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REVIEWS OF Our Town Cinemas IN North Carolina

Lorin Rembert

I really enjoy this theater, 4 screens and you can order dinner. Serve beer and wine as well. Very friendly staff and quite clean.

Greg Harris

Theater needs updating.

Christopher Blalock

We were visiting family and they treated us to a movie at this cinema. Very nice experience all-around: theater and facility was clean and well-furnished, the swivel chairs and cocktail tables make for a totally comfortable viewing, the concessions have a good selection of usual theater fare while also offering a wide variety of beers on-tap--available by the glass or pitcher. A good time was had by all.

John Dallmeyer

Pleasant movie experience

Alex Doña

nice, cozy family friendly venue. come early if it's a release weekend to get good seats.

Beas Bkr

Small, intimate, ok food

Philip Branson

Intimate theater with craft beer and food. Unique experience, great for a date or night oot with the wife or friends.

Betty Ann Alicea

Its was such a great movie theater. We love the concession stand and the options. Cheers!

anastacia marshall

Comfy chairs and decent food a little on the pricey side for food but all around good. And for the adults some alcholic beverages including full pitchers of beer.

Chandra Edgerton

We were driving back to cleveland ohio from south Carolina having a bad day. My boyfriend found this place via google on his phone while we were driving down the highway and suggested we stop and relax! We were highly impressed with this cute little theater! Hopefully a lot more people find the urge to look them up. They have great real food and beer too!!!

Scott Jarvis

Love Our Town Cinemas especially because it's so close and easy to get into. Seats are comfortable and the small table is handy for your snacks and drinks.

Palash Desai

Great seats great food and great service without the crowd.

Mollie Braverman

Great place to see the latest movies. Very comfortable seating and tables for food which is offered at the counter.

Will Mock

it was a very fun experience, nice staff, and cool seating. less crowded than major movie theatres also. has the most popular films in theatres at the time.

Chip Edwards

Small town atmosphere with upgraded amenities.

Kimberly Nemcek

Our Family loves this place! Great for kids movies or date nights. Once you watch a movie here, you really won't want to go to any other theater. The food & beverages are great & the staff is so sweet. Wish I could give this place 10 stars.

Tom Grenga

I wish we had theaters like this one when I was younger. It seems to be a secret still though. sssshhhhh

Patrick Ball

Love the seating and food/beer option

Debbie Rogers

LOVED it!!!

Joey Grissom

Great little cozy cinema. We also have CFA Davidson church services every Sunday there! 10AM...come visit!

Hilary Singleton

Perfect place to have a date night or a family day out! Plenty of food and things to drink while watching your move your feet around!

Ashton Haze

Amazing Theaters. Nice picture/sound quality, wonderful seats, nice table to eat off and splendid "at home feel". Highest Ratings...!!

Daniel Adamski

Cozy local theater with friendly staff, clean location, and reasonably priced concessions. My only wish is that they had later screenings than they currently do.

Sheryl Cornelius

Good small theater atmosphere and unique menu. Clean and friendly.

Jim Byington

Its nice and cozy, really like the seats they have here, and they have a great selection of beers!

Essence Baker

Easy to find. Good prices. Nice staff. Lovely theater.

Jessica Williams

This place is awesome. I hate paying 15 bucks to see a movie only to hear a bunch of teenagers talking the whole time. This place is more of a theater for folks who actually want to watch the movie. Great beer selection - lots of local stuff. And, great snack selection. Comfy recliner seats and your own table. It's heaven.

patrick thompson

Small, but a great little place to catch a movie. Wide variety of drinks and foods to choose from.

Charlotte Parris

I love this cinema! First-run movies in a cozy setting. Great food and beverages brought to your table. Good service. Our Town Cinema is the place to go!!!

ryan goldsberry

Really slow service but great seats

Colby Plattner

Me and my family have been going to this theater for a while and I decided I would give it a review. First of all I love the staff, they are so kind and you can order food that will be delivered to you before the show along with comfortable seats and a table every two seats.

Cindy Lyman

Our town is a great location. I wish the seats were comfortable.

