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101 S Green St, Morganton, NC 28655

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REVIEWS OF Marquee Cinemas IN North Carolina

Joey Lunsford

Little pricey for the matinee but a really nice theater

Lene Anderson

They need to hire more help

Ryu Akitsuki

Watched the Aquaman movie! Well done CGI for the underwater skirmish.

April Bowman

Went to a matinee, price was good, typical theater food that was reasonably priced, kids seemed welcomed, game room to help pass the waiting time. The theater was clean, staff was friendly.

Carrie Atkins

The attendant that helped my daughter and i find her class that was watching the grinch. Was very compassionate worker very nice.

Chesley H.

In the middle of watching Neighbors, the power went out. People sat and waited for awhile, yet nothing happened. So people eventually just started leaving. No refunds were issued or offered, so it was a complete waste of my $21 for just two tickets of a movie that ended halfway through due to the power going out. They could have at least returned the money. I won't be going back.

Leo Angel

Really good

Carrie Barlowe

This theater is good, seats are comfortable, sound and picture are good. The concession stand person was moving slowly and seemed fairly miserable but the person who verifies the tickets was friendly. We went at 6 on Saturday evening to see Solo, so it was kind of crowded but not in a bad way.

Tina Bell

We were the only people in the theater. Three of us. Two adults and one child to see the 350 pm Angry Birds in 3D. After the previews went off so did the screen. The commercials looped and volume turned down for 15 minutes. My sister went to management. They apologized and said the movie would be on before she got back to her seat. At 440, my sister went back to the staff. He apologized and said he may have FORGOTTEN to tell the manager bc the manager was very busy. In the end, We got our money back. The movie couldn't be restarted because it would have interfered with the next showing. seriously disappointed! Our 10 year nephew was very disappointed. How do you forget to tell the manager bc he's busy? He chose not tell the manager. He chose to let us sit there with a 10 year old for nearly an hour while we trusted him to do his job. Seriously!

Malcolm Tucker


Sharon Murphy

I think your prices to get in as outrageous even for a senior citizen

Stephanie Vernon

Maybe a fraction cheaper than Carmike in hickory, but more on par with older theaters. If it wasn't for location preference or movie choice (first run vs second) I would just save money and go to the Carolina in downtown hickory... But for what it is it's a nice theatre.

NicoNico verɪfɪed

I'll give it a 5 star. I been going there since I was little and the experience is ok but still its a good place to go to

Brenda Wellman

It was very efficient. Clean and comfortable.

Derek Ray Hartley

For a large family the price is way too much. Food costs are ridiculous but about par for entertainment venues. Very well maintained with a comfortable environment.

Autumn McNay

Clean theater, we were able to purchase tickets and get seated quickly. Temperature of room perfect. Sound was too loud for me or my teenage sons but overall great place.

Dave Kersey

A great place to watch movies.

Tony Lee Glenn

Excellent place to watch movies. It's smaller and more intimate than the theaters in Hickory, the sound is great - and for some reason, the 3D films seem to be more enjoyable here. Nice modern projection gear, I guess. Highly recommend.

Wesley Hollowell

It was okay, kind of dirty & uncomfortable

paige thomas

Great movie but expensive just for a movie not including food or drink

Sherry Helton

Always has great movies showing.

Frank Miller

Family sensory safe children's movie with reduced sound was great.

Steve Phillips

What not to like pricey popcorn and tickets

LunaPlayz LeGames

Love this place! A wonderful, quaint local cinema that has a wonderful community feel. I love their regular blood drives that offers free movie tickets to all that donate! Great way to support the community!!

Chad Bennett

Good seats but the pop corn never gets enough butter.

Charles Lowman

Nice theater to take the great grand kids too!

Crystal Goodman

Love this place. Great service

Joey Miller

Great service and great staff and the best place to go to watch a movie I will always go back there and watch a movie like Halloween, but I got the best chance to see the movie Halloween 2018,and resident evil the final chapter. Even rogue one a star wars story.

Linda Walker

Great place and had comfortable seating. Nice employees to assist and greet us.

Deneita Jones

This afternoon we went to see "I Can Only Imagine" at the theater here in Morganton. The movie was good and it was a great thing to do on a rainy Saturday. Thank you to my friends!!

Clint Calhoun

This movie theater was sort of an unexpected destination, but I was quite impressed as downtown movie theaters are sort of a thing of the past in many areas, with most movie theaters being moved to large shopping complexes. Theater was clean and had several screens. Very modern and similar to most movie theaters with stadium seating.

Hailey Barrier

Got a free candy with a large drink and large popcorn - score!

