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REVIEWS OF Northgate Stadium 10 IN North Carolina

Ann Quirk

Great experience today at the Northgate Mall Theater! We went to see Aquaman, and were able to easily purchase tickets at the Concession Stand. The theater wasnt crowded (which is a nice change of pace from the annoyingly-busy theater and lobby at Southpoint. Who enjoys being accidentally squished by random strangers?). The theater where we saw our movie was huge and beautiful, and the screen was enormous - definitely loved it! Sound quality was great, and our seats were comfortable . The lobby had been recently mopped (or at least it felt / looked like it was), the theater was very clean as well. The ladies room was about the same as the theater at Southpoint. My husband and I will ABSOLUTELY be coming back to this theater again.

Sharita Simmons

I actually LOVE Stadium 10. I go so often that the staff does not yet know my name but knows my face. I like the snacks and the pricing. I also like that this theater provides the popcorn toppings. Carmel is my FAVORITE!!! I have never had an issue with the staff. They are super sweet! I do agree that housekeeping can definitely do better. If I can make one suggestion. I noticed that the upstairs is no longer being utilized. If the upstairs could be transformed into some kind of entertainment area such as a mini game area like Dave and Busters or Frankies, that will provide people something to do while they wait for a movie or teenagers/kids something to do or pass the time by. There is already off duty officers staffed so they can over see that area as well.

Glenn Drake

Sound system is really poor these days. The seats are broken or worn out. Always enjoyed this place but afraid with all the problems the Mall is having the Theater is becoming another victim.

Dakita Best

Good customer service

Lisa Williams

My grand children enjoyed it there! I love that they have free movies for children in the summertime!

Deltra Suggs

Great seats great environment!

Korie Richardson

I like this theater. The seats are very comfy. However every time there is always someone talking loud. The last time this man above me answered his cell and talked for about 3 min and after that kept talking loud with his girl. Another time a child was running in the aisle babbling. The man didn't stop the kid so I asked him to speak to his kid. Another time someone had their feet propped up on the back of the seats and didn't move when I wanted to sit there. They moved them when I let them know to move them. So in essence, the people give this theater negative opinions and also the staff. They are very nonchalant when they should be attentive. I am not sure what this theater could do regarding the issues it has. Also when I was watching my movie, I could hear the movie next to ours. Manager, your theater is in a prime location and I understand Northgate is trying to improve its reputation so please pay attention to the negative comments. I'm not giving up.

Veronica Petrick

Clean and good price for mid day movies.... Snack bar is ridiculously high though. 8$ for a drink?!

Anita kornegay

The teenagers that were in movie theater we're so disrespectful and acted like they had no manners running up and down the aisles and in and out of the movie theater , cursing,yelling banging on chairs ! So I requested a refund !

Darlene Bacon

Like the theatre. Make sure your popcorn is hot.

Benji Collins

Movies are cheap but did not like the service or the fact that they use microwave for food. And the chairs are stiff

Ryan White

Idk if it's TRUE bt yea I have heard that it has bedbugs or whatever that is biting you to leave mosquito looking bite marks

Adriana Del Valle

Went on a friday night, their late night selection was very limited, it was closer than the other thaetre, but not worth it in the end. Very nice inside, but once I saw their show options I almost drove 25 min to the other theatre.

Jason Ballard

It was clean the staff were friendly and it is in a good location.

Cheri C.

Good location - comfortable seating - clean restrooms.. okay for date night also child friendly

Pking Duck

Love this theatre. The management is customer focused and it flows to their team. Theatre is always clean and comfortable. great location for weekend entertainment in the Northgate area. My first stop for new movies.

Argelia Cristina Goo Castellón

Nice place, don't have to much business. The cinema have the last movies and good price but the sits are in very bad condition ☹️

Ron Glenn

Movie prices are generally pretty good. The seats, however, are tore up terribly and aren't that comfortable compared to other theaters in the area. There are a lot of really small theaters in there and sometimes you can hear the movie playing in the next theater better than you hear the movie you're watching. Food prices are decent and the staff is mostly friendly. Overall, if you can't afford to go somewhere else, this will be just fine.


I love the movies but everything is overpriced

Ashley Natt

Not to bad. The chairs in the theater are comfortable.

Brittany Gayle

Northgate movie theater is a decent movie location. The service is typically outstanding, and I enjoy the cleanliness of the bathrooms and seating area. Overall I recommend it!

ms gay

Fresh peppers for the nachos N leather seats. Seats I can wipe down. Always a win for me.

