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REVIEWS OF NCG Spartanburg Cinema IN North Carolina

Author Phoenix James

Great place for family movie night

Edwenna Ervin

It was such a great experience. You get your snacks at the same time as you get your tickets for smaller lines. Plus the snack bar is self serve so I got my popcorn buttered the way I like it. Plus the have great toppings and the mix and match coke machine so you have way more choices for drinks. The sits were great and roomy and the theater was clean. It was very relaxing and low key. I will definitely go back.

Jennifer Masters

They have comfy seats. The snack prices are reasonable. The theater is super clean. The staff is friendly

Ashley Wilkins

Best theater around these days! You can’t beat the prices, the snacks, and not to mention the free refills on popcorn and drinks. The reclining seats is the icing on the cake! Oh and they have $5 movies on Tuesdays! I recommend buying your tickets online. It’s not a huge theater which also makes it a plus for me. Definitely check it out. Hopefully Regal is taking notes.

cara yablonosky

Movies are great, tick prices are good Its always a little chilly. Liked the old seats. New ones are hard to recline. #shortpeopleprobs.

Christa Gray

My family and I we all love this movie theater! Best popcorn!

Richard Erkus

Let anyone sit in handicapped section. Those who are disabled have to ask every single time at movie for those who are not disabled to move. Sad not caring for those with disabilities

JoyBeth McCarnan

In NCG we found both. I am so excited about this theatre! I was looking for some theatre around here to have updated their seats and was wishing for a lower cost like we had back in Indiana. Real reclining seats where you can put your feet up and $6 mattinee for the whole family. A large popcorn and free refills is $6. Large fountain drink or slurpee $6- both free refills. I feel like it is a little too good to be true. Warning: For big hits like Avengers don't wait, buy early online. Go early if you want snacks because they might not have a lot of people working concessions.

Anri Ballew

How can I get in contact with the front desk at the theatre? The number I call is automated.

Patrick Harper

Paid to watch Toy Story 4 11:15am on 7/7/2019. Previews played fine, then when the movie started, lights came on and only sound played for 10 minutes. After complaining, they got the movie back on but wouldn't start it over. They said it would throw their whole schedule off for the rest of the day. No offer for a refund or a free ticket. Taking a gamble seeing a movie here. Better luck going to another theater. At least they would have enough sense to offer a free ticket, especially when you take time out of the movie to get them to fix it and express your disatisfaction.

Tabitha Wiggleton

I love the free refills on all size drinks and popcorn!


Love the new seating and the popcorn is always fresh.


Love watching movies here. Comfortable and convenient. Great prices and endless popcorn!

Samantha Easter

The seats are comfortable! First theater I’ve ever been to where the seats recline! Pretty awesome!

Tori Skipper

We saw The Lion King, great movie. Free refills! Everyone was pleasant and it was mostly clean. Definitely enjoyed and will go back!

Josh Hayat

First time at NCG! Had a GREAT time! Theater was clean, prices were affordable (especially because it was Tuesday and prices were all discounted), and theater was empty! We were impressed with the fact that drinks AND popcorn could be refilled as many times as you want! We were a little bummed about not being able to get bags to distribute popcorn between my kids, but another attendant gave us empty pretzel bags instead which solves the problem! The reclining seats were a huge hit with my kids and I as well! Definitely going to be our new go-to theater for movies every Tuesday!

Natalie Swindler

Love the recliner seats!!! Felt like you at home watching the movie!!!

Corbin Hinton


Doug Spencer

I really like this theater. I always go here. I do not like the new seats however. They are more narrow than the previous ones, but are nice looking. It's just that chairs are for sitting on not looking at.

Jabus Spires

Clean. Nice reclining seats with cupholders. Excellent sound system. Tuesdays are $5 shows, so very economical. My favorite local theater

Paul Williams

Great seats (comfortable/roomy), great prices, great atmosphere


I love this place so much

Melissa Lawson

Friendly staff. Clean facility. Love the large recliner chairs. Very comfortable.

Bryan F

I really love this place the seating is the best. Absolutely the best. Recliners that recline all the way. Puts you at total ease. So much so I actually dozed off for a moment when taking my kids to see a movie there. You can get good prices depending on when you go. For example matinee shows were $5 per ticket. That's a great price! Free refills on popcorn and drinks with a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Overall the entrance of the theater is laid out well allowing the flow of people not to be overcrowded as they make their way through. The staff were friendly which I didn't expect considering it's young people working their and as with every generation of teens they typically adopt the "Too cool for school" attitude. So it's nice to see these employees providing good service. This is my favorite theater for this area.