Joyce Edwards

Wait to see Mary Poppins with my granddaughter and Lexa the movie was wonderful

Olivia Harlow

Excellent theater. Very clean and pleasant environment. My daughter loved it. #reclinerseats

Latesha Day

I loved it, thanks for being so clean and friendly!

Barry Stanley

Great little cinema and good parking.

Ben Charles

A little pricey but a beautiful theater with good food and good seat and great movies.

Rachel Honeycutt

Great movie theatre. The prices are reasonable and they did have 3D and 2D movie showings. They show new movies and have several screens so that there are different movies playing at the same times so that you have more options to choose from. The bathrooms and the movies rooms are always clean. There is even a small game room to play at while you wait for the movie, or for people you may be meeting, or to entertain the kiddos.

Dorian Miller

I don't feel safe coming here at night anymore. I can rarely afford to go to the movies as it is, and lately there are a group of people who hang around the parking areas here and other locations in downtown Morganton who follow you out from the theatre exit and even knock on car windows asking for money. It's always the same people. They wait by the doors and by the cars.

Dillon Watson

I've came here a few times with my family. It's always been pretty good. If it's a new and popular movie, I recommend getting there early to get your popcorn/drink/decent seats. There's a big line for snacks in the evenings on weekends

Kricket Hollifield

Wonderful day

William VonHarten

I went on Memorial Day to see - Solo: A Star Wars Story for the 12:10 pm showing...manager was selling the ticketes...only two young people working way I was going to sit through this movie without popcorn and a drink. Both registers backed up almost to the exits...slow service! At one point the machine that dispenses cheese for nachos ran out, so the employee had to dicker with that for awhile. I waited in line for 30 minutes!! the time I got served...the movie had been running already. Fortunately there was a 12:40 showtime, so I just went to that one. There were three empty registers...seems they could have anticipated a holiday crowd and had more staff for concessions. It is a nice theater...we are fortunate to have it here...just come early at busy times so you can get service before showtime.

Brad P

I just loved yo good ol cookie dough bites send me some ples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is our regular go to... We always have a pleasant time.

David Grant

Nice movie

Ike Cheves

A lot of people out and about in the area great family atmosphere

Jesse Jhaveri

Decent movie theater, the reclining seats are a nice touch

Savannah Smith

They got lots of space, good seats, good movies and nice staff. And most of all AMASING movies.

Brittany McCaskill

Pretty nice standard movie theater, it's cool that it's in the middle of downtown. It is pretty small, so sometimes certain movies don't make it there. But otherwise awesome.

Stacy Fender

Close, clean, reasonably priced. Offers summer events for children during the week. Does not offer reusable containers. Free refills on large drinks (including ICEES) and popcorn.

Kathleen Decker

Reasonably priced with good selection of movies. Theater is very clean. Nice staff. My friends & and I go here often.

Dick Schonewolf

First time in this theater. Sound was good and the staff was nice and polite. I would go back if I got the chance

Phillip Pershing

They implied that they would be having Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, with posters outside, and inside. At the last minute, they said they would not be having it, and directed me to the AMC Hickory Theater, 30 minutes away. Liars, False Advertising!

Mike Molyneux

3 Christian movies in 3 weeks. Can't wait to see the next one

Justin Moore

Always the best movies! Great popcorn!

Laura Wrona

the theater is nice the seats are wearing out my back hurt by the time the movie was over. concessions are insanely priced almost 5 dollars for a bottle of water. I did love the movie very much and its the only game in town so I guess I will have to deal.

Ernie Peterson

Great place to take your family. Family night offers discount admission.

Cindy Jordan

A great theatre! Comfortable reclining seats & very clean.

james moore

I love going here with my family and friends

Judy Laghzil

Wish had better signs for whick movie is which ended up seeing wrong movie

Amanda Allman

Definitely in need of renovation. The staff are always nice, but the facilities are horrible. The screens need redone, and the chairs are in need of a deep clean.

Bill Smith

Great theatre since they remodeled it. Love the new reclining seats.

John Simonetti

Variety of movies but a bit expensive

lora gantt

Very pricey but great movie

Rusty Ragsdale

Very vlean, nice seating and friendly staff.

Sherry Smith

Great Enjoy the movie what ever man wants

Tommy Puett

Enjoyed the movie but entirely to expensive; nearly fifty dollars for two people.

Peggy Stacey

Nice very clean

Kelly Tyson

Overlord. Good movie

sulayman woodbury

The lion king

Raven Greeneyed Patriot Skyler

I love this theater it's the one I prefer to go to. Its smaller but they show great movies with lots of times available. They do 3D movies periodically to which we like. They have a pretty good variety in their concession to drinks and eats. The staff are pretty cool, and they've got some cool games in the mini arcade

Michael Banner

Very nice

Ervin Williams

It was cool. I really enjoyed myself. I went to see the Avengers new movie in 3D. It was cool.