W. Keith Powell


Michael Jolley

I like the experience, but don't like that the swivel desk chairs end up rolling all the way back to the people on the back row, where we were. I had leg room, but since the auditorium is fairly flat, we found ourselves having to lean side to side to see past the high backed desk chairs that were constantly rocking and moving around. So, get there early so you can pick your seat. Yes, it's fun that you can get a bottle of wine or some beers while you watch your movie, so that is the main draw to this location. If you order actual food (not just popcorn and candy), you can take your seat and they will bring it to you.

Nikki W

Love this theater. Cozy atmosphere with a large food and drink selection. Also love their Kind screenings.

Denise Ramos

Love this place!


Great theater! Small, comfortable theaters. The chairs are a bit worn and some need to be replaced, but it's my favorite place to go see a movie. The beer selection is outstanding, as well.

Peter Niessing

Four screens tucked into a small group of stores; intimate viewing space with comfortable seating; order a meal at the cafe, and it's brought to you before the show starts. Not bad at all.

Kristi Moore

Me and my husband came for an early Wednesday screening of "Us", which had just came out the weekend before. We had the entire place to ourselves, which is always great. The staff was courteous and friendly. Theater was spotless and very well laid out, plenty of room to relax and enjoy your dinner and movie. 10/10 would recommend again.

Nathan Wheeler

Love the seating. Basically two very nice desk chairs with a round table in between. Feels like you are in someone's home enjoying a movie together. The concessions, if you ordered, are prepared and then brought to you in the theater room. Very nice.

Will Rotz

Great place for a movie and a beer! Lots of taps, office chairs and small tables to sit and catch a flick!

Mary Huddleston

Wonderful neighborhood theater with all first run movies

Brenda Kopmeyer

Love this little place. Great place to take the kids and great for adults as well. You can order food in the lobby from the restaurant next door and take wine into the movie! Awesome!

Thomas Shinn

"Let's go out to dinner and see a movie" should be the motto of Our Town. They offer a variety of new releases and food options. Cuisine is supplied by The Egg Cafe at Davidson. Sunday's, you can take part and experience worship and fellowship with @cfa_davidson. Which transforms the cinema theaters into a community church.

Crystal Thompson

This is a little-known gem that is such an amazing place to get a little grub and the latest movie. The theater is nice and inviting. The movie we saw seemed unusually loud and it was a little chilly after a while, so make sure you have a sweater with you.

Cory Meade

Our Town Cinemas is my preferred movie theater in the area. I like that it's a little smaller, so there aren't as many large crowds. The movie theaters are small, and I don't mind the office chairs at all. I know people who don't prefer the seating, but I actually like having a little separation between me and the person next to me. Especially when we're separated by a table that is holding my delicious local craft beer. You can check their up to date beer menu online, which I typically do before going, just to think about what great beer I'm going to have. Great venue, great beer. If you don't mind the seating options, this is the movie theater for you.

Chris A.K.T.

Absolutely love this small movie theater. Wish every town had one like it. You can get dinner, alcoholic drinks, snacks and desserts. While the screens aren’t huge, they’re suitable. Plus, they don’t pack in 500 people into one room. I don’t love the room with the roll-y office chairs, but I do like that they have tables.

Tabitha Sarver

The service is good. The environment is cool. The sandwich I had was gross. My husband said the same about his.

Robin Bond

Great time. Pizza and a movie. Comfortable seats

Joyce Mack

My visit to Our Town Cinemas was very pleasant and enjoyable. I love the layout of the cinema with the reclining chairs on either side of a small round table between them. This setup was unique and relaxing and catered to a more adult atmosphere. In addition, the staff were extremely welcoming and accommodating. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience there and would recommend it to anyone wanting to partake of a down home feel sprinkled with an adult setup in the theater with which to enjoy your movie.

Ryan Harkins

Great theater that serves adult beverages

Annette Johnson

Very nice theater an polite employees

Michael R

AWESOME beer selection! The pizza was insanely small for the money, however (smaller than a personal pan?). I also look forward to the new seats!

