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REVIEWS OF Lumina Theater IN North Carolina

Morgan Cooley

We moved to the area from nyc in sept. after the move we explored the area, decided to see a movie. no big deal. but having came from nyc where the tickets are around $22 per adult we loved the shock of $7.5 a ticket. Plus this theatre serves wine. WHAAAAAA

Stuart Parnham

Good price but the place is falling apart. Screen 3 is missing armrests and has a metal spike causing great pain when you forget theres no dang armrest there.

Will Williams

Cool, quaint local theatre in Southern Village. Not owned by one of the larger theatre conglomerates, so prices are reasonable. They also serve beer and wine, which is a plus for many. Overall, the experience is a throwback, which is mostly good with some minor negatives (mostly small screens/theatres).

Lauren Gunsch

Website doesn't say when the outdoor movies start, so I tried to call but the line is busy.

Nicole Castro

My favorite theater in Chapel Hill. Comfy seats, great prices.



Calliope Taylor

Friendly staff, screens are smaller than average. Great place for family movies but probably be better served by Southpoint or Silverspot for the action/flashy genres.

Kim Whitney

Clean environment, comfortable seating.

the carnotaurus

Great place to watch movies


The ideal theater in the area. Maybe not as good as Southpoint for big scale things, but the lumina is just as good for everything else... And the outdoor movies are just fantastic. Good price, bring your own seats, good for kids, it is great.

Darla H

The people that work here are the absolute nicest and friendliest that I have experienced in in long...go ahead to your fancy places with overpriced food and not as friendly people...I'll be at Lumina! !


Great place to watch movies with family and friends

holden lindsay

Good theater, great staff

Pat Vrnak

Great place, inexpensive, parents please keep your kids quiet and peeps, turn your damn phones off. Go outside to text.

James Haworth

Good movies at Great prices

Tammy C.

Tucked into what feels like a town square, the theater feels small and intimate. Enjoyed the smiley to go to a matinee and have so few folks there. Popcorn was good. Would go again.

Patrick Riley

Show better movies and we adults will show up, promise.

Rich Beaudry

Nice "local" theater though somewhat aging in seating and technology. Seats are narrow and arms don't fold up. Though stadium seating, rows are close together. Only saw 2 of 4 theaters, but only one was even Digital Dolby (5.1), the other "Dolby", so assume stereo. Sound was decent, but not special as might be expected. Lobby was nice, small. People very pleasant and helpful.

Russell Woods

I grew up going to this theatre, it's a great smaller theatre with stadium seating

Hannah Brozovsky

Nice little place...friendly service!

Jay J. D'Lugin, MD, MS

An old fashioned cinema - and that's a great thing! You can purchase tickets on their web site with no service fee! That's HUGE! And the concession prices are very reasonable. Clean auditoriums, comfortable seats with cup holders, up-to-date projection and sound systems. A very pleasant experience all around.

Cyndi Taves

Lots of choices with stadium seating and freshly m as de popcorn.

Tony Phillips

Older venue with small seats with stationary armrests. Concessions were the normal movie fair. Prices were about a dollar more than the big theaters too.

Shahzad Ali

Always great to come here - easy to park, get some good food and coffee close by. Not too crazy big or loud. Can't beleive they are closing- they will be missed!


We drove all the way from Cary to see a 7:05 movie that my son wanted to see and it took us over 30 minutes to get there because of traffic and a closed road. We got there 5 minutes late and the front door was locked. I looked for a sign saying why they were closed, but there wasn’t one—there were other movies supposedly showing, as well. An employee around high school age came over and unlocked the door, saying that he thought they were closed. He asked what movie we wanted to see, then got his manager. She came over and said that they were closed. So it’s a slow Monday night and you just decide to shut the whole place down at 7:10? They are advertising many showtimes on Fandango, so how do you just simply shut your doors to paying customers? The employees were in the process of hanging movie posters, so it’s not like everyone went home and there wasn’t someone to run the projector. I will not only never visit this theater again, but I will also dissuade my friends from going there. I also left a bad review of the theater on Fandango. This was incredibly unprofessional of the staff at Lumina Theater.

Álvaro Escobar

It's a family friendly theater. In the summer, we really enjoy the movies on the lawn.

Thomas Sheakoski

Nice little theater nothing fancy.