Rodrick Turner

It is a nice stadium but it needs a little work and the popcorn stand needs to stay open throughout the movie.

Teri Capps

I have always enjoyed my experience at this place very comfortable seating

Tonya Evans

Didn't show any previews, seats are torn and the place was dirty. This is a reply to Edwin Marti J.D. the General Manager at Northgate. I did not write this reply to be negative or insulting but only to give my honest opinion. I am a disabled Army Veteran who grew up in Durham so don't try and act like i do not understand the struggle of trying to keep up appearances to keep a nice place of entertainment. I was just saying that when I brought my Dad to come see your last showing of The Meg at 9:30pm, which was not the first showing as you stated, he said "I scraped my arm on this torn armrest." I heard people sitting next to me saying a lot worse but you only want Google to post the good comments right? It was also disappointing there was not a 3D showing of the Meg offered after 2pm as people do have jobs and can't make those early 3D showings. I also didn't go run and complain about the popcorn and trash because i figured the young man that went in before us to clean must have not seen it or didn't care. That's on your employees you hired, why not have an undercover Boss day. As a GM, if you can't take constructive criticism from customers, you're in the wrong business. You can't attack people for leaving a review. I understand there ARE people out there that leave bad reviews on many sites just to be disrespectful but this is not that case. Have a Blessed day! Regards, Tonya Evans

Leslie Wright

Service was way too slow!

Dave Holtz-Oxley

Overcomer was a great movie. If you don't like the topic you'll be left cold. Otherwise it's a lot of fun.

Cassandre Kowal

Northgate is great small theatre furniture could use some fixing but all in all a great place!

Tony Dillard

Great staff. But the concession stand is often sold out of there special items. No unsweetened tea. Seats need a refurbish or two. REPSONSE to GM: I don't know if you have never had unsweetened tea. But the past 2-3 visits, you have not. As a diabetic, I prefer unsweet tea over diet soda as it can fool your blood sugar numbers.

sylvia branch

Very friendly and patient. Thanks for a great experience.

Kim Mullens

Very dirty, seats ripped all up


Great place for movies

Krystal Baker

Don't waste your money here. Something is always wrong at this theatre. The movie will shut off, sound will shut off, or (the situation tonight) someone will set the fire alarms off for fun. We had to leave the movie, got outside and was informed by an officer, about 10 minutes later, that it was a false alarm. Nothing was done to remedy the situation. No apology, they didn't rewind the movie, we just had to watch what was left of the movie in a fully lit theatre, after missing a good 15 minutes of the film. Staff is rude and made no attempt to fix the situation. Oh, and as someone else mentioned the AC doesn't work. Seriously, don't waste money here.

Giovanna H

Went to see the new Star Wars movie the day after Christmas. We were in theater 9. The screen went black THREE TIMES so we missed the visuals for a few minutes total. My husband had to get out of his seat, walk to the lobby, and tell them to fix it each time. When we first got there, there was no one at the ticket counter and no sign telling you where to go instead. We stood around for a while with some other folks and eventually figured out to go to the concessions counter to get the tickets. There was a long line at 10:30am because we had to wait behind everyone choosing their snack options. The bathrooms looked like a war zone. Three out of five toilets in the ladies room were unusable because they were clogged. I understand they just had a holiday weekend, but was there not a manager on duty to look things over at closing/opening? The employees were professional and friendly.

Spencer Dunn

Went at noon on a Sunday to see Endgame the weekend it released. Almost no one there. Tickets were cheap. Seats were as comfortable as expected. They recline to some degree. Would definitely recommend if you're trying to avoid the crowds.

Pastor Sam

Great staff, friendly, courteous, and the best place you will ever go seating wise. This is an older theater where the seats are larger, and much more comfortable. The up front seats are easily far enough away from the screen so its comfortable. Very large auditoriums in most theaters. And the price is like a dollar or so cheaper then most others theaters. I never go to southpoint, the managers there are not friendly, the store manager is an obnoxious ogre. Northgate is clean and quiet and the patrons are nice people too.

Sterling Lynch

Use to be my choice mall but now it needs a make over and a fresh new overhaul

Teresa Johnson

Way too expensive after hours should be a bit lower.

jay clancy

Great movie theater.... I guess Im old now so I've been going to in the afternoon show and it's like7 bucks each . You don't stick to the floor the seats are. 'almost' too comfortable.... Have fun n go to the friggin movies...