Pop P.

Decent theater for a small town. It'd be perfect if they used fandango etc.

Wendy Roper

Nice to still have a movie theater in our town.

Alex Luna

Is ok. just the place is really dirty inside,seats floors, restroom.

Sir Chan

A great theatre in a small country town! Multiple viewings daily and for the most part they bring the big movies to town in a timely manner. Seats are comfortable and the theater is clean. Food is VERY expensive.

Pao Her

Waited in line for 20min just to get up front just to be told to get in a different line while that cashier step back to watch everyone else work

Terry Byers

Great prices?? Yea right! 40 plus dollars.

Jean Gonzalez

My favorite place

Daniel Howerth

And movie theater is expensive but this one easy to find parking can stink sometimes but very vlean

Tj Kacludis

It's clean and comfortable, my biggest issue is lack of butter and salt on the pop corn.

David Gantt

I love the layout but it has a bad smell.

Rosemary Shadrick

Nice movie theater, it's clean.

Danielle Larkin

Very comfy & large screen

dan belton

Smooth transition for a fun moments

Linda Clark

Avengers movie loved it. Made me cry at the end

Blue MountainCur

Great crew! Clean theater! All around goes value!

Maggie Shininger

I always have a good time here. I'm usually cold in the theater, but I just bring a jacket and it's fine. I would ask that there be brighter lights for the steps though. A lady fell down them tonight and those of us that tried to help had a difficult time being able to see to assess her injuries or help her up.

Linda Bohm

Great theater but kind of pricey for a Sunday afternoon...

Kendra Reese

I like this movie theater. It's retro, with a 90s vibe. They, also, still give you ticket stubs, which I'm a fan of because I sometimes like to keep them for sentimental purposes and other theaters just print theirs on receipt paper nowadays. Staff was friendly and excited to share their expectations of movies with you. Seats were comfortable, too.

Barry Deal

only theatre in my town and the service is great

Cindy Stephens

Love the comfy seats. Movie selection is good and the popcorn is awesome.

Deborah Trueheart Meiners

Comfortable seats, great sound, reasonable prices

Michael M

Great customer service! Thanks for the no salt popcorn!

Kenneth Burgin

Great place to catch a movie and the popcorn is awesome

Margaret Wallace

We saw Creed II. AMAZING.

Shalina Snyder

It was great except for seats, uncomfortable!

Doug Brown

Great place with good prices and very clean theatres and bathrooms. Very family friendly and has a community blood drive. Has most major films, but short rotation on some. Bigger independent films never make here like Snowden. Nice community movie place to spend a few hours.

Johnny Gomes

Convenient location for Morganton. Offer good movie selections of what is currently playing. Nice to have a multiplex in a small town.

James Shore

I went and saw widows last night great movie

Sonya Allen Miller

This is my go-to place when I want to watch any movie with my kids we love it

Leatrice McDaniel

Great theater. Nice seats great popcorn!

Karen W

Nice place to go for a movie. I always get large popcorn and drink cause you get a free refill on the way out the door. It can get a little cold because they try to make sure it nice and cool so I bring a little jacket.

Elizabeth DeHart

Always one of my favorite theaters to go to

Bill Frederick

Nice seats, Plenty of room.

Angie Greene

Great time with my Sam.


Good place people are very friendly and they do their best to make sure you enjoy it


Great movie selections. Go early for your choice of seating.

Shrek ßasín


William James

Very nice theater

Wanda Buffington

Very best seating, everything is modern, great food, snacks and drinks. Very friendly and helpful staff. The greatest theater around.

steven pressley

Nice little theater with stadium seating. Only complaint I have ever had is that they do not seem to have enough people on staff during busy times so you end up waiting longer than you should. Get there early so you can get your popcorn and drinks before your movie starts.

Patricia McFalls

Love this place, clean and nice

Mitch Brandley

Great little theater. We drove in from Marion and had a great time. They've got everything you would expect from a theater. We used our movie pass cards without any problem.We'll be visiting this place more frequently in the future.

Johnny Hollifield

Very nice and comfortable theater

Charlotte Bright

Great seats and staff is very nice snacks are great too

Clarissa Thomas

If there were 0 stars I would give it. Not only were the concessions over-priced but their bathrooms were disgusting and had trash and water all over the floor. Then exiting the building, we passed a horrible incident of where a homeless person had defecated right outside the exit doors! They need to ask a police officer to stay outside those doors at night during operation to patrol or hire security to stop that. My young children and I were horrified!