Shawni Loden

Loved the small cozy atmosphere. Very friendly staff. Plenty of space to drink and eat in the theater. First time visit and we purchased a gift card as well for a gift to our son and daughter-in-law.

William Burgess

Comfortable environment to watch a movie!!

Latisha Florence

Nice intimate place. Beer choices are great. Staff is wonderful

Pam Stephens

Its sweet when you can have a glass of wine and a movie!!

Margaret Patterson

Movie theater and a taphouse, all in one, with comfortable chairs and tables to set drinks!

robert treadway

The ever changing craft beer selection is phenomenal. The staff is always super friendly and the food is delicious all while in the comfort of your own desk reclining/rocking chair with table. Spoiled can't go anywhere else ever.

Melinda Bentle

Took 7 kids to see "Finding Dory" on its opening night. I was nervous since one of my children is in a wheelchair, but I took a chance. We purchased tickets earlier in the day for the night show. I notified the guy at the window and asked if my son would be able to access the theatre seats. He told me to come in 30 minutes prior to the movie start. When we returned, the manager allowed our party to be seated first. I expected to be crammed into the typical theatre setting. Instead, my family was able to sit in the same row, plenty of space, with small tables for every 2 chairs. We all ordered dinner and the kids, especially, loved how they brought it all out before the movie began. The diverse menu options, including beer, wine, and cocktails make this place a must for families and people of all ages. How can you go wrong with dinner and a movie? My family enjoys movies, so I have a really good feeling that we will be here often this summer.

Goldie Lamont

Loved it, charming, comfy -- food and service good. Great get away; away from crowded uncivilized movie theatres.

Jeff White

Amazing place and incredible beers

Joel Eisenhofer

SEATS Top notch. I have never been to a theater where I enjoyed the seating more. It should be noted that I prefer the front row at OTC, just so readers are aware. SERVICE The service at OTC has always been great in my experience. Greeters, cashiers, cleaners, etc. have always been friendly and considerate. FOOD I don't eat at the movies. DRINKS The available drinks are somewhat limited, particularly regarding the beer selection, but Old Meck is pretty solid for a theater... no complaints here. MOVIE SELECTION They often miss one or two films that I'd love to see, but there's only so many showtimes they have available so there's probably not much to be done about that. ONE BAD EXPERIENCE 1.75 hours, roughly, into Incredibles2, my niece, nephew, and I had to evacuate the theater due to a gas leak. Certainly I recognize that you cannot prevent random occurrences like that, but NOT A SINGLE EMPLOYEE GREETED US OUTSIDE OR PROVIDED INFORMATION REGARDING REFUNDS (which I never was able to inquire about as we were not allowed back in the theater). Ultimately the experience does not tarnish OTC for me to a huge extent, but it did disappoint.

Abigail Seymour

My favorite theater!

Stacy Cossette

Comfortable seats, too much air conditioning

Kalle Ryan

Quaint local cinema. Craft beer. Comfy seats

T Drisc

Second time the AC was out. 79 degrees in the auditorium and management refused to offer a voucher. Pay the same amount and go someplace else.

Fred Coates

Love the “living room” ambience and the comfortable chairs.


Cute little place. Love the seating and the tables.

Justin Bossert

This is a great way to see a movie. Much better than crowded, dirty mega-theaters. You can order some food ahead of time and have it delivered to your table. Chairs are nice and relaxing. Just a great atmosphere all around.

Rose Sorendo

Love Our Town Cinema! Comfortable chairs with tables. Variety of good food to choice from.

Brennan Hall

As someone who loves going to the movies and have always gone to the big cinemas, I never thought I would have liked a small, local theater, but I love it. Comfortable seats and all kinds of food and drink. The only down side is that the cinema is pretty small. So, if its a popular movie, make sure to arrive early so you don't show up to a sold out show.

Brett Picariello

Always the best!

Hailey Wood

Very small movie theater but it’s so nice! The food is amazing, wine and drinks to choose from, the food is brought to you, and I love that the seats are spaced out so you’re not crawling over everyone. :-)

LaTosha Aikens

Attended church on Sunday here at the cinema. Loved how it was transformed and the atmosphere during service. Awesome job CFA

Allen Hoffer

Intimate and wonderful theater.

