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220 W Kings Hwy, Eden, NC 27288 Located in: Kingsway Plaza

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Here you will see the information of people who consume the services and products of Kingsway 4 (Movie Theater) in the area close to the state of North Carolina.

Nowadays the firm gets a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and this rating is based on 354 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Kingsway 4 IN North Carolina

Sybil Cropps

Very good. Reasonable prices.

Gun Gripz

Hobbs and shaw

Larry 3

Never a crowd. Reasonably priced skittles

nicole nowlin

Great theater

Chris Dix

Fix the men's restroom already. It's been a few years since that urinal has been covered with plastic!

Sonia Granado

Great small town theatre. Great service, good popcorn, even better prices. Cash only.

Jim Fink

Rude people behind us in movie. Usher ni help. But she took issue with my muted cell phone on lowest brightness level with no one around me for several seats....."its their rule". Talki g is allowed though....smh

Jason Holcombe

For the price you can't beat it, new movies are always being brought in, and the staff are nice. There are blemishes on some of the screens and the trash bags on random out of order seats are a bit tragic. Still, a great place to have here local.

Mike Spangler

Good little movie theater. Decent prices on snacks and drinks. Excellent prices on movies. Good quality sound and image.

Frances Davis

Great service

James Wilson

Luv this theather. Great prices. Remodeled

Gerald Graves

went there to see Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and loved it

Patty Gravley

Small, cash only but clean and comfortable and very nice people

Cheyenne Nicole Phillips

Love this little theatre! That being said I wish I had known it was CASH ONLY ahead of time, that way I didn’t have to pay the ATM fee. But everything was reasonably priced. Movie room was huge.

Renee Matthews

I really enjoyed myself everytime I'm there. I'm so glad we have a first run theatre.

Keith Shelton

Great place nice staff


Very reasonable ticket price.

holly hoover

New seats, great sound and economic. Never go out of Eden for a movie again!


Small inexpensive movie theater that has made considerable upgrades in screen quality. Good priced tickets and friendly staff. Eden has more than a drive-in.

TJ King

Always cold popcorn good people are always nice

Christian Gray

A good place for real 3d

Kim Bailey

It has really been fixed up nice!!!

Joshua Gabs

I like the movie's they play. They have comfortable seats. The theater has great quality sounds. The people who work here are great and polite.

Christine Gaydon

Good people. Theatre could use updating. Good for the price.

Logan Fulton

Still have great prices!

Brian Newcomb

Great prices, friendly staff, never to crowded.

Blake Ferguson

They always play the top movies. Always very friendly. Had a girl get snappy with me when I asked about the posters they had for sale. Very affordable vs other theaters I go to.

Sherri Battaille

Its a good place to go see a movie. Its a walkin. They always have 4 movies playing. We went to see Toy story 4. I know its a kids movie but it was good. Bathrooms are clean and they clean theater after every showing. They have matinee up until 5pm which is low price on weekends. Their snacks are reasonable. Seats are ok. Sometimes not comfortable but price is cheap for a movie compared to larger theaters like Greensboro. Nice to have a theater in Eden.

Jeanie Strickland

Love the new updates.

Teresa Martin


Randall Leonard

They do not enforce the rules it says no cell phones in use in theater but yet they let everybody do what they want with their cell phones in theater and don't step on nobody's toes why even have rules if you're not going to enforce them

Lonnie Smith

Went and seen kingsman


Nice and clean but ATM never works.

Crystal Reynolds

Love this place and thankful that we have a reasonably priced, local movie venue. However, the sound is way too loud! Bring ear plugs - don't worry, you will still be able to hear everything clearly.

Josmar Ramos

Wast of money

Christine Bondurant

Nice theatet

Paul Hill

Family owned and loves there customers.

Scottie Alderson

Watch movie

Sara Parker

Good prices, 4 movies (usually), and the movies are usually rotated regularly. The employees are helpful and friendly, at least in my experience.

James McGuire

Everything was great... price ...seats.. the only negative thing I would say was it is very loud the music and the movie it's just way louder than it needs to be other than that great recommended next time I go I'm bringing ear plugs....

