes in one, then another 10 to get popcorn. Overall I’m very happy with the progress they go through to make the experience even better and I can’t wait to see the finished results!

Zack Clay

Just got seats in one of the new theatres with the reclining seats. They are amazing. Keep up the good work and this theater will be a full 180 from where it was.

TuRn Banz

nice seats and good quality bit pricey but better than before.

Kaeli Daigneault

I enjoy visiting this theater. They have leather, reclining seats, which are quite comfortable. And there is ample room between rows to allow for passing in between. There have a free membership program to earn points toward free movies, as well discounts for active military and veterans.

Ronald T. Mitchell

Place has changed a lot since Sandhills Cinema left. Really nice, but big and empty. The improvements to the theatres themselves are fantastic! Definitely my choice for movie going in the area!

Nora Ortiz

The price of a matinee showing rivals that of the night time prices for a location and staff that isnt really properly trained. They also play a gratuitous number of ads after the posted show time. Prices and an apathetic staff aren't really conducive towards return clientele. I will definitely go to a different location in the future.

Mickey Pettitt

Really clean and love the remodeling job

Nathaniel Collins

They have really turned this place around.

Jayme Lasher

I really like the changes that have been done by the new ownership. Great reclining seats, new carpets & new bathrooms ❤️

Hali Kelly

They are still improving, but things are already so much nicer since Paragon purchased this theater. I am hoping they update the concessions eventually; but the seating and bathrooms are so much better!

Maggie Sullivan

While they are attmepting to upgrade the theater, cleaniness remains an issue. Chairs sticky, unidentified substances in the cup holders and an overall air of neglect desite the brand new chairs and new bathrooms that lack lighting. Too bad they are the ONLY theater around.

Fran H

Movie then food and Froyo around the corner

kacie moore

I love that they redesigned this place! Good popcorn and comfortable reclining chairs.

abby moffett

So they just turned over to Paragon, well that would have maybe been an improvement because most of only went there for the lack of other options. On Tuesdays however were the exception and the day you look forward to especially when you have 4 kids. We go every Tuesday for tightwad Tuesday for the 2 50 popcorn. Well today we go and because they have now switched to paragon they will no longer be doing the 2.50 popcorn so this sucks and I have 4 really upset kiddos, and drove 30 min to get here, which sure is my fault. Just really wish they would and really any awesome business would give some damn warning to no more popcorn deals. We will not be going there anymore I'll drive further away.


This place used to be franks theatre and frankly it was somewhat like the place a raccoon would love very gross and trashed. But since paragon has bought it it’s been fantastic they are always making progress in the remodeling. Before they came along I was always reluctant to go to the theatre, preferring to rent movies on amazon and stay home. Thanks paragon. Also go check out there other locations they look bomb too.

timothy Loftis

New motorized chair were very nice

Frank Wanko

Seats were not that clean. Same problem as previous owner, ads playing with sound and no video. I’d be quite upset if my business dollars were being spent for an ad that didn’t fully play!

Steve Brabat

Great seats. Lots of work done. However the screen is blank!! BS!!!

Tay M

I love the new recliners!! They're the best!! So comfy! I wish they didn't get rid of the DBOX but I'm still happy with the new recliners, everybody in the theater is reclined and happy

Michael Diaz

Tonight is my girlfriend and I’s date night so we went out to dinner and came to watch the new movie Ma . First the guy that gave us our tickets acted rude . And once we get into the movie theaters out seats were completely filthy . Pop corn left on the seats and the arm rest and seat itself you could see where it was sticky and had not been cleaned properly . And when I went and asked for it to be cleaned the guy who did it was quit nice however still did a poor job .

Lee Neville

I wish I had taken photos of how filthy it was. The new bathroom is almost as dirty as the old one. The recliners literally had dirt in the seats and trash in the cupholders. Had to go get an employee to sweep them out. I had to get napkins and wipe them out myself. Could be a good place if they had good employees that clean anything at all.

Marqueta Gonzalez Ruiz

It's nice but needs to get a deep cleaning. Other than that everyone is sweet.

Mathew Rupp

I have a bad back and dislike going ti theaters due to the uncomfortable chairs. This theater had chairs that were so comfortable, I didn't want to get up after the movie was over

Austin Hough

Movie was great could use more cleaning of the theater seats

Jesse Walker

Went to see toy story 4 with my wife and two kids which was supposed to be my kids first movie experience (4 and 2) couldn't see it because they now have assigned seating that you pick when you purchase the ticket at the register and needless to say since of course no one chooses to pick a seat next to someone they'll choose to leave a empty seat between them and a stranger so of course they didn't have 4 seats together and told us to try again tomorrow. Place is run by morons. Taking my kids else where

Glenda Chavis

Saw the movie The Lion King I enjoyed it

Clif Willard

Big improvement since changing ownership.


It’s good but I heard teens can’t even go in to a rated R movie without a adult. It’s annoying and stupid and teens are smart enough to not go in without a parent if they are THAT scared. But the seats are cool I guess.