Michael Smith

The best place to see any movie! They have recently renovated the theaters with quieter seats that are incredibly comfortable. I love the endless drinks and popcorn! Well worth seeing all your movies here!

JJ Miller

It is awesome the seats are comfy there's no noise the movie's are great I Love it

Bill Merkel

This theater has recliners! Prices at the movies are always high and that is no exception here, but they pack fewer people into each theater and the seats are pretty comfy. I wish the foot rest came up higher, but it was still excellent considering it isn't home. The place is clean both at the concessions area and in the showrooms. This is my second visit. The first time the audio was very good, but the recliners, while in good condition, were obviously a little older. The second visit the recliners were like new (different showroom) but the sound was too loud and there was a faint 'whine' pretty much the whole movie. It wasn't unbearable, but definitely notable. Overall a good experience and we will be back.

Kathryn Kramer

I love the recliners, but we had to wait to be seated until 10 min before the movie started because it "wasn't ready." When we were allowed to go in, the theater was filthy. There was trash and popcorn all over the floor. Most of the seats had buttery popcorn all over them. I felt gross having to sit on that. I'm not sure what we were waiting for because clearly no one cleaned the room.

Pete Chev

Awesome theater. Comfortable reclining seats and exceptional pricing. Get there early if you have a group and want to sit together

Erica Williams

Love the reclining seats and free refills on drinks and popcorn no matter the size ! Very affordable for families that love to watch movies !

Tyson Cash

Love the seating. Only thing I wished was people wouldn't check there phones while the movie is playing.

DD therealone

I like the place they clean it well and they have reclining chairs.

Milo McCree

Visited for a Rize promotional event and was plesently suprised at how attentive the staff here was, it was opening night for Spider-Man Far from Home and it was crazy how fast the staff was working to keep up with customers. Very impressed.

Madilyn Morris

My mother and I purchased online tickets and then we had an emergency came up, so therefore we had to miss the movie. Later that day we were still hoping we could use the tickets for a later show and the clerk said that if we purchased tickets online and after the showtime there was nothing that they could do. It was a waste of almost $30.

Christopher Sanders

Great movie experience!! Friendly staff, comfortable reclining seats, and fresh popcorn!!!

Amber Reynolds

This place is great if you get the right theater. The staff is good. The snacks are pricey. I just always buy a kids combo. It's free refills saves money. Seats are new, I personally liked the older ones but there is nothing wrong with the new ones.

Larry Davis

Cool environment cheap tickets and i love $5 dollar Tuesday's

Shelby Culbertson

Love coming here! The great prices, comfortable seating is awesome.

Miranda Campbell

Great rates and very nice

Gunnar Johanson

The seats are literally falling apart and the screen is about the size of my 55” Vizio at home.

Lissette Luna

You can kick back and relax in a nice size reclining chair. You will feel like you are T home.

Amanda Mathis

I need them to get the ticket kiosk back because you have to pay a $4 dollar "convenience" fee to preorder tickets and then wait in a HUGE line just to get them. Why am I paying more not to wait and still waiting? Its a great theater but this blows. Its already a task to get tickets because they sell out so fast.

Biff Turret

The only reason it's not 5 stars is because the seat was broken

Joshua Xiong

Nice place and has very nice and comfortable seating

LaCharles James

I like the concept of this theater. They kept modernization to tasteful and functional and priced their product to achieve volume.

Stacey Arledge

Love this theater. The seating is so comfortable, free refills on soda & popcorn is awesome!!! Prices are the best around. I don't mind the drive from Columbus NC bc this theater is great!!!

Seledia Serina

They actually had a special on the drinks and popcorn for St. Patrick's Day. My husband and I went to see Captain Marvel, had two drinks and two refillable popcorns for less than $25, and the seats are reclining. Loved it.

Paul Gentry

This is a great theater! Love the recliner chairs! Always a great time when I go see a movie!

Alexa Arroyo

I WOULD SOO recommend this place the chairs in the theater recline and it's also pretty cheap if I say so myself the only down side is that almost everytime we go its packed with people I say go early and enjoy!