Brittney Chitwood

nice little theatre. they need to update their website if they are unable to play a movie that night though.

Heather Hudson

Aways favorite local place for movies

Daniel Louis

Great little theater. Great prices! Great popcorn deals. Friendly Staff! Seating is a little outdated but for the price its great. Great movie experience, loved the sound!

Seth Blackburn

Great prices for a theatre. People were friendly. Kids loved it. Definitely going back!

Jessica Player

Good movies.


I have always enjoyed my experiences at the theater in Eden

Justin Smith

Relaxed environment great service comfy chairs

Robert Brown

Good price, nice seats, one blown speaker in theatre would crack at most intense moments and the popcorn had very little flavor.

Willie Fitzgerald


Kathy Stephens

Great local theater. Love it.

Jason Wilson

Keep to many lights on

Wayne Dix

They have the movie way too loud we went to see Aladdin with my wife and kids it was way too loud for there ears.

Linda Jordan

Amazing value. Only $5-$6 per person before 6 pm. (Reg vs 3-D) A large popcorn w/2 medium drinks for $11 w/a refill on the popcorn. As a budget conscious Mom this matters a much as the bright, clear digital screening and great sound. The theater is clean and the staff is always nice. Being in town vs 30-45 minutes away are obvious bonuses; but bonuses nevertheless. Lastly as I was re-reading before posting; it is cozy. I like in intimacy of a smaller venue. It is not overly crowded even with a full house; but you don't feel like you are in a cave when you happen to be the only one there.

Lisa Thomas

Older movie theater with teenagers working but the price to get in isn’t bad

lv droid

Good popcorn .....

josh carter

I enjoy watching a movie every now & then. I have always enjoyed watching them at kingsway theater in Eden. The employees are quite nice & I've always had a great experience... What more could I ask for.



Mike Mitchell

Love the reasonable price to see a movie. Would much rather go there than those high dollar places in greensboro where the crowd of ppl are annoying..

Kevin Barker

Both urninals are broke and the toilet seat is also broken in the only toilet that is working. Better not need to use the bathroom as it is unclean and broken.

Debi Jumper

I like going to this theater because it is rarely crowded! On this last visit we noticed they had changed their seats! There is more room between rows and now they have drink holders in the seats!! Staff was nice and the theater is clean!!

mary boles

the people here are rude my phone was in my lap and turned on vibrate but i was told to put it up but the other 6 people i saw with their phones he looked right at them and did nothing and he didnt do anything bout the lady in front of me with the two liter pepsi she was drinking right in front of him i wasnt bothering anyone...cold people rude cold food watered down drinks and sticky floors with ants will never go here again

Stache 914

Where I saw star wars episode 7 everyone is so kind and prices are so cheap!

lawrence mitchell

Very quiet . I enjoyed the movie

Henrietta Weaver

It's good for the price. It is nice to have a local hometown theater when you don't feel like driving to Virginia or Greensboro.

Tony Scales

Crawl movie was great

Kenny Ellis

Good place to go see a movie on a budget,always have the top movies

amethyst cressey

Comfortable seats! Affordable for families

Robin Hanson

Not too cold, popcorn good and Movie great.

Tutorial Hub

Great theatre, okay employees

Carolyn Martin

Went to see I can only imagine. Great movie. Nice movie theater. Popcorn was great.

Mary Fitch

Great workers there

Ivanti Galloway

small and cheep doesn't always mean bad

Debbie Bailey

Cash only and your ATM is broken? And when I let you know you rudely say "yeah, I don't know, sometimes it runs out of money" with an attitude.. Great customer service

James Ashworth

Basic theater with a good price

Chris Carter


Lisa Mays

The seats with the cup holders are more convenient, but less comfy for me-- maybe because I'm short? Reclining is nice for a change, but still not as comfy for me-- & the high backs? Nope. The soundtracks are always nearly blaring-- possibly because there weren't many people there to absorb the sound? ..But the theater was basically clean & the prices are great-- & I'm very glad I don't have to drive out of town every time I want to see a movie with a "big screen" experience!

jenny callahan

Lower ticket prices . fair snack prices. Cost much less than previous years. Great cinema. But the bad odor from the restrooms should be yr taken care of.