Zach Brown

This is a perfectly serviceable movie theater but it leaves a lot to be desired. The staff is courteous and for the most part professional. The concessions are what should be expected. However, the place is showing it's age. The seats are threadbare. The speakers are unreliable. On this particular Friday the air conditioning is out. Management says they are aware of the issue and it is a "work in progress". Doesn't make it any less 80 degrees in here. I'd be happy to watch a movie here next fall but I think I'll be staying away for now.


Hey there! I went to see Aladdin last night in theater #2. The movie was great! Although there was a bit to many problems. The popcorn was very stale. Way to much butter on it. It made me sick when I got home. ( But it may just be my VERY sensitive stomach. ) The movie was very loud. Seats were uncomfortable and bathroom was disgustingly dirty. Not much toilet paper and most locks broken. The theater was very Hot, it's kinda annoying it was in mid 80s during a very hot summer. Staff seemed unfriendly. I hate to leave a 1 star review on a family owned business. I'm coming back on Thursday to see a dogs journey but going to avoid the food considering it was so much and made me sick. I hope I can have a better experience. But if not, probably not coming back.

Vickie Schaffer

Theater is convenient to me but the seats are torn and cracked. Not very comfortable

Joanne Ometz

I went to a matinee a few weeks ago at the very last screen at the end of the hall. The top 1/4 of the screen was dark throughout the previews. I got up, walked all the way back and told the guy who had taken my ticket. He said he would tell the technician. I walked all the way back down the hall. The top 1/4 of the screen continued to be dark. I walked back down the hall and told the same guy. He told me it would go away once the movie started so I walked all the way back to the theater and sat down. The movie started and I tried for about 10 minutes to ignore that the top 1/4 of the screen was still dark. Couldn't do it. So I walked all the way back to the guy and told him I wanted a refund so I could come back another time. He walked me to the end of the concession stand and told me to wait outside the office door while he went in to tell the manager. Then he came back out and walked away. I stood there for a few minutes and finally knocked on the door. The manager was sitting at a computer and said he didn't know I was there, that the guy said he was going to go check on the movie. I told him my story and he asked if I'd be okay with getting a credit instead of a refund. I agreed so he gave me a little slip of paper. Now I have lost the little slip of paper so that's a bit annoying. But the most annoying part was being left to stand outside the office. I don't know why he would do that but I do know I'm old enough to be his grandmother. At least I got my exercise for the day.....Walking is supposed to be good for us old people.

Patrick Nalley

There's nothing like a movie and popcorn for a husband wife date. Only $7 before 6 p.m. and you can always find a good seat. #reclinerseats #datenight

Lord DarkScythe

It was hard to really enjoy the movie with the temperature in the theatre in the mid 80s.

shannon hester

Sound and picture quality have drastically improved over time. Theatre seats are big but they're old and tattered...time for some repairs. I enjoyed my movie but it being at Northgate Mall...any show always comes with a group of hoodrats that want to talk through the ENTIRE movie!

Steven Campbell

Went to the movies enjoyed it had a good time

Paul Inserra

Great theater to take the kids too. Cheap tix & concessions

DivineGodJustice Allah

Sometimes under staffed, however this is the place to go if you don't want to fight huge crowds and like to have choice seating.

Nicole S Lyons

I pre-ordered tickets to see Black Panther for Sat. 2/17. When I arrived I stood in the consession stand line 20 minutes to check in because the Box Office was closed. I felt it was a ploy to increase consession sales because why would you have the Box Office closed on the opening weekend of a movie that has made 700 million in sales over the past 2 weeks?? It didn't make sense and in return we missed about the 1st 15 mins of the movie. I emailed them last weekend & I received no response then I decided to email them again this week & the manager responded with: "We have responded twice to your email. Please check your inbox. Not sure what you are looking for." Edwin Marti General Manager Not sure what I am looking for?? Really?? Better customer service that does not hold me up seeing a movie that was already paid for would have been great!! Neither here nor there I will not be returning that's for sure!!