Anne Fischer

Hardly ever go there but it's very nice theater

K & S Estes

Nice theater in downtown Morganton. Offers stadium seating in all theaters. Well kept and clean. Comfortable seating. Only complaint is prices are a little high for their matinee's compared to comparable theaters in Asheville.

Alice Sowers

They always have friendly people working, and the latest movies playing.

William Gauthier

Older smaller movie theater but kept up well staff was very friendly

Sharon Jones

We enjoy going to movies here.

Nathan Jaynes

Mondays are not crowded. Only two of us in the showing. Concession people were really nice. Make sure you get your refill before you leave!

Maria B Hayes

Great place to be

Benjamin Barber

It was good. Seen the last showing of Venom and there was just four people watching the movie. It was nice.

David Wesley Benner

It's new, clean, and the employees are very friendly! Plus the seats are very comfortable!!!

T.W. Leonard

Great place to see movies. Great atmosphere, fun place to be. Always has the latest and most popular films for your viewing pleasure.

Crystal Carroll

Clean. Friendly service.

Michelle Gibbs

Great place to see the new movies. Seats are comfortable and it's easy to see the screen from any spot in the theater. Popcorn is fresh and hot. It's a tad warm in the theater though. The only reason I didn't go 5 stars is price of the tickets. It's a treat instead of a regular basis.

Forrest Chambless

The very slowest concessions of any movie theater in the known universe. No towels in restroom in the hand dryer is anemic

Crystal Bollinger

Every time we go to the movies I have to have a bag of popcorn and slushy maybe some candy. I love there popcorn it doesn't matter what time of day it is is still good. Thank you.

james coburn

I love going here to watch a movie several theaters to choose from get your popcorn something to drink friendly service comfortable seating just a very all-in-all good place to go watch a movie

Christopher Lovelace

It's an ok theater. Wish the theater had better seating though. The chairs tend to start to hurt when sitting through a three hour movie

Lisa Hobbs

What can I say... Movies, not your top of the line theater but it's still the movies...

Tabitha B

I enjoyed my time there.

nick wise

Love this cinema!

Jacob Jones

Snack bar is really pricey but other than that good to go

tyler huffman

Really great and friendly staff I've seen way more movies than I should have at this place but really like the people that work here

Hazel Bean

Great seats and sound. Popcorn was very good. Loved the movie The Mule with Clint Eastwood and his daughter. I would recommend very much.

Lee Hunter

love this local theater and the main manager Garland Roberts is one of the coolest nicest people you will ever meet. he can jam out on the guitar too lol

Michael Day

Call me a spoiled Connoisseur if you will but I prefer my theaters to have a bar option and comfortable seating (reclining chairs). This place had neither, and to add, it’s decor was terribly outdated and could be compared to that of a little boys bedroom. (The carpet to be specific) I will give some kudos to the staff. They were pleasant and well dressed. There’s not another theater in Morganton, so take it for what it’s worth.

Kenneth Price

Good theatre to see new movies

Kilten B.

The best theater around. Bathrooms are always clean and the theaters have small messes now and then. Getting food items is always a fast process and not many people go here. Overall a must visit.

TSP Blogging Channel

This is the best movie theater in morganton, tickets aren't too expensive, always great and on time with movie show times. I love this place. Good selection of snacks and drinks, I recommend the buttered popcorn.

JK ChungJohnson

The only movie theater we have left here. Always a nice,clean place with plenty of theatre's,concession,variety of movie selections,a mini arcade and clean bathrooms

Teresa Dyson

Great place to spend a couple of hrs. However on my last visit there was some issues in a nice the management attended to quickly and even gave us our money back.

Kevin Murray

Don't know didn't go in just walked by

Tammy Carter

Prices are too high. Theaters need new carpet-it smells. Needs to upgrade to full reclining seats.

CD Treasure Chest

Love coming here. Wasn't big fan of movie I saw but everything else was good. I personally wasn't a big fan of the nun myself.

Marshall animatronics Pokemon cards and more

A cozy place in downtown Morganton for tourists and locals alike. I wish the tickets were cheaper, but I wish everything were.

D Clark

Saw Bumblebee today, really cute movie. But they just don't have enough people selling concessions. We did not buy anything because the clerk selling tickets was also the only one serving and the line was long. When we came out at around 3 the lines were 3x as long and I only saw a couple of people working the counter. Need more help on the weekends.

Victor Sprouse

Very good place to go and watch a movie

Linda Miller

Loved it! A very nice clean theater.

Sharon Whisnant

Neither my friends nor I have ever thought it smelled like urine. The staff are very nice and very helpful and friendly!

Lurch Coffey

Nice chairs, folks are friendly and they show all the new movies with discounts for seniors and children. Several early shows.

Nathan Wardwell

Always a nice place to go see a movie and get popcorn.


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