Carolyn Oglesby

The reason why they received that ratings is bc they refused to make my ticket purchas right. I always purchase my tickets on line to avoid long lines. I purchased my ticket for tonight but it was bought for last night but they did not honor it. I had to repurchase tickets for tonight. Regardless of when the tickets were purchased they should have at least refundeded me my money. I purchased the tickets through their NCG app as usual. If ny husband hadnt already ouechased popcorn and a drink we would have left. They should redund me

Doug Lanier

It was ok i guess at late nite is when they do their cleaning cause it looked like a tornado hit the place . some of the seats in room six was broken you would think that they would fix things. Jave to try a visit durong the day and see if the place is cleaner.

Noel King

One of my absolute favorite theaters, not to mention extremely comfortable with the reclining seats. Wonderful and accessible.

shay j

Reasonable prices and comfortable seats, if it wasn’t all the way on the other side of town I’d probably visit atleast once a week

Patty Henson

Great service, clean, friendly staff

Mike Upton

Great place to view movies. Worst part about it is that the show times don't update very periodically so it's best to reserve tickets far in advance.

Amanda Boyd

I love Ncg we don't go to no other movie theater

Mike Osborne

Very nice establishment but the prices are too high


Cheap tickets free refill on popcorn I luv it!!! Great customer service too .

Jenny Owens

John Wick 3 was awesome cant wait til jw4

Loretta Henderson

Need a little more volume

Brandy Smith

We check a movie out at least 2 times a month. Love the reclining seats..

charles womack

Very nice theater! Nice new reclining seats. Be sure to get there early or purchase tickets online.

Scott Blance

Incredibly cheap tickets and food compared to other cinemas. The seats are comfortable and recline

Rozarius Darkest

Love the new red recliners. So glad they replaced the broken brown ones.

Felicia Thomas

NCG provides an excellent atmosphere to watch the movie of your choice. You probably should arrive early if you're with a group because seating availability is minimal. Snack options are good, especially with the variety of drinks at your disposal.

Dustin Stines

The reclining chairs were a good touch!

Laurie Smith

This place used to be awesome. But it has gone downhill. Floors are always dirty, bathrooms are filthy and out of TP and soap frequently, soda machines malfunctioning, rarely anyone to take your ticket to go into the theatre leaving you to stand and wait. All of this going on while there are at least 4 staff standing behind the snack counter but only one or two are actually doing their job while the others socialize. Surely one of them could refill the soap and TP in the bathroom or come and tear our tickets so we can go into the theatre. Or possibly at least smile and be friendly to customers. One staff member, when asked if he could have a small drink cup to put some popcorn in for his one year old, was told “no”. Really??? Clearly staff doesn’t understand how hard it is to share a popcorn with a small child who doesn’t need their own yet... and the customer was willing to buy the small cup he was asking for which I think would be ridiculous considering it wasn’t going to even have a drink in it. Haven’t been super impressed with this theatre for a good while now.

Daneek V

Best deal! Reclined seats are comfortable but squeaky & not all are in proper working condition. Cheaper tickets than competitors. Experienced that only Auditorium 4 has the best sound quality. Staff is friendly and keeps it clean. Management is helpful.

Eddie Rodriguez

This place is awesome had a really great time

Jack 647

Beat theatre around. Cheaper and more comfortable than anywhere else, definitely 10/10. By far the best movie experience

Mike Stimeling

Very impressed with the relaxing reclyners...but the pricing of Popcorn and Breverages are absolutly too high...bottom line we had a great Family evening out, thank you for making this possible!

Lisa Reado

Comfortable affordable and great service thanks bunches

Donna starnes

Nice theater..our 1st visit, we'll definitely be back..nice comfortable reclining chairs


It is a great experience, the service is great, and the seats are the most comfortable seats that I have ever found in a movie theater.

Gloria Brackett

Wouldn't give me another rewards popcorn after I couldn't find mine.

Courtney Hammett

The best movie theater. Seats recline, convenient location. Great snacks.

Tamara Gentry

The theater has AMAZING specials helping us with date-night on budget!

Kitty G.

