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REVIEWS OF NCG Monroe Cinema IN North Carolina

Kaitlyn Andrade

Such a small place but very nice! Not super packed, prices for tickets are great and the chairs are my favorite part.

Beverly Bivens

This theater gets you to comfortable. You got drinks, popcorn, snacks, recliner & a good movie. What more can you ask for..

Bryanna Velazquez

Love NCG. Clean, affordable and delicious popcorn.

Brenda McMillian

Seat foot rest was broken but the seat was comfortable and I had a good time with my friends watching the movie.

Asa Holloway

Clean facility ,not great on the guest experience though. We were asked after paying $28 and some change if we had a loyalty card,this was our first time here, when we asked if we could get credit for the $28 we just spent we were told "NO" because the manager that rang us through the computer and charged us $28 then asked if we had a loyalty card would not give the points for the money spent! I'm not complaining about the $28 dollars, if your going to offer a loyalty card after you finish the transaction and not give the points for the money just spent,then don't offer it up at all! I would like to go back and enjoy the theater again,I would also like to fat the points for the money already spent.

CC Caudle

This theater is very clean & comfortable!

Jennifer Starnes

Nice staff. Comfy seats. Refillable drinks.

Jackie Cash

The staff was very friendly and the seats were so comfortable

Laura Spittle

All of the employees were super nice and the area was clean!

Chris Cole

Good prices, nice facility. Unfortunately the area it's located is next to a dumpy bar and there is a bunch of riff raff hanging around. They did a great job with the over haul, but it's still lacking.

Jessica Stallings

love everything and the price is right but when you think you are dressed warm...dress warmer or. ring a blanket...its like a tundra every time

Bernadette Ambrosio

NCG Monroe Cinema is a great place to see a movie. It's a quant theater with comfy chairs. You feel like you are at home when seeing a movie. Bring a sweater so that you dont freeze.


Love the seating, love the friendly staff and always the freshest popcorn!

Stephen Cozine

This theater is a fresh breathe of air. The prices are great. The drinks and popcorn are worth buying because of the free refills. Thanks NCG for coming to Monroe.

Cherie Jefferson

ANGEL HAS FALLEN was best movie ever!!!

Marquitta Huff

Reasonable price clean and seating very comfortable....

Beau Johnson

I.remember when this was the place. When I was a child this place was always packed and brimming and they had a arcade. As anyone around the area knows it closed down for several years and has only been open recently. This new place is great! It's not the fun packed like it was in the 90's and that's not bad. The place is very clean and organized. They have several different food options. A large popcorn is only 6 dollars and they have collectible popcorn buckets and drinks. I got a large popcorn and drink for 15 bucks and the drinks are free refills. They have 4 coca cola freestyle machines. The best part is the cinema we went to had reclining seats and lots of space and the seats were very nice. The only downside I say is the lobby is well pretty boring. I miss the fan faire of movie lobbies.

Omar Brown

I loved it and would recommend it to anyone!!! Its comfortable its reao ably priced, and always clean

Mary Bryson

I like this theater. Reclining seats. Prices are good.

Diego Diaz

Love. Going. There!!!!!☺

Darren Cook

It was clean. The people were friendly and the seats were comfortable. It was about as good as you could hope for. Five stars.

David Tucker

Don't let the outside appearance turn you away. I have taken my 7 and 16 year old children to this theater and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The theaters are extremely clean, have comfortable recliners that give you an unobstructed view, the sound and picture quality are absolutely wonderful, and most of all I feel completely safe. They have a variety of concessions at reasonable prices. I can afford to go to a big movie theater chain but find that the no stress environment of NCG Theater is preferable. The restrooms are clean and well kept. Overall, bang for your buck is at NCG Theaters.

Swamp Monster

Chairs are broken but all around a great place

Thomas Scarborough

I would have gave this more stars, but to change what made your movie theatre unique makes you no different than any other movie theatre. The highlight of this place was their awesome combo deals, and the collector cups and popcorn containers. While you may still have the collectables you did away with the combos that attracted new and old customers. All we got were the same old $5 here $6 there. The combos use to be $15-$18 for 2 large drinks and a large popcorn ($28 with tickets). Now you are looking close to $40 for your date nigh. The combos were the reason to go.

julian collins

We visit here a lot. Just wish they didn't keep the theatre's so cold.

Alpha magnum

Very nice service, clean seats little bit expensive food but that's movie food

Sean Epperson

Love the free refills on popcorn and drinks.