Tammy B

My friends and I go to Northgate Stadium 10 for what we call Girls Night Out. We have a blast. Popcorn is great. Seats are so comfy and we do like it because it is less crowded. It can be as many as 10-15 of us and we call all sit together. We love Northgate Stadium 10. My son and I also go there and he loves it too. Oh and I forgot to mention the great summer movie for kids program. Free Kids Summer Movie Camp 2014 Kids Summer Movies Series! Spend some time with the kids while they’re out of school in 2014! Stadium 10 at Northgate offers the summer movie series FREE for parents and children to enjoy together! Movie survival packs include popcorn, drink and candy for only $5 Summer Movie Series show on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s at 9:30 am Does that not sound absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Camacho-Blades

Nicest movie staff. Very personable. Theater was clean and no problems with the movie

Theresa Walker

Saw ant man at the movie theater..great

Art Menius

Older multiscreen on end of giant mall. Showing it's age but quite acceptable sound, screen, and seats. Great prices on matinee. My theatre, however, did not smell to good. Thanks for asking! #8 for Blackkklansman at 10:30 am. Did not mention to staff who looked pretty busy.


The staff is always friendly and quick, the theater seats are the best around, the screens are awesome, and the place is generally clean. They have early shows just for kids in the summer and Fri/Sat/Sun they have early movies for those of us who want to skip the crowds. Generally I'll go see a movie here before anywhere else. As they lack an IMAX I have to journey out to South Point or wherever if I wanna see a flick that way. This place would be busy all the time if Northgate Mall itself was a little more updated and glitzy, as this place is like a shiny gem compared to what surrounds it. I think it's important to point out though that Northgate gets a bad rap because it's near downtown Durham and we used to have That was almost two decades ago, get with the times! Durham is awesome. I want to address Brandon's (a previous poster's) technical complaint real quick even though I'm giving the place an amazing rating. No, they don't seem to know how their equipment works all the time. I find that the sound is often too low and asking them to bump it just goes nowhere. They do start movies right on time, but its up to you whether that's a good or bad thing. It says something about the place that I'll still give it five stars despite all that.

Regina Terrell

Was disappointed for 1st time going No heat.. Customer service was friendly though...

Mario Adams

It's good movie theater

Syreeta Cameron

Customer service was ok. I really enjoyed the movie I saw.

Jennifer Griffith

Though this is not the most modern movie theater, it's convenient to the Durham VA, and because my husband is a disabled veteran he gets in for free, so I have every reason to take him there. The folks are nice, and aside from the lack of a button for an automatic door to get in and out of the building, the place is fully wheelchair accessible. The seating for wheelchair access is also very good.

Jack Hook

My girlfriend and I attended a movie while we were in town. This theater is the worst I've ever seen. They didn't clean the theater between shows. There was garbage everywhere. The seats were awful. We had to search for two that we could even sit in. So my girlfriend posts a review and like most of the reviews the manager responds with angry remarks. He obviously has zero managerial skills and no business sense. He stupidly asks questions as if people could respond to him, what a moron.

Zack Riesland

We took a van full of kids, primarily because we had some coupons from their school fundraiser coupon book. But the theater refused to accept them even though they specifically said “Northgate Stadium 10, Durham” and were not expired. I asked for an explanation and all he would say is that it’s in the fine print - even though there isn’t any fine print. This is particularly frustrating because we asked our friends and family to buy those coupon books in support of the school and now I feel foolish. Update: July, 2018 - this review seems to have gotten some traction, so let me respond to the reply from the owner: "normally the only time we cannot take the coupons is for a movie that just came out in the first two weeks of its release" I believe this was the case. But that has to be at least 25% of the movies playing at any given time. I don't believe that it was stated anywhere on the coupon, and it should have been in bold right at the top, in my opinion.

Stephen Schaffer

It looks like if you are arriving for the early shows, you will notice that the popcorn machine is off and that there is popcorn in the front. Any one with a half of a brain will realize that it was from the night before. They are literally too lazy and incompetent to make fresh popcorn in the morning. And the concession stand attendee was dumber then dirt. Good luck asking for a collector's cop, he will think you want a water cup instead..... wonder everyone is moving to southpoint.....Northgate is overrun with cockroaches

Pedro Esteban Cordero Garcia

Very good staff , cool place , nice for a night of movies with family

shreya ciryam

Very squeaky seats

Mercedes Gonzalez

A great place workers always have excellent customer service.

leah weinberger

There appears to be no heat in the theaters and the seats are in rough shape.


It's super nice and I really like it! I'll recommend you going here casus the food is good and not ugly and rotten, the seats are kinda warn out but it doesn't cause trouble while watching the movie, they food is freshly cooled and severed the right way. I've always liked the building and the way it was build. The only problem is that some of the movies are sometimes packed with people but that only happend to me twice. I do like it here and I do recommend you being entertained at this location :)

D Artemas Holden

Great movies, treats and clean bathrooms!