Cathy Hardman

The popcorn wasn't hot BUT the employees appear to be top notch. The bathrooms are clean, and being on the heavy side I could fit in the chair comfortably. This is an older theater, and a lot of times fitting in the seat can be a problem. I recommend this theatre, and the $5 before 5pm is nice to.

Rhonda Ratliff

Good place too see movies

Bobby Witt

Only 5 bucks to watch a movie before 6:00 pm

Zach Moose

Deadpool 2 picture cut out twice didnt finish the movie no money back rain check for other movies not worth seeing

Kevin Fox

Great out of the way theater without the price gouging of the big chains. They are always upgrading, and improving.

Candice Campbell

The place is cheap and the seating is pretty comfortable. The location is convenient to me.

Rejanae Thompson

It was a good movie We watched the Adams family it is was a very long movie

Candace Martin

The staff was friendly an it was a very clean place

Larry Tinsley

Seats here are wayyyyyy better than Danville! Very relaxed!

Brianna Helton

Always good people and movies

Christine Carter

Tim's upgraded seats are great.

Donald Minor


Kimberly Beasley

Birthday party success!! Best way to celebrate. Movie, popcorn, soda and gifts. Thank you to the staff for a 10th birthday to remember!

Grace Smith

This is a nice family theater. Good prices. Clean and friendly.

Gina Lake

Had previously looked on internet to see where "I Can Only Imagine" was showing . According to what I found on the internet it was showing at this theater through Thursday at 4 and 7. After making plans with friends at church the day before (Wednesday) to meet for the 7 showing on Thursday, my husband and I even went by the theater the day before to make sure it was showing, and on the sheet above the ticket box it said Thursday 4 and 7. To our disappointment, when we arrived at 7 on Thursday with friends, it was no longer showing. Was told at the ticket box the last showing was at 4. Explained to young girl what we had read on internet and at ticket box day before it had Thursday 4 and 7. She said the internet listing would be changed that night (after the fact). There was also another family who had come to see I Can Only Imagine and she had called and the recording said 7 showing also. Once inside, the lady behind concession said they just do what they are told. The movie we saw is not one I would've chose to see. But since we were there we did patronize local even if disappointed. The sound was very loud.

L. G. McCormick

Clean. Priced reasonably. Convenient.

alfredo ortiz

Really confy and local what else can we ask

Treasure Moore

Just a small town theater. Always enjoy myself

craig list

One star for not accepting debit/credit cards in 2019. The surcharge from the ATM and Bank alone is more than a bag of popcorn... There are many options for low cost merchant services that would add convenience and historically add sales to your business.

Randall Taylor

Rarely crowded, always good quality.

Danny Wilson

Good place to watch movies. They need to update and expand

Michael Tickle

The Madea movie was funny as anything.

David Edrington

Great local theater.

Dwayne Gantt

Nice place to watch a movie

Crystal Price

Cheap movies with comfortable seats.

Mary Wilson

I love the nachos here, the theater was very nice and the people in the front selling the tickets and taking your orders were very nice and considerate.

john holland

Welcoming employees, reasonably priced concessions. Comfortable seating clean restrooms.

Michael Bennett

Small movie theater. Its generally packed since it's the only one in Eden.

deidre hagwood

It's a nice theater! Good prices! It's just small.

Marilyn Wright

Not much left here.

David Atkins

Good movie house

Tiffany Gentry

New comfy seats, low prices.

bob jones

Been going there since I was little, always been great.

Pat Anderson

Very affordable to go watch a movie

Dave Clarke

Nice theatre.

Wanda Mcgee

Great people, clean, nice seats.

Zak Bush

Older building recently overhauled the seats did notice a slight pop from the speakers when really loud noises came up

jodi underwood

Comfy, but usually cold and volumn is verrrrry loud. We've complained about sound and nothing was done so when we go we bring ear plugs. Only takes cash, but prices are great!