For a 7 screen cinema, this is a really nice location. So why am I giving it only one star? People come here and, for the most part, enjoy the recliner seats. People come here and, for the most part, enjoy the concessions and the free refills on all sizes. But people still have to be in a rush to get here due to limited seating and very long concession lines. It’s typically very busy on the weekends. There is no reserved seating. This is the only location I’ve ever been to that features recliner seats and no reserved seating. This is a MAJOR flaw of NCG’s business model for this location. With limited seating and a high volume of clientele on the weekends, there should MOST CERTAINLY be reserved seating. This would ensure that groups and families can sit together and not have to be so stressed out or in a rush just to enjoy a movie together. The fact that there is NOT currently a reserved seating option is UNACCEPTABLE. One star. Make it happen, NCG!

Edgar Soto

Great place, clean and best price

CE Edge

Very reasonable admission prices ($7) during the day (and matinees are only $5 on Tuesday). Free drink refill station is self serve. Seats are recliner style and very roomy, though the seat backs are angled too far back for some folks. This makes sitting posture a bit awkward and you may find that you feel like you need a pillow or something behind you. Not a problem though if you stretch out the recliner, but be careful of folks who may walk by you as the recliners can be a tripping hazard for some in dark spaces.

Cathy Wright

Really enjoyed. Very clean and seating very relaxing

Icecold Honke

The prices are great and seats are good. Just please can they keep the lobby clean. There is always popcorn all over

Dec Allen

Really is impossible to complain about anything at this theater. Free refills huge seats. All around a great place for watching a movie away from home.

ck Moss

We've loved going to this theater since it's opened. The prices are great, free refills on popcorn and drinks. The screens are big and the seats are wonderful. The drawback has only been limited seating due to the chairs are so big, but we just arrived early to make sure we get to sit together. However, I'm thinking it must be under new management.. we went to see Godzilla and after 15 min the whole hadnt started so a man had to get up and go tell them to start it. We figured..ok..a mistake. But then we went to see Annabelle today and the same thing! Not only that, we had to wait to go in (15 min before show was supposed to start). The people coming out said it was late starting for them. We went in and after 5 min past showtime my husband had to go tell them to start the movie. Because they were late starting, they skipped the previews. I can tell you I've never seen this happen at and theater . Even a dollar movie. Especially multiple times on different days. I hate this too because we've always loved it.

Jim Vasavong

Can’t beat the seating the unlimited drinks and popcorn

willing Forgiveness

I love this place the staff is a bit young with the blahs attitude. But the apot is small and comfy.

Linda Padgett

GREAT ATMOSPHERE and comfortable seats with lots of leg room! FREE refills on popcorn and drinks! Friendly service. What's not to love?

Nia P

Love this theater. Awesome customer service, love the seats and food is good and not super expensive. Only bad thing is, no 3D. If you get that, I can be a paid member for life Time and won't go anywhere haha


I honestly love this theatre. The theaters are smaller, every one who works here is super nice, the concessions are great and reasonably priced, and the movie tickets aren't crazy expensive either. The only reason why i can't gives this theater 5 stars is because they changed the seats to some rather uncomfortable red recliners and the parking leaves a little to be desired.

Angie Hansen

I haven't been to the movies In years. So my trip to NCG was a great experience. I couldn't believe reclining seats ! This was very affordable. From the ticket prices to the concessions. All you can eat popcorn and drink. Very clean and the staff was nice. Clean restrooms and the entire facility was wheelchair accessible.

Irizzy Frizzy

Love the seats with the recliners, very comfy. And the tickets are popcorn are cheap, the best theater to go to

Kristyn Hoyle

Great movies, prices, and reclining seats.

Anne Horton

Amazing. This is the nicest movie theater I’ve ever been to and it is very clean and the workers are nice. They have free refills for popcorn and drinks and reclining seats!!!! So much fun

Janet Beckley

NCG Spartanburg is a great place to watch a movie. The seats are very comfortable. You can recline in your seat. It comes with a foot rest! NCG Spartanburg plays all the current movies. The popcorn is very very good. NCG Spartanburg also has a you help yourself drink machine. It's like the one Five Guys has. You can mix orange flavor to your Coke O.

Peter Erikson

Great deal -- picture, sound, concessions, price -- no one beats NCG!!

James Beam

Prices are reasonable Popcorn refills are free as are the soda refills.


The seats are comfortable and an improvement for the theater experience.

Mari Thompson

Probably my favorite theater because of the seats. Great location too

Michelle Wall

Dylan the night shift manager stood by and watched as single cashier, Keyshawn, desperately attempts to assist Hispanic speaking customers, while we wait 20 minutes in line to get tickets for a show. Dylan walked up and down behind the cashier's desk, but NEVER once offered to assist us. Worst customer service by management staff for the second time in a month. Guess we will start going Regal Cenima!!!