Monica Webb ,

Parking is shared with the mall. Must arrive early for good park there maybe some walking to the theater.

Vanessa Rego-Corwin

I really don’t even know how to rate this theater. Went to a matinee showing and the theater was basically empty and looked somewhat dirty. The seats were comfortable but the theater smelled like a horses stall. It was very pungent and in the air. I don’t mind that odor on a farm but it’s not something I particularly care to smell INSIDE of a movie theater. It was also incredibly annoying that we could hear VERY clearly, The Lion King playing next door to the room we were viewing our movie in. We could hear every musical sequence almost on top of the movie we were TRYING to watch. So, walls are definitely NOT soundproof. I won’t be coming back to this theater. The only reason I went to begin with was because they had a decent time for the movie I was trying to see.

Just me


Angela Goodman

You pay for what you get. Tickets are $9 for adults in the evening which is better than some theaters. Chairs were not very comfortable and made creaking noises Everytime we moved. There was a large spill in the main hallway of the theatre for a while before it was cleaned up. Snacks were good and were cheaper than most other theaters. Despite the few negatives, we will likely visit this theater again.

Brandon Donnell

Honestly the worst experience I've had at a theater. I understand that it was the last showing of the evening. They started the movie early. This normally isn't a bad thing, but when the movie is scheduled to begin at 10:05 and I walk in at 10:03 and have missed 5 to 10 minutes of the movie it kind of set the tone. Had it only been that I could deal with it and enjoy the movie. At least 4 times during the showing of the movie the visual just cut out and the theater went dark. The sound kept playing but the theater went absolutely dark. Not once did a manager or theater employee come in to say what was going on or anything. 30 seconds to a minute later the visual would come back and the movie would continue. The movie was good despite the technical difficulties, but I will never go back to that theater again. There are too many good ones in the area to have to deal with that.

Inderjeet Singh

Decent place. Not very crowded. Does not do reserve seating but, then i am happy it was not much crowded. Screen quality could be improved and that only thing i cut a star for. But, then i say that after seeing some AMC theaters that charge a bomb and are super packed. Good place for a relaxed day and movie with family.

Culture'd TV

Almost cried watching End Game

earl liles

good movie theater, not a lot of newer amenities.

Greg Horne

A great place lots of room for people

Adam Kirkman

The food was expensive and we thought just one of those kids packs was 3.99 but there it was 6.99 so I just brung a 20 dollar bill and I did not get what I wanted because all the prices were not bad but when we got into the movie theater but the staff was very good and it is a good place but please bring down the prices

Steve Doriocourt

There were some good things happing here such as the service but the rest kinda overwhelmed the good. The sound at this theater is harsh and really really loud. The "good seats" in theater 4 (all the ones in the center) were shredded with the foam coming out of them. The place smelled like urine... I wish it were a nicer theater because I live close but will likely travel across town to a different theater from now on.

Yma Benoit-Petit Jeune

They need new seats but nice that they rock

Kathy Wyatt

Very nice & clean, good prices and big concession stand, lot of choices

Mable Burch

Items were there but salespeople weren't

Christopher Lin

The screen was blurry throughout the whole movie, and at one point a fly flew across the projector lens for several minutes. The sound was also far too quiet and muted. Sitting through 3 hours of this was painful.

raphael fernandez

I enjoy my time going to theater

Elizabeth Buchholz

Needs updating, but reasonable prices and comfortable seats.

Gregory Headen

It was nice the Movie prices are higher in the Evenings an the Refreshments are ok some of them high but good over all

Tammy Calabrese

My boys take me here often

Carly McGee

Comfortable seats, easy check in process. Parking isn't bad and nice to have covered parking in bad weather.

KnowYour OwnWorth

I love Northgate Stadium I didn't realize they had a movie theater in there .into months ago it's very convenient the prices are not bad.

Donna Leacock

The lines moved quickly for us to buy tickets, but the sound quality of the movie wasn't great. Some scenes you could barely hear what they were saying and other scenes (action) were really loud.

Julie Hagerman

Very comfy seats, but bring a coat, they keep it ice cold in theaters

Paul Andrews

The management has failed this once great theater and its north Durham customers. We went on a Friday night in December and no one was in ticket booth. No one was collecting tickets! You had buy your tickets at the concession stand staffed by 2 tired teenagers. Some of the posters on the walls were from the summer. The theaters were 90% empty, meaning folks rather drive a half-hour to Southpoint. That say it all.