Daquavious Pratt

The best place to go see a movie

Donald Danley

Great Place to watch movies. Seems a bit expensive until you factor in the free refill. Reclining seats are very comfortable. NCG Cinema is very clean. Staff was always very professional every time I have been.

Brian Wilson

Always good. Theater is clean, seats recline and are nice. Doesnt have all the bells and whistles that bigger theaters have but less crowd and cheaper prices make all the difference.

Joyce Lloyd

Extremely clean with wonderful recliners to relax in while watching the movie. Tuesday night specials!!!!! $ tickets only 5 bucks each. Snacks are very cheap!!! A x-large popcorn or drink with free refills are also only $5.00 each!!! MY MONEY WAS WELL SPENT. I WILL BE GOING BACK MORE OFTEN.

Key Fob

Nice theater!

Joanetta Ingram

We loved the clean look of the theater. The reclining seats were an added bonus during the movie! Awesome place. We will definitely be returning.

Wanda Andrews

Great popcorn and drink selections..$5..00 Tuesday is the best...

Stephen Gibson

Love the reclining seats very comfy reasonably price our go to for movies

Lisa Simpson

I had a terrible experience at NCG last week! NCG is my closest theater but from now on, I'll be driving the extra miles to avoid this place. Two teenagers were talking the whole time of the movie and absolutely nothing was done about it! When I complained, I was made to feel like the bad guy! The manager even said for me not to "shhhh" them. He did not offer me a refund, a free movie or try to stop the talking! I left before the movie was over very upset. The two teenagers got free reign to do whatever they wanted!

Trinity Williams

I love this movie theatre so much and the staff is amazing. Especially the manager named Sara she was delightful. Thank you for the amazing time. Plus you can't beat the prices of the movie tickets!

Ren T

Those chairs are awesome and the sound was epic

cindy Kaplan

Movie was great,employees were friendly and the theater was very clean.

Victoria Stephen

Best theater I’ve been to it’s always very clean the seats are recliners and very comfy

Kenneth Adams

Great theater very reasonable nice seats as well


Really awesome movie theater. You have free refills of popcorn and drinks which is awesome. Prices seem cheap for a movie theater.

Trish Lauer

Great little theater. I enjoy going there.

Marissa Helms

I give the NCG Monroe Cinema 3 stars. It was ok but today I went to see Aladdin for 3:20pm and he gave us tickets after he knew that Aladdin got cancelled but other than that I really love the theater.

Claudia Bernal

It's a nice place to go...always brought my 3yrs old and enter for free. But this last time we brought our 5weeks old baby and got charged full price. I asked when did they started charging for kids under 3 and the person said ummm since always in a rude way. But besides that the place is great. nice seats

Michael Hendrix

Very nice

Toni Mosley

I love this movie theater and free refills on popcorn, drinks, and slushies!

Jorge Mendez

Great place, awesome seats, clean and very friendly and cool staff


Smaller cinema with cheaper prices to match. This theater offers a good balance, it's a bit older, but the chairs are comfy, the screen looks good, and it sounds good. Great balance of economy and quality.


Place is great ,new movies and unlimited popcorn and soft drinks. Parents heaven

Denise Berry

I love going here with my kids, especially since it offers free refill, and I have a large family. I went here last night to a 9:50 showing with my son and there is now some changes with the prices and sizes etc. I ordered a tub of popcorn $6, 2 drinks $12 and some cotton candy $3, plus $14 for our tickets and was charged $41. I was busy talking to the worker and didnt realize I was over charged $6 until this morning. I will be going back there today for my $6. So please check to make sure your bill is correct and always get a receipt, which I normally do, but not last night.

Denise Hinson

Nice clean friendly

Clark Cato

Nice theater

Latonya Padu

Service was slow, frozen pretzels and the movie area was dirty, food was all over the floor. Please hire more people.

Gennifer Right

Great experience great buttery popcorn.

KC Crawford

Great theater! Comfortable full length recliner seats, free refills on popcorn and new movies. What more could you ask for!

Orlando McGill

Very nice and sets are very comfortable

anthony leviner

The staff really seemed to want to serve you.... excellent atmosphere. Tickets were priced right and the seats were amazing

Felicitas Squires

Great staff & service

Nils Thüsing

It’s a pretty nice movie theatre. They have clean seats, great popcorn and affordable tickets.

Lisa Moncion

I loved it...