Elizabeth Brown

Love this place. I drive all the way from Anderson to come here. However I do not like the fact that you can not tip employees. If I want to tell a certain person thank you and leave them a generous tip I should not be told it's not allowed. I should be able to give it to that person and not told that I can put it into a bucket to be split amongst everyone

Kirt Vance

Awesome theater!! Loved the seating.

Christie Hall

Best theatre around, can't beat the recliner chairs, very comfortable!!

Vincent Bell

Prices are the best anywhere. Huge reclining seats. All you can eat popcorn and drinks.

Dragon Essence

Where we go to watch cheap and have a good time.

Dan Miller

Great popcorn option, amazing movie choices, very reasonable prices, extremely comfortable seats.

justin bryant

NCG let me just say wow I've never seen a small theater like this that also is clean, and has superbly comfortable seating. Definitely hoping to bring my friend's next time I come.

Mark Stewart

Very nice seating n great picture and the price well I'll be going back for sure.

Kara Heffner

Great place to watch movies. The staff is wonderful and the chairs RECLINE!!

Christyn Edwards

Nice prices, comfy seats, and family friendly. We saw Toy Story 4 here.

Mark Goldman

Great prices and customer service


Very nice and comfortable! Awesome reclining seats!

Lisa Pritchard

We have ALWAYS had a great time here. Always clean and comfortable seating. The staff is beyond helpful and courteous. Want a better theater experience?? Come to NCG

John Parnel

Quick set v ice, hot popcorn, and the air conditioning was nice and cold!

Efrain Garcia

This is the go to movie theater in spartanburg. It is reasonable priced and the chairs recline. Only down side is if you go on the weekend the movies sell out fast so you have to either per purchase your tickets online or go in way before the movie starts. However going in early in person to buy the tickets still does not guarantee it wont already be sold out for new movies that just came out.

Debbie Burnette

I love this place. The people are nice, friendly. Love the RECLINING Chairs. My number 1 Movie Theater.


Great seats and great Tuesday deals

David Nadel

I love the recliner chairs and the self serve drink station

Matthew Guthrie

Awesome theater. Amazing reclining seats. Truly amazing experience overall

Roxie Duncan

I fell asleep but what i did see Toy Story was pretty good. The place was neat and clean. Chairs recline and are comfortable.

Julie Robinson

Wow. What a great theater. So comfy and roomy and clean. A little confusing the way the lobby is set up. But a great experience. I will be back.

Cowboy & Dingo

The certain times that I've gone to see a movie it hasn't been crazy crowded and the seats are awesome and comfy and you won't find another theater that does free refills of popcorn or soda

Kevin Ramsey

This is my favorite movie theatre. The prices are fair and the seats are comfy.

Caroline Griffin

I like this movie theater and find the seating to be the most comfortable in town.

Angela Henderson

Best movie theatre ever! Free refills on ALL popcorn and drinks, no matter the size. Smaller rooms (better viewing experience, in my opinion). Reclining plush seats! And blockbuster movies. You cannot beat this place!! Also has $5 Tuesday movies, and reduced price concessions. And ,like my friend does, take your special needs child to their special sensory friendly movies. If you have not been...GO!

John Cantrell

Nice people, comfortable chairs, good viewing environment and good popcorn. Just remember that God is keeping a record of everything you do, and you'll be held accountable for it.

Elizabeth Facen

My husband and I frequently visit this location. Its cozy, nice and clean.

shawn childers

Had some great experiences here! Prices are very fair and ive never had any issues and its perfect for seeing new films at a decent price.

Kathy Heaton

Great movie. Popcorn and soda too expensive

Josh Burrell

Theater was pretty neat and clean realively busy considering the holiday. The first 2 movies my wife and 2 friends were gonna watch were sold out up to the 11:00 movie so we settled for a third choice at 9. With the added comfort of the recliners, you have to give up the space for extra seating. Anyways, the movie Robin Hood was alright for a 3rd pick.

Michael Thompson

Great movies and it's always clean, theater has awesome sound system and comfortable seating

Elizabeth Henderson

Love going here for the comfy chairs and popcorn!

Steph Unanue

The seats are super comfortable and recline to give you a better experience, it is like be at your home but with a huge screen and good sound, staff is friendly and they got really good pretzels, it may be small but super nice.