Heidi Coleman

Reasonable ticket prices and lots of parking. It's a bit old and doesn't have upgrades like leather seats. Not always the cleanest, but does the trick.

Lisa Aiken

My Significant other took me to see Shaft that was a really great movie I laughed through the whole movie I really enjoyed it

Harrison Cotty

Went there today for the first time with my son for a matinee movie. It was fairly sad to see that even though it’s summer, my son and I were the only ones there. What was sadder was the condition of the chairs inside the theater. Almost every seat was falling apart. The covers were torn and the foam padding was exposed. And on some seats, the foam was broken and falling apart. The prices were very reasonable and the service, of the only person we saw working the entire theater at the time, was very good. The theater has potential, but it needs a lot of work.

Dexter McLaughlin

I know there are a couple of critical reviews, but I feel like they are doing their best to make a good experience for customers. You have to realize that no matter how hard a business tries there are going to be customers who end up with a poor experience. I feel those customers are more likely to post reviews than those who had a average/good/great experience. Management seems like they are working hard to address issues and I respect that. Bottom line, don't let a few poor reviews scare you off. Give them a try and see for yourself.

Coszette Staten

Great place to watch movies.

Aryonna and Layla Unicorn

I went to see Child's play with my friends ✌️

Niya and angie

I watched it with my bsf

Mike Rodriguez

Great service very friendly staff lots of parking only draw back old seats a bit worn

Hakeem Davis-EL

Quality of the seats were terrible and raggedy

Natalie Woodland

Could be cleaner, more up to date.

Anisa Cutler

They are friendly & courteous

Mani Bennett

Nice Place To Watch Movies & Eat

Dave Allison

Off the beaten path - worth it. We went for "last of the Jedi". The matinee only had 8 patrons, so that was amazing since it was Dec 27th. Staff was very nice and helpful. ticket prices was good price performer. We did not purchase any food or drinks, but it looked clean. Northgate is having a typical "mall" vacancy but this little theater still can provide a solid experience at the movies.

Anne Robinson

My visit to Northgate Stadium 10 fine. A complaint to manager and 1employee today for multi tasking selling tickets and doing Concession stand. Just one thing Ladies restroom short on Tissue paper in the stalls. Especially for the 1st shows.

june kelly

Why so many high ratings? Maybe because there is a cool video game and toy crane area, or good concessions with lots of choices. Maybe it's the ample parking or huge theaters with hundreds and hundreds of seats. This is all true. BUT THE AIR CONDITIONING IN THE THEATERS DOESN'T WORK. Literally there was no air conditioning for the 2 hour showing. It was over 80 degrees in there for sure. After the show they admitted the air in the theaters is hit and miss and thay it never works in theater #2. This makes it one star in my book. Came out sweating. EDITS. Tried it again. Air was on in the smaller theater #6. Only gave it one extra star. Movie was scheduled to start at 7:30. Started 7:55. I went to ask about it at 7:50. They said they were working on a fix. Place seems plagued with issues. Cheap owner or bad management or both. Expect issues if you go here.

Jim Northrup

Great neighborhood theater...could use a bit of renovation though.

Anthony Shaw

Could be better

Jacb Mclooses

The chairs need to be replaced, it's very uncomfortable having holes and patches all over the chairs.

Saye Sendolo

I this theater, they really nice seat, but a lot of the seats are in need of upholstery. If they can do that, I'll change my rating to an 5 star.

Bismo Funyuns

The theaters have a really musty smell, but every time I go the employees are always super nice and they keep it clean. I give it 5 stars because customer service means everything to me. The only complaint I have is their listening devices for the hearing impaired NEVER work. I wish they would work out this problem. Prices very reasonable.

Alison Naylor

Small, clean, cozy

kamari h.

northgate movies never has anyone there so its great

Chuck Yancey

The good: Friendly staff. big comfortable seats, clean rest rooms. The downside : Very hard to find the entrance. They need more signage to give directions, both for parking and the theater entrance

Victoria Turner

Absolutely one of the worst places to go to see a movie especially on a Friday or Saturday night. All of the seats are ripped up, and there is constant talking throughout movies. The last time I saw a movie at Northgate, it was so bad my fiance and I had to leave the movie and requested a refund - luckily the manager was understanding and issued a refund.