Denise Shannon

Only theater I go to. Clean & cozy. $6.00 movies every Tuesday, all day!!

John Keller

Great place, best popcorn I've ever ate, love to have my pizza and craft beer while watching a movie, I love the front row! I would rate Five Stars except they close the concession down way too early at night, only keep it open a half hour after the last movie, needs to stay open longer.

Anthony Perro

The owner is rude to current and former employees. I worked there for nearly two years and under the owners and general manager rules I was not to be given even a single glass of water. No customer is for that matter. Employees are constantly monitiered via camera by the owner and general manager to monitor the employees for stealing even though not a single one does. The owner has also been known to take some of the supplies from deliveries. If you would like to know more ask any employee , I'm sure that they will be happy to inform you.

Nydian Coker

Very nice facilities and great for

Hannah Schmidt


Tamara Lafferty-Totman

This is our Thursday Date Day! Great prices, awesome popcorn super cute tiny little theater that's never crowded!

Paul Rudolph

The best. Our fav

Nick Tuttle

Privately run cinema with cozy seating, alcohol if you please, and an assortment of other snacks.

Josh McKinney

Our favorite place to watch a movie. Good snacks and great craft beer selection.

Richard Ferguson

Who doesn't like an adult beverage with their movie? Quiet and civilized facility.

Terresa Ebert

Very unique theatre. We love it

Robert Cozart

I’m not sure where all the good reviews are coming from. First the screen and sound are mediocre at best. The food isn’t much better than the old drive-in theaters, which doesn’t make it terrible...just not worthy of a great review. And finally the clientele. If you go to a movie expecting to enjoy it free of the obnoxious side conversations, this is NOT the place for you. It’s amazing how few people really understand how to respect others in a theater these days. I no longer expect to go into a theater and have a quiet movie going experience, but the people coming to this theater are the worst. Save your money, go to a drive-in (lower expectations) or go to a theater where the sound is loud enough to drown out the rude, inconsiderate people around you.

jeff asher

Great seating, good food. Nice selection of first run movies.

Karen Smith

We had a really enjoyable experience! Loved watching a first run movie in such a comfortable setting. I'ts fun to eat pizza and popcorn in swivel seats with our own little dining table while watching the movie. I highly recommend Our Town Cinemas. I hope they'll expand to other areas soon!

Maxine Williams

I enjoyed my first visit to this theatre. Nice location. Food and drinks were good. Very comfortable theatre.

Cheryl Beach-Bruton

Awesome as always!

Ben Antanaitis

Our Town cinemas is great. Basically you sit in comfortable office chairs around low top bar tables, can drink beer, wine, and assorted food oh, and watch a movie. My son is very sensory sensitive and Our Town is great because the screen is smaller, more intimate and the sound is not crazy loud. It is a best kept secret of Davidson.

Alan Kuz

Local, tasty food, table side concessions service, beer, wine. The kids matinees on the weekdays have nearly empty theaters. That was AWESOME today!

Cynthia Beard

Absoulty our favorite place for a movie. Chairs so comfortable. Great selection of beers!!! A lot of pizza's ordered here.

Charlene Clarke

I love everything about this place!! I even met the owner and he is AWESOME!! Such a GREAT ATMOSPHERE and FOOD is GOOD!

Robert Maier

Poorly designed theater-- more like a screening room designed by someone who never had theater design experience. Ceilings too low, steps between rows too small, so you''ll probably get someone blocking your view. The screen is so close you can see the sound perforations, which show as little black spots-- also if focus is a hair off, looks really soft on the screen. Chairs are cheap office desk chairs. In an upscale college town, you'd expect interesting art films, at least once in a while, but the owners refuse to do this. They only understand Hollywood Blockbuster 12-yr old kidflix . The staff act like zombies-- with so many complaints on here about mistreatment by owners, it's understandable. For all these reasons, so many refuse to go to what coulda/shoulda been a great local cinema experience. Better off driving down one exit to Birkdale, where the theaters are real theater size, with real big screens and sound. And with Birkdale's 16 screens, you're more likely to find an interesting, but less mainstream film that's already in every mall theater within 25 miles. But if you mainly go to a movie to drink beer, and eat warmed over food, and don't know Bresson from Batman, Our Town is just fine.