Angela Stranahan

Great seats not very crowded but would have like to have more choices in the movies that were showing. Also more choices in food.

Joseph Baumer

I go their all the time and the seats are comfortable and the food is good

Don lovering

We go frequently and found everyone to be polite, quick with service and extremely helpful. We have been to the other theater and between the New York type crowds and he children out of control....well you know.

Shanna Wingard

We drove from Charlotte to here for a movie. We had a NCG back home, totally love this place!! Reclining leather individual chairs ❤ FREE refills on any size drink or popcorn! Make sure to ask for yours to be half and half that way you can put butter and FB flavored salt(white cheddar is my fav) on all of your popcorn! PS!!! If you take a blanket it's like your at home!!

Kristin Buchanan

Staff is friendly and it's cheap. But a lot of the seats in the middle of the rows in theater 4 were busted. Total disappointment. Not sure if the other theater rooms are the same.

Abdiel Guerra

Watched la llorona and hated it

Cristian M B

Great seats, spotless throughout, faultless experience!

Rosemarie Crespo

Always clean friendly staff great tasting popcorn and ice cold drinks. Prices are reasonable and affordable. Always a great variety of movie selections.

Maria Watkins

its very nice in there and clean and friendly

Adrian Catoe

Very clean. Nicest quality movie projectors I've ever seen. Went to see Ready Player One, and I can tell you I have no regrets. Also best seating with nice leather recliners.

Scottland Belk II

Not a bad theater.

Anthony M Marshall

Kids love it! Great family friendly place.

Amanda Lewis

This theater has me spoiled with their reclining seats!


Enjoyed the clean relaxed atmosphere.

Danielle Blount

Great place to see a movie. Wonderful movie seats. Very nice people

Jimmy Duncan

This is our favorite movie theater. Nice, clean, fair prices.

Phillip James Burns

Couldn’t hear my movie thanks to the group in front of me and beside me. Asked the staff the please do something about the noise. They told me “They couldn’t do anything about it.” What kind of theater doesn’t ensure their customers can hear the film they paid for. When the talking continued I complained again, to which I was told by a smug security guard, “It’s a Friday night and it’s a thriller, what did you expect?” To which I replied, “To be able to hear the movie I paid to see and not have someone narrarate the film next to me while on their phone with the brightness turned up all the way.” I was then told to leave the property. At least they gave me a refund. Avoid this theater at all costs.

Robert Vansant seats are very comfortable, plus the screening rooms are clean. It's an enjoyable experience seeing a film there.

Karra Helms

Love this place! Great time with your family

Christopher Stephenson

Can't get a better seat and the facility is set up for a great customer experience..self serve soft drinks and slushies. What better can you ask for?

Jaida's Vlogs andmore

Always a great experience when I go. It's nice having a quality theater near my home. The only constructive critism I have is get some real nachos!!

Harold Redfern

A nice place to take your kids and family to watch a movie

Danny Fowler

Great place to watch a movie, great people

Larry Bell

3 hours in a room without air conditioning is not my idea of a good time.

Nicole Brooks

Very clean and comfortable. The only reason I'm giving a 4 instead of 5 stars is because a lot of the chair don't work. That's the only problem i had.

Robert Bryan

Great Movise popcorn and Saints people Nick

Bianca Tufano

Very clean great customer service but to cold

Bob Wissinger

Great prices, seating and popcorn !!

Chris Schenker

The seats are great and free refills at concessions was awesome!

Tommy Atkinson

Fairly decent movie theater. Seats are in need of some repairing. Some of the recliners didnt work properly. The ones that did work were comfortable though.

MARY Coffey

Great for a good window from your job

Darian Johnson

This place is amazing!!!!! Thr employee's we're very nice and the place in general was just so welcoming. I love going there u I will always be good to go back.

Mark James

A good clean theater that has comfortable recliner seats and a good selection of movies and times. The staff was friendly and my kids loved the popcorn.

Kaycee Stegall

No matter when I go to the movies I'll always prefer the ncg in monroe. The seats are the best and staff is very friendly

Carmen Helms

We went for the Sundae afternoon movie, to see Bumblebee, it wasn't crowded. It was clean and the employees were very nice and helpful. The movie was great.

Skull Man2035

My wife and I really enjoyed it, the only issue my wife's foot rest wouldn't come up.

Todd Brawley


Arturo Montenora

Great little theater to watch a movie, clean and cozy and affordable a well.