Cameron Rakes

I have been here a couple of times. Everything is normally just fine. Tonight I was very upset. There were 4 teenage girls way underage to be drinking in the bathroom. One of the staff members seemed to assist them as far as giving them a four locos pink can. I heard one of the girls say " I wanted to spice things up a bit so I got this" as she was holding up the can. I told the manager but, he was not interested. He said "if you see them again please tell me". I said they already left. He stood there not interested in what I had to say. These girls left the theater and drove away. I feel as though there lives are in the staffs hands since they acknowledged what was happening. How could this happen. It's a small community theater, this should be a safe place to go with your children. This should not be a underage drinking hang out.

Bilal Saib

Wonderful little theater. Beer on tap and personal service. The summer outdoor movies are a hit with everyone. Think old fashioned atmosphere with high end digital technology in one.

Dave Holtz-Oxley

Great theatre.

satya kallepalli

Nice cozy place. Great for families.

Tony Dillard

Nice little movie theater. Staff was on point and very approachable. They have outdoor movies during the summer. Could we get unsweetened tea at the concession stand possibly?

Tom Crosby

44ee,ripe and we see um P

Claire Ramsey

State of the art seats, good popcorn, and great staff.

Jamie Garrett

In the age of mega-ultra franchise cinemas, the Lumina is a real gem. A great local spot for movies. Outdoor movies and kids movies in the summers. And local beer on tap! Always clean and the staff are always friendly. Love it!!!

John Azzu

Not a lot of selection for movies and the the theatre is small. However the location is very convenient and had that small town theatre feel. The outdoor theatre in the summer is great. They do serve wine and beer

Marty Martin

Love this theater. Always clean lobby, bathrooms and theater. Friendly people.

Forrest Wallace

Good movie house

Sanga Poonia

You can get beer here. Enough said. Ticket prices are of better value too.

Karen Bagwell

It feels sort of like an old-fashioned theater in a small town, but the seating is modern and definitely better than old time theaters. I like that they sell wine and beer, too. Great place!

Mae Arant

Nice more intimately sized community theater. Has wine bar as well. Seats are comfortable enough and staff is pleasant.

Gina Difino

Friendly neighborhood theatre with no frills. Still affordable compared to the others in the area. Great birthday party package for kids. Serves great wine and beer in addition to normal movie theatre snacks. They have their own independent loyalty club. I. Love their movies on the lawn series in the summer. We bring a picnic and come early as it nearly always fills up.

Frank Goge

Cozy and cheaper than other places. Movies in the park in summer

Jimmy Custer

In a world of crazy expensive movie tickets, they keep it cheap and still show quality movies.

robert bridges

We love this quaint little theater! We can watch a good movie, eat popcorn, and have a beer. Perfect date night!

samuel rogers

Decent seating with good quality experience. Best for casual movie going.

Drew Hacker

We truly hope someone buys the theater so it stays open!

Colleen Barrick

Cozy and fun! Crushed some Spidey Pinball!!

Daniella Buenaventura

Great staff!

Dan Snyder

Cozy and clean. Great smaller theater.

Adam Walton

Small theater. Nice people. Reasonable prices. Beer and wine !!!

David Wooten jr


martin m

A favorite date night repeat for wife and I - great staff, service, and hometown feel.

Cathy Reed

Nice theatre, great staff.


This great theater is located in a community circles.Beside it there is one outdoor stage.Last time when I came to this place,a team consists of kids were playing a puppet show.

Caroline Taelman

Small but good theatre.

Lisa Allen

Our favorite movie spot. Love that you can grab a local beer too if you want. Kids summer movie series is a nice morning treat to beat the heat once in a while too.

Carl Bradley

I enjoy this place been there many times

Max Lloyd

Good theatre. Pretty good film choice. Nice selection of local beers. Good parking and surrounding businesses. Expensive food. Wine could be better. HVAC sound was annoying loud.

J Pender

Located in Southern Village: a fun movie experience!

Heather Miller

Old school feel. Over all this place was great. The reason I took one star away is because there was an odd smell in the theater, which at this point I kind of expect away the older theaters. It was a great experience though. I can't say for sure if we will go back or not but it's a possibility. I loved that we were about the only people on the theater. Also I like the fact that you don't have to purchase "seats". It was very inexpensive compared to the places we generally go too.

Joyce Vaughn

Love this place! We come here every summer for summer movies, so accommodating, so welcoming!

Lawrence Parker

Always have a great movie selection. A smaller theater, but I like that, because it is never a ton of people. Normal concessions, average movie theater prices. Offers a discount on movie tickets if you eat at one of the local surrounding restauraunts and bring the receipt. Comfortable and clean, we will go back.