Jordan Johnstone

Huge improvements since last time I went. Much cleaner, new, nicer seats, and lots of renovations going on. Looks like they finally responded to the public outcry!

Talon Victor

I love the new seats. We went to see endgame and everything's not awesome. But the theater was the best place to see it.

Keith Boulware

Newly renovated, so very clean. Prices are a bit high.

Lydia Putman

Great staff, clean, and love the seats that lay back!

Amber Galley

The renovations have definitely improved the experience!

Zakayla Morrison

they need a new staff fr . & take that policy off because its dumb & there staff needa to listen clost to directions .

NYC/lyricists Bkborn

Great food and the automatic recliner seats are the best

Thomas Nelson

The new leather recliner seats are a great upgrade. Enjoyed the updates anxious to see when everything is finished up. Glad to have the movie theater close to home again. Ready to go back for another movie again and they offer military discount.

Daniel Goodberry

Finally getting needed overhaul, new seats are huge, new bathroom was well done. Looking forward to continued improvements the new owner has promised.

Sara Adams

Clean, remodeled and great movies

Stacey Dickerson

Renovations are coming along very well. A pleasure to enjoy a movie in this theater.

Betsy Tyner

Currently being renovated. Love the reclining seats!

Jim Dalton

All one can say is “much improved “. The theater is currently clean, comfortable and spacious. The lobby is under construction, but after the deplorable conditions of the previous owners, there is hope.

Sandra Castonguay

Very clean and has reclining chairs

queen_ quinn

Paragon Sandhills is a great place. The new renovations are amazing. Not only is there incredible electric reclining chairs, but also a great new concession area. These new improvements have just begun, according to their sign inside they're not done renovating. A great place to bring the family!! The restrooms have also improved! Sure, Paragon Sandhills is great for date night, but also for afternoon enjoyment. Matinees have started!

Jessie Graham

Love the new recliner seats extremely comfortable. Made some great improvements to the theater

Ethan Schilling

Theater rooms and seating were wonderful, the new owner has put a lot of money into renovating those. The main entrance, snack bar and especially the bathroom still need a lot of work!

Nicole Davis

Love the seats they lay back and put your feet up it's awesome

Mrs T

Stopped in with my Aunt and we couldn't find our seats without the use of our phone lights because they didn't g have the lights on before the show. Complete darkness is what all of us were sitting in and in silence because there wasn't any previews showing. I informed someone of this and they didn't care and they didn't do anything about it. I'll drive to Sanford to watch a movie.

Heather Cook

What in the world is up with the assigned seats!!!?!?!? We went over the weekend and enjoyed the movie but when we got into the theater to "find our seats" some young kids was in our we looked like complete idiots taking somebody esles seat.

Eddie Mercer

So much better since it's been rennovated

MJ Bootes

Theaters are fantastic! Clean and spacious with recliners! Lobby and service could have been much better though. The managers stood around doing nothing to help while employees tried to Handel customers in a line that took forever to get through although nit wasn't very long. That's just poor leadership.

Gaming Headlines

Great Service. Had trouble getting out and through the seats only had one way to go in and out through the seats. Had a broken step a few people had tripped at.

Faye Urello

Theater is gradually improving. The bathroom was cleaner (still a way to go) but there was soap and paper towels in dispensers and floor was reasonably clean. Improved since I was there about 6 weeks ago.

Sarah Michelle

They have greatly improved with the new owners cleaning things up and making it a comfortable and pleasant experience. The new leather chairs recline so you can put your feet up and really relax!

Wesley Sheppard

Renovations make this theatre much better. The reclining seats that are assigned at purchase are a big bonus. No more crowding without your knowledge.

gerald strother

Nice theater just to warm inside

John Cross

Still renovating but this movie experience is incredible. It's like a luxury home theater with premium sound and plush recliners. And you dont have to budge when folks ingress/egress the isle.

A Lopez

The place is the process of being remodeled had a pretty weird odor the seats definitely need to be wiped down there was some kind of sticky substance on it maybe soda? idk. food prices are crazy 2 drinks and nachos where $19. I could have watched the movie and ordered a meal for 2 in Charlotte. But it's near the house

Melissa Rede

Had a nice time here friendly staff, bring a sweater it gets super cold. So cold i almost fell asleep in the comfy chairs lol

Ashley Snider

The reclining seats are a great feature and made the pricey tickets worth it. There are many theaters and multiple show times for popular movies.

Jeffrey Ruest

Newly renovated,, all new seats that are recliners!

Rick Millen

Enjoyed the movie experience, but why the cost of refreshments, tickets cost me $24.02 online, then shy of $20.00 for a large coke, large popcorn and a bottle water. I mean like, $4.50 for a bottle water.

Melissa Scott

I’m very pleased with the progress Paragon Sandhills has done to give our area a decent theater. I love the reclining seats and the option of seat selection. The bathrooms are a huge improvement! Thanks Paragon! I’m excited to go to the movies again!

PJ Tribble

As ALWAYS..... staff was on point!! Greeting adults and spoke to kids (my grands love their acknowledge of them; positive and with a smile)


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