Brenda McDonald

Lobby is very clean & organized. Customer service is great. DUMBO WAS A WONDERFUL MOVIE!!!The good guys win

Joanne Clarkson

I do you want to say that I have always loved the new Monroe movie theatre but they need to get their chairs fixed because half of them don't work and it's very uncomfortable LOL. I think sometimes they over pack the theater and it's very hard to find seat for us to sit together. But all in all, it was a great experience to see the movie with my kids the Grinch

Jessica Andino

I paid $8 to fall asleep during a three hour movie.... But it was comfy!

Megan Boling

I really like this theater. Comfortable reclining seats. Not too close to screen, so if you happen to get stuck in front row, you can still enjoy the film.

Dennis Berry

Comfortable seating

Crystal Campbell

We love it here! Kids love free fill ups on slushies n popcorn. Plus they have a great selection of popcorn favors n butter. My kids always bring their blankets n kick back like were at home.

Rhonda Steinwand

Best prices around for movies and snacks.

Robin Geck

Love the free popcorn and drink refills. Theater is comparable in price to others. Recliner seats are good when they are in working order. Never had a bad experience yet. I'd give 5 stars of this theater had PDX/iMax experience.

Tara Wasson

Theatre was small so not many seat options but the reclining seats were very comfortable, the employees were very nice and I loved the free refills.

Kathy Butler

Nice clean place, wonderful seating, reasonable prices.


Great seats! Free refills on popcorn and drink!! Love it

Matt Claus

This theater was actually quite good the movie was excellent that we saw because me and my buddy saw the mule and the seats were very comfortable granted they aren't the electronic recliners. But they did recline and there were quite comfortable plus the movie theater was very clean which is really what matters. Also the people that work there were also very nice and very helpful.

Stephen R

Clean and nice. Seats are awesome, sound is good too.

Pablo Saquich

Very good

Teresa McFadden

Enjoyed the NCG Cinema, easy to buy tickets and the concession wasn't crowded. I didn't give a 5 because the reclining chair wouldn't sit up right, it was locked in the recline position.

teri phillips

Our favorite movie theater! We love the refillable snacks. I only gave 3 stars because the prices have increased. I took 4 people to a movie and it was over $50 for a matinee, drinks, popcorn and 1 pretzel. We will cautiously watch for coupons and other theater prices.

Tyra Little

It's an amazing place to go to good job NCG

Kim Lavoie

Great location, seats recline, and friendly staff.

Lydia Filipasic

Nice clean place, friendly staff

Erika Watts

This is my favorite place to go see a movie. The prices on tickets and concessions are reasonable, and the seating is so comfortable. They also have a closed caption viewer, which is a must for me.

Stephen Johnson

Great value

Patricia Rogers

Great place and not as high as other ones and just as great.

Alice McLean Barnes

So cool watching the Avengers with my son and grandson

Katie Duncan

Okay experience from the extremely roomy and comfy, reclining seats to the free refills on drinks and popcorn. It is pricier than Sun Valley, but much more comfortable! So, kind of worth it to us. Only complaints would be that some of the chairs in the back of Theatre 6 are STILL broken and they are the prime seats, also in the center, so it leaves very little in the way of selection. Our aisle was so crowded we had to step over and in front of 10 other people... had those seats been available it wouldn't have been. The Kicker: those same seats were broken in the exact same fashion as they were 7 or 8 months ago when we were in this same Theatre. This should be fixed by now! As well, could have done without all the drug talk amongst the employees (during hours young children attend). Maybe, since they have so much free time on their hands, have them repair the damaged chairs...? Lastly, there were lots of groups (at least 10!) who kept switching seats and moving around the Theatre because the seats they chose were hard to see from (I am assuming), but again, there were literally only about 20 decent ones to select from due to how small the room is. Others had their phones on bright, kind of using them for a flashlight and some were taking tons of Selfies with flash on. Disrespectful people and a generational curse we can't escape, so it is what it is! : /

Jamie Lawhon

Nice seats, clean, friendly staff


Bathrooms clean, theater clean, and the reclining chairs we used were in well working order. As with ALL theaters, drinks and snacks overpriced, but that's expected.

Kizzie Coffey

Great birthday

Andrea Crunkleton

Very comfortable seats! Love the popcorn station and variety of cheeses.

Beth Crump

Bathroom was nasty and employees standing around watching football on phones

Terry Caudle

Great place to go watch a movie. been going there since I was a kid.