Alice Caldwell

This theater has food service available, which is fine, but was disruptive while we were watching the movie. The worst thing about the experience is that the screen is so small, it's about like being at home, watching TV.

Suzanne Ortiz

Wonderful place to go! Having Comfortable seating with tables is such a great way to watch, drinks, popcorn...

Luis Antonio Feliciano

Cool local movie theater. Has lots of beers on tap and they bring your food to the theater. Also the chairs are like comfy office chairs that you can move around.

Michelle Baker

I saw the Downtown Abbey Film tonight here I absolutely loved the movie. The movie theater was pleasant and cozy. The staff was wonderful. By far the nicest movie theater I have been in. Thank you to this wonderful movie theater who made me feel so welcomed.

Toby John Grear

This place is absolutely amazing compared to any other big chain kind of theater because it offers very special I seeding in each theater and they also offer a full food and beer and wine menu and will deliver it to your table inside of the theater this is a pretty amazing find if you are looking for a great date or family place to go watch a new film that just came out absolutely amazing hidden gem of Lake Norman

Natasha Boger

It was so awesome and the hospitality and ambiance was so beautiful. It was clean and the staff was wonderful and helpful. I definitely would come back and recommend you to other people. It is a little get away place from the big cinemas and being stuffy and crowded in the other seats. Can't wait to go back.

Tom Gray

A great movie experience! Highly recommend!

Jessica Hayes

Love seeing movies here. Excellent selection of beers and wine. Food for everyone's taste. It is always a fun night out.

james campbell

Small and cozy.. Price was very good.

Matt Vicens

Great place as long as you aren't going only for the visuals. The small screen size is more than made up for with a wide variety of made to order food, alcoholic beverages, rolling seats with tables, and smaller audiences. The staff is always super friendly too.

Amy Stonehouse

Great beer options! Being able to have an adult beverage while watching a movie is always a plus!

Spudsy Drake

Theaters be all cozy and what-not. Good for date nights with yo BAE, but you up in e'er body bid-ness if ridin' solo. Place is swag though.

Ursula Butler

Small intimate theater, with a great friendly staff.

Isaiah Gamble

This is a really great place to watch movies on the cheap. The food here is really good and so is the service. While you're waiting for the movie you can go get a drink and a burger right in the lobby. The customer service is also good. Overall the best local theater I've been to.

Kelli Marcotte

Always a fun night watching the movie and eating dinner with a pitcher of beer.

Justin Tallent

Love this theater, you have to buy tickets online because they are almost always full if you don't get them in advance.

Gerry Stroner

Lots of smiles from the staff and very comfortable seats!

Pamela Bell

The office chair I was sitting in was not comfortable. I would suggest getting better quality chairs. But it is a nice and cozy space. Also, getting a meal brought to me in the theater is a nice touch. And the theater and restrooms were clean.

Evan Dungan

Wonderful movie experience. Lots of beer and wine to choose from and virtually no lines. Definitely coming back soon.

deborah panuccio

Love watching movies here comfortable and love the little tables and chairs, and a taps for beer and wine

David L

Great beer and movies in an intimate, comfortable setting; what's not to love?

Xochitl Koppelmeyer

Comfortable seating. Intimate space. Great food. Get there early for the best seats.

Chris Smith

Great small theater. Comfortable atmosphere with food and drink selections

Lori Reuter

Good beer and wine selection. Would love to see some kombucha too.

Jenny W

Comfortable seating and can order dinner. The theaters are small and intimate but not crowded. Love this place.

Jason Sector

Great small theater with tabled seating arrangements, wine, and a nice selection of 16 craft draft beer lines.

Shane Tobin

Best movie theatre experience ever!

Kandi Hauser

One of our favorite cinemas. Comfortable seating with great concession stand. The theaters are small but comfy with small tables and executive chairs. The concessions go beyond fresh popped corn with freshly made pizza delivered to your table along with nice beer and wine selections.