Kelly Martin

The manager’s response to these reviews really says it all! Horrible customer service and deplorable management. The man, Edwin actually thinks it is acceptable to have bad service and filthy facilities because they were busy and justifies it by stating that “cleaning takes time” and no one brought it to the managers attention so “they can’t fix it if they don’t know about it”. Really?? Is this guy serious? What kind of business are they running? How can management not be aware of the incredibly horrible conditions unless someone tells them?? They have hundreds of bad reviews, if the management is not aware by now they all need to be replaced , or better yet just shut the place down cause no one their has a clue! Unbelievable!! I used to love this theater despite being in a bad part of town at one of the most dangerous malls in the area. People are shot and robbed here regularly. Unfortunately all the low life’s have trashed the place. The theater did not not look like it had been cleaned in days. Popcorn scattered all over, old cups and trash still in the cup holders. The once super comfortable seats were ripped to shreds. I will never return. Sad!!

Demond Hammock

Great location. Good and quick customer service

Steve Hall

Ankle deep in popcorn and trash! Hot as Heck and sticky seats. In the Incredibles 2 had grown women cursing at a 2 year old child the whole time. It was the 10 pm movie the kid should have been in bed. Staff almost a sleep and no help at all. We won’t be back!

Tamika Johnson

If I could I will leave them a zero star if you want popcorn bring your own because they never have popcorn building old dirty smell like milddew bring some housespray seats torn and old.will not be going back. And no air conditioner.

Deborah Johnson

Good prices for weekday movie.

Jaime Arboleda

Very clean, Theater was comfortable and service was great.

Teiji Kimball

While the movie screening was good,the sound systems need to be replaced and the seats are raggy, torn up and uncomfortable to sit on.

Buddy Priest

Been coming here for 25 years. The last ten years we have come almost exclusively here for every movie! We enjoy the low key vibe, and the staff us generally very nice! Am hopeful that when or if Northgate does go away, that the cinema will stay, please.

Va Cross

Love this place! Sunday morning Equalizer2

Michael McGurk

For the low ticket prices, I could look past the tattered seats and the lack of air conditioning in the summer, but the sound quality and picture quality are very poor. More often than not, the picture is too dim, or the sound is only coming through one side, or there's some other issue that makes the movie unwatchable. I really like walking over here for a movie, but the management doesn't seem to have any interest in maintaining the basic functions of their theater.

Whitney Watson

I hate I even have to give this place one star just to write a review, but needless to say my experience was horrible! I bought tickets online to see The Lion King. To my surprise the theater was quite empty and very HOT! After finding our seats and getting settled I figured it would eventually cool down, which never happened. Several men attending the movie were fanning themselves with their hats it was so hot. I approached management who told me they would "look at the ac" I guess that is literally all they did.

Stephen Wilkins

I've been going to this movie theater for quite some time. No it isn't fancy like those that are owned by AMC, but it doesn't need to be. The movies are usually pretty good quality, I've maybe had one bad experience, and I've been going since around mid to late 2000's. I wish they could do something with that top floor, and all those movie posters dating back to the first Avengers movie, but I don't mind since I get a small sense of nostalgia. Sometimes the movie theater is a little chilly, but I'm not the type to freeze easily. It's just the place for a small budget to watch a movie with friends or family.

William Cook

Great experience, no large crowds. The seats are showing heavy wear and tear. All and all a nice place to relax and catch a right in the neighborhood.

Robert Miller

Awesome staff and service thanx

Kelsea Shaw

My Fiance and I frequent here all the time. They have a generally very friendly staff, and it's overall very clean. They probably have the most comfortable theater seats I have ever experienced so sitting for a couple hours is not a problem. The snacks aren't terribly overpriced and they have popcorn toppings and free drink refills. And if you know Durham well enough you know that it's in a very decent part of town. I have no problem coming here by myself during the day to catch a chick-flic

Elizabeth Houston

We had a large group of folks visit the theater and felt very well cared for by the staff. The management was willing to go above and beyond to be sure that our group was comfortable and enjoying our experience. This theater is a GREAT option for large group movie outings!!

Jacquetta Lane

Movie"Overcomer" was absolutely great!

Sean Deyerle

This is one of the only negative reviewers I’ve ever written. This place is Poorly run. I got to the theater, bought my ticket, and was then told there was a 45 minute delay, so I couldn’t even get to my seats until 45 minutes after the showtime. then, with 20 minutes left in the movie, was kicked out of the theater when they let the next audience in for the following showing. So basically, I spent nearly 3.25 hours in that theater and didn’t see the ending. It will be my last time at this theater

Kyle Drewry

Good quality theater, not too busy and Reasonable (for the movies...) snack prices.