Larry Sullivan

We had a great time. We saw Little Foot. Loved the full reclining seat, popcorn was amazing. A totally great time.

Lisa Coombes

I went there for my granddaughter's birthday party. They have a party room that you must reserve but you bring in your decorations, table covers and gifts. While you are enjoying the movie in the reclining seats they decorate the party room for you and even blow up the balloons! Also they lock the door so no one else can get in. I highly recommend this theater!!

C.J. Brooks

I heard the place was a straight up joke - nasty, smelly sometimes, a rodent or two running through the place. I heard one of your own employees state that this level of infestation was usual for the place. The employee was Arte Elliott. He doesn't appreciate working there. Want to do even better, higher someone who does !!! ** In addition, I couldn't care less what they complained to Google about. Google needs input from the community when it comes to businesses, and they won't get a better opinion than those of a consumer. I have "been" to NGC Cinema without anyone knowing who I was. If you pride yourself on a clean environment, I suggest you PRIDE even more - because the place stinks, stank, and stunk. There will be more people posting about this place if my review is removed. I Guarantee you. Bite the bullet on this review and do better. Remove it, and get worse. Google is not about to start removing ratings if the companies are not happy with them. If they do, what is the point of being able to rate!? And how would doing that make Google look!?

Dawn F.

Love the seats! Prices are good! Popcorn too

Bim Means

Staff was nice building to cold

mr. pretzel

Nice seats good ac comfortable

Kim Hall

Great clean place to visit!

Bobby Schulz

Great movie theater but needs to fix a couple of the recliners. Still enjoy going to this theater over all. Love you can add your own butter to the popcorn!

Kay Hinson

Fresh popcorn, reclining leather seats, great sound system, clean bathrooms, first run movies, great prices. Everything you need for premier night! I won't watch movies anywhere else

Sarah Catoe

Comfortable seats


Always go on tuesday for $5 movie night and snacks are always fresh and not too expensive. We go every week...enjoy recliner seats

Sherie Clark

Great movie theater. The staff is very friendly the lines moved quickly. The popcorn was amazing. Seats are very comfortable but I do recommend you to bring a jacket it's very cold lol. But overall a great place to take your family to see a movie!

Michael McLean

Theater seating is comfortable. The seats are all recliners, but occasionally you'll find one that no longer reclines. Concession prices are reasonable for a theater, and ticket prices are about the best in the area. NCG is our first choice when we're looking to go to a movie.

Kyle Hutson

Nice small theaters. Clean chairs and facilities. Popcorn was good.

Jody Hanson

Very clean. Not too loud, temperature perfect.

Homer Stacy

All you can eat popcorn

Misty Stolze

The chairs are so comfy. The theater was clean and the staff was friendly.

Kitty B

Lots os soda/drink options and flavors for your popcorn! Catch a matinee!!

Douglas Malone

Great seats, Great price, Great price for All you can eat popcorn and drink

Adam Wood

Seats were comfortable and they reclined. The sound system was a bit lacking though. Concessions were expensive but good.


Haven' been to this theater, only the prior theater that closed some years ago. Wow! What a pleasant surprise! Clean, didn't have any weird smells and the chairs - OMG the chairs! I felt like I was in my own living room with my own personal 500 inch screen - not that I have either those types of chairs or the 500 inch screen ;)! The sound system was excellent and not overbearing. The only downside was difficulty in closing the seat from the reclining position. Perhaps I'll figure it out next time as well as bring a small blanket - brrrr.... For the price, who cares they over charge on popcorn and soda. Instead of thinking of the price as $6 per person, with a medium popcorn and soda, your entry fee for two will be $11 each - still a bargain! Have fun.

Matt Freeman

Awesome movie theater! Staff was friendly and the whole place was very clean. The best part is the seats. Each person gets their own leather recliner with cup holder! It’s almost like a lazyboy chair! Very comfortable!

Angie Smith

We like this theatre. It has relaxing seats and okay prices.

Shaneel Patel

Very comfortable seats and tickets are only $5 on Tuesday. Went here about a month ago to see a movie and was told that the theater was having technical issues and they couldn't play the movie.

Chelsea Chavez

Best deals on Tuesdays

Patty Keeter


Staci Donaldson

Love the seats and the free refills! It's always clean and the staff is always friendly and helpful. This has been my favorite movie theater since it opened!

John Tyson

Great movie theater wasn't to expensive and staff was excellent


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