Tracy Brookshire

Love going here!! Prices are great as well and always so clean

Robin Thomas

Great neighborhood movie theater

Anne Flannery

Such a nice local theater with friendly staff. I love the seating. Please don't change the seating to that new larger seating that they're putting in so many theaters. I'm short and I'm so uncomfortable in those upscale theater seats. Your theater has very comfortable seating!

Jason Overstreet

Nicest theatre I've ever been in

Jim Silva

OK, when was the last time you came to the movies anyway? Low ticket & popcorn pricing, clean friendly and comfortable. What more do you want? Beer? Yup they got that too.

Tim Keim

I enjoy the theater and go as often as I can. But I rent that seat to watch a movie, not be subjected to infomercials selling cars and computers. A movie theater was once a refuge from the banal and mundane, a place that fostered imagination and a sense of fantasy. Now we are held captive to corporate brainwashing. Skip the commercials and play a cartoon.

Tracy mcleod

Very friendly service, but not an easy access for handicapped people that have to park in the visitor parking areas.

Joshua Bakita

Well kept with pleasant staff, good theaters, and a student discount

David Birnham

Great Theatre. Clean and comfy

Steve Anderson

Neighborhood theater, great popcorn, friendly staff.


Smaller theatre but good quality screen and audio. They sell beer and wine along with the normal movie snacks.

Barb Alotis

I would give it 4 stars because of the many foreign films that you do not find in other local theaters but the seats are not comfortable - - wish the owner would install new and comfortable seats. Also they do not accept credit cards (I hope I am correct on this - ....

John Klein

This is a great small theater. Their prices for tickets and snacks are fair and well below what you pay at the big chain theaters. The theaters have high-slope tiering so you can easily see over people sitting in front of you, if you somehow happen to be there when they are that crowded. We often find ourselves having an entire theater to ourselves! The sound is good, the restrooms are clean, and the staff are welcoming.

Alan Curtis

A nice neighborhood theater offering cheaper prices along with alcoholic beverages. Screens are overall smaller than other places in the area, but overall it's a great value for the price. I take my kids here usually.

Thomas Bieker

Local theater with decent prices.

Darisee Peebles, Jr.

Nice, quant movie theatre. Seems like a good hole-in-the-wall to enjoy a movie quietly.

Devon Case

Amazing service. Far better than a standard movie theater experience. Great place! I will not go to another theater after coming here.

Toshi Tsuboi

Great small movie theater without the crowd or the parking mess at larger multiplexes. They only have four theaters but always have the newer movies. Arena-style seats that are kept clean with good screens and sound system.

Cj Van Gieson

Love this warm intimate movie house! Thank you

Larry Marson

I live going to this theater. It is cozy, well run and staff is friendly

Jake Kunkel

Reasonable ticket prices but I deduct one star for the 50¢ refills on popcorn. You pay enough buying a large that I have come to expect a free refill-which is standard at local and national competitors.

Gabriella Lubeck

Always so fri2ndly

Sumit Kumar Kar

Nice place!

David Albert

Standard theater experience. Nothing much to complain about inside the theater, eg bathrooms are clean, floors aren't extra sticky. One caveat is parking. The main lot in front of the theater has 2 hour parking and signs threatening a tow if you overstay. Our movie alone was over 2 hours and we also got lunch at a restaurant across the plaza. I had to valet my wife's car around the corner, outside the plaza, to ensure the outing wouldn't cost us another couple hundred dollars.

Morgan Charles

Cute little theater in southern village. Almost never full, even on opening weekend!

Leasie Aiken

The atmosphere was very nice and clean and friendly you can have alcohol while you drink nice.....prices are

Naji Omeresu

I love it. so cute. pet semetary was dope

James Dougherty

This is our preferred movie theater here in Chapel Hill. Although it is much smaller then the mega-plex theaters over at South Points it is a new building and has that quaint small town feel. Every time we visit the attendants are quick to help and do a great job of keeping the place clean. They even have a beer and wine bar! You also have the opportunity to watch movies under the stars with their theater in the park showings.

RobertsMom NC

What can I say? I love Lumina. I can walk to it from my house and the staff is friendly and the movie times work for everyone. I love that they play old movies as well as the newest flick.

Kyle Bingham

Sat down for 4 pm showing of new Mission Impossible to be told they had technical difficulties and they wouldn't be able to play movie.

Dustin M.

Great littler theater but ready for a makeover.

Katherine Clark

GREAT service, cheap prices, and it is close to the school, so my daughter can walk there with her friends after school

Clelia Fry

Nice, cozy theatre, but during a quiet part of the movie, some employee changed the garbage can liners, making a real racket. It was extremely annoying! They should do that between showings, not during them!