Althea White

Location is un-keep! Ladies Bathrooms need more usable stalls and hallway to the theaters stinks.

Omar Griffin

We have watched plenty of movies here with no problems from staff and the popcorn is great! I do wish that it was a little cleaner though. Ownership: Spend a little more time housekeeping and you will see your ratings increase dramatically. Love the prices and the seats are very comfortable. Kevin Griffin


Good service and clean theater

Lloyd Moore

No one is ever here! I LOVE it.

Kendall Grey

It's great having a movie theater in the area. Staff efficiency needs improvement: the simplest jobs seem to take a while. Lobby is always clean. Seats need improvement: some are very roughed up. My biggest problem is the temperature. The theaters are absolutely FREEZING. I didnt realize it so much until I went to two other theaters in the area and it was comfortable.

Christine Bouck

We went to see "Aladdin" today and it was awful. All we could hear was the movie next door (an action flick-think bullets and explosions all through "A Whole New World"). I went up front and they said there was nothing they could do about the other movie, but they could turn up our movie's sound. They didn't. At least this guy didn't tell at meclikecan employee on a previous visit did. I've had several bad experiences here, so at this point I don't see any chance of me going back.

Michael Boemker

Easy parking and HOB MAX good hobby shop

Todd Swift

So terrible....I would recommend spending the extra dollar or two and go to a better theater. Do not feed this business your money until they make upgrades to seating, quality and other imperative improvements.

alex douglas

Terrible. AC doesn't work. Staff rude and nasty. Sound kept going off and there was a false fire alarm in the middle of the film. Didnt get refund. Pathetic.

Shannon Cote

The movie theater isn't bad but its definitely going down hill. The popcorn isn't good, and they have no popcorn seasoning. The arms on most of the seats are damaged & uncomfortable, especially the back 5 rows & the middle section. The seat of some of the seats are also damaged, so alot of the seats are uncomfortable.


Theater seats are old and falling apart. Movie screen is bigger then what the movie is formatted for, resulting in a black frame around the picture that is very off putting. In the review of the movie theater there is a Spirts bar listed in the description, no such place exists. When we asked a stafg memeber about it, he seemed very confused and implyed we might have the wrong theater. Air conditioning doesnt appear to stay on the whole time leading to the roon being very humid, with a moldy smell in the air

Ursula Lobacz

This theater is convenient but hasn't been kept up well. The seats are cracked and old for the age of the theater. Customer service is pretty good and it has all the new movies.

Patrick Lasseter

Northgate Cinemas are vastly underrated. The theater is rarely crowded, the staff is chill, and the popcorn is always great. The seats here are very comfortable and mostly in good shape. (Definitely work leather, but there are enough seats to choose from that you can avoid these.) It is pretty cheap on non-Tuesdays in comparison to the plethora of AMC theaters in the area. Northgate Mall gets a lot of hate, but don't let that stop you from checking it out.

Christoph Kerschner

First of all, this cinema/movie theater is definitely worth visiting. Staff friendly and helpful, fresh made popcorn and super-clean restrooms. Rates are family friendly (under $ 10 per person). Would go there again.

Roger Moore

Friendly staff, cheap enough matinee prices but cold, poorly-lit theaters, torn seating everywhere. Read the old reviews. They have been promising to "fix" the HVAC system for YEARS. One suspects they are too cheap to turn on the heat or AC.

Jr. Isaacs

Ok place, service was spot on,. Thank you..

Ted Mebane

The theater is clean. Sound is good. If you're there in Sundays, you can attend church service.

Beatrice Nesbitt


John Willard

It's still a good theatre with a student discount. Hopefully it stays open.

Kori G

Great staff, need to improve on food and beverage selection and quality.

Richard Eubanks Sr

Went to see captain marvel,went in theater#5, should have known as sound was in and out on the ads,they got that resolved by the start of the movie,but somehow the air conditioning was turned off, sat there sweating,the entire movie, didn't get up because didn't want to miss the movie,also, they ran out of popcorn at the concession stand,may not be going there again.

Sharon Smith

Can't complain about the movie, but they need to update their chairs. They are old and in need of upholstery. Don't go for comfort

Tasha H

Staff (management included)has no personality. They don't smile or greet you. Transients walking in and out to use bathroom rooms. As far as seating goes...floors sticky, chairs squeak. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. Please work on cleanliness throughout (restrooms etc) and customer service skills across the board.


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