Randy Ryan

Place was fun and different. Smaller theaters, executive office chairs to chill in. Love the food to the table and the local micro-brews. $6 Movies TUESDAY's! Lived in the area for two years. Never heard of it until I was driving through the parking lot. The crew is so friendly and polite.

sean hanson

This is the best place ever. Disney-what!? The seats are comfy, there are tables, a wide variety of hot foods and nearly infinite drink choices (with beer and wine).

Jim Vogel

The movies the fun way! Love the seating and tables! Add an array of beer taps and viola! Historic Davidson!

Michael Beroth

Great date night. Movie, food, beer all in one place.

Bruce Gagle

Food prices way too high. Nice seating and atmosphere

kathy goodman

Lunch and a movie at once. Staff are fabulous!! Win win!

Kdub 5150

Enjoyed the atmosphere Staff was friendly Food was very tasty try the mushroom and swiss burgers Beer on tap we tried longboard.

Candice Harold

Quaint movie theater in a quaint little town. Friendly staff. Only downside, we could hear the movie from next door.

Andy West

This is our go to theater. Screens are smaller but you won't notice. Seating is roomy and the beer selection is really good.

angela murray

This is where my church gathers on Sunday morning! Come be a part of CFA Davidson. 8:45 & 10:15!

Darren Ryle

Cozy theater. Fun for the family. Not crammed for seating.


This is a great theatre! The seats are plush, rolling office chairs and there aren't too many rows meaning you'll have a perfect view of your movie choice. This experience can be enhanced by with a glass of wine or pint of beer (both of which can be order by the bottle/pitcher)! Find a great movie, grab the family (or a date), and head to Our Town Cinemas for a wonderful theater experience!

Sarah Johnson

Cute little place. Love the beer selection. Great popcorn, definitely my favorite in the area. Very small theatre. Tables are a great touch.

Natalie Moses

For visitors I would certainly give this place five stars but as a former employee I can only, honestly, give it four stars. I worked here for almost two years averaging about 35 hours a week. I only made minimum wage ($7.25) and was only given one .25 cent raise after a year. I love this theater, it is my absolute favorite and I will always prefer it. But today I came in to see a movie (my last day was about three weeks ago so I can no longer get the employee benefits and I am aware of that. I paid. In full for everything.) The owner called twice, in the span of ten minutes, about me and my boyfriend (also a former employee) being there to make sure that we paid for everything. I somewhat understand his concern but the second call is what really irritated me. I received a promo popcorn through my csd card like any other human with one can get. He had the audacity to assume we were given the popcorn. After we have been the most reliable workers and have both given our time (almost two years of it) to this company. I am beyond infuriated. This is extremely uncalled for. It is odd enough that he spends so much time watching his employers through a camera and calling for things like one employee eating a French fry on Christmas night. But to treat me as a thief. I cannot express my disappointment and rage enough.

Isha Jackson

Cozy little theater, with full kitchen/bar and hot tea!!! So glad we found this place!

Nicole Morford

OUTSTANDING movie viewing option, with current movies, AWESOME single hairs with private tables - not to mention full menu, beer, wine & other beverages...EXCELLENT time!!

John Voncannon

Very enjoyable atmosphere, friendly staff, and some neat items on the menu that's delivered to your seat. A little pricey, but worth the extra elbow room.

Brad Mitchell

Cool theater. Decent food.

Emily Hannum

This theater is wonderful because it is small and cozy; you can grab a beer and some snacks and enjoy a quieter atmosphere than the traditional large chain movie theaters. I only wish they served liquor and that the seats were a touch more comfortable.

Brad Simms

Smaller does mean better. Great beer wine and food selection. Whenever I have a choice where to see a movie out......I always pick Our Town Cinema. Birkdale Village has too many punk kids.

Christine Redman

Five star! Everything was awesome! Cannot wait to go back!

Curtis Eberspacher

Neat little neighborhood theater. Grab a local craft beer, have some popcorn, and relax. That's what it's all about.

John Dawson

The chairs are not comfortable for 2+ hours. The people setting in front of you block your view.


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