Mariah Porter

I purchased my tickets online for 06/07/19 and then went today all to find out that the system changed my day to 06/06. So asked the manager if there was any way to get my movey back or get a ticket for today and was told i could purchase another 2 ticket and go see the movie. I am highly upset with the lack of managment professionalism. Dont know if i will return.


Big reclining seats and awesome prices on refreshments and free refills too. Get there early though because the theaters are smaller than most so if it's a popular movie they sell out

Andrea Sabb

Really nice theater!! I loved the reclining seats. It was a great way to enjoy a movie.

Samuelmale107 e

I Didn't get to see the right movie

Greg Barnes

Great place to see a movie. Fair prices during the day, combos for drinks and snacks, recliner seating. Much better than going to the big box movie houses that slam as many as they can in the door

Big Hoss

Love this theatre. Recliner seats and free popcorn and drink refills, any size.

Angela Papadis

I love this place! The seats are super comfortable, you have plenty of room, and the rows are wide so you don't have to step over people if you need to leave the theater. They also have the best movie prices in town! Make sure to sign up for an rewards card so that you can get points for movies and at the concession stand.

Richard Branch

Great place and 2nd amendment friendly

Zachery Wall

Rude staff. Dirty theaters. This is the second time I visited this theater in the past month and it was dirty AGAIN. Then the ushers tried to say we sat through the movie and just complained, when the movie was just starting. And then still complained to do their job! The manager had to tell them to clean. Like that is rude and disrespectful and I can’t believe they keep people like that around. Defiantly need to do better with their staff and staff doing their job.

madeup Name

My favorite place to watch movies


Comfortable seating is the sell for me. Prices are competitive with other theatres. Popcorn bar is great. The kids love the white cheddar flavoring. They also have a Fandango kiosk to pick up your tickets bought online so you can skip the line where ppl buy direct from ncg. They also accept atom.

Steven Boettcher

I've been pretty much loyal to Regal cinemas until I was introduced to this theater. The seats are spaced out just enough to make you comfortable even if it's a sold out show. The kids love the coke freestyle machines and the free refills on drinks and popcorn. Pricing is about the same if not better than any other movie theater around. Employees have always been helpful and friendly.


Love the recliner seats and all the leg room!

Xues Co

We drive out of our way to go here.. Great prices on food, comfortable seats, overall great experience.

Joline Nemire

Great theater. Free refills on soda and popcorn. Nice reclining seats. I love this theater.

Kanisha Lindsey

Ok NCG was great but my goodness they’ve upgraded!!! So let’s talk about the upgrades shall we!!! They took away the combos(now while this could hurt another business) IT HELPS NCG!! Everyone doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by combo choices!!! They upgraded the seats!! My 6yr old used to have to sit in the front to see!! But now the seats are higher!! They used to squeak but now they are bright red with #s and they don’t squeak!!! We still get fresh popcorn and great prices!! I love this movie theater!! And the fact that they did this huge upgrade to keep us coming back!!! Way to go NCG!!!

Kaitlyn Seirmarco

Great theater. Many options for snacks. Reclining seats. Great movie choices.

Hollis Fowler

Great prices, comfortable seats, great staff! Favorite theater ever.

Christopher Angeles

Best movie theater! Comfortable Seats to watch movies! You get to sit like your resting in the seats! Cheapest movie theater to watch a movie! Like it 100%! Hard for me to find a movie theater with seats to sit like your resting!

Stokes Music Studios

A Great Movie Experience! The seats are comfortable and the sound is great!

Ray Parks

Good place to go to the very comfortable seats that is a very good place to go to the movies and they have very comfortable seats

Jason Stemple

Love this place, but some of the chairs need fixed.

Jake Wilbanks

Awesome theater free refills and nice chairs

Eugene Miller

Best seats/movies/price combo out there. Love it. Theater rooms are a little smaller than most with bigger seats. So movies tend to sell out faster and such. But I go there all the time.

S Edwards

Nasty place and popcorns. They use oil on their popcorn which makes it nasty. It's always dirty and the new seats are already trashed. They need people to maintain it right and run it to attract people.

Jasmine Necaise

I never have a problem with this theatre. It is so conveniently located to our house and I love the reclining chairs. I havent found a spot in the theater to sit that makes me uncomfortable. Even the front row is far enough back you dont have to strain your neck to see the screen.


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