Jason Heinrich

This used to be my go-to, until Silverspot. They are the Amazon to your KMart, Lumina. Now I notice the old creaky seats and dirty, sticky floors. The poor lighting and sound. The limited menu and the teen staff that sits in the back room of the concession stand looking annoyed to break from instagram to allow you to buy something. But I am not talking to you, nice older lady with the dark hair, who clearly cares about doing a good job. She's the only reason I still go occasionally, I want to keep her employed.

Andy Ledbetter

Decent place, but partially burnt popcorn with zero taste and fountain coke that wasn't very good. Movie food is always over priced, but it should always be better than this.

Robert Morrison

Such a nice theater. Has beer and wine and popcorn and movies!! What more could one ask for?!?

Ed Hutton

Nice little theater and plenty of parking.

Todd Craig

I like an old school theatre.. with beer on tap!!! Good friendly staff, too. Very much a neighborhood theatre.

Herbie H

Small-ish but a good bargain!

Officer D

A small community theater with good beer and reasonably priced tickets. Clean and usually not too crowded.

Robbi Strike

Absolutely great. The seats are so comfortable I had never had a movie experience like this before.

Ethan Klier

Good fun

debe wish4

Great theater

Ana Bernad

Great theater. Comfortable and not too loud.

Gary Hulon

Amazing atmosphere and great service

Rachel Nelms

Friendly staff, great movies, and perfect location.

John Wall

The theater was clean! I got the senior discount for attending the 1 pm showing.

Beverly a

It was great i hate thay closing in aug if go before 6 during week it cheaper price and good environmental there

Carrie Hanger

I love this movie, the atmosphere here is great and the staff is so helpful and friendly. The movie chairs are super comfy and they offer buttered popcron! This is a great place and I usually feel really welcome here. However, when I was leaving the movie theater one night I heard a slightly overweight lady in the bathroom making racially inapprorpiate comments about some kids they saw. I even looked into this woman and she has commented on here giving the Lumina theater a one star. I will never understand the unkind actions of others. But, the comment she made does NOT reflect the Lumina theater and its staff and atmostphere. Hateful people do not have a place at this theater.

Jessica Mejer

I love The Lumina: it is close to my home, even when it's busy the crowds are small compared to Southpoint and I can almost always see any current movie I want to see. I've read other reviews say that The Lumina is dirty but I have not noticed that. My feet never stick to the ground, which I've had happen at other theatres, and popcorn on the floor happens everywhere. I've always been treated well by the employees who are willing to help with whatever they can when asked. And, while I'm not a huge beer or wine drinker, I can see why people find that a plus. I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful small town theatre so close to home.

Arkopal Choudhury

Small and comfortable theatre in southern part of Chapel Hill.

Laura Driggers

Cheaper than other theaters and better snacks

Michael Kirschner

Great staff, community oriented, very supportive of the special needs population.

Askia Dunnon

Cozy, and less expensive than other local movie theaters

Nathan Blouin

Perfect way to keep a toddler busy for an hour.

Tyler Curtain

One of my favorite theaters in the Triangle.

Clay Turner

Comfortable seating. Full food and drink options. Pricy...

Dave Pcolar

We hadn't been there in a couple of years. Nothing much had changed, and that's good. Local beer on tap, clean bathrooms, and comfortable seating.

Lauren Thomas

Outdoor movies are Awesome, the theater is small and friendly. We love this place!

Aaron Morano

Support a local thearte instead of one of those megalo chains. Can park close, has nee releases, is clean, and staff are courteous. Additionally, there are movies on the lawn in the spring and summer months, so be sure to visit their website for dates.

Brittany Harrison

Small, nice theatre. Not a ton of movie choices and super cold, but overall a nice place to see a movie.

Rush Ferrell

Classic movie theater. Very nice service, though I would avoid the butter on the popcorn. Made me a bit ill.

Jason Figge

Great community theater with beer and friendly staff

Ayax Conde

I really liked this theater. In an age of mall movie theaters it is nice to find a nicer place.

Joanna Tine

It's a hidden old little movie theatre that only plays a few movies. It's got this great 80's feel with the throw-back concession stand and outdoor screen for summertime movies. The price is great compared to those big cinemas in town. Our favorite place to go for films!