Jo Mears

Friendly reasonable prices up to date movies

Megan Bottoms

Do not i repeat DO NOT expect it to be like Greensboro. This is a old small town theatre. 4 screens. For it being old its better then Rockingham theatre. But Rockingham is good also. Anyways they have candy, drinks, nachos, and popcorn. And when a new movie like harey potter or twilight comes out they run a series like from show 1 till current

john benham

good family place and affordable

Kaz Broadnax

Movies seem delayed, staff is never behind the counter and seem irritable, and the theaters are always.. trashy.

Ronald Gravely

Very nice place


Everyone is so nice and professional. Prices are very affordable. Popcorn, drinks and candy are priced reasonably good. And the movies are the right enough loud!!!! Very enjoyable place

David Curry

Everyone died after Infinity War

Madonna Durham

It was a little loud,but that way I didn't have to hear others but enjoy the movie!!- (little)

Jamie McCain

Love this place. And all the upgrades of seats and sound system. Not too pricey

Ian Hensley

The prices are low, popcorn is cold, people are friendly. Movies are kind of low quality.

Eva eanes

Always great!!

Zion Mccollom

Good price and location

silas gabriel

They only do cash no cards. it was great because really we had the theater to ourselves.

Brandon Joyce

Staff is nice! Good theater!

Wayne Holt

Where the employees are friendly and helpful?

Maggie Frost

Great popcorn, improved seating, very nice staff.

Joe Reid

Price is great

MJ Perdue

Inexpensive theater with good selection of movies.

T.j. Davis

My daughters and I love this theatre!Always a great experience every time we go!

Delores Ayers

I simply adore this theater. The young folks that sell the concessions are sweet and kind. This theater is down home and that is a sincere compliment. ❤ The prices are worth driving extra to go there if you live in another town. Eden Rocks and so does Kingsway 4.

Stephanie Christley

Can never seem to use atm

Jamie B

Better prices for food and movies than the "newer" theaters.

Brenda Roberts

Fantastic Experience! Great movies and Super People and Service!

Alisha Wilson

The best.really clean, fresh popcorn and I can't forget the new super comfy seats

Brandon Manseau

Awesome theater and love the service

Melodie Krecisz

Can't beat the prices. The place is typically clean.

Kristine Bailey

Wicked cheap!

Stella Young

Nothing fancy... But service is excellent... Environment comfortable... Prices reasonable...

Marci Free

Great experience & not too pricey. Only issue was no credit cards, just cash. Not sure if that was normal or just a one time problem.

Billy Thomasson

Good snack s

Lisa Chambers

Very reasonably priced matinee movie. Nice reclining seats. Snacks were very affordable as well.

Joan Norman

We had a great time. The Madea movie was great! The theater was clean and staff was very polite and pleasant. Oh yes! That buttered popcorn was out of this world.

charles oliver

Always good.... reasonably priced

David Meeks

Comfortable seats great snacks good movies

Heath Starkey

Great place. Very small but great service. Very personal. Makes you feel like family.

Bobby Fillion

I always love the people here every time I come. There are a few issues I have repeatedly mentioned yet never fixed. One issue is how loud the sound is compared to every single theater I have ever been too. My ears hurt by the end and so do others including other patrons and kids. There is also a huge problem with the restrooms bring extremely unsanitary and usually out of order indicating a problem with either management or profits. Its located in a small rundown town called Eden and the economy is dying. I do love their popcorn, their prices, and the seats are very comfortable. I wish something good would restore Kingsway4.

Shavonne Haynes

Very nice place


It's good to watch a movie but needs more people to clean up the place if you ask me

Xzaryiah Hairston

I give three stars because my brother went into the boys bathroom and it was terrible like it looks like it’s under construction they need to fix that ‼️

Cute Shiny Hunter

I am rating this 1 star after what happened today. Avengers Endgame was supposed to be showing at matinee time today at 1:00 pm, and was listed on the website showing multiple times today...yet we went to see it today and it was now showing, and they altered the times sometime today. I know for a fact I could not have misread the times since no other day now had a 1 showing, now they list the times at 4 and 7pm, both times we cannot attend without missing the last bus home. Will not be visiting this theater again in the near future after this farce.

Vincent P. Colandrea II

We saw "Atomic Blonde" here. An incredible soundtrack & an Awesome movie. Theater seats very comfortable. Recommended! ~V.

Asiah Jordan

Great prices


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