Melissa Redick

I love EVERYTHING about this theater. It is clean and priced better than any other theater. They have really good options for matinee and even holiday movies during winter for a good price. If you bring in your receipt from anywhere in the shopping center you get a discount on your ticket. Thats so great!! There are very friendly & helpful staff always available. Good movie selection. Great prices on popcorn and other snacks. Theres even a little bar for the adults. I just love this place and i know you will too when you check it out.

Aaron Krasnowe

Really cozy and warm place to go to! Its proximity to our home makes it very useful. In the summer times you can find outdoor movie theater over there, but I don't know if they're actually connected.

Ignasi Tobella

Good local theater.

Phil Travars

Nice to have a local theater with friendly staff and minimal crowds

Edward Bennett

Stadium seating, small town feel, hosts outdoor events for free, sells beer and wine, offers documentaries and left-field movies along with family friendly films. Only gripe is hope for a more aggressive IPA.

Becky Laskody

A fine neighborhood movie theater. Friendly staff, nicely tiered seats.

Greg Lane

Good place to see a movie! Outdoor movies are a great family event.

Shawnee Bigelow

Cute intimate setting. The staff is really a motley crue of sorts and did not present a welcoming approach to was like they had no emotion or joy to serve.

Evan Ensley

Such a unique small theater. Popcorn is always warm and when you ask for butter they actually put butter on, unlike theaters that put on a drop and you get the flavor for a minute. Prices are whay are the norm for theaters but the theater is much cleaner than most. Comfy seating and really nice location. It's great to be able to leave the theater and walk right over to Al's for a burger and dessert right after Al's! Have gone now 5 to 6 different times of the day and they are never insanely packed and are able to treat the guests like friends instead of customers. All in all, small theater with a great location and playing movies that are still popular in big box theaters

Katie Hill

Not a great visit. Had the small theater, felt on top of each other and if someone has terrible odors you will get a nose full. The chairs weren't comfortable either. Normally I really like going to the Lumina. But this was not a great visit. Left after 30 mins.

Stacy Cross

It's a quaint theater but not lacking in technology. Few screens, but comfortable seats, great concessions and not overly crowded. The staff was knowledgeable about the movie posters of movies not yet out! Great for getting me excited about new releases. Parking was easy and great food options nearby. Will be back!

Carrie Pandya

The Lumina is a small, independently owned theater located in Southern Village. The people are nice and the prices are reasonable. It's on the small side, but it gives it less of a corporate feel which I greatly appreciate. It's not uncommon to see everyone from local kids to older adults here. They serve the traditional theater offerings as well as wine for the adults. It's a nice, cozy place with great service. I would not hesitate to recommend.

Temo Tarrago

Great neighborhood theatre with current movies.


Just a wonderful place to see a movie. Unlimited popcorn and drink if you get the biggest. Great parking, great seating, and clean bathrooms. Just a wonderful place to see a movie.

Megan Moran

My favorite theatre in all of Chapel Hill/Durham. Small (only a few theatres) and quaint. Serves beer & wine. Perfect location; surrounded by shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and health food markets. Nice attractions.

Ace Fogerson

Great because never crowded or noisy like AMC, and very close to us.

Vicky Copelton

Close by Fearrington villagecomfortable seating. Latest movies. Price is fair

Maya Snyder

Great theater! Friendly staff. We can actually enjoy the movies as the sound volume is perfect and not deafening. Great place to introduce to a young child who's old enough to enjoy good children's movies.

Lloyd Frick

Great seats

kim gerstner

This theater is o.k. for a movie with kids but not the best for couples. The theater is worn and could use an update. Theater 5 is the worst. Only holds maybe 25 people. Ask before you buy your tickets if youre in this theater.

Elio jooss

i had a really fun time there they show alot of good movies you should go

Henry Lindbo

Alright theater, the staff is usually very nice and has a good sense of humour

axLe Legend

Very good

Almetta Fearrington

Small but wonderful. They do outside shows sometimes.

Kevin Cohan

Neighborhood feel theater with friendly staff, a bonus in a world of megaplexes. Good ticket prices + outdoor recent & classic movies on Friday and Saturday! Our favorite theater...has been since it opened!

Sean Cavanaugh

The first theatre is way to small and they need to do assigned seating for all their theatres and match the modern times. Otherwise I prefer this over AMC fr sure but silver spot is a way better experience.

Soumaya Lansari

Love the affordable prices, the friendly staff, and comfortable seating

Vince Barletto

It's a quaint little theater with a decent assortment of movies to choose from. Needs to improve their interior decorations -- feels like a cheap garage sale inside.

Austin Hepperla

Cheap, smaller, but still a very nice little theater. Love going here to avoid the packed theaters elsewhere!


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